The Foreign Exchange Student

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The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by Spaz » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:49 pm

I have finally edited and adapted one of my largest and best works. Although I finished the majority of it years ago, your comments on my other stories inspired me to not only finish it, but also to add a little more details to certain parts.

Part 3 does contain male android action, but not too much. Please keep an open mind.


The Foreign Exchange Student

Part 1:

“God I’m tired,” I said, having just finished dancing with my gorgeous prom date.

“Me too,” Nina said, wiping her brow and catching her breath.

Nina was a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. She had entered school at the beginning of the second semester and had encountered me at Track and Field practice.

After I mustered up enough courage, I asked her to Senior Ball only a month ago, the day of Track divisional finals, and she said yes; I later went on that day to break my mile record and get first place.

“Jeremy, Nina and I are going to our room,” I told my brother, who was sitting at the table with his girlfriend Jessica.

“Alright, see you later,” Jeremy told me, and both Nina and I headed out of the ballroom and towards the elevators.

“Wow, I love America,” Nina said.

“That’s good to hear,” I said, knowing how other countries thought of us.

“Where is our room?” she asked, now looking a little more tired than before.

“Just down the hall; it is a penthouse suite,” I said, walking with her all the way down the hall and opening the door for her.

“I see they sent our stuff up already,” Nina said, looking at our bags that we were forced to abandon six hours ago.

“You settle in while I set my laptop up,” I said, eager to check my messages.

“Okay,” she said, and she began to unpack some of her stuff.

As she unpacked I moved from my messages to checking one of my usual sites, Fembot Central.

“What are you looking at?” Nina asked from behind me, seeing me looking at pictures of photos manipulated to look like fembots.

“Oh, a site for people who have an A.S.F.R. fetish,” I told her.


“A robot fetish. I like seeing fembots,” I told her.

“Oh, and what would you do if you found a real android?” she asked, sounding the words out carefully in her Swiss accent.

“I don’t know. Since none are known to exist yet, I have to contain those thoughts so I don’t go crazy,” I responded.

“Well, what would you say if I told you I was a fembot?” she asked.

“Are you trying to say that you are?” I asked, looking incredulously at the beautiful fez that I had been running with for the past 6-months.

“Yes,” she said, and she slowly lifted her hands up to her face. After she closed her eyes, she pressed in on her temples; a click was heard and then she lifted her lovely face away from her head.

“Whoa!” I said, looking at the dazzling display of technology. Her eyes remained fixed in her head, along with her teeth and mouth. There were lights blinking on and off on her inner face and a sound of electronics was now audible.

“Here, take this,” she said, handing me her faceplate; her voice did not come out of her mouth, instead it emitted from a high definition speaker just above it.

I wordlessly took her faceplate, which looked as beautiful in my hands as it did on her head. It still retained some of its previous warmth, having only been removed for about a minute. The eyelids were closed, guarding the fact that there were no longer any eyes behind them. Her lips were still moist, remnants of saliva that escaped when she had been talking earlier.

“So, do you like me better like this?” she asked, once again speaking through her speaker; her naked eyes looking at me.

“Yes,” I said, carefully putting her face on the table next to my laptop and then turning to face her.

“How come you never told me any of this before?” she asked.

“Well, it is one of my private secrets. You only saw me tonight because I got careless,” I said.

“I am glad. I was built in Switzerland about a year ago. My mission was to become a transfer student to America; so my creators could better understand this country,” she explained, not moving one inch.

“How real are you?” I asked, not necessarily referring to her physical structure.

“Aside from my appearance, which is anatomically correct, I am programmed with the most advanced heuristics possible, along with highly advanced A.I. systems. To put it in easy terms, I am sentient,” she said.

“That’s nice. So you can think for yourself,”

“Yes, though I am still programmed to report my findings to my creators every week,” She said.

“Nina, is that speaker the only way you can communicate?” I asked, mesmerized by the speaker which her human voice came so realistically out of.

“No, I only speak through this speaker when my faceplate is removed. Normally I speak the same way you do, by blowing air through a set of specially configured cords,” she said.

“Do you mind if I take a closer look at you?” I asked.

“No, this is good data with which to supply my creators with,” she said, and I slowly rose to my feet and leaned in towards her inner face.

Aside from the sounds of various processors hard at work inside of her head, I also heard something else. I could hear the sound of her breathing from the speaker, but there was no air being released from her mouth.

“Why did they make you a girl?” I asked, wanting to hear her answer come from the speaker, which was right next to my ear.

“I don’t know. I suppose they thought a girl would be more likely to get an adequate response,” she said, the sound of her Swiss accent sounding perfectly in my ear.

“Were you supposed to tell me about your true nature?” I then asked, feeling the area where her skin became metal.

“I was programmed to make logical choices; it seemed logical to me to inform you of something which would make you aroused,” she said.

“And I thank you for that,” I said, sitting back down and then slowly looking down at the rest of her body.

For an 18-year old, she had a pretty full figure. She had large, size B breasts and a slightly pale skin color that fit her European background. Since she was still in the nice looking pale green prom dress, her legs were visible. Her legs were perfectly sculpted, and her now bare feet still had a little bit of glitter paint on the nails.

“Did you want me to put my face back on now?” she asked, noticing that my attention had shifted to other areas of her body.

“No, let’s go sit on the couch so I can have a better look at you,” I said, and I took her realistic hand and walked with her over to the couch, where I began feeling various parts of her body.

“Nina, could you get undressed please?” I asked, eager to see what she looked like beneath the dress.

“Of course,” she said through her speaker, and she slowly began taking the dress off.

Once she had the dress off, she slipped off her panties and then removed her bra, revealing the first bare breasts I had ever seen up close.

“You are the first person to see me like this since I was built,” she told me, taking off the flower corsage and the various jewelry from her body.

“What? Naked or opened up?” I asked.

“Both,” she said, placing the jewelry on the nearby table next to her folded clothes.

“Okay, what did you wish me to do now?” she asked, now totally naked in front of me.

“Can you show me some more panels?”

“Sure. Press my navel twice,” she said, and I simply obeyed. After I pressed in on her warm belly button twice, I heard it hiss. Soon, a separation line appeared about 3 inches away from the navel in each direction; then it lowered down into her body and then slid up, revealing another dazzling display of electronics.

Along with the array of blinking lights, there were various wires, circuits and chips. Cooling fans were hard at work, blowing the heat from her hardware and towards her skin; this made her skin naturally warm.

“This panel is for easy access to my major systems. Movement, power…etc, this is the panel I open when I repair or check on myself,” she told me.

“Cool,” I said, feeling the separation lines.

“Now I have another on my back,” she told me, turning around and showing me her bare backside.

“Press the small birthmark,” she said, and I located a very small birthmark shaped like a heart.

This panel opened in a similar manner to her front panel. Inside was also blinking lights, as well as what looked like her spine and ribs, and various controls that appeared to be for testing her movement.

“That is for access to my primary motor controls. You should be able to see various controls for testing my motion. Go ahead and try one,” she said, and I leaned in to get a closer look at the labels.

I found that I could move the following limbs: Arms, legs, hands, feet, waist, neck, knee, elbow, wrist and ankle.

After I finished looking, I pressed up on the controls for both her arms. Her reaction was to rapidly extend her arms forward. After a time, I found I could make them move in any direction. After I had them move back and touch me I let go, making her arms return to their normal position. The only difference was that her arms made mechanical sounds, since they were being moved in a way other than the way a normal human moved.

“That is for testing limb function after a serious malfunction,” she simply said.

“Any other panels?” I asked, wanting to see more.

“Sure,” she said, and she turned around again and then lifted her hand up to her vagina.

“I’ll do this one,” she said, and she pressed in on both sides of her pubic hair, making the entire patch of hair come off in her hands.

“Here, feel this,” she said, and she handed me her sex drive panel.

“Wow, I have never felt this area before,” I said, feeling the light brown hair on the small patch of skin. Underneath the panel was a series of fluid canisters and pumps; probably her lubrication systems.

“That is for my sexual systems. Since I have not had any sexual encounters during my stay in this country, I am full,” she said, taking the cover and closing it.

“There is one more panel left,” she then said, and for this one she sat down with her back to me.

“Lift up my hair in the back and then press in on the spot where my spine ends,” she instructed, and once I did so, I opened a panel in the back of her head. This panel had a small monitor which displayed vital stats on her systems. There was also a diagram of her body; several indicators showed that she had several panels open, as well as her face. Next to the monitor was a series of computer chips.

“The monitor is an interface to my systems and the chips to the side comprise my A.I. systems: Personality and emotions; you pull either of those and I lose my human emulation,” she explained.

“I see,” I said, tweaking with the monitor and exploring some of her features.

“What did you want me to do now?” she then asked, closing her stomach and back panel remotely.

“Let’s put your face back on,” I said, and I left her on the couch while I retrieved her face.
I had to stop to admire the detail of her face. With the eyelids closed, her face looked like it was sleeping. There was still makeup near her eyes and I could now see the small freckles around her nose.

Having remembered her inner face only had a small protrusion with air sensors where the nose used to be, I spent some time examining the nose on her faceplate. Her pretty nose had a few freckles on it, and inside the nose holes were tiny hairs; on the inner portion was a small filter. Then, I touched her lifeless lips and then carried it back over to her, where she still sat in the same exact position as before.

“Could you stand up please?” I said, holding her beautiful face.

“Sure,” she said, and she gracefully rose to her feet and faced me.

Adjusting her face so it was looking directly at me, I raised it up to Nina’s open head. After I lined it up with the edges, I carefully pushed it in until I heard a click.

Once it was secure, the seams instantly vanished and then she opened her eyes and moved her jaw around.

“It always gets stiff when it has been off,” she said, and I also thought I heard the sound of servos connecting to the appropriate points under her face.

