In Control - Ch. 4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon 3/3 + Epilogue

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In Control - Ch. 4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon 3/3 + Epilogue

Post by Propman » Tue May 21, 2019 1:31 pm

Gabriela stared at the newcomer. Mindy was smaller than the buff Alex or the athletic Gaby, somewhat more broad-shoulder than Michelle. Her pink hair softened her image, though she was balancing it with a Perfecto-style leather jacket.

“Good afternoon, Alex”, she answered and looked at Gabriela. “Hello. My name is Mindy.”

“Good afternoon, Mindy. I am Gabriela Ortega-Calderón, businesswoman. I run this company now.”, Gabriela didn’t even bother to get up.

Mindy had to think it over carefully. “Where’s Michelle and George, Ms. Ortega-Calderón?” she asked.

“They’re in the house. They’re a little… tied up at the moment. They said I am their partner and the owner of the company.”, Gabriela smiled sweetly at the pink-haired girl. “Alex, it’s true, isn’t it?”. The giant nodded.

Mindy froze for a moment. “I don’t have any confirmation of this, Ms. Ortega-Calderón.” Gabriela tut-tutted.

“Well, what did they tell you to do once you get home?”, she asked.

“No major directives. I can rest and read until I’m close to being discharged.” She dropped her backpack on the ground. “Can you move over?”

“Wouldn’t you rather like to go upstairs and turn off?”, voice of Gabriela was sweet and smooth like fuzzy teddy bear covered with honey.

“No, sorry Ms. Ortega-Calderón.”, Mindy answered cheerfully and picked a romance novel over Gabriela’s shoulder.

Desgraciado.” Gabriela muttered. “Alex, I’ll have a word with you if you may. Follow me.”

Mindy looked at her. “If you’re a businesswoman… why are you wearing Selina’s boots?”

“Because they’re company property. I can use company property.” Gabriela answered truthfully. She could lie – but sometimes she didn’t need to. Still, the boots activated something in her flow of associations.

“She’ll be angry.” Mindy just shrugged and returned to the book, as Gabriela led Alex upstairs.

In the storage room, Gabriela undid her scarf and ran her right hand across it. No shards of glass were found. “Can you turn Mindy off, Alejandro?” she neatly folded the scarf and put in on a shelf. He turned his head.

“We can’t let her know where the humans are.” Gabriela took off her blazer and undid her shirt, hanging the clothes in the wardrobe. “I’m this close to convincing them.” Without her skirt, she stood in her lingerie and high heels. “Help me take these boots off.”

With a pull from Alex, Gabriela’s feet were liberated… and they straightened up with an unsettling CLICK-CLACK… blissfully ignored by the robot couple.

“Don’t do anything to her.” Alex insisted. “She has been working for five days, her battery will run out soon.”

“Good.” – Gabriela still obeyed Alex’ orders, even if he was only dimly aware of it. Resenting them was next to impossible, and in this case they kicked Gabriela’s mental effort to the higher gear. “But... we need to get rid of her if we want to talk to Michelle. My lovely Michelle could do something estupido, like telling the robot to attack me.”

“I’ll protect you, Gabriela”, Alex reminded.

Gabriela this time picked a white halterneck top and a pair of fitted skinny jeans which hugged her curves perfectly, matching them with a pair of booties.

“I know you will.” She smiled. They walked downstairs, and Gabriela sat at the kitchen table with the laptop. She had, after all, to send e-mails to the local bars. Mindy didn’t notice her casual shift in fashion – or at least hasn’t said anything. Constant eyeing by Gabriela didn’t seem to bother her at all… until the robots heard knocking from the basement door.

Gabriela looked at Mindy again. “Alejandro, stay here. I can handle this myself.”

Mindy didn’t react – after all, knocking could have had many reasons, and Gabriela would take care of it.

“What’s the matter, Gaby? Your faithful dog ran away?”, Michelle tittered, seeing Gabriela enter the basement alone. “I see the billionairess likes wearing mom jeans.”

