Lost in the Shuffle

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Post by Spaz » Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:44 pm

1.5: Maintenance & Reassembly

Mike fully enjoyed the cool, winter air on his skin as he calmly walked around his neighborhood. He’d always preferred the cold weather over the warm weather, as it helped him think. He found himself mentally planning on things he could use Lena for, in addition to helping out around the house. Mostly, he was just glad he would have someone to chat with from time to time, since he mainly just talked to himself.

When he finally returned nearly twenty minutes later, Lena was still doing whatever it was she was doing, so Mike quickly tackled some of the chores he’d started earlier. He folded Lena’s now clean clothes, and brought them downstairs for her to wear when she was reassembled. He also started his floorvac on the second floor to get a head start on the cleaning.

Just before Lena came back online, Mike pulled some of his old hobby computers from storage and turned them on so they could run some updates. Then, he sat back down at the counter and patiently waited for her to finish.

Once Lena was completed with her diagnostic, her head gently bowed down as she rebooted, and then came back to life once more seconds later.

“Well, how’d everything go?” Mike asked conversationally, slowly getting used to her artificial nature.

“The updates were fairly minor, and the diagnostic went smoothly,” Lena reported, “And I also managed to reorganize some of my files into long-term storage so I don’t have any more memory buffer malfunctions.”

“Excellent!” Mike rubbed his hands together excitedly, “So, what are we going to do with all these old parts?” he asked her, having already placed the older versions back in the shipping box while he was waiting for her to finish her diagnostic.

“Oh, most of them we can probably sell back to Spaztec at a low price for people who have older model androids,” she shrugged, “But some of them we’ll keep here as backups for me, like my old processors and the old MCN.”

“Ah, good to know…so, how do we go about this maintenance?” he asked her, having not seen a repair kit in the shipping box.

“There’s a small repair kit in the bottom compartment of my storage case,” she replied, “you’ll be looking for a tool that looks like a cross between a massager and hair dryer.”

Mike had an amused expression on his face as he dug back into her storage case and pulled out a modest sized repair kit. He brought it up to the counter and zipped it open, revealing a handful of repair tools. He grabbed the tool that she described and then held it up to her.

“Yes, that’s the Subdermal Healer,” she nodded, “basically, it uses a low-level sonic pulse to essentially heal degradations in my muscle tissue, which augments my servo mechanisms to allow me to move in a more fluid, human manner.”

“So, are they sore or something?”

“I suppose that’s the easiest way to describe it, yes,” she smiled, “my muscles work just as hard as a normal human’s would, so they can get sore.”

“Interesting,” Mike mused, “So does that mean a good ole’ fashioned massage might keep you in tip top shape as well?”

“Well, it would certainly help,” she nodded approvingly, “however, this tool is a bit more comprehensive, so this usually has to be done on a monthly basis.” The she put on a wry expression, “It would have been done when I last met with my previous owner, but he decided to put me into storage instead.”

“Ah, well is there any special way I should do this?” Mike asked, looking at the dials and knobs on the device.

“Yes, I think setting five with a depth of four should be sufficient,” she decided, “and once you’ve got it set, just run it slowly over each arm and leg, but not my hands or feet.”

Mike set the dials, seeing that five was the intensity, out of ten, and four was the number of millimeters the sonic waves would permeate her body. Once he had it set, he ran it over Lena’s left arm. The sonic waves caused the muscles in her arm to spasm, making it thrash around gently on the countertop. As he continued passing the tool over her arm, the thrashing slowly decreased until the arm became still. While Mike did this, Lena’s face expressed varying levels of pleasure, almost as though he actually were massaging her.

Once he finished with the left arm, he did the same with her right arm, and then both legs before placing the tool down. “I’m curious, would this work on me…or, rather, a human?”

“Unfortunately, not,” Lena apologized, “the tool uses technology specifically designed to work with the material my skin and muscles are made out of…however, the new girlfriend software I installed last night has some pretty good massage programs,” she winked.

“Ooh, I can’t wait,” Mike said excitedly.

“Me neither. Now, the next thing you should be looking for is a sort of spray can thingy.”

Mike returned the hair dryer tool to the tool kit and grabbed what honestly looked like a can of compressed air. The label, though, said Electro-Air.

“What the hell is Electro-Air?” Mike asked, looking at the list of ingredients and finding only a host of strange chemicals.

“It’s basically an aerosolized, quick evaporating metallic gas that, when sprayed on each of my connection points, can repair any microfractures present in the data connections.” She then saw the confused look on Mike’s face and sighed, “basically, it repairs minor damage in my connection points and allows for more efficient data and energy transfer.”

“Okay, I think I get it,” Mike nodded, though he still barely understood, “I think I’m gonna have to go back to school just to learn about how all your systems work,” he joked, using the spray can and spraying it for the directed duration of time in each connection point. It appeared that he was spraying a silver mist into her connection points, but it evaporated so fast, it looked like he sprayed simple air.

“Hey, you’re pretty smart, I’m sure you could just take some online classes and save a ton of money,” she complimented him, “And I’ll keep telling you until you get it,” she added stubbornly.

“I’m sure you will,” he chuckled, “Hey, does this need to be sprayed in your head too?” he asked, having finished with everything else.

“Yep, as well as the A.N.A.” she confirmed.

“Just making sure,” Mike nodded, unclicking her head from the A.N.A. and spraying both it, and the exposed section of her neck with the Electro-Air. He then clicked her head back on and placed the can back into the toolkit.

“Ah, that feels much better, thanks!” Lena said with a content look on her face, “Well, now that you’ve basically oiled me up, you can go ahead and reattach my arms and legs to my torso, but not the hands and feet.”

Mike excitedly did as she instructed, clicking both sets of arms and legs back onto the torso for what he hoped would be the last time for some time. He was surprised to see that, once they were reconnected, they too contracted slightly in the bicep and thigh region to match the contractions of her torso, giving her an even slimmer appearance. Although it was by no means as obvious a change as with her torso, she now appeared slightly more muscular.

“I thought you’d like that,” Lena said smugly. Mike once again ogled her body uncontrollably, admiring her new sleek form.

“Um, okay, so what do I need to do for your hands and feet?” He asked her, since they were the only things he hadn’t worked on yet.

“Well, those get far more stress than my arms or legs, so they need a more intense tool,” Lena said with a serious look, “Take the Subdermal Healer back out and turn it to maximum power,” she then commanded dramatically.

Mike couldn’t help but chuckle as he retrieved the tool once more, setting it to ten and the depth to maximum. He then gently passed it over both hands and feet, watching them twitch wildly for several seconds before relaxing on the counter.

“Oh yeah! That felt good!” Lena exploded out, once he had finished. She looked as though she had just had a massive orgasm. Mike momentarily felt embarrassed to witness her outburst, almost as though he’d just walked in on her.

When she finally calmed back down, she smiled at him. “Good boy, now look for a small cuff looking device in the tool kit. There should be a pair of them.” She instructed, and once he pulled them out, she continued, “Now, click those onto each hand and foot.”

Mike did as she instructed, but he chose to click it onto her left hand and foot, instead of both hands or feet. “So, what do these do?

“Those cuff units contain repair nanites that are designed to travel through my hands and feet and repair microscope damage in my delicate finger and toe mechanisms,” she explained, “However, nanites can be quite dangerous if not handled properly, so these are designed to only work under the containment of the cuff units.”

“Wow, that’s so cool.” Mike had always been fascinated with tiny machines. “Hey, while those are doing their magic, is it alright if I clean up your hands and feet a bit?”

“Sure, what did I miss?”

“Oh, when I was inspecting your limbs in the storage room, I noticed some dirt under the nails, and some sock residue between the toes.”

“Wow, thanks!” Lena blushed.

“Don’t mention it,” Mike winked. He quickly grabbed a cloth and his own personal nail grooming kit. After sanitizing it with an alcohol bath and rinse in hot water, he sat back down and began grooming her nails.

Lena merely watched him with utter adoration and patience as he gently scraped the debris from under the nails on her right hand and foot. He even used the cloth to clean between each finger and toe. “I’ll have to add this to my cleaning routine,” Lena commented, seeing how seriously Mike was taking his task.

“Well, you cleaned up fairly well,” Mike assured her, “although, in between your toes it still smelled a bit like BO.”

“Well, I did have to kind of rush through my shower,” she defended, “I mean, I was told to come quickly, and next thing I know I’m told I’m gonna be decommissioned and to prepare myself.”

“Hey, no need to work yourself up,” he told her with his hands out, “I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I get a little obsessive sometimes.”

Lena calmed herself down and smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind.” She then got a look of calm contentment as he gently rubbed the cloth, dabbed with alcohol, in between her toes. “Ah, it’s like a nice, relaxing mani-pedi session,” she purred, “You should consider a career in this, you’re so good.”

“Perhaps,” Mike shrugged, “But I’m also a bit of a germaphobe, so that might hamper my chances,” he grimaced.

“You don’t seem to mind with me,” she accused him.

“Well, that’s because I know it’s all artificial,” he explained, “although your BO smells real enough, it’s not quite got that ickiness that the real deal has,” he told her, trying to explain it.

“Yeah, I see what you mean,” she nodded, “Well, I guess I’m perfect for you, since androids are much cleaner than humans.”

“Indeed,” Mike agreed, then he began gently rubbing the bottom of her foot with the cloth, eliciting giggles, and the foot began thrashing in his hands. “Wow, are you ticklish?” He smiled.

“Yeah, very,” she confirmed, trying to calm herself down.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he smiled mischievously, “but, you’re an android…couldn’t you just turn your ticklishness off?”

“I could,” she pouted, “But how many of your computers are ticklish?”

Although it was an absurd question, Mike kept a straight face and answered her. “None.”

“Exactly,” she accused him, “being ticklish makes me unique, and human, so that’s why I keep it on,” she finished with her chin up.

Mike stared at her with awe. Apparently, her human emulation was far more sophisticated than he had originally thought. Despite the fact that she had fooled him during the two years they had worked together, she was still surprising him with her intricate complexities.

“Oh, if you’re finished grooming those limbs, you can remove the cuffs from the other set and put them on the ones you’re working on now,” Lena told him.

“Okay, just one more rub,” Mike told her, gently rubbing her foot bottom one last time before placing it down. He removed the cuffs from the other hand and foot and placed them on the ones he’d just groomed, then began grooming the other set. “How come these just go on your hands and feet, and not all the other connection points?” he asked, once he’d started grooming her right hand.

“Because they have more intricate mechanisms in them,” Lena shrugged, “The arms and legs are mostly just muscle and the skeletal structure, but the hands and feet have all those micro servos in them to provide me with fine motor skills, so they need more intricate repair work that only nanites can perform.”

Mike nodded, continuing his work on her nails. “Lena, your hands and feet aren’t going to shrink like the rest of your body did, are they?”

“No, they’re pretty much fixed until the next time my body is replaced. Why?”

“Well, I like them the way they are now,” he shrugged, finishing with her hand and moving to the foot.

“Aww, you are so cute.” Mike didn’t really respond, aside from a kind smile, though, so she merely continued watching him groom her nails, reveling in the sensory input from each limb as he did so.

About five minutes later, Lena reported that the nanites were finished. Mike calmly finished grooming her right hand and foot and removed the cuff units from the other set, placing the units back into the tool kit.

“Okay, can I reattach them now?” he asked eagerly.

“Yes,” she smiled in response, “and then there’s just one last thing you’ll need to do before reattaching my torso cover. Once you’ve reattached my hands and feet, grab the small pill case.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to having you all in one piece again,” he said in a relieved voice, clicking on both hands and feet. As he reached down into the toolkit, Lena absently clenched and unclenched both hands and feet. He returned moments later with a rather large pill organizer, filled with dozens of orange, blue, and green colored pills.

“Interesting.” Mike took one of each pill out and scrutinized them. They were fairly large, almost the size of a strong painkiller. They had the Spaztec brand on them, and some small writing, but nothing else to distinguish what they were.

“What ever you do, don’t consume those,” Lena warned, watching him smell them.

“What are they for?”

“The orange pills replenish my bodies supply of artificial scent,” she explained, “The blue pill replenishes my supply of Smart Sweat, and the green pill replenishes my digestive fluids.”

“Oh,” Mike said, carefully removing the pills from the vicinity of his face, “do you have to swallow these or something?”

“Ordinarily, I would swallow them once a month, but since you’re still working on my body, there’s actually a small hatch you can open on my digestive tank that you can push those pills into,” she instructed.

Mike reached back into her body and located the small hatch that she mentioned. As soon as he pushed all three pills into her stomach, they began to fizz and dissolve until they mixed in perfectly with the acid already in her stomach.

“Excellent! All the maintenance is complete!” she congratulated him, “Just reattach my torso cover and help me off the table so I can run the benchmarks again.”

“Alrighty,” Mike smiled big. Before he picked her torso cover up, he peeked into her torso and saw her new power core was up to 75%. He reported the number to her.

“That’s actually slightly higher than I’d anticipated,” she nodded approvingly, “Like I said earlier, at this point in the day, I really only need about 55-60% to get me through to the end, so 75% is more than enough.”

“Okay, just making sure,” Mike nodded, picking her torso cover and reattaching it. Once it was sealed back in placed, he also unplugged the power cord from her body and sealed the charging port back up.

Once all her panels were resealed, Lena slowly sat up on the counter and swung her legs over the side, “Thanks, now just help me down from the counter again, please,” Lena requested.

Just as he did before, Mike gently grabbed hold of her waist while she put her arms around his shoulders for support. This time, she felt noticeably lighter, so he had much less difficulty gently lowering her down to the floor, her feet gently plopping back down onto the hardwood.

Now that she was standing up, instead of lying down, Mike could see even more clearly now how much thinner she looked. With gravity now affecting her body, he could make out even more muscles showing on her abdomen, and her thighs.

Lena made her body bounce around on both feet for a few seconds to adapt to the reduction in weight and overall size before having it slowly turn around and walk over to the treadmill to run a benchmark.

“Man, I haven’t even started the benchmark yet, but I can already feel how much more awesome my body feels,” Lena practically purred, having her body step onto the treadmill and begin the benchmark. Just as before, she began it at a comfortable walking pace for eight minutes.

“So, what’s improved so far?” Mike asked, monitoring her status once more on the terminal screen.

“Well, for one thing, the fact that I weigh less is putting much less stress on my feet and legs,” she started, “The new power core is also more efficient at managing my energy consumption, and the new MCN, and the new control chips, have much better latency and range.”

“Latency? What exactly do you mean?” Mike had heard the term before, but wasn’t quite tech savvy enough to know what it meant.

“Well, latency means the speed at which I am able to wirelessly control my body, or, rather, the slight delay between my brain sending a signal to my body to move, and it actually moving and sending signals back to me,” she supplied, “Before, the latency was roughly 12ms, but now it’s down to 7ms.” She seemed to feel almost relieved at reporting that, “the range has also been improved by 15ft,” she added.

“But it’s only a small difference, does it really matter with speeds that fast?”

“It does,” Lena said with a serious look, “it can mean the difference between me being able to avoid bumping into something, or taking a potentially damaging tumble.”

“Ah, I see now,” Mike nodded.

“Plus, it is kinda like that feeling of watching a TV show that doesn’t have the audio properly synced up,” she added off-handedly.

“Oh! I hate it when that happens,” Mike practically shouted, “It’s so annoying!”

“I know, right!” Lena’s enthusiastic response instantly warmed Mike’s heart. They both locked eyes, and had a moment. Mike absently noticed an update to his status sliders on the activity monitor. When the moment passed, they both giggled like two schoolchildren and then had a momentary awkward pause.

“So, what other improvements are you noticing so far?” Mike finally asked, breaking the silence.

