Awake (Part 4B)

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Awake (Part 4B)

Postby TW » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:00 pm

By popular demand, here's the next section of "Awake"! As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've sat on this for a couple of years, never quite happy with how it came out, but after the resounding success of the story writing contest, I felt it was very selfish of me not to contribute what I had. I won't lie to you all and say "I'm back" or any other platitudes, but you will see a conclusion to this story without having to wait another five years to get it!

Without further ado...

Sprinting down the beach, the two dove into the water: Dean headfirst and Jenny on her back, dolphin-kicking her way to where the ball floated, drifting slowly out to sea before being pushed back towards the shore by the waves.

Jenny had never swam in salt water before, but she had confidence in her artificial strength and durability. She knew that each unit shipped had been tested in 100 separate submersion events in a variety of liquids. Yep, I'm tough, she thought before recalling her recent glitches, but there's no reason to take any unnecessary chances.

Jenny flipped around and kept her head above water, her powerful servomotors propelling her lithe body towards the ball. Dean was close by, right next to her as their arms reached out. His fingers brushed the side of the floating orb, sending it spinning lazily as Jenny put forth one last burst of speed and-

"Got it!" she cried, scooping the ball into her chest as Dean surfaced gasping behind her. Treading water, she threw the ball towards the beach. It bounced twice and landed within six inches of Dean's discarded shirt.

"Wow." Dean's eyes widened in amazement, impressed for the second time in as many minutes at the girl's strength. "You do that better than most of my team!"

Jenny mentally cursed herself and vowed to resume her research into her motion randomness program as she shrugged, "Ahh, just luck. Bet I couldn't do that again!"

"I dunno..." Dean ran a hand through his sodden curls.

"I do." Jenny replied, quickly calculating a change in subject. "So what do you want to do now that you've got me all wet in the water?" she raised her eyebrow suggestively.

Dean went instantly red. "W-well, uh, I-I don't know. W-what do you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know..." she rolled her eyes up pensively, "Wanna play around?"

"Play a-"

“Tag!” Jenny reached out and tapped him on the head. “You’re it!” she dove forward into the water, her earlier hesitation forgotten. Dean laughed as he dove after her, marveling again at the curious American's demeanor and strength.

Dean kicked hard as he swam to catch the fleeing girl. Jenny was a fast swimmer, and it always seemed that just as he was about to tag her, she’d dart out of the way and just out of his reach.

Story of my life with girls. He sighed to himself. He dunked himself under the water and waited for Jenny to pass by. He felt her leg brush against his—

“Gotcha!” Dean popped out of the water, his hand tagging her right on her breasts.
His hand shot off as though it had been scalded. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” Dean stumbled backwards, awaiting the inevitable slap.

Jenny instead stared at him with an amused-looking grin on her face. “Oh, Dean.” She rolled her emerald eyes. “Here,” she grabbed his hands and placed them right atop her ample tits, “See? It’s okay. You touched them. It’s not awkward anymore.”

Dean couldn’t have disagreed more. He felt like he was going to collapse as she held his hands on her chest. “I-uh…”

“Do you want to give them a squeeze?” Jenny suggested. She compressed his hands in her own, making them cup a little more. Dean’s heart raced as blood flowed to his rapidly swelling member. His knees were weak as he slowly massaged Jenny’s tits through the bikini fabric. She closed her eyes and sighed softly as his thumbs flicked over her hardening nipples. He closed his eyes and felt her hands loosen around his own. He gave her breasts one last squeeze and—

“Tag!” Jenny bopped him on the head. “You’re it again!” She smiled brightly and dove away again.

“H-hey! No fair!” Dean called after her. “No tag backs!” He swam towards her.

Outwardly, Jenny grinned and chuckled to herself at her ruse, while inwardly she felt a sense of growing discomfort. The subroutine that had triggered her minor malfunctions earlier hadn't closed. On the contrary, it had grown bigger and more demanding in spite of the limitations she had placed on it. Streams of corrupt data flowed from it into her central processor, annoying her like a fly buzzing around her brain. She grimaced and loosened her memory restrictions, hoping it would finish whatever it was doing so she could close the offending program.

She felt the effects instantly as her subroutine expanded to consume the memory she had allocated to it and then some as the corrupt data she'd processed suddenly coalesced into query strings and raw emotions. Underwater, her jaw dropped open and her eyes glazed over as she dodged yet another one of Dean's attempts to tag her. She was so bogged down with this new data and her evasion subroutines that she was barely able to process a warning filter through her processor:

Alert: Abdominal containment system at 50% capacity

The world around Jenny stuttered and slowed for a moment and she felt a twinge of panic rush through her as she realized that her throat had opened along with her mouth. Her stomach was now rapidly filling with seawater! She desperately sent commands to close her mouth and expel her stomach's contents to no avail. Her memory manager was too bogged down.

Warning: Abdominal containment system at 80% capacity!

Jenny's vision swirled around her in a sluggish blur as she continued swimming, her evasion programming randomly guiding her deeper out to sea. Feeling the additional resistance against her servo's pumping, Jenny's eyes went wide as she realized that her systems hadn't adjusted her strokes to adapt for her increased weight. Her movements became jerky as she spammed her memory manager with requests to close the evasion program, only to be stymied by the same lack of resources. She sank deeper into the water, curving away from Dean even more as she did so.

Warning: Abdominal containment system at 100% capacity! Possibility of internal seal failure. Attempting to regurgitate…failed! Retrying…

Jenny’s body jerked to a halt as she sank, quivering slightly as her servos responded to the bad data emitted from her central processor. A sort of melancholia settled over her as scenarios of what might happen flashed through her AI. The water wasn’t extremely deep, but she would sink to the bottom and lie there until her memory manager improved to the point where she could swim on her own again, or until the spasms of the servos compromised her abdominal containment system, at which point she would catastrophically fail in a shower of internal sparks. Of course there were other possibilities, that one of the others would notice her plight and dive in to save her. She imagined Dean’s wiry arms wrapping around her torso and propelling her to the surface. Just then, Jenny had a strange feeling of being lifted out of the water, before realizing that she was in fact, wrapped by Dean’s wiry arms. Her body still would not respond, however, still jerking slightly as he carried her out onto the beach.

