Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

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Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby gynoneko » Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:50 pm

Ok, so this is a relaunch of an older story I had started months ago but got feedback on and decided to change it. So here is the first chapter of What Once Was Lost, now reworked and renamed as "Lost but Found". It will be more sexy time than some of my other stories, and I'm not sure how long it will be, but if people like it, I'll keep making it. Enjoy the first chapter. Sorry, no sexy time in this one.

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Lost but Found
Chapter 1 - Rain
by Gynoneko, Dollspace

It was going to be a long night.

I was just getting started with my daily routine when a huge work order came in, followed by an unusually busy afternoon of customers, most of whom needed repair work done. Android repair was my specialty, which meant I was in heavy demand that night. I had seen my fair share of computer repair work, but once I upgraded to robot repair technician, they just couldn't demand enough of me. And of course the work was harder, much harder, than it was with just a computer. Not only did I have all the regular computer problems to worry about, like viruses, but I also had to worry about all the mechanical problems, which were plenty. In fact, one android usually took 3 or 4 technicians to fully repair, but out shop was a small shop and we only had a small team. And I was the only one who bothered to get certified as a robot repair technician.

Perhaps the reason our shop was so high in demand was because we were located in the middle of the most prestigious high-class area in all of North Virginia. Talk about upper-class clients, most of them were multi-millionaires or better. Occasionally we got the odd middle-class client, or even college student. I always made sure to give them special treatment just so they felt more welcome in the neighborhood. After all, I was one of them too. I couldn't afford to buy one of these robots I repaired, although at this rate I could probably build my own from scratch, an idea I took seriously.

That night in particular, we had a dozen repairs come in. Most of them were of your average PRA, or Personal Robotic Assistant, the kind we called "Plastics" because they looked like a walking plastic toy. Don't get me wrong, the technology behind them were amazing. They were by far the most popular androids on the market, and for good reason. They were cheap, relatively easy to repair, durable, and could be stylized to look like anything you wanted. That and most people were too freaked out by the most recent "Fleshies" as we called them, which has artificial skin, but in my opinion were, for the most part, still uncanny valley fodder. They just looked off to me, and to a lot of people, so I was glad we didn't get many of them in. Not to mention they were a lot more difficult to repair.

Our shop, a tiny computer and android repair shop stuck in a strip mall in the middle of Arlington, was called "WeFixIt", and we did exactly that, to almost anything. Appliances, computers, robots, cars, whatever it was, we offered to fix it. Most people knew about our computer and android repair, and it was what we were known to be good at. The storefront itself was tiny, with the latest Plastic on display and a few computers, but it was smaller than my apartment, which is saying something. At least the front was. Behind the scenes, we were a veritable warehouse. We only had a dozen folks on staff, and the turnaround was rather high for some reason. A recent government crackdown forced Bill, the manager, to let go of half the staff due to... insufficient documentation. Of course that meant more work for me, whoopee.

Trevor was running the front of the house that night, taking all the orders handling all the front end stuff. He was good, really good. He could sell you the shirt off your back, and throw in a new computer with it. But he didn't do repair work.

Luckily, about a year back, one of the richest clients we had ever had came in with a repair. Well, he didn't come in, but the repair did. Long story short, he dropped off a customized, top-of-the-line fleshy, the kind that managed to get beyond the valley and looked almost human, complete with a warm touch and rosy cheeks. She was a real beaut too. 5'4", small frame, ever-so-slightly asymmetrical features, freckles, short spiky hair, and a pair of breasts that screamed "I'm fun". And she was all mine to repair.

Now that wasn't the good part. The repair was actually really hard. I had never worked on such a complicated unit before. She even had an artificial blood system, one I had yet to see on another android. She was more complex and beautiful on the inside than she was on the outside, which is saying something, because she was a real looker. The problem was, she fell into a pool and shorted out. Despite all her waterproofing, she sprung a leak, and it so happened that one component was not properly sealed. It took a month to repair, but I managed to fix her up better than new. The thing is he never came to pick her up. I just didn't understand it! With such an advanced and beautiful machine as her, you'd think he'd pick her up immediately. He had the money for the repair, and we contacted him several times. It ended up, he didn't want her anymore. He moved on to the newer model that just came out, and claimed he was "tired of her personality". It made me angry, but because he never came to pick her up, he never paid either! As such, Bill saw to it that she was activated and put to work in the back of the shop, helping me with repairs, until she earned enough to pay for her own.

