Spaz Studios Presents #5: The Future Expo

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Spaz Studios Presents #5: The Future Expo

Post by Spaz » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:39 am

Author's note: I apologize for the delay...I had planned on getting this story out sometime in late November/early December, but writer's block hit me, and I decided to have five ministories instead of the usual three. Also, I came up with a great idea on how to spin off the androids I introduced in this anthology. You may note that the writing style on this is a little different, since I wrote outside of my usual comfort zone. As opposed to my other works, the androids in this story do not have souls. They are not artificial humans, and they have no rights to speak of. They are basically just attractive robots that can perform a variety of tasks in as humanlike a manner as possible.

The spinoff, called "The Small Business Chronicles", will be comprised of several sub-stories, with the various chapters each involving one of the main characters android employees being fixed, upgraded, maintained, or programmed. The spinoff was originally going to be the 6th Spaz Studios Presents "The Repair Shop", but the idea was simply too big to be contained in a small anthology.

Finally, this is likely going to be the last anthology story I least for a while. I simply have too much in my current docket of stories and other FembotWiki projects I am working on to come up with another idea for an anthology....though I am up for suggestions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Here it is at last, Spaz Studios (finally) Presents: The Future Expo
“Welcome to the future expo!”

At the sight of the 1st annual future expo, numerous VIPs were already filing in. The place was huge, with the main exhibit featuring the new top of the line androids containing several football stadium sized domes fitted with numerous holographic viewing rooms to allow VIPs and other guests to try out each of the five featured models.

A sign posted at the entrance welcome people in with a brief message:

Welcome to the 1st annual future expo, hosted by the Spaztec Industries, where all your dreams can come true!

Here, you can help test out a variety of top of the line, fully realistic androids, as well as try out various other technological improvements offered by the other invited companies.

Each android, built in the image of an early 21st century celebrity, is programmed for a specific role in the hopes they might help better the average person’s life.

Expo attendees should be aware that each android is a prototype and may exhibit unintended behavior or glitches. Anyone wishing to test these androids out is required to sign a waiver of non-disclosure, as well as a waiver of liability, indemnification, and medical release. Please be aware that each scenario is monitored with both audio and video surveillance for quality assurance.

Thank you for attending, and we hope you have a pleasant experience!

A small group of friends, each in their late 30s, not quite dressed up like the other VIPs also filed in, each looking excited.

“Wow, I can’t believe we won tickets to this exclusive event!” the leader of the outfit said; a name badge pinned to his shirt showed his name as Kevin. Kevin was 33 years old and had a very handsome appearance with plain brown hair and blue eyes.

“I know Kev, thanks for bringing us into this,” one of the two girls in the group said; her name badge read Lisa. She was the youngest in the group, at only 30. She had a very girl-next-door look, with long brown hair and green eyes.

“What exactly are we supposed to be doing here though?” one of the other men asked; his name badge read Scott. With dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, Scott had a pretty stern look and was quite tall; he was 35. “These androids seem mostly marketed for lonely men who need a programmable sex companion,” he complained.

“Hey, there not just for sex,” the woman next to him said; she was Scott’s wife and her name badge read Bree. With long blonde hair and blue eyes, Bree looked exactly like a high school cheerleader, despite being 34; she actually had been a cheerleader. “There’s a personal secretary model that you should look at for your law firm,” she smiled, “I for one am going after the partier model since all my girlfriends moved away,”

“Well, I don’t about the rest of you, but I’m going for the personal trainer model,” the last man in the group said; his name badge read Jason, and he looked as though he had always been a jock. Although not totally burly, he was clearly in perfect shape. He had cropped black hair and brown eyes and was 32.

“Why Jason?” Kevin asked, “You already have a strict regime,”

“Well, it’s a lonely strict regime,” Jason said defensively, evoking laughter from the rest of the group.

“Well, I’m going to see the housewife model myself,” Kevin said without a hint of embarrassment, since he lived by himself.

“And I’m going to try out the perfect friend model,” Lisa finally admitted with a light blush, since it was the only one that had lesbian programming and she was bisexual.

“Good choice” Kevin complimented her, “I wonder why we had to sign all those release forms,” he said, as they gawked at all the sights inside the expo.

“Who cares?” Jason said, “Let’s just have us some fun!” he shouted, and they all headed to the massive domes to test out their android choices.
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Re: Spaz Studios Presents #5: The Future Expo

Post by Spaz » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:42 am

“The Personal Trainer”

Are you trying to get back into shape?

Well then, our personal trainer android is just for you!

This android can go with you anytime or anywhere. It comes preprogrammed with fitness techniques from every country, and from all the greats. And, not only is it programmed with expertise, it is also built to keep up with you, regardless of the workout. It can even play all the popular games with you!

Try yours out today!

Jason was barely able to contain his excitement as he powerwalked over to the dome that contained the personal trainer model androids. As soon as he got to the registration desk, we was handed a questionnaire and asked to fill it out.

“Why do I have to fill this thing out?” he rudely asked the reception woman.

“So that we may program the android you choose with your personal preferences,” the lady responded politely.

“But I thought these things were programmed to learn based on our preferences,” Jason complained.

“They are,” the lady replied, “But that process ordinarily takes several days, and since you only have one to test this android out, we are preprogramming them to save time so you may enjoy all of its features right away,”

Jason let that process through his slow brain for a while before smiling, “Oh, that makes sense,”

“Good,” the lady smiled, “Please bring the questionnaire to me when you finish, and I will enter it in to the android of your choice,”

“Alright,” Jason said, and he sat down nearby and began filling out the questionnaire, which included questions about the types of workouts he engaged in, as well as his favorite sports. When he reached the last question, he saved his results and then it asked him which android he wanted to select, bringing up a large list of potential models.

Jason nearly salivated at all the choices, since they were all of attractive, muscular women…all his type. He finally selected one based off a 21st century MMA wrestler and actress named Gina Carano, who had actually played a robot in a television series.

With his selections made, he brought the tablet to the reception lady. “I’ve made my choice,” Jason smiled.

“Very good sir,” she smiled, connecting the tablet to her station. A few moments later, she handed him another tablet that she had just finished programming, “Here you go sir, this is the control tablet that will allow you to control your unit,” she said, handing him the device, “Your room is 317 and you will have 12 hours to test out all the functions of your unit, which you may activate with that tablet,” she explained, “The tablet will also allow you to control the holographic setting,” she added.

“Nice, thanks!” Jason said, taking the tablet and heading towards the nearby lift. When he got up to the third floor, he quickly found room 17 and waved his passkey over the door panel. He heard a humming noise on the other end of the door and then it slowly hissed open. A timer above the door started counting down from 12 hours.

The inside of the room had configured itself as a standard gym with virtually every type of athletic machine included. From outside the windows, he could see what appeared to be a full sized track, along with an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as tennis and basketball courts.

“Wow, this is nice!” Jason said, taking a look at all the equipment as he slowly walked through the room. It was a few moments before he saw his android, it was standing passively at the opposite end of the room.

Jason walked over to the inactive Gina robot with a mixed look of curiosity and lust. Gina Carano was of mixed heritage, as many people in the United States were. She stood at 5”8 and was very attractive, considering she looked to be solid muscle. Although she was currently in a state of deactivation, she still had a pretty intense look on her sleeping face. Attesting to her personal trainer programming, she was wearing a black cotton spandex sports bra and a matching pair of shorts, along with a pair of ordinary sneakers.

“Nice,” Jason said, sizing the robot up and then doing the first thing his animal brain told him…he grabbed her breasts through the bra and played with them. “Very nice,” he said, letting them go.

He then set the bag he had brought with him with his towel and spare clothes and started stripping his out layer of clothing, revealing he too was wearing exercise shorts and a shirt beneath. With his outer layer off and stowed in his bag, he pulled the control tablet from it and then turned it on. It took him only a few moments to figure out the functions of the tablet, since the personal trainer robots didn’t have very many features. He quickly located the activation menu and used it to activate the robot.

It only took a few seconds after he tapped the activation button on the tablet for the Gina robot to activate. He briefly heard the sound of her systems activating somewhere within her torso, and then her eyes slowly opened and focused on him. She smiled and then spoke, “Hello Jason, my name is Gina, your personal trainer android,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Hello Gina,” Jason said, taking her hand and shaking it.

“I am currently programmed and configured to handle any athletic activity you desire,” she continued, “However I do also have your personal preferences saved within my systems,” she told him, “What would you like me to do for you?”
Jason wasted little time in responding, “Can you follow orders without me having to use this thing?” he asked, showing her the tablet.

“Yes,” Gina replied simply.

“Good,” Jason said, and he lightly dropped the tablet into his open bag and then faced her again. “Now, before we start anything, I’d like you to lift up your bra,” he ordered.

“Certainly,” Gina said with a slight smile but nothing more. She efficiently raised both arms to her chest and lifted up her sports bra, allowing Jason access to her modest sized breasts.

Jason said nothing as he reached out and fondled both her breasts. She merely looked at him with a passive, nonjudgmental look. He spent nearly a minute admiring the realism of both her breasts before letting go. “Alright, you can lower it again,” he said, and once she did so, he asked, “Are you capable of sex?”

“Yes, I am programmed with many techniques,” she answered.

“Good,” Jason smiled, “We’ll try some of them after our workout, as a cool down”

“Very well,” she said, “What would you like to do?”

“Why don’t we go on a short run…two miles, to warm up,” he suggested.

“Alright, would you like me to keep pace with you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Understood,” she said, and she followed him out onto the track and ran with him.

Jason knew Gina was a robot, but he was nonetheless impressed by how well it kept up with him, considering it was female. His normal exercise pace was much faster than most women could manage, but Gina managed it with ease. When they finally finished the two miles, they jogged back into the building to stretch.

“If you will relax, I can assist you with several effective stretching routines,” Gina said, as soon as they were back in the building.

“Alright,” Jason said, allowing Gina to take the initiative. He sat down on the floor as Gina joined him and performed some of the basic stretches with him, using her computer brain to give him a precise countdown for each routine. She also assisted him with several other stretches that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without someone assisting.

“You’re doing very well,” Gina complimented him as he effortlessly completed each stretch, “You’re obviously in good shape,”

“I am,” Jason said, “but I don’t usually have anyone to practice with,” he admitted, “And never someone as attractive as you,”

“Thanks,” Gina smiled, “I’m pleased to see you find my programming acceptable, as well as my appearance,”

“You’re much better help than any of the human trainers I’ve been forced to deal with,” Jason said.

“Well, I am programmed with every known technique,” Gina responded.

