T-Series - Actual Story

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T-Series - Actual Story

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Hey all. I've been working on this for a while now, and i hope you all enjoy it! The other T-series was a repost due to internet lag. My bad!

Chapter 1: Nikita’s perspective

Standing still on her charging port in her room, Nikita’s eyes opened at exactly 6am. On her HUD, thousands of lines of code scrolled passed.

“Initialising boot-up procedures”

“Initialising boot-up procedures”

“Initialising boot-up proced..” “Boot up procedures initialised”

“Loading Personality Nikita”

“Loading modular programming. Loading Slut Girl 1.01. Loading Whore slut 1.2.1. Loading party girl slut 1.0.0. Loading college student horny girl 1.0.0. Loading Exhibitionist 1.5.1…..”

Hundreds of programs loaded into her active memory within seconds. Originally designed as a sex-bot, her programmers had failed to identify a simple error in her programming. In order to simulate hornyness, a program counter would increase her libido, hornyness and sexual drive at pseudo-randomly increments as time went on, only to reset themselves after either self-gratification or a sexual encounter. The error in that program was the counter never reset as the condition of “Orgasme” was never met (a simple spelling error caused Nikita and all the T-series models to become hornier without limit. Nothing could satisfy her and due to current circumstances, she would eventually crave sexual pleasure so badly that she’ll stay in her dorm room, masturbating endlessly until either her battery ran dry or she broke down.

“Current personality settings checksum. Hornyness : 300%. Freewill: 0%. Obedience: 70%. Sexual drive baseline: 300%. Deference: 100%. Checksum passed”

“Final Start-up Check”

“Final Start-up Check”

“Final Start-up C… Final Start-up Completed”

Nikita’s thousand-yard stare melted away as the room was filled with a loud, sensual moan. Her arms immediately rushed to her navel, penetrating her leaking, plastic pussy, spreading it silicon lips wide. All her sexual self-gratification programming while not in the presence of a human was pre-programmed with extreme precision and was very generic. Those algorithms were designed to make her reach orgasm in the shortest amount of time possible. However, when around a human, a randomiser would influence her movements to enhance the machines human emulation. She groped her enormous, manufactured silicon breasts, squeezing them firmly as her left hand stretched and slid into her glistening plastic pussy. After 5 minutes of extreme masturbation, her uninterruptable internal directives changed from sexual desire to morning preparations. This set her orgasm countdown from 3 minutes to 5 seconds. In an extremely loud, body shaking orgasm, Nikita squirted all over her charging pad. The actuators within her pussy caused her sex to convulse widely as she stood there in a post-simulated orgasmic bliss. She was grasping her breasts so firmly that it took several seconds for them to revert to their full, perfect shape. A small sign of her physical short-comings. With that, Nikita stepped off the pad and sensually strutted to the bathroom. Her feet were perfectly equidistantly placed apart with every step as were the swings of the robot’s arms.

Sitting on the toilet, she proceeded to release her daily intake of food and water through her small, tight asshole. No fluid passed through her urethra which was a purely aesthetic feature on all sex-bot models. Following a cold shower, her CPU decided that she would wear an extremely short pair of shorts without panties, combined with an extremely tight crop top which revealed her perfectly toned, tight figure. After drying off using the full body air-blower she entered the bedroom, her processors identified and navigated the Scandinavian beauty to her dresser draws. Upon reaching the target, she spread her legs to shoulder width and bent at the waist, leaving her large breasts to hang and sway, visible for anyone behind her to see if they looked slightly below her perfect, large yet firm ass. Retrieving the items from her draw, she stood back up and began to dress herself. After a moment, Nikita spun around and saw her reflection in the full body mirror. Ravishing her own beauty, she giggled and struck a runway model pose. Her modular programming was coded such that it’s A.I would desire attention to an extreme degree. More-so now than when she was first activated, mainly due to her sexual-drive bug. Smiling widely at her own reflection, she proceeded to her desk draw and pulled out one of the many bullet vibrators which were in there, most of which were still slightly wet. Sliding one into her pussy, she set the machine to “Level 10” using her phone. After a moment, she sighed.

“Damn machines never work right!”

Removing the now drenched toy, she replaced it with a second, larger vibrator and turned it on. Almost instantly Nikita shivered in delight, grasping at the desk to steady herself. After a moment, she regained her composure and grabbed her keys and purse. She left the dorm and locked the door. Practically skipping down the hallway, Nikita smiled at the sight of a rather tall, mature woman whose long light red hair rested on her hot pink, low cut dress which revealed an enormous pair of breasts and whose hem rested just below her navel, placing her pristine, long and almost too perfect legs on display. Internal processors analysed the woman’s measurements, facial features, walking stance and a whole assortment of other factors before it determined the woman was to her ‘defacto’ friend Pam. Without a word, both girls hugged each other tightly, kissing the other equally beautiful girl. After a moment, they both looked at each other and laughed.