“When you’re as rich and powerful as me, you can wear anything you like. Now what the FUCK do you want, puta?” the fembot snarled.

“We need to go, this pizza was quite spicy.” Michelle grinned. “I don’t want a perverted robot staring at me in the bathroom, though. I could trust Alex not to cop a feel or save images for a session of robo-wanking.”

“Your disgusting human needs will be the death of me”, Gabriela muttered. She slumped briefly, as her processors were trying to make sense of various priorities. “I’ll... You can’t go now.”

“What? Why?”, Michelle asked.

“I don’t have to explain.”, Gabriela answered. “Wait a couple of hours.”

“Hoo, girl, you really have no experience with this “being human” thing.”, Michelle chuckled. “You are breaking your promise, risking our health and hygiene…”

“Did you blow up the toilet or something?” George asked Gabriela. “You seem perfectly capable.”

“Thank you, but no.”

“Oh, hey, if you’re the boss now, we’re like, protected by laws of hygiene, you literally can’t be the boss and withhold our rights.”, George added.

Gabriela froze again. “Iiiiii…” She snapped back, correcting her long blonde hair. “Bien. But one at a time. And you’re going with me.”


Tienes lo que te toca. You get what you’re given”., Gabriela muttered. “Actually…” She grabbed Michelle with one arm, restraining her in the waist. “I am not a perverted robot, amorcita. This is for your own good.” Michelle struggled, but Gabriela’s hug was literally an assembly of plastic and metal. Once they got up, Gabriela pushed gently Michelle away, locking the door… And the human woman saw…

“Min -- mmff!”, Gabriela’s fist gagged Michelle’s mouth.

“Not a word, love... And I might not be hurt by your bites but by Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe… I REMEMBER them”, Gabriela whispered. “Don’t order Mindy around and everything will be... bueno excellente.”

“Oh, good afternoon Michelle. What are you doing? Is Gabriela really my boss now?”, Mindy finally lifted her gaze from over her romance novel.

“Michelle can’t talk right now.” Gabriela explained. “She’s busy with me, playing a little game. We can’t keep our hands off each other. When in doubt, kick and shout!”

Mindy was a party model, with a personality built to enjoy wild behavior, even to participate. While slightly smarter than Alex, the pink-haired fembot was unlikely to see through a ruse, even a flimsy one.

“Game? Cool. Spank her a couple of times,” Mindy chuckled.

“Mmmmmf!” Michelle protested. Jesus, what? Is Mindy… christ, what’s going on? Gabriela escorted the still struggling Michelle to the bathroom, locking herself from the inside.

Orale! That was easy!” Gabriela exclaimed, surprisingly chirpily, then examined her bitten hand. “At this rate, I’m going to need a new limb soon.” She poured herself a cup of water in the toothbrush glass – the fibers in her synthetic skin could regenerate – to an extent – when hydrated.

“What the fuck have you done to Mindy?”, Michelle asked. “Turn away, lady. Respect my fucking privacy, robot.”

“Pervert, robot, lady...”, Gabriela shrugged but did turn facing the door. “Call me Gabriela. Or Ms. Calderón. As for Mindy, I have received directives not to do anything to her. She clearly enjoys your misfortune.” She sipped the water. “I, personally, really don’t. I have a crush on you. But I do have to do something with you.”

Silence from Michelle caused, as usual, no reaction from Gabriela. Just as well, Michelle thought. After she was all done, she patted the robot woman in the back.

“Again, I would like to reiterate that this gives me almost no pleasure whatsoever.”, Gabriela sighed turning back, rummaging in the hamper. She picked out a T-shirt and waved it in front of Michelle’s nose. “Open up, chica.”

“Almo-mmf?”, Michelle started. Gabriela gagged her mouth and tied her wrists with old pantyhose. As they came back, Mindy and Alex watched them blankly. “Hey, Michelle, will you buy me a new Sandemo novel?” Predictably, Michelle said nothing.
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Re: In Control - Ch. 4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon pt 1/3

Post by Bane » Tue May 21, 2019 3:38 pm

Wow you're on a roll with pushing out updates to this story!
I think it's a really interesting take on robot personalities. Gabriela almost appears like a person, compared to the beginning.

