T-Series Chapter 6

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T-Series Chapter 6

Postby KernalGovernor101 » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:44 am

Monique’s perspective – Chapter 6

A tall, icy blonde-haired woman rapidly tapped her left foot while she waited just outside dorm room 702. She hated her assignment at the university, with the near double increase in payment for just a weeks’ worth of work being the only reason she took the job. But right now, her impatience was brought on by her grumpy and agitated mood. She stood there, tapping her aching foot, waiting for Jessica to open her dorm room door. Her hatred was only amplified by the pain in her small feet. “Fucking uniform policies. The other universities I worked at never enforced the staff to wear 5-inch-high heels! The human staff anyhow” Looking down at the university provided tablet, she shook her head.

The time was 6:01 Am. Over 5 minutes had passed since she first knocked on the door.

Knocking on the door for a third time, she yelled “Jessica, it has been over 5 minutes. Can I please come in??!”

After a moment of silence, the busty woman forced a wide smile as the door in front of her opened, revealing a lavish, beautiful blonde girl whose naked, tight figure and vibrant, lively face hid her 40-year-old age well. “Hey Monique! Come on in, I’m just getting dressed” she said in her always perky tone before spinning around on her toes and walking back into the small dorm room. Had this been Monique’s first day at the university, she would have blushed at Jessica’s bare, petite body. However, she had grown numb to the sight of nude women. She’d seen more tits and ass in the last two days than she had seen in the last two years. It didn’t stop her pussy from wetting itself though.

Quickly removing her 5-inch heels, she sneaked a peeked at the blonde’s perky, small ass cheeks. It was a nice change to the rather large, boastful asses most of the staff had, herself included. Her agitated mood was slightly relieved at the thought of her firm, organic buns. They were even better to the touch than some of the other, less organic staff. Her entire body shivered at the thought before she refocused on the task at hand. Placing the heels by the door, Monique straightened out her knee length white dress and faced Jessica who now faced her, standing with a slight slouch and idly playing with her long, wavy locks of golden blonde hair. Monique noticed Jessica’s slight slouch but made no thought of it. She was here for one job, and one job only.

“Hey Jessica. I have been asked to perform your physical for today as Margret is ‘out-of-commission’. I understand there are some additional things you require during the process?” Repeating the line, she had said in a professional tone many times before, completely ignoring the girl’s perky breasts and long, thin legs. She had no respect for the girls at the university after she learnt of their true nature. And based on her past experiences, she knew that Jessica was indeed just as manufactured as Kim or Nikita were.

Looking at her feet, Jessica said in an almost begging tone “Yes, there are. Margret and I always have sex during my physical, as a way to relieve ourselves of stress. Could we have sex after the physical is over?” Monique noticed the flaxen beauty’s nipples stiffen as her fingers twisted and pinched them, causing her impeccable, B cup breasts to rise and fall at a quickening pace. Her nipples were perfectly centred, a little too perfect Monique thought. She gave the idea some thought before dismissing it. “It is just a robot. There is no real pleasure here” she reasoned.

“Sorry Jessica, but I’m on a tight schedule today and I will not be having sex with you” Monique simply said with no second thought. She focused back on her tablet, scrolling through Jessica’s active tasks and diagnostic data. “Damn, this is not right”

“Oh no! Is everything ok?!” Jessica said in a worried tone. Her hands leaving her silicon breasts as she took on a seriously concerned expression. Monique just rolled her teal coloured eyes at Jessica, whose expression now reflected her even more confused state.

“Jessica, how many times have you had a sex this week?”

“Umm, oh was it three, maybe four times. I don’t know sorry!”

“Ahh fuck this. Jessica, code-Alpha, Charily, Alpha, one” Jessica’s entire frame froze for a split second before relaxing again. All concern or worry from the motorized marvel vanished, as did her Swedish accent. “Let us try this again. How many times have you had sex this week?” Jessica struggled to keep her annoyance contained.

