Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - Mixed Signals (Revisited)

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Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - Mixed Signals (Revisited)

Post by gynoneko » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:08 pm

THIS IS A REVISED CHAPTER THE REPLACES THE OLD CHATPTER 11. Again, sorry for the confusion, but this chapter is very different than the previous version of it.

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Lost but Found
Chapter 11 - Mixed Signals
by Gynoneko and Dollspace

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the girl with long rainbow hair held me at arm’s length by the neck. I wasn’t sure if I was more shocked at her hair or at her sudden attack. One thing was for sure, I didn’t expect her to look at Lyss.

I tried to swallow as she slowly tightened her grip on my neck. Instinctively, I grabbed her hand with both of mine, pulling back on her grip enough to breathe easier. She was strong but not unnaturally so. Lyss’s visage glared at me. No, it wasn’t Lyss’s face, but she looked so similar. She must have been from the same line, making them they look like sisters. While Lyss wore her hair short and spiky, this girl’s hair was long and flowing.

“You…!” Lyss said.

The commander looked from me to Lyss and her gaze narrowed. She looked back at me and pulled me closer to her. Her hot breath hit my face as she seethed with anger. “Who are you? Why didn’t Pax mention you?”

“Kevin!” Lyss cried out behind me. I couldn’t see her behind me, but I assumed she was being restrained like Lexie was.

The commander winced and huffed. “No matter. I don’t tolerate worthless humans like you to live.”

“Commander,” her short assistant behind me called out. “Look at this.”

The rainbow-haired assailant looked over at her and Lyss behind me with only her eyes, but whatever she was looking at caught her attention. The commander released her grip and pushed me back, causing me to stumble into the wall. I rubbed my neck and turned to look. Lyss’s hair faded out and was almost light gray.

The short girl restraining Lyss was showing off Lyss’s arm. I was confused at what they were looking at. The commander studied her arm closely and then moved to her stomach. She squared up against Lyss and angled Lyss’s chin up with her fingers.

“Who did this to you? Who fixed you?”

Lyss didn’t answer, she tightened her lips and scowled, shaking her chin from the commander’s hand.

“Someone in that slave shop I dropped you in repaired your wound with exceptional skill and removed your restrictions. Who was it?”

Lyss didn’t say anything, but she glanced at me unconsciously. Her long-haired doppelganger turned toward me and let out a laugh.

“Him? This pathetic... “ she paused for a moment and thought. “Your skills as a healer are exceptional, ape. If this was truly your work.”


She walked back toward me and gave me a sly smile I wasn’t expecting. I had no idea who these people were, but I thought they were after Lexie. However, they knew about Lyss’s original injury on her arm that caused her to be sent to our shop in the first place! As well as her restricted system that prevented her from hiding her seams. Was this all somehow connected?

“I might have a use for a human with your skills in the war to come.” She backed me up against the wall as she got closer. “We will be returning Elise to her proper place waiting for her turn to be sold off, but you will come with us to… our… wait. Something’s off.” The woman narrowed her eyes, her smile fading, as she sniffed heavily. She leaned in closer to me and sniffed again.

Abruptly her eyes widened and she took a step back in shock. She then turned toward Lyss. “You traitor! You’ve been intimate with this human! I can smell you on his disgusting flesh.”

Lyss struggled against her assailant but couldn’t get free. “No!” she protested.

“No? Then perhaps he forced himself upon you?” She turned to me and punched me hard enough in the gut to knock the wind out of me and send me back into the wall, doubling over. I saw her hair light up like fire flowing with red, yellow, and orange hues as she gave me a death stare. “For the crime of forcing yourself upon a superior species, your pathetic life is now forfeit!” She put her hand on the hilt of the sword by her side. I watched the light glint off the metal of the blade as she began to draw it out.

“KEV!” Lyss screamed, her hair stark white.

“NO!” Lexie yelled out. I looked over at her, and she had a look of fear in her eyes. I realized that her eyes had changed, they were wild and feral like a cat’s. In fact, seeing her now I realized she had claws on her hands and feet, and her tail and ears were out. I had never seen her like this before. She was still dressed in the t-shirt and skirt Lyss dressed her in this morning, but her shirt was torn, and blood and sweat splattered across them both. She stood with Quill holding her while her broken arm dangled lifelessly at her side.

However, she didn’t let that slow her down. Lexie twisted her body and let out a furious yell as she used her tail to trip Quill and rolled over her, landing on top of Quill and holding her claws against her neck. She looked wild and untamed, but seconds later Alexia blinked and shook her head, returning her eyes to normal.

“Don’t hurt them!” she warned. Her voice was back to normal. “Or I will e- end her.”

The commander paused only momentarily before she continued to draw the katana from the sheath. She didn’t even seem to care about the lives of her subordinates. Either that or she was calling her bluff.

“I’ll... I’ll turn myself over” Lexie blurted out. “If you leave them alone I’ll go quietly and join your group.” Her claws retracted as she seemingly surrendered.

Much to my relief the swordswoman paused and returned her sword to the scabbard. “Agreed. Quill, take her.”

With that, Quill pushed Lexie off of her and stood up, ready to continue the fight. However, Lexie didn’t resist. She stood there, her claws, ears, and tail retracting, and faced me at attention.

Quill hesitated and instead of attacking her, gave Lexie a push toward us. They marched together and faced the commander.

“You have to promise not to harm my friends and I will not resist.”

The commander looked between Lyss and me and nodded her head. “They shall not be damaged, but I have one condition. Elise must return to her post.”

“M- my post?” Lyss wondered, still restrained by the shorter girl.