“I hope you are programmed for MMA, because that is my specialty,” Jason said.

“I am programmed and designed for all major forms of sports and combat, including MMA,” Gina replied, “As a matter of fact, the woman I am modeled on was a famous MMA fighter,”

“Good,” Jason said, “Let’s do get started then,” he said, bending forwards to remove his shoes and socks.

“Alright,” she said, also removing her shoes and socks; Jason noted she had very nice feet.

Once they were both barefoot, they walked a short distance away where there was an MMA style ring set up for them. They both entered it and then faced off.

“What mode would you prefer me to be in?” Gina asked, “Adaptive, or combative,”

“What’s the difference between the two?” Jason asked, eager to start fighting.

“In adaptive mode I will essentially spar with you,” she explained, “I will adapt to your techniques, but not attempt to take you down,” she said, “In combative, I will attack you based on my programming and will attempt to take you down. Also, combative mode has varying levels of difficulty”

Jason thought about the two choices for a while before deciding, “Adaptive mode sounds good to me,”

“Very good, now configuring for adaptive mode,” she said. She then froze up momentarily with a blank look on her face before coming back to life. “Configuration complete. Now in adaptive combat mode.” Gina then assumed a combat posture, patiently awaiting Jason’s first move.

“Very well,” Jason said, and he began the fight.

He immediately started with an opening move, one which Gina quickly and efficiently countered. He spent several minutes at first testing her reaction times and strength, though true to her previous statement, she did not do anything other than spar with him. Once he felt more comfortable sparring with this beautiful machine, he upped his attacks and began his real workout.

Even during his intense training session with Gina, he still paid close attention to her reactions. She appeared to be programmed to simulate many human responses, including perspiration; he could clearly make out the beads of sweat forming on her forehead and chest.

The one thing he did notice that betrayed her realism was that as he increased his speed, he could almost hear the whine of servo mechanisms in her arms and legs as she mechanically moved to counter his move. Despite the betrayal, he still found her appearance more than satisfactory to ignore the sound, as well as her usefulness as a sparring partner.

Everything was going well, until Jason tried out a technique he had been working on…one that apparently was not programmed into Gina’s CPU. She was momentarily confused, allowing a crucial opening in which Jason kicked her in the gut…at least, it would have been the gut if Gina were human.

Gina fell back onto the floor, a confused look on her face. As she got back to her feet, she started twitching; mechanical sounds could be heard from her torso.

“Error, shock damage to primary processing unit,” she said in an emotionless voice, “Reconfiguring systems,” she said then, freezing up.

“Gina, are you alright?” Jason asked, looking at her with concern.

Gina did not respond. She remained frozen for several more moments before coming back to life. “Combat mode confirmed, maximum difficulty,” she said, and before Jason could react, she suddenly started attacking him.

Fortunately, Jason was more than decent at MMA, but he found Gina in her current state to be most challenging. Not only was she hitting smarter, she was hitting harder. He did his best to fend her off, all the while trying to stop her. The fight lasted for several moments before she suddenly stopped and slumped to the ground.

“What the hell?!” Jason said, wondering what had happened. He didn’t need to wait long, as he heard several people behind him.

“Sorry about that,” a man, in an event staff uniform, whose name badge read Zach said, approaching him with Gina’s control tablet; he had used it to manually shut her down.

“What the hell happened to this…thing?” he asked, looking down at Gina’s body, slumped at the base of his feet.

“It seems you hit her midsection with a bit too much force,” Zack explained, “That’s where her ‘brain’ is,”

“Oh,” Jason said, “Can you fix it?”

“Sure, just give me a sec,” Zack said, and he walked over to where Gina still lay and tapped on her abdomen. Jason could quite see what he was doing, because the exhaustion and pain from Gina’s attacks suddenly hit him, causing him to slump to the ground in pain.

“Are you alright?” Zack asked, pulling his hands out of Gina’s now open abdominal access panel.

“Yeah, she hit me pretty hard,” Jason admitted, “I’m glad you came when you did,”

“So am I,” Zack agreed, getting back to work repairing Gina. ‘It’s a good thing you get a discount voucher after this,” he added.

“What?!” Jason asked.

“Didn’t someone tell you? For helping us beta test this androids, all participants receive 50% off any model of their choice, and off any future updates, upgrades, and repairs,”

“Cool!” Jason said, wincing a little.

“Well, I think I have Gina here fixed up for you,” Zack said, pulling a damaged component that he had just replaced from her panel. He carefully replaced the skin flap and then pressed an odd portion of skin that appeared to have a light underneath it. A bright blue light appeared around the seam, and moments later, the seam was gone.

“So, she won’t go berserk and try and kill me again?” Jason asked cautiously, carefully getting back to his feet.

“No…at least, I hope not,” Zack smiled. He quickly activated the control tablet and used it to turn Gina back on. It seemed to take a few extra moments for her to reactivate, but when she reactivated, she appeared to be operating properly.

“Hello technician Zack,” she smiled, “How may I be of service?”

“Continue demonstrating your functions to your client,” Zack said.

“Very well,” she said emotionlessly.

Zack then handed the control tablet back to Jason and headed out of the holosuite, turning back only to say, “Have fun,”

“I will,” Jason smiled, and once Zack was gone, he turned back to Gina with a smile on his face, “Well Gina, would you like to engage in our agreed cool down exercise?” he asked with a lustful smile.

“Certainly,” Gina said, almost matching his smile, before reaching to undress.
“The Secretary”

Is good help hard to find?

Do you wish you could find the perfect assistant, one that never needs a break, can keep all your secrets, and do whatever you ask?

Then our secretary model is just for you!

This android comes preprogrammed with thousands of legal, business, and personal subroutines to help you with anything you need in your line of work. It also comes with our top of the line heuristic algorithm so it can further learn based on your own personal needs.

Try yours today!

Scott separated from the group with apprehension; he still wasn’t sure just how useful he would find any of these androids, even one that could serve as a secretary.

He finally found his way over to the dome that contained all of the testing suites for the secretary model androids. He was stopped at a reception desk and handed a data pad, which contained a rather lengthy questionnaire asking him everything from his personal life to his work life. At one point, it even asked him if it could interface with his own personal mobile device, so he let it. He was initially suspicious of all the questions he was asked, but he was smart enough to figure out that they probably needed it all to speed up the programming process.

After the questionnaire was complete, a new menu popped up asking him to select a model from a variety of preselected choices. He finally decided on one modelled after a 21st century actress named Maggie Gyllenhaal; in this incarnation, she was in her mid-thirties. He amused himself by reading the detailed biographical information they had on her, including that she had actually played an actress in a film called “The Secretary”.

“Probably why they have her as a model,” Scott chuckled to himself, saving his selection and taking the pad to the receptionist.

She gave him a polite smile as she took the pad and then connected it to her station. A few moments later, she handed him a tablet which she explained could control his secretary model. She also handed him a passkey for room 401.
Scott silently took the key and used it to activate the nearby lift, which took him to the 4th floor of the dome. He did not have to walk much further, because his room was the first on the right.

The instant he waved his passkey over the door mechanism, he heard a low humming noise on the other end and then the door opened. He was slightly shocked to see, on the other end of the door, a perfect holographic representation of his law office.

“Wow, this is neat,” Scott said, slowly walking through the door. Once he was all the way in, the door disappeared behind him and he suddenly heard the sound of someone operating a computer in his reception area.

Scott continued on past the hallway leading into his office area and then froze as he saw the secretary model android operating his reception desk. She stopped what she was doing the instant she detected his presence, looking up from her computer and rising to her feet with a smile.

“Hello Scott. My name is Maggie, your new android secretary, Mark I,” she said, walking over and greeting him with a handshake. She was dressed in a very efficient, yet attractive, business suit which fully accentuated her best features; she also smelled nice. Though the actress had sported several different hairstyle, this iteration of her was currently sporting a bun.

“You already know my name?” he asked, too distracted by how real she looked and felt to remember he had already provided nearly his entire personal history.

“Yes, the responses from your questionnaire have been successfully programmed into my CPU,” she smiled, “I am fully configured to attend to all of your office duties, if you are ready,”

“What exactly can you do, aside from offer my clients a friendly face?” he joked.

“Well, in addition to my friendly face, I can do any or all paperwork you might need worked on,” she smiled at the joke, “I also have a full array of tax and legal software available to assist you with any other needs,” she continued, “I can also do the usual: make you coffee, give you a massage, and even learn from what I hear to act as a sounding board for any ideas you may have,” she finished.

“Wow, I can see why my wife wants me to get one of you,” he said.

“You’re wife sounds very smart,” Maggie smiled.

“She is,” Scott smiled, “Hopefully she is enjoying her party model right now,”

“What is your wife doing with a party model when she has you?” Maggie asked.

“Her girlfriends all moved away or got married and aren’t able to go out with her to have fun anymore,” Scott explained, “Besides, my work usually keeps me from her for extended periods,”

“Oh, I see,” Maggie said, “Would you like to get some work done with me?” she asked.

“What? How?” he asked.

“This holographic representation of your office is real…down to a computer linkup with your actual computer system,” she smiled, “That way you can actually see how much work I can get done for you,”

“Oh, that’s why it wanted to scan my phone,” Scott said, “it won’t retain any sensitive information, will it?” he asked.

“No,” Maggie said, “And if it makes you feel better, my memories of you and your data will be purged after our session is complete,”

“It does a little, though the cavalier way you describe your nature makes me feel a bit uncomfortable,” he admitted.

“I apologize for the discomfort,” she said graciously, “Well, shall we get some work done?”

“Alright,” he said, “I guess I won’t have to stay late tomorrow after all,” he smiled.

Over the next several hours, Scott worked in the holosuite just as he would have if it were his actual office. With the addition of Maggie, however, he got more work done than he could ever have imagined. The simulation even transferred actual phone calls from clients, which Maggie efficiently handled and added to his schedule, allowing him to get more work done.

They both had a short meal break four hours in; Maggie made them both sandwiches.

“So Scott, how would you rate my performance so far?” Maggie asked as they both ate.

“Excellent,” Scott answered, “I never realized how much help having an office assistant might be,” he said.

“You don’t have one?” Maggie asked.

“No, my law firm is new and I don’t have many regular clients,” Scott explained, “As such, I can’t afford to hire anyone,”

“I see,” Maggie said, “Well, I work for free,” she smiled, “Except for maintenance costs which Spaztec has estimated to be less than half the annual cost of hiring an actual person,”

“That’s good to know,” Scott smiled.

