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All about...YOU!

Post by DollSpace » Sat Aug 30, 2003 6:46 pm

Well, this one's about ME...your reply will be about YOU!

Name: Taryn
What does Taryn like to be called?: Taryn or Ryn, mainly
How old is Taryn, really?: 21
When was Taryn born: 05/04/1982
What does Taryn like besides androids?: I suppose clockworks and dolls kinda are similar to the android stuff...besides scouring the net for stuff related to that I write a lot...mainly lyrics and music, but occasionally short stories (some of which find their way here). I also play piano, among other instruments, and I sing. And I watch a lot of anime.
Does Taryn work? For now, Taryn works at a video store.

What does Taryn like about robots? Well, this could also be interpreted as to what I look for in a story...but, I like the illusion that the girl (or whomever, but preferrably a girl around my age or a bit younger) is real, but she carries around this secret...just one slip up or one over-curious person can find it out and then almost holds her life in their hands. I usually prefer it when the finder-outer is nice to the `bot and develops a nice relationship with her... But malfunctions are also fun, and so are limitations (like, if your bot can't get wet, but gets stuck outside in the rain). But the ultimate for me is really to BE a fembot...I feel like one anyway so it wouldn't be a big step...I don't know how much better I can explain it..maybe one day soon I'll try...

Does Taryn have any other fetishes? Well, maybe not fetishes, but I LOVE socks, especially knee uniforms (hey, I'm close to school age :-P They're probably the only thing good about, red hair and freckles (I'm probably the only person on the planet that complains that I don't have freckles or red hair (it's light brown with occasional auburn highlights, if you must know))..

Any other interesting facts? Taryn has lots of health problems..not enough to be considered physically disabling, perhaps, but close...and I do have Asperger's Syndrome (a form of mild autism)...I'm also very empathic, but often times have no idea what to do with that emotional information. I also wear a wind-up key around my neck most of the time, for various reasons.

Thank you...that's me! Anyone game to try it too?

The Ryn-bot...err, the Taryn...

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Post by Robotman » Sun Aug 31, 2003 7:59 am

Name: Mike
What does Mike like to be called?: Mike, Your Excellency, Master :)
How old is Mike, really?: 29
When was Mike born: 1974

What does Mike like besides androids?: Listening to music, playing music (guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals, harmonica, bongos, trumpet, kazoo), writing music, recording music. I also like using computers and playing video games, though I have to cheat on the ones I play or play them on the easiest setting because I suck so bad at them. I also read a lot, but I only read fiction if its on this board.

Does Mike work? I am a warehouse monkey.

What does Mike like about robots? I like when a fembot shows somehow that she can't possibly be a human, like taking her face mask off. (Even though I know real fembots wouldn't be built that way :( ) I also like monotone, computerized speech and robotic acting, like Shields & Yarnell used to do. I like a fembot to be mainly a sex object without sentience, though sometimes I would want that. I'm not big on the "she thinks she's human" thing. Transformations of any kind turn me off.

Does Mike have any other fetishes? To quote Sir Mix-A-Lot :
"I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waste
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung..."
I also have a thing for lingerie, satin, rubber and vinyl. And for some reason, I'd like to see a cute redhead dressed in red satin shorts and a red & white plaid shirt with a matching bandana tied around the neck...

Any other interesting facts? I too have Asperger's syndrome. I don't take alcohol, TV, radio or movies anymore. I'm also a virtual hermit, an animal lover (not sexually) and a pacifist.

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Post by kb7rky » Sun Aug 31, 2003 10:53 am

Name: Doug

What does Doug like to be called? Doug, Dougie, Pizza Doug

How old is Doug? Just turned 39 on July 25, so even though I'm not officially "over the hill," I can see the top of it from here :P

When was Doug born? You do the math (and for those of you who think 30 is old :lol: ), and let's just say I remember the very first MOON LANDING.

Okay, okay...1964...sheesh... :lol:

What does Doug like besides androids? Oh,'re making me think!

