Casino of Deception #2"Story of Jenny" release

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Re: Casino of Deception #2"Story of Jenny" release

Post by ChocolateKeys » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:22 pm

About the video:
My criticism goes to the character design. I think that the CD #1 was better than CD #2. The style of Lucy is more appealing
WOW! The animation is very fluid, the sound effects are on point and the parts exposed and malfunctions are more refined than CD #1
So, I would be an idiot in not like this animation.
Can we expect something about Sophie... Like a CD3?...
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Re: Casino of Deception #2"Story of Jenny" release

Post by dieur » Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:39 pm

Nice! Congratulations! Very fluid animation! What are you using to create these? Are you taking animation as a field????

Character wise, I liked in Casino of Deception #1 how Lucy seemed a bit more human - she was trying to do her best despite Mr Whoever taking advantage of her rather literal directives. Jenny was a bit straight forward by comparison. Boom, here's the override passcode, boom self destruct.

Thanks for creating this! It must have taken hundreds of hours.

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