Repairing a Female Sleeper Unit - Version 2

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Repairing a Female Sleeper Unit - Version 2

Postby liliwinnt6 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:58 am

Its 1445HRS afternoon, I was "just switched out of sleep mode" after lunch, hehe. Nope, I'm still pure flesh human, just wanted to describe the situation like so.

"Ding!" A message flashed on my cell phone, it says a model 629 female sleeper unit is sent by her owner for repair, estimated time of arrival is 5 minutes. The owner complained that the unit failed to secrete vaginal fluid during sex. I opened the window and searched on the street, there was a small woman dressed in a dark office suit walking towards my direction, she could be the target unit for the repair. However, her walking pattern was just not right, something could be wrong down there, maybe between her legs.

I put on a lab coat and got back to my workstation for reading some more detail of the message, and then I heard someone rang the doorbell. I fired up the surveillance program and detected who was waiting at the door.

"Boop." The program finished the detection and a message box showed up, it says, "DeF Tech Model 629 gynoid, Desiree, number 2fd4ebb2c. Warning, target unit was set coming to this site for repair. Warning, target unit is running sleeper protocol 1d32." I double checked the serial number and the image, yes, she was the target unit for repair, so I stood up and went opening the door with grabbing my cell phone. Just before that, I had Synthia start recording everything, and also had my video recording goggles put on.

Over there stood a young petite lady waiting patiently, she has round North-East Asian face with short casual cut hair, pitch black. She was slim, about 140 cm tall, maybe B-plus racks. She was in a dark office suit with a matching skirt, over-knee nylons and shoes, she got a pair of slender legs. She looked at me and asked nervously, "Hello, I... I guess here is the... the clinic and you... you are the doctor... right?" Regular North-American accent. "Of course, may I have your name and your social ID please?" "My name is Desiree and my ID is 2fd4ebb2c." Matched. "Good, please do come in." I gestured her into the workshop. When you ask for the social ID of a robot, you are asking for its product ID number. I pointed at a seat near my workstation and asked her, "Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable" "Alright." She dutifully walked over where I pointed and sat on it, indeed her walking patterns were slightly odd. I sat at my workstation and readied to diagnose on her.

"Doctor, I'm feeling weird these days..." She said slowly.

"Oh? What's the problem?" I asked kindly. According to the complaint of her owner, she was unable to secrete sexual fluid.

"I... I err... Emmm..." She blushed. She suddenly went more shy and became reluctant to tell what's wrong.

"It's okay, you are here for dealing with problems, the most important thing for me to do so is to let me know what the matter is." Kindly I started to persuade her to tell the truth.

"Well, the... the inside of me, just went... it just went... dry." Reluctantly but without any choice, she told the words.

"Dry? What do you mean by dry?"

"Damn it, I mean dry it just means dry, bone dry! I even can't... can't..." Her voice lowered with her last word.

"Hmmm? Can't what?"

"Pee... I can't pee..." She slumped her head, she must have been blushing even more!

"Well, how long do you have this problem?" I decided gave up teasing her about "dry" and carried on.

"Two... Two days ago, it suddenly happened. I'm so confused and have no idea what's wrong."

"Alright, let me have a check on this. Now would you please take off your skirt? "

"What? I-I..." She stammered, not knowing what to do next.

I made a mental note to thank the program engineers for their hard work; they made those sleeper units so lifelike, as for how they react when encountering these circumstances. Things are getting more and more intense!

"Well, you said the problem is with your... womanhood, right? So in order to have a check on it, it would be necessary for you to disrobe, well Desiree, I mean just take off the skirt please, it would be okay."

"Well..." She seemed to have fought with herself, and finally she decided, "Alright, I take it off."

She stood up and started to remove her skirt. She slowly unzipped her skirt, gently dropped them down and stepped out of it. Now she was naked waist down, her butt was small but perky, and I found she wore no panties, as I double checked on the floor to confirm.