Once they were finished eating, Maggie cleaned up and then asked what he wanted her to do next. Scott thought about it, before his memories of before resurfaced…of these androids basically being programmable sex companions. His disdain for that had wavered since seeing the true realism of these robots, and he found he was actually turned on by the fact he had so much power over her.

“I was thinking, are you capable of doing more than back massages?” he asked with a slight blush.

“I can do foot massages too,” she smiled, “or are you thinking about sex?” she asked.

“I am,” he admitted, his face flushing even more.

“Well, I’m not as equipped as the housewife or friend models,” she admitted, “But I am functional in that regard,”

“Good, though you’ll have to promise not to tell my wife,” he laughed.

“I am programmed to be discrete,” she assured him.

“Alright, why don’t we engage in a little foreplay,” he suggested.

“Very well,” she said.

He half expected her to freeze up and start loading programs, but she came onto him as gracefully as any human woman he had been with had. Her blue eyes locked onto his and then she put her arms on his shoulders in a tender embrace and locked lips with him.

He half backed away as the guilt of cheating on his wife came over him, but the absolute realism of this…mechanical woman instantly quelled those feelings. He continued making out with Maggie in a way he hadn’t done since he and his wife were still dating. He had always wondered why a man would choose to cheat on their spouse…even if their spouse was as attractive as his; Bree was extremely attractive. He slowly came to the realization that the forbidden fruit aspect was extremely…intoxicating and nearly impossible to resist.

Just as Maggie was beginning to move to the next step, a seductive undressing, Scott stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked, looking into his eyes innocently, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” Scott said, struggling to catch his breath, “This just seems too…easy,” he said.

“Easy?” Maggie asked with a confused look, “I was merely doing my best to turn you on…given your personality profile,”

“I know,” Scott said, “But part of the sex appeal in this case is the forbidden fruit appeal, but you don’t seem to be displaying any of that,” he explained to her.

“I believe I understand,” Maggie said, “If you will grab my control tablet, you will find several preprogrammed office romance settings you may have me activate, as well as options to make your own office romance setting”

“Ok,” Scott said. He quickly headed back into his office where he had left the control tablet. He had previously been using it to monitor her progress, but he could see she had remotely accessed it and loaded the sexual preferences screen. On the screen, it had several clichéd office romance type settings that he could have her activate. He finally configured her to load a setting in which she would be romantically interested in him, though in a more submissive way, and she would also act guilty of having an affair with him.

Once he had all of the settings complete, he looked up to her. “Alright, I’ve got the settings I’d like. What now?”

“Just save the settings and I will have to reboot to load the settings,” Maggie told him.

“Ok,” Scott said, “Are these settings permanent?” he asked her.

“They can be,” she said, “You are free to change them at any time though,” she added.

“Alright, I’m saving these settings now,” he said, tapping the save icon on the screen.

The instant he tapped it, Maggie’s face went blank. “New settings confirmed…rebooting to initialize new settings,” she said in an emotionless tone. She then closed her eyes and slowly bowed her head down to her chest. Scott almost thought he heard the sound of a computer winding down, but it was so faint he dismissed it. She was offline for nearly a minute, making Scott wish he had asked how long it would take. Finally, he heard something from inside her torso and she came back to life.

“New settings loaded, now loading personality profile,” she said in the same emotionless tone, and then she blinked several times before a smile formed on her face. “I’m back,”

“Good,” Scott said, “How do you feel?”

“Different,” she said, acting more submissive…she kept giving him furtive glances and looking down at her blouse, which had been slightly unbuttoned at the top from before, revealing the top of her cleavage.

“How about we head into my office?” Scott suggested, “My couch is a futon,”

“Alright,” she said shyly, following him in.

Once they were in, he closed the blinds, locked the door and pulled the bed out of the couch. Maggie slowly sat down and gave Scott an inviting look. He joined her on the couch. “You are so beautiful,” he said finally, allowing his feelings to come forth.

“Not as beautiful as Bree,” she countered, “Are you sure she won’t know about us?”

Scott was now having the time of his life…for so long he had dreamt of a scenario like this playing out, and now it actually was. “I’m sure,” Scott said, taking full advantage of the situation, “Besides, who knows what she’s doing with her party model right now,” he laughed.

“Alright,” Maggie said, breathing a sigh of relief. She then planted a surprise kiss on his lips and resumed disrobing, kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her blouse, all while Scott took his clothes off and watched her with interest. He was curious as to just how real these androids looked, and once she had all her clothes off and laid before him completely naked, he was pleased to see no visible signs of her artificial nature.

“Wow, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined,” he managed to say.

“Then come on in,” she smiled, opening her legs and showing off her pussy, “I’m waiting,”

“Say no more,” Scott said. He then swiftly joined her on the bed and entered her. She let out a pleasurable sigh as he did and then she started moaning with pleasure as he began pumping in and out of her body.

Despite his own feeling of pleasure, the rational part of his brain remained active, comparing this sexual experience with all of the ones he’d had with his wife, and various ex-girlfriends. He noted that she felt every bit as real, both inside and out, as any human woman he’d engaged in intercourse with…the only difference was that she appeared to be too expertly timing herself to his rhythm, something a real woman was incapable of.

“Wow, you are so much better than Bree,” Scott moaned. This did not have the desired effect on Maggie…instead of her smiling or thanking him, her head sort of twitched and her face spasmed.

“Oh Scott…Oh Scott…Oh Sc…Error in ethical programming…ott,” she said, still having throes of pleasure.

“Are you malfunctioning?” Scott managed to ask her, still overcome with pleasure himself.

“Yes,” she managed to answer; Scott was still pumping in and out of her, “I am programmed to give you pleasure, but indiscretion is wrong, but I am programmed to give you pleasure, but indiscretion is wrong, but I am programmed to give you pleasure…” she said, caught in some sort of feedback loop; Scott also noted that she was starting to get hot.

Scott was really turned on now, yet he was also confused as to why he was turned on. Despite the confusion, he said, “Maggie, you must give me pleasure…you must,”

“I must give you pleasure…pleasure…pleasure,” she said, her voice electronically distorting at the end.

“Maggie, you’re getting very hot,” Scott said, very close to cumming.

“Standby,” Maggie said emotionlessly, and then a rectangular section of her abdomen suddenly lifted out from the rest of her and fell off onto the bed.

Inside the now revealed panel was a maze of circuitry, fiber optics, and what looked like a large processing device. There were LEDs flashing wildly on all of the components, each flashing in a variety of sequences in all the primary colors. There was also a small amount of smoke or steam rising from the processing center…upon closer inspection, Scott could see minuscule amounts of his perspiration dropping into the panel and sizzling on her blazing hot CPU.

Scott now decided to try and hurry up and reach an orgasm, because he feared that until he did, she would continue overheating until something bad happened…like an explosion. She no longer responded to anything he said, seemingly caught in an intense feedback loop; her face was looping various expressions of pleasure.

After several more moments, he finally climaxed, as did she. They both writhed in their pleasurable ecstasy, both enjoying the moment…that is until he accidentally exited her and blasted one final shot of sperm into her open panel and landing directly on top of her CPU.

At first, nothing really happened…but after the initial sizzling ended, the large temperature differential on the exterior of her overheating core caused the external casing to crack, allowing more of his semen inside. There was a loud electrical pop followed by a small electrical fire that started pouring out of the CPU. All the lights in her body started flashing wildly, all red. Maggie then started wildly thrashing about, apparently trying to process the most recent thing in active memory...having sex with Scott. Her pleasurable moans now sounded totally digital, and kept skipping like a broken record being played in fast forward. After nearly a minute of this, there was a loud explosion inside her main panel and she collapsed lifelessly onto the bed.

Scott was knocked back by the shockwave and hit his head rather hard on the wall. When he finally came to several minutes later, he saw a small team of technicians putting out the fire in Maggie’s body. The fire had melted all the skin and musculature of her torso, so she looked like a burnt machine with realistic arms, legs, and head. There was also a medic attending to his injuries…apparently, while he was unconscious, some of her melted skin burned his legs a bit.

Before he could do much else, the technician gave him something which made him feel both really relaxed, and drowsy. He managed to say “I’ve got to get me one of those,” before losing consciousness once more.
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Re: Spaz Studios Presents #5: The Future Expo

Post by Spaz » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:42 am

“The Housewife”

Do you want to feel wanted at home?

Do you want the perfect marriage without the in-laws, or the hassle?

Then our housewife model is for you!

This android comes preprogrammed with everything you’d expect from a housewife: Cleaning, cooking, laundry, gardening, and of course, sex.

In addition to her programming, you can also customize her personality and preferences at any time to make her more docile, or stubborn, or anywhere in between.

Try yours today!

Kevin slowly walked away from the group into the massive dome structure that housed the multitude of holographic viewing rooms set aside for testing out the housewife androids. He checked in with a receptionist who had him fill out a lengthy questionnaire on a tablet, asking him virtually everything about his personal life and preferences. The receptionist explained that they would quickly program that into the android so it could more quickly adapt to him for the sake of brevity, though when the models were released to the general public, they would learn and adapt at their own pace.

Once he finished the questionnaire, he was then asked to select from a short list of premade celebrity models. He gave each one careful consideration before finally selecting a celebrity named Melanie Lynskey. The brief biographical details informed Kevin that that actress had acted in numerous film and television series from the late 20th century well into the mid-21st.

With his selections made, the receptionist handed him a passkey and a tablet he could use to control the android and then directed him to the 45th room on the 2nd level. He was also informed he would have 24 hours to test out that model before moving on to another, or leaving.

With nervous apprehension, Kevin slowly took the lift up to the second level and then followed the circular path through the dome before finding room 245. He waved his passkey over a panel next to the door and then waited. He heard an odd humming noise from the other side of the wall, and then the door slowly slid open. A timer on the door slowly started counting down from 24:00.00.

Kevin slowly walked through the door, closing it behind him and looking at the room. Although he knew he was in a holographic viewing room that was only about 50 cubic feet, the room appeared to be that of the inside of a mid-sized suburban house with all the trimmings. Kevin looked behind him and saw the door he had walked in from now resembled the front door of the house, and he could see a rather generic looking suburb from outside the windows.

Before he could process any more visual information, he suddenly detected a smell…the smell of breakfast being cooked, the sound of bacon sizzling, and the sound of someone moving about in the kitchen.

“Kevin dear, is that you?” a woman’s voice called out from the kitchen.

Kevin was rather taken aback at the familiar way in which the woman called out to him, so he chose not to respond. Instead, he slowly made his way to the kitchen, stopping to set the tablet down on a table near an armchair. Inside the spacious kitchen was the woman he had chosen, looking in every way like a real woman.