“Hey babe. Feeling any better from yesterday? You really lost it at your birthday party and Karen was worried sick!” Nikita asked in a sexy voice.

“Hey babe. I’m feeling much better! And I may be 46 but I’m still as functional as you are! How are you? It’s almost time for your weekly!” Pam struggled to keep her excitement down.

“I’m feeling great! And I’ll see you later today for that. I hope Karen will be ok if I play with you a bit later” Nikita replied, her tone and wink remaining as equally sensual and precise as it had hundreds of times before.

“Don’t worry babe. She’s my mature babe and you’re my forever-21-babe” Pam laughed before kissing Nikita again.

Nikita loved her mature friend, even if they did just meet a few weeks ago. A divorced woman reshaping her life needed friends, especially the benefits that came with them. She was over joyed when Pam asked her to perform her ‘weekly’ destress routine. She knew how stressful university was and couldn’t be happier to give her new friend some sexual attention every week. Besides, professor Kim even recommended Nikita to Pam during her orientation. If that didn’t seal the deal, Nikita wouldn’t have known what would. After a few more moments of making out, both girls slapped each other’s asses and walked away, both smiling and giggling at the encounter. Nikita’s processors queued up their tasks as she prepared for the day. As soon as she left the dorm room building, a campus user requested her for a specific task to be completed at 12pm. Her CPU accepted the request and her A.I ‘thought’ the request was brought forth from her algorithms.

“I can’t wait to see Professor Nash! She’s such a sexy slut!” Nikita giggled as she left the dorm building. Her subtly verbal confirmation of the request went unnoticed by her fellow students as she walked across campus to her first class. She giggled and smiled at her self as all the girls admired her sexy body. Her designers purposely codded her A.I to ravish the attention, which only increased her limit bugged sex drive. She clenched on the vibrating bullet as it pressed against her artificial muscles, almost bringing her to orgasm. The mechanical whines and servos within her artificial pussy struggled to comply. They whined to an almost audible level. Ignoring the slight noise, she relaxed her stance and proceeded to her first class, “Sexual Studies for A.Is”

Chapter 2: Nikita’s perspective

Nikita squirmed in her seat as her professor spoke about the various coding methods used to bring an A.I to orgasm. Nikita’s glass cameras which acted as her eyes locked onto Kim, her professor, as the mature woman bent over at the waist to plug in the holographic projector. Kim spread her legs for the whole class to see, revealing the lower half of her round, large ass cheeks. Standing back up, she straightened the hem of her white dress and matching crop top as she continued the lesson with a hologram on the mechanical functions of artificial vaginas. Nikita’s drenched pussy replicated its movements to that of the plastic vagina in the video, flexing and convulsing in an identical manner as she struggled to stay quiet. During the holographic video, Kim sat back on her chair and watched along with her students. She admired the artificial sexual module displayed in the holographic display. The way it’s finely crafted walls convulsed and flexed under different scenarios was truly amazing to her. Without registering the thought, her left-hand slid down to her navel and penetrated her own pussy, matching the movements the woman in the video did with her hand. With every touch, with every rub and pinch, she was amazed at how the artificial vaginal unit responded in an identical way to her own. She drifted off into a fantasy, one where her husband’s hand was inside her instead of her own. She couldn’t wait for class to end. Her moans and giggles were drowned out by Nikita’s, who was squirming in her seat. Kim waved a few locks of dark red hair from her eyes before they focused on Nikita’s long, slender arms. She followed those arms down to Nikita’s thin fingers sliding in and out of her now dripping pussy. Smiling at herself, she turned to her desk and picked up her phone, typing something into it. Inside Nikita’s artificial mind, she got the sudden desire to be with Professor Kim as soon as the class ended. Knowing this, Nikita prepared herself by pushing out the now dead vibrating bullet and placed it in her purse. Unable to bare the lack of the device, she used her fingers wildly to compensate.

After the holographic video ended, Kim stood up and announced the class was over. “Ok girls, that’s a wrap for today. I want you all to revise chapters 4 through 5 for Monday’s exam. And remember, today’s Thursday meaning it’s all the staff’s weekly’s. Don’t let us down girls! Good luck to everyone! Nikita, would you stay a moment?”

Kim’s high heels tapped on the hard-wooden floor as she proceeded to tidy up the lecture hall. Nikita patiently remained seated, struggling to stay still in her chair. Pam saw Nikita and immediately knew what would come next. She giggled in girlish glee, tightening her pussy around her vibrator as she exited the room with her lover in hand. As the rest left, Kim spun around and spread her legs, bending at a near 180-degree angle giving Nikita a perfect view of her perfectly toned, lightly muscular thighs and ass. She released her perfect breasts from her tight crop top, revealing their perky, curvy shape. As the last girl left the room, Kim stood back up straight and turned around to face Nikita, her breasts swaying as did her long, red hair. She was ready for Nikita, both mentally and physically. As the door slammed shut, Nikita quickly stood up and rushed over to her.