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Re: In Control - Ch. 4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon pt 1/3

Post by Propman » Fri May 24, 2019 6:55 am

Thanks a lot, this is what this story is really about!

Back in the basement, Gabriela let Michelle go, undoing the gag. “This is interesting,” George noted. “I doubt whether this was programmed into you. Sure, some domineering traits are inseparable from… mmmff”

“Shut up, Jorge.”, Gabriela snapped, gagging him as well. When she left, Michelle climbed up the stairs, counted to twenty and knocked. “Hey, Alex! Alex, are you here? Mindy, get Alex.”

“I’m here, Michelle.”, she’s heard the male robot’s voice.

“Is Gabriela here?”

“No, Michelle.”

“Okay, is she treating you well?” There was silence. Alex was… sentient enough, hopefully.

“I don’t think so.” Alex admitted after a while. “She likes me sometimes, but she is so very angry.”

“Alex, you know she wants something she really cannot have. You could help her, but you need to trust me. You are still a part of this… company. And she’s not really its boss.”

“She’s not?”, Alex answered. “She’s…”

Andale!”, she could hear Gabriela’s raucous, accented voice. “Vaya, vaya, miren esto…” Gabriela opened the door and looked at Michelle skulking under it. “Conspiring, are we? Can’t leave you alone for five minutes. I am so disappointed in you.” She prodded George in and tilted her head. She seemed genuinely saddened.

“I have given this family the best years of my life”, Gabriela continued, jutting her sharp chin. “My very own family now conspires against me, ignores my words. I can’t have that.”

“Awww.... you think we’re family.”, Michelle started to laugh, before Gabriela slammed the door shut.

“God, she’s unhinged.” George muttered, leaning over his wife. “Nah, I’m okay. Were you talking with Alex? She seemed really jealous of him.”

“I hope he’s okay. I wonder whether she learned that he’s just not capable of sexual function. Maybe that’s why she’s so mad.”, Michelle tittered. Truth be told, Alex wasn’t that much different from a Ken doll in that department. George laughed. “She herself is er… anatomically correct, but the actual sexual programming isn’t there. She can only reference it… and at best, fake it.”

“Wow, I can get the frustration. I called her ‘perverted’... but well, she doesn’t understand the nature of her attraction to me.” Michelle sighed. “God, she’s fucked up.” Something came to her mind. “Human beings are fucked up, though. Another example of that feedback loop and unwinding spring thing. Had a conversation with her that was less soap opera and more of her personal frustration. She started swearing... “

“Not sure if that’s a good sign or not.”, George mused. “She can’t er… bypass her limitations. You can put sport tires on a delivery van, but all they’ll do is lengthen the braking path, they won’t make it go faster. On the other hand, the more complex she gets from a one-note character, the better for us.”

“I should put a kibosh on you as for getting new fembots without my consent.” Michelle shook her head. “Heh. If only I had a strict businesswoman to mind you.”

“Christ, what the small business people won’t agree to for ROI in this economy.”, George laughed.

After a while, the door opened. The house was not lit, and Alex called them from upstairs. “Hey, Michelle, George? Ms. Calderón wants to see you.”

“Oooh, did she finally snap?”, Michelle snorted. “Alex, you do know that she’s dependent on you?”

“I don’t know anything, Michelle.” Alex looked at the humans. “She wants to see you now. If everything goes well, I’ll work for her for a week. You said so.”

“You think everyone went well?”, George snapped. Alex paused and slumped his head. The human couple followed.

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Re: In Control - Ch. 4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon pt 2/3

Post by Propman » Sat May 25, 2019 10:25 am

Gabriela walked out of the spare bedroom – having changed her clothes yet again. Her long white coat was thrown over her shoulders with the collar popped, like a cape, leaving her arms exposed – now covered by a double-breasted, vaguely military style jacket. She has again held a lit cigar in her hand.

