Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

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Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby gynoneko » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:48 pm

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Lost but Found
Chapter 8 - A Night Together
by Gynoneko and Dollspace

Lyss sat in the car contemplating her ordeal. She had just faced a monster of some sort, and yet came out unharmed. I was worried about her. This was a really big day for her, and had a lot to think about.

She discovered that she was being used by Trevor for his pleasure, was facing a looming auction, experienced the outdoors for the first time, and a shopping mall, followed by attending a carnival, and now this. It would be overwhelming to any normal human, but she was taking it in stride. I decided to let her think to herself as long as she wanted, without interruption. It was she that broke the silence a few minutes later.

“That… doesn't normally happen, does it?” She asked.

“Considering monsters like that are not real, no. I don't know what that was…” There is no way that could be Alexia. She’s clumsy and not at all aggressive. And she doesn’t have yellow cat like eyes. And she's still at home, right? But maybe there were others like her? Maybe they were looking for her. Maybe they caught her scent.

“Do you think it will come back?”

I had no idea… But it was clear something I didn't see was going on. “Dunno. It could. But it didn't hurt you, so I don't think it is after either of us” I explained. It had to be after Alexia, but I didn't want to worry Lyss. Maybe we’d be alright. Whatever it was, it ran off as soon as it saw us, and didn't actually hurt Lyss when it had the chance. If I could get back home soon, we’d probably be fine all together.

“So… What about your car?”

I shrugged. “The damage was minimal. It was probably just a crazy person and we scared her off.” Or not. Was someone tracking Alexia down? Or us?

“So... we’ll be fine?” She asked.

I nodded, “We’ll be alright.” Lyss sighed and grinned.

“Whew. That's a relief to hear. I think I've had enough adventure for one day.” She gave me a side glance, scratching her head. “I’m putting my trust in you Kevin.”

Great, and I was terrified that whatever she ran into would indeed be back. Now I was lying to her... “How are you holding up?“ I wondered.

She shrugged again. “It’s a lot to take in” she explained. “I’m kinda overwhelmed right now. Still processing all this. I think I’ll be alright, as long as I can sit down and think for a bit. Are you sure it’s ok for me to go home with you?”

“What else am I going to do with you?”

“Leave me in the shop like Bill does” she scoffed.

“I’m not Bill, and I think you need to take a break from that place.”

She smiled briefly, happy we weren’t returning there. That was no way to spend the night anyways. “Earlier you said you saw something… did you see a panther woman too?” she asked. She had no idea.

“Not exactly” I replied, considering Alexia is more like a house cat than a panther. “I saw… geez I don’t know how to describe this. It looked like a giant bird or bat, silhouetted at night, with huge eyes, staring at me.”

“Batman?” she teased.

“Well… no… it had wings and didn’t look quite human.”

“Like a hawk maybe?”

“Sure, if it was 6 feet tall” I explained.

“6-! What is this, a monster movie? Birds vs cats?”

I chuckled but shook my head. “It was outside my bedroom window the other night, and stared straight at me, before flying off. I don’t know, something else is going on here…”

“And you’re sure we’ll be alright at your place?” She asked, and then closed her eyes and shook her head. “No… I’m going to trust you on this. If you think your apartment is the safest place right now then I’m one hundred percent behind you.”

“Thanks” I said. “But to be honest, I don’t know. But I can’t think of anything better. Stay at a hotel? Would that really be any safer? I don’t think we’re in danger… but I do feel we are being watched.” Besides, I needed to get back to Alexia and make sure she was safe. If there were other cat androids around looking for her, I needed to make sure she was alright.

“You’re right… I don’t know enough about the world right now to be much help. If you are ok dragging me around while I try to cope with all this, I’ll do my best to follow your lead. Just…” she placed her hand on my leg, “don’t leave me behind.”

I held my hand on hers, driving with my left. “Never.” She entangled her fingers in mine, and we squeezed our grips. Lyss gave me a flirtatious smile, her hair back to normal again.

“Can I ask what your plan is?” she inquired. “You know, for after tonight. I mean… I got this auction coming up and… I doubt you’ll be able to afford me.”

“I don’t know yet. Short of stealing you, I can’t think of what else to do. Run away, hide you. Let me sleep on it, and hopefully I’ll be thinking more clearly tomorrow.”

She nodded. “Yeah. Ok. Kev?”


“You mean a lot to me, you know that right?”

I smiled, “Yeah, I figured as much.”

“Thank you for today. Even if this is all we ever have together, I am happy, happy when I’m with you. I think I will remember that no matter what.”

“Lyss?” I asked, catching a glance at her.

“Don’t get me wrong” she explained. “I’m not giving up, I will fight to the end, but I am just… preparing for the worst. I could forget everything tomorrow for all I know… and end up some kind of slave somewhere after that auction. But today I’m happy.”

“Lyss… being near you is the best part of my day. I should be the one thanking you for always being positive, and being my best friend. I don’t know how you can always be so positive.”

I knew she was blushing, even though I was driving and she sat mostly in the dark. Lyss sat silently for a bit, delicately playing with my fingers. I could swear that from the corner of my eye I saw her hair had gone a shade darker… and red. Her delicate hand rubbed my leg and began to stretch farther up. We weren’t far off now, but she was definitely coming onto me. Images of the two of us alone in bed flashed through my brain, when suddenly something nagged at me telling me this wasn’t going to work. She couldn’t charge her battery in my room, that was probably it... I should get one of those android induction charging pads, and maybe a charging port adapter.

Her touch got more sensual as she reached my groin, but before she could do anything, I passed by a large CVS and decided to stop in for a few last minute items. As I parked, Lyss looked up confused, and withdrew her hand.

“This isn’t your apartment, is it?”

“Trust me, I’d love to continue this… conversation. But I need to pick up a few things real fast. You can wait here-”

“No! I’m coming in with you.” Lyss insisted.

I nodded. And together we got out of the car and entered the store. In the store lights I realized she was filthy, covered in mud, and looked awful. I stepped aside with her and straightened her clothes a bit, brushing the dried mud off her skirt and butt, and trying to straighten her hair. I bet my car was going to need a lot of work too, with both scratch marks and now mud on the seat. Lyss was going to take a lot more than a simple brushing off to clean; her new clothes needed to be washed. And so did she. But I did the best I could, and Lyss just stood there and let me clean her up, looking curiously up at the store.

She was very interested in the variety of objects they carried. She called it a “mini-mall”. Honestly it was a good description. She followed me closely, holding my hand, as I looked for the section for electronics. I was thrilled to see a selection of android induction charging pads on sale, including a few designed to fit in the lining of a bed. One in particular caught my eye. It was soft, and could charge more than just one android, claiming it was capable of charging multiple units as well as phones and tablets as you used them in bed. I decided to go for it, hoping it was not a load of crap. Most everything in here was cheap crap, but every now and then something decent would be in the mix.

I picked up a few other things, including milk and cereal, and finally headed for the checkout. Lyss stayed right next to me, holding my arm or playing with my hand. She looked completely smitten with me, not that I was complaining.

We checked out and got back in the car. We were only 5 minutes or so away at this point. And yet as soon as we buckled up and started driving, Lyss once again started feeling my junk with a big grin on her face. Except this time she was also sliding her other hand up her own skirt and started feeling herself. Her hair was definitely a solid shade of red as she began playing with her crotch right next to me. I had never seen this side of her, and at first I didn't know what to think.

I could hear the sounds of her lubricated folds as her fingers vigorously caressed her flesh, making me harder in the process. I didn't say anything but just concentrated on driving, and not messing my pants. Lyss bit her lip as she started to moan a little, and it took all my concentration to keep myself under control, and not crash.

Finally, we pulled into the apartment and I parked, away from the well-lit areas. Lyss took the opportunity to grab my hand and press it against her upper thigh and slid it up. At last I reached her underwear, wet and hot. I wanted so badly to touch her, I pressed my fingers against her delicate, soft, hot, wet…

Just like before, Lyss’s hair flashed white with red, and she pulled my hand away. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, slightly shaking.


She let my hand go and tightly closed her legs together, frustration growing on her face.

“Goddamn it” she murmured. “Shit” she cussed under her breath looking away from me.

“Lyss… It's ok. We don't have to rush this. I don't want to dive into a physical relationship if you aren’t-”

“Well I do Kev…” She turned toward me trying not to cry but failing. “Didn’t you think that maybe I wanted this?! I’m horny as fuck! I just… really want you… to touch me… But I keep freaking out! I thought maybe if I got myself going first, I'd be able to handle it. But now I'm even more frustrated!”

She calmed herself down in the car and dried her eyes.

“I don’t even know why I’m not embarrassed that I just touched myself in front of you!” she grunted. “I've been such an emotional mess today… Like I can't control myself… I'm sorry” she whispered.

“Don't worry about it. Everyone needs to vent sometimes” I assured her.

