Opinions on my hypno sites new design?

If you own an ASFR related site let your fans know about your updates by posting a detailed description of your changes or new additions.
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Opinions on my hypno sites new design?

Post by lex » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:52 pm

*Note* I know that my site's mainly hypnosis related, but I have some fembot / statue / puppet content there as well that should appeal to robo-lovers. ;) Thanks for reading.

Hi all,

The folks over at www.mcforum.net recommended I go with Wordpress as a method of blogging, and it's been a *lot* easier to update, alter and maintain my hypno site as a result. Could people check out the results, point themselves towards http://www.entrancement.co.uk and please let me know what they think? Both from the perspective of folk with a hypno-kink, and from the perspective of someone coming in cold with no idea what the hell a hypno kink is.

Is it clear enough? Does it come off looking fun and cool or seedy and weird?

Is there anything missing that you think should be there? (Information / Links / Pages / etc)

All input is welcome.



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Post by gmiceo » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:38 am

Well first thoughts your ladies page is your home page so why have a ladies page or home page. Get rid of one or create new. Really do you want me to comment/RSS Feed on every page? Really? Can't you turn that off and make comments only on a feedback page?

Looks clean and simple. Little basic, but maybe that's good. Love your work though and the link to the You Tube area is great.

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