Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

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Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Robotman » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:42 am

Kishin started an important discussion here:
Kishin wrote:Guys (and ladies), I'm really embarassed to have to say this, but you need to speak up and talk to our content creators.

:evil: Seriously. :evil:

I know some of you do already (King Jeremy is a legend for doing this all the time), and it is appreciated.
But for every King Jeremy, there's literally 20 or 30 of us who quietly sit there and say nothing.
I'm guilty of it too. It's hard to put yourself out there and email these folks unless you're requesting a custom or something.

But we need to do it and get better about doing it.

I've had some long talks with some of our content creators and after hearing how demoralized and angry they are about not hearing a peep from us.
Yes, there's something to be said for talking with your wallet. Paying for content is always good. Money definitely fucking talks.

:nerd: But those performers need feedback on what they do. Especially those who work on sites like Manyvids that have rating systems and review systems. Those Content creators (and there's several), need those reviews and ratings, not only to make content you'll enjoy, but also to help promote their work to those outside of this board/fetish.

I used to wonder why Ashley Fires suddenly dumped us like a burning coal, and never said a word about it. After hearing from the other content creators, I'm not surprised anymore. I'm sure she felt like the majority of us were assholes who were never satisfied and made excuses about why they didn't want to pay for her stuff. I'll be honest, if I were a content creator who was under the perception that my audience was a bunch of impossible to please assholes, I'd say fuck it and work on content for the audience that showed me some love. :nope:

Guys, I'd give my left nut to get Ashley Fires back into making stuff for us again. I guess I'm just gonna have to commission something. :cry:

We've got creators like Frank at Robolust who have faithfully stuck with us year after year, and then of course we've got well-known, and praised content creators like Diana Knight, Ludella Hahn, Kendra James, Angela Sommers, etc. And then we have the less spoken of content creators like Evangelion Winter, Fifi Foxx, AniErotika, Dixieland Fetish, Mizz Amanda Marie, HeroineUniverse and lots of others.

They work hard to give us a little enjoyment, and they deserve to hear from us from time to time. Not bitching about what they're doing wrong, not being condescending about how such and such is really good, and they should try to be more like them. But honestly saying, "Hey I appreciate your work on our stuff. I'm happy to buy it." It's that simple. Just a few words of encouragement, or a review of their stuff here, or on the appropriate sites where they sell it. You'd be surprised how much a little gratitude would do for these wonderful ladies who work hard for us.

And it's okay to suggest stuff to content creators, especially if they ASK you what they could be doing better: "Hey can you do something like this?" etc. Maybe they can. Maybe they will surprise you. Just be humble about it and don't come off condescending.

I'm tired of losing content creators because of the perception that we're too hard to please, or not forthcoming with praise for their work. I don't want to lose anymore, always hearing the excuses "Well I've gotten zero feedback, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong" or "It doesn't matter how I do it, I never seem to get it right." Guys I know we all have different kink aspects that we want to see. Some of us like monotone speech, others like robot movement, etc. Rather than concentrate on the negative, just say something about the shit the content creator got right, "I really loved that outfit," etc. Say something nice, leave a good review either here or on the site you bought it from, and let's try and flip this negative image that's driving content creators away. :thumbsup:

I really do appreciate the folks who are part of this community and I've known some of you for a HELL of a long time. Some of you I've only just met in the last year or so, and you're so fucking impressive and awesome. Show these Content Creators how awesome you really are. :thumbsup:


I'll add what I said over there:
Robotman wrote:I agree with what Kishin says, and feel I must urge our lurkers and quiet members to be more vocal. Your silence is driving away creators. Your silence is driving away producers. Our community now has a reputation for being unappreciative and even ungrateful. We need to change that, so please, start leaving comments! Start leaving feedback! It costs you nothing, and it means the world to those who put so much time and effort into producing what you enjoy.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby tdlsn » Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:30 am

Might say a little more on this in time going forward but for me it's the 'stop being a critic and be grateful of any ASFR being made' responses in the past that caused me to say fuck it. The endless flow of wacky offerings posted in the commercial updates section, *cough* C4S *cough* leaves me to believe that things like monotone speech, stiff movements, bent arms, yes master,etc; are just about all we gonna get. Evidently,somebody's payin' for that stuff because the postings here are almost daily. Don't know about others here but I aint payin' for something that I feel almost embarrassed at viewing just to inspire more of it. I really wish that there were more animators in the "community" with the resources to turn many of the comics like "Sexdroids in Space" or "The Robots of Love" into motion video and forget about the live-action stuff. Just sayin'....

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Uncom » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:24 am

What tdlsn said.

There seems to be this sort of... Issue here, where people tend to get super-defensive if somebody criticises their favorite creator.
The most recent example I can think of is when somebody stated that Ludella Hahn's clips are great, but that they dislike the fact that the tone in her vids is usually pretty silly. (Which it is.)

Most peoples' response:

"Ummm that's just her style, don't like it don't watch it."
Newsflash people: Styles can still be criticised.
I mean, what's the point of giving feedback (even if it's negative) if people get defensive about it?

