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Content Creator Masterlist

Postby Toastdroid » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:35 pm

This is kinda an alternate idea to the one that Shoveller posted (I was just gonna post this in that thread but since I kinda disagree with that idea I didn't want to seem as being "no, MY idea").

I think that having a wiki page with a list of clip producers/content creators (artists kinda already have galleries, so maybe more of an other creative kinda thing) as a primer for what a person can expect from them would be useful.

It'd be best to keep it super simple and to the point, so something like:
-Store links
-A picture if it's an individual model
-A rough overview of the kind of content that they make (eg, specific kinks, whether they use SFX or not, how much sexual content etc)
-Whether they're currently active or not
-Whether they take customs
-Maybe one or two recommended clips or whatever, or previews of their work

Keeping it to basic information only is probably ideal because it stops certain producers being favoured more than others from the get-go. Think of it less a recommendation page and more of a buyers guide on who's done actual robot stuff (mostly so no-one buys a hypno clip or whatever by accident). It's a starting point, not a detailed review page.

I suggest this instead of a drive for direct feedback because:
-It gives producers who've only made 1 or 2 good clips, or producers who are new or obscure a bit of spotlight
-It doesn't require the model to be active and posting here
-Not everyone likes the same thing, and it better reflects that by focusing on mostly basics and objective stuff
-It's more permanent and centralised than even a sticky thread would be
-It doesn't require constant activity or organisation to maintain, and could be maintained by one person with little effort if need be
-More people browse the wiki than here, and often more frequently (this is kinda based on circumstantial evidence, but I believe it's true)
-Adding to a wiki page is a little less public than a forum (obvs you'd need a wiki account, but there's plenty of people with those)
-It gives a much bigger overview of what kinda stuff is out there

I feel this could work because there's already a media masterlist, and there's already a page listing phone sex providers with a similar concept (though this'd probably require writing a little differently). I'd also suggest that it be on the sidebar too, or the frontpage, like the masterlist.

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Re: Content Creator Masterlist

Postby Stephaniebot » Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:46 am

In truth, the 64 million dollar question is, what would the content creators/producers prefer, as they are the ones who are going to need to keep us updated, provided us with current info, and how they would prefer it promoted?

I dont use Wiki in truth, other than the odd picture link, but that's probably an age thing with me? I do have access, obviously though. But as to which gets the greater traffic, no idea, though I would have thought outsiders are more likely to see this board, than the Wiki.

I also assume that if on here, it would have its own sub board, like the commercial updates thing has now. So having it next to that in list sort of makes sense to me?

As to those in the industry that dont want to actually join, how about a generic email address they could make contact through? Could also be given to media for interviews/contacts, if needed, or survey requests. I'm sure word would soon get around as needed.

But in the end, having this in comments is good, but do the content providers actually look at this board? Do we need some sort of direction suggest on the commercial products board to get them here to respond?
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Re: Content Creator Masterlist

Postby TheShoveller » Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:40 pm

I also like this idea. It's less personal, but would still help with compiling a list of who-does-what and where to find them.

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