Dean, meanwhile, was freaking out. Totally oblivious to the fact that Jenny was safe and sound inside her own head, Dean looked into her half open eyes and noticed a distinct lack of breath exiting the American’s mouth. Panicking, he stretched Jenny out on the nearest patch of dry sand he could find, screaming to the others for help. He felt along her taut abdomen, trying to discern any signs of breathing or heartbeat but feeling only a slight twitching. Is that a heartbeat? Muscle spasm? What? Dean thought. Either way, Jenny was definitely not breathing. That meant CPR.

Unsure of exactly what to do, Dean drew upon years of movies and TV shows. Pinching Jenny’s nose shut, he tried not to think of the fact that he was kissing Kelly’s cousin.
Just as his lips brushed hers, Jenny’s body finally started responding again, regurgitating the entire contents of her abdominal container and spewing seawater into Dean’s face.
Jenny sat bolt upright, her gasping and coughing barely covering the sound of straining servo pumps. Dean was too busy spitting out the contents of Jenny’s stomach to notice.

“Dean?” Jenny croaked as her savior hacked and spat again. He looked up.

“Hiya.” He smiled weakly as the others came running up.

“Ohmigod, Dean! Jenny! Are you guys alright?” Anilee knelt next to her brother and stricken friend.

“I-I’m alright.” Dean stood and offered his hand to Jenny. “You okay?”

Jenny just nodded as she took his hand. She rose woodenly, a look of shock evident on her face.
She was almost bowled over once more by the sudden rush of Kelly’s embrace. “Jenny!” She cried, wrapping her arms tight around her stunned cousin. “Jenny, please tell me you’re alright!”
Jenny returned Kelly’s embrace stiffly. “I-I-I…I am fine, Kelly.” She responded in monotone, putting a hand to her head and shaking it. “I’m fine now, thanks to Dean.” She smiled weakly, her voice sounding much more like herself.

“Oh, God, Dean!” Kelly enveloped him in a tight bear hug. “You saved her! You saved Jenny’s life!”

“It-it was nothing!” A surprised Dean slowly returned her embrace. Kelly looked up into his eyes.

“It was more than nothing, Dean. It was heroic.” A sparkle twinkled in her eye as she kissed him full on the lips. Dean staggered back a moment when she released him, and Kelly was at her cousin’s side again, who watched the whole scene with a look of mild confusion.

“Jenny, are you sure you’re ok? Maybe we should call an ambulance?” Anilee suggested.

“Yeah, you had stopped breathing…”

“No, no, I’m fine, really.” Jenny assured them, waving her hand dismissively. “I just need a few minutes, that’s all.”


“Maybe I should take her home.” Kelly put an arm around Jenny’s waist. “Keep an eye on her, make sure she’s okay?”

“That would…that would be fine, Kelly.” Jenny nodded and turned to Dean. “Thank you.” She whispered in his ear as she embraced him, but her hug felt stiff, unnatural. Dean just put it down to shock as the two girls said their goodbyes and walked away.

Once in the car, Kelly took Jenny full on the lips. “God, Jenny, I thought I lost you!” Kelly cried as their embrace broke. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“All systems check out, five by five.” Jenny nodded. “I’m really fine, Kelly. I am.”

“What happened?!”

“I…” Jenny trailed off, hanging her head, “I had a malfunction. I had a process overrun that triggered a feedback loop, overloading my memory manager and causing me to lose control of my motor systems.”

“What were you processing? What could possibly cause you to crash like that?” Kelly demanded.

Jenny shook her head. “I’m sorry, Kelly. That data was corrupted in the feedback loop.” She lied.


“Kelly, I’m really fine. It wasn’t a virus or anything, I was just processing a large amount of raw emotional data at the time. I just can’t tell you what it was.”

Or won’t. Jenny thought as Kelly started the car. She didn’t like the idea of lying to her lover, but she was somewhat embarrassed to be snooping on the relationship between Kelly and Dean. She checked—that subroutine was still running—but now that Dean had saved her there were new variables that had entered the equation, more mysteries to process.

“Raw emotional data, huh? Maybe something to do with Dean?” Kelly suggested helpfully.

“Yeah…” Jenny trailed off, lost in thought. “Maybe something to do with Dean.” She stared out the window as they drove home, beginning to feel emotions that she only felt towards one other person: longing and attraction.

“To the hero of the day!” Tom smiled, hoisting his shot glass in the air. “And my Dean always remember who was his swimming instructor who taught him everything he knows, so that he might one day save a beautiful lady in distress!” He nodded to Jenny.

“Aww, “ Jenny blushed, “but I bet Dean would’ve done the same if it was anybody else.”

“True, but rescuing someone like you makes it that much more worth it.” Tom chuckled with a slightly drunken grin. “To Dean, and to chivalry!” He hoisted his glass.

“I’ll drink to that!” Dean clinked his own shot glass against those of his friends and tipped the strong smelling liquid into his mouth, coughing as it irritated the back of his throat. “Whoo!” he slammed the glass down on the table and felt warmth spread from his stomach.

“Dean, you’re a champ!” Jake cheered.

“Five shots in five minutes! My bro’s getting fucked uppppp!” Anilee patted her brother on the back.

“He can take it, he’s a big boy now!” Kelly winked and smacked him on the ass. Dean’s eyebrows shot up as he coughed loudly.

Jake laughed as he filled their glasses again. “Ok, Jen. Your turn for a toast.” He turned to the American.

“Umm…” Jenny thought for a moment as she grabbed her glass. Suddenly she smiled “To great friends, great heroes, and to the best party I’ve ever been to!” Dean saw Kelly smirk as they hoisted their glasses with a ‘hear hear.’

Kelly slammed her empty glass down. “Oooh, I think I’m starting to feel it!” she shouted.

“Lightweight.” Renee teased as Tom danced up behind her.

“It’s a DANCE PARTAY!” Kelly screamed, pulling a stunned Dean over to the open floor. She positioned herself in front of him, her ass grinding away at his waist in time to the music. Dean felt himself go almost instantly hard when she put his hands right under her breasts.

“Uhh-um, K-kelly?” Dean gasped, slowly sliding his hands downward and away from his former babysitter’s firm c-cups.

