My final message to yall...

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Ani Erotika
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My final message to yall...

Post by Ani Erotika » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:41 am

Greetings. I have decided on something and though I should not even feel a need to say anything about it, I am compelled to non-the-less. Just the person I am. I am not good at not addressing things I feel passionate about, no matter how uncomfortable the issue may be.

So... fuck it.

I have decided to bid you all a farewell, and kiss this genre goodbye. It was a fun ride, for a good part of it at least. Do not know what exactly all transpired to bring it to the pimple head it rose to become, but that thing needs to be popped and left alone to heal now.

In my earliest days of making robo vids, I swear I would make one and release it and wow the loads of people who bought them was wild and people LIKED them too. I felt like I was wanted and felt yall really looked forward to seeing more of my stuff come out.

Over time, more and more complaints were made known to me. Always, no matter what video I made and no matter what about, they were always lacking something to everyone on a individual level. No matter what I did yall would be like well this and this were all fine and dandy, but there was just a lil something missing with this or that. I have rolled down my page and looked at the reviews I have gotten for my vids as a whole, and out of everything mostly by far and almost every single one individually is 4 stars or so. My other genres very rarely get anything but 5 stars but almost every single robo vid is 4. My robot shit is just not doing what yall want it to do for you.

And now, lol, now it is a slap in the face apparent to me. Yall have a problem with me, for real. I do not think yall liked my reviews video, nor my open and honest approach to the fact you guys did not review stuff enough or make the content creators feel like they were appreciated or the like. Yall did not like that at all, and you do not like me.

The last few robo vids have been complete flops and wastes of my time. I used to get like up to 50 or 60 sales for some of my robo stuff, at least in the 30s. My last few have been so far from that it is blatant that a message comes along with the cold reception to my videos arrivals. Sad fembot sold three, robo jewel sold 2 up until recent days and one more sold, so three. My latest one, siNNthiAx8 has sold 3 on ManyVids, where I linked it to for yall here on FC. Sold a few on c4s, but only about the same amount. Folks used to buy this shit, not anymore. Yet you ARE viewing the advert for them, you come and give it a look and decline to partake.

Jewel took me ages to make. I worked hard on it, trying to be innovative and give a kind of GFE from a gynoid, something I have not seen. I made it really sci-fi, worked hard on the special effects, etc. Yall could give a fuck less. The one before that, Sad Sex Doll Divine, was my idea of a hot fembot I would be attracted to. I thought maybe yall would be interested to see my idea of a hot bot, but nope. Not at all.

This last one I made, I dropped all the innovation bullshit and went back to the core things yall want. Malfunctions, freeze, blank stares, techo jargon in a altered mechanically enchanced voice, not too much special effects just a cool filter, blah blah blah. No one gaf. No one wants it.

Cest la vive, yes??? That is how the cookie crumbles. Yall could not gaf less. And well... at this point, I could not gaf less either.

I have wasted enough of my time and effort trying to please this insatiable crowd. There is NO satisfying you people. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it. I hope to the gods I never do again.

I want you to know I really cared. I really tried. I wanted to be one of the best fembot creators ever. Guess yall did not see things like that at all, and without yall backing me or feeling my shit I am doomed. Have to have yall on my side to have it happen as a success.

Yall cant stand me, though. I guess after the way its been lately, the feeling has become mutual save for a few of yall who have been so nice to me and so sweet yall know who you are thank you so much for being you. It meant the world to me, and I am glad at least you few enjoyed what I brought to the table.

As for everyone else, good riddance and good luck finding the things that milk your cocks dry. May the content creators who remain and are to come be every glitchy freezy thing your wet dreams are made of. Cause I obviously was so NOT. Have fun with all that.

I did have fun with it, regardless. I realized some very machine like things about myself I had not known. I am indeed part fembot, a synthetic lives inside me and you all helped her come out and she got to be herself and fuck some shit up from time to time unlike ever before. I will never shut her down again, she will remain charged and fully functional within my soul. Always, she is now free. A integral part of my true inner me.

Hell, maybe once in a blue moon I might just get the itch for old time sake and make a vid just cause I feel like it. Just because yall wont like it, buy it, whatever who the fuck says I cant enjoy letting my robo soul come out to play once in a spell? I actually really enjoyed making videos for yall, more than you know. Oh well, did not matter in the end.

So, I bid you all a cold mechanical kiss goodbye. You lost someone who really tried and really cared, truly in my heart of hearts I did. I do not think it is any bother to you, though. I am not even a passing thought. I will remember yall, I do not think yall will remember me.

Things will be what they will be.

Love and light to you all. Be well.