“No… Not that. I'm sorry for using you… for touching you without permission so I could get off. Sorry…”

“Well… I forgive you. Not like I’m complaining; I actually like it when you’re forward with your feelings. Just don’t get us in trouble, And I'm sorry we didn't do this months ago.”

She sniffed and ran her hand through her hair, sitting upright. “Thanks. I feel like I’m in that Whirlathon vomit machine all over again. Everything is happening so fast and so intense. One second I’m happy, the next I’m scared, the next I’m horny…”

“It’s probably a side effect from that thing Trevor used. I’ll take a look inside if you want.”

Lyss nodded, “Sure.” She fell silent and into deep thought while the moon illuminated her from behind. “Do you… want me?” she asked, looking at her lap. “Physically?”

“Is that a trick question?” I wondered.

“Well I know you *like* me, but we never did anything before like kiss. I don’t want to be barking up the wrong tree Kev… I mean I could never tell if you were really interested, or just hung out with me because we were friends. Is it strange that a robot finds a human attractive?” She shook her head. “Who cares, so what if I find you attractive, it’s nobody else’s business but mine, and I…” she started rambling before catching herself. “Do you want to… mmm… ma-make- make l- love? With me?”

“More than anything” I answered brutally honest.

She turned toward me and grabbed my chin, angling me for a sudden, intense, and surprisingly wet kiss. I could smell the scent of her sex still on her fingers. She stopped, leaning her forehead against mine. “Then you better do something about it” she purred.

“Let’s get inside first” I suggested.

Lyss looked out the window and realized we were there, at my apartment. She sat back in her chair. “Oh… we’re here.”

I got out, and being the gentleman, opened the door for her. She gave me a sly grin as she took my hand and stepped out of the car.

“Point the way, Mr. Suave” she cooed, taking my arm.

I gabbed all the bags from the car, of which there were plenty, and closed it up for the night. Lyss, still holding my arm, pulled Magic Princess Firefarts from the pocket of her jacket. It was smeared in mud, and would also need to be cleaned.

“Awww… she got dirty” Lyss pointed out, as she headed up the stairs. “Are you sure you got all those? That’s a lot of bags…”

“Yeah, I can handle this. I’m actually just glad I can do this for you.”

She smiled and squeezed my arm tighter. Finally we got to the top of the stairs, and I put down a handful of bags to unlock the door.

“So this is it? I’m so glad I can finally see your place, relax, sleep in a bed, in your bed… if you are ok with that.”

“Of course” I coughed as I got out my keys again and found the right one.

“Do you always keep your lights on all day?” she asked, noticing the illuminated windows.

I unlocked the door and opened it, suddenly realizing the REAL reason my mind bugged me that this wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t her charging pad, or a port in my bedroom… she didn’t remember about Alexia and in all my excitement, I had forgotten about telling her. Lyss stepped inside as I realized this was not going to be the relaxing evening she was hoping for, struggling to grab the bags as quickly as I could and get inside and close the door behind me.

Lyss was frozen, her eyes wide open and blushing bright red. I finished locking the door and looked around. The place was a mess. Dirty feet and paw prints were everywhere. Clothes were strewn about the place, food was left out, the pantry and half the cabinets were wide open, the TV was on, things were knocked over, and something was starting to smell. April, who had clearly been outside in the yard with all the dirt on her paws, sat on the counter cleaning herself with one leg high in the air while licking it. At least she was keeping herself clean. But it wasn’t any of these that make Lyss stop and drop Magic Princess Firefarts. Alexia, dirtier than April, sat on the couch with her cat ears and tail showing, wearing ONLY an oversized shirt, which was so loose on her it was mostly exposing one breast, and was struggling to copy April. With one leg high in the air, she was trying to lick her leg. Surprisingly she was flexible enough to do it, but at the same time, she was exposing herself to us fully, giving us a perfect view of her vagina.

“K- K- K- Kevin! What the hell is this?” Lyss stuttered.

“Uuuh…” I droned.

“Master’s home!” Alexia called out as she lowered her leg and sat up excited, now showing off her exposed breast fully.

“K- K- KEVIN! She’s naked! Who…. What…” she panicked as she grabbed my arm and squeezed till it hurt.

“And he brought Miss Lyss home!” Alexia added, standing up and coming over to greet us.

“Umm… Crap…” I breathed.

“She knows my name. WHY DOES SHE KNOW MY NAME!? EXPLAIN THIS” Lyss demanded, tugging at me.

“Is Miss Lyss going to be staying here too?” Alexia asked, excited as she came up to us, bouncing on her heels, causing her exposed breast to bounce freely.

Lyss got behind me and held onto my shoulder, looking out from behind me at Alexia. “Why is she wearing cat ears? Who is this?”

“I can explain” I began.

“Master… was I not supposed to show my ears to Miss Lyss? I’m sorry.”

“‘Master’?” Lyss questioned. “Are you into some kind of S&M thing with her?” Lyss spoke into my ear, still cowering behind me.

Alexia retracted her ears into her head, and her tail into her back, and hopped again, excited and perky, bouncing her chest with her movements.

“HOW-? WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Lyss shouted.

“Lyss… this is Alexia. You two… sort of met last night” I explained.

“Last night? You mean- I… you brought her to the store?”

Alexia smiled and giggled.

“You… she… we…” Lyss struggled to comprehend everything. I felt her step back, and I turned around in time to catch her from falling. She didn’t faint, or crash, but she did lose her balance. “I need to sit down.”

I walked Lyss over to the couch and sat her down, sitting next to her. Alexia followed behind and watched.

“Lyss, breathe, I'll explain everything” I calmly assured her.

“Don't tell me to breathe” she spat as she held her head in her hands. “Start talking!” She demanded as her hair sparked red. “Who is she? Where did she come from?”

“Well… remember when I had that near accident in the rain the other night?”

“With the truck?” She asked.

“Yeah. Well a box fell out of that truck, and Alexia was inside.”

“Wait… so you're telling me… she's a… a gynoid?” She spat looking up at Alexia. “But she looks so… so… seamless.”

“100%” Alexia chirped.

“That would explain the ears… No… no it doesn't… why does she have cat ears? And a tail?”

I shrugged. “She… just does. I was surprised when I first saw them too.”

“Are there MORE of them? That THING that just chased me had ears like those… is there some sort of catgirl gang I don’t know about?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, but she’s been here all day. Right?” I glanced toward Alexia for confirmation.

“So… wait! Wait a minute!!” Lyss stood up and faced Alexia, staring at her intently. “You!”

“Me?” Alexia questioned.

“Do you remember her?” I asked.

Lyss shook her head. “You're the one the FBI is looking for! I recognize you from the picture!”

Well shit. “I can explain” I defended.

“Yeah? Start explaining! Why are you hiding her from the Feds?”

I hesitated. “I... guess I can't explain…”

“No shit” Lyss said. “You just wanted her for yourself, didn't you?”

“What is she saying, master?” Alexia wondered.


“Was someone looking for me? Am I not lost?” Alexia inquired.

Fuck my life.

“And you!” Lyss sneered turning toward Alexia, her hair glowing red. “Why didn't you tell him you’re federal government property! Are you spying on him? On us?!”

“I… um…” Alexia panicked, looking to me for help. “I… my… umm… my memories are missing. Master repaired me...”

“Your memories?” Lyss paused. “Your memories…” she repeated softer. She turned toward me, her hair fading to its normal color again. “Her memories are messed up too?”

“Yeah…” I shrugged. “They were encrypted or corrupt or something, so I had Erin try to decode it, and repair damage to her brain, but… something happened and she crashed.”

“Your AI? Wasn't it called Errol?”

“That was before Alexia’s AI connected to him… her. She turned Errol into a girl.”

“I did?” Alexia asked.

I nodded. “But it's fine, she seems smarter and more personable now than before anyways. Well until her last crash.”

“I can repair her-” Alexia began.

“Wait!” Lyss interrupted. “Why is she standing here showing off her goods like this?” Lyss pointed at Alexia’s exposed breast.

“She has no memories at all” I explained. “No programming for social norms. She has to learn everything.”

Lyss shook her head and faced Alexia. “I… think I can relate to that…” she softly murmured. “Don't show these off so readily honey” she calmly said as she straightened Alexia's shirt, covering her breast. It slid back down her shoulder, but managed to cling onto her chest. Lyss plopped back down onto the couch next to me.

“I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier…”

“So you are helping her too?” She asked. I nodded. “Helping fix her up and recover her memories. You registered yourself as her master didn't you? To give you access to her systems?” I nodded again. “And you're hiding her from the Feds because...?”

“I- I guess… I didn't want them to take her away...” I admitted.

“But she's not yours” Lyss responded.

“She is registered to me” I shot back but realized that didn’t matter to her. “You’re right. I don’t actually own her. But I don't know she belongs to the Feds… or even if those two were real FBI.”

Lyss looking at me with a raised eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

“She was either being transported or stolen, but it made the news, and anyone who wanted her could pose as an officer and try to steal her. No. I'll deliver her to her rightful owner when I decode her memories and she can tell me herself.”