Her name was Elise, but she went by Lyss, and I knew as soon as she was activated that we'd get along just fine. She was spunky, and had spikey hair the color of a rainbow. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she was a punk rocker, she fit the role perfectly. We backed up her memories and stored them in a safe before wiping her clean, and programmed her to repair androids. She was fast, efficient, and actually held a good conversation. We had her dressed in the same uniforms we all had to wear, blue button up shirt with a collar, a nerdy tie, and navy pants. She actually hated the look, but managed to make it her own by tying the bottom of the shirt in a knot and keeping the tie loose and the top of her shirt mostly unbuttoned. She even managed to swipe a navy skirt from an old model and wore that instead of the pants, which no one complained about.

But the best part about her was her smile. It wasn't the average "stewardess" smile most models had, no. Her smile was funky and off center and gave the impression that she not only knew how to have fun, but was thinking something dirty as well. It was the perfect look for her attitude. At least she wasn't actually rebellious; she was one of the better workers we had. And for some reason, Bill managed to keep her "salary" very low because she was a robot. He even found reasons to give her more repairs to keep her in top shape, in case her official owner changed his mind and came back for her. In other words, he found out ways of keeping her on the staff indefinitely. And no one, not even Lyss, minded. I think she was having fun hanging out with the guys and actually doing something. She enjoyed working with her hands as much as I did, but she had a quick wit too, always ready with a joke, or a rude remark. I loved it.

That night, Lyss and I were the only ones in back working on all the orders, while Trevor worked the front, and Bill managed things mostly from his office upstairs, as he always did. Usually he kept the door open, and we could come up and take a break in the small lounge, but after Lyss started working, he kept her recharge station there, and usually kept the door shut. This was good for him because it meant he didn’t have to hear the idiocy of the customers.

And oh-boy were they idiots.

That night we had a computer with more viruses on it than a plague victim, a Plastic that someone tried to teach to swim, a slew of ones that had succumbed to the latest designer Silver Screen Virus (which had them all randomly quoting old movies), and another that was so full of porn, I was surprised the poor thing could walk. Let me tell you, that was not a fun job to clean up, and Lyss couldn't stop snickering at me. But the most annoying one that night came in 5 minutes before we closed. Lyss saw her first through the mostly closed door to between the front counter and the back.

"Hey! Kev! Come here, you've gotta check her out!" Oh, right, sorry, my name is Kevin, Kevin Ronin,, but Lyss decided Kev was easier. She knew I hated it which is why she loved to use it. "I think I found the girl for you." She loved to tease me and my lack of any kind of relationship. I was a busy guy, and my hobbies of building my own AI in hopes of creating a custom android from scratch took all my time. I didn't have time for girls; at least that's what I kept telling myself.

"Picking another suitor for me, are you Lyssie?" I teased. She punched my arm lightly as I approached. She hated that nickname, which is why I liked to tease her with it every now and then.

As Lyss looked out the door, I leaned over her to peak out from above her. We looked like a pair of peeping toms. There she was, a pretty young girl with a cute face and a sexy body, who was bringing in her male Plastic which suffered from god-knows-what. It had trouble standing, and it kept jerking it's hips in odd directions. The girl was a young thing, probably not even 18 yet, with blond hair done up in pigtails, denim shorts short enough to be called a belt, sandals, and a flannel shirt tight around her torso so her stomach was exposed, much like Lyss but higher up exposing more skin. She wasn’t busty, but she sure did like to show off what she had, and I sure liked looking at it. I couldn’t help but notice that her shirt was tied around her very tight; I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and our store tended to be chilly. She was already talking with Trevor, but I didn't hear was she said.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you, but let me call Kevin out here, he's our resident android expert, I'm sure he can help you out. Hey Kevin!" he called out looking toward the door. Lyss practically jumped and bumped my chin with her head. Ouch. I came out and greeted the girl with a smile, trying hard not to ogle her body.

"How are you doing today miss?" I asked in my most telemarketer way. She didn't answer; as she was too busy trying to stop her PRA from jumping around. I tried again. "May I help you?" And then she opened her mouth.

