Image Identification - What is this from?

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Re: Image Identification - What is this from?

Postby Barbarella » Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:42 am

I tried buying the downloadable versions, but it looks like the site is locked to Japan only :(
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Re: Image Identification - What is this from?

Postby T-elos/Thurosis » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:01 pm

So.... after seeing the last message here....

what i found out the in the past few days.

They are releasing all their vids one by one. And the one we are searching is called "マイティ ヴィーナス 「鋼鉄の女神」"
which translates to Mighty Venus "Steel Goddess"
there are 2 episodes.
Arcording to the their webpage the re-release date is 2020/5/1 (May,1st 2020)
here is the list

They offer selling it as DVD (but they do not deliever them outside Japan)
They also offer them as a Download or stream, but i'm not sure which one....
But the issue here is, it leads to an external page called XCREAM and that page says it's only Japan exclusive... I'm not sure if this can be by-passed if you use an Japanese IP.
I would buy them if i could access it, but i do not know how to get an Japanese IP to test it....
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