Paintball, amateur radio, 4/5 of the Star Trek universe (absolutely despise Voyager), video games (like Robotman, I, too, suck at them...thank God for cheat codes), Monty Python (anything Monty Python), anything by Mel Brooks (Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety, To Be Or Not To Be, Silent Movie, The Producers, etc.), fiction (here, on the 'Net, and in RL), computers, building my ultralight gyrocopter ( ), flying in general...and too many more to list.

Does Doug work? If you call my job at a developmental disabilities agency work, then, yes, I work. Doesn't feel like it at times, though :lol:

What does Doug like about robots? Good question. I think it comes down to the Apple Jacks question..."We just do." I guess this appeals to the techie in me...something mechanical that can be worked on, perhaps building your "ideal mate" from a collection of resistors and wire, circuit boards and batteries...perhaps copying someone long dead or already "taken" in a sense. There's literally hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons why we like robots and androids...

Does Doug have any other fetishes? Oh, my brain hurts now...

Invisible women (!)
Magic (specifically, sawing a woman in half, or thirds, or fourths...anything much past that is just a big turn-off...she'd become mulch after about 5 pieces or so)

Any other interesting facts? brain still hurts, you know...

I have five wonderful nephews, three brothers (all younger than me), I volunteer for Head Start on occasion (have done so for 12 years). I build suspension bridges in my backyard. I have a 1/1 scale model of the universe in my basement (bet you didn't know you're living on my scale model of the Earth!) I also tend to be rather goofy and silly at times, which is why I fit in so well at work. I've heard nothing but compliments from the office staff about how well I work with our clients.

That's me in a, wait, this is me in a nutshell:

(miming being trapped inside a nutshell)

Thank you, thank you...please, no, you're too kind...oh, please, stop...

C'mon over & check out my other webpage:

The First Church Of Buster

And, the homepage:

Mythbusters Fan

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Post by Keizo » Sun Aug 31, 2003 1:25 pm

It's good to see that you are so forthcoming. This is reminiscent of keraptis' recent reply in Brueckmann's personal thread. Interesting how I was heavily critisized for this very thing a while back by some of the very people that whine about the lack of "community" in this community. And by some who support these same types of topics by others. I salute your risk to open yourself to this attack and I'm glad to see that you have been so well received. I'm also glad to see that others have delurked recently. It is almost a compulsion to bare and share with those whom we feel we have a kindred spirit with. While it is a relief to know that we are not alone in our attraction to fembots, this really isn't a sanctuary for confession in other things that are personal to us. The burdens that we hold within us are usually seen "for entertainment purposes only" at best in this forum and sometimes the support we seek doesn't come... even if it is something as simple as a little compassion. But it is that risk that reveals where we stand and how far we can go. I remember some of your older posts and I remember some of the things you revealed. You have some support now, but just be careful with how much more you say. I have seen some others that have been outcast for those same things.

Hopefully the few that can relate to each other will find their friends among the others here. The truth is that I have little in common with most of the people here. My views on what you call a fetish are very, very different. Unfortunately, this is the best place that I can come to indulge in something very close to me. So for the record, my name actually is Keizo and that actually is a drawing I did of my own eyeball. I am in my thirties and I run a mailroom on a large campus. I've already said much more in the past, but I'll stop now lest I offend.

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Post by DollSpace » Sun Aug 31, 2003 10:55 pm

It is true that not all people will feel comfortable expressing themselves any deeper than something related to fembots, but for those comfortable with it, it should be encouraged. I also think that, in doing that, you can find that some of the other people who share your interest share other things. I know there is at least one other person on this board who has Asperger's Syndrome, for example. And I call it a fetish, cause it really is that, by definition, for a lot of people. It really isn't for me, actually...more of a deep interest and an exploration of the way my mind works and how i feel inside... In my initial post I barely scratched the surface, since I only intended it as a cursory introduction.

And you never know how different your views are unless you let people know what they are ^_^;;


P.S. yes, Taryn is my real name :)

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Post by Nathan » Mon Sep 01, 2003 1:08 am

Name: Nathan

What does Nathan like to be called?: take your pick. Alex, Nathan,Duo (Anime name), and finially " The Great God Of Death"

How old is Nathan, really?: 22

When was Nathan born: 08/01/1981

What does Nathan like besides androids?: Anime, mecha, games, rpgs,w ritting, biking, running. listening to music, watching movies..Love to draw ALOT. My car. i'll get back to you on what else i like.