“Shh!” Kelly pulled his hands back up to the point where his hands rested on her underboob. “You need to learn this for when you’re in school. Now pull me closer.”

Dean glanced around self-consciously. Everyone else was currently focused on their own significant others, and Jenny was nowhere to be seen. He swallowed his fear and pulled the gyrating girl towards him, holding her close as his stiff penis pressed into her swaying backside.

“Mmm…” Kelly closed her eyes and sighed, leaning her head into Dean’s chest. “You sure are big, aren’t you?”

Dean just laughed nervously and rested his head on Kelly’s shoulder. She turned her head and whispered into his ear.

“Can I see it?” Her breath stank of tequila. “I know how long you’ve wanted to share it with me.”
Dean’s eyes widened a bit and his swaying slowed as his alcohol-addled brain struggled to compute what was happening. Is she coming on to me? Have I really been that obvious? Is she just messing with me? C’mon, Dean, do something! He looked up and caught Tom’s eye, who winked and mouthed a distinctive “GO FOR IT.” Dean just nodded, scarcely realizing that Kelly was now tugging him out of the living room and over towards the stairs. He snapped back to attention when Kelly shoved him against the wall.

“Kelly…” Dean’s voice trailed off as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Shh, trust me, it’s okay, Dean.” She put her finger to his lips. “I’ve always noticed the way you’ve looked at me, how you flush and stutter whenever I touch you. Most guys would try to act macho to impress a girl they like, but not you. You’ve stayed sweet, strong, and brave. That’s what attracts me to you.” She withdrew and squeezed her breasts together with her hands. “Now tell me, do you fancy me?”

“You-you have no idea.” Dean breathed, scarcely believing that his gorgeous babysitter who he had fantasized about for years was coming on to him so strongly.

Kelly moved forward once more, and he could feel the hard points of her nipples push into his chest. “Oh, I think I do.” A sultry grin spread across her face as their heads moved closer to each other’s. His lips wrapped around hers, and Dean felt electrified as the rush of a thousand fantasies finally came true.

They made out on the stairs for several minutes, hands brushing faces, breasts, hips, and legs. Dean smiled as he pulled away. “Follow me upstairs. I think I’ve got something you’re looking for.”

Kelly giggled excitedly as she took his hand and followed him into his bedroom. They moved in closer once more, kissing as Kelly worked the buttons on Dean’s shirt. Dean wasted no time in reciprocating as he removed Kelly’s top, revealing a bright red lacy bra.

Their pants soon followed, and before long the two stood kissing each other in nothing but their underwear.

This time, Dean moved first. He slid his hand slowly up Kelly’s chest and lightly squeezed her tits. Kelly then pulled him close and they kissed as Dean unfastened Kelly’s bra. Dean stopped once more in amazement as his old babysitter’s perfect breasts tumbled out before him like they had in so many fantasies. She gave Dean an impish smile the pushed even more blood to his rock-hard member as she pulled him down onto the bed. Kelly worked her panties down and exposed her neatly shaven golden snatch as Dean crawled atop her. She put a hand to his chest.

“Am I everything you thought I would be?” Kelly stretched out backwards, revealing her perfect, goddess-like body.

“Everything and more.” Dean breathed. “I’ve been wanting this for such a long time.”

She smiled and pulled him atop her for a kiss. “I know.” With that, she tugged his boxer shorts down and snuggled him in close. Dean felt a wave of excitement as he felt the tip of his penis first brush, then enter Kelly’s warm, moist pussy.

“Oh, Dean…”Kelly moaned as he began thrusting. “Mmh, oh, nothing can replace a-nnh! Human man!”

“Huh? What are you—” Dean was about to ask when a voice from the door cut her off.

“Kelly? What are you doing?”

Dean gasped in fright as he spun around, whipping his dick out from inside his lover.

“J-jenny?” Kelly looked shocked as she stared at her friend, who stood in the doorway with a bottle of tequila. “Where did-I, what are you doing here?”

“I was looking for you downstairs, when Tom—”Jenny’s head made a slight twitch. “Tom—What am I doing here? What are you doing here?!” The buxom blonde’s tone suddenly grew angry.

“Easy, Jenny. We were just—”

“Oh, I know what you two were—” her head twitched again, “doing. And I want to join you.” Her voice slipped into a soft, sultry manner.

“What?!” Dean gasped. “R-Really? You want to shag me and your cousin?”

“No, you imbicile, I just want Kelly!” Jenny barked at him, her voice angry once more. “I’m Kelly’s lover, not y-you! She loves me, and my exception at FFEE3238, not yours!” Jenny did another twitch.

What the hell?! Dean was panicking. Apparently his fantastically hot babysitter was having a lesbian relationship with her cousin, who was now having some sort of fit in his bedroom. “Look, Jenny, I didn’t know! I understand that you’re upset—”

“I’m not upset!” Jenny cut him off. “I’m-I’m malfunctioning. System error detected in emotional subroutines.”

“Oh, God!” Kelly gasped, rushing over to her cousin as she suddenly went rigid.

“Kelly, what the hell is going on?!” Dean cried, but he began to understand, and he felt blood begin to rush back to his loins as Jenny continued, in a soft monotone.

“Error. AI configuration ‘Jenny’ not responding. Emotion emulator failure. Please service.” Jenny seemed locked at attention, her eyes focused somewhere off in the distance.

“Oh my God, she’s a robot?!” Dean gasped. Kelly nodded as she stroked the stricken android’s cheek.

“I’m sorry, Dean, it was supposed to be a secret!” Kelly shook her head. “She’s from Venus Industries, mom and dad got her to test out her functions and to see if they could incorporate any of them into our androids.”

Dean just stood dumbstruck. He took a couple of steps forward and snapped his fingers in front of the motionless girl’s face.

“Error. AI not responding. Please service.” Was Jenny’s only reply.

“Amazing…” Dean shook his head. “She seemed so real…”

“Dean, please promise me you won’t tell anyone!” Kelly pleaded. “Not only will it ruin my parents’ study, but it’ll devastate Jenny too! Please don’t tell!” Kelly sobbed and cupped her hands together.

Dean grabbed her hands and pulled her close. “Hey, shh, it’s ok.” He pulled Kelly into a hug, feeling her breasts press into his chest once more. “If she means that much to you, you can trust me. I won’t tell a soul.”

