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Post by Linnies » Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:10 am

This is Part 3, ending. Enjoy! :)


Yasmin and Roga both sipped from their cups of hot beelolas at the local pub. From their window seats they could see their workplace across the dark damp street. Donna's speedy recovery was a mom and pop shop as one might call it. Just like every other small private shops in the city they were going to close down soon. Roga had heard of the news on the day he got back, they were going to close as the boss had left the solar system and they had already stopped taking new orders a few weeks ago. Today was the second last day they would be in business. Yasmin had been busy and already had a few jobs lined up while Roga was away on his sick leave. Yasmin talked passionately about advancing her career and becoming a security expert. Roga on the other hand stared at Laura who was sitting blankly at the reception desk, waiting for customers he thought. Even though there were signs on the front door that noted they were closed for further business. The way she fruitlessly sat there waiting for nothing really made him feel empathy at her situation. Noticing that Roga had lost interest in what she was saying, Yasmin changed the subject.

"You, you should sue Ocean systems. They would never go to court and most likely offer you a huge settlement."

Roga rubbed his hand across his face.

"Or they could just dissapere me, and the lawyer I can afford to hire."

"No they wont, a few million is nothing to them, they wont risk it. Trust me I know." Yasmin insisted with a wink.

"I don't know man… It was sort of my fault in the first place." Roga replied, he had already worked it out with the company, but he learned early in life to never reveal your fortunes, especially to the likes of Yasmin. For as long as he known her, she had always been the manipulative type who took advantage of everyone if she could.

"You sir, need some bigger balls." Yasmin said as she stood up to grab some extra drinks, leaving no room for Roga to reply.

As Roga looked on he noticed a drab looking android with a huge backpack take a turn, entering the store and receiving a welcome from Laura who stood up to greet it immediately. The grey metallic android was humanoid in shape, two legs, two arms, and had a screen for a head. A basic clanker that filled the streets em masse with their cheap production and versatility. Roga looked on with interest as Laura seemed to converse briefly with the android and they both headed towards the back rooms. Roga pulled out his pad and logged in to the workstation feeds. He saw Laura leading the android cross the workfloor and into the change room where there were no cameras. Worried, he stood up and bolted across the street immediately, vaugely aware that he had left Yasmin hanging with drinks for them both in her hands and a large bill waiting.

Instead of taking the front door Roga turned and slammed open a wire fence gate leading to the alleyway. His boots slid to a stop in front of the back entrance as he placed a hand on the lockpad to the door. As his eyes adjusted to the bright interiors he saw the android standing face to face with a naked Laura. His robotic arms worked various wires and connectors into the now wide open cavity where her abdomen used to be. Stunned, Roga stood still for a moment, the rush of cold air blowing past him into the room. Laura immediately turned her head towards him, the clanker did not react to his presence one bit.

"Ah! Roga!" Laura cried out in surprise.

This was the first time he had seen her naked. With her modest dress folded on the benches he would have never thought she was this curvy and well endowed. Though it was obvious that her body had the same plastic shine and visible seams that cheap androids had. Only her forearms, hands, neck, and face had human like details on them.

"Whats going on?" Roga asked, inadvertently shouting into the room.

"Don't worry, this an…" Laura began but was immediately cut off, her face snapped back to attention looking straight ahead at the nape of the taller clanker Droid. Her expression a passive blank smile. The droid's screen head turned towards him, rotating on its swivel, its arms and hands continued to work pressing buttons and doing god knows what inside Laura's body.

"Hello citizen, this android is in the process of being decommisoned as per regulations of the Great American Union. Interfering with this process is a federal felony punishable by law." The android spoke in a tinny voice, a seal of authority displayed on its screen along with a transcript of what the android had just said.

Roga knew why this was happening in a sense. But he had to be sure and he asked the clanker again.

"This Ocean Systems HE7 unit is registered to Donna's speedy recovery limited. All teir 13 registered businesses are allowed one sentient class android in operation. As Donna's speedy recovery limited is now in the liquidation phase. This unit's operation and sentient rights are now dissolved. As procedure dictates."

"Can I purchase this android?" Roga gave it a shot.

"Unfortunately this type of android cannot be reprogrammed. The only option is decommision." The android replied.

The doors behind Roga slammed open. A strong smell of alcohol flowed in as Yasmir carrying a large cup stomped into the room. Her eyes scanned the situation rapidly and a wide smirk came across her face. Roga always envied her ability to stay so cool and collected. She handed the drink to roga as she walked passed him towards the two androids. She laid a hand on the clanker for a brief moment and the movements of the android stopped. The clanker took a few steps back giving Yasmir space to approach Laura.

"Aww you poor thing…" Yasmir cooed as she ran a finger down Laura's inert body. She bent down to lower her face to the shorter android's level and looked into her eyes.

"One should cherish their last moments, such a unceremonious departure makes me almost want to weep for you." Yasmir said, as Roga thought that was the least likely thing she would do.

Yasmir turned her gaze from Laura to the clanker, then towards Roga and stared at him for a long hard moment. Roga looked down at the cup in his hand and noticed that it was full and un-spolied, the straw clean and un-sued. Under Yasmir's gaze he gingerly took a sip. The strong alcohol mixed with other strong spices stung his toung on contact.