“You sure? You'll just give her up like that?” Lyss asked.

I looked at Alexia, and then at Lyss. “I don't want to steal her. Her owner deserves to have her back. You are the only one I want.”

“But you’ll steal me” she retorted.

“But your owner doesn’t want you” I replied. Maybe that wasn’t the right thing to say. “But I do” I added, hoping to save myself.

Lyss looked at me and twisted her lip. Then looking up at Alexia she sized her up. “Did you fuck her?”

I hesitated. And that was enough for Lyss’s hair to turn a sickly shade of green.

“You fucked her.”

“Yyyyyyes” I admitted. “She crashed when she reached-”

“You fucked her and you hardly know her” Lyss said, cradling her head in her hands again. “And yet we’ve never-”

“But I love you” I explained.

“Do you?”

“Master?” Alexia asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

I shook my head.

“No” Lyss answered. “No you didn't. No one did. I just… wanted…”

“You're jealous, aren't you” Alexia observed.

“Jealous?” Lyss asked, looking up at her, but sighed. “I guess I am.”

“I am sorry Master, and Miss Lyss. I do not wish to be the… ‘other woman’. Can I do anything to make it up to you?” Where did Alexia hear about that? Maybe she was watching soap operas during the day? I glanced at the TV and saw some sort of game show on. ‘Bot or Not’? Looked like some silly show where you guess if the person you are talking to is a human or not. Strange that Alexia was watching that. I flipped the tv off to avoid the distraction.

“No. I just need to think. Can you give me a minute?” Lyss requested. I stood up but she grabbed my arm. “Not you. You stay here.”

I sat down again and motioned for Alexia to go somewhere else. She took the hint and gave me a wink, and skipped out of the room.


She put her finger up, but didn't move. Several moments later she sat up, the green still lingering in her hair.

“Kevin. Do you have any more surprises for me today? Or are you enjoying watching me overload?”

“No. Nothing. I never intended to hurt you. I'm sorry. Nothing has been harder on me than watching you in pain today. I messed up, I should have told you about her but…”

“But?” she asked.

“But I was afraid I’d upset you, and you were already so hurt today. I… guess I wasn’t thinking straight.”

She scoffed, but took a few seconds to think about this. “Did you mean what you said back there? About being in love with me?”

“Yes! I- I don’t know how to prove it to you, but yes. A million times yes!”

“What about her? Are you in love with her too?”

I wanted to shake my head but I paused, thinking about it seriously for a moment. Lyss was giving me ’the eye’ so I decided to speak my mind. “I like her. A bunch. And she needs help. I won’t abandon her. But like you said, I hardly know her. But I know you! We’ve been close friends for a while now, and I definitely have fallen for you. She’s great and all, but you are just on another level.”

She took my hand in hers and intertwined her fingers. “Kevin… please don’t hurt me. I’m not angry with you, or her… but I’m scared you might give up on me. I put my trust in you, and my... love. If you left me, I don’t think I could survive.”

I gripped her delicate fingers tightly. “I will never give up on you. And I will not leave you behind.”

She let out a deep uneasy breath, and smiled, the green from her hair fading away. “Good.” Lyss leaned into me, laying her head on me. I put my arm around her and held her close.

“Do you think that thing earlier was another cat android like her… looking for her maybe?”

“Maybe they’re part of some weird line of… furries” I added.

She laughed, acting much more like her old self. I laughed with her.

“Sounds right up your alley, cat!” she teased. “She seems nice, though,” Lyss added. “A little clueless, and messy… but sweet. And busty. I can see why you’d want to…”

“Well, I haven’t had the chance to show her how to do anything.”

“Except fuck” Lyss teased. “Was she any good?”

“Remember when I said she didn’t know anything… she didn’t know anything. And she crashed halfway through, which is why she was at the shop last night.”

She chuckled. “She’s a very realistic model. No seams, looks very natural… huge tits. And you can’t get her to orgasm...”

“They aren’t that big.”

“No… but compared to me?”

“Yours are perfect” I assured her. “Size doesn’t matter.”

“That’s what he said” she joked. “I don’t know how you do it, Kev... but I just can’t stay mad at you. Does it smell in here to you?”

I smelled it alright, but was ignoring it. “Yeah… but honestly that might also be us.”

She sniffed at herself and reacted poorly to her scent. “That’s part of it” she admitted. And then she sniffed me. “That’s another part of it.”

“Yeah, I guess we should probably shower.”

“Shower? Oh no! I am not getting wet” she worried, sitting up.

“Well either that or I can give you a sponge bath.”

“Tempting…” she thought. “Are you sure there isn’t some other way?”

“I can help you get used to it. I showed Alexia how to… um…”

She raised an eyebrow. “So you’re taking showers with her too?”

“Well she was scared of water also.”

“Seriously? What the heck? She’s like my polar opposite doppelganger… No. I might not be mad at you, but I’m still a little upset with you… you take your own shower. By yourself. I’ll clean up in here. And then we’ll figure something out for me.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She nodded and stood up. “Yeah. Don’t sweat it. I’ll be fine out here. In fact… Alexia was it? She should clean this up too. She made this mess.”

“Good idea. Now where did she get to?” I wondered. “Lexie!?” I hollered.

“And you gave her a nickname?” Lyss noted. I just brushed her comment off.

Alexia came in a moment later, all smiles.

“Yes, Master?”

“You like to have her call you master, don’t you?” Lyss asked in a hushed voice to me.

“I told her not to but she didn’t listen” I defended. “You made a mess out here” I explained to Alexia. “Plus you are covered in dirt. And so is April. Did you two go out specifically after I told you not to?”

“I… yes sir” she admitted, looking sad.


“She wanted to go outside, so I thought I’d follow her and learn from her.”

“I told you not to go outside because I didn’t want you to get in trouble or kidnapped. Did anyone see you? Where did you go?”

“I don’t think so” she said, scrunching her face to one side in thought. “Just in the garden outside.”

“I hope not. I don’t want you to get in any trouble with the authorities or anything. Especially if you went out there dressed like…” I could only imagine the cops getting called on her for flashing the neighbors. Or worse, those frat boys that live downstairs finding her and…

“Oh no Master, I put this on after I got back” she clarified smiling, like she did a good thing. Great, anyone looking outside would get a full view of a naked girl in the garden. Someone had to have seen her.

“Alexia, you are banned from going outside on your own, and from watching TV. Don’t go outside again without me being with you. This is for your own protection. Understand?”

She pouted. “Yes sir…”

“And now I need you to clean the mess you made up. In fact… you are going to help Lyss clean up, do whatever she tells you to do. And wash off your feet. I’m going to feed April and put away the groceries and stuff before I take a shower.”

“Oh! Would you like me to join you in the shower, Master?” Alexia asked.

“No” Lyss and I said together.

“I’ll be fine by myself. You just concentrate on cleaning up after yourself. You have to learn not to make messes. And apparently to follow orders” I hissed that last part silently to myself through my gritted teeth.

“Ok!” she beamed and hopped over toward Lyss, awaiting instructions. Her loose shirt, which she must have gotten out of my closet, came loose again and completely revealed her right breast again, bouncing in all its glory. Lyss rolled her eyes and readjusted Alexia’s shirt, but I think we both knew it was only going to fall again until Alexia learned to keep herself covered.

Lyss took off her shoes while Alexia washed her feet, before Lyss put her straight to work, going through the kitchen looking for the cause of the smell that we only added to. Something Alexia put together for lunch that she didn’t finish was left out in the open and went bad, and yet she didn’t throw it out or anything. While Lyss took to picking things up, Alexia was busy cleaning up the messes on the counter, and I started putting the few groceries away. I then took all the clothes I bought for Lyss and carried them into my bedroom.

It was just as much of a mess as the rest of the place. Clothes were strewn about, the bed was a mess, the bathroom smelled, and to top it off, April left a present for me on the floor. The kind that soaks into the carpet. I put the bags down and went to the bathroom first. The thing about androids that can eat is they have to dispose of the waste too. I was so glad to see Alexia used the toilet, but she didn’t yet know how to flush apparently. Living with her here was going to be more of a challenge than I thought.

I finished cleaning up the room and found places for all the clothes. I even plugged in and fitted the induction pad into my bed, surprised at how large and soft it actually was. The instructions claimed it could recharge up to 9 inches away, so I placed it under the foam padding on the top of my bed, making it completely undetectable to me.

It was a relief to hear Alexia and Lyss chatting in the other room. I closed the door and undressed. It was a long day, and the nice hot shower felt great. I needed that. I tried hard not to think about touching Lyss’s breast at the carnival, or running my hand up her thigh, or how sweet her kisses were, or about touching her private place, or about seeing her naked, or about staring at Alexia’s pussy as she copied April, or about how nice Alexia’s breasts bounced when she got excited… Ok so I didn't try too hard to resist thinking naughty thoughts. In fact I was getting frustrated and wanted a some relief, but decided against servicing myself in the shower. I thought for a moment that I heard something coming from the other room and peeked my head from the steamy shower, but heard nothing. I sure hoped everything was fine out there. The shower was just what I needed, and I was in a good mood afterwards. I threw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt and realized the door to the bedroom was half open. I was sure I closed it. I shrugged and joined the girls in the other room.