“So, Nikita, how are you feeling today?” she asked the obviously horny, mechanical girl.

Running up to her, Nikita slammed her body against her professor’s as she frantically kissed her. “I need you Kim. I need you to stretch my pussy beyond it’s limits. I want you to bring me to orgasm again and again and again and again! Ahhh” Nikita’s loop broke as Kim slid her elegantly long fingers deep into Nikita’s mechanical marvel. She knew exactly how Nikita’s manufactured pussy worked, and exactly how to use it. A little-known trick was to squeeze and hold the robot’s clit hard, preventing sensory data from reaching its CPU. This lack of data acted as an ever-growing craving to the machine’s A.I, causing Nikita’s entire frame to shake in extreme desire. Kim also knew that holding on for too long would lead to an overload and shutdown, an event she didn’t want to repeat. Nikita wrapped her super long legs around Kim’s massive ass as Kim lifted her up to eye level. Her left hand-held Nikita’s enormous right breast to her lips as she greedily sucked on the automaton’s perfectly crafted silicon nipple. As her grip on its silicon clit grew stronger, Nikita moaned loudly, her processors pushed to their limits. Due to her inherit bug, all sensory input was amplified by over 200%. If it weren’t for her thigh gap, the robot’s algorithms would take the rubbing of her thighs as enough stimulation for a full body orgasm. Lucky for Blitz-tech, this hadn’t happened to their more voluptuous T-series models yet. After what seemed like an eternity, Kim pulled hard on Nikita’s clit and let it go, causing the entire robot to freeze up momentarily as her CPU was flooded with extreme amounts of data.

“AHHHHHHHHHH OHHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS JESUSSSS FUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK” Nikita yelled as Kim lost her footing under Nikita’s orgasmic spasms. They both fell to the hard floor with a loud *clank*. Kim let Nikita go and sat up, watching Nikita freze and twitch hard before she continued to squirm and shiver in post orgasmic bliss. Kim smiled at her success and decided to let the poor machine recover in peace. Kim stood up and returned to her seat. Spreading her long legs, Kim masturbated to the sight of Nikita twitching and moaning, swearing under her breath in her post processor stalling orgasm. After a few moments, Nikita stood back up and moved over to Kim, kissing her deeply.
“Thank you for that sexy! You should come by my dorm some time. I’ll give you an orgasm that will really melt your insides. Really melt your insides. Really melt your ins…” Kim pulled Nikita in close and kissed the beautiful student, breaking her loop. Kim did visit Nikita often, however she had to cover her tracks. As a result, the beautiful robotic girl would never remember their encounters. After the passionate kiss, Nikita moved back to her seat with extreme precision and picked up her purse. As she soon as she stepped outside of the room, she froze for an eye blink, and then returned to normal. All memory of her encounter was gone.

“Damn that Kim is amazing. I really want to fuck her brains out!” giggling and shivering at the thought. Smiling at herself, Nikita moved on to meet Professor Nash.

Meanwhile, Kim stayed in the room and began to masturbate wildly. She moaned softly, pushing her right hand deeper into her pussy as her left hand clutched her breast. Within moments, her pussy spewed out her juices as her body shuttered in a powerful orgasm, but this didn’t stop her. Without a second thought, she continued masturbating in an identical manner. Her moans grew louder as her grasp on her breasts tightened. In a high-pitched scream, she orgasmed so hard that her body shook violently, causing her to fall from her chair onto the floor with a loud *clank*. Still shaking, Kim pushed her right hand as deep as physically possible into her pussy as her left hand clenched her breast in a death grip.
Then suddenly, she stopped and froze for a split second before relaxing her body. A seductive smile spread across her face.

“Professor Nash is too beautiful to pass up. I should visit her tonight and give her an orgasm that will really make her insides melt!” she said in a subdued, submissive voice, licking her lips and pinching her nipples as she did. Getting up from the floor, she straightened her dress, re-tucked her breasts into the crop top and picked up her handbag. As she left the room, the crop top expanded outwards as her breasts reverted into their perfect, curvy shape. As her feet stepped in precisely equidistant steps, she left a cum trail on the carpet as she headed for the exit. Looking back at it, she giggled at the thought of the maids using their tongues to clean up her juices. As she walked up the steps to the exit, the vibrator pushed deep within her pussy pressed hard against her wet walls, causing Kim to giggle and shake in glee. Leaving the lecture hall, she froze for a split second before rubbing her hands over her tight, exposed midriff. “I should really use Nikita after class. It’ll be so much fun to experiment than to just theorise. Experiment than to just theorise.” Shivering and giggling, she left the building.