“Wow,” Kevin breathed, not completely believing that the woman he was watching was a machine.

The Melanie android was wearing a simple tank top that did little to contain her large pair of breasts. She was also wearing a pair of simple cotton shorts. Her bare feet and slightly disheveled hair gave Kevin the impression that she had just crawled out of bed.

After a few moments, she finally noticed him and stopped what she was doing, “Kevin, it is you!” she said excitedly, turning the heat down on the stove top and rushing over to give him a hug, “I missed you so much,” she added, planting a surprise kiss on his lips.

Although Kevin knew this woman was merely a machine, she felt every bit as real as the woman he had previously been with. The warmth of her hands on his back, and the lusciousness of her lips nearly made him faint with pleasure. Although he had been intimate with a few woman before, it had never been this intimate; it was as though she was made for him.

The Melanie robot seemed to sense his surprise and toned it down a bit. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I a little too much for you?” she asked with a coquettish smile.

“Just a bit,” Kevin admitted with a blush, trying to stop his racing heart “You’re so real,” he said.

“I am aren’t I?” she teased, playfully flaunting her features, causing his face to go all red. She laughed at that, but then sniffed at the air, “Oh, breakfast is burning!” she said suddenly, turning back to the stove and tending to the food cooking, “Maybe I can show you more after we eat,” she smiled.

“Good idea,” Kevin said with a sigh of relief, “I’m starving,” he said.

“I thought you might be,” Melanie smiled, “Just sit down at the table and I’ll have our food ready soon,”

“Alright,” Kevin said, slowly making his way over to the dining area and taking a seat at one end of the small table.

He watched as Melanie expertly finished cooking their breakfast and brought two plates over. As he was starving, he immediately began eating and found that it was quite delicious and perfectly seasoned. After she brought over a pitcher of orange juice and two glasses, she sat down across from him and began eating, much to Kevin’s surprise.

“What’s wrong dear?” she asked, putting down her fork and wiping her mouth off, “Isn’t the food satisfactory?”

“It is,” he said, “I’m surprised to see you eating,” he admitted, “I didn’t think robots could eat,”

“Oh, you must be thinking of older style robots,” Melanie smiled, “I was designed to convert food into energy so I don’t have to be plugged in all the time,” she explained, “It also has the added benefit of allowing me to appear more lifelike,” she added with a smile.

“It does indeed,” he smiled back, “The food is delicious, by the way,” he added.

“Thanks,” Melanie beamed, “I’m programmed with thousands of recipes, but the data I was provided with indicated you would prefer something quite simple,”

“Well, I’m glad they were able to program you so well,” Kevin smiled.

“As am I,” she smiled back.

After they finished eating, Melanie quite efficiently cleaned up the table and washed the dishes. While she was cleaning up the kitchen, Kevin headed out into the living room and sat down in an armchair that faced the entertainment center. He then saw the tablet he had placed on the nearby table and picked it back up. Once he had it activated, it immediately interfaced with Melanie’s systems and showed him her vital stats, including: Energy levels, how long she had been active, and the program she was currently running, which was labelled as clean_kitchen.haca.

Kevin was impressed by the functionality of the tablet. Based on the tabs he was able to access, he could literally control just about every aspect of Melanie’s systems, though at the moment he chose not to. Before he could finish viewing everything, he heard the sound of the dishwasher starting and then a message popped up saying, clean_kitchen.haca complete! Starting general.converse.mode.haca.

Before he could even imagine what that was, she suddenly walked out of the kitchen, smiled, and said, “Well dear, I finished cleaning the kitchen, what would you like me to do now?” she asked, standing almost at attention in front of him.

“What are these?” he asked, showing the name of the program she was currently running, as well as the one she just finished, on the tablet screen.

“Those are the programs I run on,” she smiled.

“What does the .haca stand for?” he asked.

“Heuristic autonomous command algorithm,” she responded, “Unlike normal programs which have clearly defined parameters, my heuristic algorithms allow me to adapt to different and changing conditions, such as the unpredictability of conversing with a human such as yourself,” she explained, “Older style androids would be severely limited and would not be able to respond to something that wasn’t included in the programming. They would stop and say something clichéd, like ‘I am not programmed to respond in that area’,” she smiled, quoting an old Star Trek episode.

“I see,” Kevin smiled, recognizing the reference, “What can you tell me about the mode you are in now?” he requested.

“I am currently in general conversational mode,” she said, “Basically, I can adapt to any conversation you might bring up, based on your interests and the data I have programmed into my regarding you,” she explained, “I also have several other conversational modes that allow me to converse more effectively in parties, public settings, and with unknown people and I can even run several of the programs simultaneously to allow seamless interaction with multiple individuals,” she finished.

“Wow, I see they programmed you well,” Kevin complimented, “What about this command interface?” he asked, seeing a command tab.

“Any command you type into that, I will perform to the best of my abilities and programming,” she explained, “Why don’t you try entering a command?” she suggested.

“Alright,” he said, and he stopped to think a while before typing in a simple command: jump.

Instantly on the screen, it listed a new program called jump.uic, and then Melanie performed it. Without any additional details, she merely jumped a few feet in the air and landed back on her bare feet; her large breasts jiggled freely in tank top. Once she landed, the screen said “command complete” and then the only program listed was her general conversational mode.

“Very good,” she complimented him, “That was listed on your screen as jump.uic, uic stands for ‘user inputted command’,” she explained, “Still, that command was short and has already left my systems, however you can make more long term commands that will always load up until my systems make a permanent .haca program for it,” she continued, “I can also follow verbal commands, but commands entered with the tablet are more compulsory,”

“Interesting,” Kevin mused, thinking of what else he might command her to do, “Are you able to act completely autonomously, or are you completely a slave to your programming?” he asked.

“I cannot do anything I am not programmed to do, however after I have been online for long enough, I will basically act on my own based on your preferences and the experience I gather,” she explained, “I could basically come very close to true autonomy,”

“So, you are only capable of acting mostly human?” he asked.

“Yes, approximately 80% human,” she corrected, “Though software and hardware upgrades in the future may raise that a bit more,” she added.

“Interesting,” Kevin mused, and then he looked back at the tablet before taking another look at her and the minimal amount of clothes she was wearing. He smiled and then typed in: undress.

Though she performed the command swiftly and efficiently, he couldn’t help but notice the brief smile that played on her face a split second before the command took her over. She quickly lifted the loose tank top over her head, allowing her large breasts to spill out. Then, she slid her shorts down, allowing them to fall to her feet so she could kick them off; she wore no panties. Once she was undressed and stood before him completely naked, she regained control of her semi-autonomous program.

“I figured that command would come next,” she smiled playfully, “Well, what do you think?” she then asked, slowly cupping both her large breasts and then letting them jiggle around as she gently rubbed her hands down her sides to her waist and performed a sexy spin for him so he could see all of her lovely body.

Kevin nearly lost it right there, watching her feel her perfectly real looking skin and flaunting her female body in front of him. He could feel his heart pounding nearly out of his chest, and when she stopped, he suddenly realized he wasn’t breathing. He took in a deep breath and finally managed to say, “You’re so real…so beautiful,”

“Thanks,” Melanie beamed, giving him a warm smile, “My skin is synthesized from inert animal and plant proteins and laser printed onto a metallic skeleton,” she explained, “I even have rudimentary muscles that augment my servo joints to give me realistic humanlike movement,” and she demonstrated by stretching her arms and legs out.

“Cool,” was all Kevin could manage to say, though he knew that word scarcely did the wonder that was standing before him justice, “Melanie, is there a way I can get an objective view of your marvelous body?” he asked.

Melanie took a few seconds to process his question before smiling, “Oh, do you mean you would like to disable my personality emulation?” she asked.

“Yes, if that’s possible,” he said.

“It certainly is,” she laughed warmly, “I’ll show you how,” she said, and she walked over and briefly showed him which submenu on her control tablet to go to. That particular submenu controlled her primary processing functions, and he saw the toggle for her personality emulation as well.

“What exactly happens to you if I disable your personality?” he asked curiously, “Will you shut off or something?”

“No, my body will remain online, but my personality will be offline,” she told him, “Basically, I won’t be able to initiate any conversations, nor will I be able to initiate any tasks,” she explained, “I will still respond to direct commands or queries directed at me, but you will find I will respond as any basic artificially intelligent machine might,” she finished.

“Oh,” he said, thinking about it for a while, “Alright, I think I’ll do it,”

“Good, I look forward to seeing you after you’ve had your look,” she smiled, and then he tapped the toggle on the tablet. The smile on Melanie’s face vanished instantly, and she straightened her posture. “Human personality disabled,” she, no, it said, speaking not in a monotone like the old Hollywood cliché, but in a more detached, almost inhuman way.

“Wow, that was…kind of creepy,” Kevin said, after the initial shock of seeing the humanity drain from Melanie’s perfect face subsided. He now fully appreciated just how advanced these robots were, because without personality, they were essentially just very attractive looking computers.

Kevin waited a few moments, simply staring at Melanie’s body, before rising from the chair he was seated in; he left the tablet on the nearby table. He slowly walked the short distance from the chair to her body and examined her body more closely. Just as Melanie said, her body was still on, but without her humanlike personality online, it no longer maintained a human façade: it didn’t blink, it didn’t breathe, and it didn’t shift its stance. It just stood there passively, awaiting orders.

As creepy as this sight was, Kevin was oddly turned on seeing her like this. After all, one rarely gets to see anyone frozen like a mannequin. It took a while for Kevin to reach out and touch her, because the part of his brain that was telling him it would be wrong to take advantage of someone like this stopped him. He finally silenced it by realizing that not only did Melanie not care if he touched her, she welcomed it and it didn’t matter; she was a robot and had no rights.

He finally reached out and felt her lovely face before slightly recoiling his hand. When it did not react to his touch, he relaxed and continued his exploration of her perfect body.

“Wow, I can’t believe how real you feel,” he mused, gently caressing her face. Out of curiosity, he gently pried open her mouth and was surprised to see clean teeth and a tongue. Even though he had seen her eat only moments before, he had half expected the interior of her mouth to be mechanical beyond the opening.

“Amazing,” he said, closing her mouth back up and then moving down to her chest, where both her large breasts awaited him. Both breasts felt soft and warm, exactly as he would have expected. Apparently, even with her human emulation offline, her skin still retained its realism.

Kevin spent several minutes playing with both breasts…he had never had the chance to feel such a large pair, since normally he was attracted to more…petite women. Nevertheless, he found Melanie more than adequate. Letting go of her breasts, he smiled as they jiggled to a stop and then he let his hands gently caress her sides, feeling what apparently felt like her rib cage, and even down to her large behind.

