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Re: Slow Day - The Cafe

Postby Spaz » Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:47 pm

Chapter 8: Looking Ahead

While JB and Ellie engaged in several rounds of sex, Gabby had decided to return to the house and prepare dinner. It had, after all, been a trying day, and Jack certainly deserved a well cooked meal.

Jack wasn’t just watching JB and Ellie’s activities, however, he was mainly monitoring both their wireless feeds to detect any errors, paying closer attention to JBs feed. After all, if Jack ever did have to transfer his consciousness into JBs body, he wanted to make extra certain it was fully functional.

Still, it did serve another purpose. While it was not JBs intended function, it did help to keep Ellie off his case about having sex with him. Also, while this Ellie was just an android copy of the real thing, Jack could tell this Ellie was a bit lonely…perhaps, once Jack had finished testing JB some more, he might keep JB online for a more permanent basis to serve as Ellie-Bot’s boyfriend or something.

Jack had to laugh at that prospect. His somewhat promiscuous cousin had sent him an android in her image to seduce and assist him, and he built an android in his image to essentially mate with it.

In any event, the inclusion of Ellie-bot in his life certainly made things more interesting, and, if she became too attached to JB, Jack could always just build a new Jack-bot to transfer himself into, and then make the original one his twin brother or something.

It certainly was something to think about in the coming year, but for now Jack just wanted to focus on the last few weeks of this year.

Jack hadn’t really given them any instructions or suggestions on how long they should engage in sexual activities. But, before too much time had passed, they finally stopped and then stepped into the shower together to clean up before presenting themselves to Jack for examination.

“Hmmm, I guess they’re more like us than I give them credit for,” Jack mused, thinking that that’s about how long he might’ve had sex with Gabby before throwing in the towel. Still knowing his own habits, as well as Ellie’s, he figured he had roughly ten minutes to continue compiling the sexual data from their experience.

While Jack was working on the data, he suddenly realized that the data could be used to further improve the female models sexual systems, since for the first time he had data from a male one. Before he could think on it further, he heard JB and Ellie returning from the testing room, so he saved his work for later.

“So guys, how was it?” Jack asked.

“It was great!” Ellie squealed, jumping up and down with excitement as JB gave a subtle nod and sigh.

“And how about you JB?” Jack asked, “How was it?”

“It was really good, actually,” JB admitted, “she’s much more maneuverable in bed, apparently.”

Jack laughed at that, though Ellie looked confused, not having heard JBs assessment earlier.

“What do you mean?” Ellie asked.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier, but I had to activate JB before you since I had forgotten to install a patch in your A.I. core,” Jack explained, “He got to try your body out for a couple minutes before we finally activated you in his body.”

“Oh,” Ellie said with a slight look of disappointment, “Well, trying out your body still makes up for it, so I don’t mind,” she then said with a smile.

“Good,” Jack said, looking a bit relieved, “Now, I know I have the dump files from your sexual experiences, but did you guys experience any issues in there…at all?” Jack asked.

JB nodded his head, “No Jack, I functioned exactly as you would have in the same situation,” he replied clinically.

“Perhaps he did,” Ellie interjected, “But then in that case, maybe you should program Gabby with some new techniques that she can teach you to program into JB here,” she said, “While the sex was great, it was rather simplistic,” she finished delicately.

“Good to know,” Jack said, fighting a blush.

“Aside from that, he performed well…at least well enough to keep me off your case for a few more weeks,” she added slyly.

“Well, then there’s nothing left for me to do but thank you two for the wealth of data you provided me,” Jack told them, “In the meanwhile, I’m going to keep you in a state of deactivation while I review your activity logs,” Jack told JB.

“Okay,” JB said dutifully.

“Aw, do you have to?” Ellie whined.

“Don’t worry Ellie, it’s just for the next few days,” Jack assured her, “At least until I can make sure JB truly is functioning properly.”

While Jack was assuring Ellie, JB had already laid down on the table he had been activated upon and patiently waited for Jack to deactivate him. Seeing that JB was ready, Jack approached him and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll turn you on some more tomorrow.”

“I know,” JB said, since he knew how Jack thought.

Jack nodded knowingly and then activated the deactivation sequence behind JBs right ear. JB smoothly shut down as though he had fallen asleep, a difference Jack had programmed into him, since he thought it odd that the normal ones shut down immediately.

Once JB was completely shut down, Jack covered him up with a cloth and then turned to Ellie. “Well, if you want to eat the lovely dinner Gabby’s cooking, you might want to get dressed,” Jack suggested, pausing to admire Ellie’s body.

“Oh,” Ellie said, seeming to have forgotten she was naked, “I suppose I should,” she smiled with a hint of programmed embarrassment showing on her face. She quickly walked to where she had discarded her clothes earlier and redressed. “Feel better now?” she asked.

“Hey, I don’t mind seeing you naked,” Jack told her, “But I don’t want you to be naked all the time.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Ellie sighed, “So, now what?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“Well, you took control of the motel, and you built the café, and fine-tuned the staff in each, myself included, so now what?” she asked.

“To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it too much,” Jack admitted, walking over to his work area and collapsing in his chair; the stress from the day finally caught up to him, and he found he was exhausted.

“Well, if I might make a suggestion, perhaps you should wait a year or so before adding any new staff…or properties,” Ellie said, plopping onto the empty examination table.

“Well, I sort of already came to that decision,” Jack told her, “Though I have given some thought to acquiring some alternates to occasionally give some of the girls a break from time to time,” he mused, “probably just Kat, Rakhee, Amber, and Serriah, since they’re the ones who are most active on a day to day basis,” he added.

“That might be a good idea,” Ellie nodded.

“Aside from that, I’m going to use all the extra money to dish out some awesome upgrades next Christmas,” he continued, “I’ve already got this year’s planned, but they’re mostly maintenance related…nothing special.”

“Anything for me?” Ellie asked excitedly.

“A few things,” Jack shrugged off, still lost in thought, “But, perhaps with your help, I can come several steps closer to making Gabby more humanlike,” Jack said, “That’s still my ultimate project and goal…even more so than JB’s creation was.” As Jack said that, he absently grabbed the glass of illegal pheromones that they had extracted from Amber’s body.

“Oh, I see,” Ellie said with a knowing look.

“Exactly,” Jack smiled, “And I also saved the base programming of the Mark IV personality files I removed from Amber as well, as well as the sleeper programming from Luiza.”

“Well, with that concoction, I’m sure you can come up with some interesting improvements for her,” Ellie smiled.

“I hope so,” Jack smiled back. But, before the two of them could get started on anything, Gabby buzzed them that dinner was ready.

“Well, dinner calls I suppose,” Jack shrugged.

“Don’t worry, we’ve still got a few weeks before Christmas,” Ellie assured him.

“You’re right,” Jack said, giving Ellie a surprise kiss before taking her hand and walking with her to the door.

As the two of them headed to the lift into the house, Jack’s terminal remained on, still compiling all of JBs sex data, as well as the data labelled: Gabby’s Christmas present.
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Re: Slow Day - The Cafe

Postby NukuNookee » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:30 am

Nice ending to this segment, the character development for the bots is excellent. Looking forward to Gabby's Christmas present....
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