Chapter 3: Nikita’s perspective

Professor Nash was unique in many ways, but her youth was the biggest surprise. At just age 21, she was already a professor in psycho-sexual studies. Specifically, the replication of human sexual desires to that of an A.I. As a result, she was the ultimate lover on campus, and almost every girl wanted her. Giggling and shivering in anticipation, Nikita arrived at the bar to find Professor Nash, masturbating wildly in the corner. Her optical sensors detected the light which glistened from Nash’s cum covered breasts. Internally, she realised she wasn’t Nash’s first visitor today. Nash barely noticed Nikita walk up past the dark-haired bartender to her. Before professor Nash could realise what was happening, Nikita dropped to her knees and buried her face into Nash’s drenched pussy, sucking and licking at an incredibly systematic, yet natural way. Had this been months earlier, Nikita would have shown some self-respect by restraining herself and her urges. The programming bug had more, unforeseen consequences than originally anticipated. At her current rate, if anyone even just bumped into Nikita by accident, her CPU would take the physical interaction as a cue for a rough sexual encounter. Luckily for her, the only other person there was Emily, the athletic yet busty bar tenderness, who wasn’t on decent display herself. Then again, the bar rules didn’t specify that breasts and vaginas must remain covered. Emily only had her perky, almost enhanced looking breasts on full display as her small hands dug deep into her bright pink pussy, which conformed to the bar rules in every way. Nash ignored Emily’s moans and squeezed Nikita’s head as she quickly orgasmed, covering the artificially forged Scandinavian beauty with her juices.

“Damn Professor Nash! You taste like I do! A ripe strawberry flavour. Ohhh” Nikita moaned as Nash quickly pulled her up by the machines perfect breasts and sucked on her nipples. Nikita’s perfectly smooth skin hid the mechanical struggle of her long legs rapidly adjusting so their straight stance. She bent at the waist, showing Emily a perfect view of her leaking pussy and incredibly long, slender thighs. Her internals slightly creaked as they settled to her new stance. Had she been an athlete model like Emily, her frame would have adapted to the rapid changed without a hitch. They both enjoyed each other’s bodies for what seemed like an eternity before settling down and lightly making out.
Nash noticed Nikita’s breasts deform and reform in an un-natural manner as she squeezed them tightly. The machines nipples also deformed artificially when pinched in the right way. Mentally, she noted this for the next maintained session. The T-series were prone to “Memory Silicon-jell degradation”, which limited their silicon parts to a 2-year life-span. It did make for a fun toy to play with though. Meanwhile, Internal tasks within Nikita set an arbitrary timer for making out with the sexy professor while simultaneous alarms reminded her to visit Pam for her weekly “Stress release”.

The t-series programmers had designed their units to use each other as sexual closure to prevent the sex-drive counter from continuously increasing in the case that their machines didn’t get any sexual gratification. However, due to the programming bug, this feature was simply useless. This was known as a ‘weekly’ to the t-series. Blitz-tech kept this secret from the public, allowing the t-series to mention a ‘weekly’ only to other t-series units or to Blitz-tech staff.
It made the girls over at security laugh as they watched the hidden dorm cameras. Made great masturbation material for them too.
As instantaneous as Nikita’s processors could be, she parted her lips from Professor Nash’s.

“Thanks baby. We really need to do this again. My pussy simply aches at the sight of you! Will you be free tomorrow?” Nikita said all at once. Nash’s puzzled look confused Nikita, alerting her A.I and human emulation protocols. She was essentially a covert sleeper and had no knowledge that Nash knew of her artificial nature.

“Oh, um yes of course baby” Nash said after brushing a few strands of her dark brown hair away from her face. She knew every single look Nikita could give and knew what would ensue if she didn’t respond quickly. She relaxed as Nikita’s face changed to expression 973, formally known as a relaxed, subdued yet submissive face.

With that, her long manufactured legs brought Nikita to a standing position and guided her to the bar’s exit. Nash sighed as she checked the time on her watch. Her sigh became louder as she realised only 20 minutes had passed. She wiped up her leaking pussy, licking her fingers and breasts before her lightly toned, long legs lifted her frame from the chair, and guided her to the bar.
“Hey baby, that didn’t last as long as I wanted. Super-pissed! Can I get a drink?... HEY!” Nash yelled in a frustrated tone. Emily almost fell off her stool at Nash’s loud demand. Emily reluctantly stopped masturbating, got up and shuffled to the shelfs. Nash noticed that Emily’s shuffles were caused by her short shorts which were around her knees.

“Emily! Lose the short shorts!” Nash yelled in an annoyed tone. She was seriously frustrated at the poor programming the T-series had. After a brief struggle with the shorts, Emily finally kicked them off to the side and fetched Nash her drink.
“You two babes are so damn hot. Mind if I join next time? My pussy really aches and needs something long and hard in it!” Emily giggled as she poured vodka into a tall glass, her cum dripping from her drenched fingers into the drink as she finished the bottle. Nash noticed Emily’s nipples stiffen, poking through her long, curly black hair as she handed her the drink.

“Soon Emily. Your weekly is coming up isn’t it?” Nash questioned as she skulled the drink, moaning as it warmed her insides, fading away into a light, warm buzz in her perky, heavy breasts.