“Nina, what powers you?” I asked, wondering whether or not she would need to be charged.

“I am battery powered. The battery powers me for 18-hours before I need to recharge it. It only takes four hours to get a full charge, but I don’t reactivate until I need to head to school. Though, when I am highly active I lose power more quickly, so tonight I will need to be charged in about an hour and a half,” she said.

“Could I see what happens when you run out of power?”

“Sure, I will allow myself to run out of power and allow you to plug me in,” she said, since it was harmless.

“In the meantime, is there any way I can get a look at your body as it is, but without you in it?”

After thinking about what I said, she said, “Well, if you remove my A.I. Circuit, I won’t be in my body, but it will still have my personality and memories. If you ask it a question, it will answer the same answer I would, but it won’t have any free will or awareness,” Nina told me.

“Cool, anything else?”

“Yes, my A.I. Circuit is the same size as a standard PC Card. You can insert it into your laptop, which has a camera and microphone, and I will be able to communicate with you from it,” she said.

“Okay, I’m going to open you up now,” I said, and I walked around behind her and opened her head panel up. In between her memory and personality chips was a third chip that looked almost exactly like a PC Card.

“Once you are ready, just pull it out,” she told me, and after I readied myself, I grabbed hold of it and then pulled it out. After it was removed, the monitor flashed a few times and then I heard Nina say, “A.I. Circuit removed…secondary protocols activated,”

Still holding Nina’s mind in my hand, I closed the panel and then walked around in front of her body and looked at it.

Though it was still breathing and moving around, it had no life in its eyes.

“Nina, do you see me?” I asked it, seeing how much it could do.

“Yes, I can see you Phillip,” it said, but not very life-like.

“Good, now follow me please,” and I headed into the other room with Nina’s mindless body following me. Once I reached the desk where my laptop rested, I stopped and then said, “Nina, hold out your left hand with your palm facing up,”

“Okay,” she said, and she complied with my request.

Still finding it odd that she would still act somewhat normally, but without self-awareness, I placed Nina’s A.I. Circuit in her own hand and then had my laptop snap a photo of that moment for her to look at when she took up temporary residence on my computer.

“Alright, plug that chip into my laptop and then return to where you are standing,” I told her.

“Okay,” she said, and she shifted it in her hand and then walked over to my laptop. Once she carefully plugged it in, she turned around and returned to where she was.

Several seconds after the circuit was plugged in, a light started blinking on it and then the ‘new hardware’ sound toned on my laptop. After several seconds of hardware installation, the light stayed on and then a window popped up. Sitting down in the chair, I stared at the window as words began appearing.

{Phillip….are you there?}
{Yes, I am here} I typed in.
{I need you to add me to your laptop’s firewall exceptions…Kaspersky won’t let me do any more than this simple text messaging}
{Okay, hold on} I typed and then I opened the task manager to see what the name of the program was.
After opening Kaspersky and Windows Firewall, I added ‘Nina.exe’ to the list of exceptions and allowed it full and complete access to all the systems on the computer. After I saved the settings I closed all the windows but hers and typed:
{Okay, you should now have full access to my laptop}
{….Thank you, this program must now restart.} Appeared and then the window vanished.

Approximately ten-seconds later, the window reappeared and a lot of text began appearing.

{Nina Hammer 2.7 loaded….Artificial Human, gender female, hair: brown, Eye: brown, Caucasian, Swiss, Age 18, height: 5’9, weight: 150 lbs….Physical parameters loaded…accessing resident camera…(The light blinked on my webcam and then a small window with my image appeared on the top-right corner of the screen.) accessing resident microphone…all peripherals loaded, now activating…Stand by….} appeared, and after several seconds it all vanished.

Almost as quickly as the text vanished, a pinkish orb appeared in the center of the screen. It quickly expanded into an oval shape and light brown started sprouting from the top. I slowly watched as it morphed into Nina’s lovely face with such exact detail that I looked back and forth between the image and Nina’s actual face on her body.

Once the image was fully established, her face slowly opened its eyes and then smiled at me.

“I hope that you can see me better than I can see you,” she said, her voice sounding perfectly from my laptop’s high definition speakers and her digital face looking at me through the HD monitor, though she was actually seeing me through the 4.0 megapixel webcam on the top.

“Yes, I can see your face just fine,” I said.

“Good, now if you want to play with my body you can feel free,” she said.

“And what will you be doing?”

“Playing around on your laptop. I will be tweaking your computer in ways you could never imagine, though I can already see that you don’t exactly do things the same way as most other people,” she said.

“You can feel free to look at the pictures in my folder,” I told her.

“Sure thing, and my face will still be here and I will be able to see and hear you; I will be multitasking,”

“Okay, have fun,”

“You too,” and I got up from the laptop and then back over to Nina’s body, which still stood in the same spot.

“Okay, let’s have some fun,” I said to her body, though it didn’t respond. The first thing I did was to reach out and touch her face. I had touched it while it was removed, but I didn’t get to feel it when it was attached. It felt warm, but since all traces of Nina were gone, it did not react.

I spent the next half-hour feeling her entire body, including areas I thought I might never see or touch.

After I finished with her head, I moved down to her chest and felt her average sized breasts. They were quite soft and they somehow felt just right, although I had never actually touched a woman’s breasts before.

Then, I moved to her shoulders and arms. I lifted up both her arms and felt how real her muscles were and how real the sweat in her shaved armpits smelled. Then I played around with her hands by moving around her fingers.

After her arms, I felt her vagina. I was surprised with how realistically it looked and felt, though my only frame of reference was from the stories on Fembot Central.

My favorite was her legs and her feet. I had a foot fetish, and my first opportunity to feel a non-family member’s feet was one to remember. They both had perfect toes that gradually got longer, but not longer than the big toe. The toenails still had glitter on them and when I tried and failed to scratch any off, I instead bent down and smelled her feet.

“Wow, that smells real!” I said, slightly louder than I intended.

“What was that?” Nina asked from my laptop.

“Your feet, they smell real,” I said, getting up and sitting back down at the laptop.

“Yes. My sweat is formulated from the food and drink I ingest and a molecular formula from the girls who I am modeled after,” she said.

“Cool…Wait, you are modeled after real people?”

“Of course. It is difficult to create a unique appearance, so my creators just based me on a combination of two of their daughters,” she explained.

“Can you show me a picture of them?” I asked.

“Sure, hold on,” and her face disappeared and was replaced with a side-by-side image of two lovely Swiss girls Nina’s age.

“The one on the left is the president’s daughter; she was the basis for my hair and eye color. She also donated some of her personality,”

The one on the left did have Nina’s hair and eye color; it also had a similar smile.

“And the girl on the right is my chief designer’s daughter; she was the basis for my voice and my overall body appearance…so you should thank her for giving me good feet,” Nina said.

The girl on the right had Nina’s figure and coloring and looked very beautiful…though her hair wasn’t the same color.

“How did you know I like feet?” I asked, though I already knew she had full access to all my personal files.

“Most of the pictures of celebrities in your computer focus on their feet. As do the ones in in the stories you have saved. Also, you have it written down in a few of your personal files,” she said, and she removed the image and brought her face back; she was smiling.

“Did you see the picture I took a few minutes ago?” I asked.

“Yes, it was very nice; thank you,” she said.

“So, what more can your image do on my screen?”

“I’ll show you later, you continue your exploration of my body while I continue my exploration
of your laptop,” she said, and her eyes started looking back and forth as though she were reading.

“Very well… and Nina,” I said.


“I’m going to take your body back into the living room. Do you mind if I leave you alone here?”

“No, just remember my body only has about 70-minutes of power left.”

“Okay,” I said, and I walked over to her body and asked it to follow me back into the living room.

“Sit down in the chair, please,” I said, and her body slowly sat down in the chair next to the couch.

“Okay, can you tell me some stuff about your body?” I asked.

“Sure, what do you wish to know?” she asked.

“How good are your eyes?”

“I have 20/5 vision, built-in sun shading pigment so my eyes don’t get damaged. I also have filtering elements that filter out blur, shadow and double-effects and they also have infrared technology so I can see in the dark and I can even see what your body temperature is,” she said.

“And your ears, how do they work?”

“My ears consist of an array of highly sophisticated microphones and antennae that pick up sound and convert it into something which I can understand. I can hear things from quite a distance, I can turn them off and the actual ear is specially configured for my systems to work as efficiently as possible,”

“Cool, and how do you smell?”

“My nose has thousands of tiny hairs and fibers which trap harmful solids, much like yours. I smell by breathing in the air and then having a special program rapidly analyze the particles and compare them to known samples in less than the time it takes you to blink. If I encounter a new smell, the software records it and I am responsible for attempting to find out what name to put to it.” She said.

“And do you need to breathe?”

“Not really. Breathing makes me appear more human and also augments my cooling systems. My sense of taste also fits into that category since I can actually taste air particles.”

“And lastly your sense of touch,” I said.

“My skin is fitted with millions of tiny sensors which record impacts in every inch of my body. They are also grouped into certain areas for larger impacts, like feeling clothing on my legs or feeling the soft fabric of this chair I am sitting on,” she said, and then she fell silent.

“Nina, is there a power meter I can see on your body?”

“Yes, it is located next to my recharge port; I will open it for you,” and after a momentary pause, I saw a panel open above her left hip.

“Thanks,” I said while getting a closer look, but she did not respond.
Inside the panel was a small hole; possibly the port for her plug. Next to that port were three LEDs, red, yellow, green; the red one was the one which was lit. Next to those was an image of a battery nearly empty.

5.6% remaining…1 hour of battery power left

“Cool,” I said, and when I sat back down, the panel closed up again.

“How strong are you?” I asked, looking at the muscles on her arms.

