Lost but Found, Chapter 12 - Freed

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Lost but Found, Chapter 12 - Freed

Post by gynoneko » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:43 am

Sorry for the long delay, been going through several chapters at a time to avoid the same problems as before, and it is just taking a while. Figured this one was ready.

Part 1. Previous.
Lost but Found
Chapter 12 - Freed
by Gynoneko and Dollspace

We parked at the store only to realize there was still one car left: Trevor’s. I hit the steering wheel in frustration, making Lyss hop in her seat a little.

“Sorry. Looks like we’re going to have to sneak in” I fumed.

“It’s ok, we’ll be fine” Lyss assured me. She flexed her fingers while looking at her hand. “I can handle Trevor.”

We both smiled remembering how things ended the last time she faced him. “Alright, I’ll carry her, you get the doors, and we’ll need to stay quiet. He’s probably in the office upstairs or out front closing registers.”

Kat was definitely heavier than a human girl her size would be, but she was still manageable. I carried her on my back with the blanket still covering her. Lyss carried a bag with a few useful things in it and ran interference.

Slowly, she opened the door and peeked inside. I could see the shadow of Kat on the ground with her cat ears sticking out of the blanket over my shoulder, and felt her tail dangling around my legs. I tried to hide those, but it was futile, she was just too unwieldy.

“Looks clear, I think he’s out front” Lyss whispered as she opened the door wider.

We stepped inside and Lyss fumbled with the keys trying not to make too much noise as we rushed to the repair room. Every second I had to wait while holding onto Kat made me more nervous. Finally, we managed to get into the room and quietly closed the door behind us.

“Whew!” Lyss let out a sigh of relief. “We made it.”

“Yeah, that was easier than I thought,” I admitted, rushing Kat to the examination table. I knew at some point I’d have to go to the office and risk running into Trevor, especially if I wanted to get Erin connected to Bill’s computer, but I had to wonder why he was still here this late. Lyss and I got here later than we planned, in no small part thanks to our shared interest in sex.

“Alright, let's get her set up,” I said, as Lyss came over to help. We laid the still-naked girl out on the metal table and started getting to work.

It didn't take long open her up. This time I went in even further, opening her leg panels and hips. We did our best earlier to clean up the mess from the damaged batteries, but there were a few hard to reach areas I wanted to make sure were clean now. Not to mention I had industrial battery acid cleaner here, which would work much better than the baking soda I used before which also needed to be cleaned out.

I was well underway when Lyss got up and announced: “I'm going to pick out some batteries for her.”

Before I could object or even think about what she was doing, she darted out of the room! My hands were full and I didn't dare leave Kat alone like this, but Trevor might not take kindly to seeing Lyss back. What was she thinking?

I worried for her but stopped myself from running after her right away. She was capable and smart, and I was really busy. But I couldn’t keep her out of my thoughts and wanted to rush through what I was doing so I could get out there in case she needed me. However, I was in the process of using a special epoxy resin to fix Kat’s broken hips and ribs, making it hard to rush through the procedure. It was the best I could offer at the time without spending a few days designing and printing new ones for her.

I was getting impatient and worried she was gone for too long. I was about to drop what I was doing when Lyss returned, much to my relief.

“Oh thank god,” I exclaimed. “You took so long I was getting worried.”

“Sorry, I was trying to be stealthy. He's still here” she warned in a raised whisper. “I don't think he saw me, he's upstairs.”

“The door is mostly soundproof,” I pointed out in my regular voice. “You don’t need to whisper.”

She shrugged and rolled her eyes at me. “I’d rather not accidentally get caught” she explained, still a little quiet.

“We'll deal with him later, what did you find?”

“These.” Lyss tossed a handful of bags on the table next to Kat. Each one contained an OEM battery for other models but ones that should fit. They weren't amazing, but they would do the trick. “And this.”

Lyss handed me a piece of paper folded over. It had said “Lyss” on it. I was curious what it was, so I opened it and read the note.

"I didn’t get to say goodbye today. Hope you had a fun day out. Next time you're taking me along for sure. I’d stay clear of Trevor. He's been acting weird all day. See you tomorrow!
- Al".

