Female Androids: LIVE!

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Do you like the new look FA?

Poll ended at Sat Sep 07, 2002 4:41 am

Yes. Much better than the old version
Yes. Its as good as the old one
No its worse
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Total votes: 21

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Female Androids: LIVE!

Post by href » Thu May 30, 2002 4:41 am

FA is back up again, and not before time I can tell you.

I would like to thank the very nice people at scifisexnetworks.com who offerd me free hosting. Had it not been for a last minute gasp from Synthgirls I would have happily accepted their offer. Thanks for everything.

Equal praise must be given to the people at Synthgirls. Free hosting and excellent support, even during their own problems. We have them to thank for the return of FA.

As a footer to that, can I just remind everyone that FA has nothing at all to do with SG other than the fact that they host it.

So, without further ado, I am please to announce the launch of the brand new look FA

:D href :D
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Post by href » Sat Jun 01, 2002 9:35 am

179 views and not a single reply.
41 emails to fa members, and one reply.

I love this group, i really do.


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Post by 1024 » Sat Jun 01, 2002 2:01 pm

Yup, folks don't say much round here :roll:

I've just tried to post on the FA message board but not sure if it got through so dropping a line here too. Nicely set up site, and good to see Voodoo taking an interest, it's not an easy thing to talk about to some people (Don't think I'll mention this interest to a certain person yet!), so all the best to both of you.



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sorry Href

Post by petey » Sat Jun 01, 2002 8:13 pm

yeah, I considered posting, but was one of the people- the first actually- that preferred the old look. I didn't want to criticize you any more than that. It's not that the new site is bad, I just liked the idea of different "drives" and the hot babe on right on the first page (Vanessa Upton If I Recall Correctly). The content is still A++ though. FA forever!

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FA response

Post by Baron » Sun Jun 02, 2002 10:29 am


FA looks good, as usual. Keep up the good work, Href. I can sympathize with the "apathetic" response to your efforts - my reviews seldom generate a mountain (or an anthill, for that matter) of responses, but I look at it as a small public service to the community. What you do with your FREE site is a much larger service - but if you're doing it for the praise and applause, well, learn how to live with constant disappointment! :twisted:

Don't get me wrong, please - I'm not indicting anyone, or trying to stir things up. I'm just stating a simple fact - since this is a fetish, mass adulation is very hard to come by. That's adulation, NOT appreciation. I think most of us within the community truly appreciate ANY sincere effort on the genre's behalf - we're just not good with the plaudits. And this goes for the pay sites too, as long as they deliver VALUE for MONEY!! :roll:

This may change, as the fetish inches towards the mainstream (how many pop culture incidents have happened in the months post-9/11?). Bottom line: if you are happy with what you are doing (and since your Lady is involved, I don't see how you couldn't be!), then that's what really matters.

Now, how the hell can I resize a pic for my Avatar icon??? :?:

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Post by href » Sun Jun 02, 2002 11:09 am

Actually, im not looking for praise at all. I am simply looking for feedback. A total silence is as much use to me as a page of applause.

The only way I keep FA in tune with what you people want is the feedback I get. Good or bad, its all great stuff. I love the occasions when I get to talk though which pics people like/don't like and why. Priceless. Most people don't like 60% of what I do. Petey for example said he liked the drives and the homepage girl, so I am thinking how I can make FA better for him, and the others like him who no doubt feel the same.

If FA is shit say so.
If FA is too gray, say so.
If you want something changed/added, say so.

As for doing this simply for the adulation...lol . I am aware this is what some people are thinkning and thats a fair point of view. If FA makes people happy then I like to hear it as much as anyone else. But I think if we added up all the people who FA does not cater fo,r or don't like what I do, I would think it would be much larger than those who do like it.
I would argue that sites like FAC when it was up was MUCH more popular than FA.

When you look at the list of ASFR names and sites, Noidguy, Kishin, Xeran; Gynoid Gallery, FAC, Robotgirls; href and FA are a very small footnote. The only thing is that at the moment I am the most avtice. However nothing lasts forever does it? Would I like FA to be as famous as FAC - yes. Would I like to be as well known and respected as Kishin and Monza - yes. Is this the case? - No.

Aaaaaany way, a bit of stiring is all good fun isn't it? I think so. Keeps us on our toes. If my English sence of humour gave a wrong impression then I apologise.

Glad to see this place getting going again. A bit of honest banter is good for the feet you know?
href :lol:

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Post by tectile » Tue Jun 04, 2002 5:52 am

Hey href,

FA is looking good as usual.

The art work on the plug in drive is very good. Big thumbs to all the artists.

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