So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as well?)

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So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as well?)

Postby N6688 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:48 am

So, our idiot leaders over in strasbourg have in their.......wisdom......decided to aprove the new copyright rules in its entirety as written.

Ok, i honestly don't know what the fallout will be on the 25'th of may.
Will it be like dmca on youtube where google and facebook will install some stupid algoritm that can't distinct one simple image from another and take almost everything down..........

Or will they simply just block almost everything exept for a couple of news sites that are willing to pay the licencing fees.

Or are they going to say, "well fuck it, we're going to shut down everything in the EU"..............

I'm honestly scared what this will do to the wiki and to this site.

Half of the images that we use we just randomly find online.
Will we still be able to post them here?
Probably not..........

Will we be able to post a link to something
I honestly don't know..........

I got feeling we are going to have to get vpn's like the chinese do to cercumvent this travesty of a law...........
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Re: So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as we

Postby Robotman » Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:24 pm

As far as I know, this shouldn't affect FC and FW - yet.

For users in the EU however, you might see these websites blocked by ISPs. The only way to access them might be via VPN.

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Re: So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as we

Postby Propman » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:22 am

A lot of the things have been spread by the far right libertarian organizations like Pirate Parties. As an occasional writer and content creator, I'm more warmed up towards these changes

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Re: So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as we

Postby Lithorien » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:02 am

A lot of this law is complex, and vague. It's easy to interpret it in "panic mode ahh everything is going to burn," but it's entirely plausible that Articles 15 and 17 (formerly 13 and 15) aren't going to be quite as world-ending as they seem. That said, they are universally bad, but it all comes down to how those are enforced by the EU member states, and how much influence the US has in tempering that overreach.

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Re: So the EU decided to screw up the internet (and FC as we

Postby Silkscreen » Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:49 pm

Propman wrote:far right libertarian organizations like Pirate Parties

What stuff are you smoking Propman? It must be great because … e.g. the German Piratenpartei had been hijacked by "feminist" SJWs about seven years ago, when they had an initial burst. Nothing "far right" in it. Nothing "libertarian" either. Only creeps who want to build a career on bullshit talk.

And FYI, you, as an author, will now get **less money**, because stupid EU parliament also voted for a change in royalties.

E.g. Youtube has to pay into country-specific royalty pools. They do it for years now. From those pools, all the authors get their royalties depending on how often their pieces had been used. You get that money. What EU parliament had changed last week: publishers will get a share of the pool, too. Regardless if you had a contract e.g. with Sony BMG, if your song is played, Sony BMG gets a share of your royalty money. Same for press articles you wrote. Bertelsmann gets a share of your royalty money. Why? No one knows.

That's what I call piracy.

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