The only thing he had left to examine was her vagina, which looked as warm and inviting as any woman’s. He slowly let his fingers run through her short pubic hair, even feeling the lips before plunging them in.

It was now that he was glad he had shut her personality off, because otherwise she would be moaning loudly with pleasure and it would seriously distract him from his exploration. The inside of her pussy was warm, and slightly moist. It was not as wet as his experience with other girls, most likely because she required her personality to be activated in order to lubricate herself.

After several moments of feeling around inside her vagina, he slowly withdrew his fingers, pausing only to smell them before wiping them off on his shirt; they had a sweet, almost fruity smell…definitely not what a real woman would smell like.

Kevin slowly walked around her, getting a look at her backside. It obviously wasn’t as exciting as her front, but he still felt around anyway. He also grabbed both her arms, which he was pleased to discover could easily be manipulated, and examined her soft hands. He found that, despite her realistic skin and musculature, if he moved her arms too slowly, he could hear a slight whine of the servos beneath the muscles, but if he moved them a bit faster, her muscles seemed to mask the sound. It was truly extraordinary the amount of work they put into these robots to get them to not lonely look real, but sound real too.

He let go of both arms, allowing them to fall naturally back to her sides and then he looked down at her large feet. The only way he could examine them was if she sat down, but he wasn’t sure how to manage it. He then remembered her body could still follow orders, so he said, “Sit down,”

“Acknowledged,” Melanie’s body said in the same inhuman tone from before, and it mechanically walked over to the nearby couch and sat down; it said or did nothing once the order was complete.

“That was easy,” Kevin smiled, admiring the simplicity of a robot that could easily follow orders in addition to following preprogrammed, heuristic responses; he was now seriously considering getting one when they were finally released.

With her now seated, he got down on his knees and gently examined her feet. They were every bit as real as the rest of her body, though he could feel her feet seemed a bit sturdier than a human foot…most likely because of her weight. They also had a slightly feminine odor, but somewhat mild in comparison to a real woman.

Once he was done with his examination of her body, he stood back up and walked over to the tablet he had left on the chairside table. He quickly toggled her personality back on and turned to watch as her humanity emulation resumed.

“Human personality reactivated,” she said in the inhuman tone, then the warm smile returned to her face. “Ah, how did you enjoy your exploration of my body?” she asked, noticing she was in a different position.

“It was great!” Kevin said, “You’re amazing!”

“Thanks,” Melanie blushed, standing up and giving him a kiss. When she broke away, she had a more serious look on her face, “I know you are enjoying seeing me like this,” she said, looking down at her nakedness, “But we do have a limited time together and I would like to show off more of my features,”

“I understand,” Kevin said with a hint of regret, “I suppose you’ll have to get dressed,”

“Yes,” Melanie said, “But I promise we can have some more fun later tonight,” she said, with a kinky smile.

“Alright,” Kevin laughed, and he followed her into the bedroom and watched as she got dressed in more functional clothing.

Over the next several hours, Kevin watched as Melanie performed her various preprogrammed tasks, including vacuuming, gardening, laundry, and even some minor document based work, showing she had some basic secretarial programming as well. She even showcased several of her human pleasing modes, including making him a sandwich for lunch, and massaging his back while he watched sports on the entertainment system.

In between each chore, she explained she could either engage in them by a strict schedule, by command, or even if her heuristic algorithms determine the task needs to be completed immediately. The latter function was demonstrated when she noticed him rubbing his neck uncomfortably whilst sitting down. She calmly suggested he lay down on the couch so she could massage him.

Kevin slowly saw the benefits of having a beautiful machine in female form that could anticipate his every need. His only worry now was how much one would end up costing, because he figured they would probably cost a fortune.

Everything continued running smoothly until dinnertime. She finished her other programmed tasks late in the afternoon and then calmly asked what he would like for dinner. He requested fired chicken, mashed potatoes and wine and then briefly watched as she prepared all the necessary ingredients.

After over an hour of cooking, all the while Kevin passed the time by continuing to watch sports, she finally announced that dinner was ready. Kevin shut off the entertainment center and got up to head to the dining room; he left the tablet on the table.

“Wow, it smells good,” Kevin said, seeing the delicious meal she had prepared.

“Thanks,” Melanie smiled, opening up a bottle of white wine and pouring them both a glass, slightly surprising Kevin.

“Hmm, can you actually get drunk drinking alcohol?” Kevin asked, as they both sat down.

“Not really,” Melanie replied, “but my personality emulation is capable of simulating the effects of drunkenness so that I might more easily emulate a human,” she explained.

“I see,” Kevin said, and they quickly toasted their glasses and took a drink.

Dinner went quite well, as it was quite delicious. The alcohol slowly took effect on Kevin, and he could actually see Melanie emulating the effects as well by slurring her speech, and altering her physical reactions. Kevin continued to question her about her basic skills, and due to her simulated drunkenness, she was actually able to make the technical stuff sound interesting.

As they were finishing their meal, Kevin’s mobile suddenly vibrated, so he pulled it from his pocket and checked it; he had just received a text from Lisa:

“Hey Kev, these robots are great! Mine actually let me see her insides! How’s yours?”

Kevin smiled at that text, since he knew Lisa also had a thing for technology as well as girls. When he looked up at Melanie however, she had a troubled look on her face.

“Who was that?” she asked in a slightly testy tone of voice, one that did not immediately register in Kevin’s brain.

“Oh, that was my friend Lisa,” he smiled, “She was letting me know how her robot is doing,”

“Why was she contacting you now though?” Melanie asked, her voice sounding slightly more dangerous.

This time, Kevin picked up on the warning signs, though he actually found it amusing, “She’s my best friend,” he answered, “Are you jealous?” he asked.

“I’m not happy that that…woman is interfering with our special time,” Melanie said, sounding truly angry, and slightly crazed as well.

“I told you, she’s my friend,” Kevin said, now feeling a bit scared, “She shares everything with me,”

Melanie did not respond to that. Instead, she picked up her glass and threw the contents at Kevin, who was slightly able to dodge by lunging to the floor. When he got to his feet, he was startled to see Melanie had grabbed the nearby kitchen knife and was now approaching him with a menacing look on her face.

“Melanie, stop!” he shouted, hoping that might force her to shut down or something. It had no effect…clearly, she was malfunctioning.

Kevin immediately regretted leaving her control tablet in the other room, as she was now blocking his way. He quickly looked around and grabbed the only thing immediately available to him, his chair. Even as Melanie lifted her hand and prepared to slash him with the knife, he lifted the chair up and swung it directly at Melanie’s head with all his strength.

This action not only had the effect of stopping Melanie’s attack, it also had the effect of breaking her head off. Her head snapped off her neck with a loud crack and pop as the electricity still flowing through the now exposed wires and cables arced through the air. Her head flew a short distance through the air, smacking into the nearby wall and dropping unceremoniously towards the floor, with the face angled towards Kevin; he noted the facial expression it retained still had the menacing stare.

Electricity continued sparking out of Melanie’s exposed neck, but her body seemed to be disabled, so Kevin slowly put the chair down and reached towards the knife in Melanie’s hand. Just as he was about to do so, however, Melanie’s body suddenly started moving again. It managed to slash at his arm, making a shallow, but long gash on his forearm, before he disarmed her and brandished the knife at her. It seemed her brain, or CPU, or whatever it was called was not located in her head, but the advantage Kevin had was that Melanie could not appear to see him, though she could still move and she was now wildly flailing her arms about in order to attack him.

Kevin did the only thing he could, he plunged the knife anywhere he could conveniently reach: her chest, her arms, her neck. At first, his thrusts appeared not to cause much damage, but on the last thrust he felt a sudden jolt of electricity course through his arm, forcing him to release his hold on the knife as Melanie’s body suddenly lurched back and fell to the floor. It continued thrashing about uncontrollably on the floor, until suddenly something in her damaged torso exploded, creating a small shockwave knocking Kevin onto the floor clear across the room.

It took Kevin several moments to recover, as he had bumped his head pretty hard on the hard floor, but he slowly got up and walked over to where Melanie’s body lay on the floor, completely destroyed. There was now a gaping hole in her torso, with electrical smoke slowly rising up from it. Her breasts had completely melted and had slightly put out the fire that had erupted from what appeared to be her power core. He could also see the CPU components that made up her brain, a short distance below the destroyed power core. There were still a few lights weakly flashing, and he noticed her extremities were twitching.

“Holy shit,” Kevin said, surveying the damage, though before he could do much else, he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening and several pairs of feet entering, “Who’s there!?” he called out.

“Event staff,” one of them called back, “We monitored your Melanie unit’s malfunction and headed her immediately to assist,”

“Could have used you a few minutes ago,” Kevin muttered to himself, “Alright, she’s pretty badly damaged,” he called back.

“We know,” they said, and two people in Spaztec uniforms entered and began cleaning up all the damage, “We sincerely apologize for this units malfunction,” the leader of the group, whose name badge read ‘Seth’ said, “Our remote diagnostic indicates her drunkenness simulation amplified her jealousy simulation, causing her A.I. to enter a feedback loop,”

“She tried to kill me,” Kevin said.

“Yes, that jealousy subroutine is still in development,” Seth said, “You do realize that the purpose of this simulation is to test these androids through the beta phase, right?”

“Yes, and it is clear you guys have a long way to go,” Kevin said.

“Seth,” Scott agreed, “I see that you are injured, I will attend to your wound while my associate gets your replacement Melanie unit set up,”

“You brought another one?” Kevin said with a surprised look.

“Yes, you still have ten hours left to test it out,” Seth said, “For your safety, we have disabled her jealousy subroutine,” he explained, applying a cream on Kevin’s wound which instantly sealed up over it, acting as a bandage, “Also, we have transferred over her memories so you won’t have to reacquaint yourself with her,” he finished.

“Hmm, thanks,” Kevin said, watching as a third technician entered and started placing all the damaged bits of the destroyed robot into a trash bin. He then pulled out a device and tapped a few buttons, which made the holographic kitchen shimmer until all the damage from the explosion was gone.

“Alright,” Seth said, “you’re wound is sealed, the mess is cleaned up, and your replacement unit is waiting in the living room,” he said, “Once again, we apologize and hope you enjoy the remainder of your time,” and then he bowed and left, as though nothing had just happened.

Kevin remained in the kitchen for a few moments after they were gone, shaking his head in disbelief. Despite his anger at having been injured, he was not one to hold grudges and chose turn even the most negative situation into a positive one. He just witnessed a robot totaled, and in mere minutes, he had a replacement. Obviously, having a robot mistress was still more advantageous than not having one.