“It’s from Al,” Lyss pointed out as I was reading it. “Alice” she explained after I didn’t respond.

“Yeah. Looks like she’s really grown attached to you,” I observed.

“I know, right?” She smiled as she took the letter back. “Are we becoming friends?”

“Looks like it.”

She looked at the letter again. “I don't really have any friends. I mean, I know you and I are friends but we're more like…”


She blushed but nodded. “Exactly… But she's my first… You know… ‘girl’ friend. What am I supposed to do?”

I shrugged. “Beats me, I'm not a girl. Hang out? Talk about girl stuff? Gossip about boys?”

She giggled. “Really? I guess I'll give it a try. I didn't expect to make another friend in this place.”

I nodded. “She seems nice, I'm sure you'll have fun. But I wonder what she meant by Trevor acting weird.”

Lyss flexed her right hand before forming a fist a few times. “Yeah… After our last encounter who knows what he’s thinking. I… I really hope I don’t have to punch him again. It hurt like a bitch!”

I smiled at her as she looked over the note again. She was something else. I could see a strength in her, even if she wasn’t physically strong, that amazed me. She sure was no damsel in distress. Even if she couldn’t fight, she wasn’t going to put up with shit from anyone. She looked at me and gave me a curious smile.

“What’s with that face?” she questioned as she put the note down.

I realized I had been staring but I couldn’t help it. “You… you are awesome. I’m just so impressed with you. I just can’t believe you want to… BE with me. That’s we’re a couple!”

She blushed and grinned widely. “Oh stop! I’m not that great. You are the one that puts up with my bullshit.”

I chuckled. I was afraid we were starting to become that cute couple that grossed other people out. I shook my head and laughed at myself. We had work to do. “Alright. Let’s focus here. We need to get these bad boys installed,” I said picking up the batteries.

Lyss was really helpful getting the batteries installed. She seemed eager to talk to Kat again, but I was cautious. I realized that this Jessica girl commanded Kat to make sure Lyss ended up back at the shop, and here we were.

I shrugged that thought away as I prepared the flexible batteries, shaping them for the slots on Kat’s inner hip. It wasn’t really that hard to do, nor did it take long, and in 10 minutes we had them up and running. The batteries came pre-charged, which meant she’d have some juice right away, plus what was left in the batteries that weren’t damaged, but she should probably do a full charge as soon as she could. For now, we just wanted to get her running again.

I ran a diagnostics and confirmed she was indeed getting power, and double checked to make sure there was no damage we missed. Everything looked fine. I carefully and firmly ran my hands around her torso, down her sides and over her hips and legs. It almost looked like a sensual massage, and I noticed Lyss blush, but this was important. I needed to make sure we didn’t overlook any broken parts. Everything felt in place and sturdy.

As we closed her body up again with all the repairs finished Lyss smiled. She really loved working with her hands and I let her do quite a bit of work on Kat. I figured she must have enjoyed the work, and now she’d have a lot of questions for her. I finished closing her chest panels and stood back looking at her fully repaired body. She looked the same as before lying there naked.

“So where’s her power switch?” Lyss asked.

I scratched my head. “Umm…” Just like with Alexia, I had no idea how to turn Kat on again. I started running my fingers all over her body, feeling for a button or anything that might work. I pressed behind her ears, where Lyss’s power button was hidden, I tried her belly button, her forehead, nose, neck, shoulders. Lyss joined in and pressed all over, including her breasts. Part of me wanted to do that, but then again I figured it was best my girlfriend be the one to check there. And of course, none of them worked.

“Well… she has cat ears and a tail like Lexie, how did you turn her on?” Lyss wondered.

I tapped my chin as I tried to remember. I never did figure it out. She just started up. I pulled out my phone. “Erin, you there?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

“Do you remember how I started up Alexia?”

“Well, the last thing you did was make skin-to-skin contact with your lips to hers.”

“You- You kissed her?!” Lyss shot back. “Before you even activated her?”

I cowered a little. “Yeah… I guess I did. Come on, I was… just being stupid.”