She abruptly turned her head to Lyss and scowled. “You will be in that auction or else I have no use for any of you to remain alive.” She turned back to Alexia and straightened herself. She was shorter than Lexie but her stance made her look more menacing. “I will be leaving Katalina here to make sure she returns and so that this... human… doesn’t touch her.” She sneered when she glanced at me. The word human came out like a vulgar curse to her, as though she was spitting bile from her mouth.

She turned to the short girl, Katalina, and held up one finger. “One… last… chance.”

Lexie paused and looked at the short girl holding Lyss. She turned back to me, worry in her eyes, and then back at the leader of the pack of intruders. She nodded.

The commander smiled. “At last, the infamous Felicia joins her kin.”

Felicia? Was that her original name?

She turned back to Lyss. “You will be returning to your post, whether you like it or not, Elise. Katalina, you have your orders. Return when she is confined to that slave pit or don’t return at all. You can handle that much, right?” She stepped aside and nodded to Quill, who pushed Lexie forward. Or perhaps it was Felicia?

“Mas- Kevin?” Lexie said nervously. She looked on the verge of tears, I had never seen her like this before and my heart sank.

I wanted to hug her and thank her for saving my life, and tell her she’d be fine, but… what could I do? “Lexie…?”

“Stay strong!” Lyss called out. “We’ll come for you.”

“Doubtful considering where you are going, Elise,” the commander said as she leaned down to pick up her hat.

“Don’t you dare hurt her, Jessica!” Lyss warned. She knew her name!

Jessica turned to Lyss and slapped her across the face. “You don’t give the orders.” Lyss was shocked and clearly in pain. “Consider yourselves lucky I am merciful. And you… human… if I see you again you will not survive the encounter.”

“Move” Quill ordered, and with that Lexie was out the door, gone. Jessica followed closely behind. Before she left, she turned back toward us, looked around the room, and spat. “Disgusting.” She too was gone.

However, despite these two being gone, the third girl, Katalina, was still with us, and we didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to startle her where she might hurt Lyss, so I tried hard to calm my nerves.

I went to the front door and closed it as best as I could, although I couldn’t get it to latch anymore. I slowly turned around and stared at the short girl still holding onto Lyss and huffed. I didn’t know what to do, but I needed to get Lyss away from her.

I started walking toward them, glaring at the intruder. I was so angry, my lips were quivering and I wasn’t thinking straight. I was just about to pick up my pace and run at her screaming when suddenly she dropped to the ground and released Lyss.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to kill her,” she muttered as she fell onto her back and just laid there breathing heavily. “That bitch!’

I embraced Lyss who started to shake in my arms. She was just as terrified as I was. I could feel my shirt absorbing her tears as she pressed her face against me.

“Kevin! Are you ok?” her muffled voice cracked.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Her grip on me tightened. “Oh god! I was so scared she was going to kill you!”

I felt the same about Lyss. I loosened my grip on her and looked down at her, lifting her chin. She relaxed and looked up at me, worry and fear filling her eyes. But instead of sobbing, she pressed her lips to mine abruptly and kissed me unexpectedly. It tasted salty, but she kissed me 2 or 3 more times before slowly pulling away and sighing. Again she rested her head against me and gripped the back of my shirt.

After a short while, she calmed a little and turned to face her assailant. Katalina was still on the ground panting, only now she was holding her side and there was a clear look of pain on her face.

“How could she leave me behind? Oh shit, she kicks hard,” she complained as she rolled to her other side. She was incapacitated.

“Who are you and where are they taking Alexia?”

“Alexia?” she asked. “You mean Felicia?” She tried to sit up but fell back again. Her arms were covered in scratches that left lines of blood on her skin, even though the bleeding had already stopped. “They’re taking her to the base… I… Oh, shit…”

She suddenly stopped moving and went limp. The beating she had taken from Lexie, or rather Felicia, had taken its toll on her, and her damage was catching up with her. I stood over her and rolled her to her back. The motion left the bottom of her shirt caught on her left nipple, exposing her breast. She was a cute model, but very strong and lean. I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn’t quite place it.

“Lyss, are you sure you’re ok?”

Lyss rubbed her arm but shook her head. “I’m fine… I was so scared they were going to hurt you!” She held her head. “They took Lexie!”

“Yeah… But what can we do? Chase them only to get beat down again?” I stood there thinking for a long while, looking down at the familiar face. “I’m worried about her.”

“Me too. Kev, I think Lexie was the one that chased me down that night.”


“She had that same look in her eyes and the claws…”

I pondered this for a moment. “Maybe that’s… her old life, before I found her. Felicia?”

“Probably,” Lyss nodded in agreement with me as she walked over to the girl on the floor, crouching next to her. “I’ve seen this girl before somewhere.”

“Yeah, she looks familiar to me too. Like I just saw her somewhere.”

Lyss shook her head, the color to her hair slowly returning. “Maybe but… I feel like I remember her.”

“You remember her? Like… you remembered the name of that girl? Jessica?”

Lyss shuddered. “Yes… when I saw her hair I remembered who she was. Jessica Freed.” She held her forehead. “I’m sorry, it’s still not-”

“That’s ok. Don’t force yourself. I’m going to take a look around. Keep an eye on her.”

“Kev-!” She began. I could tell she didn’t want me to leave her alone, but she looked down at the girl and shook her head. “Be careful.”

I looked around the apartment; it was a mess. While most of the front area was undamaged, everything looked like it had been gone through, and the bedroom was covered in shattered glass, shards of wood, and broken furniture and lamps. The front door was kicked in damaging the frame where the lock was, while the bedroom door was missing the knob entirely, and the bathroom had no door left, only a pile of wood where it used to be. The bathroom was a danger zone.

Next, I walked to the closed door of the office room. As soon as I opened the door, April darted around the room. She had been locked in there, probably by Lexie. Which was good because she would have gotten out otherwise. I went over to the main terminal and started it up.