"Gawwd! I hope so" she said, drawing out the word 'god' into more syllables than it had letters, donning the quintessential teenybopper valley girl accent. As her words left her mouth, all my arousal and desire toward her left too. She was one of those... a ditzy over-privileged brat. The bane of my existence. I heard something behind me and glanced behind to see Lyss peeking out of the door biting her lips and trying hard to hold back a laugh. She couldn't hold it in, and slammed the door, letting out a laugh that I could easily hear through it.

I gritted my teeth and feigned a smile. "What's the problem?"

"My PRA like totally stopped working last night?" she asked as though it were a question. "Like, it doesn't walk right anymore and stuff." I cringed at every sound her voice made as Trevor tried hard to keep himself from laughing. At least he was doing a better job of it than Lyss, who I could still hear laughing her head off through the door. I looked at the busted PRA, which was barely able to stand upright. It was a short piece of shit with a twisted hip and a malfunction that left it constantly thrusting its hips outward in random directions. She had probably told it to 'jump of a cliff or some junk' and it did. Either that or she was using it as her own personal vibrator. God I hated my life sometimes. It was actually a fairly easy repair, but a costly one and I reveled in the fact that I for to tell her the bad news.

"Let me take a look at it" I faked as I stepped out from behind the counter to look closer at it. "Yeah, I've seen this before" I lied. "There is probably something wrong with the programming. It's going to need a firmware upgrade before I can run a diagnostics on it." I knew I was being an ass, but she waited till the last 5 minutes to spring this bomb on me so I deserved to have a little fun with her. "And look, the gyroscope it out of alignment. I will probably have to keep it for a week to fully assess the damage before I can give you an estimate.” I knew that we could charge her for the assessment, and then tell her anything I wanted, and spend 20 minutes fixing it up and charge her for a week or two.

“That sounds expensive?” she said, putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. “I was like totally hoping you could just fix it and junk. It isn’t like its big or anything.” God I wanted to strangle her. Lyss's continued laughter reminded me I'd have to get back at her too.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do, but I will have to do a thorough examination first, and make sure the firmware is up-to-date. I can call you with an estimate once it is ready."

“Really? Like, Okay! Like, it isn’t going to cost me anything is it?” She asked as elegantly as a crow.

“The standard charge for an examination of this type is $250” I explained. “I should have it done by next Thursday.”

“TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?” she yelled, as though it was all the money she had in the world. “You’re just going to look at it right? Why is it so expensive?” she complained. “And why does it have to take so long?” My head was beginning to ache from his conversation.

“$250" I clarified. "PRAs are very complex machines that require precision work. We have a queue of orders ahead of yours so it will take some time before we can address your unit.” I didn’t even try to smile anymore, and I just let it all out monotone from memorization. “We have to study the problem to determine what exactly is wrong with it before we can make any repairs.”

She sighed with that little annoying ‘I’m better than you’ expression and rolled her eyes. “Fine! Do you like take Visa?” I took her card, or rather, her father’s card since I assumed her name wasn’t George, and the rest of the incident was a blur. Another teenage valley girl with nothing better to do than spend her dad’s money. My arousal was so low at this point it would need a defibrillator to come back to life. Besides, I didn’t really like young girls. Sure she was pretty (pretty dumb), but I preferred a girl more my own age, someone with a little more experience, in her 20’s, and with a body that had actual curves on it.

Someone like Lyss. But I could never tell her that. She was a friend, a coworker, and technically she was private property under the warrantee and protection of the company. The farthest I could ever get with her would be telling dirty jokes, which half the time she told. It had been a very long time since I had sex. My glasses and nerdy physique and hobbies weren't exactly bringing all the girls running. The closest I had to sex lately was repairing Lyss, and that was almost a year ago. And no, I didn't have sex with her. And yes, she is fully equipped. As I took the now inactive Plastic back, I got a good look at Lyss smiling her almost awkward yet sexy smile, trying to stifle her laughter, and got a good reminder of what she looked like when I was working on her back then. She was really something, and all my annoyance with her laughter faded away. I could never stay mad at her, she was too endearing and fun... and sexy.