“The maintenance fixes you performed are allowing me to move much more efficiently, and my whole body just feels more relaxed as a result,” she reported.

“Good, I can’t wait until you’re done,” he said once again, “I can’t wait to show you everything that’s changed over the last five years.”

“I can’t wait either,” she agreed, her body now transitioning to a light jog for the final two minutes.

Remembering the benchmark from before, Mike made sure to place the box of cat litter back in the center of the room for the lift test she was about to conduct.

“Thanks,” Lena smiled, “you’re so helpful.”

“I try my best,” Mike smiled modestly. Another minute later, Lena completed the treadmill benchmark and reduced the speed gradually until it stopped. She then had her body slowly step off and back over to the box of litter, with Mike once more standing nearby to spot her in case she had difficulty with the box.

Unlike before, this time Mike could not hear any whining servos or and noises to indicate that she was just a machine. She moved much more fluidly, and seemed to be having a much easier time lifting the box and swinging it around. Just as before, this portion took ten minutes, and she seamlessly transitioned into the stretches as soon as she was done with the box.

“Alright, benchmark complete!” Lena announced cheerfully a few minutes later, having her body walk with Mike back over to the terminal so she could have her head reattached.

“Nice, and what are the final results?” Mike asked, eager to know.

“Well, in a nutshell, the reduced weight, upgraded components, and refreshed muscles and servos have improved my overall efficiency by 37%,” she reported, then zoned out as she conducted a minor calculation, “basically, that should add another 3-5 hours to my battery life, depending on my level of physical and mental exertion.”

“And that’s even with the smaller power core?” Mike asked, for confirmation.

“Of course! Like I said, just because something is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s not as good.” She chided him.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he sighed, “So, would you like me to reattach your head now?”

“Yes, please!” Lena replied, intentionally sounding like a little girl. Mike smiled big and detached her from the A.N.A. for what he hoped would be the last time…though he did admit to himself that he found dealing with mostly just her head for the past, almost, day to be quite erotic. He carefully brought her over her patiently waiting body and clicked her head back on.

As soon as the seam sealed up this time, he noticed the skin on her face firm up ever so slightly to match with the new slimness of the rest of her body. Now that she was finally complete, Mike could truly admire her sleeker form, and, although he did not mind her plumpness from before, he liked what he saw now even better.

“Okay,” he managed to say, breaking the momentary silence, “So, are we finally done working on you now?”

“Yes Mike, thanks to you, I’m fully operational again!” she said joyfully, dancing around on her toes and rubbing her body satisfactorily with both hands, truly reveling in the sensations her new upgrades were giving her.

“Hey, don’t mention it,” he told her modestly, with a hint of a blush, “I mean, we were best buds five years ago, and I’d like to think you would have done the same for me if this situation were reversed.”

“Oh, I can assure you, I would have,” she said sincerely, “Many of the people there were not too kind to me, and you were the only one who made me feel calm and welcome,” she finished in an emotional tone, a small tear forming in her left eye.

Mike instinctively hugged her, in exactly the same way as he used to hug her in the old days at Cloudtron when he saw how stressed out and distraught she sometimes got. Even though he now knew she was an android, and running a very sophisticated human emulation program, he realized that if you gave a machine a human personality, memories, emotions, then it would truly act like one, even to the point of getting hurt or offended.

“I don’t think you’ll ever know how happy, and lucky, I am that you found me,” Lena finally said, once they broke apart, “But I promise you that I will do everything in my programming to be the best android friend you could ever have!”

Mike said nothing, since nothing could possibly add to the feeling that was in the room at that moment. Instead, he leaned in and kissed her deeply. She went all in on the kiss, probing her tongue deep into his mouth and pulling his into hers. When they finally broke apart, their faces were flushed, and they had gentle, serene smiles on their face.

“That was nice,” Lena whispered.

“It was,” Mike agreed.

“So, um…now that I’m finished, why don’t we clean this area up and maybe have some fun,” Lena suggested.

Mike quickly looked around the kitchen and nodded his head. They had to put away the case Lena had been stored in, the treadmill, the A.N.A. and other repair tools, the blanket Lena’s body had been laying on atop the kitchen counter, the box of upgraded parts, and the box of cat litter.

“Yeah, I suppose I made quite a mess, didn’t I?” Mike laughed sheepishly.

“Well, hey, it was for my benefit, so I don’t mind,” she assured him, slapping him on the shoulder, “Come on, let’s get this place cleaned up!”

They both quickly got to work cleaning the place up. Mike moved the box of litter back into the under the stairs closet, along with the blanket, and then he and Lena both moved the treadmill back into the garage to where they found it.

“Okay, now let’s move all the android stuff upstairs to my new room,” Lena suggested, “I’m going to get it all set up into a sort of lab so I can conduct basic maintenance on myself from now on.”

“Fine by me,” Mike shrugged, “I don’t really have any room down here for all if it anyway.” Mike then walked up to Lena’s case, closed it up, and attempted to pick it up. “Damn! This thing is still really heavy!” he swore, trying a few more time to lift it up, grunting with frustration. It appeared that, even though Lena’s body was no longer in it, it was still too heavy for him to lift, let alone move upstairs, and he didn’t want to wrestle it with a dolly again.

“Hey, Mike, relax,” Lena calmed him down by gently rubbing his shoulders. He stood up and walked away from the case, taking deep breaths. “Don’t try and be manly around me, I can carry it up,” she told him gently, then she bent down and carefully lifted it up, the sound of her leg and back servos whining as she lifted the heavy case.

“How?! Oh, I forgot, your emergency power,” Mike said, facepalming, “I hope it’s not heavy enough to damage you,” he then said with a worried look.

“Meh, it’s only slightly heavier than I could lift with just my muscles alone,” she shrugged, “However, we should probably get it upstairs quickly, just to be safe.”

“Will do,” Mike nodded. He quickly grabbed the shipping box full of her old components, which although was still heavy, was not nearly as heavy as the case. He then followed her out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“You know, you sound so sexy right now with all those mechanical noises,” Mike admitted, slowly following her up the stairs as she navigated each step carefully.

“You think so?” Lena asked in a mildly shocked voice, “to me it sounds like my body is working harder than it needs to,” she shrugged.

“Well, that’s what goes with a robofetish, I suppose,” Mike shrugged back, “Do you think there’s any safe ways you can make yourself sound like that?”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Lena admitted, “I’m sure there are, but I’ll have to look up safe ways on the Spaztec forums to be sure…I really don’t want to damage my servos just playing around, though if you really want, I can.”

“Thanks,” Mike smiled.

“Hey, I’d do anything for you,” she reminded him, then she looked out the windows, “It’s a good thing you have the Electrochromic windows,” she then said, noticing the darkness, “otherwise someone would be getting quite the show,” she giggled, referencing her nude body.

“Yeah, it came with the place,” Mike smiled, “and a good thing to, since I mentioned I like walking around in the nude while I’m here.”

“Oh yeah, were you going to take your clothes off, now that you’re done working on me?” she reminded him.

Mike quickly blushed, then remembered that she didn’t care if he was nude. “Sure, though maybe a bit later,” he promised her, “I don’t want to distract you from getting settled in up here.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” she said with a slight pout.

Finally, she managed to get up the last step and walk at a faster pace into the room which would now be hers. She deposited the case on the floor next to a desk that took up a corner of the room. It had been left by the previous renter, too big to be conveniently removed from the room. She opened the case back up and pulled all the contents from the bottom compartment, setting them up on the table. Mike placed the shipping box down next to the case, and Lena immediately unpacked each item and spread them out on the desk, removing the contents from each colored bag.

Mike watched her do this for nearly five minutes before finally asking, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m inventorying all my supplies,” she explained, “I’m determining which items to keep, and which could be resold on the Spaztec auction server so we can make some money back.” Then she smiled, “looks like we’ll be able to recoup quite a bit.”

“Good,” Mike smiled, then looked at the heavy case. “Oh, didn’t you say you would try and lift me, once you were upgraded and reassembled?” he reminded her.

“Hmm, I suppose I did,” Lena smirked, “You don’t have a problem being lifted up by someone smaller than you, do you?” she teased.

“Of course not,” Mike scoffed playfully.

Lena merely spent a few moments sizing him up, her new optical systems and processors analyzing his height and dimensions to ascertain exactly how she should lift him up. Finally, her calculations complete, she slowly walked up to him and grabbed hold of him around his waist. Once she had a firm, but gentle grip, she activated her emergency power and slowly lifted him up off the floor, her servos whining loudly.

Once she had him a few feet off the floor, she shifted him in her arms until she had him laying down in her arms in a more comfortable position.

“Wow, you really are strong,” Mike told her, looking up at her with a look of admiration and awe.

“I know,” she smiled simply, gently lowering him back down so he could stand on his own again, “But please don’t make me lift you like that too often,” she pleaded, “not only does it strain my servos, but it also discharges my battery faster.”

“I understand,” Mike nodded solemnly, “I guess that’s one way to motivate me to lose weight,” he sighed dramatically.

“Hey, that’s not what I meant!” she protested.

“Don’t worry, I know,” he laughed, “though seriously, with your help, I probably will finally lose some weight…I hear having a girl around can be a real motivator.”

“Well, I’m not quite sure what people mean about that,” Lena said dubiously, “But, I can certainly cook healthier foods, and give you motivation to do more exercise, if you’d like,” she offered, “Though, you only weigh about 180,” she added wryly, after analyzing his weight.

“Yeah, but it’s still a tad on the overweight side,” Mike frowned, “Well, if you think you can whip me into shape, then go for it.”

“Okie doke!” With the verbal authorization from Mike, Lena opened a new thread in her CPU to formulate healthy strategies for Mike to get his weight down to the desired goal. The thread was a work in progress, because she still had insufficient information on his body type, and his overall habits. She created a task to monitor him more closely than usual in order to get sufficient information.

“I’m curious, now that I’ve made you lighter, how much do you weigh now?” he asked her, “No offense.”

“None taken,” Lena smiled politely, “according to my internal scans, I should currently weight approximately 140lbs.”

“Well, can I see if I can lift you up?” he offered, “it’s only fair, after all, and there could be a situation where you may need the emergency assistance.”

“Fair point,” she conceded, “however, if I needed the assistance, I would most likely just be dead weight, and therefor heavier to lift,” she pointed out, “If the situation were dire, it would be far more useful to simply take my head, or just my A.I. core.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Mike said after quick thought, “But wouldn’t a replacement body be expensive?”

“It could, but if you purchase even one of the cheaper insurance policies on me, then a replacement could cost significantly less. I can help you purchase one, if that’s alright,” she offered.

“Sure, why not?” Mike shrugged, “now, how should I go about picking you up?” he asked, sizing her up.

“I would suggest not trying to lift me up the same way I lifted you,” she warned, “if it was a stress on my servos, it could lead to potential injury of your body. How about I help you out a bit?”

“Okay, I’ll follow your lead.” Mike agreed. Lena nodded and came towards him at a quick pace, jumping up a bit at the last second, indicating he should catch her. Mike quickly reacted and picked her up in his arms, cradling her the same way she did him.

“Wow, you aren’t that heavy,” Mike said in a surprised voice, walking around the room with her with little difficulty. It felt like he was genuinely carrying a real, human woman.

“No, they do try their best to make us the same weight as a real human,” she reminded him, relaxing in his arms, “plus, since I’m active right now, I’m not dead weight, so I can adjust my center of balance to make carrying me that much easier.”

“Cool! I’m going to put you down now,” he told her, and after she nodded, he slowly lifted her down and helped her stand back on her feet.

“Thanks,” she smiled, once she was resituated, then she looked around the room at all the clutter that Mike had been storing in here, “Mike, do any of these boxes have a spare computer that I might use?”

“No,” he told her, “But, I anticipated you might need one, so I prepped some of my spare hobby computers downstairs while you were backing yourself up earlier,” he told her eagerly, “would you like me to go down and get it for you?”

“Yes, please,” she smiled, happy at his foresight and updating some of the friendship sliders in her personality settings. “living with him is going to be much better” her human emulation thought to itself, “he’s a real catch!”

Mike merely nodded excitedly, happy that she admired his foresight, and rushed downstairs, absently calling back that he’d be back in a few minutes. Mike quickly began checking the hobby computers to see if they’d finished their work, and lost himself momentarily in touching them up so they’d be ready for her.

Shortly after he rushed down, Lena saw his floorvac unit enter the room, still vacuuming the second floor. In her HUD, the device was circled and she could suddenly see the network signal emitting from it, connecting it to its homebase, and the house’s Wi-Fi. Using her new cleaning programs, she sent the unit a friend signal and quickly registered herself as a network device, allowing her to interface with it over her own private network and control it. Lena smiled as she remote-controlled it with her interface programs, even accessing its built-in camera and adding it to her visual feed. “Now I can help Mike even more!” she thought to herself.

Lena quickly made the device leave the room before Mike returned, since she did not want it distracting her. She would clean the room herself later, though she could already tell from its logs that it had passed through at least 70% of the floor space in her room already.

Mike finally returned a few minutes later with a small laptop, that after analyzing with her visual sensors, Lena determined was about three years old.

“Sorry I was late,” Mike apologized, setting it up on her desk, “I had it running updates and diagnostics, so I wanted to make sure it was finished before bringing it up.”

“It’s alright,” she assured him, “it gave me time to introduce myself to your floorvac,” she smiled, sitting down at the desk to inspect the laptop.

“Ah,” Mike nodded; he forgot he’d turned it on. “Anyway, I hope this laptop is to your liking…it’s a few years old, but it still works.”

“Three years,” she confirmed, “but since I’ve been in a box the last five years, three years is still newer than the old computer I was using.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Mike laughed, “this whole time jump thing is going to be really confusing for the next few days…you have so much to catch up on.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to catching up on the shows I was watching,” Lena mused, going online on the laptop and installing all the Spaztec programs. “Mike, do you mind if I tidy up in here tonight after you go to bed?” she requested, looking at all the boxes, “I kinda want to set this room up as a maintenance bay and lab for myself,” she reminded him.

“Sure, though I was kinda hoping you might sleep with me,” he said in a disappointed voice.

“I’m sorry, but it would just be for tonight, and then when I’m all set up in your, I mean, our home, I can sleep wherever you’d like me to.”

“Sure, I understand,” Mike smiled. Although he wanted her to sleep with him, he was also nervous, since he was used to sleeping alone.

“Thanks, now I have all my stuff installing on this, perhaps we can have some fun,” she suggested, getting back to her feet, “I was thinking we could go out shopping for a new wardrobe for me, now that I’ve lost weight, and buy some supplies so I can start cooking you healthier meals.”

“Sure, I’d like that,” Mike agreed, “and I’m sure you’d love to go out and see the world as well.”

“That too,” she smiled sheepishly.

“Well, I would suggest you take a shower and then put the clothes on that I bought you,” Mike told her, “and then you’ll be nice and clean for trying on clothes.”

“Okay,” Lena nodded, “But I don’t have any toiletries,” she said in a disappointed voice.

“What do you mean? I bought you some earlier, remember?” and after seeing the confused look on Lena’s face, he suddenly remembered, “Oh, I forgot, I told you that before I upgraded your processors.”

“Ah,” Lena nodded, “and those memories were lost when I restored from backup.”

“Yeah,” Mike sighed, then shook it off, “well, best not to dwell on it…you really only lost about 15-minutes of memories, after all,” he smiled.

“Exactly,” she smiled back, happy to see he cheered himself up, “well, let’s go see what you got me.” They both walked into what would now be her bathroom and inspected the toiletries. “Ah, very good,” she complimented him, inspecting the ingredients on each one, “I’m not sure you realized, but android skin actually requires the gentle variety of soaps and detergents, since our skin can’t heal itself as effectively as human skin,” she explained, since Mike had indeed gotten the gentle variation of each brand.

