My Fantasies Based on True XPs - An Old Woman Robot

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My Fantasies Based on True XPs - An Old Woman Robot

Postby liliwinnt6 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:04 pm

An Old Woman Robot and Her Creator

One day, I was roaming in a flea market, to try if I had good luck for something interesting. That was when I saw an old woman stood at the corner of an alley outskirt of the market, her face was totally expressionless, and she was randomly looking at everything in front of her. She looked like maybe in her 60s or something, tiny round face and snow white soft hair, 150 centimeters tall and a slim-built body. She was dressed in some sort of a brown jacket. However, what caught my eyes was, below the jacket she wore a pair of leather trousers that were both very shiny and totally skin-tight, revealed her tiny yet perky butts to my dearest world.

I was so fascinated by her, and unluckily she caught me eyeballing her. But luckily she did not complain about it and walked herself into the alley, her butt cheeks squeezed against each other as she walked. I felt a little bit sorry for losing sight of her and I was about to leave. Just then I heard a thump as if someone fell to the ground. It was just about where that old woman was. I guessed it could be her fell on the ground. Anyway, so I went into that alley for a check.

When I got into that alley, I was shocked. On the ground, there was exactly that old woman lying on her side. However, unlike regular humans, she was neither struggling to get up nor moaning for pain. In fact, her body was slightly twitching, and her face was contorting inhumanly. I hurried toward her and placed my fingers under her nose, bloody hell she was not even breathing! What is she? A robot?

I took my cell phone and ran the detection program, the result came, it showed this old woman was indeed a robot!

How do I help her? I patted her forehead and asked her, “Are you okay?” Then I heard a distorted answer emitted from her body, “O...ont ... her... ................ com... ng.” Not long after, I saw a giantess in a French maid costume ran into the alley and stopped by my side, panting heavily.

“Excuse me, mister, but I’m the creator of this robot.” She squatted near me after having recovered from the run. She looks like more than 180 centimeters tall, strong build, raven hair bob cut, north-Asian face, and maybe D plus chest due to the show off of her cleavage. “Hi, you may call me Emily, I’m an enthusiast of making robots, and I’m a cyborg.” “Hi, my name is Boris, I’m a human and I repair robots,” I answered. “Now, would you please tell me what happened to this old lady down here?” “Well, technically she is not old, I just built her couple weeks ago. Secondly, I was doing the battery endurance test on her, and I was remotely controlling her. This is my very first prototype, and she would malfunction frequently. Recently her power management module does not work so well, so I would test her out after fixing her.” Emily answered when she flipped the robotic old woman over, showing off the front. “Really, she’s an amazing piece of work anyway! And what’s wrong with her now?” ”It seemed her power level suddenly got very low, her muscles and servos couldn’t hold up, so here she went on the ground.”

“Can we confirm that? Can you run a diagnose on her?” I asked, “Sure, watch this.” She put her right palm on the belly of the robot. After a short while, she said, “Gee, her main battery has just 3 percent of power now, and the auxiliary power system stayed offline unexpectedly, many of her functions went offline as well, it was ridiculous.” She wondered. “Well I have my repair vehicle parked nearby, you can get her some energy there.” I suggested, “Thank you, that’s a great help! You are a very kind man!”

“Let me deactivate her first!” Emily suggested. She pressed her fingers behind the ear of the robot and held down, and the robot made a final spasm and went limp. I helped Emily lifting the robot into my van and put her on an exam table. I searched through my inventories, but unfortunately there was no any regular charger for the robot, only some disposable emergency recharging rods that gynoneko gave me the other day. These rods are a little bit larger than 26650 batteries in size, and I happen to have them in the van. I asked Emily, “I’m sorry I’ve got only these emergency recharging rods, maybe we could use them on your robot?” “Emergency... Rod? What is that? What does it do?” “It could perform emergency recharge on female robots, but it requires some special... method.” I winked at Emily. “Huh? Requires what?” “It requires to be inserted into her sexual organ.” “I see... So both you and the inventor of this thing are great perverts! Heh! By the way, what models do you have?” “Well, I guess they are prototypes so no models about them, maybe we can have a try.” “Sure, why not. Let’s get started!”

