Pilot video - TEST run of fembot character Bianca - you vote

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Ani Erotika
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Pilot video - TEST run of fembot character Bianca - you vote

Post by Ani Erotika » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:56 pm

https://www.manyvids.com/Video/789345/B ... escription

Pilot video - tester of fembot character Bianca - you vote yay or may - do you want to see more Bianca?

Premise - simple - you just bought Bianca and bring her home. You start her up and start to get to know her.

So this vid is a test run of a fembot character I have created in my head. Her name is Bianca. I like her. If I was a man i would love to have her as my pleasure bot.

She is the ultimate in erotic robotics. Life like truly in ways never made reality before her model. She is more customizable then any robot sex doll prior to her. You can dial her into your needs. Want a good girl? No problem. Want a bad girl? Piece of cake. Her personality and human mannerisms detectors and sensors make her more tuned in to human behavior and able to pick up vibes, body language, hints, etc. She is literally able to see signs in your reactions and the like and she adjusts her personality program accordingly in milliseconds. Bianca understands the human condition like never before. You can customize her as you require. She will then behave exactly how you so desire.

You have never experienced anything this advanced a level. Ever. She can be anything you want her to be. Bianca is very special.

She is the softest model every made as well. Her synthetics are top flight quality. Soft juicy jiggly breasts and ass with just enough to grab onto. The right amount of curve to her hips and all the places that matter. She has a delightful smile which she flashes often, is educated and well versed in vast topics and is both a lady in the streets and a slut in the sheets.

You will love Bianca, she is an award winning concubine and claims sex slave perfection. She will not only serve you but she will be programmed to love every minute. No matter how you treat her or what you make her do, she will lap it up like a thirsty dog in heat. She will beg for more. To serve you is her only interest in her existence and she is also embellished with programming that makes her whole understanding of her existence to revolve obsessively around making you happy and seeing to it you are treateded likr a king.

This is a pilot test video. You watch and you decide if I bring her character back and do a full feature with her or note. You vote and tell me if you want her in one longer style video, s series of short vids, a full out show set of like 3 full length features, etc. You let me know what you want. If you order this video and watch it please review/comment here w your vote, thoughts, ideas, insights, etc.

This one is up to your fellows... Will I bring Bianca back or not?

Note- the second half is not in the greatest resolution or quality cause I took the video with my crappy phone. If y'all vote to being her back I will be sure to film in full quality HD.

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Endeavouring to evolve into the ultimate fembot, with your help! :dancing:

Please check out my fembot videos on ManyVids and tell me what you think. <3

My homepage: Ani'z Korner :rockon:

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Re: Pilot video - TEST run of fembot character Bianca - you

Post by 33cl33 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:38 am

Love that you're making more robot vids. My favorite so far is "Sensory Overload - sex robot Alandys 8.8" - the wet look body suit is fabulous, and I dig the lost-bot-in-nature scenario.

I'm a fan of almost anything that means more robot / fembot videos. Especially including any little malfunctions that could happen during day-to-day activities, or lead to confusing input that triggers a strip tease and/or masturbation scene. Though, it doesn't always have to end in sexual activity.

This and a couple of the other videos where you're mostly talking to the camera are ok, but it would be nice to see a bit more activity, maybe the occasional error / stutter / scenario she's not programmed for, etc. I do love ASMR and personal attention videos - and this sort of feels a bit like that, which is nice. Prefer this sort of video to the 'sexbot-is-actually-a-secret-agent-sent-to-overthrow-humanity' sort of thing.

Long story short - thank you, and keep it up! :thumbsup:

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Re: Pilot video - TEST run of fembot character Bianca - you

Post by Toastdroid » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:22 pm

It'd definitely be interesting seeing a series of vids starring the same character - got any examples for where you'd like to take Bianca's further adventures?

And I'm seconding the post above, I really like that vid too - a robot slowly breaking down while pleasuring herself is one of my favourite things and you can always fix her up afterwards. The robot voice you use works really well with errors, glitches and robot technospeak as well; some of the best robot acting I've seen even.

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