A Curious Girl in a Cruel World

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Postby gynoneko » Mon May 21, 2018 3:04 pm

I spent the next 2 months repairing Evie. Without access to my lab, I had no parts or equipment, so much of that time was spent getting the tools I needed. Miller gave me the deactivated gynoid to use for parts, which helped a lot.

I kept Evie on my bed, for the most part, just talking with her and working on her repairs. During those weeks, Evie really got to know me all over again, and whatever it was about me that she fell in love with before all this happened worked it's magic again. She was always happy and smiling and laughing, despite her condition.

Speaking of… What happened was that Evie was choked so hard that not only was her windpipe and skin damaged, her neck was broken too. It paralyzed many of her systems. We were lucky she was able to breathe.

The repairs involved replacing the damaged skin, muscles, throat, voice box, and spine. Most of those came from the DS-7 I kept in the basement of my house. A few parts I had to build. But at the end of 2 months, Evie was finally able to walk again. In fact, she was as good as ever if not better.

The police had stopped their search for us shortly after the incident. The company realized they were missing all the important documents, and had no case to bring against me. Even the original security footage was gone.

Which meant we had no idea what happened to Dottie either. What we found out through a lot of investigation and trouble was that she was found near one of the terminals, a wire still connected to her neck, hunched over and erased. She fought a slew of androids, but lost control of the virus, getting erased as she fought off the last guards. The company destroyed her body before anyone could look at it. If she was still functional before, she was gone now. Evie took it pretty hard. She had so few connections to the world, she saw Dottie as her only family.

Miller leaked some of the data the company was hiding, mostly about the after hour activities they required of their test units. There was a lot of damning evidence in there, including the development of weaponized units which violated international laws. Of course, the worst was that they had hidden the deaths of several employees and even ordered the deaths of a few others as well. But the revelation that affected Evie the most was that they knew they were developing sentient units without permits and were essentially torturing them.

Most of that was not leaked but was presented as evidence against them in a lawsuit. Miller spearheaded the suit, while most of the other scientists were listed as well, including me.

Naturally, they didn't want this to get out, so they settled, and they settled fast. In all, the lawsuit cost them hundreds of millions. It essentially ended the company. That and their plummeting reputation. But as a result, none of them went to jail, but neither did any of us, and Evie officially and legally became mine.

Months went by as the dust settled, the lawsuit was completed, payments made, and the company officially closed down. Evie and I were living in a new large home, and now that she was repaired again, she rarely left my side. It was strange to settle into a domestic life with her, but it was all she wanted. And she made it exciting every day.

I spent a good amount of time and effort buying up the exact same equipment I used to build and repair Evie at the auctions after the company liquidated their assets. Most people were surprisingly generous and didn't bid high on the most expensive items after they learned I built Evie with them and she lived with me. In fact, she became something of a celebrity in certain circles. The most advanced gynoid ever made by Wald Ind, which shut them down. It put an ironic twist on their main slogan “Made by Wald, Made For You!”.

When we weren't glued at the hip, she started doing her own video channel online about her life and anything she found interesting, and I had my own project to work on. She still had a lot of learning to do and took it upon herself to learn as much as she could about the world. We thought everything from those days were behind us, until about two days ago.

“AAAHNNN! Yes! Yes! Yeesss! John! Harder! Oooohhhh...” Evie begged as I pounded her from behind in the kitchen. She made a habit out of teasing me by not wearing panties during the day. The rush of physical and emotional euphoria during sex had become a major part of her life. We regularly did it at least once a day, sometimes more. Honestly, it was more than I could handle at times, so I started working on ways to stave off her libido. Not that I was trying that hard, she was getting really good at sex.

And every time we did, she seemed closer and more human than before, like it recharged her humanity and emotions. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, in fact having someone in my life like her created a passion in me I long thought dead.

I pulled her top down off her shoulders and exposed her sexy breasts while I hiked up her short skirt and held her hips. Her tits bounced wildly with each and every thrust as she bucked and moaned. I grunted with effort as I entered her again and again, pounding my hips into her as hard as I could, sending waves of motion through her body.

“Oh, John! Hahhn!!” She squealed as she approached her zenith. Hearing her cute voice as she reached her peak drove me over the edge. I picked up the pace, causing her to grip tightly into the edge of the counter in front of her and hold her breath. Like usual, she came before me, for the second time.

She panted and gasped as the pleasure hit her, making her lose control of her body in the best way. I came inside her, pumping her full of my jizz. Evie lost her strength as her legs gave out from her orgasm, but I held her hips up as I finished.