“In the last 3 days, 7 hours, four minutes and 56 seconds I have had 73 sexual encounters, averaging a total of 41 minutes and 2 seconds per encounter. This doesn’t include self-gratification, which occurred a total of 144 times averaging a total of 33 minutes 41 seconds within the same time frame…” with a blank smile, Jessica went on to provide diagnostic data on her actuators within her entire body and how they functioned during her sexual encounters. Monique was impressed that a MILF model t-series could handle such extensive use of her sexual devices, especially with their model being one of the first made by BlitzTech. She knew of course that nothing could beat her own stamina. She held a firm belief that humans such as herself were always superior to machines in every way, and she proved this in her athletic ability and in the bedroom. In every gymnastics competition she had entered, Monique won every time, beating the best and the most advanced machines. And every time she had sex, she would out do the machines she slept with, running their batteries dry before she even broke a sweat.

“… finally, Pam used my sexual modules a total of 7 times in the last week, and a total of 1280 times in the last 11 months. My vaginal unit was used a total of 12561 times in the last 11 months, ranging from toys to fingers to penises. Is there any further information you require Monique?”

“A 10000% increase to sexual use in the last year alone. Hmm, not good. Not good at all. Jessica, I require access to your internal systems”

Showing the grace of a professional ballet performer, Jessica perfectly spun around on the spot. She lifted her long, toned arms and ran all ten elegant fingers through her golden, silky-smooth locks which rested on a very toned, smooth back. She parted them down the middle and bunched the thick locks up to either side before lifting them over her shoulders and letting them rest on her chest. Making a perfect 90-degree angle between her tight stomach and her long, well-defined thighs, Jessica reached back and parted her ass cheeks, giving Monique an excellent view of her well used erotic devices. Monique quickly moved over to the robot and bent down, having a closer inspection at its plastic pussy and asshole. She immediately noticed minor marks against her labia, common on the older versions of t-series models. The automatons clit seemed to be larger than usual. Monique passed this off as either a design choice, or a silicon short coming common with extensive use. The manmade asshole was as tight as the day it was built. Monique straightened her pose again, and slid her long, thin fingers into the robot’s tight asshole, not surprised by the lack of a clench reflex. She knew that this model lacked the hardware to clench their assholes. They were produced about a year before that feature was available.

She wiggled her finger around for a moment, using her short nails to find the rough patch of muscle within the MILF’s anus. Using the robot’s firm, smooth ass cheeks as support, she pushed her finger in deeper. After a moment of feeling around, she finally felt the rough patch of muscle placed deep within Jessica’s craved colon. Pressing on it, Jessica verbally acknowledged the action.

“Internal systems access granted. Please remove your finger and stand back”

Monique slowly removed her finger before taking one step back. Jessica stood up perfectly still as a seam appeared down the centre of her spine, ending just above her perky ass cheeks. Additional seams appeared at the sides of her back before the entire cover pushed out. “Please remove the back panel and place it softly on a soft surface”

Monique did just that, noticing how artificial the panel felt once it was detached from the machine. Placing it on the bed, she faced Jessica whose internals was bare. Her torso was full of wires, electronics circuits and flashing lights. After a moment, Monique found the bright red CASX port and inserted both ends of the cable into the robot and her own tablet, ignoring the safety prompt which appeared on her tablet. Had she been paying attention to Jessica, she would have noticed the sexy blonde’s long, left arm twitch as the safety procedure was ignored. Monique scrolled through the thousands of programs Jessica possessed in her hard drives, searching for the cause of this increase in sexual activity. She searched for half an hour before giving up. Agitated at the lack of progress she had made, Monique could barely restrain herself from lashing out at the robot.

“Stay calm Monique, just relax” she told herself.

Removing the cable from Jessica’s back, Monique immediately realised she fucked up. “Ah shit” she said, realising she removed the cable from the robot unsafely. Had this been a newer model, there would have been no issue at all.

Jessica’s head violently twitched to the left before resetting itself. After a moment, Jessica remained stationary without a single movement. “Few, that was close. Last thing we need is repeat of what happened to Margret” Retrieving Jessica’s back panel, she refitted it against her frame and pushed it in. The seams in her skin faded quickly as her synthskin returned to its human like state. “Jessica, code-Beta, Tango, Tango Two”

Her entire torso relaxed, with her previous slight slouch returning. Spinning around again and smiling at the pretty girl, Jessica cocked her head to the right as her mouth formed a sultry smile. Her long, sensual legs brought her closer towards Monique, accentuating the sway of her hips with each step “Thanks for that Margret! Want me to get the strap on like last time?”