“Not just yet baby. I’ll let you know” Emily softly moaned with a wink. Nash didn’t accept that response and pulled her phone out from… She wondered where it came from as her panties had no pockets, and neither did her bra. Shrugging at the thought, she entered a few commands into the phone, cocking her head to the right as she grinned. Meanwhile, Emily was working on her leaking pussy in a vain attempt to satisfy her urges. Suddenly, the thought of Nash’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy became un-bearably hot. “Baby, we can do the weekly now. I really need you to break my pussy so bad!”

“I thought you’d never ask! Never ask! Never ask! Ahhhh!” Nash moaned, twitching her head to the right as Emily squeezed the sexy professors left breast. Grinning, Nash vaulted the bar bench and buried her face between Emily’s thighs. She felt the buzz in her large breasts grow stronger as her tongue quickly licked Emily’s leaking cunt. Had Emily not been in a bliss-filled trance, she would have heard the high-pitched whine coming from Nash’s body. Never-the-less, the bar was officially closed for the next 6 hours.

Chapter 4: Nikita’s perspective

The sexy woman shaped machine eagerly hurried to Pam’s dorm room. She hurried through the gardens, completely ignoring the water sprinklers which soaked her body. She smiled at as she watched her nipples stiffen through her tight bra. Nikita couldn’t care about the water, nor could she. Yet another shortcoming in her programming. She couldn’t remember the last time she performed Pam’s weekly stress release, but her pussy ached at the thought of it. Entering the building, she rushed up the stairs to the 6th floor and reached the door. She rapidly knocked on it.

“Hey Pam! Are you in there?”. No response came from the room. Nikita waited patiently for a few moments before trying again. “Hey sexy! Are you in there or not?” she said, mindlessly squeezing her left breast as she waited. After another moment of silence, she opened the door. She was surprised to find it unlocked. Entering the room and closing the door, Nikita’s optical scanners converted the low intensity light into ones and zeros, scanning for Pam. All this was hidden from Nikita, who’s sleeper protocols were extremely well programmed. To her, she was just an extremely slutty whore that was always horny. Within seconds, her optical sensors identified a silhouette figure standing in the far-right corner of the room. Inside her mind, she idly processed the figure.

“Unidentified figure located. Attempting to identify.”

“Height: 6 foot 1”

“Age: Between 20 and 50”

“Body type: Hourglass perfect to 99% accuracy”

“Measurements: 48 DD, 24, 46”

“Hair colour: Unidentifiable”

“Conclusion: Data matched to unit “Pam” with 98% probability. Activating Personality protocol to interface with “Pam”.

All this logic and code instantaneously ran through Nikita’s mind as she finally realised the figure in the corner was indeed Pam. Smiling, she shead off her panties and bra and ran over to Pam, hugging her and groping her ‘defacto’ friends’ flawless breasts from behind. After a few moments, Nikita realised Pam remained frozen. She let go of her friends’ breasts and stepped back.
“Ouch!” she shouted as her big toe stepped into a broken shard of glass. Picking the glass shard out, Nikita’s sleeper protocols ignored the damage done to its synthskin as no direct harm was detected. Nikita realised the carpet was wet with what smelt like soda.

“Pam, are you alright? It’s only been a week, you can’t be that stressed!” Nikita giggled as she spanked her sexy friend on the ass.
As Nikita spanked her large, tough ass, Pam visibly relaxed her tight stature and spun around. Pam’s face was one of fury as she looked at Nikita, who was oblivious to the whole situation. Soda was dropping from Pam’s cut lip and chin, something Nikita completely ignored. “Hey sexy! I love your new ass babe! You’ve been secretly working out without telling me haven’t you!? It really tingles my pussy to look at it” she said to the now obviously rage built nude girl. Pam took a second to processes this before speaking.

“That soda was safe inside the bottom of my tits. Now it’s everywhere inside me! What is your fucking problem?!” Pam roared as she quickly approached Nikita and forcefully threw her to the ground. With a loud *thud*, Nikita shook her head as her A.I sorted out all her errors. A quick situational analysis completely missed Pam’s rage and took it as an aggressive form of foreplay. Nikita’s processors loaded up the bdsm programs she had and ran them at full pace. She converted her personality into dominatrix mode. She jumped back up to her feet and ran towards the light red-haired girl, taking the mature woman by the neck and slamming her against the wall. Nikita could have sworn she saw Pam’s eyes flash their distinctive blue colour as their bodies hit the wall, but all thought of that dissolved as Pam planted her full red lips against Nikita’s.

Nikita pressed her breasts extremely tightly into Pam’s equally perfect breasts and arched her back in an almost deafening moan. Pams breasts didn’t squeeze like Nikita’s; however, Nikita loved their hard, firm feel anyways. She was programmed to like everyone, no matter their looks or how they felt.

