The V.I.C.I. Diaries - King Nothing (COMPLETE)

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Re: The V.I.C.I. Diaries - King Nothing

Post by DukeNukem 2417 » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:41 pm


Galatea's shout jolted Inspektor 12 out of his reverie–a particularly fond recollection of his band opening a show for Blue Öyster Cult in Houston back in '86–and into reality. “...something wrong?” he asked, managing to remain nonchalant despite the note of abject horror in the gynoid's tone.

“....they...they breached the complex,” Galatea breathed. “...I just...”

Without another word, she collapsed to her knees, sobbing. The Inspektor was at her side in an instant.

“....Oberon...he's been shot.....” Again, the silver-skinned gynoid's eyes seemed far more human than the ocular sensor arrays that they really were. “....they took her. They took Vicki....”

Again, the throbbing of a vein in his cheek served as the only signal that he was in any way distressed by what he'd just heard. “Whoever 'they' are,” he informed Galatea, “they won't get far.....” He stopped himself. “You said they breached the complex...”

He did this,” Galatea hissed. “Just like at the Pavilion....”

The mention of the HP Pavilion jolted the Inspektor's thoughts like a brick through a window–he'd read the files on what had happened during the Starlet Dolls' tour, including one particularly distressing report of a “strange figure” exiting a women's restroom accompanied by two other figures, and “something on a cart”.

“...he warned me. In my dream....he said he'd do this....”

Galatea's sobbed words again caught Inspektor 12's attention. “Your dream....McMire did this?”

Silently–tearfully–the silver-skinned gynoid nodded.

“We need to contact HQ,” the Inspektor declared. “Tell them what's happened, get them to–”

Without preamble, the TV kicked on, showing what appeared to be a surveilance camera feed...a live feed, at that, from the inside of a vehicle. From the background noise and the scenery passing the windows, it was all too clear that it was coming from an aerial vehicle.

The focus of the feed, of course, was the motionless figure strapped to an interior seat.

Vicki,” Galatea whispered, a hand rising to her mouth in shock

A voice spoke up, just loud enough to be heard over the helicopter's rotor noises: “Friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who might consider themselves 'loved ones' of Victoria Anne-Smith Lawson...consider this a friendly warning. I've 'borrowed' Miss Lawson, and for the next 48 hours, she'll be subjected to...a test. Some of you will be receiving reports of others, like Miss Lawson, whom I've 'borrowed' in a similar fashion–their fates rest entirely in her hands. Thus, anyone planning a 'rescue mission' or any such nonsense would do well to call off those plans, immediately....”

The camera in the helicopter panned towards an open door–and, below it, the sea.

“....or else this....” The camera panned back to Vicki. “....will be the last time you see Miss Lawson...ever.”

Galatea clung to the Inspektor, as if he were the only thing keeping her from a similar fate.

Seeing as how I am, in fact, generous, the 48-hour time limit will begin in two hours. Furthermore, you have my word that, as soon as she's finished her 'test', she'll be released intact–her memories won't be deleted or altered, and no alterations will be made to her programming.

The camera panned around the helicopter, showing identical figures–black-clad, armored humanoids whose figures weren't stirred by even the faintest hints of breath or muscle twtitches–occupying the other seats. “A final word of associates will be responsible for handling the retribution against anyone foolish enough to not heed my words and try to 'rescue' Miss Lawson...”

Without warning, the camera spun to face Vicki's motionless form again.

“...and, should any of you actually find where Miss Lawson is being tested, and attempt to take her by force...”

The camera turned, slowly, until a strangely youthful (yet oddly cynical) boy's face filled the screen–Galatea instantly flinched at the sight of it, murmuring “it's him.”

“....I assure you that such a rash decision will be the last mistake you ever make.”

Without another word, the TV turned itself off.

“...they'll have seen that message,” the Inspektor intoned. “At's been broadcast to every ALPA facility for miles, more than likely.” He shook his head. “I haven't seen anything like this since Franklin...”

He stopped, noticing that Galatea was still staring at the TV.

“....we have to do something,” she murmured. “We have to at least try to find where Vicki is...”

“In normal circumstances,” the Inspektor admitted, “you'd be hard pressed to find me not leading the charge to rescue Vicki from whatever fate she's been carted off to....but in this case, the waiting game may be our only logical option–”

“We can't just wait!” Galatea countered. “Vicki's been stolen–taken from a secure ALPA complex, and we're just sitting here, trying to figure out what to do....” A shiver wracked her form as she sank back onto the couch, her eyes closed. “....this sucks. I'm so used to just going out there and doing something, taking the fight to the enemy....all that stuff. Now....”

The Inspektor sighed. “This is a far different type of battle, my dear.”

“Well, then, I hate this type of battle,” Galatea sulked. “All this sitting around and waiting...”

“It grinds your gears, doesn't it?”

Galatea turned to regard the Inspektor with a textbook Kubrick stare. “Really?”

“ have my sincerest apologies for the unintended pun, my dear. I was merely trying to make a point.”