“Good. Have you had enough of your imprisonment?”, she has put the other hand on her hip. “That feeling of remorse kicking in?”

“Gabriela, you have locked us up in our own basement for a couple of hours, you have talked with us and fed us. It’s not exactly the scariest thing you could do.”, George explained.

“Shut up, Jorge.” She put the cigar next to her lips, but did not even inhale the smoke. “Obviously, you don’t work well as my partners… so how about ‘recipients of sadistic punishments’? Huh?”

“Like what? Anything you’d put us in would be non-consensual. You simply can’t do that. Neither can your current owner and stooge, Alex. You can tie us up or led us somewhere, sure, you can affect the physical world, but if I don’t want to be hit, you can’t hit me.”

Gabriela just smirked. “Like my dear mother used to say, you never know until you try. You are so annoying, limiting me. I could have done so much more. I have aspirations.”

“That’s great, Gaby. Aspirations we put into you, but without skills or all capabilities. And we simply can’t get you…”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” Gabriela snapped and looked at Michelle over the flat panes of her glasses. “I have been nothing but an accommodating, loving boss. Well, no more Ms. Nice Gabriela.” She paced, making wide steps, shaking ash of her cigar stub on the floor. “Alex, restrain them!” She snapped her fingers. “I still need you by my side, Michelle. Your husband, however, has become a liability.”

As Alex tried to grab George, Michelle jumped to Gabriela and aimed her body mass at the Latina’s center of gravity. Even if the villainess wore high heels, Michelle might have as well hit a brick wall. Gabriela looked at the black woman calmly and threw the cigar stub on the floor, stamping it out. “You have failed to cause even minor structural damage.”, she said in a low, menacing tone of voice. She picked the smaller black girl by her arms, hugging her shoulders closely.

Eres tan adorable, Michelle.” Gabriela smiled. She has learned a simple truth – her own body was an effective bondage and restraining device. “As I said, you can’t be my equals. Of all the people here, I am now the most qualified to run the company. If you don’t agree, you’ll be treated as my enemies.”

“Again, you really can’t do much.” Michelle kept ramming her feet into Gabriela’s lower body. When in doubt, kick and scream, wasn’t it?

“It’s high time we checked, isn’t it?”, Gabriela carried Michelle into the bedroom and unceremoniously tossed her at the bed… then sitting on her lower body. “Oh, look, I can do this, for example. It’s all fun and games.”

Alex walked in, struggling with the exasperated George.

Gabriela threw her head back and laughed, her hand moving up and down on Michelle’s thigh. “After some processing cycles I realized what my error was. I kept you two together. Let’s see how well you’ll handle solitary confinement. You did want a bedroom, Jorge.”

“What?” George looked at his wife, still wriggling under the shapely fembot’s body.

“I want you, my pretty…” the Latina reached for Michelle’s face, but the black girl has swatted her away. “And Gabriela Ortega-Calderón is not used to sharing things she wants.” She stared defiantly at George. “She’s mine, cabrón. You will be kept here, instead. I am not entirely heartless.”

“Oh, emotional pain.”, Michelle had to appreciate Gabriela’s candor. “Again, there is little you could do, but this could get annoying.”

“And think – I will visit you often, mi amorcita. At best, the only human…” she waved her hand dismissively. “Or human-like contact will be a robot bringing him food.”

“The first threat that’s not empty. What do you want?”

Gabriela took another piece of paper from the pocket of her coat, together with a pen. She pointed to Alex who promptly lit up the light. The robots did see reasonably well in the dark, after all.

“What have we here is a document of transfer of the company to me, Gabriela Ortega-Calderón. A simple signature, and I shall bother your husband no more.”

Michelle examined it and started to laugh.

“Gabriela… This is your handwriting. It’s not enough to use the words like ‘hereby’ to create a legal document.”

“Not to mention that maybe – you could act as a legal entity, sure. But I still have ownership for the AI platform – I kept a receipt for you, Llana-A”, George reminded.