But seriously, I needed a girlfriend. Lyss would occasionally try to hook me up, but she knew fewer people than I did, so all she could do was point out pretty customers. At least Trevor knew some girls, but my personality meant we never even got to the dating part. Maybe it was because I loved to talk shop, I loved to work on robots. The kinds of things I did for fun were more akin to a thesis paper for a PhD. No really, I was almost done with a new AI which I built from scratch and would rival even the best AIs around. The public was always scared of AIs, thinking they would take over the world or something, but people aren't dumb, and AIs have all sorts of regulations and restrictions... there I go again, talking shop. But seriously, building robots and working on AIs was fun to me. Maybe I wasn't into going to movies and wasn't interested in anything girls were interested in, but soon I'd save up enough to finally buy the female PRA kit I've had my eye on and test out my AI there. I've always wanted to have a personal assistant who could cook for me, among other things.

Despite all my efforts though, there was no way I'd ever be able to purchase a model as nice or advanced as Lyss, she was just too good. A custom model that I was sure Bill would eventually sell when he got the chance. The policy was 18 months, and she still had a few more months with us before he would sell her. I didn't like that idea. Maybe I could buy her... except I'd have nowhere near enough.

"What's with that look?" Lyss asked. "Alright, I'm sorry I laughed at you. Well it was really at her. But I mean come on! I couldn't help it!"

"Nah, it's ok. I would have done the same" I explained to her, letting her off the hook because she was so cute.

She gave me a big smile and rubbed my hair. "That-a boy. Take it like a man! I'm sure she'd make a great wife" she said, breaking into laughter again. I lightly hit her arm.

"Knock it off. We got a lot of work to do" I said getting back to one of the work benches where we were busy replacing a limb on an old model Plastic.

"Yes sir boss man" she said, saluting me mockingly, but with a cute smile. I let it go, but just then, the lights flickered and the ominous clash of thunder hailed in a thunderstorm I didn't even know was coming. I really should check the weather more often. Lyss practically screamed before exhaling.

"What was that?" I asked, looking at her.

"Sorry. I just don't like thunder, lighting, power outages, or anything else that can fry a walking lightning rod like me. Besides, if the power went out, how would I charge? I'm down to 21% already, I wouldn't last the night."

"Well you two" Trevor said, peaking his head in. "We're closed, and I'm off. I want to beat that storm."

"Hey! We've got a lot of orders here" I complained.

"Not my problem, you now I don't do android repairs. Good luck buddy! Lyss."

"Later alligator" Lyss replied.

And Trevor as gone before I could even say goodbye. He was right though, it was my job to repair these walking junk heaps, and at least I had Lyss to help me.

We got started, knowing we were not going to finish that night, as the rain came pouring down beating on the metal roof. Lyss shivered as she worked across the table with me.

"You alright?" I asked as I soldered a connection into place.

"Yeah. Sorry, I just... don't like water for some reason. I know I'm water proof, but I can't help it."

Odd. She had no memories of her time with her old master, including her water accident, and yet she had a fear of water now. But she needn't worry about that anymore; I personally made sure she was water proof. I even tested her myself. Which got my mind wandering again as I thought about her body. I shook my head and got back to work.

"Easily distracted are you?" she asked, leaning over the table to grab a screwdriver, giving me a perfect view of her cleavage. She knew what she was doing, as she gave me that knowing smile again. I looked back down at my work and ignored her. "Hey! My boobs are down here."

I couldn't help but laugh at her, which is what she wanted, and she returned a smile as she stood upright again. We spent another 2 or 3 hours just repairing androids, and got through 4 of them from the other day, but we were still behind. Of course, now with this thunderstorm, we were likely to see even more repairs tomorrow. At least the rain started to lighten up.

"Thanks for sticking around and helping me, Lyss" I said, forgetting she lived here.

"What else would I do?" she asked. "No one ever takes me out on dates anyway, not that I'd let them. Besides, a girl that doesn't eat anything at a restaurant is bound to get the wrong kind of attention." She was right, she might have been a really advanced model, but one thing even she couldn't do was eat. Sure she could drink fluids to keep her body hydrated, or keep her lubricants and fluids levels up, but eating food was a different matter. "Anyways, I rather do this. Not a bad date if you ask me" she teased.

"Well I-"

"Lyss" Bill called out from upstairs. We both looked up behind us to the top of the stairs where Bill stood in his white shirt, black tie, and matching pants. He was slightly overweight, with a well-trimmed beard and only just starting to bald. Pretty much the average middle-aged guy. "I need to see you in the office. Kevin, you can head home. The weather might get pretty bad out there, so be careful."

