Debbi's Diary Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

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Debbi's Diary Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

Postby Murotsu » Thu May 12, 2016 11:14 pm

Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

Allen and Suzy were out shopping when it happened. She was badly damaged and he was rushed to a hospital. Suzy could be repaired. Allen was not expected to survive. I got the notification electronically from Suzy.

I rushed to find Brad. “Master! Allen and Suzy have been hurt in an accident.” I showed him the data on a tablet I had plugged into me.

Brad looked at it. His face turned serious. “Deb, where’d they take them?”

“Suzy went to a mecha station. Allen is at the regional medical center.”

“You’re sure Suzy’s going to be repaired?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then we’ll go to the medical center and check on Allen.”

Britany met us there. It had been two point four seven hours since the accident. We were at the reception desk.

“Allen Neumann?” Brad asked.

The fembot at the desk took a second to look up the data. “I am sorry sir, he is currently in intensive care awaiting surgery you cannot see him. I suggest you return tomorrow.”

The next day we were turned away again. When we came back a third time, we were told Allen had been transferred elsewhere without any details.

“Deb, try to locate where he went” Brad told me.

After seven minutes of trying, “Master, I am unable to locate Allen. Sorry.” I could not look at him having failed.

He and Britany hugged me. “You tried your best” Brad said, looking into my eyes. “Check on Suzy.”

That took me less than a second. I gasped. “Master, Suzy is no longer at that mecha facility! She is gone!” I squeezed his arm tightly.

“Gone? What do you mean gone?”

“There is no record of her being at that facility. My data from two days ago shows her being there and registered for repairs. I cannot explain this discrepancy.”

When we returned home, Brad checked the mailbox in the building lobby. He removed an envelope. I could see that it was plain other than Brad’s name on it.

“What’s this?” he asked.

I watched him open it. Inside was a silver foil card with an IP address on it that I only partially saw. Brad shoved it back into the envelope before I could see it entirely.

“Master, is something wrong?” I asked.

Brad stared hard at me. “We’ll use my system. Come on Deb. I’ll explain on the way.”

“Don’t put those addresses in your permanent memory for now, okay?” he told me showing me the first card, then the second. He hooked me up to his system. “I want you to monitor things. Make sure you have a barrier between you and my system just in case. I don’t want to put you at risk.”

I smiled back. “Understood Master. Thank you for protecting me.” I hugged him.

Brad typed in the first of the two IP addresses.

The screen went blank for a moment. Redirecting, appeared. There was a three point two eight second delay.

A colorful screen appeared. Welcome to Fantasy Girl Corporation. Below it was a blinking “Begin” button on the screen. In smaller print below it was a warning. If you enter there is no going back. Be sure before you enter.

We looked at each other.

“Should I disconnect Master?”

“I’m guessing it won’t make any difference Deb. Stay connected. Should we take the plunge?”

“You are my Master Brad. It is your decision.”

Brad stroked my cheek. “No, it’s our decision. Whatever we decide I’ll be there for you, just like I know you’ll be there for me.”

I gave him a grim smile and nodding. He pushed the button.

The screen shifted to a new display. A beautiful fembot was looking at us. “Welcome to Fantasy Girl, Brad Pederson. Nice to see you again Debbi Twenty-Two. Before we proceed I need confirmation from you, Mister Pederson that you agree to become part of Fantasy Girl.”

“Um, I really think I need a bit more information…” Brad replied.

“I cannot give you any details without your agreement. If you decline, we will pick up Debbi Twenty-Two and replace her with the unit you originally ordered.”

Brad’s mouth fell open slightly and his eyes got big.

I was not a mistake! I was meant for Brad! I processed. I had a hard time keeping a lid on my emotions. I wanted so badly to tackle him and tell him how much I loved him.

“That is correct, Mister Pederson, Debbi was intentionally sent to you, by us, for a trial period. The trial period is over. To keep her you must become part of Fantasy Girl.”

Brad bit his lip, glancing over at me. “Can I have some time to discuss this with Debbi?”

The fembot smiled at him. “Of course. That you wish to involve Debbi in your decision shows we made the correct selection for her placement. You have twenty four hours. Contact us, when you have decided, at the address on the card.” The screen went blank.