With all candour from my spirit true as blue,


aka. Ani Erotika

ps. a parting gift, from me to you. its called ani the animal, and i made it a while back but have not finished it. i sing to it and i have not added the words yet, but fuck it, the feeling of the video represents what i feel. my zoo fans still want me around, and that is a good thing because more than anything in this world, i am an animal. truly... i am. this video is my soul exposed as what it is more than anything, and i want to share it with you. i may not have cut it as a robot, but i promise you one thing...... ill always rock off socks and cocks as an animal. always and forever. i am the beast. link good for one day.!AljadtLAb1Reg5QqStJIHtYpMUNbGQ
Endeavouring to evolve into the ultimate fembot, with your help! :dancing:

Please check out my fembot videos on ManyVids and tell me what you think. <3

My homepage: Ani'z Korner :rockon:

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by Stephaniebot » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:06 am


I have no idea if you have any plans to come back to read this, if not, at least the 'old crock' unfortunately now has the time to spare anyway due to her major organic health issues.

I was never your market, nor was I ever a rival, so I've enjoyed having you around. Wrong side of 60, no point doing this stuff again now, lets face it. I've acted, and written at various times for nearly 50 years, and I know what audiences are like, fickle. Yes, its frustrating, believe me, I know how you feel. Not that I've ever done erotic, but...

I'm a Yorkshire lass at heart (or is that at circuit?) so I tend to bluntness, so I've both amused, and annoyed a few over the years here, and mind control sites too. I'm not going to ask you to stay, or anything, why the hell should I, I know what some are like! All I ask is that you remember that 'some of us' here were friendly, supportive (if not financially) and other things like that. I hope sales of whatever you do in the future go well, and if you do ever find anyone who can do the robot transformation stuff for real, let me know.

Best wishes,
Harlean aka Stephaniebot
I'm just a 'girl' who wants to become a fembot whats wrong with that?

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by AmpFetish » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:45 pm

I don't even know what to say.

If you make good content, people will buy and engage. If you don't, they won't.

I've always been put off by your need of approval by us. You constantly accuse the community as a whole for not liking you enough. There are plenty of great fembot content creators doing great stuff that we like.

You're pretty, and you had some videos with some good robot acting bits. But you kept taking things in weird directions and doing acid-trip style freakouts that confused me. And then you did that malfunction video where you were repeating "Where the fuck are my reviews" and it was painful to watch. Especially since it was you doing a pretty good malfunction, but your fixation on approval and reviews weirded me out.

I dunno. It's been weird. Peace out, I guess.
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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by Kano » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:38 am

I don't know what to say, but personally I'm starting to get fed up with "us" being blamed for lack of feedback. We've been down this road before. With so many different tastes, its impossible to please everyone. That being said, what I like, someone else may hate. What I think is good acting, someone else may think it's terrible. So, when I see something I hate, I keep quiet because that may be 100% what someone else likes and it wouldn't be fair to them for me to turn an actress that they like from going in the direction they enjoy. The only other alternative to keeping quiet when I see when I see something I dislike would be to, frankly, say it looks like it sucks. If you really want my feedback, 90 % of what I see for sale (from everyone) looks completely idiotic. The stories look ridiculous. The actresses look unbelievable. The outfits are hideous. The acting looks horrific. The sets look cheap. Effects are horrible. With those observations, I don't buy it, OR if the preview meets all my criteria, then I do buy it. If sales are low, it must mean no ones interested and that likely- nothing can be done or said to change it. I'm really starting to believe that either you have it or you don't with this (I would say 75% dont). If not, just move on and a sincere thank you for trying! I really don't want to discourage anyone but "our" silence may be a polite way of saying that just maybe this robot thing isn't for you. I really dont want to be rude and forgive me if it appears that way but it may be reality.

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by Barbarella » Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:50 am

Ani Erotika wrote:And now, lol, now it is a slap in the face apparent to me. Yall have a problem with me, for real. I do not think yall liked my reviews video, nor my open and honest approach to the fact you guys did not review stuff enough or make the content creators feel like they were appreciated or the like. Yall did not like that at all, and you do not like me.

The last few robo vids have been complete flops and wastes of my time. I used to get like up to 50 or 60 sales for some of my robo stuff, at least in the 30s.
So let's figure this one out. You got let's say an average of 45 sales for the first set of videos. Your videos sold for anywhere between $25 to $10, so let's average that out as well to around $17.

Up until very recently, you made an average of $700+ per video. Let that sink in... $700 per video for what are, and i'll be brutally honest here...average videos at best in the grand scheme of things.

