The V.I.C.I Diaries - Broken (Part 7)

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The V.I.C.I Diaries - Broken (Part 7)

Postby DukeNukem 2417 » Mon May 09, 2016 10:05 am

AUTHOR'S MONOLOGUE: Yep, not just a "note" this time. Full-on monologue.

First of all, I'd like to thank Dollspace for her earlier thread in which questions were asked and answered. Though I didn't participate except for one post, I feel it only fair to add my opinions on what everybody said right now.

On the subject of story length: A number of double entendres could be made here, but I'll just say this. I write long stories. Always have (counting the crap I used to churn out before I decided to write fanfic proper....and that's the ONLY mention of it you'll get from me), always will. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of Doctor Who and the serialized storytelling they pioneered in that show, maybe it's because I grew up on shareware games that came in "episodes" and such....I don't know. I tried to break some of my work here into chapters (like what I'm doing with "Broken") to make it easier to digest, easier to process. If that gets good feedback, I'll make future stories episodic. If not, back to the old way.

On the lack of SF in a supposedly ASFR series: There are many, MANY other people who write robosmut better than I ever could. Out of respect for them and their work, I'm not going to force myself to try and emulate what they've done---the end result would be of such poor quality that I'd get laughed off the forum in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

On this being a Small Wonder fanfic: I want to make something perfectly clear. The Vicki Lawson in this story isn't the pinafore-wearing, take-every-command-literally "walking appliance" she was at the end of the series proper. Victoria Anne-Smith Lawson, as of "Broken", has the physical appearance, emotional and psychological maturity and overall demeanor of a 20-something college student at San Jose State University. As V.I.C.I, she has all of that, plus glowing eyes and a cooler-sounding robotic monotone voice. If it helps, picture Jennifer Lawrence as Vicki/V.I.C.I---she's younger than I am, but still "of age" by board standards, so that should put everybody's minds at ease.

And lastly....on me potentially "quitting" or "giving up" due to lack of interest.

To quote the catchphrase of the first-person shooter I took two words of my username from......ALWAYS bet on Duke. 8)

Now, then, with that out of the way.....on with the show. :)
“....whoever attacked us wasn't after anyone specifically,” Vicki surmised. “EMP ordinance, non-lethal tactics and a hit-and-run strategy.....they were trained to fight androids and gynoids, or at least ordered to.”

“Apparently, they weren't trained to leave property intact,” Rae muttered. “They did break a few windows---”

Vicki glared at her, allowing Harris to interject. “Windows can be replaced. Casualties would've been a LOT harder to overcome.” He glanced at Alicia, standing by the still-snoring Ted. “Whoever sent those guys has a lot to answer for,” the blonde gynoid intoned. “As for us....”

“Epsilon,” Kylie finished, sighing. “I was hoping we were done looking for him....”

A shudder from Casey cut her off. “'s nothing,” she assured her colleague. “Just a twinge, like I said---”

“Anti-viral scans are picking up a foreign program in your systems, Case.” Rae was at her fellow gynoid's side in an instant. “As a fellow gynoid Field Agent,” she sighed, “I just have to ask: were you swapping selfware upgrades with someone from---”

“I didn't!” Casey assured her. “It's....just a twi----a it just me or is it really warm in here?”

Rae's intended question about the temperature was cut off by Vicki: “Rae, get away from her.”

“Vicki....what are you---”

“Her power cell's red-lining....she's been infected with some kind of virus!”
“What's happening to Allegra?!” Melody was halfway out of her chair just after the ponytailed gynoid began shuddering. “What did you do---”

“You mean, what did Helios do,” Max corrected. “I told you, she picked it up from---”

A letter opener embedded itself in the wall a few inches to the left of Max's chair. “What did you do to her?” Melody growled.

Max adjusted his collar, looking almost bored. “Helios is overclocking her internal power cell, faster than any standard activity would. It's effectively the same effect that mainlining pure espresso has on a human heart, though I haven't really tested what happens when it....fully kicks in.” He steepled his fingers, leaning back; “If anything,” he added, “you should be pissed off at the carrier she picked it up from....if you can even find them.”

“You made your point,” Octavia conceded. “Now shut it off, please.”