Emily unzipped the leather trousers for the robot and eased it down over her hips, she completely took them off, along with her shoes, and then she swung the legs open, revealing the smooth and hairless vulva. I smeared some lube on the rod and gave it to Emily, letting her do the honor. She took the rod and slowly pushed it into the robot, inch by inch. Finally, the rod was inside, one end of it protruded a little bit out of the lips, showing off a button for activating the rod. The button was blinking steadily, so it should be properly inserted into position. Emily reached out and touched the button, it started glowing yellow, indicating it was injecting power into the robot. The robot twitched in result, I saw her eyes were as well glowing with the rod. “She is accepting power,” Emily said to me confidently.

It took a while to actually activate the robot, and I asked Emily, “Why would you made this robot into the appearance of an old woman?” “Well, because I think it would attract less attention.” “Really?” “I think so, maybe no one would like to have any issues with the old woman.”

“Very well. As your robot is recharging, would you like me to buy you some drinks?” “Thank you, but I don’t feel like drinking. Let me wait in the van.” “Alright, then. I’ll be going.” Then I got off my van and went to a café.

I finished my drinks in the café. As soon as I got out of it, I saw something wrong with my van, it was shaking on its own! Silently I hurried toward it and circled around, luckily I saw there was neither any damage to the vehicle, nor anyone ran away from it. Then I proceeded to get in, and I found the inside of the van was quite warm. Emily, however, her breath was a little bit urgent, and I can tell she was secretly wiping her hands against her dress. I guess something interesting must have happened when I’m out, but I pretended to be unfazed of that.

After another short while, a long beep emitted from the robot. Emily exclaimed, “She has enough power to function!” And then she pressed her index fingers on both of the ears of the robot and held down firmly. With a little twitch, the robot beeped and announced, “System booting up... This unit is now activated.” “She’s powered up!” I said. “That’s great!” Emily answered joyfully.

I asked kindly, “Ahem... Emily, I would like to drive you ladies to your home, what do you think?” “Huh? Well, no thanks... She has enough power... for now, I think I can try walking her home.” She stuttered and answered, and I found her face was a little blushed. “Well okay then, and you may keep that recharging rod.” “What? Oh, thank you... thank you very much!” Then I helped Emily get her robot dressed. I gave the buttocks some firm grasps by the way, they felt so nice! And Emily pretended to complain, “Aw Boris, you are such perverted!!!”

I opened the door helping her and her robot out, “Bon voyage!” I waved them goodbye.

Now, off they went, I found I lost two recharging rods, one was inside the robot, where was the other one? Luckily I always have a concealed surveillance camera activated and recording 24x7 in the vehicle, so I replayed the footage, the result was surprising and yet very fruitful, and it fulfilled my curiosity.

As I shut the door and got away, there were just two figures in the van, Emily, and her robot. For some reason, the recharging rod drew too much attention of her that she could not simply look away, and she fondled it, again and again, looking at it in every detail. What happened next really took me by surprise: First, she seemed to be somewhat hesitant, then as if she has determined, and she swang up her dress, pulled her pantie aside and forcefully jammed the rod into herself! She then pressed the button on the rod, I saw her eyes glowed as the result, and the rod glowed in her crotch with her in the darkness, just like the other robot. It seemed the rod was injecting plenty of energy into her, she squirmed a lot as the result of ecstasy generated by this, both her hands cupped tightly of her crotch, and she tried her best suppressing her moans. Soon she was unable to hold any longer, after a sharp gasp of air, her whole body went shaking violently, her head twitched in random directions, her body mechanisms went hard against themselves, and she almost cried. And finally, her orgasm went down, leaving herself panting heavily. She even opened her chest panel, maybe for venting hot air? Suddenly she got up as if being caught in the action, she put down her dress and closed her chest panel, that could be the time I circled around the van. Maybe I have interrupted her enjoying the afterglow, right?

The End
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Re: My Fantasies Based on True XPs - An Old Woman Robot

Postby liliwinnt6 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:10 am

by true experiences, i mean i really saw a tiny slim old woman who wore a pair of leather trousers that was both shiny and totally skin-tight in front an alley at the outskirt of some flea markets,
and it really revealed her tiny yet perky buttocks
Fellas, you may address me as Boris, my ID could be troublesome for you to call me.
BTW, my stories would be updated without notifications.

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