State of the Brytestar League

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State of the Brytestar League

Postby Brytestar » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:23 am

A.K.A. The Brytestar Report...

A.K.A. "Where's that writin'? Michigan isn't in a hurricane zone!"


(Jake is in his fav basement man-cave. However he is approached by Lacey and Lynne. A.K.A those robo-cheerleader blondes)

Lacey: Like Jake you're totally zoned out..

Lynne: Got ya that ice green tea with two Splenda you like.

(Jake rubs his eyes and blinks a bit. He takes the tea and he turns away from his home office computer.)

Jake: Well ladies....FBC hasn't heard from me in awhile. All those fun RL issues. Not only that one of my fav authors still on hiatus. College and Pro football season here ALREADY!! I missed Eastern Michigan tearing up Charlotte and Michigan doubling up over Florida. So no VICI report and I am sad.

Lacey: Like bummer..

Jake: So many ideas with my stories like Final Fantasy Jake.....Maybe Jake in the Fallout 4 universe.....heck even Phantasy Star Jake....

Lynne: So what about the League?

(Jake stands up...)

Jake: Lacey power up the camera.

Lacey: Right boss!

(To be continued)
Sometimes you just gotta look at the Bryte side!

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