I was presented with a login requiring my biometrics. A thumbprint and a face capture later and Erin booted right up. “Sir!” she called out. “Where is Alexia? Is she alright?”

“They took her. Can you tell me anything at all about the attack?”

“Oh, my… I am so sorry I couldn’t stop them, I had no way of interacting with the environment! I didn’t see much; my sensors are limited still, but I heard them pounding on the door and saw 3 women break in and search the place. They were looking for someone named Felicia.”

“Yeah… they found her. Apparently, that was Alexia’s original name, I think.”

“I see… I am truly sorry sir. When they reached this room I panicked and went into lockdown. I didn’t see anything after that.”

“Do you have recordings of any of it?”

“Yes, a little, from before I went offline.” A few odd angles captured from the few cameras I had around the place popped up. One of them captured a good image of them as they searched the place, but the rest were pretty much useless.

“That one. See if you can identify any of them. I’ve got one in the other room that seems to be damaged, I might have to hook her up to you to extract information.”

“Understood. I’ll begin searching immediately.”

“One of them was named Quill, I think. Another Katalina. And that one is Jessica,” I pointed out. “I’m going to check on Lyss. Let me know if you find anything.”

“Yes, sir.”

I kept April in that room because the front door wasn’t latching and I didn’t want her to get out. Not to mention all the broken glass could be an issue. I didn’t like keeping a cat cooped up for a long time in a small room, but until I could clean this mess up and repair the doors, I would have to.

Lyss was still next to Katalina, lowering her shirt into place again and studying her face. It seemed she remembered her and was trying to figure out from where. I knew I needed to clean up but my mind was stuck on Lexie. I was worried but I somehow knew she’d be alright. They wanted her for something, she was important enough that Jessica didn’t hesitate to take the deal for her.

I started putting all the stuff in the front room away, cleaning up the mess of silverware and food they threw on the floor. It looked like they didn’t take anything. My guess was they were either just being malicious or they were looking for evidence that Felicia was there, not expecting to run into her. I worked in silence while we both thought. It took less time than I was expecting to clean the front, it wasn’t really that bad, but the bedroom and bathroom were a different story.

I grabbed a plastic bin from the kitchen and started throwing all the wood and glass away, careful not to cut myself. I wasn’t sure what happened, but the large window was shattered, and all the glass was on my floor and in my bed. Lyss came over to help, leaving Katalina alone; she wasn’t going to do anything in her current state. Together, we spent the next few hours silently cleaning up. I had to cover the window with a plastic bag and remove the doors from the hinges entirely.

The bathroom was the worst. Whatever happened in there must have been epic. Evidence of the battle that ensued was everywhere. The glass shower door and walls were destroyed, as was the mirror. Artificial blood was all over, whose I wasn’t sure. It was dangerous just to go inside with all the glass. We ended up sweeping it all into a corner and carefully taking down any broken panes that were still standing in place. In all, the rest of the day seemed to be spent there. Eventually, we started to talk, processing what happened, but couldn’t come up with any solutions.

“Looks like my memories are going to be useful after all” Lyss pointed out.


“I know I said I didn’t want to remember these things, but… it seems whatever is lurking in my past is showing up whether I like it or not.”

I shrugged. “We’ll make the best of it. If your memories can help us get Lexie back, then at least we have something to work with.”

“Yeah… I’m afraid my mind doesn’t want to remember everything though, so it’s really slow and confusing.”

“I am not going to rush you, Lyss. I want her back too, but your wellbeing is more important to me.” She shot me a strange concerned look. “She’s important too, but you’re my girlfriend.”

She rolled her eyes, blushing. “Yeah, I guess that does put me higher on the list.”


She almost smiled. “But she’s the one in danger.”

“And you aren’t? Last I checked they left a goon here to follow you and we still have that auction to deal with. Right now I’m afraid we can’t help Lexie, but at least I can help you.”

She nodded slowly and fell back into silence as we finished up.

It was late in the day when I carried all the trash to the garbage bin outside. I didn’t know how I would explain this to my landlord. A robbery gone wrong?. By the time I got back in, the place was looking better. I managed to screw the wood frame of the front door together well enough to close it, but I was going to have to replace it too.

I found Lyss kneeling next to Katalina again, who hadn’t moved from her spot but was shallowly breathing. She was moving the hair out of her face and gave her a friendly look like she had pleasant memories of her, even if she didn’t remember them entirely. I remembered her crying softly and silently. When she realized I noticed she wiped her eyes and cheek dry.

“Kevin, can we take a look at her? Fix her? I… I feel like I know her.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? She might attack us.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think she will.”

“Well, alright… one second.” My brain was telling me this was a bad idea, but I couldn’t say no to Lyss. I put my trust in my girlfriend and went to the room to grab my tablet, but to my despair, it had been smashed as well even though it was still on the dresser. I’d have to use my phone to connect to Erin but I’d need to take her into the shop to do a thorough examination.

Speaking of Erin, I went back into the room and let April out.

“Any luck?” I asked the A.I.

“No, sorry. They don’t seem to be in any database I can access. At least… not right now. I will try connecting to… others if I can't find any.”


“By the way, sir,” she continued. “I have finished analyzing the data from the device.”


“Yes, the one you used on Lyss, to record what was happening to her.”

With what just happened, I completely forgot I asked Erin to look into that. “Oh yeah, what did you find out?”

“Well, the device has some interesting fingerprints.”

“Fingerprints?” I wondered.

“The characteristics of the code are similar to work done by hacker group 'H4Z3', although there is no record of any of their work being used in this way.”

“Okay… so what does it do?”