"Well, it's our last day, why not." Yasmir said with a shurg as she popped off her jacket and shirt in one smooth motion. Her breasts bouncing as they tore free from their confines. Roga looked away almost immediately. The alcohol must have been affecting Yasmir more than he thought.

"Oh god, Yas, what are you doing?" Roga found himself full of questions today.

"Having a little fun Rogs, why don't you join us." Yasmir whispered loudly.

Turning around Roga found Yasmir was completely in the nude. Her tall figure looked healthy and athletic. Laura with her artificial skin looked like a mannequin compared to her. But Roga saw that just below Yasmir's speckled breasts there was a small control panel with a wire leading directly inside Laura.

"Your an android." Roga stated matter of factly. It was illegal for androids to hide their nature, but he guessed he never asked for paid close attention. Androids who owned themselves did exist, he just never thought Yasmir to be one.

"You're a sharp one." Yasmir said mockingly.

"There is still thirty two minutes left before mr bones here will finish the job." she said as she nodded her head towards the clanker standing motionless nearby.

As Yasmir began stroking Laura's plastic pussy both of the android girls trembled in perfect unison. Their moans distinctly their own but overlapped in a chorus of two. With the other hand Yasmir rubbed Lauda's plastic breasts as they both quivered more intensely. Roga watched as Yas seemed to enjoy playing with the shorter cheaper android in a weird masturbating like way. Suddenly both of the android girls eyes locked onto Roga's.

"She cares for you. She craves for you!" both of the androids said together.

Roga stood stock still, he figured Yasmir was the one in control.

"She painfully rejected you in trying to protect your feelings when she found out what will happen to the business and herself."

Roga still could not move, he had to process what was happening.

"That. Is. So. Fucking. Romantic." This time Yasmir said alone. Laura stood stock still again, her eyes flickered as she began to simulate human movements. With the wire still connecting the two, Laura walked towards Roga, pushed by Yasmir who followed close behind.

"Make love to me Rogs. I was made for this. I chose you. " Laura said to him.

Roga blinked hard, his head dizzy with emotion.
"Yasmir stop, I know it's you." He mumbled out.

Yasmir shook her head. "That's her own words. Her AI might not be fully activated and much of her operators are locked but that is how she feels. I assure you."

Looking down at her he could not hold back anymore. Roga slowly took Laura in his hands and she brought her naked body tight against his dirty jacket. Roga noticed the chemical stains of the streets rubbed and clung on her smooth plastic breasts. Going on tip toes Laura brought her lips to his for a deep and passionate kiss. Her hands pressed tightly on his erect cock. Yasmir behind Laura had her fist deep in her own clit, cumming profusely as drops of milky liquid poured from her sex onto the floor.

"Yes! Yes! This is the fe… fe... feeling!" She whispered to herself loudly as she furiously masturbated.

Laura unzipped Roga's pants and let them drop to the floor, she brought one leg up and the other as Roga held her up as he lifted her by her butt. Straddling him, Laura worked her wet and slimy smooth pussy on top of his member which slid inside in an instant. The inside of Laura's clit was not as textured and soft as the other sex droids Roga had experienced before. But her stiff and tight pussy along with his lust for her was overwhelming. Still locked in a kiss Roga brought Laura against the rows of lockers and fucked her furiously in various positions and locations around the room. Laura seem to follow the same enthusiasm as him as they climaxed and orgasmed inside one of another.

Roga sat on the bench catching his breath and Laura lay on the bare concrete floor with wires and parts dangling out of her open abdomen. A look of content on her gave as she continued to look into his eyes. Roga noticed Yasmir had been frozen in the same motion as before, her AI crashed in the moment of masturbatory ecstasy as a thin wire had been snapped off during his act.

"Time limit reached. Proceeding with assigned task." The clanker suddenly said. Giving Roga a scare.

One year later Roga sat anxiously at the reception table at Donna's speedy recovery Ltd running down a list of tasks. He was wearing the most expensive clothes he's ever worn. A neo tux with a trendy hat that was picked out by the store to suit his features. The streets outside was covered with pristine white colours and golden trims. Buying the business and a spot on the sky district costed him most of his settlement and his old apartment. The inside of his shop was abuzz with construction droids assembling the workshop. He was opening the business in two days and everything was running late. He had not expected the simple clerical tasks such as coordinating a simple renovation on time was such a difficult one.

However this missing component to his business was just arriving at the door via air delivery drone, straight from the storage landfills of the lower cities. The human sized package was delivered by a drone with two large hooks that dropped the package down on the marble floor with a loud thud. Roga cringed at the act and the done asked for his signature and promptly left. Roga peeled back the airtight sealed plastic black cover to reveal Laura wearing a featureless grey shirt and pants, wrapped inside another layer of clear transparent airtight bag. On the bag her name and serial number was printed in large fonts along with two large caution stickers. One noting the contents were used and cleaned, and the other that the unit was defective and has been recalled by the manufacturer.

But he didn't care as he tore open the bag and lifted Laura to her feet as he pressed in her power switch.

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Re: Decommissioned.

Post by DollSpace » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:55 pm

There is hope for the future! *crosses fingers* Very nice! :)

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