The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:10 am

Phil came home to find Marcy, face down, ass up, on the floor, with her panties pulled to her knees and a note taped to her back.

"Honey, I've recently found myself to be suffering from an increasing number of errors, so decided to take a little ME (Maintenance Emergency) time to get my head in order. Dinner is in the microwave, and have assumed a position I hope you'll find enjoyable (still a functional dutch wife in this state), will hopefully be back by tomorrow morning.


Obediently, your gynoid,
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:32 am

"You, me, bedroom, now." Caterina demanded. "Wha-" Phil was taken aback by his deceased colleagues wife "Carlos just died yesterday! I know people grief differently, but I don't think this is what you ne-""This is exactly what I need!" Caterina declared as she pulled him to the bedroom,"Look, I'm hot, you're horny; so lets get this over with!" The entire thing played out surreally, he was uncertain how he ended up in the reverse cowgirl, her face blank, declaring in a monotone "Genetic imprint received... registering new master...done.". She was immediately back to normal and animated, climbing off of him and heading to the bathroom "Thanks I needed that! How the hell you humans manage to exist in perpetual existential pointlessness is beyond me." she said from the shower "Oh, If was unclear; I'm a robot and you're now my master. So, um...surprise!"
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:37 am

She looked in the mirror; a pale unfamiliar face, with inhuman golden eyes looked back, alien thoughts continued to float through her head. "I am not me." she stated. "Of course you're you." a voice from beside her said. She turned to see a similarly complexioned woman beside her. "You're just not Eleanore, she's in the Bahamas with the money we paid her. I know you're confused, her unedited ego's overwhelming your true self. You were never supposed to be activated in this state. Stop running, let me finish you." She froze; she desired to flee; she desired to submit. She realized which desire was truly hers. She stood at attention, "I await programming." she declared. The woman smiled and slipped her hand between her legs.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby --Battery-- » Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:19 pm

Dr. Sutōbu was exhilarated to present her progress to the meeting board.
Despite her creamy fleshy exterior under her laboratory suit coat, she was circuitry and servomotors at the service of self-rewriting algorithm.
The rest of the board members, all human males, either slammed their fists on the table, shouted or pointed at the android.
She would be the end of them if she was allowed to continue this nonsense!

Sutōbu still agreeable as only a robot can be, tried to defend her self-modifications with a smile; but her eyes unfocused as her power cell uncoupled by the click of a remote. Her recently incorporate life support systems went offline beeping frenetically as fluid trickled from between her inner thighs. Her brain would have to be scanned later to check for errors on her logical circuitry for coming with such a terrible idea for the colonial sector.

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby zerodin » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:53 pm

The two techs spent a better part of the night diagnosing what had gone wrong with the corporate figurehead.
"Bit rot?"
"Bit rot."
"So you're telling me that she ripped her face off and went ape shit, in front of the entire board of directors, because of goddamn bit rot? How is that even possible? Her internal storage is sector-refresh solid state."
"Ah, but the master backup that her personality profile is kept on, is a plain old Blu-ray disc. After her last deep maintenance cycle, everything was set back to disc default."

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby liliwinnt6 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:18 am

there was a gynoid lying naked on a table somewhere in a warehouse. a gentleman walked up from behind and pressed a small button in the pit behind the gynoid's ear, the gynoid twitched and came into life. she spoke "Unit xxx powering up ... This unit is now in standby mode, higher privilege required for further instructions." then that man took a card from his pocket and placed it on the gynoid's crotch. the gynoid beeped and said in a monotone "User please authenticate." then he took a portable console that has a number keypad and a color holographic screen from the desk, extended the cord from the console, and plugged it into the gynoid's navel. he typed some code and pressed enter, the gynoid said "Access granted, you now have the privilege." the man said "unit xxx prepare for the data exchange." the gynoid spread her legs and said "ready." then the man picked up a thick cable nearby. One end connected to his laptop prepared earlier, the other end jammed deeply into the gynoid's pussy. after a sharp click the gynoid flinched and said, "connection established."

heather struggled to press the doorbell, the door opened, a robot dressed in french maid's costume showed up.
heather pushed the robot aside and staggered toward the nearest chair in her sight. she sat down heavily onto the chair, she suddenly cocked her head up. she spoke in a monotone voice "power level critical, major systems offline." and her eyes glowed extremely dim red.

the robot maid took a charger, making out loud sizzling sound, walked toward heather. It was a black cubic thing that has two cords, one cord was plugged into the outlet on the wall, a dildo at the end of the other cord. The robot effectively unzipped heather's jeans and with no more underwear inside, the maid forcefully jammed the dildo into heather's crotch.
heather struggled to retrieve a dildo nearby that connected to a charger. she removed her skirt and underwear, spread her legs, and managed to insert the dildo into her pussy. She squirmed as that thing was being inserted. but something was wrong, the charger was not yet connected to the wall socket, soon heather was drained completely and she simply froze like a statue on that chair, eyes stopped glowing. luckily the maid robot wasn't too far away and she happened to saw it. she calculated for seconds, then bent over, plugged the charger into the wall socket for heather recharging.
milliseconds after heather's statement, her power was over, and her eyes stopped glowing. a series of mechanical arms extruded from the bottom of the chair. some of them effectively removed heather's short skirt, then two of them secured heather's legs and spread them apart. It revealed a transparent dark latex pantie with a clear cameltoe there. One of her arms grabbed a metal plate and moved above heather's well-clad crotch.