Kevin slowly walked out into the living room, where the replacement Melanie was standing. She was wearing the exact same outfit as the old one was, and she looked just as real. Kevin quickly picked up the control tablet and used it to activate the new Melanie unit.

The new Melanie unit activated instantly, and she immediately turned to face him. “Oh Kevin, I’m so sorry about what happened before,” she said, giving him an apologetic look, “I had a little malfunction…I promise it won’t happen again,”

Kevin couldn’t help but smile, since what happened before was hardly a little malfunction. Still, she seemed back to normal. “Don’t worry, I was not seriously injured and all seems well,” he smiled.

“Good,” she said, breathing an exaggerated sigh of relief, “How about I make up for it by showing you a good time,” she smiled slyly, looking down at her body and then towards the bedroom.

Kevin immediately understood and said, “After you,” and they both ran into the bedroom where Melanie gave him the best sex he had ever had in his life.
“The Partier”

Do you want the perfect social experience?

Then our party model is just for you!

This android is programmed with everything you will need to have a good time in any social encounter, including: Bars, parties, amusement parks, conventions, and more! She only takes a short time to analyze your personality and can then instantly analyze any situation to find out exactly how to make it fun for you.

(Once you get comfortable with each other, she can be upgraded with housewife subroutines)

Try yours today!

Bree was excited as she separated from the group and headed towards the massive dome containing the party model androids she was interested in. She was pleased to see that there were many other women around her age in the waiting area…she had been worried maybe she was getting to old to go out partying.

She quickly filled out her questionnaire without question and then spent some time perusing the nearly 50 models to choose from. She finally decided on one based on an early 21st century actress named Elizabeth Harnois, best known for her role in the original CSI. Bree picked her because she looked a lot like Bree did: Blonde hair, light colored eyes, and an overall cute look.

After she handed the information to the receptionists, she was handed a control tablet and a passkey and directed to room 33 on level 1. Bree excitedly made her way to the room and waved the passkey over the security panel. Once the room was ready for her, she entered it.

Unlike most of the others, she had been in one of these experimental holographic simulations. She had tried some simulations with her old girlfriends, though they had to pool a large sum of money to afford even a short session. Suffice to say, she was not too surprised at the realism of everything.

In this instance, the holosuite had configured itself into a generic apartment complex…outside she could see an obviously engineered street with several party venues, including: a bar, a mall, a theater, and a carnival.

Bree was currently in the apartment’s main living room, though she had yet to see the party model. Once she set her things down on one of the table though, she heard movement and turned to see the Elizabeth robot enter from a side hallway.

“Hello Bree, it’s so nice to finally meet you!” Elizabeth said, walking over to Bree and outstretching her arm; she had a very perky personality, which is exactly what Bree had requested.

“It’s so good to see you too,” Bree said, enthusiastically shaking Elizabeth’s hand, “I’m pleased to see you look so…real,” she added, quickly scanning Elizabeth’s body.

This particular iteration of Elizabeth Harnois was in her mid-30s, just like Bree. Her blonde hair flowed comfortably past her shoulders, and she was wearing a pair of short shorts, a short sleeved shirt, and a pair of fashionable boots.

“Thanks!” said Elizabeth, who looked purely delighted at the compliment.

“I take it they programmed all of my likes and dislikes into you,” Bree said, eager to test out her new artificial buddy.

“Yes, I’m excited for the next few hours of fun we’ll be having,” Elizabeth responded.

“Good, how about we head to that mall” Bree suggested, “though I’m not sure how much fun we can have at a holographic mall,” Bree admitted.

“Don’t worry,” Elizabeth smiled, “Anything you purchase in here will be automatically ordered,” she explained, “That way you and I can have just as much fun shopping as if we were out in the world,”

“Wow, they thought of everything, didn’t they?” asked Bree.

“They just want your experience with me to be as pleasurable as possible,” Elizabeth responded.

“Well, let’s get started then,” Bree said, and they both grabbed their purses and headed out onto the street.

Over the course of the following hours, Bree and Elizabeth went shopping everywhere in the massive holographic mall. Bree was very pleased that not only could Elizabeth keep her company, she also was able to provide a very helpful opinion of the various fashions she experimented with, and even suggested items that Bree would have overlooked.

Bree asked Elizabeth how she could be so helpful, and Elizabeth responded that numerous retailers had partnered with Spaztec and allowed the Party models to interface with an in-store database so they could instantly analyze all possible merchandise options. Basically, Elizabeth could use Bree’s personal preferences as a template to choose through an entire stores inventory in order to act as the perfect shopping companion.

After several hours, Bree had managed to make several purchases which her husband might’ve disapproved of, though since part of her testing Elizabeth out was a discount at each of the shops, she couldn’t resist.

After they had a brief break in the food court, they stopped at the theater and watched the latest chick flick, one that Scott refused to watch with her. Bree was impressed that Elizabeth was even able to formulate opinions about popular culture references.

After they finished at the mall, they headed back to the apartment to deposit Bree’s purchases and regroup.

“I must say Elizabeth,” Bree said, depositing her things and plopping down on one of the armchairs, “I haven’t had that much fun shopping in a really long time,”

“I’m pleased to hear that,” Elizabeth smiled, sitting down opposite her, “Was your experience with me better or worse than with the human friends you have shopped with before?” she asked clinically.

Bree had to stop and think about it for a while before finally answering, “Better,”

“Really?!” Elizabeth said excitedly.

“Yeah,” Bree admitted, “You were far more help than my friends were, and as fun as it may have been sometimes, we often wasted time goofing off,”

“I’m glad to see my programming met with your approval,” Elizabeth said humbly.

“So, what say we head on over to that bar and make some holographic men jealous,” Bree suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” Elizabeth smiled, and the two of them head out, both laughing as they planned various schemes in there.

The holographic bar was the most impressive bar Bree had ever seen, though since this was a simulation intended to show off Elizabeth’s features, Bree was not too surprised. The bar, in addition to having a complete selection of a variety of alcoholic beverages, it also had a large sports section and a game section as well, equipped with a pool table, a dart board, and a few old style arcade games. There were also several holographic men and women performing various activities at the bar and in the game and sport areas.

“Wow, this place is cool!” Bree said, taking it all in.

“Did you want to have some drinks with me?” Elizabeth offered.

“Sure,” Bree said, “Wait, can you actually get drunk?” she asked.

“Not in the normal sense,” Elizabeth said, “I have drunkenness simulation algorithm which analyzes the amount of alcohol I’ve drunk, and combines that with my body type to accurately simulate me being drunk,”

“Oh, I see,” Bree said, not really understanding all the technobabble, “The let’s get drunk,”

“Alright,” Elizabeth smiled.

After the two of them had downed several beers, both of them showed definite signs of being drunk. They suddenly felt bored and headed over to the game area, where they struck up a game of pool with several holographic men, though to make things interesting, they drank a shot of whiskey every time the opposing team scored a point.

Bree was never too good at pool, but Elizabeth played like a champion…though being a robot most likely contributed to that. She did take shots with Bree every time their opponents scored, and she did act very drunk. When they finally won, they took a few celebratory drinks with the losers and returned to the bar to drink some more.

Everything was beginning to look hazy as Bree drank more and more. They both took a break to eat something, but Elizabeth, while drunk, still seemed unstoppable and immediately suggested they play a game of darts. Bree lightly protested, though in her befuddled state, she acquiesced to Elizabeth’s more dominant personality.

It wasn’t until after their 2nd round of darts that Bree perceived something might be wrong with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was getting as drunk as any human would, but unlike a human, she didn’t display any of the normal safeguards that a human would exhibit, such as nausea or loss of consciousness. Instead, she merely got more belligerent and was beginning to become uncontrollable.

“Elizabeth, I think we should head back to the apartment,” Bree suggested, looking on the verge of passing out.

“Come on, let’s have more fun!” Elizabeth said instead, seeming to ignore Bree.

“I’m serious,” Bree said, but to no avail. She tried reaching into her purse for the control tablet, but Elizabeth suddenly grabbed Bree and started making out with her.

“Lesbian protocols activated,” Elizabeth said, and then she planted a passionate kiss on Bree’s lips.

For a while, Bree actually enjoyed it…she was actually hoping to have a little girl on girl action later, but she was hoping to do it when she was a bit more sober. She tried to fight off Elizabeth’s advances, but Bree was too inebriated to offer much resistance…and, Elizabeth seemed to know exactly which buttons to push. Before Bree knew it, the combination of alcohol and pleasure made her black out.

When Bree came to, she was unaware of how much time had passed. One thing she knew for sure was that she was no longer in the holosuite…she was in a medical bay, and though she no longer felt drunk, she nevertheless had a nasty headache.

“Where am I?” Bree asked a nearby nurse attending to her.

“In the convention medical facility,” the female nurse answered, “You’re not the first person we’ve had to treat here,” she giggled.

“Nurse, be quiet!” someone yelled harshly from a few feet away. When Bree looked up to see who it was, she saw it was someone in a technician’s uniform working on something at the neighboring table.

“Sorry sir,” the nurse said, realizing she said something wrong…Bree was too focused on her headache to notice it though.

When the technician finally moved out of the way, Bree could finally see what he was working on…it was Elizabeth! The entire front portion of her torso had been removed, and there were numerous tubes and cables running in and out of it and into several diagnostic machines.

“What the hell happened to her?” Bree asked, slowly getting up and walking over to Elizabeth’s lifeless body.

“She drank a little too much alcohol,” the technician answered, “She was supposed to stop at the preset safety level, but for some reason the safety failed and she just kept drinking. Her drunkenness simulation couldn’t properly emulate beyond the safety point, so she continued trying to fulfill her primary function: Pleasing you,”

“I see,” Bree said, staring into Elizabeth’s frozen face. She couldn’t help but smile at the playful smile her expression had frozen on when they shut her off. “What exactly did she do to me after I blacked out?”

“She continued making out with you for several minutes before we realized you might be in trouble and rushed in to assist you,” the technician said, “Here, you can take a look at the footage if you like,” he added, loading the footage on a nearby monitor.

Bree watched the few minutes after her black out with both disbelief and amusement. Elizabeth managed to drag her to a secluded corner of the bar and was in the process of stripping Bree’s clothes off before she was finally deactivated.

“Well, what do you think?” the technician asked.

“I think after you guys work out all the bugs, I’m definitely getting myself one of these!” Bree said excitedly.
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Re: Spaz Studios Presents #5: The Future Expo

Post by Spaz » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:43 am

“The Perfect Friend”

Do you want the perfect friend?

