Jamie: Three Laws Compliant

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Jamie: Three Laws Compliant

Postby Propman » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:46 am

Jamie wrapped her arm around her newest boyfriend. “Hey… Armando,” she cooed. “If I became your fembot, would you, like, protect me?”

Armando, a tall, dark-haired guy, eyed Jamie’s plastic curves. He had just met the tall blonde a couple of days ago, and was really surprised by her being a fembot—but he liked the attention she was giving him. “Sure, babe,” he replied. “I’d protect you.” Jamie chuckled.

“So you’d take on another guy if I was in danger? You know—there’s, like, plenty of guys who’d be willing to steal poor little defenseless me! As a high-class realistic fembot, I am VERY valuable.” Jamie put her blonde head on Armando’s shoulder, rubbing it once or twice.

It was fairly late at night and Jamie had recently lost her driving privileges, so she and Armando were traveling on foot through the darkened suburb, on their way to his flat. “Don’t worry, babe,” he grinned. “I’m happy to be your personal Rambo.” Jamie chuckled nastily again. At that moment, she spotted a couple of beefy-looking young men exercising on the porch of a brownstone house, while a short, shaggy-haired young woman evaluated them.

“Would you take on these two dudes for me?” Jamie raised her already fairly high-pitched voice.

Armando didn’t answer at first. Then he pulled Jamie down and whispered “Uh, babe, they might hear you?”

“So fucking what?” she laughed. “Look at their faces; these bozos wouldn’t understand my question in the first place. I bet they wouldn’t even know I was talking about them. And look at the hair on their punk-ass girl.”

The men stopped and stared at Jamie, all dressed up in a strapless blue dress and a fake-fur winter jacket.

“Hey! Like, what are you staring at? JERKS.” Jamie hugged Armando closer, even though he visibly wanted to back away.

“Hey, blondie,” the shorter bodybuilder crossly spat out a wad of chewing gum. “You talking to us?”

“Yeah! I’m talking to YOU, bozos,” Jamie replied. “You got a problem with that?” She grinned, showing her pearly white teeth.

“Uh, Jamie, maybe we should leave—” Armando took a step back.

“What the fuck, are you afraid of these three losers? You just SAID you could take two of them.” She put her head on his shoulder. “Look at them: low-life chumps. Nobody would miss them. Except their BITCH—but she’d just cry and run to mommy.”

One of the beefy men gazed coldly at Jamie, took off his leather jacket and slung it over his arm. Jamie paused for a moment. Her electronic processors evaluated the man’s muscles, then compared his face to her pre-programmed and learned preferences. The result was unsatisfactory. Jamie checked her association banks and, in a split-second, generated another insult.

“Gee, I thought we were going home, Armando—not to the zoo. Why’d you take me to the MONKEY HOUSE?” she laughed.

“Shut up, you crazy—” Armando squeaked at Jamie.

“YEAH!” Jamie hollered at the toughs, reaching for Armando and ruffling his slick hair with one hand. “SHUT UP, you fools! ‘Cause when MY man gets mad, he’ll break every bone in your body. Including, like, the real tiny bones in your ears.” She raised her shapely, well-manicured hand and pointedly flipped the bird at the men and the woman.

The shorter bodybuilder laughed. “Your man doesn’t seem that tough to me.”

Jamie let go of Armando’s arm and stretched her body. “You better believe he is. He knows unagi, or some shit like that. So—you want to take him on both or one at a time?”

The tough young men rushed past Jamie and grabbed Armando by his shirt. “So, bro?” The one who had taken off his jacket now pulled out a switchblade and began toying with it. “Gonna do what your lady says?”

“YO! WHATSYERFACE,” Jamie hollered, clearly having the time of her life. “KNEE HIM IN THE NUTS!”

That may not have been the smartest suggestion, but it was good enough for Armando. With his assailant distracted, he managed to pull his shirt out of the big man’s grasp and run away down the street. Jamie, left alone, suddenly realized her situation.

“Uh, boys?” She affected a lower, huskier tone of voice toward the bodybuilders. “Listen. No hard feelings?”

The shorter man folded his arms, while the beefier one—the man she had compared to a monkey—slowly walked towards her. He nodded grimly at his shaggy-haired female companion, who smiled a nastier smile than Jamie ever could affect.

“Listen, guys,” Jamie mumbled, worried now. “I know we got off on the wrong foot—but hey, I just wanted to test Armando, there. Why don’t you three and I have some fun?”

“Us—with YOU?” the beefy man laughed.

“Careful, Len,” the shaggy-haired woman theatrically sighed. “Mom never told you not to hit girls?”

“She DEFINITELY told me to defend myself when I’m insulted.” He turned serious. “An’ nobody calls me a monkey or hurts my family jewels.” Jamie wanted to flee, but Len grabbed her by the wrist. “So yeah, I’m gonna be the bigger man… and let my SIS mess her up.” He sharply pulled Jamie toward the shaggy-haired woman—applying a little more force to her arm than he had intended.

Jamie’s left forearm came off, revealing thick strands of sparkling wires and artificial muscles. Len yelled, dropping the arm. Jamie reeled and hollered. “I… I… superficial damage, please… LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU JER—RRRrrrr…”

The confused bodybuilders stepped back. Jamie reached for her disembodied arm with her other hand. Then, biting her lip, she tried to reconnect it to her shoulder—jerkily attempting to plug it into some unseen socket. But she failed.

“CALL a technician, you idiots!” she screamed at Len and his brother and sister. “My owner will have you… you...” she called into the empty space. “Well, fuck. At least I’m not completely broken dow—.” She crumbled on her knees, disabled once again.

Olivia, a shorter, dark-haired girl, emerged from behind Jamie, grinning as she let go of the fembot’s emergency shutdown button. *Well, THAT was for Blondie’s own good,* she reasoned to herself. Now she would actually do Jamie the favor of calling a cab, so Jamie could be driven home and fixed.

After all, Jamie had only insulted Olivia’s brothers and sister. It’s not like it was anything personal this time. Of course not.

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