He disappeared up stairs again, but Lyss looked back at me with worry in her eyes. Every night he would call her up, but she never had any memory of what she did once she got there. Bill always explained he'd run a diagnostics on her and make sure she didn't need any more repair, and that her fluid levels were fine, and then he'd charge her for the night. It always took an hour or two, and he always wanted to close up right after, so we never stuck around while he finished.

Lyss gave me an awkward smile that faded away. "Well" she said, coughing a little. "I guess I'll go..." she cleared her throat "... see what he wants. Goodnight Kev, have a safe trip home."

"Yeah, thanks. Goodnight" I replied putting my tools away and shutting down for the night.

"Better go feed your cat" she remembered turning around as she reached the stairs. I told her about how I found a kitten 3 months ago and called her April.

"Yeah, good idea" I answered.

"See ya tomorrow" she called out as she reluctantly went up the stairs.

"See ya" I replied in kind. I watched as she walked up the stairs and slowly closed the door behind her. I grabbed my stuff, my phone and jacket, and headed out the door. Just as I took a step out, the rain picked up again like a swimming pool being dumped on top of me.

The rain sounded like a million tinny tap shoes dancing on my car, but it looked more like water grenades trying to break my windshield. My jacket was mostly for show at this point, since I didn't bring a rain jacket and was now totally soaked through, making my trip home colder and more miserable than normal. If only I paid the $150 to repair my key fob I wouldn't have had to fumble with my keys in the dark, drop them, and fight with them as I got to my car. By the time I got in, I might as well have had a fully-dressed shower. I was looking forward to getting home, but I didn't have time to play with my AI, it was already 11, and I had work at 10 the next morning. At least my cat would be happy to see me... or at least for me to feed her.

To say my car roared to life as I prepared to depart would be an exaggeration. It more or less sputtered to life yearning for the sweet release of death. The key fob wasn’t the only thing I needed to spend money on in my car, but I was too cheap to do anything about it, and just let it get worse. If only I cared half as much about my car as I did about my computer, this car would turn heads, instead of turning stomachs.

No matter how high I turned up the wipers, they were never fast enough to give me a clear view of the road. As soon as one sheet of rain was washed away, another had already replaced it. Occasionally, the night sky would light up with another flash of lightning, followed by a thunderous clap. I knew the lightning was getting closer, and louder, but the events of the night ran through my head. It was such a long day, I couldn’t concentrate on the road like I should have been, despite the bad weather, and instead I reviewed the day in my head. I thought back to the other customers from earlier in the day recalling the several business men who needed commercial PRAs fixed, the young couple who bought their first PRA together and wanted to install an upgrade, even the know-it-all teenager who tried to fix his own and ended up frying the motherboard. Sure there were a few lookers in the crowd, but none of them really stood out to me. That last girl was the most annoying of them all. She was all skinny legs and toned belly and fake tan and fake hair, I couldn’t help but think about what she might look like naked. No, I much preferred someone like Lyss, she was all curves and attitude, and her body was to die for.

Another bright flash of lightning and an instant loud clap of thunder, almost deafening me, forced my attention back on the road and where I was supposed to be concentrating. I tried to focus as I turned onto a back road that saved a lot of time getting home. There was a small bridge ahead, which could easily flood, and I had to wonder how full it was getting with all this rain. I had to be careful my tires didn’t slip on the wet road. Wet road. If that shirt was only wet, I could have seen her nipples. Lyss had really nice nipples, but I hadn't seen them in almost a year. I bet she'd look great dancing naked, with her spunky smile and fun hair and pouty lips. I longed to take her into my arms, to smell her, to touch her, to kiss her, to-

A truck ahead of me swerved violently in the road, sliding right toward me! I slammed on my brakes, but skid on the wet surface, unable to stop. I sounded my horn, but the driver kept swerving dangerously out of control. He had just passed the bridge, but at this rate, I would slide right off the edge if he didn’t hit me first! This road was too small for a truck, even a small one like that, and the driver should have known that! But it was too late now, I pumped on my breaks some more, hoping the pumping action would be a suitable replacement for the non-existent anti-lock brakes. The usually calm stream was bubbling over with water like a 5 star rapid, and the truck was nearly on me. I turned my wheel and covered my face, fearing that this would be the end, putting my car into a full-on tail spin!