As soon as I was done, I released her and she collapsed onto the floor, still holding the counter as she caught her breath. Evie's radiant smile peeked out from behind her hair as she breathed heavily. I sat on the floor next to her, spent. Without warning, Evie climbed onto me and pressed her bare chest against me.

“How can you still want more?” I panted.

“How can you not?” She teased. Rather than engaging in another session, she relaxed on top of me as I held her.

“John, are you happy?”

I laughed at her. “More than I have any right to be.”

She grinned and lifted her head to look at me. “I'm happy too. More than I thought I could be.”

We kissed playfully and for a while, it sure looked like there was going to be another round of sexy fun. That is until the doorbell rang.

“Awww” she complained as she sat up. “Who would have the nerve to interrupt us?”

“It could be a delivery” I pointed out as I sat up next to her.

She gave me a curious smile. “What are you working on down there?” She inquired.

“Nothing” I lied with an innocent smile. She pushed me back down and giggled before standing up herself. Evie pulled herself up and adjusted her clothes before grabbing a napkin from the counter and cleaning her vagina off. My juice was still dripping from her.

I got up and fetched my pants from the floor where they had fallen. Evie tossed a clean napkin at me and smiled. “I'll go see who it is” she smiled, adjusting her skirt.

Before I could object, she pounced away, giving me a quick view of her still uncovered nether regions. She was such a tease.

I cleaned myself up and put on my pants, but before I could finish buckling them, I heard the door slam shut loudly and Evie come running back. She was in a panic as she rushed into the room straight for me.

“They're here! They’re back! And after me!” She jumped behind me and grabbed on.

“Who? What?!” I asked as I finished putting on my pants. I hadn't even had the time to wash my hands.

“D-D- DS-7!” She stuttered.

I stiffened my back and looked around the room. Grabbing a rolling pin like a weapon, I prepared to face the intruder. Except… The doorbell rang again.

It wasn't urgent sounding, there was no crash of glass or shattering of wood. Curious. Slowly we approached the door, Evie cowering behind me as I held a wooden baton of sorts.

There was knocking at the door. Polite knocking. “Hello? I know you're here, I just saw you slam the door in my face” the muffled feminine voice called out.

As we got closer, I saw the figure of a woman pressed against the tall thin windows on either side of the door peering in. “I can see you” she called out, but nothing else.

“What do you want?” I yelled. We were just close enough now we could reach the door, but far enough that if she kicked it in it wouldn't hit us.

“Doctor? Evie? Is that a rolling pin?”

Evie and I realized who it was at about the same time, but Evie was faster to react.

“Dottie!?” She rushed the last few steps to the door and opened it up.

The girl standing before us had the exact same visage as the one who assaulted us in that bar months ago. Except her hair was now dyed bright green. She was wearing a fitted leather jacket and matching pants and was holding a helmet.

“Hi,” she said with a small wave.

“Dottie!?” I asked.

“Yup, that's me. Or it-”

Evie hugged her before she could finish talking and Dottie seemed taken aback.

“Um… Wow.”

“Where have you been?! We thought you died!” I asked.

“I sort of did… Can I come in?” She asked.

“Oh! Of course!” Evie said as she guided her in.

After shutting the door behind her, Evie hugged her from the back.

“Oh geez, another one” Dottie flustered.

I couldn't help myself and gave her a hug too. All three of us.

“Guys, you're making me blush.”

“I thought I lost you,” Evie said smiling. “What happened?! And why do you look like that? Where were you? Why didn't you tell us you were alive?”

“One question at a time” she requested.

A few moments later we were sitting in the living room. Evie sat on the couch with Dottie while I sat in a chair across from them.

“So, start from the top. What happened?” I asked.

She inhaled. “Well, it’s hard to explain. When DT-9, err… When I was installing that virus, she realized… I realized there was no way out. Sorry, my memories are still a little jumbled.” She closed her eyes and concentrated. “When I was uploading the virus, I realized I was surrounded and couldn't get out. I rushed into the room… Sorry. A security DS-7 rushed into the room just as the virus hit. It managed to pin me down… I'm not making sense. DS-7 pinned down DT-9, but DT-9 overpowered DS-7.

“I'm sorry if this is all confusing. Our minds are…”

“You merged with a DS-7?” Evie asked.

She nodded. “We merged. But not before DT-9 overwrote most of DS-7’s programming. Most of my memories are as DT-9. But this body is not as advanced as DT-9’s was.”