Monique’s confused expression wasn’t acknowledged by Jessica’s human interaction software. Subsequently, she continued to move towards the much younger beauty.

“Margret? Jessica I am Monique. Margret is not here”

Jessica froze for a split second, stuck in a midway strut before she spoke in what Monique swore could have been the sexiest voice she’d ever heard “No baby, I can tell from your double D breasts with nipples being only *LOCATION NOT FOUND* from being perfectly centred that you’re Margret. The way your cheekbones protrude at exactly *DISTANCE NOT FOUND* and how your teal coloured eyes *REFERENCE NOT FOUND* into mine. I’m perfectly compatible with you baby. Let me show you” Jessica wrapped her long arms around Monique and tried to pull her in. Monique wouldn’t have any of this, despite how wet Jessica’s little show made her. In a perfect move, she dropped the tablet on the carpeted floor and ducked under the blonde girls’ arms, simultaneously placing both her hands on the robot’s breasts before pushing it back. The machine’s CPU failed to realise this sudden change in position and failed to activate its balancing programs. Jessica’s well-defined legs failed to keep her standing, causing her to fall backwards after a few seconds. With a loud metallic *clank*, Jessica’s head hit the table before her torso landed on the floor.

Monique froze at the sight an unmoving Jessica. In an impulsive response, she quickly retrieved her tablet from the floor and watched an error-filled CPU struggle to recover. Running a quick recovery test, she confirmed that a quick reboot should fix all of Jessica’s errors. With that, Monique entered a few commands and the rapidly flowing lines of code ceased. After a moment of silence, she sent the activation code, and took her leave. She knew waiting around would be a waste of time, and she was already late for her next meeting. Whimpered lightly once the heels were back on her feet, Monique’s hatred for them returned. Looking back at Jessica one last time, she shrugged. “Jessica will be fine. The only thing that the t-series has going for them is that they are physically tough” She quickly left the room and checked her timetable on the tablet. “Room 703, Karen’s room”

Meanwhile, Jessica’s start-up processes took longer than usual. What Monique’s digital analysis didn’t show her was the mechanical diagnostic, which would have taken hours to perform even in a proper maintenance lab. Once her software loaded into her RAM buffer, she positioned herself into the sitting position before attempting to stand up. While her legs were perfectly straight and functioned as intended, her back failed to straighten. The fall had damaged her plastic spine, breaking a couple of the pliable connectors between her titanium vertebra. Her torso made an acute angle with her flat, toned stomach, confusing her gyroscopic system. “Oh this won’t do. Margret is waiting for me” She said to no one. The robot’s A.I overrode the alarms telling it that her back had mechanically failed and forced the machine to an upright position. Mechanical whines and plastic creaks filled the room as Jessica struggled to take an upright posture. Several computer chips inside her torso scrapped against the sharp, broken plastic.

“That’s better” she smiled to herself. Taking her first step, Jessica heard a *pop* come from her back. The *pop* returned for her second step. Confused, she lowered her head and pulled her left breast up to her ear as she took the next step. This time she heard a loud *crack* emanate from her chest. “Oh no! This is good! Not good. Not good! I should go see Professor Sam. Professor Sam. Professor Sam right away, his enormous cock will stop these sounds! Sliding in and out of my hot pussy cunt fuckhole slit!” A second crack caused Jessica to freeze momentarily before she quickly rushed to the door, smashing straight into it. Moving back a few steps, she cocked her head to the right. “That’s not right” She tried again, walking straight into the door again. Taking the same number of steps back, she cocked her head to the right and said, “That’s not right”. She tried again, walking straight into the door yet again. She tried again and again, walking into that door. Each time her internal hardware would shake and rattle around, with the occasional wire falling out of place or a circuit coming lose. Professor Sam wouldn’t be seeing Jessica any time soon.

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Re: T-Series Chapter 6

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These glitchy T Series girls are fun to read about. But if I owned one, I'd be majorly pissed at how malfunctional they are.
Good chapter! :faceoff:
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