I'll be blunt, your videos were getting weirder and weirder, and in the final stretch, there were subtle hints of a spoiled child coming through. That might be why your sales fell off the edge of a cliff. You do not anger your core audience by indirectly attacking them for what you perceive as them not liking you or them not appreciating you. The fact you made almost $1000 per video before you started throwing daggers at the very people buying your videos says a lot.

You indirectly attacked the same people spending cash on your videos, and then complain that no one buys them. That's your fault, sure as hell ain't ours.
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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by zerodin » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:11 pm

Maybe you can go join Mirage and make some spoiled-ass videos to go along with his spoiled-ass comics.
Its not our fault that your videos didn't appeal to the majority of the user base here.

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by Lithorien » Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:33 pm

I'm not entirely surprised. Ani enjoys her zoophile videos; everything else seems ancillary to that. I know that particular revelation made me rather uncomfortable and drove me away from her in general (to the point where I've closed my account and deleted everything I had purchased from her), so while it's not good to see a creator go away from the community, I can't bring myself to feel more than a moment of mild disappointment that she gave up so easily on it all - though recalling the schism she caused via Kishin and Robotman, it may well be for the best.

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by Robotman » Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:09 pm

I need to post some clarifications again, because it seems that some people are assuming false things.

1) I was not "siding" with Ani or any paid porn producers.

2) I had no working relationship with Ani. I never bought any of her videos as the content never appealed to me.

3) My intention was to use her original complaint to encourage people to leave more feedback for all content creators in general

4) By "content creators" I was referring to anyone who makes anything, be it a story, a manip, a video - anything.

I've always wanted to encourage a sense of community and positivity here, but I've failed. I'm not going to bother with that any more.

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by tully » Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:43 pm

Robotman wrote: I've always wanted to encourage a sense of community and positivity here...
You always have, as far as I've seen.

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Re: My final message to yall...

Post by TheShoveller » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:19 pm

Robotman wrote:I've always wanted to encourage a sense of community and positivity here, but I've failed. I'm not going to bother with that any more.
I think you do a good job of that, and to be fair I do think content producers in general could use more feedback here. I think this situation had other factors at play that seemed to do more harm than help.

Both sides of the situation have fair points that could be made - content producers need to know what's good or bad, and speaking up does help with that. Means it can be tailored better to people who do or might someday buy that stuff. Even asking for suggestions, with no judging going on, nets almost nothing which is frustrating at times. "There is no bad idea, throw out whatever you want."

However, this community - for whatever reason - is full of fairly isolated people in it. I know I lurked here for at least a decade before I started posting anywhere near remotely frequent, and I'd wager that there's a lot of people who might be fine with just sitting off on the wings and seeing what gets churned out. Again, nothing wrong with that - however, it does work against when people ask for help and feedback. Though sometimes it could be reiterated that if there's anything people don't want as a "public suggestion," for whatever reason, content producers could remind people that their inboxes are open, and they could drop them a private message if it's something they want to say, but not somehow "be outed!" in the same manner that a regular forum post would do.

Maybe a different approach to the issue is what's needed. Instead of asking people to provide feedback on content, maybe we ask people why they don't feel like giving feedback. It could even be the type of media in question - I know I personally buy far more audio clips than I do video ones. Audio has one component to it - the voice work behind it. As such, it makes it a bit easier to work in sound effects and edit it, which helps sell the illusion that "this is a robot, and it's doing robot things." Videos... bad effects will kill the suspension of disbelief. Sound effects can help, but again - poorly done, and the illusion is broken. Acting is another aspect of it - with an audio file, we can imagine how they're moving when they say they're doing something. With a video file, we see it - and sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's just our own personal tastes playing into it. One person might like a powered-off fembot to bend almost totally in half with their arms hanging loose, while another might prefer they just slide forward a few inches and essentially "freeze in place" when powered down.

Anyway, to get back to the point - I think you tried to do the right thing here, Robotman, along with the last time this whole issue happened. I would add that I can think of other content producers here who have seen decreased activity for some reason, or who still stick around here despite not getting much support and who could also use someone to encourage people check them out. Maybe a good suggestion would be a sort of "community spotlight" once a week / month or so, where a content producer and their stuff is covered. It's one thing to say "Hey, this person made an audio file!" or "hey, they made a video!" or "they're looking to draw your fembot!" It's another to say "Hey, we're focusing on this person. They've done some cool stuff in the past, they have a few cool ideas lined up in the future, here's their websites where you can find them, I highly encourage you to at least check them out once." Covering them a few times might help them get seen when they might otherwise get skipped over.

They promote themselves, sure, but a bit of a helping hand with some structure to give people an idea of who they are and what makes them tick might encourage more people to check them out. More of a proactive situation than a reactive one.

Just my two cents on all this.

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