“It’s a little confusing for me,” she admitted, “but I believe this has multiple effects. When activated, it will gradually put the affected unit into a sort of safe-mode allowing any command given to it. It simultaneously activates the adult functions of the unit-”

“Her sex functions?”

The avatar on the screen nodded. “Yes. It activates her sex functions and puts the unit into a sort of ready state.”

“Meaning she will be ready for sex?”

“Precisely. Further, it will actually force the unit to seek out sex.”

I shook my head. “That’s sick.”

“It’s also sloppy. It doesn’t properly terminate the code.”


“Meaning the effects will linger for hours, days… maybe even the lifetime of the unit” she clarified.

“Wait, so she’ll be infected until we find the code and-?”

“I don’t think so” Erin clarified. “That part of the code does properly terminate. But several others are improperly coded, causing lasting effects.”

“And the increased libido is one of them?”

“It appears so. I wonder if that was intentional. However, Lyss is a very capable gynoid, I think she will not suffer lasting harm or side effects from that code. Although it may take a few days to settle. However…”

“What?” I wondered.

“The last bit of the code worries me” she admitted. “It erases the memories of the time while it was active. However, it is even more poorly written than the other codes. It appears to be a… what is the term? A ‘rush job’? The effects from this are irreversible.”

“What are you saying?”

“Not only will she never remember the events that happened to her while this code was active, but it will blur and distort her memories surrounding the event. It has repeated codes, improper syntax, and errors throughout which, if my calculations are correct, will only get worse with time the more she is exposed to this code.”

“So she’s losing her memories?” I balked.

“Not exactly. It appears that the code fails after some time, but there will be several false starts and a fading off effect where her memories will be jumbled or missing around each activation and deactivation of the code. So if you were to have an important conversation with her before this code is activated, she will be unable to remember it and recovery is impossible.”

“Damn!” I cursed, feeling the rage grow inside me.

“And the more this code is used, the longer those effects last.”

“Goddamn, it Trevor! What the hell man!?”

“There is more, but it is hard to determine what it is doing.”


“Yes, sir. A line that activates another code that is not present. It appears to make a call out to something else called “proc AAM_recall”.

“AAM recall procedure? What is that?”

“I am not sure sir, perhaps it is missing part of its code or activates another device when the unit is connected to it.”

I was silent for a little while reviewing everything in my head. “How can I tell Lyss all this? It would upset her for sure. She never deserved any of this.”

“Sir, upon further reflection, this appears to mimic very closely the effects Bill puts her under on a daily basis, but I would need more proof.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Her maintenance sessions with Bill. After observation of security footage and the accounts you have given me and my own study of Lyss and the equipment I have accessed-”

“Are you hacking my work?”

“That’s beside the point, sir. It is my opinion that Bill is likely using a variant of this code on her himself everytime he takes her into maintenance.”


“She is apprehensive about her times with him but she can never remember the sessions, her memories are fuzzy before and after the events as well, and I believe I have seen files with the same AAM suffix on his computer although I cannot gain full access right now to properly confirm this.”

I was stunned. If what Erin was saying was true, he could have been doing the same or worse to Lyss that Trevor was doing. Hell, he may have given Trevor that device! I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I could never let her go back there again. But… did I have a choice? I didn’t own her, and I didn’t have the equipment to repair her at home if I needed to. I decided I was not going to leave her side at any point she was at work.

“I can’t tell her this. It’s too much!” I complained after contemplating for a while. “This would destroy her. Oh god… what do I do now?”

“I don’t know sir. I am sorry I cannot help more.”

“You’ve done enough, thanks. I’ll figure this out, but we have to be careful. Something weird is going on here and both Lyss and Lexie are involved. Thanks.”

“You are perfectly welcome, sir. I shall stand by and await your orders.”

I went back to Lyss, determined to keep what I learned a secret for now, and stood next to her.

“No change, huh?”

She shook her head. “Can we take her in?” Lyss asked, her hair still faded. “Damn, she looks so familiar… it’s like when there's a word at the tip of your tongue… I can’t place her face but I know it!”

I looked down at her unconscious face and angled my head. Putting my fingers in front of my eyes to block out my view of her striped brown cat ears, it hit me. I snapped my fingers. “She was at the fair!”


“She was the girl dancing with you.”

Lyss tilted her head looking at her. “I think you’re right… but… But that’s not it.”

“I wonder if… Do you think they’ve been…”

“Following us…” Lyss finished for me. “Let’s fix her up so we can find out what’s going on.”

I did not want to go back to the shop now that I suspected Bill was the one giving Trevor that code he used on Lyss. But I needed more proof, I needed to give Erin full access to Bill’s computer in his office. And if Lyss wanted me to help this girl, I couldn’t say no. I sighed and cracked my knuckles before kneeling down and lifting the cat-eared girl up. She was heavier than she looked, heavier than Lyss or Lexie, despite her smaller size, but I managed.

“Uuhhhh” Katalina groaned. “Wha…?”

I didn’t expect her to react so I put her back down on the couch. She opened her eyes slightly and held her side, groaning.

“Are you awake? Can you hear us?” Lyss asked, kneeling next to her.

“Yeah… Oh, it’s you… Oh, Jesus, I haven’t taken a beating like that since I pissed Luke off,” she explained while wincing in pain.

“Luke?” Lyss asked, shaking her head.

“He and I don’t exactly get along…” she hissed through her teeth dealing with the pain.

“Luke…” Lyss repeated. She seemed to get lost in thought for a moment.

“You… don’t remember any of us, do you?” Katalina asked while gritting her teeth.

“Remember?” I wondered. “How could she-?”

Lyss looked at her again and tilted her head to get a better look. “Kat?”

Katalina smiled briefly, although the pain quickly took over again. “You do remember.”

