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How Serious Are You About Gynoids?

Very: I would prefer a gynoid partner but would settle for a GREAT girl
Strong: I would prefer a human partner but would settle for my ideal gynoid
Good: I only want a gynoid for sex and/or a servant but I don't mind having them around
Neutral: I find this topic interesting but don't critisize those who are serious about it
Bad: It's okay for a fantasy but I would not be interested in the real thing and question those who are
Weak: This interest is for entertainment purposes only!
No votes
Negative: This is perverted and I only come here to laugh at you freaks
No votes
Other: Please explain
Total votes: 43

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Post by mechana » Tue Oct 22, 2002 7:16 am

One thing I have noticed in the last five years is that the people in the ASFR community are getting more intelligent and more mature. I don't know why this is (but I like it!). Maybe the ones who contribute to the public discussion happen to be the intelligent and thoughtful ones. As we know there are hundreds (thousands?) of silent lurkers.

Discussion threads like this are what keep me coming back, as I have found that the actual content (stories, images, etc.) has either become derivative of all the early stuff, or else I simply don't have the time to appreciate it anymore.

Oh and for what it's worth, this is mostly a fetish for me (no problem with the ASFR name). This is not to trivialise it, because it is a large part of my life, but the attraction for me stems from having a vibrant, intelligent girl subject to the limitations of a mechanical body (batteries run down, malfunction, wind-up spring, etc.) Needless to say the gynoid must be sentient for me to really enjoy it.

Oh and I would jump at the chance to *be* that gynoid, but not necessarily permanently.

Anyhow keep thinking good stuff everyone.

XXX Mechana

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dale coba
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Post by dale coba » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:01 pm

Keizo wrote: P.S. To Dale Coba:
As a communicator have you written any stories? I would like to read them if you have. But now you know why I usually keep my mouth shut around here when it comes to discussions.
I've been a lurker and consumer of the on-line ASFR community since before there was an A.S.F.R. newsgroup. I've read enough stories to know what I want to read, and therefore what I want to write. This is my third attempt to get started over the years, and I've certainly made a good beginning to a several chaptered tale taking place in my favorite mythic town in Connecticutt. The problem is, I have no reason to think I can write fiction. I'm nearly afire with ideas, and I've captured most of them to text files; but I do not know how to tell if what I'm writing makes the grade. It may take a long time - I'd say I'm one-third way through the draft of all 9 or 10 chapters.

Dale Coba, master builder
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Post by Sega-boy » Mon Nov 11, 2002 3:50 am

I would never SETTLE for a GREAT girl. That would be like winning the lottery and saying "whatever".

For me, an android would be a substitute (and a servant).

Having said that, I find it amusing that I would still want to role-play the techno-fetish with this GREAT girl, even if I had a real android in the closet.

In fact, if she was truly a great girl, she would be fascinated with the android as well.

By the way, I watched Buffy TVS "I was made to love you" for the first time tonight.

I realized that if I had built April, I too would quickly become bored with her. But then again, April would not be my ideal android without some serious reprogramming.

Also, I couldn't be happy with just one android. I would need many.
Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn for SEGA.

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