"Desiree? Please turn around, there is an exam chair, do you see it?"

"Y... yes, I see it."

"Good, go over there and sit on it."

With her being naked below her waist, she dutifully walked towards the exam chair, her butt squeezed against the chair as she sat down.

Desiree looked around on the exam chair and found Synthia standing near her. She pointed at Synthia and asked, "Who is she? What is she doing here, seeing me naked like this?"

"This is Synthia, she is my assistant, and she is a robot. She's okay with you." I explained. "Now I would like you to open your legs and place them on the leg rests," I told her, that would hang up her legs and make them open, thus grant me access to her crotch.

"What?! Open my legs? I'm already naked, and you want me to do that? NO WAY!" She exclaimed, denying what I asked her to do.

Well, so much for toying with her, continuing like so would cost a lot of time and it was already 1545HRS, there was going to be a lot of work to repair her, so I went to plan B.

As she started complaining how humiliating it would be for her to do as I said, I executed the plan B. I uploaded my technician credential into her, and with some short beeps, she paused complaining, her head slumped a little bit and then backed up, indicating that login was successful. However, she carried on complaining after that incident, unfazed about what just happened to her.

That's just the first part. Ignoring her complain, I pressed and held on both of her temples, seconds later, her face became expressionless and later the face plate came detached. Then I installed the face console into her. The console lit up, texts started rolling on the screen, and finally it showed that it was properly installed into Desiree.

However, she did not stop complaining, so additional settings shall be applied. I messed around her controls, setting her to be calmed down, respond to anything only without protesting and suspending her long-term memory. Last but not least, disabling her automatic orgasm function. Then I didn't waste my time and made my next moves. I showed up in front of her with my technician ID besides my face. "Desiree, could you please tell me who I am?" "You are... the doctor." In a weak voice, she responded with the speaker in the console. Codes scrolled on the screen, indicating she acknowledged my credential. Very well, now I can start my job of her.

"Now, remove your shoes, place your arms on the arm rests, and place your legs on the leg rests... please."

This time, she just did as I say. As her legs stretched, a puffy vulva with neatly trimmed pubic hair presented in front of me. I secured her to the exam chair by buckle-belting her chest, waist, arms, and legs.

I set the console to display her sexual sensory diagram and went to put on a pair of latex gloves, time for some diagnoses. First I placed my index finger on her slit, tried to slide up and down. The console displayed the feedback in the diagram, highlighting the position where I landed my fingers on her, however I felt no dampness indeed. "Desiree, do you feel this?" "Yes, you are touching my pussy." She responded. Then I split her labia and slowly and firmly squeezed my fingers into her, still felling bone dry. While I was doing this, Desiree deepened her breath, and she squirmed in the exam chair. "Desiree, do you feel this?" "Mmm... yesss... you inserted your fingers into me." With my finger plugged inside her, I grinded on the bulge on her vaginal wall, "Ohhh... Ohhhhhh..." She moaned even more, her breath got deepened as well. "Desiree, do you feel this?" "Your fingers... Ohh yeahhh... they are touching... my... G-Spotttt..." I occasionally looked at the console, the reading of her sensory data was normal, she got aroused as I did so, but unlike any normally functioning units, or any regular women, she just did not get wet. "Desiree, are you experiencing any errors?" "What errors?" oh well, she reminded me her sleeper protocol was not yet disabled, so quickly I answered, "Uh, never mind." Alright, so there could be only vaginal fluid problems, and that should explain why her walking pattern was a little bit odd.

Now I should make my next move. I tapped on the console for running diagnose for sexual function. "Commencing sexual function diagnostic... Processing... Processing..." The artificial muscle of her love hole got tensed and relaxed, making it slightly parted and closed, her clitoris went hard as the diagnose goes on. "What's... Mmmmm...Unnnhh..." Desiree moaned in deep lust, and she struggled in the exam chair, with the buckles locking her down. Soon everything went relaxed. The console showed the result, "Diagnose completed with two errors: Sexual fluid pump was not responding; Sexual fluid level was at zero percent."