“I know, I know...” The silver-skinned gynoid sighed. “I just...I'm so much more used to just doing something, being out there and helping, instead of camping a sofa and waiting for the call.”

“In our current predicament, waiting is the safest course of action.” The Inspektor glanced at the TV, his brow creased in consternation. “Anything else, and we risk losing Vicki to the machinations of McMire...I can only hope that everyone else who's seen his message is willing to exercise the same restraint as ourselves.”

“You don't think–”

“That message,” the Inspektor reminded Galatea, “was sent to everyone who has any detailed knowledge of Vicki Lawson....both who she is and what she is.”

The only words that Galatea could utter in reply were a quiet “Oh, scrap....”
“....and you're sure it's–IS SOMEBODY GOING TO SEDATE HIM, OR DO I HAVE TO DO IT?!”

Dr. Smith's shouted question earned him a frown from Rae. “You and I both saw what Ted just saw on that TV, and heard what he heard...tell me true, 'Dr. Smith', if you were in his position, knowing your daughter is on a helicopter to Parts Unknown to go up against lord knows what–”

The sound of something heavy, expensive and fragile breaking against a wall in the other room cut her off.

“I'm not saying we should forget that Vicki's been taken,” Dr. Smith muttered. “I'm saying that we can't just Rambo our way through this by kicking in doors and knocking down tables...the one who has Vicki now has all the bases covered. Anyone on our side puts a single toe out of line, and it's bye-bye, Vicki....” He sighed, just as Ted screamed and kicked something over in the other room.

“We should be out there,” Rae murmured. “We should be doing something, to find her.”

The feel of Dr. Smith's hand on her arm surprised her, but she didn't flinch away from it.

“I'm pretty sure that the ALPA's best and brightest are doing something to find her, Rae.”

The gynoid glanced at him, frowning. “And how do you know?”

“Trust me.....I'm–”

“Being utterly melodramatic,” Rae drawled. “And 'trust me'..a bit arrogant of you, isn't it? I hardly know you!”

“, I mean....look. I want Vicki back with the ALPA, safe and sound, and I know you want her back safely, too....and if I knew that my intervention, or yours, could get her back right now–”

“It would.”

“No, it'd just step on the toes of plenty of people the ALPA would do better to avoid right now–including the one who has Vicki. The best thing we can do for now is–” Something hit the floor in the other room with a loud crash, causing Dr. Smith to flinch.

“I appreciate the effort,” Rae admitted, “but your bedside manner needs a lot of work.” She turned to leave...


The chestnut-haired gynoid turned, glancing not at Dr. Smith, but at the bed-ridden figure of Clive DuBrual.

“....the.....the doctor knows, Rae,” Clive intoned. “You'd do well to trust his instincts.”

“Trying not to make this about me,” Dr. Smith admitted, “if you don't mind...”

“Spack off, Doc.” Rae moved her chair closer to the bed. “No offense, Clive, but you should–”

“If the next words out of your mouth are 'save your strength for your recovery', I'll have you demoted to a desk job,” DuBraul warned...though there was just enough of a playful twinkle in his eye to ensure the chestnut-haired gynoid that he was kidding. “The disease that sapped my strength hasn't robbed me of my sanity, if you must know...”

“Wasn't trying to say it had,” Rae muttered, not quite able to look Clive in the eye as she spoke. “I was just going to say that–”

Yet another object from the other room was kicked over, followed by a pained sob/howl from Ted.

“He hasn't felt this since Vicki was killed,” DuBraul sighed. “When the Butcher ran her through with his blades, back in July...even then, he had the Eleven. Even then, he still had her close by, to rebuild, to repair...” He shook his head sadly. “Now, he can't even talk to her.”

Dr. Smith stared at the ceiling. “...and I now feel like a prick for wanting to sedate him...”

“All he can do, for now, is grieve...” DuBraul laid back, closing his eyes. “All we can do, for now, is wait.”

A groan from Rae cut through what would've been a poignant silence. “Like I told Lani, I'm the patient type,” she muttered, “but waiting through something like this...Vicki's a teammate, a friend, and all we can do for her is just sit here?!”

“Our intervention could end badly. Vicki's captor could simply destroy her before she can undergo her 'test', if we choose to rescue her...” DuBraul sighed. “Even if we find her exact location, we could lose more Field Agents trying to get in and extract her...this test is something she must face on her own, and something she must triumph over without our help. She's made it this far on her own....we need to trust in her abilities and let her win this latest battle without us.”

“So we're her cheerleaders,” Rae scowled, “and she won't even know it....yay for us.”

“You'd prefer not supporting her at all?” Dr. Smith countered. “Yes, it sucks that we can't go rescue her...but it's better than just acting like her fate is already sealed and we'll never see her again.”

Despite her annoyance, Rae couldn't argue with that fact. “Y'know, you have a point there, doc.”

“Thanks....and please don't call me 'Doc'.”