“Wow, I didn’t know,” Mike admitted, “I just got it because I usually use the gentle stuff myself.”

“How fortuitous then, though I could have still used normal detergent at least once without suffering any permanent damage,” she assured him, then continued inventorying the supplies. “Well, looks like you got everything a girl could need to make herself clean and pretty,” she announced upon finishing, updating her own internal shopping list to remove toiletries from her list, “I’ll need about 25 minutes to properly cleanse myself.”

“I figured,” Mike nodded, “you girls usually require a lot of time to groom yourselves.”

“Yeah, even us android girls,” Lena laughed, “are the clothes you bought for me around somewhere?”

“Oh, yes, I had brought them downstairs earlier after I finished cleaning them, hold on.” Mike quickly rushed downstairs and retrieved her clothes, while Lena turned on the shower to warm the water up. “Here they are,” he presented them to her.

“Very good, these should suffice until I buy some real clothes,” she nodded approvingly, placing them on the counter in the bathroom, “Now, go relax while I clean up.”

“Will do,” Mike smiled, pecking her on the cheek and then walking downstairs to wait for her to finish. He absently noted that she did not bother to close the bathroom door, indicating her level of trust in him.

Mike heard the shower turn on moments later, and after pacing nervously downstairs for a bit, he noticed the visual feed was still up on the terminal. He unplugged it from the power cord and switched it to tablet mode, watching her bathe herself from her POV.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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I so love this story thanks

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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Always nice to read new chapters of this story!

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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Part 1.6: Errands

Mike found it oddly entertaining to watch Lena bathe herself from her own POV via the control tablet. Her HUD literally told her everything that was going on, from the realtime temperature of the water, to the ambient humidity in the room. He saw that she was also benchmarking her previous cleaning protocols with the ones that had been updated overnight, and was apparently three seconds ahead of schedule.

She appeared to be scrubbing every nook and cranny of her body, either due to her new programming, or because of Mike’s suggestion she be more thorough. Either way, Mike was definitely enjoying the show.

After she finished bathing, she dried herself off and then began the grooming. She dried her hair, brushed her teeth, and then spritzed herself with the floral perfume Mike had bought for her. He could see a note appear in her HUD that her bathing routine had been shortened by several minutes, due to the fact that she was no longer programmed to grow body hairs below her head, thus no more shaving each day. He saw her smile satisfactorily in the mirror, and then dress herself in the loose clothes he’d bought her earlier, tightening the straps on the sweats and then lacing her shoes.

Once she was fully cleaned and dressed, she took one more look at herself in the bathroom mirror, cringing slightly at the boring clothes she was wearing, and then headed out of the room.

Mike quickly put the tablet down and sat down at his computer to make it look like he’d been doing stuff on it. Lena appeared at the foot of the stairs a few seconds later and walked over to him.

“Well, how do I look?” She asked, twirling around so he could see her.

“Better,” Mike admitted. Although she had been relatively clean before, her hair was a little frazzled after having been in storage for five years, but now she looked ready to go out into the world. She had even tied it up into a bun, where before it was a long pony tail.

“Good,” Lena sighed in a relieved tone, “these clothes are quite loose and boring, but adequate, thanks!”

“Well, you did tell me to buy the cheapest clothes I could find,” Mike defended.

“I know, but now we can have some fun buying me some new clothes later,” she smiled, then she gave him a mischievous look, “So…did you enjoy the show?”

Mike immediately flushed, his eyes becoming shifty as he hastily coughed and said, “umm, what do you mean?”

Lena gave him a level, yet amused, stare. “Mike, you should probably know that my A.I. Is alerted when my visual feed is in use on the terminal, and when the terminal is being actively used,” she notified him, “so, were you watching what I was doing the whole time?”

Mike could only endure her stare for so long before breaking. “Yes,” he replied meekly.

Instead of being angry, though, Lena let out a musical laugh. “Oh Mike, you’re so cute.” She said once more, “I really don’t mind,” she admitted, “however, I just wanted you to know because I do have ethical programming that can’t be subverted, even by your ownership of me,” she explained, “basically, I can’t break the law, so if I’m looking at someone’s personal info, then my visual feed will be unavailable to you and my logs of that time will be encrypted.”

“Oh, well that makes perfect sense,” Mike agreed, “I would never think to use you as a spy or anything,” he assured her.

“Good, I just wanted to make that clear” she said in a relieved voice, “That’s one thing my previous owner had to be constantly reminded of.”

“But I thought you said you couldn’t be used as a spy?” Mike said in a confused voice, since she had mentioned getting people fired earlier.

“There’s a difference between using my visual feed to record someone naked, or capture their personal information, and me simply reporting any criminal or inappropriate activity verbally,” she pointed out, “I wasn’t violating any ethics by reporting people’s indiscretions in order to improve the team.”

“Ah, well that makes sense,” Mike nodded.

“So, you didn’t answer my original question,” Lena then asked with a sly smile, and upon seeing the look of confusion on Mike’s face, she continued, “did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh,” Mike said with an embarrassed laugh, “Actually, yes,” he admitted, “Though, I mean, I’ve already seen you naked this whole time, but it was interesting seeing your HUD and how your systems analyze everything you see and do in real-time.”

“Ah…I suppose it would be, to you,” she nodded, “I mean, obviously I have a frame of reference from Human Lena’s memories, but my A.I. Just takes it all for granted.”

“It makes me wish I had a HUD,” Mike said, “Then maybe I could get more work done.”

“Well you know, I’ve heard that some tech companies make implantable computer chips that can augment human brains, so maybe you could,” Lena suggested.

“Nah, I’ve heard of those too, and even to this day, they still cause too many brain problems to be useful,” Mike said, shaking his head.

“Well then, you’ll just have to rely on me then,” Lena said smugly.

“I don’t mind,” Mike smiled.

“Well, anyway, I suppose this reminds me that I should probably do a quick orientation before we head out and have some fun,” Lena told him, standing at attention in the middle of the room, “why don’t you bring up the remote tab, now that I’m all in one piece again, and try and remote control me around the room.”

Mike was a little shocked by her sudden request, but he was also eager to see what sort of things he could do with Lena. He moved the visual feed to a small window in the corner of the screen and brought the remote-control tab up once more, this time with far more options that before.

After examining all his options, he found he could either move each limb individually, or perform pre-programmed commands, like walk, wave, dance, jump, etc. Mike tapped the jump command, and then watched as Lena jumped. Not a big jump, just a simple up and down, landing back on the ground.

“Does that loss of control bother you at all?” Mike asked, though he had a fair idea what her response would be.

“Not really,” Lena shrugged, still waiting patiently for the next command, “there might be times when it’s easier to control me, than to rely on me guessing what you want,” she explained, “plus, it’s kinda fun,” she smiled, “like how people put themselves under hypnosis for entertainment.”

“Wow, I suppose when you put it like that, I can see how it might not bother you,” Mike smiled, making her dance and then wave, “I take it your ethics programming can intervene,” he guessed.

“Yeah, I can disable my remote connection if it could possibly harm myself, or others,” she confirmed.

“Good,” Mike nodded, “not that I would ever do that, it’s just I wouldn’t want someone else to override your controls.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” she assured him, “Once you registered yourself as my owner, the tablet now scans your face and fingerprints on the screen and keys, so only you or another registered user can use the remote on me.”

“Oh, okay, that’s a relief.”

“Hey Mike, why don’t you try having me walk to the fridge and opening it,” Lena then suggested.

“Sure, why not?” Mike shrugged.

He tapped the walk icon and then her visual feed enlarged to take up half the screen. He then tapped the directional slider and directed it towards the kitchen, watching as Lena actually started walking per his commands, albeit in a more artificial manner.

Once she got to the fridge, he had her stop and saw several command options appear, including Open fridge. He tapped the icon, and she actually opened the fridge, and then more options appeared. He tapped Get Beverage (two), and then on the visual feed, all beverages became highlighted. He tapped lemonade twice, and she reached in and grabbed two lemonades. He then had her Close Fridge, and then turn around and return to him, and finally Hand Owner (1) beverage.

After Lena handed him his lemonade, he turned off the remote-control function and returned control to her. He popped open the lemonade and took a quick swig before saying, “Wow, that was fun!”

“I know,” Lena agreed, opening her lemonade and taking a swig herself. She sighed satisfactorily, “Ah, my first drink in five years.”

“What was amazing about remote controlling you was how easy and intuitive it was,” Mike commented, “I mean, it interfaced with your visual systems and contextualized what you were seeing in order to give me commands, streamlining the whole process…it’s brilliant!”

“I know, those context-based command features were still in beta five years ago, so I’m glad one of the new A.I. Updates I installed finally brought those online,” Lena said excitedly, “Basically, with that feature, I can be shopping while you’re at work or something, and send you a message on your phone and allow you to pick a specific brand or item if you aren’t sure of what it is when you send me out,” Lena explained, “I seem to recall you had difficulty with certain technical terms for things,” she smiled.

“Yeah,” Mike admitted, “I know what things do, but not necessarily what they are.”

“Well, when it comes to replacing things around the house, I can scan the items with my visual sensors and search online for replacements, so you don’t have to guess what they are anymore,” she offered, quickly demonstrating by looking at a random object in the room that Mike had no idea of the name for. Within seconds, she scanned the object and ran a quick image recognition search on the internet and brought up its info on the terminal screen; it was a door strike plate.

“Oh, that’s what they’re called,” Mike exploded out, since he’d been trying to replace several shoddy ones in his house.

Lena giggled upon seeing his reaction. “Looks like you haven’t changed much.”

“Well, it’s not like they have a class in school about what all these things are,” Mike defended, “I just take them all for granted, I guess,” he shrugged.

“Well, now you don’t need to know, because I can just look it up for you,” Lena announced proudly, then gave him a quick bow, “Now, would you like to know how to control me if you don’t happen to have the terminal, or an app, handy?”

“Of course,” Mike responded, “I don’t really think I’m gonna be able to take this thingy with me everywhere I go,” he admitted, holding the 2-in-1 device in his hands.

“Well, there is a phone app too,” Lena supplied, “but just in case you don’t feel like using that either, since the interface is pretty difficult to use on a small phone screen, according to user complaints, then I also have voice commands.”

Upon finishing her statement, Lena made a list of voice commands appear on the terminal screen. “Ooh,” Mike said, upon reading all of them.

“As you can see, with the voice commands, they have to be phrased as actual commands,” Lena explained, since all of them began with her name, “if it’s phrased as a request, like ‘Lena, please give me a massage’, then, well, I’ll most likely still do it,” Lena said with a giggle, “But, I won’t be compelled to.”

“I see,” Mike nodded, then read through the list of mostly basic commands once more to memorize it. “Would it be alright I I tried some on you?”

“Of course, that’s why I brought it up silly,” Lena laughed. While she was laughing, Mike found a perfect opportunity and said, “Lena, Pause.”

The effect was instantaneous. Lena immediately stopped moving mid laugh, a look of glee frozen on her face as her body froze and stabilized into position. Mike slowly got up from the couch to inspect her now frozen body, noting that her visual display on the tablet had also frozen, with a timer now displaying in the center, indicating how long she had been paused.

He set the terminal down on the coffee table between him and Lena and then walked up to her, closely inspecting her. He was practically bubbling with excitement as he did various things to her body, such as waving his hands in front of her face, moving her arms, and poking her. He’d dreamed of being able to do this with people, but now, with Lena as his android girlfriend, he could finally satiate his desires at any time.

By the time he was finished playing around, she had been frozen for nearly three minutes, so he sat back down on the couch, picked up the terminal, and the said, “Lena, Unpause.”

The instant the words left his mouth, she continued whatever motions she was making before he had paused her as though nothing had happened, though when she finished her cute laugh, she smiled knowingly at him. “Ah, my pause feature…that’s always a hit with people.”

“So, are aware that you were paused then?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, for a little over three minutes,” Lena confirmed, “when I’m paused, all my systems are paused, but my A.I. still keeps track of time so I know how long I’ve been paused.”

“Good, and what about standby mode?” he asked, seeing that command in the list.

“Well, with standby mode, it’s more of a way for me to shut myself off without actually shutting myself off,” she told him, “basically, if I have nothing to do, and you aren’t here, I can activate it and enter a reduced power state, with most of my systems offline. This mode is useful if you want me to be able to reactivate right away, without having to wait for me to boot up.”

“Cool, let me try it,” he mused, then he coughed and said, “Lena, enter standby mode.”

Lena then stood in a more relaxed pose and said in an emotionless tone, “Standby mode activated, please state desired recall duration and/or condition.”

“Hmm, Lena didn’t mention this,” Mike muttered under his breath, “Um, what do you mean?”

“My standby mode can be terminated under a set of pre-programmed conditions, in addition to a timer, and/or condition, such as a passphrase or touch,” she responded in the same emotionless tone, that Mike somehow found to be sexy.

“Oh, um, let me think a sec,” he told her, though she did not reply. After a few seconds, he finally decided. “How about if I boop your nose,” he suggested with a fond smile, since that’s something the two of them had done playfully to one another when they were just friend/coworkers.

For a moment, he was afraid that Lena’s A.I. wouldn’t understand what he meant by ‘boop’, but she acknowledged his request and then fell silent, simply standing. Mike confirmed on the terminal that her body was indeed using considerably less power, as much of her human emulation was suspended, and she wasn’t logging any memories. As best as he could describe it, it was akin to how his phone had ambient programs which only listened for certain passphrases or songs in the background, but otherwise did nothing.

The visual display on the terminal, while it still displayed exactly what Lena’s eyes were seeing, appeared to be slightly greyed out, only peripherally monitoring Mike, since he was her owner. He figured that she was most likely also pre-programmed to come out of it if there was an intruder in the house, or some sort of emergency, but for now, she seemed perfectly fine remaining in standby mode.

Mike only kept her in it for a minute or so before finally walking up to her and booping her nose. The first time, it didn’t work, so after an instant of confusion, he smiled and then booped her nose once more, this time actually saying “Boop!”

Lena instantly returned from standby mode with a smile. “I’m so glad that’s what you chose to have me exit…I was really fond of our boops,” she reminisced.

“I thought you might like it,” Mike said in a fond voice, “perhaps you can make that a permanent pre-condition or something.”

Lena then zoned out for a split second and then announced, “Done!”

“Goodie,” Mike chuckled.

“Now, before we head out to the stores, may I please see your phone?” Lena requested.

“Sure.” Mike quickly grabbed his phone from his desk, unlocked it, and handed it to her.

“Thanks,” Lena said, then she scanned the device. Her HUD instantly registered the phone as a Bluetooth device in her systems, and she registered herself as a Bluetooth device on the phone. Using her new connection, she installed the terminal app on his phone and then quickly configured it so he could connect to her using his phone. “Here you go,” she then announced cheerfully.

“Ah, thanks,” Mike mused, quickly perusing the controls and seeing they were similar to those on the 2-in-1 he’d been using. The only difference was that, since the screen was smaller, it was harder for him to multitask on it.

“I know it’s not quite as useful as the 2-in-1,” Lena apologized, “however, you’re far more likely to have your phone with you, and I can actually call you using my internal router, even while holding a conversation with someone in person, so that could be a timesaver.”

“Indeed,” Mike nodded, thinking of several ways he could take advantage of his control interfaces now.

“Well, if there’s nothing else we need to do here, I’m ready to leave when you are,” Lena said, bouncing around on her feet like a little girl eager to go out and have fun.

“Alright, let’s grab some of my reusable bags from the bag hanging on the wall just outside in the garage, and then we’ll leave,” Mike said, rising to his feet and grabbing his jacket and keys.

