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Should we (indirectly) lure more technosexuals in from the greater web?

No: Any such attempt would invite trolls and vandals.
Yes: Spread our images, stories and knowledge. The more, the merrier.
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Postby dale coba » Sun Jul 06, 2008 4:03 am

I'm thinking that slide shows of our R-rated manips, shared on Youtube, would elicit interest in fembots. The same for our X-rated stills, on Pacoporn or other appropriate sharing sites. With no mention of FC, an interested viewer would google, and likely find us before long.

But I don't want to go against consensus, if anyone cares to object strongly.

- Dale Coba
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Postby tectile » Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:11 am

I think that making this community more visible and trying to push ASFR into the mainstream is only asking for trouble.
If someone shares our common interest, they can easily find us.

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Postby KubeĀ² » Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:41 pm

same advice
we are easy enough to find

we should try to avoid troubles

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Postby WilloWisp » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:07 pm

You know how some people are paranoid that there's a "gay agenda?" Let's not justify that fear even one iota with a "technosexual agenda."

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Postby jolshefsky » Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:31 am

"Techno-sexuality" has been around for a very long time. I didn't know that., so for decades I hid my nearly irresistible link between technology and sexuality: specifically the robots that are casually indistinguishable from women -- I won't go into details here.

But when I "came out" to my best friend, her reaction was a mix of "so what" and "help me to understand further". Likewise with my girlfriend. Now I don't parade this topic out arbitrarily, only in circumstances where it's a natural extension of the conversation. Heck, I was saddened to have it not come up during a lunchtime conversation following a discussion of "Alluring Androids" a couple months back -- but I did hold back.

And to boot, pornography is funny that way. It's something that you just can't share. I mean, how many people here have ever encountered a situation with someone telling them that "oh, man: this is the hottest thing ever" only to find it's -- well -- that it's not really that hot after all? Before I recognized it as such, I'd just find it kind of odd -- "why is this guy all excited?" -- and a little unnerving. Coming from a minority position (sex with robots, et al.) yields a little more insight. For instance, I doubt any one of us would approach a new-found bar buddy with, "oh, man: this is the hottest thing ever" then show him some pictures of our favorite fembot manip.

So I guess if you're going to broach the subject publicly, outside this community, then (1) consider whether it's in the context of the discussion, and (2) offer it as another form of titillation that might work for other people. Kind of my mantra on the whole thing is, "This turns me on. I didn't choose to like things like this, but I embrace it as part of me." And more generally, "I cannot change your behavior and you cannot change mine, and I'll behave as if you understand that as well as I do."

---Jason Olshefsky
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--- Jason Olshefsky

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Postby dale coba » Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:41 am

I may have been misunderstood. If not, forgive the repetition.

I had envisioned a slideshow with no identifying text or URLs.
Even without such information, someone who queries for "fembot" in youtube or flicker or deviantart is very likely to find FC next.

What about "The more, the merrier"?
It's a matter of encouragement.
I hate to think that, out in the greater web, anyone with our leanings is feeling wrong and invalidated, but could feel more normal if he or she knew we are here.

Alternately, I have imagined how our new best friends at Robolust might benefit from their hosting or linkage to stories and images from the true lineage of our culture, the creative product of our fellowship from Alt.sex.fetish.robots down to today. Acknowledging that material would convince any devotee that a web site was serious about their depth of commitment to our very particular aesthetics.

I guess I see something to be gained by exposing these treasures to a broader audience; and with caution, little risk in the effort.

- Dale Coba
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