I almost pooped on the floor

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I almost pooped on the floor

Post by MrPassable » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:31 am

I was out in forest a few days ago. It was night and it was dark as hell. I went outside because there was no toilets inside the house I was visiting so I went to go to the outhouse at the back. It was fairly wide inside the toilet was small but suprisingly clean. Anyways I start to do my business and start to remove my pants. But it was so dark out that I couldn't see a thing, so when I tried to sit down I fell ass first on the floor.

Right in the moment of when my butt came into contact with the concrete floor, the poop that culminating inside me almost fell out of my anus during impact. I using my all my butt strength, I clenched my ass so hard that the poop didn't come out.

So after that I start finding the toilet and continued my pooping session. Nothing happened after, just wanted to share something to you guys

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