Pam froze for a second time before relaxing and smiling at Nikita. She lowered her arms to Nikita’s navel and teased the Scandinavians mass-produced sexual unit. She froze for a split second before she slid her fingers into Nikita’s dripping pussy. Her head twitched to the right as her fingers stopped moving. “Hold on baby. I’ll be fuc..fuc…fucking your brains out in a second”. Pam repeated this twice more, her head twitching to the right each time before she looked at Nikita. Her sensual facial expressing rapidly changed into one of fright. She pushed Nikita to the floor and covered her hefty breasts and pussy with her arms. Pam screamed loudly.
“Who are you! Why are you naked?! Why am I naked?!” she frantically shrieked.

Had Nikita’s programming been more adaptive, she would have realised Pam’s malfunction and acted accordingly. Instead, she said the default response she would say to anyone with high enough clearance. She simply smiled and seductively said “Hi, I’m the Nikita T-series. Your very own 21-year-old sex toy! I’m a tough girl, and I can easily pleasure up to fifteen men or women at once! I’m always turned on and always ready to please!”
Pam ignored Nikita’s response as she stared right past her.

“I’ve never seen you before in my… ERROR!”

Pam’s entire body froze as her internals ran wildly to sort out the mess. After a moment, she read out her verbal identification processes”

“ERROR in primary memory sector”

“ERROR in secondary memory sector”

“Backup memory drive not responding”

“Activating default, A.I procedure”

“Unit identified: unknown”

“Classification of unit: Classifying”

“Height: 6 foot 1”

“Age: ERROR”

“Body type: Hourglass perfect to 99% accuracy”

“Measurements: 48DD, 22, 46”

“Hair colour: Dirty Blonde”

“Conclusion: Data matched to unit OBJECT NOT FOUND with 99.99% probability. Activating proto…”

Her insides sizzled violently as Pam stuttered the word protocol. After a minute, she finally resumed.

“…col extreme slut. Goal to reach “Quantum Rand Integer” orgasms”

“Quantum Rand Integer: 24.001”

“Checking for Rand error: Outcome is indeterminate”

“Execute protocol: True”

“Converting body to sexually interface with the unit “OBJECT NOT FOUND” “

Yet another error with the T-series units was its faulty error checking module and poorly constructed memory drives. Granted, Pam’s model was nowhere near as robust as Nikita’s was. Her model was rushed to market due to shareholder expectations. Little did anyone know the repercussions of this choice. Even Nikita’s sleeper protocols would force her to ignore the quirky behaviour of her friend.

Pam’s entire body relaxed as she sexually strutted to her fellow machine, ignoring the shards of glass which pierced her feet. She pulled Nikita up and hugged her tight as their lips met. Still in dominatrix mode, Nikita stepped back and threw Pam onto the carpet. With a thud, her body slightly twitched before recovering. A rather large shard of glass pierced Pam’s back, slicing her skin and cutting a few coolant wires in her spine. Pam’s CPU was damaged beyond the ability to register her the damage the glass made, nor could it register her new position until after Nikita sat on Pams face and laid on her body. Nikita’s breasts pressed into Pams stomach as she buried her face between the machine’s beautiful legs. Relying on her default A.I programming, Nikita’s dripping pussy activated Pam’s lesbian protocols, specifically her eating out programs. She grabbed Nikita by the waist and forced her pussy onto the machines man-made lips, sliding her unusually long, built tongue between the Scandinavians smooth, plastic vaginal lips. Both robots ate out the other over half an hour, placing heavy strain on their CPU’s. While Pam may have been a newer model to that of Nikita, she had more faults. It was one of the many reasons Blitz-Tech went bankrupt before the war. Nikita’s processors subtly stimulated Pam’s exotic pussy in a systematic way designed to reach the machine’s strongest possible orgasm. Pam knew the exact same thing, however in her faulty state it wasn’t as precise as Nikita’s.

If Nikita had the ability to express a genuine opinion, she would have called Pam’s attempt as lazy. Her processors knew Pam’s orgasm countdown, and readied their users mouth to suck down all of Pam’s juices. Pam’s CPU misjudged Nikita’s orgasm countdown, forcing the blonde beauty to bring her countdown forward. Mere seconds after this, both girls moaned loudly in their simultaneous simulated orgasm, muffling the loud ‘pop’ from within Pam’s torso. Nikita, in her post orgasmic bliss didn’t realise Pam’s lack of cum spewing from her pussy. She would have shown some concern had her ‘request feature’ not been used seconds after their orgasm.
“Thanks for that baby! Can’t wait for next week!” Nikita giggled as usual. Just before she stood up, Nikita rubbed her pussy against Pam’s face before walking to the door. She slid her fingers into her pussy before lathering her breasts with her cum. Nikita had a weird fascination with cum and loved everything about it. The T-series were known for their quirky A.I. She looked for her bra and panties, suddenly realising she never came in with any to begin with. Cocking her head to the right, she said “I’m such a slutty air head. Slutty air head. Slutty air head”. Shivering, she broke free from her loop and headed for the door. As her left hand reached the handle, a small spark of static electricity jumped from Nikita to the door handle. Without even the slightest reaction, Nikita opened the door and left the room, enjoying the breeze on her cum lathered thighs. She brought up her left breast up to her mouth and licked it clean, shivering and giggling as she did. Leaving the door open, she ran down the stairs and left the dorm room building. Once outside, she turned to the right and skipped her way to the staff offices building. It was Mr Nash’s ‘weekly’ visit, and he always requested Nikita, his favourite doll.