Rae's intended reply was cut off by the door to the other room opening, allowing the gynoid (and both DuBraul and Dr. Smith) to get a close-up look at a shuddering, bleary-eyed Ted Lawson. His shirt was torn, several of his knuckles were bleeding from where he'd punched things, and he looked as if he desperately needed a good, long sleep...but he met the stares of Dr. Smith, Rae and DuBraul without hesitation.

“Ted,” Rae began, “if you....ah, need a moment...”

“I don't. I...” Ted glanced over his shoulder, at the carnage in the room behind him. “....I guess I got a little bit carried away,” he mumbled, “over...this...”

“None of us blame you for it,” DuBraul assured him. “These are difficult times for us all.”

“'Difficult' is an understatement....” Ted shook his head. “...we have to stay out of it, for Vicki's sake. I won't risk losing her because someone jumped the gun and tried to rescue her.”

“...and you're sure that this is how it has to be done?” Dr. Smith inquired. “You're not going to–”

Ted held up a hand. “Right now....we all need a break.” He glanced back at the room behind him again; “I'll, ah, foot the bill for that,” he added, a bit sheepishly.

DuBraul chuckled. “I'll tell them to refuse any check you sign, Ted...the ALPA can replace anything you broke.”

Rae's silent mouthing of “really?” earned her an elbow in the side from Dr. Smith.

“ I guess all we do now is...wait, then,” Ted reasoned. “Wait for Vicki to pass this 'test'...and hopefully get back home as soon as she can.”

“She will, Ted,” DuBraul assured him. “She's survived plenty worse, before...she'll survive this.”

Victoria Anne-Smith Lawson has been secured, and is en route to her test, as planned. The level of resistance at the complex was....expected, including the attempted intervention of Oberon; a lesser man would've been more than happy to bathe the floors in blood and leave the place a smoking ruin.

Anyone who entertains the prospect of my forces using such brutish tactics is, quite simply, a fool.

My message to Miss Lawson's allies, friends, family and loved ones will no doubt provoke reactions ranging from shock to outright fury; I'm positive that many of them might ignore my warning and do their best to “save” her from a perceived “horrible fate” in some unknown, unseen deathtrap. They believe–incorrectly–that I fall under the same category as her past “foes”....Faceless, Damien Falken, Epsilon, Matthew Emmerich Hannsen, even the Baron. I'm sure that most of them think I want Miss Lawson to fail this test, to be utterly destroyed in some cunning trap or another.

Again, anyone who entertains such a notion is a fool.

To have all of this planning, all of this effort and coordination, wasted by simply destroying Miss Lawson or subjecting her to whatever horrific fate her friends believe she faces at my hands....I'm almost insulted by the thought of it. Miss Lawson, of course, isn't facing this test alone....allowing her to be destroyed, manipulating every aspect of the test to lead to her doom or even turning the others against her would run counter to my purposes for this endeavor.

She's survived worse, after all. I've seen the footage myself: again, Epsilon, Faceless, the Family of Steel, the Maestro....she even went blade-to-blade against her mentor, a man trained to destroy her kind.

It almost makes me regret pulling the PPK on him...but such measures were necessary.

The helicopter is 14 minutes away from landing....Miss Lawson will be prepared by my aides. The test will be checked and calibrated one final time.

Soon, Miss Lawson will reactivate–I'm sure she'd refer to it as “waking up”.

The Dollhouse awaits her....I expect the next 48 hours to be interesting.....


Vicki Lawson faces her greatest challenge yet–with no gear, no way to contact her allies and no choice but to take part in the “test” she's been dropped into, Vicki finds herself trapped within the confines of the enormous (and ominous) Dollhouse...and she's not the only one there!

The purpose of this twisted place is made apparent all too soon: Vicki, and her “housemates”, must navigate a facility loaded to the gills with tricks and traps, all designed to test (and in a few cases, to trash) androids and gynoids caught within them! Every other gynoid in the Dollhouse was “dropped in” for a different reason; some will trust Vicki's decisions, others will want to do things their own way...and one (or more) of them might be in the employ of the mysterious McMire!

Whatever the case, Vicki has 48 hours to escape the Dollhouse, with or without the other gynoids....

...and if she can't, no pressure–she gets to try again! And again....and again......

You won't want to miss the next installment of
The V.I.C.I. Diaries: “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, coming soon to Fembot Central!
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Re: The V.I.C.I. Diaries - King Nothing (COMPLETE)

Post by Baron » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:41 am

Oh no!!! Just look at what this story has done to poor.......


:twisted: :twisted:

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Re: The V.I.C.I. Diaries - King Nothing (COMPLETE)

Post by Baron » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:38 am

Oh don't mind me, Cats and Kitties - I'm just doing a quick bump for our very own Duke, 'cos today is his
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Re: The V.I.C.I. Diaries - King Nothing (COMPLETE)

Post by Brytestar » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:04 pm

I’m glad you’re still writing Duke. Also I am glad that the lore characters you mentioned got updated. A chance what might happen as the season progresses. Again thanks for all the good work and I look forward to future episode when released. :D
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