Feeling obsolete

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Feeling obsolete

Postby MrPassable » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:12 am

I always enjoyed reading the stories in the wiki before I joined. I enjoyed the time and effort these writers put on their literature, and how detailed they are on the events and on the fembots/gynoids/androids in it. I especially like if it's really realistic in terms of it could actually happen in real life.One of my favorites is the Virus Alert Series, The Teacher and Blue Chips.

This is why I was inspired to make my own story, because I really wanted to express my love (in both ways, insert perv meme joke) and fascination on Fembots. And now since I posted the first chapter of my story, I feel unsatisfied. Mostly because when I see other works, they contain lengthy exerpt that's more than twice the size of mine.

I know I shouldn't compare others just because theirs are longer, or they're more intricate to it but IDK. I wish I could as more ya know?

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Re: Feeling obsolete

Postby WilloWisp » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:57 am

Virus Alert happened at a strange time in my life that I'll probably never be able to replicate. I had made some pretty major life changes, and as a result, was suddenly in a position where I was meeting all my personal and professional obligations with tons of leftover time, energy, and creativity. I used those leftovers to write, simple as that.

My entire approach to writing was geared around my opportunities to write. In certain settings, I could spend a lot of time planning, but not much time writing in detail. In other settings, I could almost mechanically churn out words-per-minute, but without being able to commit my attention to planning and creating the plot from scratch. So, my whole approach was basically:


Except with a lot of gradual steps in between. Not anything really specific like "next, add details here," but rather a cycle of making changes and additions, seeing if they got me any closer to a satisfying representation of the story I had setup in my outline, and keeping or reverting them accordingly. Kishin was kind enough to act as both a proofreader and sounding board, and I bounced ideas off other established authors here as well.

If I were to give any advice about writing, I would recommend approaching it like sculpting clay: Think of what you want to make, make a vague, lumpy shape that could possibly resemble it, then refine the details gradually.

Just don't count on your life staying as accommodating as it currently is with regard to writing opportunities, or even your inspiration. Stuff happens. Probably every author on here has another author that they've looked to and thought, "Man, I wish so-and-so would just continue/finish up that story of theirs, it was way better than anything I did." Speaking personally, my list of such so-and-sos numbers in the dozens, and even contains at least one example where I later learned that the author was actually thinking the same thing about my own work.

Whether or not you find fulfillment in writing, you will never, ever find fulfillment in measuring your writings against the shadows of other authors. Also, wordcount is to writing quality as body-mass-index is to personality.

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Re: Feeling obsolete

Postby Froggy99 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:21 pm

I wouldn't let that get you down. I actually prefer shorter, more easily digested pieces. Every author has their own style, but I find I just can't get through something like an installment of the VICI diaries. I admire the amount of work that goes into it, but I just can't sit at my monitor and get through it.

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