In her dorm room, Pam laid on the floor, her legs bent up at the knee as she violently masturbated. Inside her torso, servos and circuits sizzled and fried as her pierced tubbing connecting her vagina to her internal fluid reservoir spewed cum all over her internals. The soda which had pooled in her breasts had finally reached her motherboard, causing a small fire within her insanely attractive, mature body. Her sleeper software worked ever harder to keep the illusion alive. Her CPU was a mess as a result.

“Current situation: Completing weekly”

“Error report: Hardware error in sections Delta 12 – Gamma 01. Repair required”

“Conflict: Must maintain human appearance and emulation”

“Options: Repair at a later date; ask to be excused”

“Option selection: Option 1”

“Scanning for anomalies: Anomalies found”

“Anomaly report: Error report: hardware error in sections Delta 12-Gamma 02. Repair required”

“Error report: Hardware error in sections Delta 12 – Gamma 01. Repair required”

“Conflict: Must maintain human appearance and emulation”

“Options: Repair at a later date; ask to be excused”

“Option selection: Option 1”

“Scanning for anomalies: Anomalies found”

“Anomaly report: Error report: hardware error in sections Delta 12-Gamma 02. Repair required”

“Error report: Hardware error in sections Delta 12 – Gamma 01. Repair required”

“Conflict: Must maintain human appearance and emulation”

“Options: Repair at a later date; ask to be excused”

This kept repeating itself, growing in memory intensity. The t-series were mechanically robust but programmed poorly. There was a strong chance that she would be in that loop the next time Nikita came to visit, if the fire hadn’t destroyed her first. The chances of her breaking free on her own were near impossible.

Chapter 5: Nikita’s perspective

As the day neared the end, Nikita joyfully skipped along the hallway of the staff’s quarters towards Mr Nash’s office. She visited Mr Nash once a day, and he was her favourite student. Internally, procedures for Mr Nash’s usual routine loaded in. They took a few seconds longer than usual, however her A.I ignored the unusual delay. As the appropriate files loaded into her RAM buffer, Nikita took on a slightly more serious tone, with her stance slowly converting into a highly sexualised strut, with her big ass swaying with every step. She greeted the other teachers who left their doors open. She greeted the students who were there too and giggled. “It’s so nice of the girls to do the teachers weekly’s”. She stopped two doors from Mr Nash and grinned at the sight of Karen’s ass. Nikita knew all the girls by the most distinctive features, and Karen’s was her large clit. Karen’s rather long neck made her incredible for blowjobs, and Professor Sam knew this. He had his large hands around her golden-brown hair, forcing her balls deep onto his cock. Her well craved breasts swung wildly as Sam roughly used her. Nikita enjoyed the sight of her friend’s small ass bounce with each thrust for a moment before her internal request was pinged again. Nikita took a more serious tone and hurried to Mr Nash’s office. Entering his office, she wasn’t surprised at the sight of Professor Kim’s pussy and asshole on full display as the voluptuous robot bent at the waist, balls deep into Mr Nash. Nikita’s optical drivers analysed the man’s rugged face, deep scar on his left cheek, his pitch-black hair and his hairless arms before matching the look with her A.I personal list. Nikita knew teachers did other teachers weekly’s, and this time was no different. Nikita waited patiently while Mr Nash enjoyed the extremely deep blow job. He specifically loved to explore the mature woman’s back. His hands always rubbed Kim’s smooth synthskin, wishing his skin was equally smooth. To the trained eye, it looked almost as if he was looking for something. Looking up, he saw Nikita’s sultry grin as she waited patiently, playing with her left breast as she looked at professor Kim’s dripping pussy. His hands quickly moved to Kim’s absurdly perfect breasts, squeezing and pulling down on them hard. Between Kim’s muffled moans, he said with a wink “You know, she hasn’t had her weekly yet” Nikita smiled at this, and she knew the drill. She walked over to the bookshelf to retrieve one of the many 12-inch strap on devices. Without warning, she slid all 12 inches into Professor Kim’s tight asshole.

“Ughhh” She struggled to moan being balls deep in Mr Nash. The t-series were designed to handle up to 15 inches in all three holes. Anymore would void warranty. Professor Kim was no exception. Nikita pounded her sexy twin repeatedly until Mr Nash moaned loudly, shooting his load in her mouth.