And the whole lack of feedback also applies to FW-Members (artists, manippers, story-writers etc.). Remember that.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Robotman » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:47 am

I don't want my statement to be misconstrued into discouraging criticism. I'm trying to encourage feedback - which is practically nonexistent from our community. If people want to criticize, they are free to do so. If people want to praise, they can do that as well. They just need to be polite.

Kishin also raised a point about how some other websites (like ManyVids) function. They tie rank and rewards for creators to feedback, and lack of feedback directly impacts the creator's bottom line. And it's this community that is almost completely silent when it comes to feedback - not the furries, not the wet and messy folks, it's us.

So say something. Interact with those websites. Click on their ratings and like buttons. Leave a comment. Tell the creator what you liked or what you didn't like.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Extyr » Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:32 pm

I don't watch any of this stuff, so I don't think I have the right to chime in.

The lack of feedback around here is real though. The community is small and fragmented. 4chan has a dedicated robot fetishist community, but they almost universally frown on what is offered here ("They're just women with painted on line. I want metal on metal grinding!") Hell, the word "ASFR" is considered a slur over there. On the flip side, the recent polls showed that the stuff they like is a turn off for most of the people here. We can't even agree on what we like about fembots with the people we already have. With this fragmentation, I doubt technosexual stuff will ever be popular.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Saya » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:00 pm

Take a fetish, any fetish, and you won't find two people who interpret it the exact same way or want the exact same things out of it. Does not matter how niche or how widespread, nobody's going to agree on it. It's unrealistic to expect people to be unified in the way they want to see things, and there are people who like the more low-key stuff and enjoy it more than anything else. A lack of feedback is also not exclusive to the technosexual fetish.

And the reason why most content--especially live-action stuff--mostly comes down to stiff movements, verbal malfunctions and the like are because any other sort of robot effect is going to be way outside the budget of your average porn shoot. Unless they had the resources and finances to actually do any of the "metal grinding" others seem to want, the best effects they could manage would be incredibly hokey, and that's not likely to happen outside of a major Hollywood effects studio. Hell, even relatively small indie productions (the film Ndeniyon comes to mind) have more of a budget than the miniscule effects budgets porn productions usually have. This is especially true for fetish productions.

And on the subject of feedback and live-action content producers? Certainly for some it is a passion project, but the vast majority will respond to only one kind of feedback, and that's monetary. It does not matter how passionate they are, or the fanbase is, if they can't get the money to cover the costs of production, it does not matter. If you really want to show your appreciation, buy their stuff. And if that does not work, there's really not a whole lot else you can do.

Also, online porn's a shitty industry, with little oversight, rough conditions and a dehumanizing attitude towards its performers. It's a black mark that fewer of its actors and even few of its actresses can escape in their careers. If they want to stop making content, that's their right and I'll support them, and I think if you really want to support content creators, respect their right to do what they want. They aren't beholden to us.
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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Calvanian » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:19 pm

I mean. I do. But not on the forums as there is heavy membership crossover between here and the Fembot Labs Discord.

Just my 2 scheckles. If they man anything. :)

As for my own work it's less lack of feedback and more i'm having wild personal issues.
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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby TheShoveller » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:33 pm

My two cents, for what it's worth:

I think it'd be good if the community engaged more, sure. Even when I say "I wanna commission stuff but I got no ideas, someone gimme some!" I don't get many suggestions. I figure that's just the nature of things - some people are into the fetish enough that they come here and check out what we have, but not enough into it to say "Hey, I'd proudly fuck a robot!"

Has that killed my interest in commissioning stuff? A little bit - but then I decided I'll just think of ideas, ask every so often, and if someone has one, cool. If not, then I'll get something myself, since it is ultimately my money paying for it. Will I ever stop posting my stuff here? Hell no - while I might be the driving force behind the idea for the picture, I think it's something everyone in the community might like, so I won't withhold it like some miser.

However, I wouldn't blame others if they wound up going that route, themselves. If they commission content, it's up to them (when applicable) if they want to share it. If they make content, it's up to them if they want to keep making that content. If Tek were to say "Nope, not doing robots anymore, find someone else to commission," that's his right as someone making that stuff - and while I might like his art and how he makes that stuff, I won't force him to do something he doesn't want to do simply because "I have money and you make shit."

Just my thoughts on the whole situation.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Robotman » Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:37 pm

I'm going to post what I posted on the other thread:

People are misunderstanding what's been posted, so I urge everyone to read the original posts again. This is about:

Lack of feedback to content producers which is driving them away.

Without going into specifics, Kishin received a detailed message via PM. This showed that our community has an abysmal habit of not reviewing, not rating, and not commenting on almost anything purchased from a certain site, and the person who sent Kishin this PM told him that it was discouraging. We're trying to pass this message on.

But if you want to lawyer the point, if you want to tell us that we can't make you comment and review anything, then you can do that. Just be aware of how that looks to these content producers, especially now that all were asking is for people to click a button on a website, or leave a few words telling what they thought.

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Re: Lack of feedback is driving away content creators

Postby Kishin » Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:46 pm

Cal, you're a content creator just as much as Tek or even myself. You guys put your money down on the line to produce content to share with the group and we appreciate it. Or at least you know I definitely do. :faceoff:
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