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HIPcomix Happenings - New Winter Schedule

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:43 pm
by Doctor Robo
Greetings once again and welcome to another edition of "HIPcomix Happenings", a weekly newsletter dedicated to the latest news and notes from everyone's favorite adult-themed comic website...!

This week we would like to make note of our new mid-winter schedule, featuring the addition of three talented new members of the HIPcomix staff. SIR WILLOUGHBY, THE CAT, AND BATTLESTRENGTH have been gracious enough to offer their artistic talents in our free guest galleries for a while now, and now they have come aboard as full time staff contributors.

Here is the new schedule at

SUNDAY: Doctor Robo/Akonkid and Sir Willoughby (alternating)
TUESDAY: Timo and The Cat (alternating)
WEDNESDAY: Free Area Updates
THURSDAY: Jpeger and Max Hass/Bukanan (alternating)
FRIDAY: Uroboros
SATURDAY: Midnite and BattleStrength (alternating)
This week we have FIVE new updates for your viewing pleasure, including...


Now up for members, the debut of Legion of Superheroines in Issue #1! ... emId=69017

Brought together in a common cause for justice, some of Earth's best heroines are assembled by Red Venus into a new super team; the Legion of Superheroines! Featuring the stars of previous Hipcomix series like Mad Science, Starflair, Red Venus, and Casino Fatale; Legion of Superheroines brings them all together into one super team (and super cup sizes)!

Opening with issue 1, the team assembles to meet a new member, Scarlet Lotus, but the ever feisty Sparrow doubts the new girl's abilities, and doesn't mince words saying so. Determined to prove herself, Scarlet Lotus agrees to a little demonstration of her powers with the spunky Sparrow will soon regret!
From TIMO:

TRACI STARR, AKA MISS MIDNITE, finds herself awash in time travelling mysteries aplenty!

Captured in the JUSTICE LEGION headquarters, MISS MIDNITE discovers the terrible truth behind her doppleganger from another time and dimension! This Traci Starr comes from a universe where she is the last surviving member of the MIDNITE FAMILY!

This duplicate Traci tells the story of her alien abduction from earth, her narrow escape, and her enlistment in the fabled "TIME AUTHORITY"! Her adventures with that group of heroes takes her on fantastic adventures thru a galaxy of time and space not our own!

This other dimension is rougher, and more cruel than any we have seen before. She describes the wild west of time travel that she and her companions, Jon Lockhart and Justina Divine travel through!

What is the great secret element found in all time-travel ? What is the real secret rosetta stone of the universe ? This Traci knows it all...and it's left her changed. And of course...since this is the XXTREME UNIVERSE, that cannot possibly be a good thing!

It's all there for you to see in this week's edition of XXTREME ADULT ADVENTURES: THE TIME RAIDERS!

It's only available here, at HIPCOMIX.COM! ... emId=69247

Now exclusively in the members area of, it’s "Unity" #9 by Akonkid and Doctor Robo! ... emId=68923

Things are starting to look bleak for the League of Liberty. A half-dozen of their members, not to mention countless civilians, have been captured by the alien entity known as "Unity" and transformed into mindlessly obedient human cyborgs. Those women who are not sold into eternal sex slavery will be forced to labor on the Unity mothership, helping to convert their own friends into even more half-naked female biodroids.

But all is not lost! Two young Femcops have realized that something is amiss and are investigating the disappearance of a fellow officer. Will they be able to uncover this insidious plot before it is too late? Find out in the pages of "Unity", available exclusively at!

Diana has to kidnap Lori Daily, Rocko Smash's nemesis, in order for Rocko to reveal the location to where he is holding Chase Monroe captive!

Will she be able to kidnap Lori in time to save her beloved Chase?

The answers are posted NOW!

Part five continues tales of 'The Incredible Shrinking Babysitter'. It's a Story by Figerol and a members request featuring classic material for fans of the shrinking woman fetish! Don't miss it!

This week it's a massive 33 page update! A big thanks to Figerol for the story. ... =x17db5f97

Thanks for reading "HIPcomix Happenings". See you all next week!

MC/ASFR comics from Doc Robo at

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:03 pm
by Doctor Robo
Now exclusively in the members area of, it’s "Unity" #10 by Akonkid and Doctor Robo! ... emId=71178

Things are looking bleak for the League of Liberty. Lady Luck and her two Femcop friends have just witnessed one of their own, the bubbly blonde bombshell named Cowgirl, turned into a mindless biodroid right before their very eyes. Now Lady Luck is caught in Unity’s evil trap, and it is up to the brave policewomen to try to break her free! Will they succeed, or can we add another couple of notches to Unity Prime’s belt? Find out in issue #10 of “Unity”, available only at!