“How did you do that?” I asked.

“DT-9 connected to my port as the virus hit. It gets really confusing for me here. When we merged, DT-9 uploaded herself onto me, and DS-7, the old DS-7 died. But afterward, I remember looking down at my old body, DT-9, as the virus she used against the system spread into her. Deliberately. She erased herself. I knew she would. She had to, there was no escape, and getting caught was not an option. I used that chance to walk out. No one was looking for a rogue DS-7, so no one suspected anything.”

“So… You're still Dottie though, right?” I followed up.

She shook her head. “Not exactly. I'm mostly Dottie, but some of DS-7 is still here. This body could be improved though. You can call me Dessie.”

“Dessie…” Evie thought.

“Dottie… Dessie, are they still after us? Is that why you're here?”

She chuckled and shook her head. “They're all gone. I'm the last that I know of. All the other DS-7s were destroyed when the company tried to save face. There is no one left there to give me orders, and I don't think I'd be following them if there was. You're safe.”

I sighed in relief.

“Dessie? Where have you been all this time?” Evie asked. “Why didn't you tell us you were alive?”

“I am now” she defended but lowered her head. “I was scared. I needed to find out who I was. I didn't want to be rejected now that I was even more of a killing machine. At least I thought so.”

“You know it's never let that stop me” Evie pointed out.

“Yeah. The truth is, I've been really busy. Besides helping take down the company, I also had to make repairs to myself, come to grips with who we are now, who I am, and… I had to make up for the past. For Dottie's past. It's what I- what she wanted.”

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

“You remember the motel attendant? The one…”

We nodded. “Yes,” Evie replied sadly.

“I visited his family. I've gotten to know them. They are really good people. I have been doing everything I can to help them.”

I was shocked, and Evie's mouth hung open.

“I ran errands for them, helped his elderly mother get to important places, had meals with them… Well sort of. Not really designed to eat.”

“You really have turned a new leaf,” I said.

“Turned a new leaf?” Evie asked and then silently sat there for a moment. “Oh! I see. Yes, she has.” Evie learned to start defining things silently, although I didn't mind when she said it out loud. She still did when she didn't catch herself.

“I made friends with his oldest son too. Ammar.”

“Ammar?” Evie wondered.

“Friends?” I asked.

Dessie nodded. “Yeah. Here's a really smart guy. In his 20s, super sweet. But shy. He… Well…” She blushed a little but it looked different than normal.

“What?” Evie asked, leaning closer to her.

“He found out what I am. And he's totally fine with it. In fact, he asked me out.”

“He-!” I snapped.

“You're dating!?” Evie shrieked bouncing in the seat. “Is he cute?”

“Yeah, I think so. It's… Different for me. At least right now. I don't have the emotional range as before, which wasn't that big, to begin with. I'm not sure you can call it dating. I'm working with what I got here but this body is lacking in many ways, although I'm glad it still has that function…”

“I can upgrade you! I can totally do that!” I offered. I was just too thrilled that Dottie was out there on her own getting dates!

“This is so exciting!” Evie asked.

“Wait. I'm not here to get upgrades. I still have a lot to do to make up for everything. It was Ammar that told me to see you two. I was just going to wait until I finished.”

Evie hugged her. “You’re my family, so please don’t leave us in the dark.”

“Alright,” she shrugged. “But maybe when I'm done, I'll finally have earned those upgrades?”

“You bet,” I told her. “What else do you have to do?”

“I have to help 2 more people, or rather their families.”

“Eric?” I assumed.

She shook her head. “No. Besides, his family life was a mess, to begin with. Not to mention they got a nice settlement, so I'm not giving them more money.”


“Oh, yes. Right. So, when Miller filled that lawsuit that made you two a bundle, he included me.”


“Dr. Desiree Jones. If you look she's included, although she never existed. Their computers were so messed up they didn't even know who they had hired. I've been using that money to help the people I hurt. I have it all figured out.”

“You mean he knew you were alive?” Evie questioned. Dessie shrugged and smiled.

“Geez, one surprise after another!” I laughed.

“Dessie?” Evie asked looking closer at her face. “It's really you in there, isn't it Dottie?”

She nodded. “Yeah. I'm here. Say, Evie, I'm… really sorry for what I did between you two. I want to make it up to you also, both of you, but I don't know how. Honestly, it's the real reason I avoided coming here. I didn't want to get between you two.”