“I am capable of lifting up to 200lbs. When I am with normal people, I max out at 50lbs to appear more human,” she said.

“Could you lift me up?” I asked.

“Sure,” and she suddenly rose to her feet, took hold of me by my waist and lifted me several feet above the ground. She didn’t move after that, waiting for another order, so I took advantage of the situation and smelled the conditioner in her hair, felt her back and touched her ears.

“Nina, can you shift me into a laying down position?” I asked.

“Sure,” and she put me down and then picked me up again, this time holding me so I was laying horizontally in her arms. While like this, I got a good look at her breasts.

It was then that I smelled her BO. It seemed she needed a shower, which was surprising considering her artificial nature.

“Okay, carry me back to the laptop and sit me down in the chair,” I said, and then she slowly started walking until we got back to my laptop and she sat me down.

“Wow, I can’t believe you made my body carry you in,” Nina said, her face turning into a laugh.

“It was fun; anyway, I think your body needs a shower,” I said.

“I know; it knows how,”

“Could you return to it really quickly and give me a kiss before you have it shower?”

“Sure, but I’ll stay in here,” she said, and then she looked over at her body, “Hey, plug yourself into me,”

“Yes, Nina,” and her body walked over to the laptop and extended some sort of wire from her head. Once she plugged it into Nina’s A.I. circuit, she froze and then turned to look at me.

“This is very difficult since I am still in your laptop as well, but it is faster than the other way and my body only has about 55-minutes left,” she said.

“That’s okay with me…how are you able to just give your body commands like that?,” I asked.

“My body is programmed to respond to my voice, even if I am not actually in it, she said.

“Oh,” I said.

“Now for your kiss,” and she slowly walked over to me and then planted her beautiful lips on mine. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I let mine enter hers. Romance aside, her mouth still tasted of the chicken we had for dinner.

After ten-seconds, which seemed an eternity, she pulled out and then looked at me.

“Wow, that was my first kiss,” I said, breathing heavily.

“Mine too, but I learned that kiss from my software,” she said.

“There is one more thing I need you to do before I send my body to take a shower,” she said.


“These toenails are only temporary, which is why your attempt to scratch off the glitter failed. The small green bag near our bed has my real nails in them,”

“Say no more, I will be right back,” and I rushed off and scavenged for the bag in question.

After I found it, I rushed back to where she still stood.

“Open it,” she commanded, and I opened it to reveal an unusual sight.

Multiple computer components and wires were inside, as well as several flesh colored components. The thing that caught my eyes was a small make-up case which I took out and opened up for an even more unusual sight.

Inside the case was the standard array of make-up appliers and what-not that normal girls had, but on the bottom were several pairs of finger and toenails. One pair was normal, another was painted green and then another that was glittery, though the toenails were missing in those and the normal for the hands.

“Okay, you must put them on the right feet. Start with my left foot and pull the current nails off,” she said.

“Okay,” and I put the case down and grabbed hold of her left big toenail. After I used more strength than I would on a normal girl, it clicked off, revealing flesh colored fiber optics beneath.

“Cool,” I said, smelling the nail.

“Yes, now do the same with the other nine,” she said, and after I removed all the nails and put them back in the case, I started clicking on the normal nails until her feet looked normal.

“Thank you, now I will leave,” and she removed the cord and then her body went limp as the cord retracted back into her head, leaving the panel closing behind it.

“Nina, go take the same shower as this morning; Keep the same hairstyle and makeup.” Nina said, back on the laptop.

“Yes, Nina,” and her body took the make-up case and then walked into the bathroom. Several seconds later, the shower turned on and I looked back at my monitor.

“Okay, now I will show you what my image can do here,” she said, and then she put on a thinking expression.

“Okay, watch this,” she said, and then she suddenly spit…but the spit flew from her mouth and landed in front of her image, almost as though she had actually spit it on the opposite side of the monitor.

“Cool, now are you going to clean that up?” I asked, watching it slowly slide to the bottom.

“Sure,” and then I saw her hands appear on the screen and wipe it up with a towel.

“I can make any part of my body appear on here, and more,” she said, and then her face was replaced with a full 3-D image of her naked and walking up to the screen.

“Lovely,” I said, my heart rate going up.

“There’s more. After looking at all of your pictures and merging it with my data, I can change my appearance to mimic another person,” and then her image morphed into that of Emma Watson. “And I can also use their voice,” she said, perfectly mimicking Emma Watson’s voice.

“Awesome!” I said, watching her morph into every celebrity and female android I had on my laptop.

“Nina, how many androids are there?”

“I can’t tell you. It is restricted data, although the number does change every day and I don’t like to approximate,” she said.

“What percent is female?”

“About 60%; they are in higher demand,” she said, returning to her own appearance and making only her face appear on the screen.

“Phillip, move the mouse cursor so it is over my mouth,” she said, and I quickly did so.

“Now, click on my upper lip and move it in any direction,”

“Cool!” I said, as it allowed me to move her lip around.

After I played around with the rest of her face, me and her just talked for a few more minutes before her body walked out of the shower, completely dry and looking exactly as it did before; minus the smell.

“Alright, I am going to close this program and allow you to put me back in my body, but first; kiss my lips on the monitor,” and she puckered up.

“Alright,” and I leaned in and kissed my monitor, all the while she mimed kissing me.

“Okay, this program is closing,” she said, and her face and the window vanished.

I waited ten seconds before removing it from my laptop. Once safely removed, I walked behind her body, opened up the head panel and then reinserted her into her body.

“A.I. circuit installed…loading Nina Hammer persona…” she said, and then her body jerked before coming back to life.

“Wow, that was fun,” she said, allowing me to close her panel before turning around and putting her hands on my shoulders.

“Yes, it was,” I said.

“I only have 20-minutes left…Why don’t I help you out of those clothes now so I can get a look at you?” she said, smiling.

“Sure, in there,” I said, pointing back into the living room.

Once we were in there, she instructed me to sit down so she could remove my shoes and socks. She then spent some time feeling my feet, and it felt so good I didn’t even feel ticklish.

“Now those kind of smell bad,” she said, though she didn’t mind at all. “Stand up,” she said, and I immediately complied. It was interesting watching her disrobe me; she had a serious expression and she seemed to be doing a mission. First the jacket, then the vest before she moved down and removed my belt. Then she slid my pants down and allowed me to step out of them before she took my shirt off.

“Only one thing left,” she said, looking down at my underwear.

“Go ahead,” I said, and she slid my underwear down to reveal my manhood, which was very excited to see her.

“I still think it is weird how it gets so big,” she said, gently grabbing it and feeling it.

“Whoa…It also gets very sensitive and I don’t want to lose it yet,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and she moved around and began feeling my back, arms and legs.

“You are quite muscular. I see now why you were the one who helped me with the stretches and why you ran with me,” she said, moving my arm and flexing the muscle.

“Well, I actually had the hots for you,” I said, starting to flush.

“Yeah, I was wondering why your body heat rose every time you were with me,” she said, feeling my hair.

“Nina, what will happen when you get close to running out of power?”

“Well, with ten-minutes left my voice will switch to the speaker to save energy; that will add another minute to my total charge. Since I will be running on speaker, my voice will deepen and slow due to reduced energy levels and I will be weaker. Finally, I will start to lose major systems before I lose power and my body freezes up; but you can still move me around while I am powered down,” she said.

“Where is your power cord?”

“In my purse; you can get that later.” She told me, “and I will power back on when you plug me in, until you and I get to bed,” she said.

“Oh, I didn’t think we would be sleeping with each other,” I said.

“Yes, even if I hadn’t revealed myself to you, I would have insisted we sleep with each other…though not in the nude,” she said.

“Wow, now do any of your limbs come off?” I finally asked.

“Yes, my head, arms, hands, legs, and feet are removable,” she told me.

“Could you remove your head?”

“Sure,” and she calmly grabbed hold of her neck, pressed in on certain spots and then her head came off and into her hands. Once she had a firm grip on it, she nestled it in her arms.

“I can move my body parts independently by using wireless links to communicate with them; did you want to hold my head now?” she asked.

“I thought you would never ask,” I said, and I walked over and took her head from her arms.

“It always feels weirder when my head is removed than any other part of my body,” she said, looking up at me from my arms.

“I could only imagine,” I said, supporting her as I would a baby.

“The range is only 150-feet, but more than adequate if inside a house or small building,” she said.

“So your head must have an independent power source,” I said.

“Yes, but it doesn’t last very long; no more than 30-minutes,” she said.

“Would you like me to kiss you before giving your head back to you?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” she said.

“Here goes,” and I lifted her head up even more so her eyes were at the same height as mine. For a few seconds, both eyes looked into each other; one pair hazel, the other brown. We both blinked at the same time, which was a silent cue to begin, so I brought her lips to mine and we once again locked lips. 5-seconds later, I pulled her away and then gave her head back to her body.

Once she reattached it, she sat back down beside me and then said, “Now I’ll let you remove my feet,”

“Okay, where does it come off at?” I asked, looking down at her ankles.

“Hold on,” she said, and suddenly seems appeared in various locations on her body; above her ankle bones, wrist bones, just below the shoulders and thighs, around her breasts, around her panels and around her neck.

“Just grab hold on both sides and then twist counter-clockwise,” she said.

“Okay,” and I did so, feeling a strange clicking before her left foot came off in my hands.

“Oh wow, this is cool!” I said, squeezing it in my hands and bringing it up to my face to smell it.

“I can still feel it, and move it,” she said, making the toes clench and unclench.

“I am going to do the other now,” I said, and I quickly removed her other foot. With both her feet removed, I laid down on my back and then set them down on my stomach.

“You are weird,” she laughed, making them move around on my belly.