Does Nathan work? Starving artist.....and workin on getting a job i actually good at...

What does Nathan like about robots? I perrferly like how they deal with common day problems we deal with and don't deal with..i mean we have limits and as do they. We relate to them much more then we think we do. That and i think they're awsome to draw.

Does Nathan have any other fetishes? Not that i'm aware of?

Any other interesting facts? Well, i'm half deaf and kinda deal with the world slightly different them most people. Which is why i try not to take my hearing for granded. How i became half deaf is still a mystery in itself.

Well til then


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Post by tinyspider » Mon Sep 01, 2003 7:51 am

Name: Araenae
What does Araenae like to be called?: uh, Araenae
How old is Araenae, really?: 27
When was Araenae born: 15/05/1976
What does Araenae like besides androids?: Rock / Metal / Progressive Music, Action FPS Video games, like Counter Strike, Max Payne Metal Gear Solid.
Does Araenae work? Yes, he's a web developer / graphic designer.

What does Taryn like about robots? For him is closely related to a matter of control, the possibility of translate human natural curiosity and imagination to an 'object' without emotions or regrets to feel off...
Does Araenae have any other fetishes? Yes, he's also on MC / Hypno / Sleepy (probably for the same reasosns as above)
Any other interesting facts? Araenae have a custom made, lefthanded, baritone electric guitar wich he used to play for hours every day, he also plays on a metal band for 10 years!!! Araenae is right now writing a novel (not ASFR related) and he would love to write some stories for the board, but unfortunately he don't speak english very well (he's from Colombia, South America).

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Post by keraptis » Thu Sep 04, 2003 12:49 pm

OK, I'll bite ... though I don't want to reveal my name or birthdate, I'm perfectly comfortable with the rest ...

How old am I? 32

What do I like besides androids?: Lots of stuff. Huge baseball fan, also an ardent collector of comic books, mostly "Silver Age" Marvels.

What do I like about robots? The fantasy element of robots is that they have, potentially, a "perfect life." They can be (in my fantasies) immortal, indestructible, and free from all the ills that plague humanity. I like the paradox of freedom ... that a robot is "free" from a lot of things that can be huge obstacles or distractions to those of us with free will. The reason I like (happy) transformation stories in particular is that I like the notion of a human being deciding to strip away all the unnecessary crap in life and become completely focused on doing one thing perfectly -- that one thing typically being having lots and lots of immensely satisfying sex with the one they love, of course!

Seriously, though, to me robots are just a post-modern / futuristic version of the utopia / heaven fantasy. Living forever without a care in the world and enjoying a life of perfect individual satisfaction along with perfect communion with a larger society -- that's what it's all about.

I have no interest in "owning" a female robot and would not be interested in one should one be developed in my lifetime. I'm very happily married and to me there is no substitute for real love with a real person. That said, if they ever came out with really good virtual reality equipment that let people *pretend* to be something they aren't, I'd probably talk my wife into a little ASFR role-playing ... but that's where it ends. It's all just a fantasy -- and for me a very happy and harmless one. I truly sympathize with those on this board for whom ASFR is a response to, or (so they fear, though in most cases I'd disagree) part of, real problems they're dealing with in their lives. But that's not what it is for me.

Taryn, it's great to hear you fantasize about BEING a fembot -- being a robot (I'll stay male, thanks) is part of the fun for me too. But again, just pretend.

Do I have any other fetishes? Sure I do. For me the ASFR fetish overlaps with a general fetish for mind-control. I also am crazy about spandex and other tight clothes on women. Every once in a while an image of a sexy woman smoking a cigarette can be a turn-on, even though I absolutely hate smoking in real life. Go figure.

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Post by GZ02 » Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:53 pm

(raises hand excitedly)
Oooh! Now me! Now me!...

Name: George.

What does George like to be called?: George…Great All-Being, Master of Time, Space, and Dimension…or just George, thanks.

How old is George, really?: The ripe old age of 33.