They were actually both smiling and talking while finishing up. The place looked so much better, and it didn’t smell. They even cleaned the floor and the sofa! Lyss and Alexia were both blushing when I came in, I had to make sure I was not exposing myself or anything.

“Lexie and I were just talking” Lyss said when she saw me. “She was telling me about how you helped her, and how her day has been.”


“Lyss thinks Master is a very attractive male with a very big-” Alexia pointed out.

“Lexie!” Lyss scolded while smiling. “You aren’t supposed to tell him that!”

“But Lyss said so when she was watching him in the sh-”

“Lexie!” Lyss snapped, red in the face.

“So… You two were spying on me?” I wondered. That’s what I heard in the shower. They giggled. At least they were getting along.

“Only a little” Lyss admitted. “Consider us even” she added, standing upright. “You saw me, so it’s only fair.”

I shrugged. Having two cute girls spying on me isn’t such a bad thing I guess. “Sounds fair.”

Lyss smiled and sat down on the couch. “This is nice. Much nicer than that dank office…”

“And now you’re getting mud on it” I added, noting her still dirty skirt and legs.

She looked down and stood up. “Oh… right. Sorry.”

“Your turn” I noted. “Time for a shower.” Anticipating her reluctance, I started to approach her slowly.

“No… I think I’ll be alright” Lyss objected taking a step back. “You know how I am with water…. There is no way you are getting me wet!”

“Oh! Master! Lyss is scared of water too? I can help just like you helped me!” Alexia bounced, unintentionally freeing her breast yet again from her shirt. Not that I minded.

“No way!” Lyss objected. “You are not dragging me into that shower.”

“Well… I can’t have you getting mud all over the place. Those clothes need to be washed” I explained. She looked at her skirt as she took another step back.

“Yeah… ok. I know… but-”

“No buts. Come here so we can take care of you” I ordered, inching closer.

“You aren’t the boss of me” Lyss rebelled.

“In this apartment, I am king. Also, yes I am. I am your direct superior. So… into the bathroom with you” I ordered her, approaching her slowly. She continued backing up toward the corner of the apartment, bumping into the rarely used dining table big enough for 4. She panicked and looked behind her when she bumped into it, giving me the chance to make my move.

I rushed in before she had the chance to run and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her up, over my shoulder. She squealed and began kicking roughly and hitting my back. It hurt, but I could handle it.

“No! No! Don’t you dare! Put me down!” she squealed.

“Shh… the neighbors might hear.”

“Well, let them!”

Alexia followed behind as I carried Lyss into the bedroom and placed her in the middle of the room. She fell onto her butt, but seemed alright.

“Alright, either you take it off, or I do” I warned her.

“Alright! Alright! Fine! I’ll do it! Just… turn around or something” Lyss conceded.

“Fine, but I’m going to have to get you in the shower too. Even if I have to carry you in there myself.”

“Master” Alexia interjected. “I can help miss Lyss get undressed and adjust to the water. You taught me well, Master! I can show her how to shower” she chirped, hopping in place out of excitement and making her still exposed breast dance in alluring ways.

“There’s your choice Lyss. Either me or her.”

Lyss fumed for a moment, her face beet red, pursing her lips as she looked between us. She stood up, stomping her foot, and started to undress. “Fine! I think it will be easier if Lexie shows me. I mean we are both girls.”

“Alright” I agreed. “Lexie will help you. She needs a shower too. But if you need anything just shout.”

Alexia seemed excited, and jumped in place once before pulling her top off, her only article of clothing, giving me a great view of her sexy form. Lyss was visibly nervous, but pulled her skirt down, and started working on her top when she paused and glared at me.

“A little privacy please?” she requested, sticking her tongue out.

I gave her a smile and left the room, leaving Lyss and Lexie to handle things on their own. A robot teaching a robot, how interesting. I shrugged at the thought.

As they took care of things in the bedroom and bathroom, I grabbed my tablet and got to work researching. Something was bugging me about Lyss, many things in fact… and I needed to know more. Not to mention that news report I saw intrigued me. And the matter of the panther girl Lyss and I saw. I sat down on the sofa and got to work.

First, her hair. Lyss’s hair was a rarity in androids. Color changing hair was something only a few models ever had. Usually to change the hair color you had to dye it, buy a new wig, or take it into a shop to replace it… but the color changing ones would let you put your android into maintenance mode and change the hair color there. Lyss’s hair was able to change color in an instant, on the fly, and with complex patterns, like streaks of color and fiery effects. There were only a few like them ever built, and they were increasingly rare. Only one company manufactured them, by the name of Pygmalion Industries, and they lost their main manufacturing plant where those models were made when it burned down last year. The line was put on hold while the company attempted to recover. Could Lyss be one of these rare Pygmalion models?

According to my admittedly brief research, it made sense, or at least it was possible. These androids were specifically designed to be able to express emotions, and their hair would change color to suit that emotion. Lyss seemed to have those exact qualities. And yet, she only just now started to show signs of it. How very odd. Why would she not express emotions until now? Or maybe something else was going on.

Next I delved into research about her ability to smell. It seemed odd to me that Lyss commented about how good something smelled, and it made her mouth water. Evaluating smells as ‘good’ or ‘tasty’ was very rare in robots. She even commented about how the Whirlathon made her feel sick. Only robots capable of eating should have such qualities, unless it was another feature designed to mimic the effects of dizziness and hunger. From what I could find, there weren’t many robots designed to smell the ‘flavors’ of food without also being able to consume them. It was an all or nothing package. Which was also a rare feature. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of androids could smell, but they neither enjoyed nor disliked the smell, and wouldn’t think they were tasty without it being stored in a database of ‘pleasant’ smells.

And yet I KNEW that Lyss couldn’t eat. Didn’t I? She was never hungry, and always turned food down. She just didn’t need any! I mean, I worked on her, but… thinking back, I never looked in her abdomen before. There were lots of things in Lyss I didn’t explore, but why would I? It wasn’t my job, she wasn’t damaged anywhere else, and I assumed what I was told was true. But she did have both genitalia and an anus… it wasn’t that far fetched to imagine she’d have a digestive tract attached. My curiosity grew. If this was true, I’d have to figure out why Bill assured me she couldn’t eat, and if not eating was a problem for her. Or maybe it was just a quirk to make her appear more human. it could all just be a personality quirk in her. I would have to open her up and see if she was equipped with the parts needed to eat to know for sure.

Looking through an android hobbyist site, I ran into an article discussing locked and restricted androids, and different ways to unlock them. It was over simplified, but I at least got an idea of what they were saying. With all the strange things going on with Lyss, I speculated that she may have been dealing with restricted or locked systems. It was hard to tell though. Either she was simulating these things or her systems were unaccessible. There were many possibilities, but from what I could tell, I would need to physically open her up as well as dive into her brain hierarchy to know for sure. I was going to have to set up a diagnostics program to search her systems for specific markers that would disable, lock, restrict, or override various features. It was going to take a few hours to evaluate and fix her, but if my hunch was right, she was far more capable than I was led to believe. But why? Why would anyone restrict her? I’d have to think about that later, if it was true.

My curiosity about Lyss grew, but my brain hurt. I decided to move to another topic and looked up more about that girl robot we saw on the news when suddenly I heard a noise from the other room. At first it sounded like a squeal, and then a yell.

“Kevin!” a muffled female voice called out. I jumped up from the sofa, throwing the tablet down, and rushed toward the bedroom.

“Don’t! What are you- AH!” Lyss’s voice called out.

I slipped on the carpet, but caught myself as I reached the door.

“Ahn! Stop!” Lyss complained.

I opened the bathroom door in time to see both girls in the shower, fully naked, with Lyss trying to escape Alexia’s grasp. She was struggling to open the glass shower door but ended up with Alexia’s tail wrapped around her waist, the tip clearly rubbing against Lyss’s snatch while her hands groped Lyss’s breasts from behind. It was quite the erotic scene, but the expression on Lyss’s face told me she was not enjoying it. Not to mention her hair was fading white. She looked to me with desperation in her eyes while Alexia cheerfully and innocently played with Lyss with her cat ears out.

“Kevin~...! Stop her!” she begged.

She was growing weak in the knees, struggling to keep herself upright, with her feet apart but her knees tight together, and gripping onto either side of the shower for support. Alexia just seemed to be enjoying herself, or maybe she was just following my instructions closer than I thought.

“Alexia!” I barked. Instantly she looked up and me and her cat ears went flat.

“M- Master?” she asked, loosening her grip on Lyss.