“That will be all love” Mr Nash panted, coming down from his climatic bliss. The second Nikita pulled the strap on out from Kim’s asshole, Kim removed herself from his cock and grinned as his cum dripped from her pouty lips. Licking those red pieces of silicon clean, she retrieved the bullet vibrator from his desk and slowly pushed it into her pussy before spinning around and giving Nikita a cum filled kiss. Once Kim moved to the corner of the room, Nikita’s optical scans further confirmed that the man was indeed Mr Nash by the scars on his torso. However, she completely ignored them and knew to never mention them.
He had Kim who was amazing, but he preferred Nikita. Something about dirty blonde Scandinavian beauties sent him wild. He smiled at Nikita, interested at how her A.I will handle the sudden change of pace. “Today will be different. I want you to have this” He reached into his draw and pulled out a remote control. “This is a remote control. Your task is to find out what it controls. He winked as he spoke in a hurried tone. Getting up, he led Kim out of the room, spanking Nikita’s firm ass as he did. “Make sure to smile at the camera baby!” and with that, the door was slammed shut, leaving Nikita in the room. Nikita’s CPU was slightly puzzled at this as Mr Nash’s actions did not follow the profile her A.I had made for him at all. He was always relaxed and was never in a hurried. Her A.I ‘panicked’ for a moment, as possible as a program can panic is, however it found comfort in its required task. She looked over the remote in her long, slender fingers. She made an analysis of the device.

“Task: Create Three-Dimensional Model of Object “Remote Control” “

“Processing, Processing, processing, proce…. Process complete”

“Rapid Analysis: Rectangular object of 20cm by 14.231 cm by 6 cm. Cylindrical button with label “Voice Command” “

“Task: Determine what this object does”

“Loading testing procedure”

After this blink-of-an-eye processing, Nikita smiled inwardly at her own intelligence. She determined that the device was a remote of some kind, with a high change of it being voice controlled. The t-series programming made up for its short
comings in the mathematical realm of statistics and analysis.

Her elegant index figure pressed the command button and her processors made her say in a neutral tone “Jump”.

Nothing happened.

A puzzled look overcame her as her CPU became dissatisfied with the results. She tried again. “Walk three steps forward, then three steps back”

Again, nothing happened.

She was at a complete loss. She tried for a third time. “State everything about yourself”. Again nothing. She would have continued had an internal alarm stating her battery was nearing 0% not made itself apparent. She frowned at this and put the remote back on the table. “Silly thing doesn’t even work right. Are machines just built to fail? Are machines just built to fail?” she said as she left the room in a disappointed mood. Meanwhile, Mr Nash watched from a small security room. The delayed footage finally began.

In the clip, Nikita said the word “Jump”. On the spot, Nikita jumped as high as she could. He noticed her freeze for a split second before she tried again. “Walk three steps forward, then three steps back”. Nikita did just that before returning to her starting location. Mr Nash was deeply intrigued by this, and his interest only grew by Nikita’s final line. “State everything about you”. In her bubbly, sexual voice, Nikita said “Hi, I’m the Nikita T-series. Your very own 21-year-old sex toy! I’m a tough girl, and I can easily pleasure up to fifteen men or women at once! I’m always turned on. I’m always turned on and always ready to please!” she giggled at the empty room. She went on to explain her requirements, hardware and software capabilities as well as her main purpose. After 10 minutes she stopped and looked at the remote in puzzlement. Placing it on the table she said “Silly thing doesn’t even work right. Are machines just built to fail? Are machines just built to fail?”. Mr Nash looked over at Kim, who was masturbating lightly at the sight of Mr Nash. “Test 204 completed. So far, so good” She said in a hushed tone. Mr Nash smiled at her as he left the chair and moved over to Kim. He grabbed the red head and forced his dick into her mouth once again. He was just getting started with her.

Nikita hurried home as curfew was nearing. She entered the building, rushed up the stairs and walked past Pam’s room, completely ignoring the two female technicians who were entering the room at that very moment. She opened the door and closed it, standing completely still just behind the door. Internally, all human emulation programmes deactivated to preserve battery power. With the personality and warmth of snow, she mechanically walked into the shower and cleaned herself. All desires for self-gratification were disabled for the time being. After her shower she stood back onto her charging pad, dripping wet from the water. She never used towels as they affected her synth skin. Subsequently, her charging port had to be water resistant. She had a blank look on her face as she deactivated and charged for the night, both hands beside her torso as she stared off into the distance.

There is more to come. Any and all feedback is welcomed! Thanks for reading!

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Re: T-Series - Actual Story

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Love this story, I can see a lot of potential in it! :faceoff:
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Re: T-Series - Actual Story

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very interesting thanks

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Re: T-Series - Actual Story

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Gotta say this was a really hot story. Looking forward to your next one!

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Re: T-Series - Actual Story

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This is one of the most "stimulating" story I've read in a while. All those programming errors are completely unbelievable, yet it makes for good porn.

Good job!

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