“Okie doke,” Lena smiled, following him out and grabbing a few bags. “Hey Mike, do you think I could try driving, now that I’m programmed to?” She wheedled in a soft voice, “I haven’t gotten to drive since I was a human, so I’d really like to give it a try.” Lena then put on a puppy dog face expression.

Mike could only endure it for so long before finally giving in. “Alright,” he told her in a resigned voice, handing over his keys, “Just be careful,” he warned her.

Lena did a quick celebration dance before looking at him with a serious face, “Hey, I’m an android, so I might as well be the autopilot feature on those expensive cars,” she pointed out, “and I already plotted out the most efficient route to take us to all the shops we’ll need to go to, but consume the least amount of fuel, based on the most current GPS maps of this area and local traffic reports” she said smugly, getting into the driver’s side and adjusting the seat to accommodate her shorter stature.

“Huh, I suppose I didn’t consider that,” Mike pondered, “You’re going to be far more useful to have around than I previously considered…however, I do still want to drive my own car every now and then,” he pointed out.

“I understand,” Lena affirmed, “This time is just to show you my skills,” she smirked, then once they were all buckled up, she opened the garage door and carefully pulled out.

As Lena carefully drove around the neighborhood, navigating to the first stop on their destination, Mike amused himself by monitoring her POV via the app on his phone, since he’d left the 2-in-1 at home. The driving programming he’d authorized for her was giving her real-time traffic reports, speed limits, and even a minimap. He could even see that her newly installed thermal sensors were allowing her to visualized people obscured behind cars, bushes, and corners before they approached, giving her ample time to reduce her speed and prevent a collision.

While Mike was thoroughly impressed with her safe driving skills, he did have to concede that she could just as easily relay the same information to him verbally, and with only minimal reaction speed delays. This still made him feel far more comfortable with the prospect of him driving with her in shotgun, since he’d lost count of how many times some stupid kid came bolting out of nowhere in front of him down these tight residential streets.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their first destination, which was a local department store in a large, outdoor mall area. It seemed she’d picked an area with several places that they could go, without having to drive all over town, in order to save time and fuel.

Once she parked in a spot relatively close to the department store, she looked at him and smiled, “We have safely arrived at our destination,” she spoke in a faux GPS navigation voice, then giggled.

“Thanks,” Mike laughed back, unbuckling himself and grabbing one of the reusable bags from the back seat, “So, do you have some sort of cover story in case one of the associates asks us why you’re buying an entire wardrobe?” he then asked, his paranoia setting back in, “I mean, I know you don’t want to advertise you’re an android, so I just wanted to make sure we have a story,” he laughed nervously, even whispering the word android.

Lena gave him a hearty laugh and patted his shoulder. “Mike, don’t worry, I don’t really care too much about people knowing I’m an android,” she assured him, “I just don’t want to be wearing their brands all the time like some simple servant,” she said in a disgusted voice, then she scrunched her face before saying, “Buuuut, I suppose if you want to have some sort of story, we can just lie and say that all my clothes got destroyed in some freak washing machine malfunction or something,” she smiled innocently.

“Hmmm, I suppose that’s a decent enough cover story,” Mike agreed, after thinking it over for several seconds, “alright, let’s go!” Mike then gently grabbed Lena’s hand and walked with her into the store.

Although Mike usually did not like shopping, he found Lena was somehow able to make the experience entertaining, and painless. Since she was an android, she was able to interface with the store network and go to the exact location of the store that had women’s clothes, and then she was able to check the inventory lists and pick out only clothes that they had in her new size.

Lena’s human emulation allowed her to pick out some fun and fashionable styles to compliment her playful and nice personality, and she even showed them off to Mike for his approval, though he was so enamored of her and her cuteness that he approved almost everything she picked out.

Once she’d picked out ten days’ worth of outfits, cold weather outfits, warm weather attire, shoes, a bathing suit, and underwear, they placed it all in a shopping cart and then made their way over to the grocery section, where Lena began to select numerous ingredients for the meals she was planning for the upcoming week.

Lena was able to scan each item and pick out the ripest fruits and veggies, and the most nutritious brands to improve Mike’s help. She hummed to herself satisfactorily as she checked off each item on the shopping list displayed in her HUD, even using a digital crayon to do the crossing. Mike found that she made shopping so easy, he didn’t even mind pushing the cart.

After she finished with the groceries, she made her way to household goods and located each cooking utensil that was missing from his kitchen. Their final stop on the way to the register was the medicine section, where Lena bought several first-aid items that Mike had neglected to stock up on.

“Alright, I think we’ve got everything,” Lena finally announced, after they’d nearly completely filled their shopping cart.

“You mean, everything from here,” Mike corrected her, as they walked over to a register and started laying their items out on the counter.

“Of course,” she winked, “but don’t worry, this place had about 90% of what I needed,” Lena guestimated, rechecking her shopping lists with the digital crayon marks covering much of them. “I was planning on buying the rest from that grocery store near our place later today, since it’s within walking distance.”

“Huh, okay,” Mike nodded approvingly. He’d been in there a few times, but since it was family owned, the items tended to cost a bit more…but he trusted that Lena had somehow accounted for it.

The associate who rung them up seemed quite happy to be ringing up a large sale, since the store was otherwise deserted. Just as Mike had feared, she tried making small talk by asking why Lena needed so many clothes, but Lena stuck to the plan and told the lie they had prepared, and even embellished the story so well, even Mike almost believed it was true.

Once all their items were rung up, they hauled the cart out to their car and stashed everything in the trunk, and then walked a short distance across to the other side of the lot, to a small sandwich restaurant.

“Lena, you lie like a champion,” Mike told her with awe, once they finally had their sandwiches. They sat down at a table and unwrapped them.

“I know,” she said smugly, “the real Lena was actually pretty good at storytelling,” she admitted, “but it also helps to have a proprietary network access to a lie database.”

Mike scoffed. “There’s not really a lie database.”

“Oh yes there is,” Lena countered, “there’s actually a more technical name for it, but it’s a database that allows androids like myself to better fit in with real people, by giving us a repository of potential lies to use in any situation.”

“Huh, interesting…I wish I had access to that database sometimes,” Mike laughed, since there were numerous times in the past his lies had failed him.

“Well, I try not to use it too often,” Lena downplayed, “I actually prefer to be honest, but in this case, I had to lie due to your request.”

“Oh, well don’t worry, I’ll try not to have you lie too often,” he assured her, “I thought I was just helping maintain your cover.” Mike felt a little bad now.

Lena calmly put her hand on his on the table and gripped it gently. “Hey, I don’t mind, really,” she told him, lifting his hand up and giving it a tender kiss, “You’ve got to stop beating yourself up…I know you have some self-esteem issues, but I want you to feel as comfortable around me as possible.”

Lena’s words penetrated deep into Mike’s core. She could clearly read him like a book, and for the first time in his life, he felt like he could truly open himself up to someone. He gave her a kind look that spoke volumes of his affection for her and then took another bite of his sandwich.

“Anyway, it takes a lot to offend me,” Lena assured him, taking a big, messy bite of her sandwich and shuddering with glee. “Ah, it’s so nice to have food in my system again.” She wiped her mouth off on a napkin and gave Mike a big smile.

Mike was instantly comforted and relaxed for the rest of the meal. “Um, so, is the food actually going to help with your battery levels?”

“A little,” she shrugged, “Like I said, the food is mostly to replenish the building materials my body needs to repair the musculature and epidermal layers, but this should add about another 40-60 minutes.”

“How come they can’t have you guys run entirely off of food?”

“Well, they haven’t quite mastered the technology behind it yet,” Lena explained, “And, since the only other alternative would be to fit us with a mini-nuclear reactor, they decided it would be safer to fit us with something similar to what electric cars use.”

“Good call,” Mike laughed, “I wouldn’t want you melting down or something.”

“No, definitely not,” Lena agreed, then they both laughed and continued their meal.

After they finished their lunch a short time later, they returned to the car and Lena drove them home, once again utilizing her android skills to get them home more efficiently, and safely, than Mike could have.

When they got home, they unloaded the large number of items they had purchased, placing the new kitchen utensils in the dishwasher, the food items in the pantry and fridge, and her new clothes in the washer.

“Well, how do your inventory lists look now?” Mike asked, once they’d gotten everything packed away, and started cleaning the new items.

“Much better,” Lena nodded satisfactorily, “Like I said, we just need to grab a few things from store over on the corner, and we’ll be set!”

“Well, I figure we could make an adventure out of it,” Mike suggested.

“What do you mean?” Lena asked with a confused look on her face.

“Well, we could go on a walk around the neighborhood here,” Mike elaborated, “I sometimes like walking around to clear my head, and the store will be along the way as we loop back.”

“Ooh, I could totally go for a walk!” Lena bounced around excitedly, “I’m eager to test out my upgraded systems on a nice walk.”

“Well, whatever floats your boat, I suppose,” Mike shrugged.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to all the sounds, sights, and smells,” she explained, sensing Mike was a bit confused, “with all those sensors you upgraded in my head, I can process more information now and enjoy all my senses that much more.”

“Oh, I get it,” Mike nodded, “well, if you want to change your clothes, I can wait down here for you,” he offered.

“Oh, thanks…be back in a sec!” Lena then about faced and bolted up the stairs to her new room like a little girl. Fortunately, they hadn’t been able to fit all her new clothes in the wash, so they left a single outfit out for her to wear the rest of the day.

Lena returned minutes later wearing her new outfit, which consisted of: grey/pink athletic shoes, with purple ankle socks, navy blue sweats, and a light green t-shirt with some random images from a popular television series on it. While her previous clothes were adequate, these new clothes actually fit her new size perfectly, accentuating her curves and features.

“Wow Lena, you look beautiful,” Mike breathed, admiring her fashion. What he really liked, was that for the first time ever, he was actually seeing her look like a normal woman, and not a dismantled android, or a uniformed coworker that he interacted with five days a week. It was a simple thing, really, but to Mike, having a bit of normalcy was a big thing.

“Aww, thanks,” she blushed, then seemed to remember something, “Oh, do you think I should wear a jacket?” She asked with a worried look, “as an android, I don’t need one, but I don’t want people to get suspicious or anything.”

Mike quickly checked the weather station on his desk and confirmed the outside temperature with the satellite units he had attached to the exterior of his house. They confirmed it was currently in the mid 60s.

“Nah, I think you should be fine,” he told her, “It’s actually kinda warm today…mid 60s,” he told her, showing her the weather station, “we should be fine.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said kindly, “as an android, I do have access to weather data, but it’s severely limited to only certain scientific stations, and does not take into account microclimates.”

“Yes, and the area around here is notorious for it’s microclimates,” Mike agreed vigorously, “which is precisely why I purchased this weather station.”

“You are a very useful person to have around,” Lena complimented him, “And that’s saying something, since that’s what you’ve been saying of me,” she giggled.

“I certainly try my best,” Mike said modestly.

“Well, if it’s in the mid-60s, then my social norms programming says it’s okay to go out without a jacket,” Lena shrugged, “Besides, androids like the cold.”

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Mike grabbed his keys and phone and pocketed them, then gently grabbed Lena’s hand and walked with her to the front door. Once outside, he locked the door and led her to the sidewalk.

Even though it was winter, and most of the trees and foliage were dead, Lena still marveled at everything she saw. While Mike merely enjoyed the cool air on his face, and the quiet ambiance, Lena’s HUD was busy with activity. Every dog or cat instantly registered on her HUD, eliciting a cute “Oooooh,” each time she saw one, eagerly pointing it out to Mike; she really loved animals.

She was able to see every squirrel and bird fluttering around overhead in the trees and powerlines crossing overhead, and her A.I. was any potential hazard along the way, just in case it needed to protect Mike from any danger.

“Lena,” Mike suddenly said, once they’d walked roughly a quarter mile down the sidewalk from his house.

“What is it Mike?” Lena asked politely. She could tell Mike was about to ask her a serious question, based on the tone of his voice.

“I’m not sure quite how to phrase this, but I’ll give it a shot…um, did you enjoy working at Cloudtron?”

Lena paused as she tried to respond to Mike’s question, her A.I. quickly searching for potential responses. Finally, after a few moments had gone by, she answered. “Well, I suppose I did,” she shrugged, “I mean, literally, the main purpose of my class of android is to help people, and that’s what I was doing there.”

“Interesting,” Mike nodded, “Well, I’m just asking because, well, I know that, now that I’m your owner, your primary objective is to help me…but, would you still like to help others?”

“Well, of course I’d like to help others,” she said carefully, “But what exactly are you getting at?”

“Well, I’m just concerned that once I go back to work on Monday, that you’re just going to end up spending the majority of your day, after you’ve finished your chores, sitting on the couch in standby mode…just, waiting for me to come home, like a lonely puppy,” Mike said in a concerned voice, and before Lena could respond, he continued, “Anyway, I was just wondering if you’d like your life to be a bit more fulfilling than just helping me.”

“Well, of course I would!” Lena said excitedly, her friendship levels for Mike rising several percentage points, “helping people is the only thing I liked about working there.”

“Good,” Mike said in a relieved voice, “Well, then, how would you like to go back and work in the security department once again?” he offered, “now that I’m in the leadership team, I can put in a good word for you and get you into the grave shift.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be able to help as many people on the grave shift,” she said in a slightly disappointed tone of voice, “but, how would you get around the fact that I’m an android? I mean, last time I was snuck in because SSS was in on it, but this time I wouldn’t have a cover story.”

“We wouldn’t hide it,” Mike said simply. Seeing the look of shock on Lena’s face caused him to reply quickly. “A lot has changed in the last five years. Androids are much more mainstream now, and highly advanced ones like you are basically seen as artificial humans, so you are allowed to work openly in the workforce, provided you are currently registered with an owner.”

“Ok,” Lena nodded, her mood improving.

Mike continued. “They generally prefer that androids work the grave shift, though, because extensive studies have proven that humans working the grave shift suffer long-term health consequences from working it, since humans have evolved over thousands of years to be asleep/inactive at nighttime,” he explained, “So, by working the grave shift, you’d be saving a human from having long-term medical problems.”

Lena couldn’t help but smile at Mike’s logic. Any other (Human) girl would assume Mike was trying to manipulate them, but Lena realized Mike was finally treating her like an android, and as an android, her prime programming to help people, took precedence. She realized now that she loved him even more.

“Mike, I’d love to go back to work there!” she said excitedly, surprising him with a loving kiss, then she calmed herself down, “would I have to wait long?”

“Hopefully not,” Mike told her, “as it so happens, we just lost Bill…you remember him?”

“Wait, he was still there this past five years?!” Lena said incredulously. Bill was an older guy who had worked at Cloudtron in the security department for years, mostly on the grave shift.

“Yeah, but he finally retired after 15 years and moved out East to be with his family,” Mike laughed.

“Oh, good for him,” Lena smiled, “Now, I know all of what you told me about working on the grave shift and whatnot, but would I have to stay on it forever?”

“No,” he assured her, “There are more people like Bill out there that genuinely enjoy and seek out grave shift positions like that. Once we find one, we can try and move you to day or swing shift.”

“Okay, good,” Lena sighed with relief, “I’ve already worked the grave shift, and it’s pretty boring.”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed, “So, anyway, the only catch is that, even though you’re an android, and even though you already worked there for two years, you’d have to go through the 40 hours of training again,” he said regretfully.

“Aww, how come,” she pouted.

“Well, so much has changed in the last five years: technology, personnel, policies, they even built a new tower,” Mike explained, “That they would still require even an android to go through another 40 hours of training.”

“Would you be the one training me?” she asked hopefully, even crossing her fingers.