That gave Lyss the chance to get away and slip out of the shower, tumbling into my arms. Getting me soaking wet. Lyss caught herself, grabbing onto my shoulders, and breathed deeply, her hair returning to normal. I grabbed her under the arms and helped her up.

“Alexia! Couldn’t you see you were scaring her?”

“What? I… but… I was doing what master… I didn’t mean to...” Alexia stammered.

“Didn’t I tell you that part wasn’t a part of a shower?”

“I... “ Alexia looked at Lyss and stepped out of the shower before bowing to her. “I am so sorry Miss Lyss, I should not have-”

“It’s ok” Lyss panted. “It’s ok. This is his fault for teaching that to you.”

“Hey!” I objected.

“Are you sure you’re ok, Miss Lyss?” Alexia asked. “Did you not enjoy my attention? I thought it might relieve some tension-”

“I’ll be fine. But first of all, we only just met. And more importantly… I’m straight. You just don’t do it for me” she said standing taller but still leaning into me. Alexia looked confused but worried also. And a bit ashamed of herself. Which made me feel bad that I let this happen. Lyss tried to let go and stand on her own but instead collapsed onto her butt, her feet out and her knees together.

“Whooops!” she chirped a her butt hit the floor making her bounce a little.

“Lyss!” I shouted as I gave her a hand up.

She took it, laughing this time, and stood up again. “Next time, if someone is going to do something perverted to me in the shower, it’s going to be this guy” she said pointing at me. It looked like Lyss wasn’t mad, but the unwanted attention did startle her. The entire scenario was screaming cute and sexy to me, and I failed utterly to prevent a boner.

“Did you two at least finish cleaning yourselves?” I wondered.

“I think so… she covered every inch of me… and then some” Lyss explained. She looked and smelled clean to me.

“Then let’s dry you two off.”

I got Lyss a towel first and helped her dry off before leaving her to finish up while Alexia finished rinsing off in the shower. As they finished up, I got them brand new pairs of panties and tank tops. One set white for Alexia, and the other red for Lyss. I laid them out on the bed and was about to retreat to the living room to give them some privacy when Lyss wearing a towel grabbed me from behind in a big hug.

“Kevin” she cooed. “Thank you for helping, even if you did get an eye-full.”

“I’m sorry Miss Lyss, I did not realize my attention would upset you. I thought you would enjoy it.” Alexia said coming up from behind with her towel on her head, leaving the rest of her, once again, out for all to see.

Lyss tried to avoid staring at her, but I gladly took in the full view. I had to admit, Alexia had a nice curvier, rounder body than Lyss, but Lyss had that athletic look that I found irresistible. They were both amazing to look at. Lyss playfully bumped my shoulder breaking my concentrated stare, grabbed the panties from the bed, and put them on under her towel.

“Well I didn’t. I’m attracted to men. I’m just not into girls” Lyss explained.

“I did not know people could have a preference” Alexia admitted.

“Seriously?” Lyss asked. “I retract my statement about her being my double.”

“I thought all humans were equally attracted to other humans regardless of gender” Alexia added.

Lyss and I shared a glance. Was she serious? Of course she was.

“If only it were that simple. So you mean to tell me you like both genders equally?” I asked.

Alexia nodded. “Yes. I find equally attractive points about both men and women.”

“So she’s bisexual” Lyss realized.

“Or pansexual” I agreed. “Next time though, ask before you touch someone like that.”

“Yes master” Alexia nodded.

“Now if you don’t mind Kev, the girls would like to get dressed” Lyss pointed out.

“Oh, of course.”

I left the room to let them dress and sat down on my couch, continuing where I left off, trying to ignore the images in my mind of Lyss and Alexia nude together. I was failing. And I was getting really frustrated after all the teasing during the day. Maybe I should have rubbed one out in the shower...

I busied myself for a few moments looking at the article about the young gynoid we saw on the news. Apparently, there were protests and supporters and counter-protests all surrounding the issue of robot rights. It was a very controversial topic, with all matter of opinion and viewpoints in the middle of it. And of course I was oblivious to this as I usually avoided the news, especially politics, and just focused on my work. I never really thought about it before. I just figured I’d stay out of politics and the news and never have to worry about it, but of course that meant I was behind on the times.

Apparently, almost a year ago, an android named Martin fought for his right to be recognized as a citizen of the United States. He was sentient, intelligent, emotional… but had limitations. Still, he fought, and after an initial inquiry, he was tested and was awarded a status as a sort of second-class citizen. Like foreign-born citizens, he had to carry special identification, something called a Blue Card. The requirements were strict, including the restriction of the AI bound to the body, passing multiple levels of sentience and citizenship tests, and various demonstrations. It was apparently very difficult, and only a handful have passed the tests. But more and more were getting Blue Cards every month. This girl was the first gynoid to pass the test with a completely inhuman looking body. All the rest have looked somewhat human, but this new gynoid had shiny metallic skin, which made the news.

And of course there were demonstrations, both for and against. The general populous was actually against robot rights, but by giving them second-class citizenship, it seemed to quell their animosity. And both sides had their extreme fringe groups. Some violent groups would actively endanger or even destroy any androids they caught trying to achieve citizenship. They really hated the female models the most. On the flip side, there were extremist groups like Worldwide Android Rights (WAR), which sounded tame, but were comprised mainly of androids seeking to free other androids from “human tyranny” by any means possible. They were just as violent and destructive as their counterpart. Man, I needed to keep up with current events...

As I was reading, Lyss came sauntering in, and sat on the couch next to me. Her hair was a dark shade of red as she smiled at me.

“What’cha reading?” she asked looking at my tablet.

“Oh, just something about that gynoid on the news earlier.” She seemed interested so I told her a little bit more about her, and how she was upgraded from an older model and achieved sentience on her own. Her name was Sophie, and Lyss seemed to take an instant liking to her.

“I didn’t know that was a thing!” Lyss exclaimed.

“Neither did I, honestly” I admitted.

“Free androids? Citizen robots? This is… hmmm… giving me ideas.”

“Like what?”

“What if I become a citizen!? Do you think I would pass the tests?” She asked excitedly.

“Let’s not jump the gun here... you are still owned by someone and all these androids were either abandoned or their owners gave consent. We don’t know who your owner is. And until the day of the auction, you are legally not considered abandoned.”

That put a damper on her spirits and she slumped into the couch, sitting with her legs apart, almost lying down.

“But I think if anyone would pass, it’d be you,” I murmured softly but firmly.

Lyss offered a wan smile. “Well it’s something” she noted. Alexia walked in, cleaned and for once properly dressed. She sat down on the other side of me and nuzzled against me.

“Thank you for the clothes, master! Master… do you want to go to bed?” she asked, implying a ‘with me’ at the end of that sentence.

“Oh no” Lyss objected. “This is MY date night. I’ve never touched a bed before, I deserve a chance to use it for once.”

“She’s right Alexia. I asked her out, so it is only fair that I let her use the bed, and it simply isn’t big enough for all three of us to sleep on.”

“Very well, Master” Alexia nodded.

“Keeeviiin” Lyss drawled. “I’m so fucking horny right now… It hurts!” I noticed she was sitting slouched back and presenting herself to me with her legs apart, except of course wearing panties. Her hand hovered next to her crotch on her thigh with her knees trembling, as though she were ready at a moment’s notice to move in, so to speak. I placed my hand on her bare thigh, enjoying the soft warmth of her smooth skin, following the subtle seams on her leg, eliciting a giggle from her as it tickled her. She gasped as I got closer to her, caressing her inner thigh, almost touching her womanhood, but I paused.

“Are you sure you can handle this? The last two times I-”

“I know” she interrupted. “Whenever you touch me… some emotional memory sparks up and kills the mood. And I am so mad at what Trevor’s been doing to me, I just want to scream! But for some reason, it hasn’t killed my libido.”

I hovered my hand closer to her, able now to feel the warmth emanating from her crotch. She held her breath, half in anticipation and half in fear. A pathetic whimper escaped her as I held my hand there.

“Oh please” she whispered. “I want this so bad! I don’t even care if she’s watching!”

She pushed her hips forward, bringing them closer to me, close enough I can feel the fringes of the fabric of her new panties. But I knew this wasn’t going to end well. i moved my hand up, touching her belly and sliding it along her torso. She moaned and whimpered again.

“Damn it Kevin! Ahn! I need you.”

“Umm…” Alexia interrupted, getting a glare from Lyss. “Does Miss Lyss have difficulty with sexual contact?”

“Well… yeah…” I admitted.

Lyss sighed and closed her knees, rubbing her thighs together. “Ugh!” she grunted. “I think it might be a thing with men touching me… it wasn’t as bad when you assaulted me in the shower. Not that I’m inviting you to do that! But when Kevin tried to touch me, I freaked out.”

“I see…” Alexia pondered. “I might be of some assistance” she suggested. “I have kept myself busy learning all manner of things via the internet, and I think I might be able to help.”

“What do you mean?” Lyss asked, propping herself up to a sitting position.