Kelly looked up at him. “Really?”

“Hey, you know I can keep a secret. Anilee still hasn’t found out the secret behind the noodle incident, am I right?” Dean grinned.

Kelly laughed. “Thank you, Dean.” She planted a deep kiss on his lips. She smiled at him as the kiss broke, feeling his member stiffen against her smooth skin.

“So what are we going to do with her?” Dean nodded towards Jenny, still out of commission in the doorway.

“C’mon.” Kelly shut the door and grabbed the bottle from the lifeless android’s hand, passing it to Dean. “Take a seat, love. Let me see what I can do.”

Dean plopped down on the bed, taking a swig from the bottle as he watched Kelly’s mechanically-inclined mind whirr into action.

“Jenny, enter command mode.” Kelly ordered, rattling off a series of authorization numbers.

“AI offline. Entering command mode. Standby.” Jenny replied. After a moment, “Awaiting command.”

“Jenny, remove your clothes and open your ventral control panels.”

“Stand by.” The android girl replied before swiftly-yet-mechanically removing her blouse, shirt, jeans, and underwear. Dean stared wide-eyed at the impromptu strip-tease. He took another swig from the bottle as Jenny stood fully naked before him. Dean sputtered and almost spat the tequila right back out as a series of seams began to appear on Jenny’s otherwise flawless body. What looked like an LCD touch screen appeared out of a panel that sat just above her breasts, which stood out larger than Dean could have possibly imagined in a thousand wet dreams.
Dean sniffed lightly as he bent over to gaze at Jenny’s nether-regions. “Is-is she—”

“Designed for sex? Yep.” Kelly finished for him as she moved to tap on Jenny’s interface panel. “She’s still a prototype, so she’s got a few glitches, but for the most part she’s awesome at it.”

Does that mean they…? No way! Dean shook his head, trying to clear the dizzy feeling either the situation or the alcohol was having on him. “Whatcha doing now?” he semi-slurred as he watched Kelly tap some more on Jenny’s screen.

“It looks like seeing the two of us together created a conflict in her emotional subroutines.” Kelly replied without looking up. “She’s not typically jealous by nature, so my guess is it’s just a bug. Right now, I’m trying to modify some settings in her dynamic social matrix to accept us both as lovers.”

Huh?! Dean moved closer behind Kelly to peer over her shoulder. Her hands moved deftly over the touch screen’s controls. He leaned closer, trying to make out the words on the screen, when he felt his still stiff member brush against Kelly’s firm ass. Her eyebrows went up in surprise as Dean blushed. “Oh, sorry.” He swallowed.

Kelly smiled. “No problem, Dean. Just give me a couple more seconds, and we can finish what we’ve started…there!” Kelly tapped the screen once more with flourish before she turned around to face Dean. “Now where were we?”

“Right about here.” Dean pulled her close and kissed Kelly deeply once more.

“Configuration changes detected.” Jenny announced. “Applying updates. Please wait.”

Kelly broke their embrace and gazed over her shoulder. “Want to turn her on?” she grinned impishly.

“Isn’t she still busy?” Dean perked his eyebrow.

“She’s tough, she can handle it.” Kelly winked. “Jenny, activate autonomous mode!”

“Alert: Unit configuration update in progress.” The android announced in monotone. “Human emulation may be compromised. Do you wish to continue?”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, do you?” Kelly asked Dean, who shook his head. “Yes, continue, Jenny.”

“Starting AI, Loading-0%...Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” Jenny’s eyes suddenly filled with life, and she glanced around the room for a moment before settling on the room’s other occupants. “Kelly? Dean?” Her face contorted in confusion. “Why are you two naked? What’s going—oh…OH!” Her eyes went wide.

“Is everything okay, Jenny?” Dean took a step forward.

“Yes, everything’s fine.” Jenny shook her head as though to clear it. “I see you two waited for me. Thank you, but…” Jenny looked up suddenly. “Kelly, I think I may have an error in one of my configuration files!”

“Don’t worry, Jenny, it’s not an error.” Kelly assured the panicking robot.

“But…but…” Jenny’s head did a twitch. “But my social configuration lists Dean as an intimate partner, and-and-and my memory only recalls limited intimate contact…” Jenny stared up at Dean. “Contact. And how does he know I’m an android? Kelly, something is very wrong!”

“Well, let’s fix it now, shall we? Jenny, you trust me, right?” Kelly paused as her stricken lover nodded. “Okay, Dean, Jenny isn’t human. She’s a Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Companion Android, and she’s having a little trouble right now.”

“Kelly! What are you—”

“It’s okay Jenny, now you know he knows, right?”

Jenny nodded slowly, beginning to catch on. “Right…but what about our—”

“Intimacy? Here.” Kelly quickly pulled Dean and Jenny together such that Dean’s arms quickly embraced the surprised android girl, whose ample tits smashed into his chest.

Dean quickly caught on and held Jenny tight. He pulled her chin up to look into her eyes. “Hey, it’s okay. Android or not, I still fancy you.” With that, he pulled her into a deep embrace.

Jenny was rigid at first, but soon she began to reciprocate with vigor. “Mmm…” she moaned, “You taste good…José Cuervo Gold, thirty percent…nnn…alcohol by volume. Blood alcohol level is…zero point oh nine…ohh…” she reported between kisses.

Dean began to slowly slide his hands up Jenny’s squirming robot body. He pulled away from her lips. “Can I touch them?”

Jenny responded by licking the side of his face. “Touch them all you want, baby.” She breathed in a husky voice. “My mammaries are very…user friendly.” She pulled him back in, tongues intertwining as Dean grabbed a handful of Jenny’s perfect tits.

Dean almost jumped as he felt Kelly press against him from behind, caressing his back and buttocks while she planted kisses on the back of his neck. “Jenny, are you satisfied?”

“Configuration file update…eighty five percent complete.” She managed between pants. “Almost satisfied.” Jenny looked up and winked at Dean, who grinned back and slid two fingers into Jenny’s slick slit.

“HHHUH!” the android girl shuddered. “M-mm- BEEP! BEEP! Alert, system resources insufficient. Reallocating. Uhhh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhhhhhhh…configuration file at 88%. You wanna take me to 100, big boy?” Jenny pulled his fingers out of her crotch and licked them off, one-by-one. Dean turned to look at Kelly.