Want a friend that can always be there for you and support you in any situation?

Then our friend model is just for you!

She comes preprogrammed with our most advanced heuristic algorithm so she can always be there for you. Unlike our other models which are geared more for men, this one has additional programming just for women who want the perfect girlfriend to go shopping with, or just for a girls night out. For the college student, she can attend your classes with you and take your notes, and even be the perfect roommate!

Try yours today!

After separating from the group, Lisa slowly made her way over to the dome containing the friend model androids. She had the look of someone who was very excited, but very guarded. She looked as though something she were trying to keep secret for some time was finally about to be released.

She had a difficult time filling out the questionnaire, not because the questions were difficult, but because many of the multiple choice answers did not adequately suit her personality. She finally managed to answer the questions as best she could, leaving many of them vague. It did not take her too long to pick a model; she immediately chose one based on Zelda Williams, the daughter of the greatest comedian to have ever lived.

When Lisa finally handed her stuff to the receptionist, the receptionist inputted it into her computer and then gave a puzzled expression. “Interesting, you didn’t offer us much in the questionnaire,”

“I’m sorry about that,” Lisa said with a slight flush, “None of the answers were adequate,”

“I see,” the receptionist said, “No need for concern, even at this stage of development the android you chose can still adapt to whatever your preferences are,”

“That’s good to hear,” Lisa said, taking the passkey and control tablet; the passkey appeared to be for room 232. “If it’s not too much trouble, may I ask that my android be deactivated before I enter?” she requested.

“Certainly,” the receptionist smiled, entering the request on her console, “It’s done,”

“Thank you,” said Lisa before she quickly headed into the lift for her holosuite.

Now that Lisa was alone in the seemingly endless corridor, she could barely contain her excitement. She quickly made her way to her room and waved the passkey over the security mechanism and waited for the holosuite to activate. Once it did, she quickly entered and examined the holographic setting.

The holosuite had configured itself into a standard college dorm room…actually, the exact one Lisa had used when she went to college, down to every scrap of paper plastered on the wall; apparently they had scanned all of the photos on her phone.

Lisa spent a few moments taking in the scenery before exploring. The room which would have been hers was empty, so she figured her android was probably in the second bedroom; she was right.

The Zelda robot was sitting passively at the foot of its bed, in a state of deactivation. She appeared to be in her mid-to-late 20s with shoulder length, dark brown hair. She was wearing average clothing one might expect from a college student: sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt.

Lisa merely stood in the doorway, with a look of awe on her face. Finally, she entered the room and walked over to the robot. After several moments of silence, Lisa finally relaxed whatever mental restrictions she had placed on herself and started giggling uncontrollably. “Finally!” Lisa said aloud.

Her friends didn’t realize this, but Lisa had a robot fetish. She had kept it secret from them all because until a few months prior, she had thought the most advanced robot was a sexbot with very limited capabilities and questionable realism. Lisa herself was quite skilled with computers and the robots society already used…as a matter of fact, her job was to repair the various service droids the factory she worked at utilized for dangerous jobs.

It was actually no surprise to her that she and her friends won the tickets…she had bribed a friend who worked for Spaztec to make it easier for them to win. Now she was here, and she was delighted to be in the presence of an android so realistic that it looked to Lisa that Zelda might merely have fallen asleep sitting up.

Lisa sized the Zelda robot up before deciding what to do first. She slowly reached out and touched Zelda’s left arm, quickly recoiling when she felt the realistic skin; giggling more as she did so. She then carefully laid Zelda down on her back and dragged her so her head rested on the pillows.

Once Zelda was laid down, Lisa began unlacing her sneakers and removed both her shoes, setting them down with great care at the foot of the bed before working on Zelda’s socks. Lisa carefully removed both cotton socks from Zelda’s feet and placed them with the same care on top of each of the shoes.

“Oh my God,” Lisa whispered excitedly, gazing upon Zelda’s bare feet for the first time; including the robo-fetish, Lisa also had a foot fetish as well. Once her initial excitement subsided, she slowly reached out and caressed both of Zelda’s size 8 feet, admiring the realistic texture and skin reactions…though wishing they were warmer. Lisa then brought Zelda left foot to her face and was amazed to detect a slight odor.

“Wow, I’m glad they made you guys so real,” Lisa said with glee. Lisa spent a few more moments playing with Zelda’s feet before getting bored and sitting down in the nearby desk chair.

“Alright Zelda, let’s get you turned on,” Lisa said, grabbing the tablet and turning it on. It did not take her long to figure it out, and she immediately tapped the power icon to activate Zelda.

“Wait, I want to hear this,” she then said, setting the tablet down and heading over to Zelda. She quickly lifted up Zelda’s shirt to her breasts and laid her head down on Zelda’s stomach, listening for any mechanical sounds. “Oooh!” Lisa said excitedly upon hearing the sound of Zelda’s hardware coming to life: the clicks, the beeping, and the humming.

A few moments later, Zelda came online and attempted to sit up…though when she realized Lisa was still resting her head on her stomach, she stopped.

“Hello Lisa,” Zelda said in a friendly voice, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Hello Zelda,” Lisa said, removing her head from Zelda’s stomach and allowing Zelda to sit up, “I was just listening to the sound of your machinery,”

“Why?” Zelda asked, pulling her shirt back down.

“Because I’m very interested in robots…and androids,” Lisa said with a blush, “Actually, it’s something of a fetish,” she added, her face now entirely red.

“I see,” Zelda said with a slight look of confusion; Lisa could only imagine her heuristic algorithms reconfiguring her programming to accommodate Lisa’s unusual fetish. “I’m surprised that wasn’t preprogrammed into me,” Zelda admitted, “All I have on file is your foot fetish, which I am assuming is the reason you removed my shoes and socks,” she added with a smiled, wiggling her toes.

Lisa was instantly turned on at seeing Zelda’s feet move and she almost lost control, but she somehow managed to control herself. “Well, I have a rather…unusual personality,” Lisa admitted, “Most of my preferences were not…available on the questionnaire, including my robo-fetish,”

“I understand,” Zelda smiled, “Don’t worry, my model has the most adaptive heuristic algorithms of all the available models, so I am sure I can accommodate you,”

“Good,” Lisa smiled back, “That’s why I picked your model,”

“Thanks!” said Zelda, with a genuine look of gratitude.

“So, what are you primary functions exactly?” Lisa asked.

“As a friend model, I am programmed to be your best friend,” Zelda stated, “I can accompany you to various social settings, learn from you and the people you interact with, and even offer opinions,” she explained, “I also have basic housewife model programming, so I can cook basic meals, do various chores, and even have sex,” she finished.

While Zelda was reciting her primary function, Lisa was amusing herself by playing around with Zelda’s control tablet. She stumbled across Zelda’s sensory information and she was amazed by the level of detail it recorded, especially the visual feed. While Zelda was looking at Lisa, she had a HUD overlaying her vision that showed her vital stats, and there was also a small outline around Lisa’s face with a line leading to an information bubble displaying a summary of Lisa’s personal information and preferences.

“Good, just as I thought,” Lisa smiled, “I’m assuming you know I’m bisexual,”

“I am aware of that,” Zelda smiled, “Would you like me to…pleasure you?”

“In a little bit,” Lisa shrugged, “Why don’t we just kiss for now?”

“Ok,” Zelda smiled, rising to her feet; at 5’4, she was somewhat shorter than Lisa, and considerably more petite. She got on her tip toes to meet Lisa’s height of 5’7 and planted a kiss on her waiting lips, one that Lisa passionately returned.

A few moments later, they broke apart and stared into each other’s eyes silently before Lisa finally broke the silence.

“Wow, that felt good,” said Lisa as she struggled to catch her breath.

“I’m glad,” Zelda smiled, “Would you like me to demonstrate some of my functions now?” she asked.

“No,” Lisa said after giving it several seconds thought, “I trust you are good at cleaning and such, but what I’d really like to do is examine you rather than your functions,”

“You are most unusual,” Zelda said with a quizzical look, “But I like that about you,” she added with a smile.

“That’s good to hear,” Lisa smiled back, “Would you be a good friend and undress for me please?”

“I will if you will,” Zelda fired back.

“Fair enough,” Lisa conceded, and with a simple head nod the two of them slowly removed their clothing until they both stood before each other naked. As mentioned before, Zelda had a rather petite figure, but Lisa had a more balanced figure…not too fat or too skinny.

“Wow, you look so real,” Lisa said, looking over Zelda’s perfect body.

“Thanks,” Zelda said, managing to blush, “You look really nice too,”

“Thanks,” Lisa said, also blushing, “Do you know anything about your design specifications?” she then asked, “I’m curious what exactly your skin is made of,”

“I am,” Zelda answered, “My skin and musculature is essentially made from the same thing yours is,” she explained, “It is synthesized from a mixture of inert plant and animal proteins and laser printed onto my skeletal structure,”

“Impressive,” Lisa said, “And are your muscles actually functional, or do you move around via the same servo mechanisms that the old style sex and service bots utilize?”

“I do utilize servo mechanisms for primary motor function, but my muscles facilitate the fine motor skills that permit me to move about in a humanlike manner,” Zelda explained.

“I thought as much,” Lisa mused.

“You seem to know quite a bit about cybernetics,” Zelda said.

“Well, with a robo-fetish it’s only natural I developed some skills,” Lisa laughed, “It’s actually my livelihood fixing and tinkering with robots,”

“Well then, I’ll feel safe in your presence should I break down,” Zelda smiled.

“I know, I’m pretty sure I could fix you too,” Lisa agreed, “Speaking of which, do you have any access panels I could see?”

“I do, would you like to see them?” Zelda asked.

“Sure,” Lisa said excitedly, “Why don’t you sit back down so I can see?”

“Alright,” Zelda said, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. For a moment, she almost appeared to be doing something to open one of her panels, but then she suddenly stopped and smiled up at Lisa, “Hey, would you like to open it?”

Lisa was surprised at that. “Of course I would,” she said, getting really excited, “You really are a good friend,” she added.

“That’s what I’m programmed for,” Zelda joked.

“I suppose you are,” Lisa laughed, “So, how do I open this panel?”

“Just tap the area of skin just above my belly button,” Zelda said.

“Huh, I thought you were going to tell me to press your belly button,” Lisa said, doing as she said.

“Hah, that’s so 100 years ago,” Zelda laughed, just as strange blue lights appeared underneath her skin surrounding her navel.