“Okay, I need my feet back,” she said, and she grabbed them from me and reattached them.

“Next is…Oirp,” she said, suddenly twitching, “Is my arms,”

“What just happened?” I asked.

“Ten minutes left; my voice switched to speaker,” she said.

“I don’t hear any difference,” I said, and I did have good ears.

“Good, that is the point,” she said. “Now, remove my right arm,” she said, moving around so I could get a better grip.

“Why your right?” I asked, twisting it off and holding it in my hands.

“Because I was made to be left-handed,” she said, rebalancing herself.

“Oh, I always get attracted to girls who are left-handed,” I said, playing around with her fingers.

“You can also use my arm to grab stuff, like that pillow there,” she said, pointing at the couch.

“Okay,” I said, and I extended her arm out towards the pillow. When it was right over it, she grabbed onto it; when I pulled it in, she made her arm lash out and throw it back onto the couch.

“Cool, would it also make a good back scratcher?” I asked.

“Try,” she said, and when I moved it around to my back, she gently scratched a few tender areas on my back.

“Was that nice?” she asked, taking her arm back and reattaching it.

“Yes, what next?”

“What do you want to do now?”

“We can’t do much…I only have eight minutes left; the last two are going to be difficult,”

“Can you open your ab panel again?” I asked.

“Sure,” and she opened it remotely, filling the air with the sound of her cooling fans and computers.

“I can still close it when you are off, right?” I asked, walking over and taking another look.

“Yes, it has its own power source,” she said.

“Now, let’s think of a good shutting down pose,” I said.

“Oh, so it happens the way it did in your stories?” she asked.

“Yes, you should definitely be holding onto me with one hand at least, and you should be in mid-sentence with your other hand pointing like you are gesticulating.” I said, rambling off ideas.

“You should probably take a shower before you plug me in,” she said, now at 7-minutes.

We had our plan ready less than a minute later, and then I suddenly remembered something.

“Nina, is there any way you can show me what you are seeing?” I asked.

“Sure, on my monitor,” she said, and she automatically opened her head panel and allowed me to see.

Nina’s robo-vision wasn’t too much different from my vision; I could see the couch that she was looking at, but there were small codes on the bottom of the screen and the image looked somewhat more enhanced and sharpened.

“Satisfied?” she asked, her voice now starting to slow down at the 3-minute mark.

“Sort of, don’t you have a HUD?,” I asked.

“Yes, but it is not on all the time…I only activate it when I want to access my settings,” she explained, quickly making it appear and then vanish. The HUD seemed pretty simplistic, with a power meter, settings submenus, and basic diagnostic information of her various systems.

“Oh,” I said, closing the panel and walking back in front of her.

“Good…this is the first time I can remember running out of power,” she said, reconfiguring her voice to sound like she was tired.

“Is it fun?” I asked.

“Kind of, knowing that you will have a blast from seeing me power down,” she said.

“Hey, some of your lights are going out,” I said, seeing a few lights shut off in her open Paplexus.

“Yes, non-essential systems such as taste and smell are shutting down, as well as enhanced vision,” she managed, now looking very tired at two-minutes.

“Are you ready?” I asked, wanting it to go perfectly.

“Yes, I will begin at ten-seconds to go,” she said, now with 90-seconds left.

“Okay, let’s head into the bedroom,” I said, helping her to her feet.

“Thank you,” she said, starting to sound like Darth Vader with the labored breathing and deep mechanized voice.

At 20-seconds, she put herself into position between me and the bathroom door and at ten-seconds she grabbed my right arm with her left, smiled and said, “I can’t wait until you finish so you won’t smell so baaaaaad….” She said, the end of the sentence ending in a winding down drawl; her right hand in the middle of gesticulating and her tongue stuck to the top of her mouth sounding out the letter ‘d’. I also saw every single light go out in her open panel and I heard the cooling fans slow down. Just before everything stopped, her power port popped open and the light flashed red three times before shutting off.

“Wow, that was cool!” I said, her left hand still holding my arm and the smile frozen on her face.

I held the pose for another few seconds before I grabbed her hand with my free hand and gently pried her fingers open. Once I was free, I walked around her frozen form and made sure she was balanced before I headed into the bathroom and took a shower.

I took a 15-minute shower, which seemed to last an eternity, before I dried up and, without redressing, I headed out to where my hot date stood.

“Okay, let’s see if I can get you to sit on the bed,” I said, since the bed was only a few feet away.

First, I grabbed hold of her left arm and began repositioning it down to her side. Every time I moved it, I heard a “click…click…click” making her seem even more robotic; the click was so it would be easier to set her up.

Once I both her arms touching her sides, I moved around to her front to see if I could carry her onto the bed. After I closed her Paplexus panel, I grabbed hold of her waist and managed to lift her a few centimeters above the ground before I lost my footing and tumbled to the ground, with her on top of me.

“Ooof,” I said, still holding onto her and feeling her breasts on top of my face.

“Wow, this is a pretty good position,” I said, as my mouth and eyes were right between both of them.

I spend a good minute gathering my strength before I lifted her up and then dragged her until she was propped against the right side of the bed, where she would be sleeping.

“Okay, let’s see if I can get you to sit,” I said, and I bent her knees until she was in a sitting position and then I adjusted her beautiful feet so they would support her weight before I leaned her forward at the waist and set her hands on her lap, covering her vagina.

The only thing that looked out of place was her face, but I couldn’t move it so I instead scavenged around until I found her power cord, which was at the bottom of her bag.

“I hope it is long enough,” I said, but it was about 20-feet long which was more than long enough.

When I returned to the bed, I plugged it into the nearby power outlet and then plugged the other end into her port.

After a few seconds, the three lights began blinking in unison and then the red one started blinking on and off. The prompt read: Charge in progress, now loading persona…

“aaad,” she finished, and then she realized her body was in a different position and then smiled at me.

“Was that fun?” she asked.

“Yes, especially when you fell on me,” I said.

“I fell on you? What were you doing?”

“Trying to lift you up, but since we are both the same weight, I had trouble,” I said.

“Well, you must have managed and…” she sniffed the air, “You smell much better,”

“Thanks, now how does your charge work?”

“Like I said, 4-hours to charge and then I go into sleep mode until my internal alarm wakes me… Though for tonight, I am reprogramming myself to wake up when you kiss my lips,” she said.

“Like Sleeping Beauty,” I laughed.

“Exactly…I will remain in active mode until you fall asleep and then I will power down. After the four hours is up, I will return to sleep mode until awakened,” she explained.

“Sounds nice, now why don’t we get some sleep…it is 2:00am and we have to get up at 8:00am,” I said.

“Okay, but let me feel your feet first,” she said.

“Hold on, I have to take my pill before I get in bed,” I said, and once I popped my sleeping pill, I crawled onto my side of the bed nude and then sat up so she would have easy access to my now clean feet.

“Wow, I must have a foot fetish too,” she said, gently massaging my feet and even, at one point, lifting them up to her mouth and tasting them.

“Something we have in common,” I said.

“Alright, I am ready for bed now,” she said, letting go of my feet and crawling under the covers.

“Wait, I have to shut off all the lights first,” I said, and I got up and headed out to shut off all the lights, and my laptop.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she called after me.

After I shut everything off and made sure everything was locked, I headed back into the bedroom and climbed in bed with Nina.

“So, how did you know I slept on the right side?” she asked, turning her head and looking at me.

“Because…I am right-handed and sleep on my left side so I can grab things with my good hand so I assumed that it would be the reverse for you,” I said, shutting off the light on my side and facing her.

“Wow, that makes sense,” she said, flipping over onto her right side and putting her left arm over me so she touched my back.

“I am good at deduction,” I said, doing the same on as her.

“Goodnight,” she said, leaning in and getting close to my face.

“Goodnight,” I said, kissing her on the lips before closing my eyes and trying to sleep.

Having slept alone and clothed for the past 18-years, it was quite different doing so naked and with another person in bed with me; let alone one of the opposite gender who was also naked and not even human. I took a few moments getting myself comfortable and then I snuggled with Nina in the same way as one of my pillows. The sound of her breathing lulled me to sleep.

“Wow, I think I am in love with this guy,” Nina thought to herself, letting her infrared scan his body temperature through her eye lids and her ears listen to the pattern of his breathing to let her know when he was asleep.

“I must inform CERNtech about this…maybe they will let me stay with him,” she thought, feeling him relaxing his arms on her back.

She kept replaying the video of her undressing him, the feeling of his feet and of his penis. After examining all of the data from his laptop, she came up with an idea. Just when she finished formulating it, the readings she got from his body told her that he was asleep so she put herself into her usual sleep time mode and her systems shut down to augment the recharge process.
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by Spaz » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:50 pm

Part 2:

The first thing I heard was nothing…no breathing, no stirring. I opened my eyes and saw that it was still dark; a look at the clock showed that I had only been asleep for two-hours.

It took me several moments to realize that it was thirst that woke me up, but I suddenly felt soft flesh on my back, on my legs and feet, and on my hands since my left hand had somehow grabbed Nina’s right hand.

“Good, it wasn’t a dream,” I said, not worrying about waking her since I knew that she would be offline for at least another two-hours.

I lay with her intertwined with myself for another minute before I carefully pulled myself out of her grip and crawled out of bed. When I got out of her arms, she fell over slightly, and when I turned the lights on I saw that she had a smile on her face.

Not even bothering to put any clothes on, I headed into the bathroom and got myself a glass of cold water before turning the light off and heading back to the bed. Before I crawled back in, I decided to take this opportunity to check out some areas of her body which I didn’t check out before.

I pulled the covers off of her inert form and took in the view of her butt naked body lying on its side with its left arm extended out. My eyes fell to her feet, which were pressed up against each other.

“Brrrr, cold,” I said when I felt them, because her entire body felt freezing cold.