Somehow, this actually helped. The truck driver managed to regain control of his small truck, and narrowly avoided me, while my spinning car lost all momentum toward the water, and halted on the side of the road. It took a moment for me to realize what happened, and to recompose myself. My life almost ended that night, and the truck didn’t even stop to see if I was alright. No, that driver sped off like a bat out of hell, leaving a mess strewn across the road behind him. Sure enough, there was a mess in the middle of the road right in front of me; in fact, there was a large box in the middle of the road. It was directly in front of my car, and my headlights dimply lit it up in the stormy night. I knew I'd have to move it to get my car out of the ditch.

I sat there a moment longer and regained my composure. Whoever that guy was, there was no way he’d be coming back to check on me, but perhaps he hadn’t noticed he lost part of his cargo. I had to wonder what the hell it was. The box was big; probably about 3 feet cubed, and appeared to be made of metal. With my luck it was probably a busted speaker, or full of heavy glass or metal. As I sat in my car staring at this box, the rain slowly started to lighten up. Almost as fast as it started, it had gone, or at least lessened. There were only occasional droplets of water now, but with such unpredictable weather, it was bound to pick up again soon. I flicked off my squeaking windshield wipers, and made a decision. I was the only one there, and I wanted to see what that reckless driver left behind. Maybe I’d be lucky and get something useful, or at least something I could sell on eBay for all my trouble. I got out of my car, realized I should probably check my car first for damage. There was a small dent in the front of my car on the bumper, probably where the box hit it. I didn’t even realize in all the commotion that I hit anything at all. Luckily the truck did not hit my car or there could have been serious damage to my car and to me, however my rear left tire was stuck in some mud, and I hoped it would not be a problem getting it out.

Flipping my brights on, I decided to check the box. As I got closer, I noticed a number of things. First, there were words on the side that said “This Way Up” pointing sideways. Clearly, it was no longer right side up. The second thing I saw was that the lid of the box was busted open. It appeared that the lid had a rather complex lock on it to keep it from being opened by prying eyes, but with the trauma of the accident, it was dented out of shape and the locking mechanism did nothing. There was no point collecting a broken box. The last thing I noticed terrified me. In the dim headlights, I could see an object sticking out of the box where it was broken open. It wasn't just any object, it was a human arm! Luckily, it wasn’t a big bloody grotesque mess, or I might have fainted right then and there, and it still seemed attached to its owner who was inside the box. I was frozen with fear.

“Holy shit! It’s a serial killer. Or some bizarre human trafficking. Oh my God! What do I do?" I prepared to call the police, but I had no signal in this back road, and I dared not leave the scene of a crime. I would just have to wait for the next person to drive by and tell them to call the police. Curiosity drew me closer to the box, and I peeked inside. Maybe they were still alive? Then again, I didn’t want to get all upset over a mannequin arm or something, so I had to be sure it was human. As I got closer, a smell rushed into my senses, a smell I wasn’t expecting. While I was expecting the smell of death, a rotting corpse, or just human body odor, instead I smelled something sweet and fragrant, almost like a new car smell. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was similar. There was something strangely familiar about it. And then it hit me.

That wasn’t the smell of a human; it was the smell of an android! I took another look at the box, and read aloud “ARAD-LX90f”. There was a holographic logo printed beneath it of gears and circles, with the letters ARAD in the middle. ARAD? I wracked my tired stressed brain to remember what these familiar letters were. It finally came to me. ARAD stood for “Advanced Robotics and Android Development”. It was the same logo and name as the company who made the highest quality PRAs in the world, the same company that made Lyss! Maybe luck had come my way, except this arm was way too human to be like any android I had ever seen before. I mean, as realistic as Lyss was, the skin on this arm has a certain subscatter of light to it that I had only ever seen in humans.

I took a closer look at the arm, it was not moving, but something in me feared it would suddenly spring to life and attack. I had to remind myself that things that happen in horror movies tend to stay in horror movies. The arm remained lifeless, but in the dim light, I could make out more detail. Not only did this arm have very high quality skin, but it also had hair, and fingernails, and veins. It was as human as any I’d ever seen, and it was feminine. The arm was dainty, well-shaped, and even sensual. I couldn’t resist, my curiosity was too great. I pried the dented lid back, and peeked inside. The light of the car was not shining directly inside, but there was enough dim reflected light inside to see the owner of that arm.