I went to the storage closet and retrieved a device specially designed for individually diagnosing sexual organs problem, the DeF Tech Vag-Detector Model C, Rev 5.2. I placed the device on a trolley and wheeled it near Desiree. I went back to the exam chair and tapped on the console to eject her vaginal unit. With Desiree moaning slightly, I can hear series of whirr, as the internal mechanism went to disengage themselves. There were seams forming around her crotch, and soon it was detached with a click. I gently slide it out of her crotch and then systematically disconnected any cables or tubes that would feed signals, power, and liquid into it. As the result, texts flashed on the console with an angry buzz. "Warning, hardware disconnected: Vaginal unit." Now she was locked on the exam chair, her head slumped aside, legs grand opened, and there was a big deep hollow between her legs, tubes and cables dangling out, a screen in her face, flashing some texts on it. I placed this vaginal device on the trolley as well and wheeled it into the toilet. I connected it to the Vag-Detector (vagdect), only tubes for vaginal and urinary fluid. Before I connect the tap water to the vagdect, I sealed the electronic ports with some caps in the fear of water damage.

I started the tap water and set the vagdect at the lowest power of water output. Slowly I can see liquid oozed from both vagina and urethra, first with some smelly gunk, and then the liquid went clear. I probed my fingers into it and felt the liquid was distributed perfectly even. I slowly tuned up, the flow went stronger as expected. Then I set the vagdetect for the orgasmic liquid output, and the result was satisfying, the organ shot water out as it was really achieving an orgasm. That concluded the test, the vaginal unit was functioning normally for the liquid.

I stopped the tap water. I drove the water out of both of the vagdect and the vaginal unit, and went into the next part, to check if the fluid pump was dead.

Tapping on the console, seams formed around her belly and the panel was silently disengaged. I placed it aside and dug in for the pump. Before I hit it, I confirmed that the sexual fluid canister was empty, I dismantled it and continued searching. When I got the pump, I found it was burnt. Well, an empty canister would always lead to a burnt pump, and the warranty does not cover this repair. I checked the log of Desiree and confirmed that she experienced several orgasms even after the canister was totally depleted, and no attempt was made to disable the sexual fluid function.

I sent a notification to the owner of Desiree, informing the situation and the repairing fee, and then I got a reply, the situation was acknowledged and the repair was requested. By the way, I taught the owner that the fluid canister shall be checked or refilled from time to time, otherwise the pump would be busted again.

What was left for the job was easy, I replaced the fluid pump with a functioning one, cleaned the canister, the following tubing, and refilled it with some fresh fluid, then I put it back for the next step.

I shut the pump and the canister valve, temporarily shut the fluid, and reconnected the electric and liquid feed to the vaginal unit. "Wha... Ha... Ohh! I... Ehh?" Desiree spit out some random gibberish like a broken jukebox, as the console was showing some useful information "New hardware detected... Vaginal unit. Installing driver... Installation completed. This vaginal unit is now online." By then I went to slide her vaginal unit back where it belongs, the internal mechanism whirred to engage themselves. "Recalibrating new hardware, recalibrating... recalibrating..." Desiree moaned heavily and squirmed as the console reported. For some amusement, I plugged my index finger into her, I can feel her vaginal walls squeezed against my fingers, "AHHH!!! Shit, uuuggghhhh!!!"Desiree suddenly barked out aloud, and the console flashed the error message while buzzing angrily, "Error! Foreign object detected in the vagina unit! Unable to recalibrate! Please remove the object! " Reluctantly I pulled my finger out of her. "Recalibrating..." The process went on automatically, Desiree continued in deep lust as her pieces of muscle continued to squirm and twitch, squirm and twitch. Finally, she was relaxed, and the console reported, "Recalibration completed. Error, unable to acquire vaginal fluid, sexual fluid function currently unavailable." Now I released the valve of the canister to enable the fluid. "Ohh!" With a dampened hum of the pump, Desiree twitched slightly with an exclaim, as I can see drips of clear fluid started streaming slowly into her vagina. The console printed the text again, "Fluid source detected, sexual fluid function enabled, the vaginal unit is now distributing sexual fluid." Later I probed into her again, now she was moist throughout the whole inside.