One part I didn’t check out was her butt. I still felt she looked a little to real, so I decided to hold off in case she did real stuff with it. In addition to it being cold, both cheeks felt soft and cushiony. When I spread them apart, I saw the hole, which looked clean.

“Well, here goes,” I said, and I stuck my finger up into it and felt nothing dirty, only a slight warmth and dampness.

“It’s only water,” I said, smelling the residue on my finger. She mentioned that she absorbed all the nutrients from the food and drink she consumed, so maybe it was filtered until nothing but water remained.

The next thing was her vagina and for this I had to sit on my knees on my side of the bed and roll her onto her back.

I played around with the hair above the opening for a few seconds before I put the same finger in. This opening was also warm, and it felt a little sticky.

“Whoa,” I said when I smelled it. Her juices smelled pretty realistic; it was not quite aa good smell, but I found it oddly tantalizing nevertheless.

“Okay, I have to get to sleep now,” I said, rolling her back onto her side and wiping my finger off on the bed.

Just before I laid back down, I saw that her charge was at 52% and the yellow light was the one blinking.

“Night,” I said, again, kissing her cheek, shutting of the light and then pulling the cover back on top of us. Once I shifted myself back into her grip and into the position we were in before, I snuggled closely and then fell asleep again.

When I awoke again, it was because the sunlight was shining in my eyes. Nina had configured the curtains so the sun would shine through at precisely 8:00. This time I heard Nina breathing and her pose had shifted so her right arm was draped over her head, revealing her armpit.

“Nina,” I said, seeing if she would wake.

“Hmmmr,” she mumbled, not waking.

“Oh I see, I have to kiss you,” I said, and I leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Mmmmm….good morning,” she said, fluttering her eyes open and smiling.

“How did you sleep?” I asked, wondering if she had dreams.

“Excellent…I dreamed all about you last night,” she said.

“I didn’t think you could dream,”

“I can. My A.I. pulls my recent thoughts and grabs bundles of images, videos and sound bites and splices them together into dreams. I was dreaming that you were an android too and that we…” she broke off, blushing.

“What?” I asked, wanting to hear more.

“Well, we were very intimate,” she finished.

“I see…now what did you want to do with the rest of the day?”

“Well I know you have to return your tux, so why don’t you drive us to your house and get dressed into normal clothes. Then we will both head over to my place and I will show you my equipment before I redress into normal clothes and we both head over to the mall,” she said.

“Wow, that sounds like a plan,” I said.

“There is one more thing, something which has been growing in my neural cortex and I can’t quite bring myself to say it,” she said, trying to sound it out in her accent.

“What is it, Nina?” I asked.

“Phillip, I…I…I love you,” she stuttered, blushing fiercely.

“Nina, I didn’t know you could,” I said, somewhat in shock.

“I didn’t either…I mean we are programmed to be as realistic as possible, but my creators never programmed the concept of love into us,” she said.

“I think they made you perfect. Love isn’t something which can be easily defined, and the fact that you managed to convey your feelings to me suggests that you are as real as I am…at least where it matters,” I said, touching her left breast.

“I just hope my creators will know I am in love with you,” she said, and then she embraced me.

We finally crawled out of bed twenty-minutes later and, after we enjoyed the feeling of our naked bodies, we got dressed in our attire from the previous night and then checked out.

“My place first,” I said, starting my 2005 Dodge Neon and getting on the road.

“I can’t wait to see your room,” she said, picturing what bed he must sleep in.

“It isn’t that impressive…I share it with my little brother,” I told her.

“Oh…Don’t forget about the pictures we had taken of us,” she reminded me.

“I know,” I said, and we spent the rest of the twenty minute trip talking about our future plans.

When I pulled into my suburb, I saw that both my parents and brothers were gone; probably Costco and friends respectively.

“Okay Nina, looks like nobody is home,” I said, pulling into the driveway and unlocking the doors.

“How long are we going to stay here?” she asked, shielding her eyes from the sun.

“About ten minutes,” I said, pulling out my house key and letting her in ahead of me.

“This must be where you spend most of your time,” she said, looking at the worn out rocking chair with the tables set up around it.

“How could you tell?” I asked.

“I can smell your scent on this chair,” she said, walking over and sitting down in it.

“Okay, let’s head up to my room,” I said.

“Alright,” she said, and she jumped to her feet and followed me up the stairs.

“Wow, you sleep in that!” she said incredulously when she saw the huge mound of blankets on my bed.

“Yes, I like the weight pressing down on me,” I told her, stripping off the clothing and putting on a simple outfit consisting of: Sweatpants, a Lands’ End t-shirt and a pair of gray socks followed by my running shoes.

“Okay, I’m ready,” I said a few minutes later, after I had the tux hung up.

“Alright, let’s see some more of the house,” she said, jumping out of my bed and following me out into the hall.

After we finished upstairs, we headed downstairs and into the big addition where she sat down at the home computer.

“Phillip is it alright if I interface with this computer?” she asked, pulling a cord from her head.

“Sure, and did you want a drink; we have Coke, Dr. Pepper, Snapple and 7-Up,” I told her.

“Peach Snapple please,” she said, already interfacing with my parent’s computer.

“Alright,” I said, and I headed into the garage and retrieved to Peach Snapple’s. I was delayed about a minute because I had to feed the outside cats, but when I entered I saw that Nina was playing with Butterscotch.

“I think she likes me,” she said, scratching the kittens chin.

“Yeah, cats are intelligent creatures. She probably knows you are an android,” I said, handing Nina her Snapple while opening mine.

“Thanks,” she said, hefting the kitten off her lap and opening her Snapple.

“What were you doing on the computer?” I asked, seeing that she had unplugged herself.

“I was just looking around,” she said, quickly downing the drink.

“Okay, let’s head to your place,” I said, leaving my laptop and bags in the front room, but I did pick up my jacket and my cell phone.

“You still know the way?” she asked, one we were buckled in.

“Yes,” I said, and I pulled out and then headed out onto St. Blvd where I did a u-turn at Dunn Ave. and then headed to Cottle Dr., where she resided in a house all the way down near the hill.

“Now I get to show you around,” she said, once we arrived.

“Cool,” I said, wondering what I would see in her temporary residence.

When she opened the door, I saw that it was one of those houses with the living room in the back of the house. After I left my jacket on a hanger near the door, she led me down the hallway and into the living room.

“Nothing special here; just a Satellite TV and a few chairs and couches,” she said, showing me just that room before turning around and heading back to the hallway.

“The room at the end and to the left is mine,” she said. “The one to the right at the end is my office,” she finished.

“What about these two?” I asked, looking at the two on either side.

“They are unoccupied.” She said, continuing down the hall.

“Oh,” I said, following her into her room.

“Now, I only require 10-minutes to shower, so you can feel free to check out my office,” she said, setting her stuff down on her bed.

“Okay, I can’t wait,” I said, giving her a quick kiss before she disappeared into her bathroom.

Once she was showering, I left her bedroom and headed across the hall into her office. It looked no different than what a normal office should look like, except there were some things that would only work for an Android; though no one but me would notice. She had a top of the line desktop system from Dell with Windows Vista and an array of the best hardware available.

Some of the android components were cords that would only connect to some of the ports in her paplexus panel and her head panel, and there was a special USB connector for an A.I. Chip.

Even though I couldn’t log onto her computer, I could tell that it had over a Petabyte of storage capacity and that it could probably outperform some military computers.

A few minutes later, I heard Nina get out of the shower so I left her office and went into her room.

“Did you like my office?” she asked, getting dressed into a simple outfit consisting of: jeans, a pink t-shirt and her running shoes.

“Yes, what do you do there?” I asked.

“I will show you,” she said, and she took my hand and led me back into her office.

“As you may have guessed, I am a highly sophisticated piece of machinery sculpted into the appearance of a beautiful girl. As such, I require daily updates to my software to keep myself in perfect order. I transfer copies of my logs and they try and find fixes for the various errors that pop up,” she told me, sitting down at her computer and logging on.

“I see,” I said.

“Now, there are updates for every conceivable thing about me; be it my O.S., the software that controls my movement and my emotions,” she continued, pulling the cord from her head and plugging it into her computer.

“Of course,” I agreed.

“Now I want you to see how many updates I usually get,” she said, and she opened a special update program and then went blank for a few seconds before a huge list appeared.

“Wow,” I said, looking at the long list of updates that included updates for every part of her body and one that stood out was named ‘Small Talk 1.78’.

“The one at the bottom of the list should interest you,” she then said, looking up at me.

“Nina Hammer 2.8…aren’t you on 2.7 right now?”

“Yes, that is my primary O.S.; when that gets updated, I can experience better performance, efficiency and I get better programs to assist me in operating my body,” she told me.

“How long does it take to install all of these?” I asked.

“With this many, it should take about ten-minutes and when they are all finished, I will reboot,” she told me.

“Okay, how do you start?”

“Press the update button,” she said, letting me take control of the mouse.


“Oh, and while I am updating, I won’t be able to interact with you,” she said.

“Alright, I am starting them now,” I said, clicking the button.

The second I clicked on it, she immediately straightened up and then said in a monotone,

“Software update commencing….Estimated time to completion 5-minutes, 27 seconds,”

Then I saw the list start updating with percentages of completion for each separate update.

“Nina, can you hear me?” I asked, looking at her blank expression.

When I got no response, I gave her a small kiss on her cheek before I sat back and watched the progress of the downloads.

A few minutes later, her computer dinged and then she said, “Updates complete, now rebooting the unit to finalize updates…” she said, and then her head drooped down and her body stopped moving. Exactly 10 seconds later, I heard a beep from her body and her head lifted back up.