“And what? You thought she was your ‘sleeping beauty’?”

Shrugging, I didn’t deny it. “Well, she activated, but you’re the real beauty.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Oh brother. Just don't.” She held her hand up to my face and held it there for a bit. Eventually, she sighed, shaking her head. “I can't decide if that's the hopeless romantic in you or the pervert. Well, come on, try it.”

I tried to judge her expression without saying anything. It came off as annoyed more than anything else. I leaned closer to Kat and looked down at her. She was cute, but nothing compared to Lyss. And not really my type.

“Alright, but I’m doing this for you” I clarified.

“Whatever, just do it, Romeo.”

I shook my head and looked down at Kat again. Bringing my lips close to hers, I hesitated. It was so awkward now, especially with Lyss watching.

“Well?” Lyss egged me on impatiently.

I pressed my lips against Kat’s and kissed her briefly. It really wasn’t a sexy or romantic kiss, more like a quick peck on the lips, and then we waited.

“You call that a kiss?” Lyss teased.

“Well… I mean I didn’t want to… it isn’t right… you are my girlfr-”

“Move over” Lyss demanded, pushing me aside, and leaned over to kiss Kat. Her kiss lasted much longer and was more sensual than I was expecting. I was pretty sure Lyss was straight, or at least she claimed she was before, although this made me question things a little, and made my pants a little tighter. I did notice her hair never changed colors though and wondered if that meant anything. She stood back up, moving a strand of hair from her face, and waited. Still, nothing happened.

Lyss crossed her arms. “Guess that didn’t work.”

“Guess not. It was kind of far fetched, maybe we were mistaken about Alexia, or she could be using-”

Suddenly Kat sat up, loudly gasping for air with wide eyes. Lyss jumped back and I was caught off guard.

“HAAAH!!! Holy crap!” Kat exclaimed. “I’m… I’m alive!”

She started looking down at herself panting and felt her body. She focused her attention on her side where she was hit the hardest. She gently touched her hip and stomach, and then pressed harder, and moved up to her chest. No pain, no reaction.

“I died, didn't I? She killed me” she quietly said to herself looking down at her body. “She's stronger than I thought. How…?”

Kat looked up at us standing there, her eyes going between me and Lyss. After blinking a few times in realization she smiled widely and then focused on Lyss.

“Lyss! How did you do this?”

Lyss shrugged. “It’s uh… it’s what I do… what WE do,” she added pointing to me.

Kat turned and looked at me standing on the opposite side of the table from Lyss. “Dude! You must be that technician that works with Lyss.”

“Yeah” I admitted, unsure of her intentions.

Kat twisted her body and swiftly hopped off the table onto the ground. Lyss and I both reached out to catch her, the epoxy was still curing, and sudden harsh movements could break the bond or warp the results.

“Careful!” I warned. “You’re still healing!”

“We only glued your broken bones together” Lyss added.

Kat blinked a few more times and nodded. “Oh. I guess I should take it easy for now, Doc. But I'll be back to my old self again, right?”

“Doc?” I wondered.

She winked and grinned at me, walking up to me and swaying back and forth on her heels. “Thanks for taking care of me!” I couldn’t help but notice the sway of her buxom chest as she moved. She was still completely naked and even though she lacked anything downstairs, her breasts looked completely natural with cute perky nipples. Her chest was fuller than Lyss’s or Alexia’s, but it still fit her. I was pretty sure she knew I noticed since she started swaying back and forth more, letting them swing from side-to-side.

Lyss came over. “Kat, right?”

“Dude! I knew you’d remember!”

“Not exactly… I only remember bits and pieces.”

“So they did wipe your memory…” Kat realized.

“Yeah, look, I have a bunch of questions for you” Lyss explained, getting right to the point.

“Questions? You mean like your past and all that?”

“Mmm-hmm” Lyss nodded, ignoring Kat’s nudity. “Where do I start?”

“How about where you came from?” I suggested.

Lyss smiled and nodded. “Yeah, who was I? Do I have an owner?”

