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Post by Mirage » Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:23 am


Name : Mirage (base on my first ever Transformer I ever had)

What does Mirage like to be called?: Sadly, most people calls me dumbass, moron, Smeghead, etc... It much cruel.... (sniff)

How old is Mirage, really?: 29 (maturity 14)

When was Mirage born: In the past obiously, what a question!.

What does Mirage like besides androids?: TRANSFORMERS TOYS!!!!
What does Mirage like about robots? They transform in cool tanks and cars and other really cool stuff, even Monkeys!!!!

Does Mirage have any other fetishes? Transformer fetish???

Any other interesting facts? Many! But you wouldn't care about it.... sniff...


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Post by WinterRose » Sat Sep 06, 2003 3:29 am

*Name: Edward
*Nickname: Ed, or Rose, as you prefer.
*Eyes: Hazel with Gold Flecks
*Hair: Brown with Blonde Highlights
*Height: 5'7
*Weight: 170-180 lbs
*Voice: Baritone
*Age: 32 (nearly)
*Birthdate: 9-10-1971 (Shares a birthday with Sailor Mercury)
*Astrological Sign: Western: Virgo/Pisces Eastern: Metal Boar
*Ancestry: Scots/Irish & American Cherokee
*Home: Charlotte NC
*Favorite Colours: Sapphire Blue, Charcoals, Maroon, Purples, Rich Browns and deep blacks.
*Favorite foods: Orange Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Barq's Root Beer
*Favorite Bands: (Currently) Cocteau Twins, Delerium, Massive Attack
*Favorite Movies: (Currently) The 5th Element, Metropolis, Dogma, The Harry Potter Movies, The Lord of the Rings movies, the original Star Wars Movies, Star Wars Knightquest, Star Wars Broken Alliegance, Star Wars Troops
*Favorite Comics: The New Mutants, Exiles, Promethea, Top Ten, The Ultimate Marvel Line, Other X-Men Comics, The Authority, Planetary, The Invisibles, Preacher
*Favorite Anime: FLCL (FoolyCooly), Ghost in the Shell, GitS: Standalone Interface, Serial Experiments: Lain, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Blood: The Last Vampire, and of course, Robot Carnival.
*Favorite Books: The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King, The Keltiad, by Patricia Kenneally Morrison, Anything by Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker.
*Favorite Videogames: Star Wars Galaxies, Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter Nights, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Jedi Outcast, TIE Fighter
*Favorite Roleplaying Games: IRC RP with my Kitty. Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Shadowrun, 3rd Ed D&D and possibly d20 Modern
*Hobbies: (Oh here we go), Drawing, Character Design, Digital Painting and photomanipulation, Fetish Digital Art, Superhero Digital Art, Music, Movies, Writing, Audio Performing & Editing, Animation, Comics, , Roleplaying Games, Porn, Fetish Fiction, The Local Fetish Scene, Chatting with my Kitty Hepzibah, Star Wars Galaxies, Videogames, And that's off the top of my head. I'm SURE there's more.
*Peeves: Job Hunting, Stupid People in Power, Commercials.

*What do I like about Robots: Ohhh my. I see them as an ideal to be aspired to in our evolution as a species. Fetishwise, I'm sure it has to do with my own predilection towards mind control and fetish themes in my sexuality. The idea of being able to program or be programmed by the gynoid of my dreams is enough to set all my drives into overdrive, one might say. Would I be a bot? Absolutely. Would I pick a specific gender? Yes. Both of em. So long as my mind is transferrable code, why limit myself to one mode of physical expression? For that matter, I might experiment with variations on the normal human frame, or combinations of gender. Aside from the whole ASFR thing, My big things are Dominance/Submission and Mind Control and/or Hypnosis, in a sexual sense. As well, fetish dress and latex that makes people smooth and shiny and doll-like in aspect as well as mindset sets me quite off.

I suppose I've been considered an eccentric all my life for reasons that have nothing to do with ASFR. I have shared my likes and dislikes in that capacity with a few of my very close friends.
Annd so far, they've been pretty respectful. Though I tend to gravitate only toward the more mature and intelligent sort anyway. So that's not too much of a surprise. I'm a bit more direct than folks down here in the south are comfortable with. Perhaps that's another aspect of the robot ideal I'd be into. Someone that would say what they mean. And expect the same. I tend to be honest to a fault, slightly precognitive, though never in time to act on those premonitions. I do have a wind up key I wear round my neck, for obvious reasons.

The monotone thing and the robotic gesture always sets me off. However, the huge-est turn off is the old pinocchio syndrome. You get doofy bots like Data saying he'd give it all up to be human. In my online aspect, WinterRose, she'd say things like "What would he want to be a human for when we're already an improvement on that limited and flawed design? Eww!"

Great Freaking Maker, Minkwheel. You seem to be working in the career I'd love to be a part of, industry-wise. If you folks ever need someone in NC, look me up. I'm going just today to get registered with an agency so I can try to get voice-work or acting jobs. But geez. I draw, write, manipulate, act, read, edit, record... I suppose this isn't the place to pitch at you, but I'll be damned if the industry isn't 75% networking.

Anyway, I've tried to contribute in my own ways to the community. There's sites out there that unfortunately can't be accessed outside of the united states cos my free web providers are a bunch of stealth spamming pricks. (IF you'll pardon the crude expression) You'll find them at:

*The Bestiary: The WinterRose ASFR Homepage

*The Technosexuality, Pygmalionist, Dolly & Mind Control FAQ 3.0

*The Technosexual, Statuephiliac, Dolly & Mind Control Haven (LYCOS) ... 0188nohtss

*The Mind-Control & ASFR Artists' Prop House (LYCOS) ... 2ceqdm1n3s WinterRose Gallery ... 1062843436

And finally, The Psycho-Technoid Theater of the Wired (After the Mercury Theater of the Air) has currently lost the links to the places that were hosting the audio files there. The site however remains. We're always looking for space if you wanna help out or read for any of the parts listed there. The URL is:

Note for all you britons and folks outside of the US, the web1000 sites won't work for you. If however you know of a web hosting service that's free and bannerless and pop-up-less that'll let folks abroad see what I've done, certainly let me know. I WANT everyone to be able to see the things I've tried to get out there. And hey, if you're the sort that believes what a person writes says more about them than they could ever say, certainly have a look at the faq there. That probably speaks volumes. *^_^* At least about my Techno-tastes.

"This is the part of the story we like to call, she HAD to ask."
-Crow T. Robot, MST3000: Cave Dwellers


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