“Well, go on then!” she smiled, stretching out on one side of Dean’s queen bed and rubbing her pussy. Dean turned back to Jenny and smiled.

The android girl led him over to the bed and leaned back, pulling the two of them down onto the mattress with a bounce. “You ever have sex before, Dean?” she looked up at him and asked.

“Never. And certainly never with an android.” He shook his head.

“It’s ok.” Jenny whispered and tugged him close. “I’m glad I could be your first.” With that, the two of them gasped as she helped Dean insert his member into her perfect robotic pussy. Jenny’s head twitched as he began to thrust, and occasionally her entire body would convulse along with her vagina, sending ripples of pleasure through Dean’s body as it squeezed in its already tight grip around him. Kelly’s fingers penetrated her own pussy, her other hand kneading her breasts as she watched the tangle of her friends’ mouths and hands.

Dean moaned as Jenny’s body convulsed once more, feeling the pulse of her artificial muscles around his member. He could feel himself about to go over the edge. Despite her difficulties, Jenny sensed this and backed off. The android gently hooked a finger under his chin and slowly pulled his head up to look at her. Dean let out another groan as her body seized again. “Y-you like th-that, D-Dean?” Jenny stuttered. Dean looked up into Jenny’s twitching face with concern when she pulled him in for a deep kiss. “Configuration f…file at 90% do you like that, Dean?” She repeated in the same tone and jerkily rolled him onto his back.

“Like what?” Dean asked, mind dull with booze and pleasure. He moaned as Jenny convulsed again.

“That.” Jenny cocked her head to the side and blinked. “Do…do you find that sssssensation p-p-pleasurable?”

“Oh, God, yes Jenny!” Dean gasped. The android girl’s grin spread wide as she leant in to kiss him, nipples pressing into his skin.

She stopped an inch from his face and stared into his eyes. “Th-then…then I’m about to r-r-r-rock your world.” They kissed deeply and Jenny led him back into her, their thrusts beginning with vigor.

Immediately, Dean knew what she meant.

The moment he thrusted back into Jenny’s glistening hole, she tightened around him and a bizarre kneading, almost rolling sensation caressed his member, and Dean gasped as he felt a gentle vibration begin at the tip of his penis and cascade the length of his shaft. The two attacked each other’s bodies again eliciting moans of delight: Dean’s deep, human and guttural and Jenny’s skipping, skewed and digital. Dean suckled at Jenny’s breasts, lost completely in ecstasy.

Jenny’s mind, meanwhile, was in a million places at once. The reconfiguration was 95% complete, interrupted by taxing moments of pleasure that overwhelmed her systems, and she had held off on updating these last few files that were critical to her sexual function until Dean had finished. However, with her primary function for Dean being lover, she was programmed to prolong his pleasure for as long as possible. With that conflict coursing through her logic subroutines, she was still tasked with monitoring her own sexual pleasure and performance, as well as Dean’s and Kelly’s. Her vision froze and hung periodically while her voice skipped and body twitched. She tried to allocate more memory to compensate but was met with a slew of error messages from a bogged down memory management system. She knew she couldn’t take too much more without a total system crash. Something had to go.

Kelly’s moan interrupted her thoughts, and Jenny’s head mechanically snapped to face her. Kelly was masturbating furiously, watching her android lover and old charge go at it. Jenny focused on her status and waited for the data to rise through the crowd.

User: Kelly MacDonnell-Primary 1
Monitoring Priority: High-Primary User, ????*
Skin Temperature: 99.85 degrees F
Current Activity: Sexual Self Gratification/Masturbation
Compiling Sexual Arousal Data. Please Wait…
Compiling Historical Sexual Performance Data. Please Wait…
Cross-Referencing data…done!
Current Arousal Level: 76.4%
Est. Time to Orgasm: 1:46

Jenny jerked back to reality, noticing that Dean had accidentally bit down on her left nipple. Not even a quarter of a second afterwards she could sense Dean’s vitals change and his arousal level begin to fall. This situation had to be dealt with now, and she had no system resources left to deal with this unpredicted occurrence coherently. She made her decision.

Change to User Near-Term Monitoring Status: Kelly MacDonnell-Low Priority
Reallocating memory…

It had been less than a second since Dean’s accident, and suddenly new monitoring data flowed into her mind now that she was focused only on Dean. His thrusts had stopped and she sensed blood flowing away from his member and to his cheeks.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” Dean tried to sit up, but Jenny pushed him back down, stopping her pussy’s vibration and changing her motors to a rolling squeeze.

“Don’t worry, love.” Jenny smiled, her voice free of distortion. “Remember, I’m a machine. I’m a lot tougher than you think.” She winked. Dean nodded, but still seemed unconvinced. Jenny grabbed his hands and brought them to her chest as she processed the situation. Based on her observations, Dean and Kelly were very much alike. Both were smart, funny, and geeky, but tended to be shy in uncomfortable situations. Kelly, with the experience of university behind her, was significantly less so than Dean, but both needed to be reassured that their actions were acceptable. Based on their similar arousal patterns, Jenny came up with a new plan.

“Look,” she said, holding his hands tight to her much the same way she had done earlier that day, and with a whirr her interface panel slid open, “This is my global status readout. It shows the status of all of my circuits and systems, everything about me.” She started thrusting again and Dean followed. “What’s my current power level?”

“Uh, fifty-six percent…ohh…” Dean managed through pants as he felt a fresh heat inside Jenny’s slick pussy.

“And mmmy processor usage?” She felt a fresh wave of pleasure as Dean increased his tempo
“N-ninety-s-seven per…oh, God, Jenny!” He gasped as the vibration began anew.

Jenny blinked and the screen changed. “And my s-sssssseexxxxualllll ar-arrouuussssssalllllll?” Her voice slowed and distorted as she spasmed her servos.

“MMMMMFFFF!” Dean was barely holding on, and Jenny felt his cock begin to twitch as her own pumps readied for orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt something land on the bed behind her, and her mind scrambled to figure out what it was. A quick replay of her visual data answered that.

“K-Kelly, what—” Jenny began, only to feel her other lover spread her butt cheeks and begin tounging away at her pristine android anus.