The box had a collection of plastic bags, wires, and what appeared to be a suitcase in it. In the middle of it all was a big bundle of plastic, from which the mysterious arm protruded. I rummaged carefully inside. It was a padded box, with a strong metal frame, but I wasn’t sure if the accident damaged anything inside. As I rummaged around, I unveiled a very human looking head, with dark hair. It was a girl, a pretty girl at that. Her eyes were closed, and she was as still and cold as death. I wasn’t fully convinced she was a robot yet. Sure there was no blood, and no smell besides the sweet scent of a new android, and her skin was icy cold, and there was no pulse, but what is she was a human girl someone was trying to pass as an android, but how was I to know?! Maybe she was just a corpse in a bag and I what smelled was something added to hide the smell of death.

Just as I was about to freak out again, thinking this was an innocent girl cut down in the prime of her life, I noticed something else inside the box. Pulling at some plastic bags around her back, I noticed wires and various connections protruding from her back and into a metal case with the letters “ARAD-LX90f” written on it, and a line drawing of a naked girl behind it, like what you might see in a medical textbook. The other bags in the case were filled with a variety of standard and non-standard android accessories. Remotes, batteries, and an assortment of other items surrounded the girl, along with a single thin pamphlet that read “LX90f Quick Start Guide”. Grabbing the thin pamphlet, I thumbed through it, trying to use the light of my car to read it. It listed the basic functions, abilities, and commands for the android. The beginning of it started with “Congratulations on being selected to participate in the alpha testing phase for the new prototype gynoid LX90f…” I glanced through the features. Active circulatory system. Adaptive Learning. Micro-tech fabricated skin. The list when on and on.

There was no way this could be real, but here it was in front of me! I never heard of such advanced robotics being around, not even in the top secret military files that got leaked online. Lyss didn't have the kind of technology they were talking about in this girl here, and she seemed pretty real to me; I wondered what this girl would be like when activated. I paced around the box trying to decide what to do. The road was slippery and wet, and no one came this way at night usually, so I debated with myself.

“I should leave her – I mean ‘it’ – here. There is no way this is real! She, I mean ‘It’, isn’t mine, and it’s not a living thing anyways. I don’t need a PRA; I am saving up for a custom one anyways. Besides, I can always talk to Lyss. I mean I don’t steal. What if no one comes by, or maybe they’ll find my fingerprints on the box. That’s crazy talk Kev! Everything will be fine. Just leave her here alone in the cold like little April. She was all alone and injured, and it was raining then too. She could have died without my help! Maybe I can get a reward for saving her. I’ve always wanted a PRA for myself, and this would surely make the guys jealous. I’ve never seen one this advanced before. What would Lyss say? I may never have this chance again. That reckless driver is long gone, but someone else could come by any moment. He’s the one that lost the box, I just found it. I… I…” I stopped pacing and thought to myself. I needed someone in my life beside April, and Lyss was store property. Maybe she could bridge the gap. I’ve been alone for far too long, I deserve this. Besides, she wouldn’t survive this weather in the middle of a street. “Fine!” I yelled out. “I’ll do it!”

Having finally made up my mind, I quickly looked around for any more cars. It really was a seldom used road, and I couldn’t see anyone in the bright light of a lightning strike. Unfortunately, the rain had just started to pick up again. It was still fairly light, but getting heavier fast. I decided to grab all the different objects in the plastic bags and stuff them in my car first. I was willing to bet that the girl would be water-proof like Lyss (hopefully without the leak), but the plastic and metal doodads probably weren’t. Quickly, I reached into the box, and grabbed all I could before running them back to my car and tossing them in the back. I had to make 2 or 3 trips before I the girl was all that was left. I practically crawled inside the box in order to get a hold of her and lift her out. Most of the plastic wrapping covering her had come off as I held her up in my arms. She was naked, limp, but beautiful. She couldn’t have weight much more than 100 lbs. or so, and she was about average size for a human girl. The rain beat down harder now as I lifted her out of the box, carrying her metal case and wires behind her.

As I held the lifeless cold body, I saw her entire form for the first time. She was breathtaking, like a sleeping beauty. Her still form made her look like she was asleep. She appeared to be in her early-to-mid 20s. Her dark hair fell to her shoulders, maybe lower, and the rain was beating it down onto her face and darkening her hair to black. She had a cute, small nose with a slight upturn to it, and full pouty lips. Water dripped down her pale skin, dripping off her chin and following the curve of her shapely breasts. They were not large breasts, but they were not small either. They were full and perky, and just the right size. Little puddles of water formed in various places on her body as I held her, as though she wore a dress of flowing water and light. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils, and I knew in that moment that she was something special, something more than just a robot.