“'Shut it off'?” Max echoed, chuckling. “Miss Martinet, I can't 'shut it off' any more than I can 'shut off' my lungs, or my sense of smell. The Helios program is doing what it was designed to do. It's integrated with her---”

“MAKE IT STOP!” Melody shouted. “She's going to break apart if she keeps shaking---”

Again, Max chuckled. “The shaking is just her system trying to sort out the new code. It'll stop in a second or so----” Even as he spoke, Allegra had stopped shuddering violently. “And there it is,” he beamed. “The next part should be interesting....I've only hypothesized about what it can do---”

Melody's chair hit the floor with a dull clong; in three seconds, her hands were on Max's lapels. “What will it do to her?!” she hissed.

“.....Helios was the god who carried the sun across the sky,” Max whispered. “Let that sink in for a moment...”

All eyes in the room turned to the stock-still, wide-eyed figure of Allegra, staring blankly at the far wall.
“I...I can't see anything.” Casey whispered. “....Kylie, you're still here, right?”

“I'm still here,” Kylie murmured. “I'm right next to you, Case....we're all still here...” She glanced at Vicki with a panicked look. “What's happening to her?! Why is she---”

Rae guided her to a kneel as Vicki approached. “Her systems are redlining,” the brunette gynoid replied, her tone grim. “Everything is overheating....her ocular sensors couldn't stand up to such a sudden, sharp increase in temperature---” She flinched as Casey's hand closed around her wrist. “I....I can't feel your arm, Vicki...I know I'm touching your arm, but I....I can't feel it.....” Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “....what's happening to me?!

“Alicia, wake Ted up,” Harris ordered. “Casey, try to stay calm. We're going to help you---”

Any trace of calmness in his own demeanor vanished as soon as twin gouts of flame erupted from Casey's ruined optics.


“We can't do anything until we know what you've been affected with,” Vicki began, but Rae was already wiping the tears from the stricken gynoid's cheeks. “We're not gonna let this take you, babe,” she whispered. “We can help you---”

“Rae, get away from her. You might contract whatever is doing this to her---”

“And you have a better idea?!” the tanned gynoid snapped. “She's dying, Vicki---we have to do something!”

For the first time since her beating at the hands of Epsilon and Oberon, Vicki felt utterly helpless.

Harmony didn't bother glancing at her “sister”. The sight of Allegra with fire shooting out of her eyes, nostrils and slack-jawed mouth was both horrifying and---loathe as she was to admit it---fascinating. At the same time, she was holding Siren close, hoping to spare her the sight of a fellow gynoid being obliterated by this Helios program.

“From a technical standpoint,” Max continued, ignoring the proximity of Melody's hands to his throat, “it is a rather interesting phenomena to behold---”

“She's turning red,” Octavia intoned, her own voice a bit too flat for her liking. “Why is she---”

A stunned laugh---from Max---prompted another growl from Melody. “She's trying to vent,” Max breathed, “to expel the heat from her system....but they're all failing at once...” Harmony practically dragged Siren away from the stricken gynoid, moving to stand by Octavia. “It''s more than I ever expected---”

A backhand strike from Melody sent Max to the floor. “Give me the order,” she rasped, “and I'll snap his neck!”

“....he killed her,” Harmony murmured, “put the virus in her----”

Octavia didn't answer either gynoid. Her stare was fixed on Allegra, rapidly changing from red to orange, to a rather alarming shade of purple. The chair beneath the doomed gynoid was already beginning to burn from the intense heat output from her more intimate orifices, and her clothing wouldn't last much longer. There was no way Octavia, Harmony, Melody or Siren could try to shut her off without risking infection themselves; the gynoid was, quite simply, doomed.

Even as Melody threatened Max's life (and his manhood), Octavia never moved to help Allegra.
“Ted's still out cold....he can't help us.” Alicia's words carried the faintest hint of sadness, as if she knew Casey was about to die. “One of us will have to—-”

“Any of you tries it,” Harris interjected, “you'll catch the same thing she has.” Even as Casey was turning from purple to a rather alarming shade of hot white, Vicki and Rae had moved her from the sofa to the kitchen counter---the only surface that wouldn't burn or melt from her “output”. “I'll shut her off. At the very least, it'll stop her from going into a full meltdown---”

MAKE IT STOP!” Casey wailed. “PLEASE!