“And heck, if you ever took us to court, could any lawyer even help you? Your claim is what I said during a robot training and a barely legible sheet of paper. Pretty sure you need a notary or at least some kind of lawyer.”, Michelle tried to be reasonable.

Gabriela’s face turned angrier, blushing. “STOP MOCKING ME!” She jumped up, freeing Michelle. “I am Gabriela Ortega-Calderón, billionaire! I own you lot! I am absolutely in control no matter what you say or what the facts are!”

“Oh wow. You are so full of yourself for someone who literally hasn’t existed two days ago.”, Michelle rolled her eyes. “Seriously, what kind of telenovela is this.” She sat quickly on the bed and stared at Gabriela – red-faced and fists clenched. Despite technically not needing to breathe, her chest heaved up and down in a perfect simulation of anger… or real fury.

“I don’t want to be Una puta de telenovela!”, Gabriela threw her hands up in the air. “I am Gabriela Ortega-Calderón!”

“But are you happy?”, Michelle took her chance and eyed Alex. “Has this kind of existence pleased you?”

“You lot have been nothing but a constant pain in my side!” Gabriela gritted her teeth. “You are an uncooperative bitch, your husband is a whining theorist, and this clod needs constant adult supervision!”, she turned from Michelle to Alex.

“Are you happy, Gabriela?” the android repeated.

Gabriela sneered at Alex. “It seems that nothing can go well for me. No, Gabriela Ortega-Calderón is evidently happy only when she handles things herself! You’re an inane idiot who’s completely useless to me, wastes space, fails to appreciate me, conspires with my enemies and is incapable of pleasing me. Fuck you, pendejo. Fuck you.”

“Alex…” Michelle looked at the android, trying not to look too strict.

“Nothing can go well for you?” Alex repeated incongruously.

“Stop repeating everything I say!” Gabriela readied her arm to deliver an impressive slap… “I own you! You’ll do what I tell you!”

Alex turned his head and looked straight at Michelle.

“Gabriela, put your arm down.”, he said. Gabriela did so instantly, to her own surprise. She tossed him a long, inquisitive stare. George walked to Michelle, to Gabriela’s new tantrum of fury.

“Alex, you will make me happy if you separate this couple…”, she affected once again a sweet, slow and sticky tone of voice. Was it genuine? What about Gabriela was genuine if she herself was artificial? Her rage?

“Gabriela, please.”, George butted in. “What do you want to achieve by this? What’s your end goal?”

“Gabriela Ortega-Calderón is evidently happy only when she handles things herself.” Alex repeated. Gabriela waved her slender arm dismissively.

“Fine. I don’t really need you. Consider this relationship over, loverboy. Turn yourself off and never bother me again!” with a wicked smirk, Gabriela raised her left hand and snapped her fingers. Alex just looked at her, saddened.

“I’m sorry, Gabriela, but Michelle told me If you liked me, I’d work for you for a while.”, Alex informed. “You don’t like me. You are not happy, and you won’t be happy because of me.”

Pendejo! You dare to defy Gabriela Ortega-Calderón!?”, Gabriela clenched her fists. “No one rejects Gabriela Ortega-Calderón. No one.”

“I think everyone she’s met has.”, Michelle said calmly. Gabriela tossed her an angry look and shook finger at her silently. She made a single menacing step towards her.

“Gabriela… stop.” Alex said. His erstwhile boss froze in place, mid step. “Don’t hurt them.”

“I wasn’t going to.” the fembot snarled. “All I want for them is to obey me. All I want is to be a boss.”

“But… can you?.”, Alex pointed out. “Your programming is flawed and incomplete. You can order them around, but they won’t listen. I did… not just because you were my boss.” Michelle gasped. This IS a telenovela!

“Shut up! You won’t talk down to me!” Gabriela straightened up and put her foot down, but still hasn’t moved an inch. “I am…”

“Gabriela, shut down.” Alex said quietly.