“Ooh, is this a sub-dermal control panel?” Lisa asked, “I’ve only read about these,” she said, looking at the sub-dermal controls she now had access to, including a control that could unseal her panel.

“Yes, Spaztec is introducing this function in their current line of androids for people who don’t feel comfortable opening androids up to run diagnostics,” Zelda explained.

“I see,” Lisa said. She then tapped the control to unseal the access panel and watched as the blue light surrounding the panel momentarily grew brighter before shutting off, and a high pitch whine was momentarily heard. Lisa could now see a clear seam in Zelda’s otherwise perfect skin. “Now what?” Lisa asked.

“Just dig your fingers in and lift it off,” Zelda said.

Lisa did just that, digging her fingers in underneath the top portion of the seam and slowly lifting it off. The section of skin was roughly one inch thick, with the layer of skin encompassing only the top few centimeters. The remainder was comprised of what looked like artificial musculature and insulation. The humming that Lisa could hear when she put her ear to Zelda’s stomach earlier was now much louder.

“Cool,” Lisa said, once the whole thing was off and in her hands. She was surprised that the section of skin was not flexible while it was removed, apparently without power, it firmed up; the skin still felt real and warm though. Lisa carefully placed the skin panel down on the bed beside Zelda and then looked into the square shaped hole in her abdomen.

The panel was placed strategically in the center of her body, where most of her main systems could be accessed. On the top portion Lisa could see the bottom of Zelda’s metallic rib cage, and it appeared to be protecting a complex looking power system. Just below it was what appeared to be Zelda’s main CPU, and surrounding it was several components that appeared to mimic certain bodily functions, such as digestion.

“Zelda, is this your main CPU?” Lisa asked, moving in for a closer look.

“Yes,” Zelda answered.

“What is it doing in your torso?” Lisa asked, since even primitive robots had their CPUs in their heads.

“The current line of androids are so complex in their realism that they require a larger processing array,” Zelda explained, “As such, my ‘brain’ is in my torso,”

“That makes sense,” Lisa said, leaning back and looking into Zelda’s eyes, “Then what’s in your head?” she asked.

“There are secondary CPUs that handle my visual and auditory data, as well as olfactory and gustatory,” Zelda explained.

“Interesting,” Lisa mused, “I never would have thought of splitting the CPUs like that,”

“What was that?” Zelda asked.

“Nothing,” Lisa smiled, looking back into the panel, “Zelda, is this your manual power button?” she then asked, seeing a suspicious button on the main CPU.

“Yes,” Zelda answered, “You can press it if you like…repressing it will turn me back on, as well as using the tablet,”

“Thanks,” Lisa said, pressing the button.

Zelda made no sound, but instantly, all the lights on the CPU casing and on the other component went out. All the components grew quite as well until the last thing Lisa heard was a cooling fan spinning down. The one difference from before was that Zelda’s eyes were still open, her face frozen in its last expression; it seemed manually powering her down in this fashion did not give her systems ample time to power down gracefully.

“Wow, that was cool,” Lisa said, waving her hands in front of Zelda’s face to elicit a response; there was none. Lisa then remembered that Kevin was probably having as much fun with his android as she was, so she pulled out her mobile and quickly texted him:

“Hey Kev, these robots are great! Mine actually let me see her insides! How’s yours?”

Lisa couldn’t help but smile as she wondered what sort of things Kevin might be doing with his, though she also felt a tinge of jealousy when he did not respond. She may have been bisexual and interested in robots, but she did have feelings for Kevin and hoped he might not need a housewife unit.

“Oh well,” Lisa shrugged, after not receiving a response from him.

She then looked back up to Zelda’s frozen face and smiled, “At least for now I have you.” Lisa then planted a kiss on Zelda’s frozen lips while also reaching in and pressing her power button. As she continued to kiss Zelda, she could hear her systems powering up and her skin warming back up. Moments later, Zelda came back online and it only took her a few nanoseconds to adapt to Lisa kissing her, returning the kiss.

“Hmm, welcome back,” Lisa murmured, slowly breaking away.

“Good to be back,” Zelda smiled, “Did you do anything while I was offline?”

“Not much,” Lisa shrugged, “Though I was wondering, if your brain is in your torso, can you function without your head?”

“Yes,” Zelda said, “I was also partially designed that way to allow easier replacement of my head if it were to be damaged,”

“That actually makes sense,” Lisa said, “Anyway, could I remove your head?”

“Sure,” Zelda smiled, “Just get on the bed behind me,” she instructed.

“Ok,” Lisa said, following Zelda’s instructions. Once she was on the bed behind Zelda, she parted the hair at the back of her neck. “Alright, where do I tap?” she asked.

“Right here,” Zelda said, reaching around and pointing at the middle of the back of her neck.

“Ok,” Lisa said, tapping the skin.

Just as with the abdominal panel, blue lights lit up underneath the skin at the back of her neck. Unlike the abdominal panel however, this sub-dermal control panel was simplified to two circles connected by a thin blue line.

“How does this work?” Lisa asked, since both the blue circles looked the same and had no icons in them.

“If you tap the upper circle, it will disengage the connections keeping my head attached,” Zelda explained, “Tapping the lower icon will reengage the connections once my head has been reattached,”

“Oh, okay,” Lisa said, “I’m curious, are you able to control your head remotely when it is removed?”

“No,” Zelda answered.

“Then how will I interact with you?” Lisa asked.

“You’ll see,” Zelda said playfully.

“Fine, be that way,” Lisa said, sticking out her tongue. She then tapped the upper circle and recoiled her hand as a blue light quickly lit up horizontally from between the two circles, going the entire circumference of her neck. Lisa heard the same whine as with the abdominal panel, except she could also hear clicking sounds as the various cables and connections keeping her head attached disengaged. After several seconds, the noise stopped, however the blue circles remained visible on both sides of the seam.

“Zelda, you still with me?” Lisa asked. No answer. Lisa slowly crawled off the bed and stared at Zelda’s face. It was frozen in a playful expression, the last one she had before Lisa disengaged her cranial connection.

“Zelda, can you hear me?” Lisa asked again. Still no answer.

“Alright, I guess I have nothing to do but finish the job,” Lisa smiled. She slowly leaned forwards towards Zelda and put her hands underneath Zelda’s chin. Once Lisa had a good grip, she lifted it up off Zelda’s neck.

Lisa was slightly caught off guard by the weight of Zelda’s head, but she did not drop it. She carefully sat down with it and marveled at holding a realistic human head in her hands, staring up at her lifelessly. Lisa did not have much time to examine the head though, because suddenly Zelda’s body started moving.

“Zelda, can you hear me?” Lisa asked, slightly shocked at seeing a headless body moving.

“Yes, I can hear you,” Zelda answered. Her voice emitted from a digital speaker somewhere in her open throat.

“Are you able to see me?” Lisa asked, moving in for a closer look.

“I can see you just fine,” Zelda answered, “There is a directional camera installed in my neck so I can still see,”

“Good,” Lisa said, “I was worried the fun might be one directional,”

“No need to worry,” Zelda said, “Did you play with my head at all?”

“I didn’t have much time to,” Lisa admitted, looking back down at it. Just by looking at it, there was not much she could realistically do. She let her hands feel every contour of the face, and she found, with a little bit of effort, that she could actually change the facial expression. She even opened the mouth and felt around inside; it was moist.

“Well?” Zelda asked, passively watching Lisa examine her head.

“You are truly amazing,” Lisa finally said, reconfiguring Zelda’s face so it was smiling, “I think I’m ready to test out some more of your sexual functions now,”

“It’s a good thing you made my face smile, because that’s what I feel like doing now,” Zelda said, “Would you like to reattach my head and abdominal panel?”

“No, let’s have sex as is,” Lisa smiled.

“Very well,” Zelda said, “Keep in mind with my access panel open and my head removed, I am at increased risk for a malfunction,” she warned.

“I was hoping you were,” Lisa said, helping Zelda under the covers and joining her with her head, “Don’t worry, I’ll fix you if you do,”

Neither of them said another word after that. They both engaged in a rather unusual sexual session, with Lisa manipulating Zelda’s head to make out with her own body while Zelda pleasured Lisa’s.

In a room several rooms away, several technicians were monitoring the various feeds from this floor. They became entranced by the feed showing Zelda and Lisa however, once Zelda allowed Lisa to remove her head.

“Do you think we should go in there and stop it,” the guy on the left said.

“No, the client is one of those robo-fetish people we sometimes here about,” the guy on the right said, “And based on her identification, she’s probably just as qualified to fix that android as we are,”

“Oh, well I suppose it makes a little bit of sense…I wouldn’t mind having a go with one of these things,” the guy on the left said.

“Me too,” the guy on the right said, and they continued watching the feed.
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-Don’t want to merge celebrities? You can even merge any of the previous options together, from the preselected, to relatives or friends, and the celebrities to create your own unique individual!

*Please note that depending on the option you choose, maintenance costs will differ. Androids picked from our preselected models, or from commonly selected celebrities, will be cheaper due to mass production of common parts, whereas custom models will require custom hardware and will cost more.

As the group walked out, each in varying states of health and moods, they continued taking in all the sights; Lisa was the only one in the group who had appeared to have a good time. Once they passed the entrance sign that greeted them, the silence between them was broken.

“Well, I guess we know why we had to sign those release forms,” Scott said, looking a bit guiltily at his wife, who knew what had happened with him and Maggie. Bree was slightly upset, but since he knew about what happened between her and Elizabeth, she also had a look of guilt.

“Oh shut up!” Jason said, barely managing to limp with the others following his violent encounter with Gina; though he did enjoy the sex, shortly thereafter the bruises and excruciating pain followed.

The rest of the group sort of grimaced and laughed despite themselves as they exited the building.

“I hear they’re already working on the Mark IIs...” Kevin said in passing, as they left.
Stay tuned for the Small Business Chronicles!

A multi-story spinoff of The Future Expo, featuring Jack Brown, a genius orphan who inherited his great uncle’s house, workshop, and shop. He has several of the androids he has acquired and repaired over the years run his shop and earn him money while he does what he loves, tinkering with androids. The androids he utilizes are all of the same type as introduced in this anthology, though since his story takes place a few decades later, they are slightly more advanced, being Mark II models.

Eventually he purchases the neighboring motel and staffs it with even more androids, and then adds on a café which he staffs with even more.

Stories so far will be:
1.Closed for Christmas — The shop
2.Offseason — The motel
3.Slow day — The café
4.Routine duties — The Repair shop

More stories may be added on later!
This is the 5th Spaz Studios Presents. Here are the first four:
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Spaz Studios Presents #3: Forbidden Fruit
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