Vicki, watching from the entrance to the kitchen, couldn't speak. She'd seen the effects of other viruses, with the hated Stylo virus among the most lethal, before....but this was just wrong. It was more visceral, or at least more immediate, than the Stylo virus---and more immediately dangerous.

Harris recoiled; smoke wafted off of the burnt flesh of his hand. “Switches are fused....get my phone!”

Rae, standing next to Vicki, was already hugging the brunette gynoid and crying into her shoulder. Kylie, from her seat at the table with her head bowed, was uttering something under her breath---probably a prayer.

“....IT.....HURTS.......PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.......”

Casey's pitiful wails went unanswered. Even as Harris---letting his burnt left hand rest at his side---tried to turn her off with his phone, she still felt the pain of her body being burned from the inside.

And Vicki Lawson, watching it all, felt utterly powerless to do anything.
“Make it stop, please,” Siren whispered, clinging to Harmony for support. A fleeting thought of maternity---of being Siren's mother, rather than her sister---passed through the redheaded gynoid's processors.

Melody had finally stopped trying to choke Max Mills, dumbstruck by the horrific immolation of Allegra.

Octavia Martinet, CEO of United Robotronics, simply....stared.

Whatever had ignited within Allegra was now burning through her---holes were forming in her skin from where the heat had proven too much for her internal fireproofing. Her ample bosom had swelled, at first---”inflated”, no doubt, by the same heat that was destroying her---but after a few seconds of something that, under different circumstances, might've been comedic, her breasts simply exploded outwards, sending superheated gel, burning synthflesh and charred cloth flying.

Her nether regions, now freed from the confines of her jean shorts and underwear, were mangled beyond all recognition by the flames that had consumed her. The shapely curves of her rear, so effectively emphasized by her clothes, were gone---melted into blackened, ruined plastic. Worse than these, of course, was her face---looking for all the world like a chrome death's head, with synthetic flesh dripping off the metallic “bones”. What might've been a scream worked its way past her rapidly-blackening teeth....

...and then, mercifully, something in Allegra's midsection detonated, sending the gynoid and her chair backwards---and that, for some unknown reason, was enough to trigger the fire suppression systems. A rain of chemical foam poured over the ruined body of Allegra, effectively drowning the fire in a matter of seconds.

A trace of something wet rolled down Octavia's cheek. A milisecond's analysis revealed that it wasn't cooled-off gel from Allegra's detonating boobs, or a far-flung drop of fire-suppressant foam.

“......well,” Max Mills breathed. “I think, ah.....that....was enough of a demonstration, wouldn't you agree?”

None of the four gynoids left standing even turned to look at him as he made his way out of the room.
Vicki's gaze never left the countertop where Casey lay, unmoving.

Even as Harris---still swearing under his breath as Rae and Kylie tended to his hand (the heat emanating from Casey had effectively seared his flesh as he pressed her emergency deactivation switch)---made his way past her, the brunette gynoid still stared. Casey's ruined optics stared up at the ceiling, her mouth (which, as with all of her face, was surprisingly intact) frozen in a silent, pained scream.

One word echoed through Vicki's processors: Why?!

“.....backups are still viable,” Alicia was saying, “so we can probably start the transfer as soon as---Vicki? Hey, Vicki, are you in standby mode or what?” She snapped her fingers in front of the Field Agent's eyes.

“.....backups, viable, right. Start the transfer....” Every word was mumbled, as if Vicki was just waking up.

Alicia shook her head. “I'd say 'go home', but, well, you already are....” She sighed. “Just....take a break, for now,” she advised. “We'll get this sorted out. Somehow---”

“Sorted out,” Rae called out, prompting a hiss from Harris as she accidentally tightened the wrap around his hand. “A trusted friend and fellow Field Agent damn near went up in flames, right in front of us, and you say we'll get this sorted out?!” Ignoring Kylie's pleas to stay with Harris, the tanned gynoid marched up to Alicia and Vicki, glaring at both of them. “You don't even know what the hell she was infected with,” she hissed.

“How could we have known?!” Alicia countered.

“How about we just....get Casey off the countertop?” Vicki quietly suggested. “Please?”
“....get her out of here,” Octavia muttered, finally turning away from the ruined, burnt figure of Allegra. “Get the cleaners to remove what's left of her, and just---”

“You're throwing her away?!” Melody hissed. “Just she was trash?!