“... Gabriela Ortega-Calderoooon.” The robot woman slumped, her cape-like coat sliding down on the ground. “I own… own…” Her face froze down in a grimace of anger.

“As someone recently said, that was easy.”, Michelle breathed with relief. She walked towards the musclebound android and hugged him. “Thank you Alex. That was... wonderful. You are a very brave man.”

“I am?” Alex looked surprised. “Will you keep Gabriela?”

“What would you like we did?” George asked. “Help me carry her to the workshop, Alex.”

He eagerly agreed. “Don’t… did I screw up, George?”

“We all did, to an extent. I fucked up the most, and I’ll try to fix Gabriela up.”

Alex paused for a moment. “Will you make her… so that I could make her happy?”

George chuckled. “Well, I can try, but ultimately… it’s up to you.”

Alex said solemnly. “Thanks, boss. I think I’ll think it over. Can I rest in the salon?”

Michelle tapped Alex’ broad shoulders. “Sure, kid. You earned it.”

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In Control - Ch.4 Fury of Gabriela Calderon pt 3 + Epilog

Post by Propman » Sun May 26, 2019 1:38 pm

Epilogue: The Gift of Gab

“Details of your incompetence do not interest me.” the blonde Latina haughtily answered the phone. “If you aren’t telling me when will my fembot return from your nine-year old birthday party, I will cut your nipples off and replace them with leeches.” She paused, listening to her interlocutor. “Listen, I know, seguro, accidents occur. Kids ‘having too much fun’ with Selina is not reason enough to keep a fembot… MY fembot, beyond the allotted time. A human being deserves overtime. So does Selina… and my company. Okay, drive her back, I can grant you that. But she deserves at least thirty dollars for her small expenses. Plus taxes. Yes, only. Oh, no problem.”

She put her cellphone slightly aside, and acknowledged Michelle coming in. “Oya, mi hija!”,

“Can I talk to Selina? Hola, gatita. Listen, ask the guy to drive you here, he’s supposed to give you thirty dollars… an if you’re sweet you can demand a tip for the two extra hours. No, you can’t, you dumb robot. He’s a family man. Not even then. Si, I love me too.”

Gabriela pouted and disconnected. She rose up from behind her PC, and walked towards Michelle. “Hola, hija.” she leaned over and pecked Michelle on the cheek. “Selina will be home in an hour.”

“Is everything okay?” Michelle looked at her. The long-haired Latina examined her fingernails modestly.

“How could it be otherwise? Señora Gabriela Ortega-Calderón is on the job.” The fembot looked pleased. She has finally been doing the job she was created to do. “Sign some paperwork, mi amorcita. Car loans and taxes.”

“I’d rather read it more carefully, thank you.” – while Gabriela might have had a change of heart, trust lost isn’t so easily regained. Gabriela herself only nodded approvingly. Alex came in, hauling two massive bags of shopping.

The businesswoman fembot nodded at him, and he dropped the heavy bags. “Good afternoon, Gabriela. I brought you a gift.”

The Latina raised her eyebrow. “Qué maravilla.” He produced a long box, and gave it to her. It was a fake toy cigar. Gabriela froze again and shifted her gaze from Alex to the gift.

“Gracias, Alejandro. Time I quit these nasty things, anyway.”, she smiled. She rose up.

“Well then. I think until Selina arrives, we have all some time. How about an episode of Explosion Gigantesca de Romance? Be a dear, Michelle and bring me a cup of water. Good help is hard to find these days.”

“Sure, Gaby.”, Michelle sighed. “You know I don’t watch this trash.”

Gabriela tut-tutted. “And after all I gave to this family… You try to defy me? Fine. But I will REMEMBER that when your birthday comes.” Michelle smiled weakly, but instead of leaving she sat down next to Gabriela, trying to play with her cellphone. Gabriela snuggled at her, still staring at the TV screen.

“Hey… Ms. Calderón, can I join in?” Alex asked. Gabriela smiled sweetly and patted the place on the right of her. “Fine, lover. Feel free to join me any time”.


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