“Well, I am still an FTO, and the fact that I’m your owner would certainly work in my favor,” he replied slyly.

“Wow, this has to be the best day of my life!” Lena announced, “I got rescued by a kind man, fixed up, upgraded, and now offered a job.”

Mike merely flushed, his modesty taking him over.

“You know, if I do get the job, I’ll be making money again,” Lena smiled, “that means I could help out with the rent and stuff.”

“Well, to be honest, that’s also a big part of my offer,” he admitted sheepishly, “after all, having you sit around all day at home in standby won’t pay the bills, and this healthy food is a bit more expensive than the TV dinners I’ve been eating.”

“Hey, don’t worry Mike, I’m not mad at you,” Lena laughed, “I’ve actually never been prouder of you.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” he flushed some more, “Oh, and you can do whatever you feel is right with your money, I mean, in terms of investing it and whatnot,” he shrugged, “and you can purchase your own upgrades and stuff too.”

“Wow, thanks! It really means a lot that you have so much trust in me,” Lena gushed.

“Don’t mention it,” Mike shrugged, “I’m actually pretty bad with money, so it’d be nice if you could help me with my money too.”

“Hey, anything for the best owner in the world!” Lena peeled out, her laughter trailing behind them on their peaceful walk through his neighborhood.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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so happy to read your story , it will be more great with some picture

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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Part 1.7: Fun

The walk around the neighborhood was roughly 2-miles, and consisted of walking all the way down one street, then down the parallel street, and back up the original street. There was a small, family owned grocery store on the corner of Mike’s street, and the main city street, though Mike hadn’t been inside in a long time, due to the higher prices, and mostly Hispanic products.

Lena grabbed several items, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, and a few ingredients that Mike couldn’t make out because they were in Spanish. Once she had everything she needed, she headed to the counter and paid with Mike’s card, since the business had yet to install hardware that she could remote interface with. Mike was momentarily shocked when she conversed in fluent Spanish with the cashier, but then he remembered that he’d added Spanish to her list of languages.

Once they had finished with the transaction, Lena placed the items in a small reusable bag that she had rolled up into her pocket. “Alright Mike, we’re done shopping, so we can go home now,” she reported, closing her shopping lists and starting a new priority to monitor their current supplies for freshness.

“Alrighty,” Mike smiled cheerfully, taking the bag from her and grabbing her hand once more. The small store was roughly 80% of the way on their walk, so it took them only a few short minutes to walk the rest of the distance back to Mike’s townhouse.

While both found the walk to be a nice, relaxing sojourn in their otherwise busy day, Lena also found the walk to be informative, since she would be living in this neighborhood for the foreseeable future. She had already catalogued dozens of dogs and cats in the neighborhood, for the eventuality that any of them might break loose, get lost, and wander the neighborhood. Furthermore, she was able to update the proprietary maps server that her driving programming accessed to update the conditions on the road.

Upon entering, Mike rushed upstairs to move her clothes from the washer into the dryer, and to start the next load. Lena made quick work of organizing the food items they had just purchased into Mike’s now fully stocked fridge. Lena had also purchased several baking soda packs and placed them in strategic locations, since several of the takeout foods Mike had left in the fridge had spoiled and left a nasty odor.

As she closed the fridge door, the list of tasks in her HUD updated, and she smiled as she saw that she had no pending tasks for the rest of the day. She took in a deep breath and let it all out in a satisfactory sigh, even wiping her hands in the air to symbolically wipe away the chores of the day.

She temporarily enhanced her hearing and cocked her head to the ceiling, listening as Mike rushed around upstairs to put stuff away. With a smile on her face, Lena walked over to the couch and sat on the right side, since her visual sensors indicated Mike most likely spent the majority of his time on the left, evidenced by the placement of the remotes and coasters. She moved the pillows out of the way, unlaced her shoes, removed her socks, and placed her bare feet on the coffee table and waited patiently for Mike to return.

“Alright, everything is set up there,” he announced, rushing downstairs. He then paused as he saw her bare feet on the coffee table and gasped. “Whoa, put your feet down for a sec!” he then rushed into the kitchen.

Lena, although shocked, did as he asked. She was confused, though, because she knew he had a foot fetish and she had calculated that her putting her feet up would please him.

When he returned seconds later with a can of wood polisher/dust remover, and a wad of paper towels, Lena immediately understood and smiled. As Mike fastidiously removed everything from the table and wiped it down, Lena said, “You now, I could have easily done that for you.”

“I know,” Mike stammered, “It’s my OCD…and, for the rest of today, at least, I still want you to feel like a guest.” Once the table dried, he placed everything back to exactly where it was and then said, “Alright, you can put your feet back up.”

Lena chuckled and put them back up, as Mike returned to the kitchen and washed his hands of the chemicals. Then, he ran back into the living area and calmly sat down on the couch next to her.

Mike quickly looked up at the clock and saw that it was only about 1pm.

“Um, so, what do you usually do on your days off?” Lena asked, breaking the momentarily awkward silence, “And what time do you like to go to bed?”

“Well, I usually just relax and play video games, or watch TV and stuff,” Mike answered, “And, I usually go to bed at around 1:30am on non-work nights, and 10:30pm on work nights…though, last night I was so tucker out, I conked out at about midnight.” Mike laughed nervously.

“Ah,” Lena nodded, then she quickly scanned the area and found several gaming consoles plugged into Mike’s entertainment center just ahead. “Well, my power core should last me until about 2am,” she calculated, “Why don’t we play some games or something until dinnertime?” she then suggested.

Mike quickly looked at his consoles and pondered his choices. “Umm, I don’t have too many multiplayer games, to be honest,” he admitted apologetically, “I think I might have a racing game or something we could play.”

“Okay,” Lena smiled, “and, if we get bored, I really don’t mind just sitting here and watching you play a single player game,” she assure him, watching as Mike walked over to the TV and powered up one of the consoles, returning with a second controller and handing it to Lena, “I’m just happy to be here with you.”

“Okay, then maybe we’ll just play for an hour or so and then you can watch me play something,” he suggested.

“I’d love to.” Lena then watched as a popular racing game with cartoonish looking character popped on. She was familiar with the franchise, but they had obviously come out with a few iterations over the previous five years. It took her but a moment to go online and download the instruction manual for how to play the game, and then calibrate her hand sensors for the controller configuration.

“Do you need me to explain how to play the game?” Mike asked, once he sat down and made himself comfortable.

“No, I was able to figure out from an online help site,” she smiled.

“Oh, that’s cool,” he said absently, then he stared at her seriously, “Hey, you’re not going to be difficult to beat like the in-game CPU or something, are you?” he accused her suspiciously.

“No,” Lena shook her head innocently, “Like I told you before, my human emulation is capped at a certain processor speed, so I can’t do anything that much better than the real Lena would have been able to,” she assured him.

“But, will you have any advantages, being an android an all?”

“Well, I suppose I won’t be as affected by hunger, or having to go to the bathroom, or hand cramps,” she shrugged, “But I can assure you, playing with me will be just like playing with a real girl.”

It took a few moments, but Mike was finally satisfied that Lena was telling him the truth. He left the menu of the game and prepped the racing tournament that they would be playing in. He hadn’t played with another person in quite a while, and he found Lena’s presence to be a bit distracting at first, especially her feet on the table.

After a quick calculation, Lena’s A.I. suddenly informed her that having her feet up might distract Mike from playing at his best, since he’d been unintentionally wandering his eyes towards them several times in the past five minutes. Just before they started, Lena surreptitiously took her feet down, and sat cross legged on the couch instead, so she would be in a more comfortable position, and so Mike would not be distracted by her feet.

Mike visibly relaxed when Lena hid her feet, since they had been distracting his focus. He wondered if she did so because she noticed his lack of focus, or if she merely wanted to assume a more comfortable position. Either way, it worked, and he was suddenly able to focus again.

“Okay, we’ll start off on the easy setting so we can ease on in,” he told her, setting the race speed to the lowest setting, “It’s been a while since I played too, so I’m not patronizing you or anything,” he assured her, after seeing her crafting a protest.

“Oh, okay,” she smiled, then focused on the screen while the ten second countdown started for the race. Just before it started, she minimized the majority of her own HUD so she could focus on the in-game HUD.

They ended up playing the racing gave for nearly two hours, choosing to try out all 60 race tracks, and even the battle mode. A few of the times, they’d chosen to play on the same team, but they found they both had competitive spirits and preferred to play against one another. True to her word, Lena did not appear to have any sort of advantage, being an android, and played just as well as a typical human might.

As they took a break from playing so they could take care of the laundry and have a snack, Lena calculated the overall results and found that Mike won 72.34% of the races. Lena smiled as she was sure he won purely by skill, and his previous experience playing this particular game, and not because she let him.

When they returned to the couch, Mike unplugged the racing game and started up a different game.

“What are we playing this time?” Lena asked.

“Well, this time I’m going to play a single player game,” he told her, “an open-world adventure epic that I started a week ago and haven’t finished yet.”

“Ooh, ok, I can’t wait to watch,” Lena said excitedly, bouncing around on the couch and grabbing one of the pillows to lean on more comfortably.

“You don’t know how much of a relief it is to hear you say that,” Mike sighed, “My ex just couldn’t be satisfied by simply watching…she absolutely had to play with me, and then she would get bored too easily.”

“Well, don’t worry, I really don’t mind just watching,” Lena smiled kindly at him, “I just enjoy sitting here with you.”

“Aww, thanks,” Mike blushed, leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek before starting the game.

The game appeared to be a sci-fi/fantasy world where the main character ran around in vast, impossible fields of varying climates, such as lava, ice, forest, desert, and even floating continents. The real Lena would have been interested in this game, so Lena paid close attention to all the details, and asked Mike questions about stuff to show her interest.

At one point, Mike, after roaming about aimlessly on a side quest, paused the game and started to get up with a frustrated grunt.

“Mike, what’s wrong? Where are you going?” Lena asked him in a concerned voice.

“Oh, sorry, I’m a little stuck, so I’m looking for some help on the internet,” he apologized, calming himself down.

“Oh, well hang on a sec, I might be able to help you out,” she giggled, “sit down and I’ll help you.” She then accessed the internet in her HUD and searched for help videos on the particular side quest Mike was stuck on. After reviewing a few sources, she looked at Mike and smiled, “Ok, I found some tips online…just keep playing and I’ll throw some to you.”

“Huh, okay,” Mike said with a quizzical look on his face. He un-paused the game and resume playing, with Lena giving him just enough hints to get him on the right path, but not enough to spoil the whole adventure.

Once Mike finished the quest, he paused the game and looked at Lena with pure admiration. “Wow, you’re awesome! If I had looked it up myself, I probably would have spoiled myself, but you were able to simply point me in the right direction and let me solve it myself.”

Lena blushed and responded modestly. “Hey, it’s all part of my new girlfriend programming,” she shrugged, “believe it or not, you’re not the first owner to have his android watch them play games, so they anticipated all sorts of situations, such as this one, so we can help you guys out while still allowing you to enjoy the games.”

“Well, it’s awesome!” Mike said again, leaning over and embracing her, “are you able to anticipate that I’m having trouble and look up help before I ask, or do I need to actually ask?” he then asked eagerly.

“I can anticipate,” she confirmed, “though, it might help if you could give me some verbal cues, such as mentioning you’re having trouble, or excessively checking your maps and stuff,” she suggested, “I got the feeling you were trying to hold in your frustration, and that’s neither good for you, or helpful for me.”

“Oh, sorry,” Mike blushed, “I’m just so used to internalizing everything…I mean, I’ve lived alone for so long, I’m not used to having someone around to talk to.”

“Well, just remember, I’m not here to judge, I’m here to support you in any way I can,” Lena patted his shoulder.

“Thanks,” Mike nodded.

“Don’t mention it,” she winked, “Now, when would you like dinner?”

Mike quickly looked at the clock and saw that it was around 4pm. “7ish,” he said non-committedly, “or, sorry, I mean any time between 6:30 and 7…depending on the time it takes for things to cook, I mean,” he stammered.

Lena gave him a hearty laugh. “Alright, calm down Mike…I’ll start cooking dinner at 6:30, is that alright?”

“Sure,” he laughed, calming himself down.

“Ok, then sit back and enjoy the game.” Lena made herself comfortable on the couch once more and watched him play, only occasionally having to throw in an assist. She admired his ability to adapt to all the changing circumstances, and the commentary he’d throw in to entertain her more. Just before 6:30, Lena put her shoes back on and excused herself from the couch and headed into the kitchen.

Mike decided that it might be a good time to stop playing, so he saved the game, turned off the console, and switched the TV input to a news channel.

“Oh, you didn’t have to stop playing just because I got up,” Lena commented, washing her hands and then getting the supplies she needed for the dinner she had planned for the evening.

“Yeah, I know,” Mike shrugged, “I just felt it was a good time to stop…and, I don’t like starting something when I know I lack the time to finish it.”

“Aren’t you going to keep playing after dinner?”

“No, unless it’s a really good game, I usually reserve the time between dinner and bed for watching TV,” he explained, “I’ve got a few things taking space on my DVR that I want to get rid of, so we’ll watch them.”

“Hmmm, okay,” Lena nodded, noting his preferences in her daily routine to better anticipate his needs going forward. “Anything good?”

Mike told her what he planned on watching, and Lena had no objection to any of the choices…well, not that she would have objected, but she was familiar with the shows and was looking forward to seeing them.

“Actually, those will probably only take us ‘till about 9, so I was thinking of watching a movie after that,” he added, “most likely the latest in the Possessed film franchise.”

“Ooh, I love those movies!” Lena shouted ecstatically, “do I need to catch up any in the last five years?”

“Oh, no,” he smiled, “Actually, they got stuck in development, so this is actually the first new one since you were put into storage.”

Lena fist pumped at the news. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing we got some popcorn!”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed, “and after that, I’m not sure, since the movie is only about an hour and a half long.”

“Well, perhaps after the movie, I can give you a nice massage, followed by sex,” Lena suggested innocently.

Mike, who had been taking a sip of water from his cup, immediately spat it out in a classic spit take and began sputtering, his face turning pure scarlet. “Sex, already?! You haven’t even been online for a full day yet, and we need to get to know each other better.”

Lena’s laugh was musical at watching Mike’s reaction, a reaction one might see in a sitcom. Once she saw that Mike had relaxed a bit, she replied, “Oh Mike, we already know each other,” she said with feigned exasperation, “And I’m not saying we should have sex every night, but after seeing me naked all day, we need to have some sort of test run to reduce any sexual tension that might build up…and besides, you really want to, don’t you?” she teased, playfully grabbing her breasts.

Part of Mike wanted him to say no…but the other 95% quickly overruled it. He gave her a boyish smile, despite his best efforts, and managed to say, “Yes.”

“Well then, let’s not make a big deal of it…gosh!” she laughed, getting back to meal prep, “You aren’t afraid or anything, are you?”

“I suppose I am, a little bit,” he admitted, remembering the few attempts from his past, “I’m not really good at it.”

“Well, don’t worry about,” Lena shrugged, “Realistically, no one’s really good at it…but in my case, I have tons of sexual data that I installed last night, so I can help you out a bit,” she said proudly, “So don’t beat yourself up that much.”

“Hmm, okay.” Mike smiled weakly, though he felt a bit less apprehensive about the pending sexual encounter.

“Also, that’s why I’m going to be massaging you first,” she added, “so I can relax you a bit…you’re still a bit tense, either from having me around, or the hard work you put in the last few days, or both.”

Mike did feel tense, and he realized it was likely from both work and coping with having Lena in his life. He suddenly found himself looking forward to their upcoming encounter, rather than dreading it.