Harmony looked away. “....we can use her backups,” she offered, “give her a new body---”

“Mills takes priority. How exactly did he gain access to the Helios project?” Octavia returned to her seat, still refusing to look at Allegra's charred remains. “Helios was meant to be under lock and key, not even accessible to me....”

Siren, looking as if she'd rather be anywhere else in the building than that room, spoke up: “.....Mills of our people 'passed it' to him. Said we 'have ethical concerns' about if Helios was something we only just got rid of....” She glanced at Melody, almost expecting a rebuke....but to her surprise, the brunette was nearly weeping openly at the sight of Allegra's destroyed form. “ could've been leaked,” she quietly added, “or even bought....”

“Mills had no idea the DVS even existed before now,” Octavia countered. “It's....”

“We knew about him,” Siren reminded her. “Maybe....this was him trying to keep us from....” She shook her head. “I don't know. It all sounds too.....convenient. Something doesn't add up---”

The sound of a chair smashing into the wall cut her off; Melody had practically flipped her own chair over as she stood up. “How can you just SIT THERE,” she snapped, “STARING AT HER LIKE THAT?! We need to get to her backups, we need to restore her.....” Her voice bordered on near panic with every syllable.

As Harmony and Siren watched, Octavia rose from her chair, staring at Melody and the ruined Allegra....

…..and, without a word, strode to the door, gently pushed it open, and walked out of the room.
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Re: The V.I.C.I Diaries - Broken (Part 7)

Postby DukeNukem 2417 » Sun May 22, 2016 1:19 pm

If I keep posting this story, and any further stories in this series, is ANYONE here going to read/comment?
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Re: The V.I.C.I Diaries - Broken (Part 7)

Postby Baron » Mon May 23, 2016 12:08 am

DukeNukem 2417 wrote:If I keep posting this story, and any further stories in this series, is ANYONE here going to read/comment?

:oops: :oops: :oops:

Dreadfully sorry for not piping up sooner, Old Boy. The moment for me to resume activity on my own behalf here is still not quite right, but I'll make an exception, in this instance.

I've long been on record as a staunch enthusiast and supporter of your work, even if I don't do the whole "comment-as-a-running-monologue" thing all that often. :P Quite frankly, your work simply speaks for itself. Most eloquently, I might add!! Oh, I'll grudgingly admit that longer / serialized narratives like yours {and mine, and several others here} may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I put it down more to the society we're all living in - the "sound-bite society," dig? In other words, if it can't be printed on a Bazooka Bubble Gum wrapper, or posted on FaceTwat in 30 seconds or less, then fuhgeddaboutit!! :mrgreen: But I will make the observation that those who are apopleptic about "long-arse meller-drammers" really don't know what they're missing out on, ya feel me?

Regarding your protagonist, I for one LOVE the idea of V.I.C.I "coming of age,"as it were. Yes, the original "Small Wonder" was pure kiddie-fodder {and for some strange reason also appealed strongly to the "Righteous Cheech And Chong Botherhood," not that I'd know anything about that } but your fanfic updating - especially the ALPA Universe as the central setting - is a dandy way to "reboot the franchise" as they say nowadays. Your plots are top-shelf; the action is most compelling 98% of the time, and all the characters "read well" in any given scenario or situation. Pacing; exposition; plot-twists; backstories and story-arcs; all these and any other hallmarks of a skillful author, you've got 'em all, and then some. :notworthy:

Sexy-sex? Well, speaking only for myself, I've yet to come across.a truly satisfying scene - it's either the sort of titillation one would get from a 60 year old prostitue with TB, or the sort of titillation so graphically way over-the-top that it would make the entre adult-film industry blush furiously, before quickly larking off to join the nearest convent or nunnery! :sick: I guess my bottom line for you is do what you feel comfortable with, and leave it at that. If it works, fine; if not, oh well - there's always the "cantaloupe heated in the oven to 250 degrees" option to fall back on, right? :twisted:

Conclusion - don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things!! :mrgreen:

Peace in, garbage out. :rockon:
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Re: The V.I.C.I Diaries - Broken (Part 7)

Postby zerodin » Mon May 23, 2016 12:27 pm

DukeNukem 2417 wrote:If I keep posting this story, and any further stories in this series, is ANYONE here going to read/comment?

Speaking for myself here: To be blunt, no.
Its a good story, but it's not the kind of story I come here for.

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