“Connection lost Master” I added.

“First Allen and Suzy, now this” Brad said, rubbing his forehead. “Deb, call Britany and tell her to come over. Tell her it’s really important.”


“What’s so important, Brad that you made me come over here rather than just tell me on the phone?” Britany said, getting right in his face. “Is this about Allen and Suzy?”

Brad shook his head. “No. It’s about me and Debbi, maybe Allen and Suzy too. I’m not sure. It might even involve you and Zoe. I just don’t know.” He sat resting his head in his hand.

“This sounds bad” Britany replied, sitting down too. She looked at me standing behind Brad. “He needs you, Deb.” She nodded, indicating I should sit down with him.

Brad held out the two cards to her. “These.”

She looked them over. “Okay, you totally lost me. What’s going on?”

“I found the first one in the pocket of my jacket coming home from work over a month ago. I never did figure out how it got there. The second was in my mailbox when I got back from the medical center, earlier today.”

“About an hour ago I tried one of them. I connected to something called Fantasy Girl. They wouldn’t tell me anything unless I agreed to become part, join, whatever Fantasy Girl is.”

“Brit, they made Debbi. They said they’d replace her with the robot I originally ordered if I didn’t agree to join.” He put his head in his hands. “Britany, I don’t want to lose her!”

I put my arm around him.

Britany leaned forward. “Then agree, moron! What’s the worst that could happen? You have to sign some contract, or whatever? Sign it. Debbi’s more important.”

He nodded, then looked at me. “You’re absolutely right, Deb is more important. Deb, let’s call them back.”

I threw my arms around him, almost toppling him over. “Understood Master!”

He made the connection.

The fembot on the screen smiled at him. “Your decision Mister Pederson?”

“I’ll join.”

She then looked past him. “Your decision Miss Pederson?”

That caught Britany off guard. “What? I have to join too?”

“Yes. You are aware of Fantasy Girl, so therefore you must agree too or this deal will not take effect.”

“It’s for Deb. You said it” Brad said looking at her.

Britany rolled her eyes and exhaled heavily. “Sure, why not? I agree too.”

“Are both of you absolutely sure about your decision? There is no going back” the fembot replied.

“Yes, I’m sure” Brad said authoritatively.

“I agree” Britany replied. She sounded almost lackadaisical in her response as if it were nothing important.

The screen instantly switched to one covered with numbers sweeping by in a blur.

“Data received” I said after several seconds.

The screen went blank. “Connection lost” I added.

“Deb…?” Brad asked.

I looked at both of them. “We need to pack our things. In sixty five hours we will be boarding a flight to go to Fantasy Girl. We are not allowed to tell or discuss this with anyone other than the three of us. Understood?”

“I can’t just get time off…” Britany started to say. She looked at her phone. “Damn! It died.”

“Employment and other functions will be taken care of by Fantasy Girl” I replied, cutting her off. “Your phone was disabled. No outside contact, understood? We have sixty four hours, fifty eight minutes, until boarding.”

Brad looked at her. “Looks like we aren’t going to be given a choice sis.”

Britany put her hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes. “We’re going to be okay, right, Deb?”

I smiled back. “Yes. It will be amazing. You will be fine.”

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Re: Debbi's Diary Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

Postby Murotsu » Thu May 12, 2016 11:17 pm

And, with this chapter there will be a short intermission while I write volume 2. Yes, it is mostly scripted out and the ideas are scribbled notes, but I have to turn that into actual finished product. The story takes a turn for the weird and completely different.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first part.

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Re: Debbi's Diary Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

Postby DollSpace » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:59 am

Sorry I have been gone for awhile...I've had some issues to deal with away from the board. But I can't wait for Volume 2, cos things here have been taking a turn for the suspenseful :) I like where it's going and it makes me want to read more of the story soon!

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Re: Debbi's Diary Chapter 25: Accidental knowledge

Postby Murotsu » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:47 pm

I am plugging away on Debbi's story. I have parts of 6 chapters written for Volume 2 and notes for the remainder of it. Like before, it goes in unexpected directions... I also have a little for the follow on Vol 3.

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