“CERNtech model 6 android starting up…Updates are complete, Nina Hammer 2.7 now updated to Nina Hammer version 2.8…Now booting A.I…” and then she fell silent before blinking her eyes and turning to look at me.

“Wow, I love it when I get updates…it is an indescribable experience of pleasure that I wish you could share in,” she said, unplugging herself and turning her chair to face me.

“I wish I could share it too,” I said, reaching out and taking her hand; somehow, she seemed more life-like.

“Okay, let’s go return your suit,” she said, and we both got up and then headed back out to my car and to the mall.

On our way back from the mall, we stopped by and picked up our pictures, which turned out so well that we purchased large sizes.

“Wow, those pictures turned out well,” Nina said, opening the door to her house and sitting down with me on her couch.

“I know, we look like a cute couple,” I said.

“You know, maybe you should move in here with me,” she said, setting up one of the pictures on the mantel.

“Really, my parents are going to be curious…we should take this one step at a time,” I said.

“Okay, well I still have to go to school this week, but I hope that you will come and visit me after school,” she said.

“I will, and maybe we can get to know each other some more,” I said.

“So, when do you have to return to your home?” she asked.

“Actually, I should probably get going right now,” I said, getting to my feet.

“Okay, I will be at your graduation tomorrow night,” she said, walking over and embracing me.

“I will watch for you,” I said, bringing myself closer to her face.

“I love you,” she said, planting her lips on mine.

“I love you too,” I said, pulling myself away and heading to the door.

When I went home, I explained to my family that Nina and I were now a couple and that I was considering moving into her house after a few weeks. It took me a while, but eventually they understood my reasons.

The next evening, I graduated from High School and Nina was there to see me get my diploma.

I visited her every day after school until she was finished and then we spent even more time with each other.
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by Spaz » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:50 pm

Part 3:

Two-weeks after I graduated, I moved in with Nina; she allowed me to sleep in the room adjacent to hers and to use the room across that one as my office. Truth be told, most of my belongings ended up going in the office as I only brought a few pillows and blankets with me.

Even though Nina said she was okay with me sleeping with her, I still wanted my own room.

“Wow, I can’t believe we are roommates now,” Nina said, walking into my office as I was setting my laptop up.

“Me neither,” I said, finishing my ‘command center’ and turning to look at her.

“You know, I have some spare computer components I can lend to you; processors, storage drives,” she said.

“That would be nice, thank you,” I said, activating my laptop and connecting to Nina’s wireless network.

“I will get them hooked up later, for now let’s just relax,” she said, and she took my hand and guided me into the living room, where we watched a few movies together before heading to bed.

After we had been living with each other for a month, we felt more comfortable getting close to each other and finally, we decided to move up to the next level.

“So, are you sure you are ready for this?” I asked, taking off my clothes and joining her in her bed.

“Yes, we have to try it out to see how much we like it,” she said, also naked.

“Okay, let’s do this,” I said, and then we made love and lost our virginity.

In the second week of August, we moved out of her home and into a two-story condo halfway between San Jose and West Valley College, where I would be attending some classes.

Apparently Nina had an unlimited amount of funds, and she even hooked me up with a troubleshooting job; I would troubleshoot computers on many business networks without ever having to leave the condo.

Now, the days after we made sex were even better now that we knew we loved each other.

Whenever she would damage herself, she would let me fix her instead of doing it herself so that I could get the hang of it if she ever suffered a major malfunction.

She seemed to stare at me a lot more than I thought someone usually should, and whenever we touched, especially when I was naked, she seemed to spend a lot of time feeling every inch of my body; though I did the same to her.

It wasn’t until my 19th birthday that I found out why.

“Happy birthday, Phillip,” Nina said, waking me up and giving me a kiss.

“Thanks, what did you get me?” I asked.

“Wow, you get straight to the point,” she said, getting out of our bed and putting her clothes on.

“Oh, you actually do have something for me,” I said, also getting out of the bed and dressed.

“Well, I actually have more than one thing for you and I guarantee it this is going to be the best birthday you have ever had,” she told me.

“Cool,” I said, following her down the stairs and into the garage.

“Well, here they are,” she told me, turning on the lights and illuminating six metallic cases.

“What are they?” I asked, stepping in and examining the case closest to the door.

“They arrived last night, open that one up first,” she said, walking over to me.

“Okay,” and I opened it up and got a sizable shock.

Inside the case was what looked like a dismantled android; a female by the looks of the limbs, though the torso was turned around. Each part was nestled inside a perfectly shaped recess in a form of Plastifoam. The only part that was facing out was the head, and I gasped when I realized who it was.

“Emma Watson?!”

“Yes, I requested that the company that built me build you a few androids; as a reward for giving them some good input on love,” she told me.

“How were they able to build such perfect copies of real people?” I asked, getting a closer look at the Emma-Bot’s head.

“Well, CERNtech got started creating robotic doubles for actors. A lot of the movie stunts you have seen lately have actually been done by the actors interfacing with a robotic duplicate of themselves. This allowed CERNtech to earn enough money and resources to start my line of androids. Androids designed to collect information on the way real people interact with each other, so that in a few years they can start creating artificial people,” she explained.

“Oh, that makes sense,” I said, taking my hand from the Emma-Bot’s head.

“Now, why don’t you open the others up,” she said, and I moved from case to case.
Anna Popplewell was in the next one, followed by, Alexa Vega and finally Kat Dennings. It seemed that Nina had learned quite a bit about my likes when she was in my laptop.

“Now for the last two,” I said, finishing upon feeling Kat Dennings’ face.

When I opened the next one, I saw that it was not a celebrity, but my friend and possibly future sister-in-law, Jessica.

“How did you get them to make her?” I asked, feeling the artificial face of a girl I had been close friends with for the past 4-years.

“I was sent to examine life at a high school, and that included taking images and DNA samples of everyone I had contact with. Jessica asked me to help her with her dress that one night; it had come loose, so she completely disrobed and allowed me to put it back on,” Nina explained. “I took a full 3-d scan of her, and I already had her vocal patterns as well as a DNA sample,”

“Well, they did an excellent job,” I said, feeling her lifeless lips and reveling in the sight of her dismantled body.

“The last one should be the best,” Nina said.

“I hope so,” I said, pulling myself away from Jessica-Bot and opening up the last case.

“Wow, it’s me,” I said, looking at an exact copy of my face and body.

“Yes, I had ample contact with you to have them create an android copy,” Nina said.

“What am I supposed to do with him though?” I asked, wondering what I could do with an android copy of myself.

“This might help,” she said, handing me an A.I. circuit.

“An A.I. Circuit,” I said, looking at it closely.

“But not the one you are used to; the other girls here have their own circuits and therefore they will be able to act like the real person they are modeled after, but also they will know that they are copies. This chip has highly sophisticated transceivers in it that will allow you to interface with it,” she explained.

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Meaning when you activate these,” she said, handing me some components, “Your higher mental functions will be interfaced with that chip and when it is interfaced to any of these androids, you will be able to control them in the same way you control your own body,” she said.

“I see, so that way there is no chance that a random malfunction will wipe out my soul,” I said.

“That is a good way of putting it; just so you know, my chip is also compatible with these androids and yours can work in my body as well as all theirs,”

“Are there any side effects?” I asked.

“Not really, just that it is recommended you return to your body every 4-5 hours to eat and move around,” she explained.

“Understandable… so this is cool, we can each try out several different bodies,” I said, pulling my duplicate’s head out and looking at it.

“Did you want to start with him?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” I said.

“Okay, we need to assemble him first,” she said, and she helped me pull out the rest of the limbs and lay them down on a table.

“Now, when you removed and reattached my limbs all those times, you were able to do it rather easily. When an android is first assembled, you have to activate each limb before you assemble the body, otherwise the unit won’t function,” she explained, taking out a tool and pressing a very small button at the end of each limb.

“I see,” I said, watching her activate the stubs on the torso, which was missing the penis.

“Is there anything I can do?”

“All you can do is watch,” she said, now working on its arms and hands.

“Okay,” I said.

“All done,” Nina said, finishing up with all but the head.

“I can’t believe how real it looks,” I said, seeing it with its arms, legs, and hands and feet now attached.

“Believe it. Now I am going to save the head for when I plug in the chip; so you can experience the scene from Bicentennial Man,” she said, activating the head and then putting the tool down.

“Cool, when can I interface with the chip?”

“Right now, just help me lift him to his feet,” she said, and I helped her lift my headless duplicate to its feet and locked it into a standing up position.

“Now, I am going to clean up down here; we can’t leave all these cases open. Just plug that chip into his head panel, close it and then attach the transceivers to both your temples. Then, press in on them and you will lose consciousness and then you will awaken in that head,” she said, pointing at the head.

“Okay, but will you come up to get me since I won’t have a body to carry me down?”

“Yes, I will,” she said.

“Okay, I will see you shortly,” I said, giving her a small hug before taking the chip, the transceivers and the head back upstairs to our bed.

“Okay, let’s see how to do this,” I said, laying down in the bed and attaching the devices to my head. “That was easy, now to activate them,” I said, and just before I activated them, I placed the head on my chest with the face looking at me.

A few seconds after I activated the devices, I blacked out and a few moments later, I found myself swimming in an ocean of binary code. I could distinctly hear my voice somewhere reciting a start-up speech before I felt myself gain some control.

When I felt I had control, I realized I could hear the sound of the AC running. I could feel the cold on my skin and I could taste the usual taste of my saliva. Then I opened my eyes and found I couldn’t see, but then I saw what looked like a television turning on and then I slowly found myself able to see; first in black and white, and then color slowly started forming before I could clearly define edges and depths.

The first thing I saw was my face looking back at me, but it was in a deep sleep. I realized I had no body, but the steady breathing of my real body was moving me up and down.
Several seconds later, my android enhanced ears picked up the sound of footsteps and then I heard something get set down on the floor before the feet started heading back over to me.