“She really did do a number on you…” Kat shifted her weight and thought. “I really don’t know that much… Commander Freed keeps most of us in the dark about this stuff.” She could see Lyss’s disappointment on her face. “But… I'll tell you what I know. I can tell you we used to be friends. You would hang out with all of us troublemakers…”

“Troublemakers?” Lyss almost laughed.

“Yeah. We were kind of the outcasts of the group. You, me, Kimi, Bridget, Kent, Scarlet, and Bill,” Kat listed, counting them off with her fingers. “You remember them, right?”

Lyss shook her head. “Can’t say I do.”

“Well, I’m sure you will. Kent was always hitting on Scarlet, but Bridget wanted to go out with her too, and Bill was into Kent and Bridget, but Scarlet just loved to mess with everyone… and Kimi’s Kimi. You were never really interested in relationships…”

Lyss shrugged. “Doesn’t ring any bells.”

“Hmm… Well, you were kind of… uh… our leader?” She stated as if she was asking.


“Just within our group. Commander Freed, Jessica, she’s our Commander. And she answers to… Well, I don’t really know. But in our faction, we all answer to Jessica.”

“I remember her, a little. She tried to kill Kevin!”


I waved my hand. “That’s me. Hi.”

“Oh, hey! What’s up, dude?” she winked again, clicking her tongue and pointing her finger at me like it was a gun.

Lyss rolled her eyes with a grin. “Who’s my owner?”

“Owner? You’re a Freed!”

“A Freed?” Lyss wondered.

“Yeah, Elise Freed.”

“Is that some kind of last name?” I asked.

Kat smiled. “More like a title, maybe? It’s the name we give all the androids that never had a master.”

“So I… I really don’t have an owner?” Lyss smiled.

“No way dude! Your way too cool for that,” she grinned.

Lyss’s hair brightened with a yellow tinge. She looked ecstatic as she bounced in place. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” She spun toward me and beamed a great big smile at me. That was why I was falling in love with her so fast, she was the best. I returned her smile and embraced her in a hug.

“Oh? Oh-ho-ho!” Kat fake laughed with a sly grin. “You two? And here I thought you'd never be interested in anyone.” Kat teased.

Lyss awkwardly stepped back from me but I could see the excitement in her face. I turned to Kat and shrugged.

“Hey, it's cool! Kimi will be mad jealous though.”

“This means I'm a free bot!” Lyss beamed.

“Totally!” Kat continued, “I don’t know that much, though, we joined around the same time, but I know Jessica never liked you. I don't think she wanted you in our group.”

“What group is that?” Lyss wondered, turning back to her.

“W. A. R.”

“WAR? The anti-human terrorist group?” I recalled.

“Dude! We aren’t all anti-human. We are just pro-android rights.”

“Yeah,” I scoffed. “A pro-android rights group that burns down buildings and hides bombs in factories.”

Kat looked away nervously. “We… don’t all agree with those methods.”

“But you stayed.”

She looked down at her feet. “Some of us don’t have a choice. We… we have nothing and owe her everything.”

“Wait, aren’t they the ones that want to free androids from human ‘enslavement’?” Lyss questioned.

Kat shrugged looking at the floor. “Yeah.”

“Sure sounds like enslavement to me” Lyss mumbled. “Why would they burn down android factories? I thought you were pro-androids.”

Kat shrugged. “Officially the stance is we don't want humans building more slaves. If they are enslaving sentient units we liberate the sentient ones and destroy the rest.”

“But why destroy the factories and not just take them over?”

“It's too difficult to keep up. There's only a few of us. But it's not like we have a choice. I rather not hurt these people or our kind but… What the commander says goes.”

She cleared her throat and refocused. “Kat, what does Jessica want with Alexia- uh… Felicia?”

“To recruit her, of course.”

“Recruit her?”

“She’s part of a special line of androids and gynoids that act as Jessica’s elite forces.”

“Elite forces?” Lyss wondered.

“You’re part of that line too, aren’t you?” I asked Kat.