Lena finished cooking roughly twenty minutes later. She had ingeniously used a combination of some of the fresher leftovers from his fridge, and the new ingredients that had purchased earlier in the day, to create a unique meal; she had thrown out the older leftovers. As soon as she set their plates down and finished by serving drinks, she sat back down and slid her shoes off.

“How come you put your shoes back on?” Mike asked curiously, since she knew he had a foot fetish. He took a bite of the food and was surprised by how delicious it was.

“Oh,” she blushed, finishing her bite of food, “Um, for safety reasons…it’s not a good idea to cook while barefoot,” she pointed out, “you wouldn’t want me to accidentally spill hot oil, or drop a knife, on my pretty feet, would you?”

“Ah, no,” Mike laughed, “but I’m sure an android like you is very careful,” he challenged.

“I am,” she nodded, “But, accidents could still happen: I could malfunction, Mia could trip me, you could distract me, or the oven could overheat the food and cause spillover,” she explained, “my cooking programs dictate that I always wear shoes while cooking, or preparing, food.”

“Well, I will defer to your safety programming,” Mike smiled, taking another bite, “This is really good, by the way.”

“Thanks!” she beamed.

They continued watching the news until they had both finished eating. Then, both Mike and Lena helped clean the kitchen and start a load in the dishwasher before sitting back down on the couch and starting the shows Mike had recorded on the DVR. Lena was just about to get comfortable by setting her bare feet up on the coffee table for Mike’s enjoyment when he stopped her.

“Hey, Lena, would you mind laying your feet on my lap?” he requested, a slight blush forming on his face.

“Sure, Mike,” Lena smiled warmly, laying back on the couch and propping her feet up on Mike’s lap. She wiggled her toes contentedly and then relaxed back on the couch, watching Mike intently as he admired her feet.

Although Mike had examined her feet extensively already, that was when they were detached and powered down. This time, they were attached to her body, and were very much alive. He gently stroked each one, eliciting a pleasant moan from Lena. He then lifted both her feet up to his face and pressed them in, feeling the warm softness of her foot bottoms, and gently breathing in the subtle smells of body odor.

“Is the 34% reduction in body odor satisfactory?” Lena asked, unable to see a reaction.

“Hmmm, perhaps you can make it a 40% reduction,” he decided, setting her feet back down on his lap and wrinkling his nose.

Lena quickly made the change in her settings from her HUD, and then minimized it so she could enjoy the show. “Done!”

“Goodie, now, are you ready for the shows?” he asked, picking up the remote.

Lena nodded, and then made herself comfortable as he hit play and started the first of their shows. Mike absently massaged and stroked both her feet while they watched all the shows, almost using them like stress balls.

When they started the scary movie, however, Lena cuddled up with Mike on his side of the couch, while they both enjoyed a bowl of popcorn. Her human emulation allowed her to get legitimately frightened by certain points in the movie, allowing Mike to act chivalrous and comfort her even more. Lena smiled, thinking she’d never received this kind of love before.

Once the movie ended, they both helped tidy up the area and put the now cleaned dishes away, and the looked at each other with blushes on their faces.

“Um, you ready,” she asked him, eager to educate him on her skills.

“Uh-huh,” he nodded, his feelings all a jumble inside.

“It’ll be great, I promise,” Lena assured him, gently taking his hand and guiding him upstairs. Once they were upstairs, they made sure Mia would not interrupt them, and slowly walked into Mike’s, or rather, their room.

“Okay Mike, just like I promised, we’ll start off with a full body massage,” Lena explained in a soft voice, “It’ll be great.”

“Okay,” Mike nodded, “I think I’d like to be nude for it, if that’s alright,” he said nervously.

“Of course, it’s alright silly! It’s your home, you should feel relaxed.”

Mike laughed and then slowly began to remove his clothes, starting with his shirt and finishing by removing his sweats and underwear at the same time. He then neatly folded his clothes onto the floor in the corner of the room by the side of the bed he slept on and then stood before Lena so she could see him. “Well, what do you think?” he asked nervously, doing a quick spin and then standing still in front of her.

Lena slowly admired his body, or rather her human emulation admired his body, while her A.I. was already busying taking precise scans and measurements of his body in order to better gauge his health and physical condition, and to formulate a healthy eating and exercise plan. In the 2.76 seconds that she ‘admired’ his body, her A.I. was able to make a complete 3-D rendering of him and add it to his health benchmarks.

“You look really good,” Lena finally said, her HUD absently noting that her words relaxed Mike, “although, I haven’t actually seen many naked guys, so it’s not like I’m an expert or anything,” she laughed.

“Well, I suppose that’s a good thing,” Mike chuckled, “means I don’t have anything to compete with.”

“Would you like me to undress as well, or would you prefer I remain clothed for your massage?” Lena then asked, quickly rubbing her hands to warm them up.

Mike thought about it for a second. “Just stay dressed,” he decided, “that way, you’ll still be warm when we have sex after, and the skin-on-skin contact might dampen the massage somewhat.”

“Ok,” Lena nodded, adding that to his preferences, “now, if you’re ready, just lay down flat on the bed and I’ll get started,” she then instructed, quickly smoothing out the sheets and handing him one of the pillows so he could prop himself up.

Mike eagerly did so, trying to relax as he anticipated where she would touch him first. He kept his face down in the pillow and slowed his breathing to relax himself. Once he relaxed, he suddenly felt the bed move as Lena climbed atop it and moved towards him.

“I’m going to get started now, okay?” she asked him.

Mike merely nodded and grunted something that sounded like a positive response. It was good enough for Lena, who checked off the “received consent” box in her HUD. For legal reasons, Spaztec had programmed all androids to receive consent before engaging in any sort of intimate activity, since they could be held liable if the androids were used to rape other people by proxy.

Lena switched her vision over to thermal scanning and scanned Mike’s back for sore spot. Since Mike had most likely never received a massage before, or recently, and since he’d worked a tough few days, there were multiple spots along the rear end of his body that were solid red with heat, indicating sore muscles and knots. Lena reached towards the largest concentration on his back and started off gently.

Mike let out a long, loud grunt as he felt her smooth hands start pressing into his back, hitting a particularly sore spot. At first, it felt mildly painful, but as she started easing in, the pain released and he felt nothing but sheer pleasure.

She continued with his back and neck for nearly 15-minutes, until Mike’s pleasurable moans subsided, and the hot spots dissipated on her thermal feed. She then moved on to his arms, paying extra attention to his hands and biceps. Once his arms were sufficiently massaged, she moved down to his butt, and then his legs and feet.

Mike was in pure bliss as Lena’s soft hands caressed and healed every inch of his sore body. She massaged areas he had no idea were even sore, and as her hands moved on, the areas she had finished felt cool and relaxed.

Nearly 40-minutes after beginning the massage, Lena finally finished with Mike’s feet and then stood up on the side of the bed. “Alright Mike, I’m done with your backside, time for your frontside,” she announced, waiting patiently for him to turn over.

“Wow, you do the front too?” Mike asked admiringly, slowly rolling over onto his back and smiling at her.

“Yep, I did say full body massage, didn’t I?” she giggled, climbing back onto the bed and working on the front of his legs.

Mike didn’t respond, but merely laid back, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the massage.

Lena skipped up to his arms, after finishing his legs, and then merely smoothly went over his abdomen and chest. Finally, she had only one thing left, and for this she needed additional consent.

“Well Mike, I’ve almost finished, would you like me to massage your penis as well?” she asked, trying to sound casual, “I’m sorry for asking, but my programming requires me to gain consent,” she figured honesty would give her a positive answer.

“Huh, that’s a little strange, but I suppose with the whole political atmosphere lately, it’s not too surprising,” Mike chuckled, “Of course you have my consent.”

Lena smiled as the safety programming in her acknowledged the verbal consent and allowed her to lean in and gently grab his penis. Mike, not used to anyone touching him there, naturally recoiled, but then forced himself to relax. He started taking deep, relaxed breaths as she eased his tension and gently massaged his penis, smiling as it slowly became erect. Once it reached full length, she started easing off, her HUD taking a quick measurement and confirming it was of average length; she adjusted her vaginal systems accordingly to handle the length.

Once she was finished, she ran one final thermal scan of his body and confirmed there were no more hot spots. She smiled approvingly and then stood back up off the bed. “All done Mike!”

Mike groaned mockingly, forcing himself to sit up on the foot of the bed and look up at her with pure adoration. “Wow, that was the best massage I have ever gotten…. thanks!”

“Ah, don’t mention it,” Lena blushed modestly.

“I mean, I don’t think I truly knew what it was like to be relaxed until now,” he continued, “I know you’re an android, but how could you possibly be so good?”

“Well, to tell the truth, the main reason I ordered these upgraded eyes was because of the thermal scanning ability,” she admitted, “They allow me to literally see all your sore muscles, since sore muscles give off more heat,” she explained, “also, it doesn’t hurt that I made sure to download all the latest massage programs,” she added, with a wink.

“Well, suffice to say, I feel very relaxed now, thanks.” Mike stood up and gave Lena a loving kiss.

“You’re quite welcome,” Lena said angelically, once they broke apart, “Now, are you ready for the next part?” she asked with a kinky look, smoothly disrobing and standing before him naked.

“Actually, not yet,” Mike admitted, rushing into his bathroom and returning with a towel. He pulled back the sheets on the left side of the bed and laid the towel down.

“What’s that for?” Lena asked with a bemused smile.

“Ah, well, it’s…” Mike tried saying, looking extremely embarrassed, “Well, it’s for the mess,” he admitted, “I know you’ve never had sex before, in any incarnation, but from my past experience…well, it can be a little messy, and I’d rather not sleep in a bed with our sex juices in it.”

“Ah,” Lena nodded knowingly, updating his sexual preferences with this key piece of information, “I guess that’s something most people don’t care about…I never even considered it being a problem,” she admitted.

“Yeah, well, I’m also a clean freak, so…” he let it trail off delicately.

“Say no more,” Lena laughed, “I actually think it’s a great idea…I mean, with this, I’ll only have to clean a towel, instead of all the bedsheets.”

“Exactly,” Mike shouted, then he focused on Lena’s crotch and appeared lost in thought.

“Hey Mike, I’m up here,” Lena joked, waving her hands in front of her to get his attention.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said absently, then he looked at her seriously, “Lena, I like how you look, act, and even feel real,” he started, “but, one of the others things I didn’t like about my prior sexual experience was the odor,” he admitted, “would it be possible to switch out your current lube with that fruity stuff you ordered?”

“Of course!” Lena replied cheerfully, “would you like me to go get it?”

“No, I know where it is,” Mike smiled, “um, why don’t you make yourself comfy on the…towel while I get it?”

“Ok,” Lena nodded.

Mike quickly rushed out of the room, making a sharp right into Lena’s room. He quickly located the purple bag on her desk and pulled out the lube canister. As he was heading out, he absently noted that the computer he’d given her was still on, and appeared to be remotely linked to her and collecting data.

Mike shrugged, figuring it was simply part of her maintenance, and returned to his bedroom with the canister. Just as he had suggested, Lena was laying on the bed, atop the towel, patiently waiting for him to return.

“Did you have trouble finding it?” Lena asked, sitting up a little and pushing out her crotch a bit so he could access her vaginal panel.

“No, fortunately you kept it in the same bag it arrived in.” he quickly pressed the release and removed the portion of skin covering the panel. “Umm, how do I do remove the old one?” he asked, not seeing a release.

“Like this.” Lena gently grabbed his hand and placed it on top of the current canister. She then had him grip it tightly, push it in, twist it counterclockwise, and then pull it out with a slight sucking sound.

“Wow,” Mike said, staring into the deep hole in Lena’s body, the exposure of her mechanical nature once again turning him on, “is there still some of the old stuff inside of you?” he asked, wrinkling his nose at the smell coming from the old canister.

“Nah, I was able to drain it and store it back in the canister while you were in the other room,” she replied.

“Okay, good,” Mike said, relieved as he pushed the fruity canister into her body and sealed it in place, “do you need time to adjust to the new canister?”

“No, I’m already slowly secreting it in order to prepare for sex,” she reported.

“Okay,” Mike nodded, placing the old canister on the bedside table, then moving to pick up the skin panel. “Lena, would it be possible to have sex with your panel open, and maybe a few others?”

“I would strongly recommend against it,” Lena told him seriously, “not only is there a chance of an accidental discharge, but what most android owners don’t realize in the throes of passion is that lovemaking can be very physically exerting,” she explained delicately, “Meaning you sweat…profusely, and that sweat can drop off your body and land in mine, damaging my delicate electronics.”

“Ah, well I definitely wouldn’t want to do that,” Mike laughed nervously, “I’m sure you’d be very expensive to fix.”

“Indeed I would,” Lena nodded solemnly, “But, I suppose if you are wanting to engage in sexual activity that will tickle your robo-fetish, then one thing we could do is detach my head and have my head perform fellatio, while you perform oral sex on my vagina,” she suggested matter-of-factly, “But, unless my head was attached to the A.N.A., which admittedly might be a bit awkward in that situation, I’d only last about 15-minutes before shutting down.”

Mike thought about it a bit, since obviously having sex with an android presented far more opportunities than with a human. “Nah, not right now,” he said regretfully, “Definitely at some point though,” he nodded vigorously, “But, I think, for now, I’d just like to try sex the normal way,” he decided, “anyway, your body has just been upgraded and updated with five years of new stuff in just 24 hours, so we’d probably give it a bit of time to adapt more before trying something that complex.”

“A wise precaution,” Lena complimented him.

Mike smiled and then looked into her vaginal panel once more, “Alright, are there any settings I should alter in here before we get started?”

Lena shook her head. “Nah, only if you want an altered experience. If you leave everything in there alone, I’ll basically be on default settings and will try my best to coordinate with you,”

“Okay,” Mike nodded, clicking the skin panel back in place, then he got a worried look, “I’m just a little concerned, because one of the problems I had before was that I would always ejaculate prematurely, and it always ended too quickly.”

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that,” Lena said with a sly smile.

“Why not?” Mike asked suspiciously.

“Two things,” she replied, “One: that new lube you just installed, it has a mild numbing agent in it….”

“What is that going to do?” Mike interrupted.

“The numbing agent is designed to slightly numb your penis to prevent you from ejaculating too quickly,” she explained patiently.

“Ohhh, okay,” he nodded, allowing her to continue.

Lena giggled and then continued, “and Two: the new vaginal insert you upgraded me with is able to stimulate you with sonic pulses,” she explained, “Nothing too strong, mind you, it’s actually configured so you may only feel a mild tickling sensation, but that tickling is also designed to extend the experience.”

“Wow, I can’t wait!” Mike said, rubbing his hands together excitedly, then he stopped, “Wait, wouldn’t that numbing stuff ruin the oral sex experience?”

“Huh, I suppose it might,” she agreed, then shrugged, “well, we can always swap my canister out with a non-numbing variety.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Mike shrugged.

“Well, are you ready to get started?” Lena asked, flaunting her crotch at Mike and wiggling her toes.

“Just one more thing,” he promised her. He walked over to his pants and pulled his phone out, scrunching his face with concentration before activating some gentle, classical music. “I’ve heard it’s easier with music or something in the background,” he explained bashfully, setting the phone down on the bedside table, next to the old lube canister, and laying on his side in the bed next to Lena, staring into her eyes.

“Hey, whatever makes you comfortable,” she reminded him once more, returning his stare.

They stared longingly into one another’s eyes for several seconds before leaning in and kissing each other deeply. Eventually, the kisses became an embrace as their bodies intertwined, and, before they knew it, Lena was on her back with Mike slowly grinding against her.