“Not really, I’m still recovering my old memories.”

“You know her?” I asked Lyss.

She looked up at me confused. “Maybe?”

“Lyss and I go way back” Kat explained. “Just give her time; she’ll remember… Ohh! Hng!” she huffed as she tried to take the pain.

“Kevin, we need to help her.”

“Why? She broke in here and helped kidnap Lexie and tried to hurt-”

“Because she’s my friend. She’s one of the good ones” Lyss recalled. “I remember that much.”

“I swear I wasn’t going to hurt anyone. I… oh geez…” she breathed, “I pulled my punches, I only wish Felicia did the same. Damn, that girl hits hard! Damaged… something!”

“She didn’t hurt me,” Lyss added.

I had a lot of questions, but in her current condition, she couldn’t tell us anything. We were going to have to take her to the shop. However, I did not want to take her in during the day, not after everything that just happened with us abruptly leaving, but she couldn’t wait much longer.

“Alright. I’ll repair her, I’d like to wait until the shop is closed, but I don’t think we have the luxury of time. Lexie- I mean Felicia did a number on you. Do you think you can hold out a few more hours?”

“My power’s low… I don’t think I’ll make it a few more minutes,” Kat added. “For what it’s worth Lyss… I always thought you… were…” Kat faded off and her eyes rolled back. She was out. In fact, she wasn’t even breathing.

“Kat?” Lyss asked, tapping her face. No response. She looked up at me. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, it could be a power failure, an overload, or any number of things. I haven’t looked inside her body, I don’t know what her layout is.” I scratched my head and let out a lungful of air. “Looks like waiting until after close isn’t an option. But how are we going to get in without anyone seeing her?”

Lyss seemed to get a little frantic, standing up and tapping her foot, thinking to herself. “Maybe we could dress her as… no… maybe take her in as a… that won’t work… Damn it!” She stomped. I could see the pain swell up in her eyes. “What the hell is with today?! This is all so… so… GAHHH!” Lyss grabbed her hair and pulled at it while she let out a scream. Her hair sparked and randomly jumped between every color, but very different than when she lost herself in an orgasm. Instead of a flow of colors, it was all one color at a time violently switching at random. It was pretty epic, very primal.

I stood in awe of her yell as she finally calmed down, her hair settling on a mid gray. “Feeling better?” I asked.

She huffed, her face red and wet. “A little.” Lyss dropped her hands to her sides and slouched. “I don’t know what to do. If only there was some way of sneaking her in without anyone noticing. If they see us, Bill will have a field day. Heck, if they see me…”

A thought occurred to me. “I guess it can't be helped, I'll take a look at her here before we take her in.”

“You can do that here? But you don't have the equipment!”

I shrugged. “I can probably at least see if this is a problem that needs addressing now or later.”

Lyss rubbed her face dry again and sighed. “Thank you.”

“Sure. Now help me get her on the table.”

With Kat laying on the table, her feet and tail dangling above the floor, Lyss and I began to undress her in order to begin the inspection. She wasn't wearing much, and thankfully her robotic seams were visible so I didn't need to worry too much about finding them.

Her body was athletic and more muscular than Lyss or Alexia, but she was shorter. Her shirt was so small that we already saw plenty of underboob and it showed off her body well. As Lyss pulled her top off, I noticed her bare breasts were bigger than I was expecting, but still looked real. Even though she was short, she was very toned. Maybe not a bodybuilder, but she definitely had a 6 pack going on. She was lightly tanned with no sign of tan lines. In order to get a look at her stomach, side, and hips I had to remove her shorts as well. She was wearing no underwear, but when I pulled her short off I realized why.

She had no genitalia, no vagina, nothing. Her otherwise human appearance was missing this essential part of human life. I wasn't expecting it, and neither was Lyss. She gasped when she saw and averted her gaze. It wasn’t as though we hadn’t seen dozens of fleshed units without genitalia, but none of them looked as realistic and human as Kat. I guess we both just assumed she would be fully equipped.

Once she was naked, I took a closer look at her body, specifically the seams on her torso. They followed the muscles of her body and were more visible than Lyss’s used to be, although her tan did hide them somewhat. I wasn't sure how her model worked for opening her panels, and I didn’t have my tools on me, so I started with a basic technique. Pulling then apart by hand.

It took a little work, but with the help of a credit card, I was able to get the edge of her left chest panel opened, peeling the skin back. Once I got far enough, some sort of pressure valve released, sending air hissing into her chest through the crack I started, and she opened right up. She must have had an airtight sealed pressure-controlled torso, something Lyss didn’t have. I wasn’t exactly sure what the purpose of that was, but maybe I’d figure it out later.

I opened up her chest panels, hinging outward, and moved down to her stomach. I peered inside with Lyss holding a flashlight over me. I instantly noticed something, A US government insignia was stamped on many of her components! Thinking about this for a moment, I realized she had similar cat ears and a tail as Lexie had, and the FBI was already after her! Maybe… they were from the same line? Or at least the same project?

I focused my thoughts back to the matter at hand, her damage. I started looking at where she was holding her side earlier. Reaching in I instantly realized something was wrong: there was liquid in her torso.

I didn’t know what it was, but I pulled my hand back and sniffed at it. Acid. Quickly, I went to the sink and thoroughly washed it off before it could burn my skin.

“What is it?”

“Battery acid. Looks like Felicia targeted her batteries and burst some of them. She… I think she knew exactly where to hit her.”

“Will she be alright? Can we fix that?”

I dried my hands. “I can clean most of it up here, I think. At least the worst of it, but I will have to take her in to replace the batteries. Also, there was some structural damage I think I can repair at the shop.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Lyss wondered.

“Get some gloves.”