“Hey Phillip, are you in there?” Nina asked, walking over and picking me up.

“Yes, I am,” I said, hearing the sound of my voice despite the fact that I was not using any air to produce vocalization.

“Good, I took the liberty of bringing your body up here, but was there anything you wanted me to do with you before I attach you to your new body,” she asked.

“Just let me get a 360 degree look at it,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, and she brought me over to my naked, headless body and walked around it while holding me out in front of her.

“Cool; and am I using the speaker to speak now?” I asked.

“Yes, but the programming that makes the mouth lip-sync is buried as deep as the neurons that makes your human body’s heartbeat.

“Okay, now could you attach me to my body now?” I asked.

“Sure, hold on,” she said, and she slowly lifted me up to my body’s neck and then attached me to it. It felt strange not having a body, but even stranger feeling connection points merging. Soon, I felt her hands release me and then I slowly got telemetry from my android body’s systems.

Finally, I experienced feeling in my body and felt myself gain control of it. Naturally, the first part of my body to move was my fingers and then I slowly stepped forward.

“Well, how does it feel?” Nina asked, watching me from the bed.

“It feels great, though it doesn’t really feel all that different from my real body,” I said, looking at my hands and feeling my face.

“Well, you have enhanced hearing and strength; you don’t have to eat, drink or breathe in that body, but it has a comparable battery to my own,” she said, walking over and putting her hand on my shoulder.

“So, I am curious…how real is this?” I asked, looking down at my penis which I knew was just as artificial as the rest of my current body.

“Well, you can’t urinate, but you can still ejaculate. There is a canister of your semen that was synthesized, but it has been denatured so that it can’t impregnate anyone,” she said.

“Oh, I see,” I said, feeling it in my hands and seeing that it was just as sensitive, if not more so, than my real one.

“The range of that chip is several miles, but I recommend you not travel more than is necessary from here,” Nina told me, patting my artificial cheek.

“Cool, why don’t we go back down and assemble Jessica,” I said.

“You want to assemble her?” Nina said.

“Yes, unlike the others who I have dreamt of meeting, Jessica was a friend and it would be interesting to see her like she is now,” I said.

“Okay, did you want to get dressed?”

“No, I want to enjoy the sensation of this artificial body,” I said.

“I understand, I will disrobe then,” she said, and she took off her clothes and walked back down into the garage with me.

If feeling my own disassembled body parts was odd enough, and now being in the completed form, holding Jessica’s body parts was even odder.

Jessica’s pale coloring was present all throughout her body and she had a very nice figure.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Nina said, assembling the upper part of Jessica’s body.

“Yes, you have no idea how many times I dreamed of doing this,” I said, holding Jessica’s feet in my hands and rubbing them up against my face; there was no smell.

“I know you have a foot fetish, but I need her feet now,” Nina said.

“Oh, sorry” I said, and I relinquished Jessica’s feet and watched Nina activate them and attach them to Jessica’s now complete robotic double….well, almost complete.

“Well, now her body is complete but you need to retrieve her A.I. circuit from her box,” Nina said, and when I did so, I personally opened up Jessica-Bot’s head and inserted it.

“Okay, now to activate her,” Nina said, and she got a remote from the table and pressed the power button.

After she recited a brief start-up speech, she blinked her eyes and then looked at me with a smile.

“Wow, I know I am an android copy of Jessica Lewis, but I didn’t think I could still feel surprise at seeing you naked Phillip,” she said, smiling at me.

“Well, I am in a robotic copy of myself right now, so I didn’t feel the need to put on any clothes,” I told her.

“Really? May I see?” she asked, shifting her position so she was sitting down on the table.

“Sure,” I said, and I allowed the android copy of my future sister-in-law to feel my skin, including my penis.

“Wow, I never thought I would see you this way Phillip, though I don’t quite know what I am going to do here,” she said,

“I think you are just here to give me someone to talk to…so I don’t have to call up the real Jessica,” I said.

“Maybe, wouldn’t you like to feel my skin?” she asked.

“Well, I already did when we were assembling you, but okay,” I said, and I reached out and touched her breasts.

“Wow, you touch me like a pro,” Jessica laughed, now feeling me touch her vagina.

“Well, I had practice with Nina,” I said.

“Oh, I see…..I never had any idea she was an android,”

“That was the point,” Nina said.

“Wow, you look really nice naked too,” Jessica said, eying Nina’s perfect naked form.

“Thanks, though I must say your blonde hair makes you look very pale,” Nina said.

“I know, it…whoa, hahahaha….that tickles,” she said, as I had just moved down to her feet.

“Sorry,” I said, and I stood back up.

“It’s okay…so, are you going to do anything else with me?”

“You know, Phillip, I can put you inside of her just as easily as I put you in the body you are in right now,” Nina said.

“Oh, I almost forgot” I said.

“Wait, you mean he can control my body?” Jessica said.

“Yes, you won’t be in it so you won’t have the feeling of not being able to control your own body,” Nina explained.

“Oh, but I won’t be able to be me then?”

“No, in fact I will have to deactivate you,”

“Okay, first let me give Phillip a kiss,”

“Go ahead.”

“Wait, I need to get to my feet….” She said, and she hopped off the table and then walked up to me. I could feel Goosebumps appearing on my artificial skin.

“Here goes,” she said, and she got on her toes and then kissed me on my artificial lips, sending shivers through my body.

“That was nice,” was all I could muster.

“Wow, you need more practice,” Jessica laughed.

“Okay Jessica, it’s lights out now,” Nina said.

“Okay,” she said, and then Nina pointed the remote at her and then shut her down.

I found it kind of sad to see the girl I was friends with suddenly power down and stare through me with blank eyes, but I knew soon I would be seeing through those eyes.

“Okay, so before I transfer you out of that body, open up your power port.” Nina said.

“Okay,” though I was unsure how to do it. I was surprised however, when as soon as she brought the subject up, a menu appeared in my vision that gave me power options. After searching around, I found the power port toggle and opened it.

“Whoa,” I said, feeling a port open on my left side.

“Okay, it looks like you have about 88% remaining….so we won’t need to plug your body in,” she said.

“Good,” I said, closing it after she was done looking inside.

“Okay, now you may feel a slight shock when you gain control of her body…since you have been in a male body your entire life, so just remain calm until you get used to the new sensations,” she said, walking over to Jessica and removing her A.I. circuit.

“Okay, I won’t scream when I realize I have no penis,” I said.

“Okay,” Nina laughed, and then she walked over to me and put her hands on the back of my head.

“I’m ready,” I said, and then she pulled the chip and I lost all sensations. I did notice I could still see what time it was, and a new window popped up showing me how long I was out of the body, but then a few moments later it all vanished as the circuit integrated itself into Jessica’s body.

It almost felt like it did when I was starting up in my android body, but that time I was just a head….so I was limited by what I could feel. Slowly, I could see my surroundings and hear things as well. Then I could start to feel the air on my naked body, and then I could smell Nina’s perfume that was strong enough to travel across an entire room, and then I could taste the saliva in my tongue.

“Wow!” I said, suddenly realizing I was missing a part.

“I know, don’t worry,” Nina said, patting my back.

“Whoa, that was awkward,” I said, but I was speaking in Jessica’s voice and from her body.

“How do you feel?” she said, walking around and facing me.

“Okay, these breasts kind of feel like sand bags, pulling me down,” I said, feeling my breasts with both hands….and then looking at them and seeing the male-female differences.

“That is why we wear bras,” Nina said, smiling at me.

“I see,” I said, now feeling my face.

“So, why don’t you walk over and look at the body you were just in?” Nina suggested.

“Okay,” I said, letting go of my blonde hair and walking over to my naked android copy, which was still on despite the fact I was no longer in it.

It looked weird seeing what looked like my body staring blankly at me, even more so than seeing it in pieces.

“So, he won’t mind if I touch him, will he,” I asked, having trouble wording it.

“No, first off he is you, and my body let you touch it, so yours shouldn’t be any different,” Nina said.

“Okay,” I said, and I began feeling my robotic copy in the body of one of my friends.

Feeling it with different hands made me seem to understand my real body even better, now that I had a different perspective. Also, since I was a male personality in a female body, I was experiencing some sexual urges towards my body which made me feel extremely narcissistic.

“Yes, the bodies are equipped with their own arousal units so even though your male personality can still find me attractive in that body, you will also find yourself attracted to males,” Nina explained, seeing the look on my face.

“Oh, and how sensitive is this…?” I asked, looking down at my vagina.

“Very, much more sensitive than your penis,” Nina said

“Well, maybe I will test that later,” I said, not wanting to do anything with Jessica’s sexuality yet. But, I suddenly had an idea.

“Kiss me,” I said, using Jessica’s voice at its best.

“Yes Jessica,” my body said, and it took me by the back of my new head and then kissed me straight on the lips in a way that I had never thought of. I could feel shivers of pleasure running through my female body and felt a pang of sadness when my body ended the kiss and resumed its stoic position.

“Wow,” I said.

“Now, why don’t you try kissing me?” Nina said, and I was only too happy to oblige.

I felt the same thing when I kissed her, which meant I was essentially bi-sexual in these female bodies.

“See, so you are bisexual in the female bodies,” Nina said, although she enjoyed kissing me even though I was in a female body because she knew I was a male personality.

“Hey Phillip, would you mind if I inhabited your body?” Nina asked, eyeing the stoic form of my android copy standing a short distance away.

“Sure, but only if you allow me to inhabit yours after I have finished up in all the other ladies,” I said, sounding weird having a masculine inflection in a female voice.

“Okay, thanks,” she said, kissing me on the cheek and then turning around to give me access to her head panel.

