Flea Bath by Abicion

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Flea Bath by Abicion

Postby N6688 » Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:31 am

(don't know if i should post it under "reports" or "stories")

Just found something short and interesting.
Quick warning though.........it's about Lucky cloe.............and now that i lost half the FC community here it is.

Flea Bath by Abicion
[Decontamination complete. Draining excess detergent.]

[Biometrics recorded. DNA samples secured.]

[Cybernetic enhancements installed – Organic components stabilized.]

[AI corrections verified. Releasing subject.]

The two radomes on the J3-RR1's head twitched with activity as the quadrupedal robot performed its horrible task.
The spinning cylinder on the unit's undercarriage made a loud clanking sound as it slammed to a stop.
Several secondary arms tilted the human-sized mixing tank upward and locked it into the robot's central chassis.
The darkened contents of the tank were pulled through the robot's body with a swift pneumatic whoosh before the empty tank was lowered back to its original position.

The J3-RR1 remained level on its four metal legs while its top portal slid open.
A lone figure slowly rose out of the opening on a round platform.

Chloe was lying on her stomach with her paws tucked under her chin, her boots kicking playfully in the air, and her tail slowly waving back and forth.
Her black and pink dress gleamed like freshly polished pleather.
Her long pigtails shined with slight dampness from the electronic marinade.
The J3-RR1's floodlights were arranged in a circle around her as if they were stage lights marking her big debut.
She looked strangely out of place, a soft speck of pink and blonde stretched out on the top of one of the G Corporation's heavily armed war machines.

Today was not Chloe's lucky day. She had been the first to unwittingly experience the full capabilities of the new J3-RR1 line.
Now she was a G Corporation cyborg, combat hardware in the deceptive form of a beautiful young girl.
This new and improved Chloe was a stark contrast to the brash human fighter who had been captured in the machine's portable sterilization tank hours ago.

"Mmm… Hehehe.
That wasn't so bad," Chloe said to herself.
"I just wish it wasn't so nasty at first."

Dozens of small twinkling power cables dangled from her earmuffs and the pink plastic sockets around her waist.
Chloe purred softly as the mother robot supplied her new cyborg body with precious energy and transferred commands directly into her CPU.

One by one, the J3-RR1 disconnected its cables from Chloe's body.
Once she was completely free, she crawled across the machine's armored hull on her hands and knees and peered over its canopy with a fanged grin.

"Now, who should I terminate first?"

Chloe's tactical programming switched to Battle Mode. Sharpened metal claws extended from each toe on her mittens. A reflective silver visor folded out from her headband and flipped down over her eyes. Every nano-muscle in her arms and legs tensed with anticipation, and then she pounced to the ground below.

Here a link to the fanfic page where i found this
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Re: Flea Bath by Abicion

Postby evil_boo » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:08 pm

Not bad...i wish there were more

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