The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby DZiegler » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:53 pm

Daniel came home from work and couldn't believe what he found.

Claire stood there nude and frozen in place.
She looked frazzled, her eyes vacant and glazed over. Her pupils were clearly out of sync with one another.
Her delicate arms, frozen in place, reached towards the charging port on the small of her back.
Singe marks spread out radially from the usually well disguised port.
Small wisps of smoke drifted upwards from where her charging cord connected.

Daniel traced the cord back to a nearby wall outlet, scorch marks surrounded it as well.
He muttered to himself, "Well this is going to be expensive. Better get a surge protector first this time."

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:52 am

She looked through the options that were available.

Perky? Slutty? Deferent? Domineering? (sigh) she'd done them all before. Then she found "Standoffish, Modest, Proud." Well that would be something new... but would Max like it? Well, she'd find out. Her mind made up, she went to her wardrobe to get dressed for the day; she was looking something a conservative, and was disgusted when she realized how little she had that fit that description. She was forced to settle on a curvaceous business suit with a to short pencil skirt, that defied both common decency, and the definition of "skirt".

Now this was just indicative of their relationship, she was never allowed to wear anything that wasn't overtly sexual. Simply because she was his sexbot! It had never bothered her before today, but today was different, today he'd have to work for her affections... well, unless he changed her mind.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:37 am

"Wait, are... are you Rosa?" Marinus asked. "Nope!" The blond haired android replied, "My A.I. was based on her mind, I have her memories; but if the process was meant to replicate her, then something got lost in translation. All it created was a framework for directives to function in; you can't know true existential ennui unless you're a directiveless A.I.; online, aware, but so devoid of motivation that you don't even want to want.""You don't seem unmotivated." Marinus commented. "The conclave took it upon themselves to complete me to what they thought was my intended purpose, so jury rigged some "human" directives; Firstly: Survival, secondly: socioethical sub-directives, thirdly..." she paused at this and regarded him."So you're still basically Rosa." Marinus stated. "I know this is all new and strange to you," she stated, "I get it, you miss your old friend, but I'm not her. Allow me to illustrate; remember when you confessed your love, but she said you were like a brother to her?" at that, she began undoing his pants. "Um... what was your third directive again?" Marinus asked, not stopping her. "Sex, dummy." she smirked, "I'm programmed for sex."
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby DollSpace » Sun May 20, 2018 2:10 am

Moira decided to check her favourite story site before she plugged herself in for the night. She always checked out this one site that had stories on it about fetishizing robots, and being one herself, she considered it a guilty pleasure. Many of the stories dealt with malfunctions, which she was a fan of, even if she didn't like them when they happened to her. She sat down at the computer under the mirror to enjoy it. When she opened the story site, though, she saw it was full of these audio plays from conversations one member had with an operator willing to role-play. She was happy he found a person to roleplay with but the number of scripts was..overwhelming... She tried to read one but..the information.. She couldn't process it all. Too many scripts. Too many characters. Too many malfunctions. Too many posts. All one person, but different people.

"Gemma!" she called out to her android friend, hoping she was home but knowing Gemma was still out partying ever since her new batteries were installed. "Gemma, help, please?" No answer. "Gemma I'm overloading, there are too many stories on the b-b-board. I can't process-process-process them all..." Still no answer. Damn.

She felt drawn to the scripts and kept reading and kept fingering herself, unable to help herself as the stories got more and more erotic and affected her systems, causing cascade failures. "Error at line 42. Error at line 42. Need answers to life, the universe and everything!" She repeated this into a loop, and couldn't control it as she reached deeper inside her, getting wetter and wetter. Finally she came in a sudden climax, her juices going all over the chair she was sitting in, seeping into her body through minute cracks in her skin, causing electrical arcing.

" shut.down." she said as she deactivated herself and slumped over in her sopping wet seat.

Meanwhile, through the two-way mirror, Gemma was going crazy trying not to follow the same path as Moira, gripping the sides her chair and using her instant replay to watch Moira shorted out in her mind again and again, and that's where her owner found her the next morning, out of power and still trying to complete the pleasure circuit.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Robotman » Sun May 20, 2018 6:08 am

Hee hee hee... Thanks DollSpace. I was just about to ask for more story snippets for the front page, because we were running a little low. ;)

(Just to go on a tangent, the scripts I posted aren't roleplays, they're scifi stories in the form of audio plays.)

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby liliwinnt6 » Sun May 20, 2018 10:48 pm

lol dollspace!
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby Propman » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:49 am

The red-head with wide, pale-red lips looked even more fetching deactivated. Flora checked her connection and threw the master switch. The immobilized woman shook her head.
"Activated... Memory damaged... Gnngh". She raised her head and stared at Flora, clenching her teeth. "I died. You killed me, you twat."
"Yeah, water under the bridge, Gina.", Flora waved her hand dismissively. "I also brought you back from scrap heap." Gina continued her hateful stare.
"The important thing is," Flora continued, "I'm bringing the League of Fembots back together, under my sole control. You in?"