The sensation rippled through Jenny like a shockwave and an overwhelming flood of pleasure data choked her processors. Jenny’s head snapped up and her eyes bulged out, but she continued thrusting and Dean watched in horror as Jenny’s readout flickered and filled with error alerts.

“Error.” Jenny spat, her voice high pitched and rapid. “Sexual system overload. Primary processor buffer m-malfunction!” Kelly tounged on, and Dean heard a sharp BEEP! From Jenny, followed by an ominous humming. The wireframe on Jenny’s readout highlighted her pelvic region in flashing red, and CRITICAL SYSTEM OVERLOAD! Flashed on the screen as the hum deepened to an electrical whine.

Jenny’s mind was a mess. Her processors were completely pinned and her memory management was out of control. She was intimately aware of Dean’s sweat gland activity but could barely focus on the fact that Kelly was effectively grinding herself on her leg. She was barely able to process a system temperature warning as her systems approached critical levels, further degrading performance as her cooling system kicked into overdrive. Her pelvic sensors alternated between numbness and extreme pleasure as her arousal levels shot off the scale. That’s when the tingling started.

Dean’s eyes went wide as he heard a crackling and sizzling sound begin to issue out of Jenny. Her eyes swiveled around in her head and her face contorted in a look of shock and ecstasy, her shorting circuits providing her with the greatest sensation of sustained pleasure she’d ever felt.
“Overllllllload! Over-Overlololoload!” Jenny all but screamed. “Uh-uuuhh uh Mmmmmultiple sh-short circuitcuit-it…its detected! Conconconfiguration at at at nine-a-arousal at uuhhnnn a-at n-n-nine…ty nni-ni-ninet-nnnnnError! Arousal err- Critical-critical-critical-cal-cal-cal nnn-n-nine nine—”

Dean couldn’t take it anymore. Jenny’s vaginal servos spasmed uncontrollably and drove him over the edge with a deep moan.

Jenny felt Dean’s precum hit almost simultaneously with the warm gush filling her. She felt a final rush of pleasure as she came, her juices surging forth and coating Dean’s penis as they dribbled out, over his balls, and onto the bed beneath them. The final thing she felt was something pop within her before her memory manager crashed, taking her AI with it. She bolted upright, kneeling on the bed as her cum continued to pump out of her..

“System alert.” She announced in monotone, eyes staring into the wall behind the bed. “Massive internal overload detected in sexual subsystems. Fatal error. AI suspended. Emergency sexual override.” Jenny’s fluids stopped gushing out. Dean sat up and stared at her panel as Kelly moved in next to him.

“What happened to her?” Dean asked. Kelly scrolled through the error report on the panel.

“Hmm, looks like she blew a fuse—literally.” Dean cocked an eyebrow. “Her sexual circuitry has an emergency hardware failsafe to prevent a critical overload from doing irreparable damage to her central processor.” Kelly grabbed the bottle of tequila from the nightstand and took a big swig. “It looks like all her other systems are going to be ok once we reboot the memory manager, but I can’t replace the failsafe until I get back home. Looks like she’s done for the night.” She passed Dean the bottle and tapped on the screen a bit more.

Dean finished swallowing and watched Kelly work on the disabled robot girl. Her face furrowed in concentration, lit by the glow of Jenny’s LCD screen, he marveled at how stunning she looked in her own right, even juxtaposed against the supermodel beauty of the artificial woman sitting next to them.

Kelly must have noticed. She looked up and smiled at Dean as he took another gulp. “What?” she cocked her head.

“Just remembering how beautiful I always thought you were. Inside,” he stroked her cheek, “and out.”

“Aww, Dean!” Kelly cried and enveloped the younger boy in her arms. The two kissed. “You know, I’ve always thought the same about you.” Kelly ran a hand through his hair. “You and I are so much alike, Dean, and we share kindred souls. That’s why I wanted us to make love in the first place: because you, I know, will mean it.”


“Always.” Kelly echoed, and the two embraced once more.

Laying down on the pillows, the two held each other for a while, Jenny sitting out of commission on the bed. Kelly stroked her hand down Dean’s back and brushed over his ass while Dean drew circles around one of Kelly’s nipples. He began to feel his member restiffen as Kelly leaned over to give him a light peck on the lips, followed by a second, and a third, their tempo and strength gradually increasing until their bodies were fully intertwined, each one moaning softly to one another. Kelly rolled onto her back and guided Dean in. The two moved in unison, enjoying the union the two shared in soul and flesh. They both seemed to anticipate the other’s movements, wants, feelings all the way until the thundering simultaneous climax that sealed their bond as one.

They found themselves lying together on the pillows once more, holding each other and gazing into one another. There weren’t any words, they simply felt it, and they both knew it.

Dean sighed happily and rolled over, staring at the inert android on the corner of the bed. “So what about her?” he turned his head to face Kelly.

“Jenny is special.” Kelly admitted. “I’d suppose you’d say that we share a bond as well: I’m the one who built her—put her together.” She corrected herself.

“So, like a parent towards their child?” Dean suggested.

Kelly shook her head. “No, that’d be kind of creepy, wouldn’t it?” A hint of a smile stretched across her mouth. “No, it’s not like a mother-daughter thing, or a sister thing, or anything remotely familial, and it’s definitely not the same love I feel towards you. No, it’s different.” She shook her head. “It’s like when two people care about each other unconditionally, and on a level greater than that of a friend. It’s a companionship where neither side wants anything more out of the other, other than to be there for them. It would be easy for me to say that Jenny’s programmed that way, but I think it’s deeper than that, like she actually feels it. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. It’s different.”

Dean nodded. It sounded about right to him. “And what will she think about you and me? Sure, you can program her like you did before, but if she actually feels…”

“I think if she loves me the way she says she does, then she’ll be ok with it, just the way I expect you to feel about me and Jenny. But why wonder?” She sat up and crawled to the disabled android and began tapping on her display. “Let’s just ask her.”