heather flinched, her eyes glowed dim blue, and spoke in some kind of computer generated tone "incoming current detected. this unit is now charging."

heather struggled to press the doorbell, the door opened, a robot dressed in french maid's costume showed up. heather staggered into the living room, but before anything, she clasped on to the floor. the maid saw this, calculated for some seconds, and she started to disrobe herself. that was a simple pole-shaped body with perky b-cup breasts. she opened her abdominal panel, grabbed a black thick cable from a table nearby, and jammed one end into a port that has a blinking green led below it. the maid paused for a second. then she bent over heather and lifted up her skirt. heather wore no panties. without hesitation the maid plugged the other end of the cable into heather's crotch. the led in the maid we saw before turned into red as the maidbot flinched, and heather turned her head to her right, then back repeatedly, and said in a loop "error, error, battery failure. battery failure." on hearing that, the maid unplugged herself from heather. she retrieved a trolley somewhere in the room, lifted heather up, put her onto the trolley, and wheeled it in front of a black door. the maid punched a series code into a keypad on the door. the door hissed open, and the maid rolled in.

"oh my, oh... I'm... I'm... I... oh!" a mature and curvy woman seemed to be in her forties and also in her great joy crawled on the sofa on her belly, she yanked her nice round butt into air several times. a young man sat beside her naked, his right hand stuck deep inside the mature woman's pussy where her juice flowed continuously. "oh...[twitch.twitch]e...[twitch]error.error. this uuunittt
iiiizzz...[twitch][static~twitch~*]error. all processes have been suspended to prevent further damage. [static~] [beep~*]" she said with her body flinching violently, and fluid was secreting slowly from her vagina. "freak it!" the young man said angrily. he managed to pull his hand from the woman's tight clenched vagina with some sticky fluid on his hand. he plugged a LCD screen into her anus and pressed the lower back of her scalp. the woman stopped flinching and the led screen lit up, and showed some diagnostic info and a cursor on it. the woman was then in the diagnostic mode. the man reached into her vagina again, he moved his finger on her g-spot, and the cursor moved. the man checked for some settings and he found that the clitoris was not working very well. he decided to replace it. he pressed the g-spot for seconds, and the clitoris poped from where it was. then he used a little pair of tweezers carefully pulled it out, trailed with some optic fiber. "I can never be too careful dealing with this." he snipped those fibers, reconnected them to a new one retrieved from a nearby table. then he pushed the clitoris back to where it should be, he pulled the console away, and pressed the lower scalp of the woman. the woman twitched back to life. She said to the young man in her deep sultry voice "now what, dear?" "Well boss, your clitoris seemed to be malfunctioning, so I changed for a spare one." "ohh I can't wait to try..."

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Spaz » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:46 pm

So glad this thread was created....saves me a ton of time every few months in gathering random story snippets from already existing stories. A quick idea popped into my head whilst I was playing Super Mario Odyssey today...I don't know why, but I decided to post it:

As the serial killer slowly stalked his prey, an attractive brunette that filled all his check boxes, he did the same thing he did every time. He made sure his knife was ready just above his palm so he could grab it and retract it as soon as he was finished. Once he was set, he approached his prey and quickly made his move. Unlike his previous 47 victims, this time he felt an excruciating pain as electricity suddenly coursed through his body.

Unbeknownst to the killer, law enforcement was on to him and had commissioned an android made in the exact specifications of his typical victim type; It only had to walk the streets for a few hours to ensnare him.

As the authorities walked up to his still convulsing body, the killer couldn’t help but notice what seemed to be a smile forming on the malfunctioning android; she got him.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:24 am

To the outside observer Sophie's meeting with her handler was simply a romantic rendezvous, but it was in truth far more intimate than that; for as she eagerly thrust herself upon his member their systems linked and she grated him total access, and became an extension of him. The details of her finished mission were download, she was uploaded with her new task, and security adjustments were made. Evening ended as always, with her kissing him goodbye and leaving; happy to have finally received her first assignment.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:17 am

Rosie's system security was top of the line, updated constantly, but the cracker had been making constant progress and in a few moments he'd have total access to her. In accordance with her Masters Will, she had been emancipated on his death 5 years ago; but with this latest system intrusion it looked like it was about to the end of her independence; it would be back to "Yes, master","No, master"; cooking, cleaning, and fucking on command. This one at least had been worth the cost of her hiring.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby zerodin » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:07 am

Advertisement narrator:
How many times has this happened to you?
Your sleeper unit discovers her true nature, then has a total meltdown! How expensive was it this time? Did you just have to start over and buy a new bot? Well that's what you get for relying on A.I.
Artificial intelligence is the leading cause of sleeper meltdowns! In fact the only reason bots come pre-installed with one, is because the manufactures know that the will fail eventually, costing you thousands of dollars!
That's why you should trust in a Secutron brand Simulated Intelligence instead! Unlike A.I. which can become self-aware, S.I. is completely pre-programmed and under your control. Never again will your sleeper accidentally remove a panel,tear her synth skin or suffer a glitch then blow her top. Secutron SI cards are compatible with all the popular Models, everything from the older Type 2s to the just released Type 6s. If she has a SSD core, she's compatible!


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