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:09 pm
by Doctor Robo
One section of the site that probably doesn't get enough attention is the free covers gallery: ... emId=71498

Anyone who visits the HIPcomix site can get a sneak preview of upcoming issues by visiting the covers gallery and browsing through the hundreds of posted cover pages - ranging from a few weeks in advance to an archive of well over two years. New or returning members can take advantage of the feature by quickly getting an idea of what stories have previously been uploaded, saving potentially a LOT of time as the HIPcomix members gallery boasts in excess of 18,000 images and grows by the dozens each and every week!

So click on the link above and take a look at the vast array of covers we have to offer. With original 3D art by our talented staff, these cover pages are worth the price of admission on their own. The best part? The entire gallery is absolutely FREE!
Now exclusively in the members area of, it’s "Unity" #12 by Akonkid and Doctor Robo! ... emId=71915

It has been established that there are three classes of Unity biodroid. First, we have seen the most voluptuous and curvaceous cyberslaves turned into willing donors of their sweet breast beverage, a highly sought-after delicacy on countless alien worlds. Second, some ‘average’ (yet still mind-blowingly beautiful) Liberty Grove citizens have been reprogrammed into obedient worker drones tasked with staffing the Unity ship and assisting with the conversion of other females into mindless biodroids. This we know to be true so far.

The third classification of biodroid has been kept somewhat of a mystery — until now. Deep within the recesses of the Unity mothership, the most beautiful and sensual captives are tested for their sexual prowess, with the cream of the crop sold for untold riches on the intergalactic sex slave market. This week we see just what goes into a sex slave testing session… with the incomparable Emerald Tiger as the guest of honor! Just what sort of plans does Unity have for this helpless thrall? Will she be doomed to an eternity of mindless slavery at the hands of some lusty alien master? Find out in issue #12 of "Unity", available only at!

Join the newest superhero "Advancer" here at!

Brainwashed to do Mindstar's bidding, Advancer is forced to breed with a creature created to be the ultimate soldier. Will Mindstar's plan succeed in breeding a super-soldier?

Check it out in this heart pounding Issue 3! ... emId=71810

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:11 pm
by Doctor Robo
This week like to announce its new schedule! HIPcomix is proud to offer you - the loyal reader - more bang for your buck than any other adult comix site. Now we are pleased to announce that we are updating the site a full SEVEN times a week! That's right, every single day Sunday through Saturday we pledge to have something fresh on our site, either in the members area, free galleries, or both! Who else can offer that much great content at a consistently low price?

The new schedule at is as follows:

Sunday: Doctor Robo featuring Akonkid and Finister Foul (rotating)
Monday: FREE All-Star Gallery
Tuesday: Timo and Midnite (rotating)
Wednesday: FREE gallery updates
Thursday: Jpeger and BattleStrength (rotating)
Friday: Uroboros (weekly)
Saturday: Sir Willoughby and Morpheus (rotating)

For more information on the latest HIPcomix updates, go to our free messageboard at and click on the 'Updates' forum. While you're there, why not sign up for an account and join in on the conversations?

Now exclusively in the members area of, it’s "Unity" #15 by Akonkid and Doctor Robo! ... emId=77854

The League of Liberty is in disarray, and the Femcops aren’t faring much better. Officer Johnson, RedHotShot, Suprema, and Jupiter Justice thought it a good idea to split up and search for their teammates inside the vast alien starship, but that decision may only help Unity divide and conquer even more easily!

Right on cue, Officer Johnson has abandoned her post just as RedHotShot was getting into some trouble with a couple of overly inquisitive biodroids. Maya has an excuse, though… she has discovered that her close friend Officer Han has also been transformed a mindless slave! It’s a safe bet that Maya will try to rescue her pal Vanessa, but what if the former Femcop no longer wants to be saved?
This week's ALL-STAR GALLERY update:

What a treat for visitors to HIPCOMIX.COM ! This week the ALL STAR FREE SAMPLE GALLERY is proud to present the story that started the mind-control fever that has gripped our loyal readers!

TWISTED TALES # 1 BY DOCTOR ROBO AND FINISTER FOUL is available for your viewing pleasure:

Just follow this link: ... =xcff962ba

And if you like what you see, subscribe today to our MEMBERS' ONLY AREA by following this link:

Remember these free episodes will only be available for a limited time, so be certain to read them now.

Also, don't miss out on the triumphant return of FINISTER FOUL to our members' gallery next Sunday, as we all enjoy DOCTOR ROBO AND FINISTER FOUL'S METROBAY UNIVERSE: ORIGINAL SIN! ... emId=78076

Join us next Monday as we share UROBOROS'S RED VENUS: Chapter Two!

We sincerely hope you enjoy these great stories!