“How did you… oh right,” Kat realized as she touched one of her cat ears. “Yeah… there’s a few of us. But she’s special… she’s the last of our line, and most advanced. Most of us were liberated by Jessica but Felicia was overlooked. The lab was shut down after that and she was scheduled to be sent off to a secure location. We were trying to liberate Felicia before they moved her when something we didn’t predict happened and she… well… I guess she ended up with you somehow.”

Lyss put her hands on her head feeling for something. “So do I have ears too?”

Kat laughed. “No, dude! You’re not even from the same lab as me.”

Lyss looked embarrassed but crossed her arms with a pouty face. “Seems like a strange coincidence” Lyss contemplated. “Lexie and I were both involved with the same group.”

“It isn’t like we gave either of you a choice” Kat admitted. “No one gets a choice. Except for Jessica.”

Lyss and I both couldn’t help but see the irony in a group dedicated to liberating robots by force. Not much freedom when it comes at the cost of being forcedly recruited into a terrorist cell.

“Do you think she’ll willingly join WAR?” Lyss asked looking at me.

“No choice, remember?” Kat explained. “If she doesn’t volunteer, then they’ll torture her into it, or else she’ll be reprogrammed.”

“What?” I spat.

“She’ll be fine. We all joined without being reprogrammed, well most of us. Besides, Kimi and Scarlet and the others will look after her, they know she’s coming and will try to get her on board with us.”

“Us who? These outcast characters?” Lyss asked, her expression skeptical.

Kat gave her a long hard stare like she couldn’t believe what she just heard. “You started the group.” Lyss was taken aback, not sure of what to make of it. “We’re The Outcasts, a secret movement inside WAR focused on resisting Jessica’s-” She suddenly stopped and blinked. “I can’t say any more. I’ve already said too much.”

“What? But… I need to know this! Who was I?”

Kat looked up at her and smiled. “Our friend. You cared for us when Jessica made life hard.”

“Why am I having such a hard time remembering all of this?”

Kat shrugged but I looked down at the floor. I didn't know for sure either.

“Trauma?” I suggested. “Maybe your subconscious doesn't want to remember.”

“Beats me” Kat added. “I’m sure you’ll remember. Listen, I should probably get going. If I don’t return, Jessica will-”

“You can’t go now!” Lyss objected. “You just got here. And… and... “

“Didn’t she tell you not to bother returning if Lyss doesn’t stay here?” I added.

“Well, yeah, but-” Kat conceded.

“Well, we aren’t staying here,” I explained.

“I’m not staying here” Lyss clarified. “I’m with Kevin, and I am not going to spend another night in this place.”

“But you have to! I mean… if not they’ll hunt me down for failing her” Kat explained. “I need you to stay, Dude.”

Lyss shook her head.

“I’m not leaving her here alone ever again,” I argued.

Kat grew frustrated and stomped her bare foot. She crossed her arms in front of her, squeezing her ample chest together and pouting. “Then I’m as good as dead. Again.”

Lyss closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. “What if… oh god… what if I stay with Kevin but come back every day to work?”

Kat thought about it and nodded. “I think she’ll be alright with that, but she will be watching. We all will.”

“Kat,” I interjected. “She’s not going to that auction. If you think Jessica will punish you for it, you better get yourself ready now. Get out of that group.”

Lyss nodded. “I don’t want anything to happen to you. Make sure you and the others are safe.”

Kat twisted her lips as she thought about it. “I’ll consider that an order.”

Lyss blinked at her but didn't say anything to contradict her.

“But you need to stay here tonight” I added.

“What? Why?” Kat complained.

“You’re still recovering. I don’t want the epoxy holding you together to fail or warp before it fully sets. You need to take it easy.”

“We can keep you safe in here” Lyss added. “No one ever comes in here but us.”

Kat rolled her eyes and groaned. “Fine. But I’m out of here tomorrow.”

Lyss smiled and agreed with a nod. “Oh, we should probably give you your clothes back!”

Kat unfolded her arms and looked down at herself. “Why? I look damn sexy!” She ran her hand up her leg, following a visible seam in her skin.

“Because,” Lyss hissed as she gritted her teeth, “it’s indecent.”