I tried on Desiree for some more things; Using my fingers I separated her folds and placed a paper cup below it, and ordered by the console to discharge some fluid for 5 milliliters through both urethra and vagina. "Processing..." Clear liquid slowly streamed out, first from the urethra then her vagina. Soon the fluid stopped and I let go of her folds. The console reported, "Fluid discharged successfully."

Then I opened her panel above her crotch and connected my cell phone directly with her vaginal unit, and I sent a direct command into it. Another couple milliliters of fluid slowly brewed out of her, again it was a success, and then I fetched some toilet paper wiping her clean.

Now for the real part, I just need to confirm Desiree would function properly for sex, to distribute sexual fluid on her own initiative.


"Yes, doctor?"

"There's one thing you need to do. Please masturbate." I fetched a vibrator and gave it to her.

"Yes, doctor." She obediently accepted the vibrator, and dutifully inserted it into her. "Ahh!" Desiree moaned with a quiver as the vibrator automatically hummed into action inside her, the console was flooded with codes as the result. This toy was modified by me especially for non-human units. When this vibrator is powered on, it would fire-up automatically when it has detected any electromagnetic radiation, could be used as a gynoid detector as well. If there's any wireless transceiving device inside the sex, it could be bombarded by this vibrator as well, presenting additional stimulations to the target unit. By then Desiree had it fully inside her, she can't contain herself but to moan in deep lust, and she struggled in the exam chair, her toes wiggled in the nylons, and I can see her fluid slowly dripped on the floor.

I went to check on the console, it showed she had a normal sexual stimulation level, and I set her to achieve orgasm after 1 minute. After I pressed enter, I saw her excitement built up magnificently, and after exactly 1 minute, she lost herself to the dear world. Her muscle clenched at each other, pushing the vibrator out of her and it dropped on the floor. Fluid gushed and gushed from her love hole, some of it squirted from her pee hole as well, and her whole body shook violently like a sifter. After her orgasm went subsided, her body went loose like a ragdoll but twitched occasionally. Her bust was heaving repeatedly as she panted heavily. I checked her fluid level was 82%, and her power level was 89%, I can just return her to her owner without any further refilling or recharging, then this session would be finished very soon.

Until now, this Desiree unit was completely repaired, and I started to finish up the work. After Desiree stopped panting and breathed normally, I replaced the console with her face plate and rebooted her into normal mode with enabling most things that were previously disabled. By the way, I helped her put on her shoes and unbuckled her from the exam chair.

"Reboot complete," Desiree announced, then she blinked her eyes.

"Desiree? Wake up, you are cured!" I waved my hands at her.

"What? What do you mean?... Cured, I..." She was as if recovering from a daze.

"You said that you were ‘dry', remember?"

"Dry?... Ohh yesss, dry... Now I remember... And I guess... You kinda... fixed it?"

"Yes I did, I ‘fixed' it, and you may have a try!" I answered her with a smile.

To my surprise, she directly drew her hand between her legs, I did not expect her to "try" this in such a straightforward manner. With some deep moans she masturbated a little and then pulled out, there was a string of sticky fluids dangled with her fingers. She saw that and exclaimed excitedly, "Yes! Yes! Doctor, you fixed it! It's not bone dry anymore! Thank you so much!"

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug!

"You are welcome, Desiree. However, what about you putting on your skirt? You are still naked down there." I pointed her skirt where she dropped on the floor.

"What?" She looked down her waist, and hurried to cover herself with her hands, blushed, "OH EXCUSE ME!!!"