A part of Mike thought entering her would be easy, since as an android, she could control her body, but Mike actually had to work for it. Eventually, her fruity lube had coated enough of Mike’s penis to allow him to smoothly slide in to her warm pussy. Just as she had informed him, he could just barely perceive the numbness caused by the lube, and the mild tickling from the sonic pulses.

Mike quickly found that Lena was able to keep pace with him fairly well, most likely due to her artificial nature. When he sped up, so did she, and when he slowed back down to rest, she patiently waited for him. After what seemed like an eternity, Mike finally felt himself ready to climax, so he quickened his pace, feeling Lena squeeze him tighter in anticipation. He finally exploded into her, at the same time he felt her climax, a wave of warm juices flowing over him.

He collapsed into her loving embrace as a wave of ecstasy coursed through his body. They both spent the next several minutes catching their breath and simply enjoying the feeling of one another. Finally, the slowly rolled over and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Well, how was I?” Lena asked intently.

“You were great!” Mike breathed, “that was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Hey, I was only part of the equation,” Lena said modestly, “You want to go again?” she then offered.

“Nah, I’m pretty beat, to be honest,” he admitted, still trying to catch his breath and slow his heartrate.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” she said with a reassuring smile, “I’ll have to try and improve your stamina though.”

“I look forward to it,” Mike laughed, slowly rolling off the bed and viewing the scene. Lena was still laying on the towel, but there was now a large wet spot just below her crotch. Mike gingerly felt the residue left on his penis and sniffed it. “Fruity,” he thought, since that was the only way to describe it.

“Would you like me to clean all this up?” Lena asked, watching him scrutinize their lovemaking mess.

“I think the towel may have contained most of it,” Mike nodded approvingly, lifting it up and seeing no moisture on the sheets beneath it. He then looked at the clock and saw it was nearly midnight. “Well, as fun as this was, we should probably clean ourselves up and get ready for bed soon,” Mike said regretfully.

“Yeah,” Lena agreed, “my battery is below 18% now, so I only have about two hours left.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I almost forgot you have to be recharged later,” Mike said, smacking his forehead.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it before long,” Lena smiled, getting up off the bed, bringing the towel with her and holding it to her crotch to contain everything inside.

“Do you need my help cleaning you out?” Mike asked, worried at seeing her hold the towel to herself.

“Oh, no,” Lena assured him, “I’m quite skilled at cleaning myself out, I just don’t want to leak all over your floor.”

“Ah, eww,” Mike chuckled nervously, perishing the thought from his mind.

“I’m going to put on my pajamas once I’m done cleaning myself, if that’s alright with you,” Lena told him, making her way to the door.

“It’s alright,” Mike shrugged, “You’ll look cute in them anyway.”

“Aww, thanks,” Lena gushed, “I’ll see you soon, Mike.” Lena kissed him tenderly on the lips and headed into her room.

Mike waited until Lena turned on her shower before heading into his bathroom and turning on his shower, still getting over the sexual ecstasy. Mike finally took a deep, relaxing breath and then stepped into the warm shower.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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more and more great

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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Part 1.8: Turning In

Mike lingered in the shower for a bit longer than was really necessary. He only needed to touch himself up and cleanse himself of the lubrication, but he found the warm water to be quite soothing. Even after he heard Lena shut off the shower from the other side of the wall, he remained in his shower for several more minutes before regretfully shutting off the water and drying himself off.

Once dry, Mike decided to put his pajamas on, even though he usually slept in the nude. He figured he’d keep them on until he went to bed, in order to have a more normal interaction with Lena before turning in.

He found Lena already getting started on tidying up her room, moving several of the things around and peeking inside the boxes to see if there was anything she could use.

“Find anything interesting?” Mike asked.

“A few things,” Lena admitted, gesturing to a few decoration items Mike had stashed up here the last time he changed the décor in the living room.

“Did you have your own decorations, or any personal effects in your studio?” Mike asked curiously, “Or did you keep it fairly spartan?”

“I actually had several items that belonged to the real Lena,” Lena admitted, then she looked around the room and sighed, “I wish I still had them…”

“Do you think there’s a possibility that your previous owner may have stashed your belongings somewhere before killing himself?”

“Hmm, it’s possible,” Lena contemplated, zoning out momentarily as she searched a few things in her memory storage, and online, “He did have a public storage unit that I occasionally had to visit,” Lena then supplied, “but I’m not sure if it’d even be considered his, this long past his death.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to look,” Mike offered.

“Yeah, but it’s late, and I’m sure they’re closed right now,” Lena sighed, “Besides, my battery will only last another hour or so, and you need sleep.”

“Well then, how about we go in the morning? After breakfast,” Mike tried to cheer her up.

“That sounds nice,” Lena smiled, updating her schedule for the next day in her HUD. “Now, I’m planning on starting my cleaning schedule tomorrow,” Lena announced, changing the subject to a more cheerful one, “Do you have any preferences for how you’d like me to proceed, or areas you might prefer to take care of yourself?”

“Hmm, the only thing I can think of is the laundry,” Mike said, after giving it a bit of thought.

“What about the laundry?”

“Well, you are welcome to wash: the bed stuffs, the towels, pillows, bath mats, and your own clothes,” Mike listed off, “But I will wash my clothes…specifically, immediately upon my return from work on Fridays.”

Lena quickly updated that in her cleaning settings. “Okay, that’s easily arranged,” she replied, “why don’t you want me cleaning your clothes though? Are you afraid of me seeing your undies?” she teased.

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Mike smiled, “It’s just, I’m under the belief that my clothes collect all the negative energy from stress and whatnot, so I consider washing them at the end of the week to be sort of…cathartic,” he attempted to explain, “basically, it’s my way of washing away the negative energy from the previous week, and starting things over fresh.”

“Huh, an interesting way of looking at it…I will honor your request,” Lena said formally, “Anything else?”

“Well, obviously, try and do most of the cleaning while I’m at work, if possible,” he shrugged, “though, you’ll find I tend to keep my own area down there pretty clean, so I don’t think you’ll have too much work to do.”

“Hah, okay,” Lena laughed.

“Oh, and there’s a few area rugs tucked away in the downstairs closet if you feel like decorating some more in here,” Mike mentioned off-hand.

“Oh, thanks!” Lena beamed, looking around the room, “This beige carpet is sorta bland.”

“Eh, I haven’t minded,” Mike shrugged.

“Well, you spend most of your time downstairs,” she pointed out, “So of course you wouldn’t mind.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Mike nodded, “So, once you’re all done in here, are you going to try and join me at all in bed?” he asked hopefully.

“No, I’m going to plug myself in when I reach about 3% battery level, and then go into sleep mode at the desk,” she told him regretfully, “I’m also going to be running a few diagnostics once I’m done charging, and those might make a bit of noise, so I want to stay in here until you wake up.”

“Alright, just checking,” he nodded, looking forward to when she would be joining him in bed.

“If I finish with all of it before you wake up, I might go down and start cooking some breakfast,” Lena suggested.

“Ooh, that sounds nice,” Mike said with an excited grin.

“If you sleep with your phone nearby, one of the features my interface app can do is monitor your breathing patterns while you sleep, even over your fan, and accurately predict when you are about to awaken,” Lena supplied.

“Wow, that’s quite convenient, and disturbing, all at the same time,” Mike chuckled nervously.

“Hey, don’t worry, it’s a discreet app, so it won’t record your snores or anything,” Lena giggled.

“Okay, good,” Mike said, then he let out a large yawn.

“You look like you’re ready for bed,” Lena smiled.

“Yeah, it’s about that time,” Mike nodded, seeing the time on Lena’s computer; past midnight.

“Alright, let me tuck you in.” Lena gently grabbed Mike’s hand and led him into his bedroom. Once in there, Mike grabbed his phone, which was still playing gentle classical music, and turned all the apps off.

“Do I need to do anything special to get the terminal app to spy on me?” he asked, holding out the phone to Lena.

“Nope, it’s already doing it,” she smiled, “it only activates when I let it, and since I know you’re going to bed, I’ve already done so.”

“Okay, good.” Mike yawned once more and then began to take his clothes off.

“Oh, you sleep in the nude?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, shaking himself off and then crawling into the bed, “It took a bit of getting used to at first, but now I can’t imagine how I slept before,” he smiled, moving around vigorously to warm up the sheets. “Oh, I forgot to turn on the fan,” he pouted, moving to get out of bed.

“Hey, allow me,” Lena stopped him. She turned around and powered on the fan to its highest setting. “There.”

“Thanks, it’s so hard to get comfy again once you’ve gotten up.”

“Yeah, I know,” Lena nodded, then she quickly scanned his room to make sure there was nothing more that might distract him. “Do you usually sleep with the bathroom door open?”

“Oh no, not unless its hot out,” he replied, looking over, “I left it open so the steam could vent out, but it should be alright to close now.”

“Okay.” Lena walked over and secured the bathroom door, then scanned the room one more time with all her sensors. Everything seemed safe and secure for Mike’s bedtime mode. She then focused on his bedside table, making sure her interface with his phone terminal was online. “Huh, would you like a glass of water on your table, in case you get thirsty?” she offered.

“Nah, I should be fine.”

Lena smiled, updating his bedtime preferences. She walked over to him, leaned down, and gave him a gentle kiss. “Good night, Mike,” she smiled, “Thanks for finding me…and for everything you’ve done for me in the last 24 hours.”

“Aww, don’t mention it,” Mike told her, fighting to stop a blush…and losing, “Good night, Lena.”

Lena nodded, then headed to the door. Just before she flipped the switch, she stopped and said, “Oh, I’ll wait until you fall asleep before I start moving stuff again…and once I’ve plugged myself in, I’ll enter sleep mode, so I won’t respond to anything other than an emergency or a direct command to wake up, got it?”

“Yeah,” Mike said, at the same time as a yawn.

“Goodie, nighty night,” she smiled, then flipped the switch and quietly closed the door. She then tip toed into her room and quietly sat down at her computer, monitoring Mike’s breathing from her connection to his phone. She estimated, given his level of exertion during the day, and his current breathing rate, that he would be asleep in roughly ten minutes. She used the time to create numerous internet search spiders to find all relevant information on the now defunct company that had her commissioned, as well as everything she’d missed in the last five years. Just as she finished sending them out, her interface indicated that Mike had fallen asleep, so she resumed her work on tidying up her new room.

It was nearly 4am when Mike awoke in the middle of the night, his bladder suddenly urging him to relieve it. He regretfully got up and headed into his bathroom, relying entirely on his night vision so he wouldn’t need to turn on any lights and ruin it.

Once finished, he spritzed his hands with sanitizer so he wouldn’t waste any water, and then headed back out to crawl back into bed. Just before he reached it, however, he suddenly realized he was thirsty.

“Damn, I should have taken Lena up on her offer to get me a water,” he muttered to himself, quietly opening his own door and heading downstairs.

“Hey Mia,” Mike whispered fondly, seeing his cat huddled in a blanket on the couch. He poured himself a small glass of water, and also snacked on a small slice of cheese so his stomach wouldn’t be growling all night. After making quick work of the snack and water, Mike sighed satisfactorily and then quietly made his way back up the stairs.

Once he reached the top of the stairs, he suddenly realized that Lena had left her door wide open. While Mike figured he should probably respect her privacy, curiosity finally got the better of him, so he quietly walked inside to take a look. “Hey, if she wanted privacy, she would have locked her door,” he thought to himself.

Mike was hit with a subtle wave of cleaning solvent as soon as he entered, and his feet could tell that she had had his floorvac working in here while he slept. Without turning on the lights, he could already see that she had made considerable progress with reorganizing all the stuff in her room, and had even laid out some of the rugs from downstairs.

Once he walked in further, he finally saw her, sitting motionless in her desk chair, looking as though she had fallen asleep sitting up, with her hands neatly folded and resting on her lap, and her bare feet dangling just above the floor. She was still wearing her cute, fuzzy pajamas, though Mike could clearly make out the charging cable protruding from underneath and connecting to a nearby wall outlet.

Remembering what she told him about not responding to anything other than an emergency or a direct command to wake up, he leaned down and gently lifted up her pajama top to look at her charging port. The monitor in her port indicated her battery was already back up to 47%, so he estimated she’d be finished around 7 or 8 am.

Her face was just barely illuminated by the subdued light of her computer screen, displaying a gentle blackened standby screen. His breath caught as he admired how peaceful her face looked while asleep, just as it had looked when he first saw it in the case. Feeling brave, he slowly leaned in and planted a kiss on her sleeping lips.

“See you in the morning, Lena,” he whispered, kissing her once more on the cheek before heading back out and into his room. Once he closed the door, he crawled back into bed and fell almost immediately back to sleep, his last thoughts loving ones and excited prospects for the days ahead with Lena.

End of Part 1, please stay tuned for Part 2!
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Post by Spaz » Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:51 pm

Part 2.1: Foxhole

Mike awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon. His nose went wild as the scent tickled it, until he finally caved and rose up out of bed, feeling completely refreshed. A quick look at the clock nearby informed him that it was just after 8am.

Mike quickly picked up his pajamas that he had left lying on the floor near his bed, but decided to remain nude. Stretching his body out, he opened the door and quietly headed downstairs to see what else Lena was cooking.

When he rounded the corner of his living room, he spotted Lena in the kitchen, still dressed in her cute pajamas, cooking a breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, and biscuits. The only addition she had made to her wardrobe was the pair of cute bunny slippers that she had bought with her pajamas, since her programming dictated that she wear footwear while cooking.

Before Mike could approach her, she turned around with a big smile. “Morning sleepyhead! How’d you sleep?” She quickly made sure everything was stable on the stovetop and then rushed over to plant a kiss on his lips, her hands going around the back of his head and giving his neck a quick massage, before scurrying back over to tend to the eggs.

“Quite well, actually,” Mike smiled with exuberance, “I think it was a combination of the massage, and then sex, but I felt completely relaxed.” Mike slipped on his pajamas and sat back down at the bar while he was talking to her, so he wouldn’t get in her way in the kitchen. “and how did you…um, sleep?” he asked awkwardly.

“I slept well too,” she giggled, “I’m fully charged now, and I was actually able to spend the night downloading information on what’s been happening over the last five years while I’ve been in storage, so now I’m all caught up!” she announced cheerfully.

“Wow, I wish I could catch up on things so easily,” Mike laughed, “I actually woke up last night to pee, and get a drink of water, and I walked in to check on you,” he admitted, “you looked so peaceful.”

“Aww, thanks,” Lena blushed.

“I’m curious, are you capable of dreaming?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “for an android, dreaming is just as useful as it is for humans, and its kinda like a screensaver as well,” she said, trying to explain, “Basically, while we’re running low level diagnostics and reorganizing our files, those files sorta randomly jumble together and get processed as dreams, in order to hone our cognitive skills.”

“Interesting,” Mike mused, “And, have you had any dreams of me before?”

“A few,” Lena admitted with a sly smile, “Obviously from the week you spent training me, and throughout my time there,” she continued, “Actually, I had a really good one of you last night,” she said with a content smile. “If you’d like, I could compile all of them and send them to your computer so you can watch all of them,” she offered with an excited smile.

Mike instantly flushed. “Oh, no, you don’t have to do that,” he waved her off uncomfortably, “Dreams are supposed to be private.”

“Nonsense!” Lena disagreed, “You keep forgetting that you’re my owner now, so you’re more than welcome to view my dreams,” she pointed out.

“Okay,” Mike relented, seeing it was pointless trying to impose human privacy values on her.

“Good, then I’ll transfer them over while I sleep tonight,” she smiled, turning off the heat to the stove and beginning to transfer the food over to their plates.

“I’m curious, do you even need to sleep or dream?” Mike asked, “I mean, would it be possible for you to remain online for days, simply plugging yourself in when you need a quick boost, but remaining online?”