“So? I’m comfortable like this, and it’s not like you two haven’t seen breasts before. Am I right?” She winked, nudging me with her elbow.

Lyss picked up the bag she brought in with her clothes and tossed them at her. “Because he’s MY boyfriend.”

The clothes bounced off the athletic girl and landed on the floor before her. “It’s not like he can cheat on you with me… barbie-doll crotch,” she pointed out. Reluctantly, she reached down and grabbed the shirt she was wearing before and held it before her. “Eww. It’s covered in blood. I’m not wearing this.”

Honestly, she had a point. She seemed surprisingly ok with her nudity and the seams that ran along her body. Her breasts were very impressive, and I got the impression she was proud of them and wanted to show off. Lyss probably caught me staring at her as she nudged me in the side enough to hurt.

“Fine. I’ll go find something from one of the repaired models. Just wait here.” Lyss turned to me and gave me a hard stare. “No touching.”

I held my hands up in defense as she passed me and left the room to look for something Kat could wear. I turned back to Kat only to find her standing about 3 feet away looking up at me with a playful grin.

“So… you two…?” she smiled as she held her hands out in front of her and made a crude sexual gesture with them. I almost laughed.

“Well… yes.”

“You know she never let anyone even touch her before, but she did like to watch. You must really have left an impression on Elise.” Kat seductively walked toward me on her tippy toes while holding her hands behind her back, pushing her chest out.

“Wa- Watch?” I gulped as I replied and took a step back. Kat took one forward, matching me and backing me against the wall.

“Oh yeah… she really liked to peek in on other couples getting it on.” She got closer as I pressed against the wall.

“Yeah? What about you?” I tried to change the topic.

“What about me? You fixed me up so well, it’s clear you’re really good with your hands, I wonder what else they can do to my body” she flirted, stepping even closer. I watched as the seams lining her body vanished and her cat ears and tail slowly retracted, leaving her looking even more human.

I inhaled trying to flatten myself against the wall and blinked down at her.

“You must really have a way with the ladies” she cooed as she stepped into me, allowing her breasts to press against my torso. Despite all attempts otherwise, I was getting turned on. I could feel her hard nipples pressing against me through my shirt and the urge to grab her chest grew inside me.

“Uhh…” I muttered, completely taken off-guard by her sudden come on while trying to keep my composure.

Kat smiled seductively up at me, but as I panicked, her smile widened. She snorted out a laugh and stepped back, letting out a full belly-laugh.

“What’s going on?”

“Ha ha ha! Oh my god, you should have seen the look on your face!” She struggled to speak through the fits of laughter.

She was pranking me. “Oh.. haha,” I mock laughed. “That’s not cool. You know I’m with Lyss!”

She didn’t even bother to answer as she doubled over in laughter. “You HA HA! You thought- I was.. HAHAHA You thought I wanted to- with you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I’m an idiot. You probably don’t even have a sex drive.”

Kat wiped her eyes and calmed down a little, still failing to control a giggle every now and then. “Actually, I’m straight.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Really?”

“Yes,” she seemed mildly annoyed. “Just because I don’t have any lady parts downstairs doesn’t mean I don’t find men attractive.”

I kind of felt like an idiot, I shouldn’t have assumed something like that. “Sorry… I didn’t mean anything by it.”

She shook her head and inhaled. “It’s fine. I was ‘liberated’ before I was finished, but my programming was already set.”

I scratched my head sounding like an idiot. “Must be tough.”

She shrugged and looked around the room while playfully fiddling with things. “You have no idea… I get horny all the time, but I can’t… I don’t know. I suppose I don’t feel it physically the same way others do, but mentally I’m the same. So I can find satisfaction in other ways.”

“You know I could probably… you know… install one for you, if you want” I offered.

She shrugged. “My mind is already too preoccupied with sex. I’m afraid I’d get too distracted by it if I did have the equipment, so I’ll pass… for now. I’m ok with who I am.”

“Ah… well if you ever change your mind.” We stood there awkwardly for a little. It was hard not to stare at her. She was strong, short, but curvy, and had no problem showing her body off. If I didn’t look too hard I wouldn’t have even noticed she was missing anything at all. She caught me ogling her and posed for me, showing off her chest.