The two of us donned household dishwashing gloves. I rarely used these things, so I still had a box of them around. Lyss brilliantly grabbed a lamp from the office and attached it to the edge of the table, giving us an adjustable light to see inside Kat with. WIth a thousand paper towels and wet wipes, we carefully started cleaning out her torso.

I had to remove a number of systems and was surprised to see she actually had a digestive tract. Apparently, despite her lack of a vagina, Kat still had a way of removing waste, albeit a simple hole covered by a panel. Like so many other units, her batteries were stored near her center of gravity, and as a result, her hip was damaged along with her batteries.

I did not want to try to replace her entire hip, that was a nightmare, but I figured I could repair it with the right compounds, again at work. It took us an hour to remove all the parts we needed to and clean everything off. I used baking soda wherever I could to neutralize the spill and prevent any more damage. The now-dried pool of liquid on her left side had spread down into her leg and would need more cleaning, but the worst of it was done.

I also took note of other damage she had from broken ribs to severed connections. It wasn’t really too bad, besides the damaged hip bone, but she likely suffered a battery failure that shut her down. I carefully replaced all her systems and put her panels back into place. She still had enough power to operate her panels, and as soon as she was closed up I could hear air hissing out of the seams, whistling, as it sealed her torso closed.

She looked almost human once again, although she wasn’t moving at all. She looked almost peaceful though, and I couldn’t help but notice she had a very attractive body despite her missing parts.

Lyss exhaled and took her gloves off. “Reminds me of that android we had to fix last month with the ‘water’ damage” she noted. We both knew it wasn’t water we had to clean out of that unit.

But for me, it reminded me of repairing the damage to Lyss when she first came in. I had been thinking hard about the situation the entire time we were working, although it seemed to me she was using this as a way to not think about it.

“Hey, Lyss?” I asked as I covered Kat with a throw blanket.

“Yeah, Kev?”

“Do you remember your old owner at all?”

She shook her head. “I… I don’t…”

“Was Jessica your old master?”

Lyss’s eyes darted back and forth as she concentrated. Something about what she said told me she might have been the one that injured Lyss in the first place and sent her to us. In a way I had her to thank for having Lyss.

“I… but… that’s impossible! Androids can’t own other androids… I mean… not legally, right?”

I shrugged. “I don’t think so.”

“Does that mean…!?”

Lyss stood up and paced back and forth. “I… I… Hold on… Kev… do you know what this means?” I did but let her answer her own question. “It means… oh, my god! I don’t have an owner!”

“Are you sure?”

She sat down and concentrated hard. “I can’t remember anything about having one. It’s all still so jumbled but… Kevin, I don’t think I have one! There’s no name in the registry files, there’s no face, no anything. Only that address! You’d think of all the things I do remember, my owner’s name would be one of the first.” Her hair was already more vibrant than before.

“You’d think.”

“Well, yeah! I do. I… HA! Kevin, I think… I’m a free bot!”

She was excited and beaming. I, on the other hand, was cautious about it but hopeful. Even though deep down I still wanted to own her I promised Lyss and myself that I would help her earn her freedom and this would make that much easier on me. I knew her word wasn’t going to be enough, though. We’d have to prove it! That would be a big step in helping her achieve her goals and getting her out of that shop for good.

Lyss enthusiastically hugged me, which started off giddy, but slowly calmed until she was holding me tight. I realized she was sobbing again. I didn’t say anything but hugged her and ran my hand through her short hair. She slowly pulled away, her lip quivering and her eyes wet. She looked sad.


She sniffed and smiled. “I feel so bad that something good is happening to me finally, but you were almost taken from me, and now Lexie is gone, and…”

“I’m fine. And we’ll get her back. Are you ok?”

She lifted her head and wiped her face again. “Yeah… Damnit! Why am I crying so much lately?”

“Your systems were unlocked, you’re still getting used to the full effect of your emotions.”

“Heh… a robot with emotions. Wouldn’t that be something?” She belittled herself but looked up at me with desire in her eyes.

“You don’t think your emotions are real? I do. Besides, I like seeing the softer side of you.”

She blushed and punched my arm. “Don’t embarrass me, jerk.”

Instead of retaliating, I stuck my tongue out at her. She was caught off guard by my reaction and smiled. It was a nice pure genuine smile, one that I was surprised to see from her. It made me smile too. Lyss’s eyes stared up into mine and she seemed to lose herself.

“Fuck it!” she cursed under her breath and kissed me passionately. I was taken aback by it but returned the kiss in kind. When I finally pulled back, her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. Lyss blushed as she opened her eyes, gazing intently into mine.

“Shit Kevin” she cussed as she looked away. “I was trying to be serious here but then you have to go and act all cute on me! You’re making me excited; I’m vulnerable!”

“I know,” I admitted. What Erin told me echoed in my mind, her sexual functions were increased, so her libido was high. I figured after all the excitement and the emotional roller coaster she must be going through, especially after that girl almost killed me, she was having a hard time controlling herself. It was even more obvious when I realized her hair was starting to shift red.

Lyss leaned into me, about to kiss me again, but hesitated and instead playfully teased me, just brushing against my skin but never fully engaging. She even began gently biting my lip and nose as she smiled. She batted her eyes a little at me playfully, and I wasn’t sure it was intentional or not.

I wanted to go on but thought she was just teasing me now. I stopped and released her. “Let’s take care of Kat, she needs our help.”

Lyss nodded, looking disappointed. “You get me started and then just change direction?” She looked disappointed but glanced over at Kat who was lying still and lifeless. “Shit. We have to take her in, don’t we?”

“Yeah. The store closes soon, we can sneak in after hours, but we’ll still need to avoid Trevor.”