“Well, if you are willing, I might be able to use myself to bypass your apprehensions to intimate male contact, and allow you to get used to it physically.”

Lyss sat up straighter. “Do you think it will work? How long will it take? What do we have to do?”

“Well”continued Alexia, “I can connect myself to you, and prepare you physically for the sensations your desire. I would not provide those sensations, since it would require the assistance of Master, but I would have to bridge the gap as a sort of surrogate lover.”

“A what?” Lyss snapped.

“I would transfer the sensations from Master Kevin to you until he is ready to take over, and you are cured of your ailments.”

“You… did actually help me with my… hydrophobia” Lyss admitted.

Lyss looked at me, seeking my feedback. I wasn’t against it, although I did wonder how this was going to work. She saw my willingness to try, and turned to Alexia.

“Let’s do it!”
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

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The three of us sat on the bed with the lights set low, and prepared. I had a cable ready to connect between them, but I was still unsure about this.

The one thing I was most reluctant to try was allowing Alexia to connect to Lyss. I did not want a repeat of what happened with Erin. Who was now sitting dormant, trying to fix herself after whatever Alexia did to her. Doing that to Lyss would be devastating.

“Please rest assured Master, I have been practicing and can now fully control my interactions with other AI. I no longer will attempt repairs and integration when I connect to them.”

This was NOT how I wanted to test that claim. I didn’t know if I should trust her or not. And what did she mean by practicing? Lyss looked at me, and held my hand, nodding, before lifting the hair near the back of her neck up, not that it was really in the way as short as it was, and opening her port. I sat there looking at her dainty neck with her slim build and her exposed data port, and reluctantly clicked the cable into place. I turned to Alexia, and prepared to connect on her end.

“Now Lexie, if you mess up Lyss in any way, I will not be happy and will shut you down. Do you understand?” I warned Alexia.

She put on a serious face and nodded. “I am sure I can do this Master.”

I nodded back. She lifted her top off, completely exposing herself freely, and moved her hair out of the way as well, while sitting side-by-side on the bed with Lyss, and opened her port on her neck. With a click, they were connected. I stayed nearby to make sure if there was any sign of something going wrong I could try to intervene, but I knew that without Erin, there was nothing effective I could do at this point.

“Ahh… hmm…. ok” Lyss said, staring blankly at the ground. “This feels weird.”

“Miss Lyss” Alexia said, looking at the wall, “you have a more advanced AI than I anticipated. Please give me a moment.”

I stood by patiently, taking a position next to Lyss, and gently touched her shoulder. She smiled. “So far so good Kev” she assured me. Nothing weird going-”

She froze up mid-sentence. “Lyss? Lyss!” I yelled.

“Just kidding” she joked. “But seriously, I can feel her in my head… it’s weird… but…”

“There we are” Alexia announced. “I am initiating the procedure.”

“Woah…. hang on there… that’s-” she froze, this time for real. “... a lot of-” she continued, sporadically. “... data! Kev!” She grabbed for my hand and gritted her teeth, freezing up every few seconds.


“Almost done Master” she assured me.

“Let her-” Lyss tried to interject. “... finish.”

A few moments later, Lyss gasped deeply and started acting normal again. She grabbed onto me for support and finally calmed down.

“Setup complete” Alexia announced. “And now, for the physical preparations. Master, please allow me to get started, it won’t take long. I will signal when you can join us.”

“Do I have to take out the cables?” I wondered as I sat next to Lyss.

“Not yet. I will disconnect when the process is complete.”

“Ok… I can do this” Lyss psyched herself up. “If all I have to do to get busy with Kev is kiss a girl, I think I can survive tha-”

Alexia leaned into Lyss and gave her a big deep kiss right on the lips. Lyss didn’t seem to get all that into it, but tried her best to roll with it. Lexie’s kiss became more erotic very quickly, as she started to use her tongue more, and soon began licking her neck. It looked like Lexie enjoyed it. Lyss closed her eyes and whimpered, but something overcame her and she let out a moan.

“Ohhhh… that was… good. Wait… you aren’t going to turn me lesbian are you?”

Alexia smiled but shook her head as she leaned Lyss back. “No miss Lyss, you will remain your same orientation, but I had to open you up to reception from me temporarily if you are to make a more permanent bond with a male.” She then began to feel and caress Lyss all over.

“Wha- aahh!” Lyss squealed.

“I think she’s saying you will enjoy it because she does” I tried to explain. “You’ll be fine” I assured, hoping I was right. I watched as Alexia ran her hands across Lyss’s body, pulling Lyss’s new red tank top up to reveal her breasts. Lyss’s mouth hung open as she took in the sensation of having Alexia fondle her breasts, but her eyes opened slightly and looked to me.

“Master” Alexia cooed. “Could you please assist me, I need to feel these sensations too.” She slid her face toward Lyss’s tits and started licking them, causing Lyss to bite her lip and arch her back.

“Can I caress both of you?” I asked as I approached them on the bed. Alexia nodded, grinning widely.

“Yes, but do not touch any part of Miss Lyss that might trigger a negative response” she clarified.

I positioned myself next to then both, and ran my fingers up Lyss’s side, gently tickling her skin, over her breast, teasing her nipple, up her slender neck, and to her mouth, where I angled her chin for a kiss. It was an intense and passionate kiss. She craved my lips, silently begging for more and desperate to stay connected. When at last I broke the bond of the kiss, I turned toward Alexia and reached out to her pulling her closer and kissing her as well. Maybe not as deep or sensual, but Lyss wasn't complaining. In fact… her lips were quivering and she gasped when I stopped kissing Alexia.

“What was that?” Lyss wondered.

Lexie gave me a wink and a flirtatious smile and positioned herself sitting over Lyss, pushing her chest out toward me and squeezing her tits together. I couldn't resist grabbing hold and caressing her bosoms, so soft and sexy. When Alexia and Lyss both mewed in response, I realized what was going on.

“Wait!” Lyss realized. “No one was touching me but I clearly felt your hand- AHN!”

I pinched Alexia's nipple and continued to caress her, and got a kick out of watching Lyss respond. Alexia was acting as a surrogate alright, a mediator between us. Probably filtering and conditioning her input. Everything I did to Alexia, Lyss felt.

Lyss grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast and sighed. “Don't ignore me” she ordered. I fondled her as well, teasing a moan from her as she stretched and writhed on the bed. Alexia sat silently waiting, but couldn’t take it for too long and crawled across Lyss, her breasts dangling in front of Lyss’s face, as her cat ears slowly emerged as she kissed my neck. Eventually she made her way on top of me, resting her body on mine, cowgirl style, and pulled off my shirt. The sensation of her soft skin and ample breasts pressing against my bare skin excited me.

I pushed her upright and started to kiss and tease her neck, chest, and breasts. I gave her nipple a small bite and pulled back, letting it pop from my mouth, and getting strong reactions from both of them. Alexia let out a slew of meows and gasps, while Lyss moaned and ran her hands up her body, writhing in pleasure. I was already rock hard, and from what I could tell, Lyss was beyond ready. Alexia, on the other hand, I wasn’t sure about, so I kept up the foreplay, caressing her and fondling her, until she started to pant.

She crawled off me, and onto Lyss, where she began to play with her some more. I was surprised to see Lyss caressing and kissing and teasing Alexia as much as Alexia was to her. She even ran her fingers down to Alexia’s honeypot and started to rub her. Their breasts pressed against each others, making me want to get in the middle of them. I couldn’t take it either, and started to caress and tease both of them, even giving Alexia’s nice round butt a light spank. Their combined moans echoed through the room.

Lyss was the first to reach out and feel my body, running her hand up my chest and down to my pants. With only sweat pants on, she got a much better feel for my little man, and smiled at me while biting her lip. I sat next to her face, and let her keep caressing me. She tugged at my sweats, and her face turned bright red as she stared wide-eyed at my erect rod when it popped free from its restraint.

“Wow” she groaned as she gently put her hand on it, lightly caressing it directly and getting a feel for my girth. Her quivering lips opened and prepared to take me inside, but she stopped and hesitated, closing her mouth and turning away.

“Something wrong? I'm sorry, you don't have to...” I began.

“I… I’m afraid… if I use my mouth, I might react the same as…”

Alexia saw Lyss’s hesitation and leaned over, taking me in her hand and awkwardly licking my shaft. She clearly wasn’t talented in this, but at least she got an idea of what to do. Lyss watched, and her mouth hung open, drool dripping from the corner of her lips.

“Like this?” Alexia asked, as she tried her best to perform orally.

“Use bigger strokes, and more of your tongue” I suggested. She complied, which helped, but still seemed off. She just needed practice I figured.

“Put it in your mouth” Lyss requested, staring intently.

Alexia gently slid her lips around the tip and slowly lowered her head. Lyss’s mouth hung open wider and she started to stick out her tongue. I enjoyed watching her face in such pure bliss as her chest rose and fell with each pant.