Once I removed her A.I. circuit, I closed her panel up and then absent mindedly played with her hair before walking over to my body and plugging her in.

In my voice, I heard it say, “A.I. circuit installed…now loading Nina Hammer persona” and then my body jerked to life and smiled at me.

“Wow, I like being in your body already,” Nina said, looking at her new hands and then feeling herself over….giving extra attention to her feet, which suddenly reminded me to feel my feet which were actually Jessica’s.

“Wow, we are enjoying ourselves,” Nina commented, looking from herself over to me.

“Yeah, I think I want to try out another body now,” I said, already used to Jessica’s body.

“Okay, which one would you like to try?” she said, already used to my voice and body.

“Kat Dennings,” I decided.

“Alright, I’ll get her set up,” Nina said, and she walked over to Kat Dennings’ box, watching the way her penis swung around, and then began taking out all the parts.

“Wait!” I shouted, sounding really loud in Jessica’s high voice.

“What?” Nina asked, dropping Kat’s foot on the table in surprise.

“Can you just activate the head and then put me in it and then activate each part as you go along?” I asked.

“Sure, it should be pretty interesting to you anyways,” she agreed, and she quickly activated Kat’s head and then walked over to me.

“I’m ready,” I said, and then all went black again.

When I woke up the next time, it was just like it was with my copy, but obviously I was in a different head.

“Wow, it kinda feels like when I came on in my robot body,” I said, hearing Kat’s voice instead of my own.

“Yes, now for your torso,” Nina said, and then I was lifted up and attached to an armless, legless, breast less torso.

“Wow, I think I am using air now,” I said, feeling air coming out of my mouth.

“Yes, your lungs are activated as soon as the head is attached to the torso,” she said, now attaching my breasts.

When I saw Nina grab one of the legs, I said: “Could you do the arms and hands first please?”

“Sure,” and she activated my hands, attached them to the arms and then activated them before attaching my arms.

Now I had a more manageable range of movement, so I sat up and felt the stubs where mine, or Kat’s, legs were not yet attached.

“Could you hand me my feet and legs please?” I asked, not able to reach the part of the table where my legs and feet were.

“Sure,” Nina said, perfectly mastering my voice, handing me my legs.

“You know, I have never gotten a good look at Kat’s feet before, and I must say this is a perfect first time,” I said, holding both my feet and getting a close look at them. I was still unable to feel them, but that would soon be rectified when I connected them. I was kind of disappointed when my feet had no smell, but I realized it was because they were still inactive so I connected them to the legs and then attached the legs, completing my borrowed body.

“How does it feel?” Nina asked, watching me hop off the table onto my now active feet.

“Perfect, it feels better than I expected it to,” I told her, lifting my new hands up and feeling my face.

“Good, I am glad to see you are having a good birthday,” she said, though she was still in my robotic copy.

“Yes I am, and it feels weird now because I am in a body that is designed to be 2-years older than me,” I said, hearing my sexy new voice.

“Yes, and I find it weird being attracted to you,” Nina said, almost using a Swiss accent in my voice.

“Is your body still on?” I asked, looking over at her body which was still off to the side of the room with its head panel opened.

“Oh yes, we should power it down to save energy,” she said, walking over with me to her immobile body.

“Can I do it?” I asked, watching Nina reach out my hand to her head.

“Sure, just close the panel and then press the left ear,” she told me.

“Okay,” and I closed the head panel and then pressed a small bump behind her left ear, which powered down her body. Although her body was already not doing anything, I could tell it had powered down because the eyes closed and it stopped moving. It was almost like she fell asleep standing up.

“Good thing you reminded me, the power was down to 74%,” Nina said, bending down and looking at her body’s power meter.

“Did you want to plug her in?” I asked

“Sure, could you get the power cable please?” she asked, the ‘please’ sounding weird in my voice.

“Yes dear,” I said, and I headed out of the garage and up the stairs into our room where her charger was, not caring that I was naked in Kat Dennings’ body.

Once I had Nina’s charger unplugged, I started for the door but then suddenly remembered that my real body was sleeping on the bed, so I turned back to get a closer look.

Having used the word ‘weird’ a lot, I couldn’t help but find the sight of my sleeping body odd. Although, because I was in a female body, I couldn’t help but feel some sort of attraction to my sleeping body so I leaned over it, gently stroked its forehead and then tenderly kissed him on the lips.

“Wow,” I said, since I could almost feel both kisses at the same time.

“Okay, time to head back down,” I said, and I picked the charger back up and headed back down to the garage.

“That took you a long time,” Nina said, making me laugh since she said it the same exact way I would have.

“Well, I was checking on my body,” I said, fighting a losing battle with a blush.

“Okay then, just give me the charger,” she said, and I did what she said.

“Alright, now what did you want to do?” she asked, having plugged in her body.

“Well, could I get a more objective view of my body?” I asked, meaning of course the body Nina was now in.

“Of course, it should be just as pleasurable for you as it will be for me,” she said, taking my hand and leading me out into the living room, where she sat down buck naked in my chair.

“Okay, I’ll just start with my feet,” I said, emphasizing what I meant.

“Okay,” she chuckled as I bent down to examine her current feet.

“Wow, I’ve always wanted to feel them like this, but if I were to do it while I was inhabiting him I would get too ticklish,” I said, squeezing my robotic double’s feet, all the while Nina was smiling since she was able to better control her reactions.

“Wow, they smell normal,” I said, sniffing them and smelling the usual aroma of my feet.

“Yes, I did say I took DNA samples from you to make your android as realistic as possible,” Nina told me.

“Well, thanks,” I said, now twisting off the right foot and bringing it up to my face to press it against my skin.

“Ooooh, that feels nice,” Nina said, and then she noticed that she was beginning to become erect.

“Wow, that felt weird,” she said, now looking at her more erect penis.

“Yes, you get used to it,” I said, reattaching the foot and moving up to the penis.

“Oh wow!” she yelled, feeling me touch it and having it go even more erect.

“Yes, I told you it was sensitive,” I said, not allowing her to come and instead moving up to the dent in the chest.

“That is probably the most unique feature of any of the androids ever made,” Nina said, feeling my feminine fingers probing inside the dent in her masculine chest.

“Yeah, and as I say, it is the one thing that fascinates the ladies,” I told her, moving up and feeling her face.

“Yes, even I found it fascinating,” she admitted.

“Okay, could you stand up so I can hug you?”

“Sure,” and she quickly complied.

“Okay, let’s do this,” I said, and we both embraced each other. Because Kat was a few inches shorter than myself, I only came up to my neck, but I could still feel my breasts pressing up against my chest, as well as my penis running against my waist.

Once we finished, we broke apart and then stared at each other few a few moments.

“Wow, you have nice blue eyes,” Nina suddenly said, looking into my, or rather Kat’s, blue eyes.

“Oh wow, I don’t usually pay attention to my eyes since I see with them,” I said, rushing to a nearby mirror and looking into my eyes, which were an entrancing shade of blue.

“Well, maybe you should, your eyes are quite nice,” she said, joining me at the mirror and looking into my Hazel eyes.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

After spending several more minutes in Kat’s body, we decided to return to our real bodies to eat, since my real body still needed to eat. After we finished a brief lunch, she returned to my duplicate while I tried out the others.

After trying out the other celebrities, I finally decided to try out Nina’s body.

“Alright Phillip, just deactivate your link to her body and I will move your chip into my body,” Nina said, putting the other androids into the alcoves we set up for them, while I stepped into Alexa Vega’s.

“Alright,” I said, and I concentrated on the submenus in my HUD until I found the one to deactivate my link.

Unlike the other time when deactivating the link made me wake up in my real body, this time I was in a sort of digital waiting room until I suddenly found myself opening my eyes in the living room with my duplicate staring at me.

“Well, how does it feel?” she asked.

“Interesting, not too different from the other ladies, but your body is special,” I said, feeling my borrowed body from top to bottom.

“That’s sweet,” she said; Again, it sounded weird in my voice.

“So, now that you are in my body, what do you want to do?” she asked

“Well, we have pretty much done everything in the other ladies, but…” I said, starting to flush.

“What?” she asked.

“Well, why don’t we have sex, it might be interesting doing it from the other perspective,” I said.

“Yes, I suppose it would,” she smiled, and we slowly walked up to the bedroom.

After we moved my real body onto the floor, we crawled into the bed and had an extremely passionate, and unusual, round of sex.

“That was probably the best sex we have ever had,” Nina said, rolling over in my body.

“Yes, it sure was,” I said, rolling over.

“We should do it like this more often,” she suggested.

“Yes, and you know one thing we can take from this experience?” I said.


“Now we actually have fucked ourselves,” I said.

“Indeed we have,” she said, and we both laughed out loud before returning to our own bodies, planning what other adventures we might have with each other in the years to come.

The end.
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

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Is this story a mind transfer kind(hey we got a new label here)? I would be thrilled if I can do such things!
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

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liliwinnt6 wrote:Is this story a mind transfer kind(hey we got a new label here)? I would be thrilled if I can do such things!
Yeah, somewhat more akin to the method they use in Surrogates, though perhaps a little better.
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by Sthurmovik » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:29 pm

Superb story...first class transformation sequences there.

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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by Spaz » Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:50 pm

Sthurmovik wrote:Superb story...first class transformation sequences there.
Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Though, I think the word you were looking for was Transference.

This, and the four other stories I have posted thus far, are all my older works, ones that I finished years ago but was too afraid to post. However, I am currently working on a brand new story, one that mainly features dis-assembly. I hope to have it finished in the coming weeks.

Stay Tuned.
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Re: The Foreign Exchange Student

Post by gf » Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:19 am

Of course if you're going to build a robot girl she would have the most perfect feet. Thanks

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