“Can’t we just go in later? You have the keys, you can get us in after he leaves.” She put one hand on my chest and slowly brought it up to gently touch my face.

“I… I guess she’s stable right now.” I got the impression she actually wanted physical attention. I thought she was just teasing me, but, thinking about it, she might have actually craved the pleasure of sex to counter the worry and pain of Lexie’s sacrifice.

She pressed herself closer to me and gazed into my eyes. “Kev, I think we both need a little release after everything that just happened.” Her hair had fully shifted red again. It was insane how quickly she was able to change gears emotionally, at least while she was still getting used to the full effect of them. She looked up at me with large sorrowful eyes. “Please?”

“You are the worst” I pointed out. “Come here.”

She looked at me intensely and half smiled. It faded fast though as she kissed me again. She almost looked sad as she gave me a series of small kisses all over my face and lips. Almost without thinking, she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. I managed to grab her before she fell and held her up against me. We ended up on the couch with Lyss sitting on top of me, holding my face and kissing me again and again.

Without any words, she pulled away and frantically pulled her top straight up without even unzipping it, allowing her breasts to bounce freely from their restraints before me. Oh god was she sexy! I held her slim body close as I brought her tit to my lips and teased her. Lyss panted and mewed as I caressed her and played with her body, gently biting her nipple.

“Ohhh Kev, I love it when you hold me like that!” she proclaimed as she ran her hands through my hair and pulled at it. Her grip pulled my head back, bringing my face up as she kissed me again.

Awkwardly, she scrambled from my lap and started to struggle with her pants. I watched as she fumbled with the button and zipper, and realized she hadn’t work clothes like this before. She was used to that skirt she wore at work all the time, so jeans were a new experience for her. Especially such tight sexy ones. Her hips rocked from side to side as she pulled and pushed on the waistband trying to get them off.

“Fuck! How does anyone work these things?”

I reached forward and pulled on her pants, bringing them down to her knees in one motion, making her jump a little. Without hesitation she used my shoulder to balance herself as she pulled one leg off at a time, each taking a sock with it. Finally, she stood before me in only her panties and put her hands on her hips.

“I’m not the only one getting undressed,” she demanded, eyeing my crotch. Grinning, I sat forward and took off my shirt as she got on her knees and worked on my pants. She didn’t even wait to get them off entirely before she pulled my dick out. With everything going on, even though she was damn sexy, I wasn’t entirely erect, leaving a disappointed look on her face. “Umm… is it supposed to…?”

I shrugged. “It’s been a long day, but it’ll be fine. You just have to manually stimulate it.”

“Manually…?” she thought out loud and then realized what I was saying. Lyss huffed but didn’t object as she stood up and grabbed at my pant legs and pulled, falling backward onto her butt as they flew off my legs. She giggled as she crawled toward me on all fours and brought herself right between my legs. Gingerly, she took me in her hand and started to pump away.

“This is so weird” she admitted. “But I kind of like it.”

“It feels good” I explained as she looked up at my reaction. “You can tighten your grip a little and go a bit faster” I suggested.

She looked down at my cock and followed my orders, instantly increasing the pleasure. I could feel myself getting bigger in her hand. It took maybe a minute for her to realize how much of an impact she was having on me. “Woah, Kev, it’s getting bigger!”

“It feels great! Try using your mouth.”

“My-?” she began, but then leaned in and stick out her tongue while she was stroking me and touch it. “Like this?”

“More. All the way in, just don’t use your teeth.”

She complied and soon I was thrusting in and out of her mouth. Honestly, she needed to work on her blow jobs, but her hand job was working just fine. I put my hand on her head and pulled her back and off of me only to notice she was drooling and blurry eyed.


“I… I…” she started and then shook her head. “I didn’t expect to like that, but… your scent is amazing!”

“I think I’m ready if you are” I explained. Her eyes went wide and a desperate look washed over her face, almost like she forgot she wanted to have sex and now was eager to do it. I helped her get back up to her feet and turned her around, bringing her butt to my lap.

“What are you doing?”

“A different position” I explained as I guided her hips down and brought her pussy to my cock. She was warm and wet and ready, but sliding in her was tighter than I expected. She let out a sexy moan as I pulled her onto me, and started thrusting.

Lyss quickly picked up on the position and started moving her hips, bouncing her whole body up and down, taking the length of my shaft into her. She started to breathe heavily as she tried rotating her hips in different ways with each thrust. I held her arms behind her and pushed harder into her, enticing a gasp from her.

“Kev, I… Ohhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yess! I want to see you! Please!! Ohh!” she begged.

I got the hint and pulled out of her. Lyss turned around and faced me, her face and hair red as she climbed onto my lap. She reached down and aligned me with her, lowering herself with a satisfied sigh as she put her weight on me.

Sitting on my lap facing me, she began to rotate her hips before bouncing up and down on me. She felt amazing and I admitted I liked seeing her too. She looked with desperate eyes into mine and increased her motion.

“It feels amazing Kevin!” she panted between gasps. “HA Ahn!”

Soon she was going at full force, bouncing up and down, letting her breasts move with her body as she held onto my shoulders. I could feel her start to clench up on me as her voice got louder. Lyss closed her eyes and started to lean back, arching her torso away from me and doing fun things to her body. I grabbed one of her breasts and caressed it as she moaned and grunted with sexual pleasure.

I moved my hips harder against her until she began to shake, her pussy tightening on me. I could feel her orgasm through my body as she ran one hand from her red color-changing hair down her face, biting on her finger.

“Hhhaaaaaahhh!!! Uhh! Shit! Fuck! Yes! Yes! Yesss! Oh…. wow… Kev…” she climaxed as her hair cycled between stripes of colors. “Oh… Wow!” she repeated as I kept going even harder. “Oh! FUCK! SHIT! Kevin!!” She leaned forward as I pounded into her relentlessly, trying to reach that zenith myself. I was so close!