I stared down at her beautiful face. I could have gazed at her all day, except the sound of distant traffic jerked me from the gaze and back to reality. I looked around but could see no cars. I decided it would be best to hurry nonetheless. I carried her over to my car, and using one free finger, opened the passenger side door. Carefully I placed her inside, putting the metal case and wires by her feet, and making sure she had a seatbelt securely fastened. I took of my soaking wet jacket, and covered her. It may have been soaking wet, but at least it was very warm from my body heat. I doubt she would appreciate it, since she had no pulse or body heat of her own, but I couldn’t just let her stay like that. Besides, it would be too much of a distraction driving home with a completely naked girl next to me. And just imagine if I got pulled over. I used an old blanket I took April to the vet in (it was clean!) to dry off her hair and face, and made sure the metal case and wires weren’t wet either.

Running back to the box, I made sure there was nothing else in it. Satisfied, I debated what I should do with the box next. I couldn’t leave it there, or people would ask questions, like where did the robot that belongs in it go? I couldn’t carry it with me; it was just too big to fit in my dinky little car. It was damaged, and had all sorts of information all over it. It would be bad if the driver did come back to find the box but the android missing. I decided it had to go. I hated to pollute the environment, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Besides, I wasn’t the one who dropped it, I’m just moving it. I lifted the box which was no easy task as it was heavier than the girl, and carried it to the middle of the small bridge ahead, balancing it on the edge of the rail. The usually calm stream was surprisingly wild tonight; amazing what a little rain could do. I pushed the box over the edge, and watched it disappear into the darkness. I didn’t even hear a splash as the water was too loud. I did see it briefly reemerge farther downstream as it was washed way into the night.

I stumbled back toward my car. Without my jacket, the rain shot right through me. I was freezing cold, but I managed to get back into my car, and start the engine. I was glad it started this time. I guess after being warmed up it decided to behave. I turned the heat up to the max, and made sure my new passenger was secure. Putting the car into drive, I revved the engine, but the wheels spun in back. The mud was going to be a problem. I shifted to reverse, and give it another try. I rocked the car back and forth with this method for a minute or so, slowly gaining ground out of the muddy ditch. Just as I managed to get the car out of the mud and back onto the road, a car sped past driving way too fast. Crazy drivers were going to get me killed, but I was just glad they hadn’t come by a few minutes earlier. Finally, I could head home again, wet and exhausted, but also excited.

Next Chapter.
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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby NukuNookee » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:04 pm

Looks like a good re-start, very well written and edited. The personal interaction seems a bit better as well.
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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby gynoneko » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:06 pm

Thanks. I added the character of Trish, changed some names, and will be changing other major story points. I'm still debating what exactly should happen next (for character development for the robot girl) and how Trish's story is going to interact with this. I hope to make this one relatively short but with room to grow if people like it.
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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby SunshineInTheGarden » Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:41 pm

You have me hooked. Can't wait for part 2 ^^

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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby DroidLurker » Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:12 am

Nice! I liked the story when I first read it, and I like the new additions you've made so far.

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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby DollSpace » Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:21 pm

I think I'm addicted....

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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby A.N.N. » Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:20 am

I enjoyed the earlier version, so this one should be even better. I am intrigued by Trish as well, and see lots of possibilities for her.

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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby gynoneko » Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:30 pm

Really glad you all like it so far. I have been struggling with the changes and where to take them, and I hope you like what I do with it.
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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby gynoneko » Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:55 am

Hey guys, I just made updates to this chapter. Sorry about this, I'll try to prevent having to do this very often in the future, but I can't promise anything. So in short, the changes I made involved changing Trish's name to Lyss (or Elise), and adding a few minor character development changes. I decided to change this because I received a personal request and got some good feedback and help from Dollspace, who has been really helpful in helping me develop a better underlying story for this story. Right now I am going to take this story to a certain point and see how people like it and if honey want me to change anything. If people like it, I have a bigger story that this section will lead into, but we'll see hoe it goes. One step at a time.
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Re: Lost but Found, 1 - Rain

Postby A.N.N. » Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:52 am

I'm up for it!


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