Dean sat up and watched Kelly work. “Venus Industries Y-Series 1000 Automated Companion Unit 0078, Model 23-104p Software Version 1.0.7 activated.” Jenny announced. “Scanning hardware…Malfunction detected in primary sexual subsystems. System disabled. All other hardware operating within designed parameters. No additional errors found. Loading configuration file ‘Jenny’, no errors found. Starting AI, Loading-0%...Loading-35%...Loading-90%...AI loaded.” Jenny’s eyes opened. “I’m so sorry, Dean! I didn’t mean to crash on you like that!” Jenny raced over and enveloped Dean in a tight hug.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Dean laughed as he returned the hug. “Besides, I think it was Kelly’s extracurriculars that put you over the edge!”

“Kelly?” Jenny cocked her head. “Monitoring parameters reset to default. Primary user: Kelly MacDonnell, priority set to high.” Jenny announced in monotone before she whirled around and dove on her smirking friend. “Kelly!”

“Remember me?” Kelly chuckled, and the two leaned in for a passionate kiss before Jenny pulled back and punched her playfully in the shoulder.

“You jerk! You made me overload my entire sex module! Look!” Her fingers probed her pussy and came back bone dry.

“Sorry about that.” Kelly looked away uncomfortably. “I just wanted to join the fun, too…”

“Well, I see you and Dean had fun together.” Jenny smiled as the other two looked at each other in confusion.

“How did you know?” Dean asked. Jenny rested her hand on his leg.

“There are a lot of things I know about you. What turns you on,” she began stroking his inner thigh as blood rushed back to his penis, “and what turns you off…Deanie Weanie.” Jenny giggled and Dean frowned as his cock went limp. “Relax Dean, I have a privacy policy. I won’t tell anyone you slept with Kelly.” She winked.

“Regardless of how you feel about it?”

It was Jenny’s turn to frown as she cocked her head. “I am not sure I understand.”

“I have feelings for Dean, Jen.” Kelly told the android as she took her hand. “Very strong feelings. I love Dean just as much as I love you, and I want to make sure you’re okay with that.”

Jenny’s brow wrinkled for a moment as the two intertwined fingers. “Kelly, you are my primary user, and your happiness is my first priority, but at the same time you are very special to me in a different way. I really care about you, Kelly. You’ve shown me so much love and compassion. As for Dean’s role in that, I see that he is listed as a lover, but…” Jenny stared off into the distance, as if concentrating hard or recalling a memory. “Dean has shown nothing but a kind and caring attitude since I’ve met him, and if he brings that same personality to his relationships, then that is fine by me.” Jenny brightened and intertwined her fingers with Dean’s as well. “Welcome in, Dean. I hope you can share the love.”

Kelly pulled the tequila bottle from the table. “Hear hear.” She took a big gulp and passed it to Dean.

“To us.” He took a swig and passed it to Jenny.

“To us.” She echoed and took a sip as well. “So, now what?” she asked.

Dean glanced at the clock. “Well, the night is still young. We could go back downstairs and—”

“Nah.” The two girls replied in unison. “I’m sure there’s plenty of hardcore snogging going on, who would we be to interrupt?” Kelly shrugged and took another deep drink from the bottle.
“I’d say we could do some dancing, but my entire pelvis is numb and I’m going to have to spend some time running diagnostics because someone decided my butt looked like an ice cream cone.” Jenny shot a playful glare at Kelly.

Dean laughed and drank more from the bottle. “I know what we could do.” A lewd smile spread across his face. The two girls looked at each other and giggled.

Within minutes, they were going at it. Dean sat with his legs over the bed as Jenny worked his throbbing cock with her mouth, her oral sex programming unaffected by her earlier mishap and giving Dean the most fantastic head he thought he’d probably ever receive. Dean lay on his back with Kelly perched above his face while he lapped away at her amply flowing juices. He didn’t know what a woman should taste like, he thought, but he was pretty sure she was exactly how he imagined as his tongue tasted her sweetness. The chain of sexual maneuvers continued for what seemed like hours, broken only by bouts of excessive drinking. Dean’s head spun and the tryst passed in a whirlwind. His consciousness came in snippets and flashes: The two girls down around his waist, Kelly sucking his cock while Jenny played with his anus until he sprayed cum all over her face, Jenny fingering and licking Kelly while he masturbated furiously, on and on. He didn’t know when he finally passed out, but all he remembered was the feeling of two hot, sexy female bodies next to him as the world faded to black.


Dean jerked awake with a gasp as the sunlight seared into his bloodshot eyes.
“Holy fuck.” He croaked as he tried to sit up before collapsing back onto his pillow in a heap. He squeezed a hand to his forehead and groaned as he took stock of his ailing body. His eyes were sticky and gummy, throbbing along in time with his head. His stomach felt like it had been run through a combine harvester, and he fought down a wave of nausea as it gurgled and popped. His loins ached and felt like they had been caught in a Newton’s cradle. “Ugh…what the hell happened?”

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to coax whatever memories he had to the front of his hangover-addled brain. He smacked his lips, trying to clear the taste of stale tequila from…

Tequila? He thought. Why did that seem important?

Kelly! Jenny!

He bolted upright, fighting yet another wave of nausea as his head snapped left and right.

No Kelly. No Jenny. No hot ex-babysitter and her android lover.

Dean laid back down and gently rested his head against the wall. Of course not, how stupid! Dean smacked himself in the forehead, instantly regretting it. Making love to Kelly and her “robotic” cousin? What the hell was in that stuff? He tried to look for the tequila bottle but collapsed back onto the bed, hand massaging his tender sack. That must’ve been one hell of a wet dream, he thought, wishing he could remember more. I guess I’m really going to have to wash these sheets today… he began, but sat up again as something else puzzled him.

Sheets… He slowly lifted up the covers and looked underneath, then at the pillow. Definitely not the right set. What the hell? He began to look around the room for anything else amiss, before his eyes settled on a glass of water, two pills, and a note sitting on his nightstand. He blinked his eyes a few times before it registered what they were. He snatched the note off the desk, rubbed his eyes, and began to read.

To our man… It began, Dean unfolded it.

Morning, Deanie-weanie! We figured you might have a rough morning after what happened last night, so we left you a little wake-up present. Take them and try to have a nap until they take effect, and you should be fine.

We wanted to thank you for an amazing time last night, and we hope this little note will jog your memory. We love you, Dean. Rest up, take it easy, and we’ll see you soon!

