What is your ideal pose or layout for a fembot manip or art?

Found an interesting gallery online or added some new images to FembotWiki? Post photo-manipulations, artwork, or other visual media here.
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Re: What is your ideal pose or layout for a fembot manip or

Postby Kano » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:10 pm

I enjoy seeing them broken down like a doll such as:
Being repaired on tables is good too:
Standing and waiting for repair:
Something we dont see enough of- being deactivated and moved around:
Also, carrying broken down robots - we rarely see this but what happens after the malfunction? How do they physically get to repair after theyve malfunctioned? I could not find any good examples on the wiki. Here are some from another site that I would like to see. (This also site has tons of pics that are open for manipulation)
And being turned off abruptly is good too:


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