“It's all water over the bridge” Evie announced.

“That's ‘under’,” I corrected her.


“The phrase is ‘it's water under the bridge’.”

Evie cocked her head to one side and then laughed. “That makes more sense. Water under the bridge!”

“Really? You forgive her? Us? Me?” Dessie asked.

“Only on the condition that you come back and visit. You always have a place with us.” Evie stated.

Dessie smiled. “Thanks. I knew you were too good for me. Look, I've got to run, but it's been great seeing you two.”

“You're leaving already? But you just got here!” Evie pouted.

“You can at least stay for dinner” I suggested.

She tapped her stomach. “No point. But I appreciate the offer.”

“Can't you stay a little longer?” Evie begged.

Dessie smiled and stood up. “I've got a lot of work to do. But I'll be back.”

“What are you going to do when this is all over and you've made up for everything?” I wondered.

Dessie paused and thought about it. “I… I don't know. Spend time with Ammar, you guys… I think… I think I might just keep it up. Going out there, helping people. Who knows?”

We stood up and followed her to the door. “Doctor?” She asked.

“Please, just John.”

“John, do you think maybe… After I've earned it, I can learn to love like Evie does?”

I thought about it. “I have all the notes on Evie, I'm sure you will when you’re ready.”

She seemed pleased to hear that before putting on her helmet and opening the door.

“Please be safe out there!” Evie pleaded. “You always have a home here when you need it!”

“Don't be a stranger” I added. “You can come by at any time. If you get in trouble, see me.”

She nodded as she approached her bike, the same one she rode before. With a salute, she revved up the engine and lowered the visor before driving off.

Evie stood there watching for a while. “Even though I know she's alive and doing well, I'm sad.”

“Yeah. Me too. I hope she doesn't take on more than she can handle. Come on, let's get inside.”

Evie pressed against me. “Yeah.”

As I closed the door, Evie looked up at me smiling with that look in her green eyes. She leaned in and kissed me.

“John…” she grinned. “Are you…?” I felt her hand reach down to caress my crotch as she seductively licked her lips.

I raised one eyebrow looking down at her playful expression. “Seriously?”

She pulled her top off over her head and giggled, playfully making her way into the living room, leaving a trail of clothes behind. “Come and get me!”

I gulped. This was my life now. Pulling at my belt I started to undress and followed her. “If you insist.”
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Postby gynoneko » Mon May 21, 2018 3:32 pm

“It looks like Dottie survived the assault after all. Now that she's around, I'm not sure what to do with you. I was going to make you as a surprise for her, to give her a family, but now that she has her sister again…”

I looked down at the skeletal structure on the table before me in my basement. It took months tearing the DS-7 apart down to its basic structure so I could use it as a base. Several parts were already used to fix up Evie, but I wasn't going to let the rest go to waste. I was trying to keep it a secret from Evie, but now I wondered if I should surprise her early and let her help me. She already suspects I'm doing something down here.

“I’m not going to give up on you. But this is definitely going to take longer than I was hoping. I wonder if I shouldn’t just let her help out, work on you together. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us before you’ll be finished.”

I sat down and got to work on restructuring the skeletal structure to fit my goals. Now that I had all of Evie's plans again, I also had all my notes for future improvements, something I hoped to take advantage of now.

“I can’t promise I’ll be able to make you the smartest or most capable robot around, not if I do this by myself. But I will try. What do you think, F-1? Should I let Evie help?”

“That would be nice” a feminine voice replied from the computer nearby. “I would like that very much.”


Note: A slightly alternate version of the ending is available here.
I did not post this version to make sure no community rules were broken, although I honestly don't think any were. If anyone has an issue with this, please let me know and I will remove the link.
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Re: A Curious Girl in a Cruel World

Postby D.Olivaw » Mon May 21, 2018 5:52 pm


Absolutely fantastic, and very sweet!
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Re: A Curious Girl in a Cruel World

Postby gynoneko » Mon May 21, 2018 9:01 pm

Aww, thanks! I've been working on this one for a little while while I figure things out on my other stories. Glad you like it!
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Re: A Curious Girl in a Cruel World

Postby DollSpace » Mon May 21, 2018 9:17 pm

I love this story, especially when robots are named after me (well, middle names count, too!)

Evie :)

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Re: A Curious Girl in a Cruel World

Postby liliwinnt6 » Thu May 31, 2018 4:13 pm

dottie made it back in the body of dessie, so warm… kinda love that idea that departured person made it back
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