K & J

Dean stared blankly at the letter for a few moments as a big smile crossed his face. He snatched the pills and water from the table, gulped them down and settled back into bed as he read the note again, remembering more and more about last night. He couldn’t believe it. It actually happened! Grinning from ear to ear in spite of his hangover, he tried unsuccessfully to drop back asleep, but instead bolted out of bed, wobbling unsteadily down the hall to his bathroom.

I can’t believe it. He thought as he flipped on the shower, sitting on the toilet as he waited for the water to warm. “I am the luckiest guy in the world.” He said out loud.

“You sure are, sleepyhead.” Dean’s head snapped to the bathroom door he had forgotten to close to see Jenny standing in the doorway wearing a shimmering silk nightie. She smiled as she looked down at him. “Catching you at a bad time?” She cocked an eyebrow. Dean looked down at the toilet and stood up.

“I-uh, no, I was, ah, just w-waiting for the shower.” He pulled the shower door open and steam billowed out.

“Mind if I join you?” Jenny asked, stepping into the room.

“Can you do that?” Jenny nodded. “Then no, not at all.” Dean replied after a moment.

“Great.” Jenny was already slipping off her nightie, the smooth fabric outlining her magnificent curves. “Give me a hand?”

“Sure!” Dean stepped behind her and ran a hand up her back to her shoulders, enjoying the smoothness of silk on skin as he stripped the garment off one shoulder while his other hand rubbed Jenny’s breast, working her nipple with his finger through the soft fabric before stripping that shoulder off too.

“Mmm,” Jenny moaned as the nightie fell from her shoulders, exposing her breasts, “You’re so gentle…” She pulled his arms around herself and rested against his chest.

“Where’d Kelly get to?” Dean asked. Jenny turned around and Dean knelt to help her with her legs.

“She wasn’t feeling so hot this morning, probably pretty similar to you.” Jenny smiled.

“I envy your hangover immunity.” Dean grumbled.

“The benefits of being a machine.” She giggled. “And who wouldn’t, when you had a BAC of—”

“I don’t even want to know.” Dean cut her off, sliding the nightie down her legs to expose her perfect hairless pussy. “So Kelly went home, then?”

“Yep. Anilee and the others went out for breakfast. I stayed to clean up.”

So that explains the sheets. Dean thought. He finished pulling her nightie off and stood, letting his hand run across her pelvis once more. “So, are you functional, you know, down there?” He asked, stepping into the shower.

Jenny shook her head sadly. “Unfortunately not.” She took his hand and followed him into the shower, guiding it down to her lips. “The overload blew out my hardware failsafe. I won’t regain full sexual function until it is replaced. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves in other ways.” She took a step towards him, water beginning to bead on her skin.

“Oh yeah, like what?” Dean smiled as he felt the hot water caress his back. Jenny’s hair began to get wet, hanging down over her right breast in a stringy tangle.

“I’m sure we can think of something.” She pressed her chest into his while his hands found her buttocks. Their mouths closed around one another and the two enveloped each other in passionate kisses. Making out for a while, Jenny began planting kisses down Dean’s chest and abdomen. He gasped as he felt her warm breath on his rising member, briefly wondering what made an android breathe before she began planting kisses on the underside of his penis. She raised up one hand to cup his sack while the other found its way to his crack. Jenny began tounging lightly at his penis, her tongue almost prehensile in the way that it wrapped around the head of his member before she took him fully into her mouth.

It was all Dean could do not to topple over as Jenny licked and sucked the entire length and girth of his member, occasionally stopping to nuzzle and lick his balls or let out a rush of hot air that always threatened to send him right over the edge. The android’s head bobbed and her tongue worked expertly, knowing exactly the right places to touch at the right time. Dean closed his eyes and clamped his legs over Jenny’s head as he felt an orgasm building between his legs. Jenny smiled and pulled him out, just as a spurt of Dean’s precum caught her in the mouth.

Jenny’s smile dropped a bit and her head twitched to the right. “Error.” She announced. “Organic matter detected . Oral seal failure. Failure. Fail-fail-fail-Mind if I join you? Join? Join? You? Malfunction. Critical hardware failure organic matter User: Dean Marcus…error…error…error.” Her head plunged back town on his shaft, pistoning with inhuman speed as her tongue jerked and flailed around in her mouth.

“Jenny!” Dean yelled, trying to push her away only to find her clamped on tight.

“User: Dean Marcus access violation.” Her rant continued through an unseen speaker. “System error. Ddddddeeeeeeaaaaaannnnnn M-M-Marc-c-cus you you you you user profile corrrrrupteddddd. Alert. Alert. Sysssstemmmm coooommmmproooommissssed…”

Dean couldn’t hold back any longer, and his load erupted into her mouth.

Jenny’s eyes went wide as the hot semen poured down her throat, body jerking and flailing with every spurt as her speech degenerated into distorted electronic gibberish. Dean’s cock popped out of her mouth as she slowly bent over backwards at the waist. Eyes wide, water running down her chest and cum dribbling from her cheeks, she stopped moving.

“Jenny!” Dean dropped to her side, shaking her shoulders. “Jenny, God no! Come on!” He shook her again before slumping back against the shower’s wall.

Suddenly, a smile spread across her lips. “Gotcha!”

“Aah!” Dean jumped. “You rat!” He dove on top of her, playfully wrestling and kissing.

The two finished washing and drying one another before heading out to the backyard. Dean smiled, laying out naked by the pool. Jenny stretched out next to him, and the two cuddled tightly side by side as the world turned around them.

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

Postby DollSpace » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:55 pm

Stellar :) Is there a 4C? Please?

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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Aw yeah! Dat's the good shit!

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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Awesome!! Thanks TW, will we see a 4c in the coming months? =)

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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Really nice come back! Can't wait for the next part!

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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god i missed this story

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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Love it!
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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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It is demanded that androids and gynoids shall tell their users or lovers that "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" when they are trully malfunctioning :wink:
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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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Out of all the stories throughout the years that i've read Awake remains one of the most memorable. Great to see it come back! Awesome work keep it up!

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Re: Awake (Part 4B)

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I just wanted to say that I read this story, and I absolutely loved it! :) My favorite thing about this story is the bond between Kelly and Jenny. :) I love how close the two of them get to be. This story was fantastic, and easily one of my favorites that I've ever read. :)
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