Looking for some old pics

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Looking for some old pics

Post by 123bot » Sun Jul 16, 2023 7:26 pm

Hey all! I don't know if anyone who can help me but I am trying to find some pics waaaayyyy back maybe like 15, 18 years ago. It was from some japanese artist who had a website where he used to draw fembots, anime style, that had huge heads and all of them you could see their brains in a glass like containers on their head.

This might sound so vague but anyone who saw them at the time know exactly what I'm talking about. I haven't been here in a while (when I was young and reckless) and I don't know if any of the old time members are still here. Probably some of those members may have some of those pics somewhere in one of their folders or what not.

You can PM me if you have anything as well.

I'll try to lurk here for a while and see what's up. Thank you!

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