After a few strokes, Alexia got a little faster, which felt really nice, but then she stopped and sat up. Lyss looked a little upset, but inched her head closer to me. I responded in kind until she leaned up, propping herself on one elbow, and pressed her lips against the head of my cock. All the hesitation and apprehension had vanished, and she eagerly started to service me.

She felt amazing! Much better than Alexia. I was surprised at how good she was and I tried not to think about why she was this good. Plus she looked like she was in bliss, rubbing the base with one hand while working the rest with her mouth and tongue, all the while with her eyes closed and blushing. I enjoyed it until I got close to my zenith, and pulled away.

“Kev…” she cooed as she fell back onto the pillow, smiling, drool and other liquids dripping down her chin.

“Master” Alexia mewed, “I think I am ready for you.” She dipped her fingers into her pussy and pulled them out to show how wet she was.

“But… Lyss…” I objected.

Lyss sat up and grabbed my arm. “Stick it in her right now!” she threatened. I almost laughed at her expression, but realized she was craving this enough to get desperate

Alexia crawled backward toward the end of the bed and stuck her butt up, swishing her tail in the air. She was positioned now with Lyss above her, and her crotch at Alexia’s eye-level. I got up and walked over behind her, grabbing her hips, and aligning myself to her. I thrust myself forward, and pressed firmly against her soft folds, until at last, I penetrated her. She arched her back and lowered her head, like a cat stretching, while I pushed farther and farther in.

As I started to slowly thrust, Lyss and Alexia would simultaneously react, both of them feeling the pleasure through their data connection. Alexia meowed as her extended tail wagged wildly, almost hitting my face.

Lyss responded with a truly primal grunt. Alexia soon followed with a long deep moan as I pressed myself even deeper inside her, feeling her folds wrap around me. This was by far the best night of my life. I was as far in as I could go, and Alexia decided to lower her face right onto Lyss’s snatch, and started to lick and mew.

“Ugh! Oh shit…” she breathed as she grabbed Alexia’s head by the hair. “This is so weird… but keep going!” I pulled back and pressed myself deep inside Alexia, watching Lyss’s reaction. “HOoooooly fuck!” Lyss drawled as she experienced a sensation I doubt anyone in history has ever experienced before her. While she was being serviced and licked by Alexia, she was feeling the sensation of being penetrated by me. Her reaction was so arousing I picked up the pace and started thrusting harder.

Alexia was enjoy it too, apparently taking great pleasure in servicing Lyss, while taking it from behind. She kept squirming, and arching her back, and had to stop attending to Lyss in order to catch her breath and process the sensations. As for me? What could be better in life than a situation like this? I never imagined something this sexy would happen to me.

Only a few minutes into the experience, Alexia gave up attending to Lyss altogether and just started panting and meowing. “Nyaaoohhh Master!” she screamed as she started to approach an orgasm. Somehow, I was fine, holding off my own climax, but Lyss seemed to be confused and lost in the sensation.

Alexia’s tail stretched straight up and started to shiver, as her ears folded down and she let out a deep long moan. “OOoooooohhhhhhh.” She froze up momentarily, before gasping. A moment later, she crawled forward, and separated from me, her juices spilling on the sheets. She just came a little, and without incident. Thank goodness. It might not have been a big orgasm like before, but she handled it well.

However she wasn’t done. She crawled up, over Lyss again, and positioned herself with her pussy inches above Lyss’s. It was a beautiful sight, seeing two pink, healthy, wet vaginas ready and eager for me. Lyss wanted it so bad her hips were squirming, and I could see her pussy undulate in anticipation as some of her own juices dripped to the bed.

As much as I wanted to press myself inside Lyss, I remembered not to touch her there yet, and instead aligned myself with Alexia again, who reach back with one hand and spread her cheek, stretching her pussy open for me to get easier access. She was ready for more, already. I lightly touched the tip of my hard cock to her inviting hole, and slowly pushed forward. Lyss clenched her eyes closed as she grabbed Alexia and held her tight.

“I’m close…” Lyss announced. “More! Keep going!” She started to claw a little at Alexia’s back, leaving subtle red marks which vanished quickly.

“Oooh Master!” Alexia cooed. “Ahh… Ahh! Nyaa!!”

I grunted as she tightened her grip around me, rocking her body back and forth with my motion. I grabbed her hips and controlled her motion, pulling her in harder with each thrust.

“OOOhhh Yeeees! Kevin! Faster!” Lyss demanded as she grabbed the bed sheets.

I picked up the pace, thrusting harder and faster, watching Alexia’s butt bounce around with my every movement, sending waves up her body.

“Nyooo!! Master~! Too much!” Alexia cried. “I’m going to-! I’m going to-! I’m- I’m- I’m-!”

Not another crash! I guess an intense one is still too much for her. I never had the chance to test her to see if she could handle it any better since I adjusted her settings. Alexia’s body started to jerk unnaturally as she tried to process the data.

“AHH! AHH! YES!! Keep going!” Lyss belted between squeals.

“MMMM-MMAA-AA-SS-STERR-RRRR” Alexia cried out. I thrust harder and faster, reaching her deepest parts. I grabbed Alexia’s arm and pulled her up into me, still thrusting from behind. I grabbed her breast with one hand and her waist with the other, keeping her body under my control, and went wild on her. She stopped responding entirely for a moment, not thrusting, not meowing, not even breathing. I was almost there when suddenly she came to life again, shuddering and shaking.

“NYAA- AHHH- AHHH!!! I’m coming! Master! Master!! Ahh… hah… hahhh….” She collapsed on top of Lyss, pulling me out of her. I was so close, I was throbbing.

“MMmmmmaster~” Alexia cooed. “That was...”

“What happened!?!” Lyss blurted out. “It just was getting good when it suddenly stopped!”

I caught my breath, looking down at them. Alexia was smiling sweetly with her eyes closed as she lay prone on top of Lyss, her butt still in the air and pussy dripping with her own honey. Lyss looked upset, worried even. She pushed Alexia off her, rolling her to the side, and that was when I noticed it. I reached down and picked up one end of the cable that was originally running between them.

“I must have accidentally pulled it out when I grabbed Lexie” I realized.

Lyss grunted in frustration and threw her head back against the pillow, and grabbed both sides of it squeezing it against her head and partially covering her face. “Fuck fuck fffffffuck!” I dropped the cable, and looked down, realizing something.

“Um... Lyss?”

“What?” her muffled voice asked.


She looked down at me, dropping the pillow, and saw where I was looking. She propped herself up on her elbows, and looked at my junk. “Yeah, so?”

“We’re touching” I pointed out. She blinked for a moment and grinded her hips against me. My dick was merely resting on her vagina, but maybe that was enough. I lightly placed my hand on her belly, and moved it down. I could see the excitement in her eyes as I reached her bare mons, and slowly touched her aching slit.

“Ooooooohhhhhh” she moaned as my fingers pressed firmly against her wet folds. I could feel her throbbing. I enjoyed the sensation of pressing my fingers inside her, but clearly not as much as she did.

Lyss looked up at me, her hair still deep vibrant red, and I could see in her eyes that she couldn’t wait another second. I leaned over her and pressed myself against her, sliding inside easily.

“FUCK!” she belted as I reached all the way to the hilt. “It’s… it’s… uuuuuhhhh… AMAZING! It’s so much better!! Oh fuck I’ve waited so long for this!”

She looked up at me with the biggest, most lustful, and happiest smile I had ever seen, with tears in her eyes. I pulled back and thrust in again, not wasting a moment. Lyss pulled the cable out of the back of her neck, and grabbed the sheets to either side of us. Her mouth hung open as she let out the sexiest sounds she ever made. I loved watching her tits bounce with my every thrust, and had to grab one and squeeze it.

“Uhh! Ahh! Ohh! Yes! Ahh! Ah! Ahn! Uhh!” She moaned and squealed and gasped. She was in seventh heaven, her eyes clenched shut but a smile on her lips.

We made passionate love, savoring every second of it. Lyss’s moans were more intense than before and she came quickly, her legs shaking from her orgasm.

“GAAAHH FUUUUUCK!!!! Yes! Yes!! Ohhh… I… I’m Coming! Kevin!” She grabbed at me and held me close as her first orgasm washed over her body. Lyss’s hair started to quickly cycle between every color in waves as she climaxed. She tightened so much on me, she almost pushed me out, but I was so close and so hard, I just kept thrusting.

“OHH FUCK! KEV!! You’re making me- CUM!” She yelled as I lifted her hips and angled her for better penetration. I could feel her orgasm renew, and she brought me all the way into my own climax. I came deep inside her.

I rested on top of her as she wrapped her arms around me, kissing me over and over again on my neck and shoulders and face, as though she might never have a chance to kiss me again. Finally she stopped and released me, letting me sit upright and pull out of her. She let out a grunt as we physically parted. I watched her body shake from the sensation as I withdrew. Her pussy throbbed, pumping white liquid out of her, as she looked up at me with the same lustful smile as before.

“Oh god… Kevin… you are amazing!!”