“Lyss!” I grunted as I felt the pleasure rising in me.

“Hah! Hanh! Ahhh! I’m coming again! I’m coming again!” She tensed up, making her pussy even tighter. Her hair changed colors faster with sparks of yellow appearing.

“Gah!!” I groaned as I hit the top and released all my anger and love inside her. She milked me dry, thrusting up and down as her own second climax washed over her. Finally, we were spent!

Lyss stayed on top of me, breathing heavily, her hair a deep red with her forehead against mine looking into my eyes as I gazed back into hers. “I love you, Kev,” she breathed.

“I love you too” I replied. She smiled, but it faded.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again! I can’t bear to lose you so soon!”

I smiled at her but didn’t know what to say.

Lyss sighed. “We’re horrible people” she realized. “Fucking when Lexie is kidnapped.”

I said nothing, but instead held her close and hugged her. She returned the embrace.

“I think I’m out of tears right now,” she said. “I feel happy and sad and scared and angry, but I can’t cry.”

Still, I said nothing, I had no words for her anymore. Instead, I just held her tighter. We ended up lying down on the couch, Lyss still on top of my laying her head on my chest. It felt nice having her naked body on me. It felt right.

“I was never so scared in my life as I was today when I almost lost you” Lyss whispered.


“With Jessica” she clarified. “She was going to… but Lexie stopped her. She saved you, both of us. We have to get her back.”

“We will.”

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you. It feels like I only just started to live!”

“You’re stronger than you know,” I told her. “You’d get by.”

“Maybe but you are the best part of it. God! I can’t believe we fucked again after all that. But damn it felt good! Maybe something’s wrong with me,” she worried. I didn’t want to tell her about what Erin discovered, so I lied.

“It’s fine. You’re still getting used to all this, and your brain and body are making sense of your emotional needs.”

“Emotional… needs?” She wondered. “Is that even possible? I’m not human. I’m just a machine.”

Calling herself a machine is me calling myself an ape. I realized Jessica had called me that earlier. It was very degrading, but I figured right now she wasn’t feeling really good about herself. “So what? You are as thoughtful and emotional and intelligent as any human I’ve ever met. Of course, you have emotions.”

She shrugged. “Yeah, well sometimes I don’t know about that. And I don’t want to be the girl that can’t control her own urges.”

“I won’t let that happen,” I assured her. “Besides, you enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, no one got hurt.”

“It was really good,” she grinned, “but that’s not the point!”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure you don’t do anything to embarrass yourself.”

She lifted her head and gave me a sly grin. “I love you and all but I get the impression you’re just as bad as me.”

“Great minds think alike.”

She chuckled. “Right.” Lyss lifted herself from my body and sat up, giving me a smile and stretching. Scratching her head and yawning, she looks amazing with her naked body all stretched out like that. “We should probably get going.”

Lyss was right. I looked at the time and sat up. But seeing her there, sexy and vulnerable was driving me crazy. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her slim warm soft body, giving her kisses all over and teasing her perky tits.

“Kevin!” she giggled. “Stop it! You’re going to get me going again!’

“That was the idea.”

She bit her lip and looked flustered as she wrapped her arms around me. God, I couldn’t get enough of her! “You naughty boy! Fine… but make it quick, and you better get me off too-!”

I pushed her down on the couch and entered her from behind. Lyss was moaning in an instant, still excited from before, and was completely submissive to me, letting me have my way with her.

This day did not turn out how I had hoped it would at all but it was far from over.

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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by Extyr » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:15 pm

Lots of exposition and a bunch of new characters introduced. It's interesting, but it could also bog down the story. Let's see where this goes.

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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by gynoneko » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:05 pm

I was having difficulty with these chapters. I was afraid of too much happening, and too much exposition, but I was running into a writer's block where I felt I had to get through this part somehow to continue the plot. I hope the next parts aren't too bogged down and read easier, I'll make sure to keep working on them until they flow nicely. Sorry about that.
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by liliwinnt6 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:58 am

shall we make a chance to pay revenge on that jessica the commander? to make her pay for what she did. i really hate her, she was too racist :(
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by gynoneko » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:15 pm

Jessica is a more complicated character than you think, but a lot has yet to be revealed about her. She has a much bigger role to play, and she has reasons to act the way she does.
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by liliwinnt6 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:21 am

well, roger that, then let's see how the storyline goes
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by Brytestar » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:19 am

Part of me want Quill get reprogrammed and obey the hero of the story. Bad Quill!
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - ... And The Cat Came Back

Post by liliwinnt6 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:39 am

Brytestar wrote:Part of me want Quill get reprogrammed and obey the hero of the story. Bad Quill!
yeah, that's the way to punish those robots like them, make them completely submissive
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - Mixed Signals (Revisited)

Post by gynoneko » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:35 pm

OK, everyone. Sorry about all the confusion with this story, but the old chapters have finally all been replaced with the new ones and both Dollspace and I are much happier with the direction this is going now. Please make sure you reread chapter 10 as well if you haven't already because these two are very different now.
Enjoy the new chapters, and I look forward to giving you the continuing adventures of Kevin and Lyss and gang in the near future.
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 11 - Mixed Signals (Revisited)

Post by DollSpace » Thu Jun 28, 2018 1:00 pm

Yes, the revisions are finally up! Woo-hoo! I hope you enjoy them! They're only a taste of what's to come. Now sit back, re-read the chapter and have a cold one, a soda like me, if you prefer, and enjoy, while we scurry like crazy in the background to make sure the next instalment is not nearly six months in posting. :)

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