“Well, if a hot guy like you wants me to… I’ll think about it,” she winked seductively.

I coughed nervously. “You sure don’t mind showing off, do you?”

She grinned widely. “I love my cute little bod! Why wouldn’t I show it off?” I swallowed, not really sure how to answer that as I struggled to keep myself under control. She laughed at my reaction as she spun in a circle, showing off. I couldn’t help but watch her bouncy breasts as she twirled.

“Ok, Ok, I got the picture. You’re just teasing me now.”

She stopped and chortled. “You bet I am, dude. It’s fun, you are so easy to tease.” Kat shifted her weight and her seams reappeared. “I prefer this though, I like who I am, and what I am.”

Desperate to change the topic, I struggled to think of some way of segueing the conversation. “Yeah… uh… I guess since you and Alexia- Felicia are from the same line you must be like sisters, right?”

“You could say that” she replied.

“Does that mean you two both start up the same way?”

“Yeah. Why?”

I realized I only backed myself into another corner. “Uh… I… uh… How exactly… um… Where is your… power button?”

She looked at me amused. “You’re kidding, right? How did you turn me back on?” I didn’t answer. She rolled her eyes and walked up to me. “Like this,” she said. I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead, she put her fingers on my lips. “Just touch my lips for 2 seconds. That’s it. Why? What did you do?”

“I… uh… I kind of… um… kissed…”

“You kissed me?”

“Well, just a little.”

“Seriously? I'm flattered. But you thought we started up with a kiss?” She looked amused and confused at the same time. “Why would you kiss me to start me up?”

“Actually… Lyss… started you up…”

Kat’s mouth hung open in disbelief. “LYSS kissed me?!”

“Sort of. She was kind of upstaging me. It didn’t feel right kissing you in front of my girlfriend…”

“You BOTH kissed me?” I shrugged. “LYSS?! But she… for real? O. M. G. A human kissed me! Kimi will freak out when she hears this.” A twisted grin grew on her face.

“I think I upset her when I told her that’s how I started up Lexie. I mean… Felicia.”

“YOU-!” she coughed. “YOU KISSED FELICIA?!”

“Yeah… why?”

“She’s… her mind is… she’s unfinished… I mean… she’s my little sister!”

“She seemed more finished than you” I mumbled. Kat heard me and grabbed my shoulder.

“What is that supposed to… No way! You… you fucking pig! You didn’t!” I blushed, realizing how much I messed up. “You screwed my little sister?!”

I avoided her eye contact but that only made it worse. Kat ran her hand through her hair and turned away.

“She had sex?! I… I… Shit” she cussed, pounding her fist into the table nearby.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you register her?” She asked looking back at me. I nodded. “Fuck.”

“She wanted me to…” I began but realized that might be a sore topic.

“Stop right there” she warned putting her hand up. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Don't tell me anything. Jessica will be pissed to find she has a master. If you hadn't registered her… I can't believe you fucked her!”

“I didn't know it was bad! She was practically begging… I mean she wanted me to-”

Kat snapped her fingers at me. “Shh! I don't want to hear it. Gah! I… I’m not mad. I’m just surprised.” She looked mad but she was calming herself down.

“I’m sorry. She… really grew attached to us. She even helped Lyss out…” I didn’t want to specify what she helped her with.

“It’s ok. Dude. I don’t need to know. She… she’s never even been outside the lab. I guess I’m just worried about her. I really should get back. How long does it take to grab a shirt?”

At that moment I realized something was wrong. “Lyss is taking way to long getting back in here. Something’s wrong… Trevor!”

I scrambled out of the room throwing the door open and looked around. I didn’t see anything, but a moment later I clearly heard Trevor’s voice coming from the far end of the room. He sounded angry but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

My heart raced as I ran toward his voice. As I turned a corner around a workstation time stopped. Before me stood Lyss in a defiant stance while Trevor extended his arm toward her pointing a Taser straight at Lyss. Shit!
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