Medical Exam: A Short

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Medical Exam: A Short

Post by Spaz » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:27 pm

I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for the past few months, ever since I rewatched House M.D. Specifically, it is inspired from an episode where House shoots a bullet into a cadaver's head and then puts it into an MRI machine to see what would happen. Suffice to say, the machine got damaged...

Medical Exam: A Short

“Alright, who do we have next?” the doctor asked, watching as a pair of nurses wheeled in a semi-conscious woman.

The woman was fairly attractive. She looked to be in her mid-20s. She had long, dark brown hair that perfectly framed her cute face. Her crystal blue eyes were darting around wildly and she was muttering something under her breath.

The nurse at the head of the table picked up a chart and examined it before saying, “Female, mid-20s. Unknown head trauma, she was scheduled for an afternoon MRI,” she reported.

“Very well, get her in,” the doctor in charge of the machine ordered.

“Yes doctor,” they said, and they carefully transferred the woman from the cart to the diagnostic table.

Once they had her strapped in, they pushed the table in and then stepped into the secure area to start the machine. Just as they started it though, another nurse suddenly burst in with a crazed look in his eyes.

“Wait!” he screamed in futility, as he watched them start the machine, “We got the charts mixed up, she’s…a sleeper” he said slowly, watching in horror as he watched the scene unfold.

The woman screamed…briefly, then the sound that emerged was an inhuman, almost machinelike scream. Her body started shaking wildly, loosening itself from the restraints. They could hear the MRI whining in protest as alarms sounded.

The doctor and his staff wildly tried to shut the machine off, but the controls were not responding. They could only watch in horror through the built in camera at what happened next.

The woman’s beautiful, innocent face suddenly started distorting, even as she continued to scream. Then, a few seconds later, her face burst outwards from the middle, with bits of machinery and wires erupting out towards the powerful super magnet.

One of the nurses finally managed to get the power to the machine shut down, but it still took a full minute for the magnet to lose all power.

Once the machine finally shut down, the doctor and his team slowly walked towards the damaged machine and pulled the table out. They shuddered as they saw the full extent of the damage to the once beautiful woman.

The perfect skin of her face was flapped off on the side of the gaping hole in her head. All the minute bits and pieces that operated her face and its many expressions had erupted out of her head and were now embedded in the MRI machine.

In addition, her head had nearly been ripped clean off her neck, and they could see all the pieces inside her neck.

“Holy shit,” one of the nurses said. Another nurse started to cry; she was an android too.

“Quickly, get the head R.D. in here, now!” The doctor screamed to the robotics nurse that had rushed in.

“He’s already on the way,” the nurse said, and seconds later, a somewhat eccentric looking man suddenly entered.

“Did you manage to stop…HOLY SHIT!,” he exclaimed, witnessing for the first time the horrendous damage to the beautiful sleeper android.

“We didn’t know,” the medical doctor said.

“Apparently not,” the robotics doctor said, walking to the table to assess the damage.

“Did we kill her?” the android nurse asked weakly, still wiping tears from her eyes.

“Hold on a sec,” the R.D. said, and he put on a pair of gloves and dug his hands into the woman’s damaged face.

A few moments later, he yelled triumphantly, pulling an odd device with some sort of organic fluid in it out of her head. “Her brain is intact,” he reported, “Fortunately, whoever built her knew this knew organic tech is much more reliable,”

“Oh, thank my maker,” the android nurse said.

“Yeah,” the R.D. muttered, “Thank whoever built her as well, she’s beautiful,” he smiled, lifting up the sheet to look at her otherwise undamaged body.

“Will she be okay?” the M.D. asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry,” the R.D. said with a big smile, “She’s got insurance,” and then he gave a somewhat crazed laugh as he and his nurse lifted her body up and wheeled it out of the room, his laughs trailing behind him.
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Re: Medical Exam: A Short

Post by Muzzleruffels » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:34 pm

Good short, Spaz!

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Re: Medical Exam: A Short

Post by tectile » Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:36 pm

A fun little story.

I had an MRI a couple of years ago and kinda was thinking along the same lines.

An interesting plot element would have been to find out that the bot that got magnetized was the hospital director's trophy wife/bot.

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