When was George born: July 15/69 — I think the Beatles were still together (though barely) at this point.

What does George like besides androids?: My other slightly more significant loves are music and art. I’m a certified music geek. I listen to almost anything from crazy sound-collage stuff by John Cage and free jazzy stuff by Cecil Taylor to hard industrial dance by the likes of Skinny Puppy and intricate electronic works by Autechre. Oh, God I wish I could’ve gone to the Stooges show in Detroit the past week–I don’t think there’ll be much of a chance they will perform ever again as they did at that show. I like to draw and sketch during my spare time, mostly animation-type stuff.

Does George work? Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to. I work full-time in a big corporate record store (HMV) and I also pull a few extra hours every week by working in a smaller used cd’s and vinyl store. I usually work between 40 and 60 hours a week.

What does George like about robots? I like ‘em because…because they’re robots. I like the artificiality. I started getting interested at a young age and recognized ASFR comparatively recently. Perhaps the earliest memory I had with this kind of stuff was when I was watching this rather lengthy slow-motion fight scene between Lee Majors and an android. I like sci-fi stories that have not just gynoid content but any robot or AI-centered plot. As I’ve said in a few previous posts, I like the fact that even though a robot (or android in this case) can take the form of almost anyone, its true nature is always the same–but isn’t noticeable under its simulated skin and hair. It’s sort of like a highly-specialized appliance that will do anything you ask of it–to its best abilities. I like to pretend I’m one sometimes myself.

Does George have any other fetishes? As a matter of fact, yes, though pretty benign. I have this thing about getting piggyback rides from women in workout suits. Women in business attire turn me on as well. I’ve fantasised situations where I’ve put these elements together–along with ASFR–anyway, that’s enough info.

Any other interesting facts? My mother was born in the Philippines and my father was born in Yugoslavia. You could call me a ‘Yugo-pino’. I’m originally from Toronto, Ontario but I’ve lived in California and Florida. I’ve been to Europe several times when I was much younger and I’m planning to do so again in the next year…it’s been a looooong time coming.
My roommate tells me to try a few weeks in Ukraine which I might seriously think about considering (although I don’t speak any Russian). If anyone’s into astrology out there, I’m a Cancerian, although I’m not much a believer in that stuff myself.

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Post by minkwheel » Fri Sep 05, 2003 6:39 am

Okay.....I guess it's MY TURN...

What would I like to be called? totally fine, but I truly hate it when someone calls me 'CHIEF" or "PAL" ...I have a name, if you don't know it, the word 'SIR" fits any's an insult when someone says 'SCUSE ME CHIEF--YOU'RE IN THE WAY" ....

Doesn't mean REALLY's from part of an old STAN FREBERG comedy skit about HI FI assistant brought some equipment out on a cart that had fur on the wheels so you could hear the highs and lows of hi fi...."there's nothing softer than a MINK WHEEL" -- so rather than having an ID like 'BILL106857433534550" I figured that there will be absolutely no other MINKWHEEL'S out there...... and darned if I wasn't RIGHT about that.

Born AUGUST 15th 1963, so I'm 40 folks.....

WHAT DO I LIKE besides ROBOTS and such?
well....I'm a freelance cartoonist...I've liked animation, comics, and comic strips since I was born, so I knew i wanted to be a part of the magic ...discovered my like for robotic things at the age of three or four watching things like ASTROBOY, 8th Man, GIGANTOR, Frankenstein Jr, a TON of 'em.... besides animation and Sci Fi thingies.....I invent GAMES like MILTON BRADLEY puts out.....I didn't invent HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS, but I DO have 6 games out in Europe and some in the USA...I'm pretty lucky.
I also do storyboards for animation, I've worked on some cool shows, and I'm pretty fortunate to be involved with 'em when they want me to be times I also help out in making Z grade HORROR movies because i help out at TROMA Inc, and I help friends at Seduction Cinema make films as is fun, but sometimes hard work, for little or NO pay.... my basic fee for doing the work that I DO for these companies is ....well, I get a nice SUB SANDWICH out of it once in a while...---for me, it's just fun to be a part of the art..........and I just happen to like a good sub once in a while.
I grew up around RADIO and MUSIC I have hundreds of hours clocked in as a morning DJ type of guy, and have done several comedy bits for over the air, and the DR DEMENTO SHOW... ---why? --my Brother's a DJ, so I help him out sometimes. --they like my voice on commercials and promos.

