Rebooted: A Boom-Boom Joint (5/4+epilogue)

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Re: Rebooted: A Boom-Boom Joint (5/4+epilogue)

Postby Propman » Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:15 pm

Absolutely, we want to write about complicated women who happen to be robots (and have a sex life) rather than sex robots. This fetish is interesting because it envelops lots of various themes. Some, like transformation or loss of free will, don't turn me on, and that's okay, there are many great writers whose work I enjoy (like Silkscreen's labor of love, or Robotman's opus magnum about Mike and Tammy's adventures) even though I don't get aroused by it.

I did not use the word 'porn' to imply that it's all about sex. Actually, I count over two dozen stories of australopith and mine on the wiki, and only a few of them involved hm... "penetration". In some, I played with sex, in some I wanted to simply show some relationships between humans and robots - and many stories that seemed well-liked by the readers involved little sex.

And anyway, thanks a lot for everyone who bothered to read this story and was not afraid to comment on it.


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