New video Sofia500 Unplugged

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New video Sofia500 Unplugged

Post by Robo1 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:21 am

By request-

Sofia500 needs her battery packs recharged. As soon as her husband plugs her in, she malfunctions and is all over the place. She is very robotic, to very human. She becomes unplugged. Her husband plugs her back in. Sofia500 boots up,malfunctions again, and is all over the place, become unplugged again. Husband plugs her back in again. Sofia500 is all over the place, and becomes very human and very sexy. She talks about her refurbished pussy and the flavor. All this plug in and unplugging has created a couple of split second bloopers from Sofia500 being all over the place. When she become unplugged for the last time, she slowly boots down until she comes to a complete stop.

I want to give out a huge thank you for your support!
Sofia aka Robo1 ... +Unplugged

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