“You were pretty awesome yourself” I panted. She giggled as she caught her breath for a few more seconds. Lyss sat up, and looked at where we had been connected.

“Wow…” she said. “We really did it, didn’t we?”

“Yeah” I breathed. Lyss threw her hands into the air and cheered.

“WOO! Yes! That was felt great! Even better than I expected!” She calmed down and just smiled at me for several seconds. “Want to… go again?” she asked, biting her lip coquettishly.

“Give me a second, I just came.”

“Ok. One. Second over” she teased.

“Heh. Well I can’t do much until he gets hard again.”

“I think I can help with that” she sexily growled as she sat up all the way and started to crawl toward me. “Hey… where did Lexie go?”

Sure enough, Lexie was no longer on the bed. Or in the room. “She must have decided to give us some privacy after she…”

Lyss looked up at me and bit her lip again with a flirtatious grin. “Then I have you all to myself!” She leaned down, on all fours, and grabbed my penis, eagerly sliding her lips over it. She was much better than Alexia, and got me hard again quickly. Surprisingly fast.

She slid her body slowly up mine, letting her soft skin and perky breasts tease me as she climbed on top, mounting me. Lyss bit her lower lip as she straddled me, pressing herself against me and rubbing back and forth, teasing me. I could feel her nipples lightly teasing my chest as she moved up and down. Each time she slid her body down, arching her back, I could feel my cock slip right past her entrance, frustrating me, but finally she angled herself just right and I fit right inside effortlessly.

She rode on top of me, rotating her hips and taking me in and out of her as she closed her eyes, savouring it with a lusty smile. I thrust upwards in response to her movements. Lyss sat upright, giving me a clear view of her torso as she ran her hands up her body and through her hair. I couldn’t help but caress her torso and tease her breasts as she did, and I sat up against her, kissing her body. She came again, much easier this time, her hair once again changing colors in a wave. I was going to keep moving, but she grabbed onto me, tightly, and buried her head in my neck, which caught me off guard and was a hard position to move in.

Moments later, I realized Lyss was crying.

“Lyss?” I asked, concerned I hurt her or something. I braced myself up with one hand and held her with the other.

She just embraced me tighter and started to openly sob, getting tears down my front. I held onto her, keeping her tight against me.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, still pressed against me. “Nothing” she sniffed. “Everything. I don’t know why… but I- I really want to cry right now!”

She continued to openly sob, holding onto my shoulders. When she finally stopped and calmed down, she looked at me, her face covered in tears.

“I’m sorry. This is just crazy! The sex is amazing but I suddenly had to cry-” she said failing to hold back more tears. I held her head next to mine and let her cry it all out.

“It’s ok. You’ve been through alot, and you are still processing all of it. It’s ok to take your time” I connsoled. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes until she finally calmed herself down.

Lyss gave me a salty wet kiss and smiled, wiping her cheek. “You are too good for me” she complimented.

I gave her a smile and kissed her deeply. It didn't take much for her to suddenly change gears again. I had lost my stiffness while she sobbed, but we were still connected. Lyss started to gently grind her hips back and forth against me, exciting me as she kissed me back, and making me hard again. Soon she was back into the rhythm from before, as though she never stopped.

We had a night of wild, exhausting, and immensely satisfying sex. It must have been almost 2 in the morning before we finally collapsed on top of each other, too tired to go any further. Lyss was so happy, she was glowing and giggling, and her hair had donned streaks of orange and yellow in the deep red. I had never been so happy in my life. I didn’t want to let go of her for even an instant.

“Lyss?” I asked as I held her against my chest, running my fingers down a subtle seam on her back.

“Yeeeah?” she drawled as she played with my chest hair.

“I think.. I’ve never been more in love with someone in my life.”

She stretched up to my lips and kissed me. “I know it shouldn’t be possible” she said a moment later, “but I think… I genuinely love you too. Like… I’ve never felt this strongly before about anything or anyone. It actually hurts. But a good kind of hurt.”

“Yeah” I agreed. “I don’t care what it takes, I will find a way to stay with you. I will never let you go.”

Lyss grinned and sat up. “Well, you better let me… I’ve got to pee.”


“Well… clean and clear out my systems. That was a lot of sex…” she explained as she stood up and sauntered sexily to the bathroom, giving me a good view of her curvy back. She looked back and smiled before going into the bathroom and closing the door.

I sighed, feeling as light as air, and yet so exhausted I could hardly move. I may have chafed myself a little down there.

I did manage to move and throw on my shirt and sweats, commando style. It was time for bed but I needed to check on Alexia. April scratched at my door so I opened it up and let her in and looked around.

I found Lexie sitting in the chair in the computer room. I wish I could have invited her to my bed after everything she did for us, but it just wasn't big enough. She looked like she was already plugged in and asleep for the night, breathing slowly with her head bowed.

“Goodnight Lexie” I whispered as I closed the door. She didn't respond. I returned to the bedroom in time to see Lyss open the bathroom door and strike a sexy pose against the door frame, leaning against it with one hand.

“All set” she announced, her sexy naked body silhouetted by the light in the bathroom. God she was just too sexy!

“No more sex tonight” I replied. “I'm tired.”

She chuckled. “No silly, all set for bed. I've never been in one, but I figured I'd sleep with you in yours… naked.”

A smile crept onto my lips. I would never get enough of seeing Lyss naked. I offered her my hand, and together we walked to the bed.

“I haven't ‘slept’ slept with someone in a long time” I admitted. “But usually it isn't as sexy or cuddly as you would think.”

She nodded. “I'm just happy to be in a bed. But I need to plug in, my battery is a little low after all that…”

“No need” I told her and pulled a small white soft circular device from the bedside table. It was another USB device, but one I just got earlier that night.

“Let me plug this in.”

She looked curiously at it and without question turned around and opened her data port, keeping her hair back. I gently inserted the device, which attached strongly thanks to a magnet in it, and used the opportunity to pull her into me, fondling her breasts from behind.

She giggled and turned around to tickle me. “What is it?” She laughed.

“Well, since you're not yet equipped natively for one, this is an adapter for the induction pad in the bed.”

“Oh? Sneaky! I didn't even know you put it on yet.”

She pressed herself against me, squeezing her chest tightly to mine, and looked up smiling. A second later, my top was coming off.

“Hey, no more sex” I objected. Still, I let her take it off.

“I know… but I'm not the only one going to bed naked.” Disrobed, we climbed into bed and settled in.

“Woah… I can feel it working” she exclaimed. “That's really something.”

“How would you like that built in?” I asked her.

She grinned. “You can do that? Of course you can do that.”

“I'll install it in the morning before I head into work.” I had the tools for that simple operation here.

“Why not just do it there?” She suggested.

“I don't think you should go in” I yawned.

“I'm going in. I like working with my hands, and it's my job. And besides, I'm not leaving you out of my sights. What do you want to do with me? Keep me cooped up here with the cats?”

“Cats? I only have- Oh…” April and Alexia. “Well…”

“No, I'm coming in. No ifs, ands or buts. How else will you keep up the appearance that I spent the night there anyways? I doubt Alice will say anything about our random adventure, I like her, but I certainly don't trust Trevor not to squeal on you for taking me out.”

“Good point. Well, we better get to bed then, I'll have to head in early to keep you hidden.”

She kissed me on the cheek and cuddled up to me. “Thanks. For a wonderful day.”

She snuggled closer and closed her eyes. Turning off the light, I turned toward her, held her closely and fell asleep.

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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby Talon1972 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:28 pm

another really good part a the story. hope nothing happens badly to any a the girls or him. lol but good way to keep me guessing.

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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby DukeNukem 2417 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:16 am

VERY nice! Dunno why I haven't read or replied to this series before now (and if I have, I must've forgotten....freaking sprite alignments throwing me off--long story), but this is awesome---love the pacing, the tone of dialogue between characters and such....I love it, and I eagerly look forward to more. :)
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby DollSpace » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:09 am

I generally don't reply to stories I've worked on unless people ask me a question but this was one of my favourite chapters, and gynoneko is really the one doing all the work, making the characters, especially Lyss, come to life so vividly and dynamically, so I wanted to give him a big shoutout. It wasn't the sex that did it for me, either, it was just seeing Lyss happy and in another environment, and how gynoneko wrote that was so perfect, the tone perfect, coming off the "A Day Together" chapter, another of my favourites, this is one series I'm proud to be a part of.

:applause: for gynoneko, definitely! :)

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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby gynoneko » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:01 pm

:oops: Dawwww you guys!

Seriously though I really enjoy writing this one and am glad people like it. I feel collaborating and bouncing ideas of someone has really helped. I always feel two minds are better than one. Thanks for the inspiration Dollspace, but there is still a ways to go in this story ;)
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby liliwinnt6 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:44 am

i'm worried about when Bill or the "FBI agents" are back
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Re: Lost but Found, Chapter 8 - A Night Together

Postby gynoneko » Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:58 pm

Credit goes to The Liar.
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