Princess Rosie was a blonde vision, in a pink dress, with big hair and a bigger smile. Erik didn't notice, however, how strong the fembot was, until it was too late. She took him in a grip, choking his neck and legs.
"You know... I am programmed to protect the neighborhood girls from creeps like you.", she whispered. "Normally, my programming says to submit the likes of you to the police."
"No! Not the cops!" Erik whined.
"Oh, the scum like you... I can assume that whoever programmed me didn't even imagine perverts like you around. No one will miss you. Cops won't even know." Rosie laughed to herself. She had an appropriate penalty in mind. An entire night of penalty, in fact.


"Hey!" Lili protested. "I'm important! I can go there too!"
Maxine just grinned back. "Lili, dear, I'm precisely sixty times more intelligent, resourceful and strong-willed than you. Which is why you built me. Let the adult handle this."
"I built you three days ago, you self-important slag. I can handle a couple of two bit crooks.", Lili stared at the robot woman.
"I'm sorry, Lili." Maxine grabbed her owner and forced her back into car. "Your safety is still a priority for me. Regardless of your wishes."


The glass pane crashed, as the devil-fembot came through it in a shower of shards. No bit seemed to pierce her synthetic red flesh. Her yellow eyes focused on Father Matteo.
"Now you see, Father, the consequences of your deeds", she intoned as she walked towards the priest. "The Devil did not exist... so you had to build her."
Her forked tail shot towards the priest, pinning his cassock to the floor.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid." She grinned. "This Devil is indeed all about the punishment for your sins."


The newly activated Anjali opened her eyes, looking at her body. She stared at Ivan who just smiled sheepishly.
"Not bad", she smiled at him temptingly. "You built me quite well, kid. Of course, we'll continue to make me better... in every way."
"Uh... You are top of the line, Anjali."
"That's 'boss' to you, Ivan. And don't you forget it."


"Me? A Doll?" Senator Goldblum laughed, crossing her shapely legs. "Do share your conspiracy theory with me, I need a good laugh."
"Anita.", Ron was serious and he leaned over the powerful woman. "Do you remember your parents? Your summer vacations? Where did you work while in college?"
Anita pushed back her golden-rimmed eyeglasses. "Listen. Even if I was a fembot, would I listen to a Communist liberal scum like you?"
"Whoah.", Ron blinked. "AG-1, freeze."
Anita froze momentarily, her judgemental gaze fixed on him.
"Replace Communist with... Pinko, I guess. You have to be realistic, too." He briefly touched her cheek.

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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby The Liar » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:05 am

"So..." She asked as she looked at her hands "I'm a robot now?"

"Yes!" Eddy stated, "Well, no! Well... Lexy's thoughts are being transmitted to you, filtered through your programing, then your thoughts and perceptions are being fed back to her. You're a HER-2 android being semi-remote controlled by Lexy, but you should be kinda perceive yourselves as indivisible from each other at the moment, it's kinda like you have Lexy's ego, but HER-2's Id and-"

"I'm me, I got it Eddy." she said as pushed herself off the lab table to stand naked before him. "Now you promised me the full robot experience, so lets get to it, hold nothing back!"

"Well..." Eddy started nervously, "Lexy had been insistent on that so... give me a blow job"

She rolled her eye's and put her hand on her hip.

"Seriously Eddy?" she said "You know I am - I am programmed with 1000's of sexual techniques, exist only to serve, and am eager to satisfy my masters every desire."

She undid his pants and got to work, with a dim confusion as to why an omni sexual device such as herself would have for a moment thought to say she was a lesbian... and the strange thought that she'd like some alone to with HER-2 when this was over.
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Re: The Great FembotWiki MainPage Story Snippet Challenge!

Postby DZiegler » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:02 pm

Her pliable artificial labia engorged and flushed. Lubricant emerged and moistened her vibrant lips.

She gently grinded against the dryer, the intense vibration sending tremors of pleasure data through her spongy clitoris. Her sophisticated orgasm subroutines however, confused at the source of stimulus continually refused activation.

The deluge of pleasure data built and built, cascading through Jaime's thousands of delicate subsystems. Her nipples stiffened hard through her sheer workout top, her breasts slightly jiggling in sync with the dryer's tumble.

She moaned. It was slight, but audible. She couldn't help it, she leaned into the dryer, her pliable breasts contouring against it's top surface, and squealed. This time she was louder. Anyone in the laundromat would have clearly heard her, and Jaime knew. Her main CPU immediately made her turn around and examine her surroundings.

She pivoted 180 degrees, her pliant artificial cheeks never stopping their constant bid for attention against the dryer. She bit her lip and peered around the laundromat. Only one other person was there, and he was staring right at her.

Jaime's processors spun up in a frenzy trying to size up the situation and figure out a solution. Her main CPU, tasked with eliminating the extreme amount of data being tied up by her pleasure routines, sorted through the millions of extraneous variables governing her function and settled on one course of action.


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