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Reporting moderation abuse

Postby BD » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:16 am

I was interested in sharing information about android based hentais, but i suffered from what i think is moderation abuse by robotman:

I am well aware that there is to be no underage looking robot posting here, but i posted my findings about several hentais that i watched. Since some of them were essentially "sick fantasies about childs masked as fembot material to avoid censorship i tought that telling about them was a good idea so that they could be avoided. I knew almost nothing since there is little info and ended up watching them after brief searches and emule downloads.

I tought i was doing a favour by warning people by my post got partially deleted because i linked toi other reviews that had some pictures of the DVD covers.

I edited my post to re-enter the descriptions with better warnings, just in case it was not clear enough that they had been warnings about avoiding those things. (i did not re-enter the links, because he is supposed to be the moderator i just tought he deleted the stuff hastily)

But at this point the whole post got edited away.

Even the stuff about other rather legitimate findings.

I'd rather report about his behaviour.

I do not think it's very legitimate, especially since i'm usually on his side about deleting links to underage stuff masked to look fembots to avoid censorship. I do not condone them. But i was still surprised my his decision, especially since i explained my motivation.

The post and the discussion is still under the "report" subforum for those interested.

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Postby Kishin » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:29 am

I'm not going to publicly criticize my fellow moderator.

Like me, he's tired and feeling somewhat triggerhappy about all the inappropriate things being posted and criticisms leveled at us.

So his response may have been a bit over the top.

But you have to realize that we're only human, and sometimes we react in an ugly way to things that seem to blatantly defy or criticize us.

That said, I think this thread needs to be shut down before it causes a rash of temper and antagonism directed at each other.
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