"Tell you what, I turn around, and then you may get yourself dressed." Turning my back at her, I can hear her got up from the exam chair, stepped away, and the noise of cloth rubbed her body.

"I'm dressed now, doctor." She called delightfully.

I turned around and saw she was dressed, shoes also, not to mention she wore no pantie under her.

"Desiree, Authorization code cff4ed21, Boris. Run command: ask for water and drink. Execute." And I poured some water into a small paper cup as I placed the order.

This is how to run commands to the units with their sleeper protocol activated. Instantly her expressions faded away, "Processing..." She responded in monotone, and then she was back to normal.

"Doctor? Can I have some water? I'm feeling a little thirsty."

"Sure, here you are."

"Thanks." She took the cup and drank it. This model is able to drink, and she was equipped with a temporarily fluid canister, located in a position of a bladder as a normal human. As long as she does not take big gulps, things would be good.

"Desiree, Authorization code cff4ed21, Boris. Run command: go to the toilet and urinate, discharge intake liquid. Execute." I issued her the next command as she finished drinking.

Again she went expressionless, "Processing..." She responded in a monotone. This time her expressions went back into an anxious look. She put the cup on the nearby table, and she grabbed her skirt and pressed against her crotch, her legs clamped together.

"Ohh... Excuse me, doctor... would you please show me where the restroom is?" She asked me urgently as if she badly needs an emergency discharge, as a normal woman would act in the same situation.

"There." I pointed out for her, and she staggered into it. I followed her into the toilet, recording the scene with my goggles for what goes on next. It is a squat toilet for visitors, Desiree went standing over the toilet facing the door. She hiked her skirt up above her butt, then slowly went squat on the toilet, her folds slightly cracked up as her legs opened. She started to stream the liquid out of her, splashing the toilet. She remained completely expressionless during the process as she went on as I set her to be total shameless on my cell phone, short moments before.

Soon her last drop was off. She searched around her and got herself with some toilet paper. She gently rubbed the paper against her crotch, I saw she closed her eyes, and heard a small moan escaped her lips. Having wiped herself dry, she tossed the paper and stood up, dropping her skirt to the normal position.

I hurried out of the toilet, pretending nothing had happened as Desiree got out.

"Doctor, I think I'm good for now." She smiled at me delightfully.

"Sure you are, aren't you, Desiree? Have a good day..." I looked at the window, the sun was set, "Well I mean, good night." I smiled at her.

"Thank you doctor, good night!" She smiled back. She opened the door and departed. Her walking patterns were normal compared with her arrival.

I hurried to the workstation and switched to the surveillance camera to see what would happen to Desiree.

After the door was closed, Desiree happily took some steps ahead but paused awkwardly in the middle. Her head snapped hard to the left, then her legs closed, her head slumped a little bit to the middle, and then went back up. I can see her face went expressionless, and she continued walking downstairs calmly as if nothing happened today. Yes, before her final reboot, I set a little program that would reset her completely, making her return to her normal status and functions, by the way erasing her memory about this repair session she underwent today, and we can tell the program was successfully executed.

I stood at the window, seeing Desiree walking away and finally got out of my sight.

It's 1800HRS, I went to the burger shop and had my supper, some burger, and a nice salad. After that, I would let Synthia process the video she recorded this afternoon and have it transferred to my computer.

The End.
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Re: Repairing a Female Sleeper Unit - Version 2

Postby Kishin » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:43 pm

Re-read the original, then this one. This one is sooo much better. More details, better overall scenario.
Good job on the rewrite Boris! :faceoff:
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Re: Repairing a Female Sleeper Unit - Version 2

Postby liliwinnt6 » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:40 pm

Kishin wrote:Re-read the original, then this one. This one is sooo much better. More details, better overall scenario.
Good job on the rewrite Boris! :faceoff:

that's what i would do when i dont wanna waste the new idea
thanks mate
Fellas, you may address me as Boris, my ID could be troublesome for you to call me.
BTW, my stories would be updated without notifications.

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