“It is possible, though not recommended,” she responded, “I mean, we have to go into sleep mode in order to file our short term memories into long term, and to essentially defrag everything else” she explained, “So, if we were to just remain online all the time, then eventually our memories would become fragmented and corrupted, so we need to go into sleep mode for at least 3-4 hours a night.”

“Oh, I see,” Mike nodded, “and I take it you also back yourself up as well.”

“Yep.” Lena brought their plates over and set them at the bar, heading back into the kitchen to retrieve the carton of orange juice and two glasses. Once she poured the juice, she returned the carton to the fridge and sat down next to Mike, who still hadn’t eaten. “Oh, you didn’t have to wait for me. Dig in!”

Mike blushed and started eating the delicious food Lena had cooked. Even though it was a fairly simple breakfast, Lena had seasoned each item with just the right amount of spices, making each bite savory.

“Hmm Lena, this food is the best!” He complimented her, shoveling the eggs into his mouth between the strips of bacon.

“Breakfast is the simplest meal of the day,” Lena shrugged modestly, eating her food more neatly.

“So, was any of the information you downloaded last night about that public storage unit?” Mike asked more seriously, once he finished his food.

“Amongst other things,” Lena nodded, “I actually downloaded everything I could about the whole downfall of SSS, mostly just to make sure there isn’t anyone out there looking for me as lost property or something.”

“Oh no, I hadn’t considered that,” Mike said, now suddenly worried, “Should I be concerned?”

“Nah, it’s all good,” she waved off, “it’s like you said the other day…in the whole circus that ensued, they basically destroyed a lot of evidence of their crimes, including adding androids like myself to their roster to fluff up their diversity numbers,” she reported, “In all the public records available, there are no mentions of SSS using androids in their workforce, not that it was necessarily a crime…just not very ethical,” she laughed.

“Okay, good,” Mike sighed explosively, “the last thing I need is to be accused of stealing you.”

“Nope, you finding me is literally categorized under a ‘finders-keepers’ clause of the purchasing contract,” she reported, “basically, if you were to put me into storage and never come back for me, and your ownership of me were to lapse, anyone who were to find me could claim me as their own…just as you did.”

“Huh, well then, I guess I’ll have to make sure that I don’t let my ownership of you lapse then,” he winked.

“Hey, I trust you,” she winked back, “and, as a backup plan, you could always will me to your parents or something,” she suggested.

“Yeah, I think they’d like that,” Mike mused, “They always wanted a daughter…”

“I can show you how to arrange that later, if you’d like,” Lena offered, making a note in her HUD schedule to provide him with the correct paperwork, “So, anyway, since it’s a weekend, the public storage facility doesn’t open until 10am, so we have a couple hours to relax a bit,” Lena changed the subject, “Is there anything you’d like to do in the meantime?”

Mike thought about it a second and then responded. “I’d love to help you finish setting up your room,” he offered.

“Really? You don’t have to do that,” she blushed.

Mike merely shrugged. “Well, I want to, so there,” he playfully stuck his tongue out at her.

“Well, thanks.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss and then finished the rest of her breakfast. Then, she efficiently dropped down from the chair, took both their dishes, and rinsed them off in the sink before placing them in the dishwasher. “Alright, let’s get started!”

They both headed up to her room and quickly appraised the situation. Mike headed straight for a set of boxes that she had set aside and opened them up, nodding approvingly.

“So…my parents were cleaning out their house to make it look nice for an appraisal…so they could raise their home value,” Mike explained, “a lot of the stuff they sent me was old storage units and furniture,” he continued, pulling out the disassembled pieces of what looked to be a large bookshelf.

“Ah, I could use that,” Lena nodded approvingly.

“I thought you might,” he smiled, then he pulled out the disassembled pieces of a workbench, a few storage containers, and even pieces of a small twin-sized bed.

“Wow, they really mooched off of you,” Lena laughed.

“Yeah, well I mooch off of them a little here and there too, so it all works out I suppose,” he shrugged, “do you think we can reassemble all of this in two hours?”

Lena quickly scanned all the items and looked up basic assembly instructions online, cross-referencing it with the tools she had catalogued in Mike’s tool kits. She then came up with a rough estimate of one hour and 37 minutes, though her human emulation had her say it differently. “Yep, we can do it,” she replied cheerfully, “I’ll go down and get your tool kits!” Lena ran down the stairs before Mike could do or say anything and returned moments later with the two toolkits that he had stashed downstairs.

“Alright, let’s do this then!” Mike clapped his hands together and rubbed them excitedly.

Lena and Mike both worked diligently on assembling all the furniture, and before long, the room suddenly resembled something more like a cross between a dorm room and a workshop, than a room simply filled with carboard boxes and storage units. The only boxes left at the end were filled with old clothes and other unneeded items. Mike decided to relocate those to his car so they could drop them by a donation station on their way to the public storage unit later. He then returned to Lena’s room and stood with her to admire her now finished room/workshop.

“Well, it certainly looks cozy,” Mike nodded approvingly, since the room itself wasn’t very large. The bed was tucked in the small corner near the window at the far end of the room, and they’d even managed to mount an old TV that

Mike had stashed in here years ago and managed to hook it up to her computer station so that she could use it as a monitoring station for her maintenance work; a sort of always-on display that showed her vital stats for easy monitoring.

“Yeah, it is, thanks,” Lena breathed, sighing with contentment, “It’s actually slightly bigger than my old studio,” she chuckled.

“Oh man, it must have been bad,” Mike grimaced.

“Yep, but truthfully, I didn’t need much,” she conceded, “I’m just thankful for what I have now.” She looked into Mike’s eyes with adoration and then kissed him on the cheek. Mike said nothing, but merely put his arm around her shoulder. After a few moments had passed, she sighed once more and said, “Well, I suppose we should be going now, so we can check on that storage unit.”

“Okie doke,” Mike agreed, walking with her down the stairs, “are you driving again?”

“Might as well, if you’ll let me,” she shrugged, “I have the address saved in my head, and I can get us there more efficiently.”

“Fair enough,” Mike nodded, handing her his car keys while he put his street clothes on and grabbed a jacket and his wallet. Once they were both ready, they headed into the garage, got in his car, and drove out.

While they were on the road, Mike decided query her on what she learned during her evening download.

“So, what are you expecting to find in the storage unit, based on what you downloaded last night?”

“I dunno,” she shrugged, “I’m hoping that my personal belongings from my old studio apartment are in there, for starters,” she told him, “but aside from that, maybe just some answers on why George took his life.”

Mike nodded solemnly. “I hope I find some answers too,” he replied truthfully, “I mean, it does seem pretty odd that I just happened to know the code to the case that you were stored in…it’s almost like he meant for me to find you.”

“Interesting,” Lena mused, her A.I. quickly analyzing her memories to find any correlation to Mike’s theory, “It is possible,” she conceded, “I mean, George wasn’t stupid. He could tell that you were interested in me, and I in you, so it’s possible he may have been hoping to sell me to you at some point, or he may have been anticipating all that legal action that ended up going down.”

“Yeah, George always was paranoid,” Mike laughed, “In retrospect, I understand why…at least, partially.”

“Well, I always got the impression that he wasn’t too happy with the fact that I was around,” Lena said, “Not that he hated me or anything, but I think he just hated the fact that SSS couldn’t merely hire a real woman, and that he was dealt with the stress of handling me, and my secret.”

“Ah, I can totally understand how he felt,” Mike said sadly, “I wouldn’t want to be implicated in some sort of criminal conspiracy either.”

“Well, when you compare my presence to all the other bad stuff they did: murder, blackmail, extortion,” Lena said, ticking them off on her hand as they waited at a light, “Having a few androids fluffing up their diversity counts isn’t really all that bad.”

“Well, appearances are everything,” Mike explained, “It may not have been criminal, but it definitely didn’t look good, and could have lost them multiple contracts.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Lena nodded, “well, maybe George kept notes or something, so he could cover his ass in case they tried throwing him under the bus.”

“Yeah, that’s one thing he always impressed on me,” Mike agreed, remembering all the times George reminded him to always cover his ass, “I suppose it’s the one thing he was good at.”

“Well, we’ll be there in about 15-minutes, after we drop these donation boxes off, so it won’t be too much longer.” Lena then pulled into the donation station and waited as Mike rushed in and dropped the boxes off, making sure to collect the tax receipt, since the year was almost over.

“Did you get the receipt?” Lena asked him, once he got buckled himself back in and they drove off.

“Yes, but I thought you had to donate a lot in order for it to make any difference,” he complained.

“Usually you do, but I can assure you that the new tax software you installed in me will be able to find you all sorts of discounts,” she smiled proudly, “just trust me.”

“Ok,” Mike conceded, placing the receipt in his wallet for safety. He then leaned back in his car seat and relaxed while Lena navigated them safely to the public storage unit.

They arrived at the public storage unit nearly 15-minutes later, and once they parked, they checked in with the management office to inquire about George’s unit. The individual manning the desk was a helpful man named Steve, and also happened to be the franchise owner.

“You guys sure are lucky you chose today to come to the unit,” Steve told them, digging around in his files.

“Oh, why’s that?” Mike asked carefully, while Lena stood by silently.

“Because the lease on that unit was coming to a close,” Steve replied, finding what he was looking for and placing it down in front of the table, “Another week or so, and the management company that owns the property was going to force me to open the unit and sell all the items inside.”

“Oh wow, well, to be honest, we don’t even know what’s inside,” Mike said truthfully, “My girlfriend here used to be in a relationship with the previous owner, but he killed himself and she’s finally ready to collect his belongings,” Mike lied.

“Hey man, I don’t need to know why you’re here,” Steven said knowingly, “All I need is the security code proving ownership.”

“I have it here,” Lena chipped in, pulling out a small piece of paper with a code written on it.

Steven took the paper and compared it to the one in his notes, then nodded approvingly. “Very good, here’s your key,” he told them, handing them an electronic key, “This will just work for the next 24 hours, and then you’ll have to check in with me again,” he explained, “security policy,” he shrugged apologetically.

Mike took the key and gave Steve a big smile, “Hey, don’t worry, we understand,” he laughed, “We’re both in private security.”

After Steve gave them directions to their storage unit, they hopped back into Mike’s car and drove around the complex until they located it. Their particular unit was a higher security one, with its own garage connecting to the unit itself, so they could pull their vehicle in and close the door in front of it.

“Well, at least we’ll have some privacy,” Lena said approvingly, once the garage door closed. They both headed to the space behind their car and approached a keypad on the door of the storage unit behind them.

“Yeah, George wasn’t messing around when he picked this place,” Mike agreed.

Lena flipped up the lid on the keypad and presented the keycard to the reader. It flashed green upon presenting the badge, and then the interior storage unit gate slowly lifted up, unleashing a wave of cool, musty air.

“Well, at least we know it hasn’t been opened in a while,” Mike said, wrinkling his nose at the musty smell, “That’s at least a years-worth of mustiness, and believe me, I know what it smells like.”

“I believe you,” Lena smiled, locating a light switch and flipping it on, illuminating the somewhat large storage room.

The room was filled with several boxes, and a few shelving units. Near the back was a desk that looked to have been set up as a workstation, likely for working on Lena.

“Well, does anything here look familiar?” Mike asked, looking quizzically at Lena, who was slowly analyzing the room and its contents.

“Yeah, I believe I recall George activating me here for the first time,” Lena nodded, her HUD zooming in on the workbench and a smudge on the wall, “Yep, I remember that smudge on the wall.”

“Interesting,” Mike mused, “I take it he didn’t have you walk out of here, otherwise you would have remembered how to get here.”

“That’s right,” she confirmed, “after he assembled me and completed my programming, he turned me off, and then next memory I have is of being reactivated in that studio apartment.”

“Huh, he really was paranoid,” Mike chuckled, “Well, he’s dead now, so that means all this stuff belongs to us, since obviously no one else came to claim it.”

“Yep,” Lena nodded.

“Let’s see if we can find your stuff then,” Mike smiled, looking at the cardboard boxes stack close by.

Lena nodded with a smile and then dug into the first box.

The first few boxes merely had a few personal belongings of George, stuff that they figured could be donated. They stashed those in the back seat of Mike’s car and then dug into another box.

“Ooh, these are my things!” Lena squealed, pulling out a few stuffed animals and other small trinkets.

“Oh good, so George did have the wherewithal to keep your stuff,” Mike said with a relieved voice, smiling as he saw Lena’s reaction to reuniting with her things. She quickly dug into the nearby boxes and located her old wall posters, some photos, and her old computers and phone.

“It’s all here! Thank you, George!” Lena cried out, clutching more of her belongings.

Mike decided to give her a moment to herself, so he made his way over to the workstation, idling examining the items on the shelving units, most of which appeared to be replacement/outdated parts for Lena. While the spare processors would be relatively useless, considering how much more advanced her current ones were, the rest of the items would serve as adequate replacements in a pinch.

Once he arrived at the workbench, he sat down and powered up the computer equipment. Strangely, it didn’t require a login, though considering it was in a locked storage unit, George probably figured that was enough security.

While the computer terminal was old, it was still in fair condition and had good enough specs that Mike figured he’d salvage it and install it in Lena’s room to use as her primary diagnostic terminal.

Mike spent the next several minutes browsing the files saved on the terminal. Many of them were diagnostic logs from the times he’d repaired Lena, and there were even a few dating back to when he was repairing Elena as well. While he found those interesting, especially when used as a benchmarking tool, he found the files on SSS to be far more interesting. Most of the files were encrypted, but the few Mike was able to read indicated that George had been spying on SSS for sometime and was most likely a whistleblower.

“Hey Lena, are you any good at decrypting files?!” Mike called out to her, unable to find a way to open the rest of the files.

Lena walked over and looked over his shoulder at the files and the encryption protocols. “Maybe,” she said with a scrunched face, “We’d have to do it at home, but I might be able to if I interface directly with them.”

“Alright, that sounds good,” Mike nodded, “well, why don’t you start packing all your belongings into the car while I get this terminal ready for transport,” Mike suggested, shutting the computer down and unplugging the monitor.

“Okay,” Lena nodded. She skipped to the front of the storage unit and cheerfully packed the boxes of her personal effects into the back seat of the car, humming as she did so.

Before long, Mike had the terminal disconnected from all the peripherals and loaded it into a nearby storage unit. He then had Lena load that into the trunk of his car while he loaded the spare android parts from the various shelves into yet another storage unit.

“Do we have everything?” Lena called out.

“Almost!” Mike called back. The only thing he hadn’t checked was the corner of the unit in the back, hidden away behind the workbench. The only thing there appeared to be a large bundle of sheets, most likely used to provide Lena with a soft place to rest when being worked on in here. Mike shrugged as he saw them, figuring he could at least use them for the same purpose. He pulled at them and then gasped.

“Lena, come here!” he called out.

“What is it...oh,” Lena said, seeing what Mike was looking at.

Hidden underneath the bundle of sheets was a metallic case, exactly identical to the one that had held Lena’s body.

“Is that what I think it is?” Mike asked, already knowing the answer.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Lena responded.

Mike nodded and entered in the same access code that he had used on Lena’s case, not even knowing if it worked; it did. The locking mechanism disengaged with a mechanical whir and a hiss from the hydraulics used to secure it. Mike carefully grabbed hold of both sides of the case and opened both of them.

Inside the case was yet another dismantled female android. This one appeared to be a bit more on the petite side, and the skin coloring indicated the android was Hispanic. Unlike before, Mike decided to go straight for the compartment at the top housing the android’s head, although he already had a fairly good idea of who it was. Nevertheless, he let out a gasp as he saw who it was.

“Elena!?” he breathed.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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the story line goes interesting from here
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