The Media Exchange forum has been closed

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The Media Exchange forum has been closed

Post by Robotman » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:52 pm

After being mostly disused and obsolete for several years, the old Media Exchange forum here has had all of its threads (just under 300) moved to other fora, and has been closed. When KOS-MOS created the Media Exchange forum back in early 2003, this is the description she gave it:
Got media to share, trade, or sell? Post your "Have" and "Want" lists, let us know about online auctions, or discuss file sharing.
This was an Internet before video was common on websites, and even before YouTube existed. It was long before the File Sharing forum existed, and back when we used to actually contact each other and physically mail VHS tapes (and later CDs and DVDs) with ASFR content to each other. This was back when uploading a 3-minute clip of Jan from Beyond Westworld to the P2P network on Kazaa Lite was big news, and after days of downloading you could finally watch it.

The old Media Exchange forum was also intended for buying and selling, and has now been superseded by the Commercial Updates forum. There were quite a few threads in there with rare finds on ebay, which are today not rare at all, and available basically anywhere.

Most of those 300-ish threads have been moved to the Reports forum and the File Sharing forum. Some have been moved to Discussion, some to Images, a couple to Stories. Only two posts were deleted, and those were just links to announcements that I made (I posted links in every forum at the time).

If anyone thinks that they can't find an old post they made in the Media Exchange forum, relax. Use the search function and you'll find it. ;)

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