WHY ARE MY CONTRIBUTIONS TO FEMBOT CENTRAL usually just GOOFY STORIES involving various fembots we all know?
well...I occaisionally chime in with real NEWS, BUT because I'm a bit more comfortable writing comedy than talking STRAIGHT about things, I end up being a tad humorous---------I am not making fun of the community at all....I'M VERY GLAD IT'S HERE!!!---I just want to give the members something else to read besides the basic links and things ...INFO IS NICE, but there needs to be a bit of variety to keep an audience around to see what's next....

Even though I'm married, I know that this FANTASY of mine will remain a wife isn't into anything sciFi-ish, and to be honest, i like a fantasy to STAY THAT WAY....keeps the spark in there to know there's a secret I'm keeping........ I know this day won't come for EONS yet, but when the REALITY of android friends will come.....and the eventual SEXY ones will certainly follow.....well, I will pretty much be disappointed there, because IT WILL BE SOMEONE ELSE'S version of what SEXY IS, or what PERFECTION in my mind, they won't be a FANTASY is the way to go......reality never truly catches up to what a creative mind can conjur up....and if it does, the creative mind can find another spin on that a FANTASY can never die...... had enough of me? --thought so......THANKS FOR READING, and Stepford Mary said to say 'MOO to all of her friends" --Minkwheel
...From my HEART and from my HAND
WHY don't people understand my intentions?

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Post by Mirage » Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:23 am


Name : Mirage (base on my first ever Transformer I ever had)

What does Mirage like to be called?: Sadly, most people calls me dumbass, moron, Smeghead, etc... It much cruel.... (sniff)

How old is Mirage, really?: 29 (maturity 14)

When was Mirage born: In the past obiously, what a question!.

What does Mirage like besides androids?: TRANSFORMERS TOYS!!!!
What does Mirage like about robots? They transform in cool tanks and cars and other really cool stuff, even Monkeys!!!!

Does Mirage have any other fetishes? Transformer fetish???

Any other interesting facts? Many! But you wouldn't care about it.... sniff...


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Post by WinterRose » Sat Sep 06, 2003 3:29 am

*Name: Edward
*Nickname: Ed, or Rose, as you prefer.
*Eyes: Hazel with Gold Flecks
*Hair: Brown with Blonde Highlights
*Height: 5'7
*Weight: 170-180 lbs
*Voice: Baritone
*Age: 32 (nearly)
*Birthdate: 9-10-1971 (Shares a birthday with Sailor Mercury)
*Astrological Sign: Western: Virgo/Pisces Eastern: Metal Boar
*Ancestry: Scots/Irish & American Cherokee
*Home: Charlotte NC
*Favorite Colours: Sapphire Blue, Charcoals, Maroon, Purples, Rich Browns and deep blacks.
*Favorite foods: Orange Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Barq's Root Beer
*Favorite Bands: (Currently) Cocteau Twins, Delerium, Massive Attack
*Favorite Movies: (Currently) The 5th Element, Metropolis, Dogma, The Harry Potter Movies, The Lord of the Rings movies, the original Star Wars Movies, Star Wars Knightquest, Star Wars Broken Alliegance, Star Wars Troops
*Favorite Comics: The New Mutants, Exiles, Promethea, Top Ten, The Ultimate Marvel Line, Other X-Men Comics, The Authority, Planetary, The Invisibles, Preacher
*Favorite Anime: FLCL (FoolyCooly), Ghost in the Shell, GitS: Standalone Interface, Serial Experiments: Lain, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Blood: The Last Vampire, and of course, Robot Carnival.
*Favorite Books: The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King, The Keltiad, by Patricia Kenneally Morrison, Anything by Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker.
*Favorite Videogames: Star Wars Galaxies, Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter Nights, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Jedi Outcast, TIE Fighter
*Favorite Roleplaying Games: IRC RP with my Kitty. Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Shadowrun, 3rd Ed D&D and possibly d20 Modern
*Hobbies: (Oh here we go), Drawing, Character Design, Digital Painting and photomanipulation, Fetish Digital Art, Superhero Digital Art, Music, Movies, Writing, Audio Performing & Editing, Animation, Comics, , Roleplaying Games, Porn, Fetish Fiction, The Local Fetish Scene, Chatting with my Kitty Hepzibah, Star Wars Galaxies, Videogames, And that's off the top of my head. I'm SURE there's more.
*Peeves: Job Hunting, Stupid People in Power, Commercials.

