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Webtoons finds.

Post by stushakut » Fri Jan 05, 2024 3:42 am

About Jane
A terrorist attack on a date?!
In the year 2099, science has advanced beyond belief. Jane, the school's resident loser and daughter of the world's leading robotics engineer, finally lands a date with her crush on New Year's Eve. But her world is turned upside down when terror strikes, and she discovers the truth about her past.

Nano List
Milo lives in a world where interacting with androids is completely normal. And now, he lives with TWO androids built by his sister. How safe is he living with androids who have deadly strength? Why did his sister gift him a "bodyguard android?" Well, he's about to find out the hard way. - LINE Webtoon
May I Help You? / 주인님, 세워드릴까요? / A Housekeeper
One day, three employees in the AI department are given an opportunity to alpha test their company’s product. What greets them are androids made to resemble humans. The 30-day alpha testing begins…

Master, Please Charge Me
“Master, is this perhaps… your first time?” A custom android ordered via home shopping! The daily life of Hyun-Soo Park, who wants to make his very own Sex-Robot, and the incredibly lively robot girl.

Teach Me How to Please You
From cooking skills to blowjob techniques, it’s Chang-nam’s job to make sure the robots at his training facility know how to act both in and outside the bedroom. But teaching these robots how to please their masters proves to be more complicated than programming a few commands…

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