*What do I like about Robots: Ohhh my. I see them as an ideal to be aspired to in our evolution as a species. Fetishwise, I'm sure it has to do with my own predilection towards mind control and fetish themes in my sexuality. The idea of being able to program or be programmed by the gynoid of my dreams is enough to set all my drives into overdrive, one might say. Would I be a bot? Absolutely. Would I pick a specific gender? Yes. Both of em. So long as my mind is transferrable code, why limit myself to one mode of physical expression? For that matter, I might experiment with variations on the normal human frame, or combinations of gender. Aside from the whole ASFR thing, My big things are Dominance/Submission and Mind Control and/or Hypnosis, in a sexual sense. As well, fetish dress and latex that makes people smooth and shiny and doll-like in aspect as well as mindset sets me quite off.

I suppose I've been considered an eccentric all my life for reasons that have nothing to do with ASFR. I have shared my likes and dislikes in that capacity with a few of my very close friends.
Annd so far, they've been pretty respectful. Though I tend to gravitate only toward the more mature and intelligent sort anyway. So that's not too much of a surprise. I'm a bit more direct than folks down here in the south are comfortable with. Perhaps that's another aspect of the robot ideal I'd be into. Someone that would say what they mean. And expect the same. I tend to be honest to a fault, slightly precognitive, though never in time to act on those premonitions. I do have a wind up key I wear round my neck, for obvious reasons.

The monotone thing and the robotic gesture always sets me off. However, the huge-est turn off is the old pinocchio syndrome. You get doofy bots like Data saying he'd give it all up to be human. In my online aspect, WinterRose, she'd say things like "What would he want to be a human for when we're already an improvement on that limited and flawed design? Eww!"

Great Freaking Maker, Minkwheel. You seem to be working in the career I'd love to be a part of, industry-wise. If you folks ever need someone in NC, look me up. I'm going just today to get registered with an agency so I can try to get voice-work or acting jobs. But geez. I draw, write, manipulate, act, read, edit, record... I suppose this isn't the place to pitch at you, but I'll be damned if the industry isn't 75% networking.

Anyway, I've tried to contribute in my own ways to the community. There's sites out there that unfortunately can't be accessed outside of the united states cos my free web providers are a bunch of stealth spamming pricks. (IF you'll pardon the crude expression) You'll find them at:

*The Bestiary: The WinterRose ASFR Homepage

*The Technosexuality, Pygmalionist, Dolly & Mind Control FAQ 3.0

*The Technosexual, Statuephiliac, Dolly & Mind Control Haven (LYCOS) ... 0188nohtss

*The Mind-Control & ASFR Artists' Prop House (LYCOS) ... 2ceqdm1n3s WinterRose Gallery ... 1062843436

And finally, The Psycho-Technoid Theater of the Wired (After the Mercury Theater of the Air) has currently lost the links to the places that were hosting the audio files there. The site however remains. We're always looking for space if you wanna help out or read for any of the parts listed there. The URL is:

Note for all you britons and folks outside of the US, the web1000 sites won't work for you. If however you know of a web hosting service that's free and bannerless and pop-up-less that'll let folks abroad see what I've done, certainly let me know. I WANT everyone to be able to see the things I've tried to get out there. And hey, if you're the sort that believes what a person writes says more about them than they could ever say, certainly have a look at the faq there. That probably speaks volumes. *^_^* At least about my Techno-tastes.

"This is the part of the story we like to call, she HAD to ask."
-Crow T. Robot, MST3000: Cave Dwellers


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