Lost in the Shuffle

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby Spaz » Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:01 am

Part 2.2: Déjà vu

“Wow, what’s she doing here?” Lena breathed, reaching out and brushing Elena’s cheek, “She was supposed to be sent back to be decommissioned.”

“Yeah, well, so were you, and we both know how that turned out,” Mike scoffed.

“Fair point,” Lena nodded.

Mike paused briefly to admire Elena’s dismantled body. He had never really been all that attracted to her, mostly because of her personality, but partially due to her petite size. Coincidentally, that’s partially why he was attracted to Lena…she had more skin on her bones…or, rather, skeletal structure. Mike had observed Elena struggle to lift things before, she was so weak. He wondered now, after witnessing Lena override her limitations and lift him up, how much of Elena’s weakness was an act, or if it was due to her reduced muscle mass.

“Do you think we should activate her now, and see if she knows why she’s here?” Mike asked.

“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Lena shook her head.

“Why not? I activated you right away…or, at least, once I found your head,” he coughed uncomfortably.

“Yeah, but the storage room at work was more secure, and there were fewer people around,” she pointed out, “Actually, I would have preferred that you had brought me to your place before turning me on that first time, so that I could have had a stronger network connection right away, and so you could have maybe gotten a head start on my body first.”

“Well, I really missed you,” Mike shrugged.

“Aww,” Lena kissed him, “In any event, now that you’ve gone through upgrading and repairing me, doing the same for her should be a cinch…especially now that you’ve got me to help you,” she smiled, “I’m sure you two will have some catching up to do,” she winked.

“You jealous?” Mike asked slyly.

“Nah, I’m way better looking than her,” Lena laughed, “but seriously though, you know how you set up your preferences with me…making me your Girlfriend/Coworker? Well, you can also go into mine, and her, settings and configure our relationship with each other…for example, making us sisters or cousins.”

“Hah! Cousins works…I mean, your names are even similar…Lena and Elena.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that!” Lena giggled, “anyway, fixing her up should be a good way to test out my new workshop.”

“Yeah, it’ll be nice working on an android in a proper setting, rather than atop a kitchen counter,” Mike laughed, then he looked around the room, “Well, why don’t we close this thing back up and wrestle her into the car?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Lena clapped her hand together and pretended to crack her fingers for dramatic effect.

Mike carefully closed the compartment housing Elena’s head and then gently closed both sides of the case, sealing it back up. Just as he was about to pull it out so he and Lena could lift it, he noticed something on the back and smiled.

“Hey, Elena’s case has wheels,” he pointed out, shaking his head.

“Yeah, what’s so special about that?” Lena asked quizzically.

“Your case didn’t have wheels,” he responded in a mock accusatory voice, “I had to lift it with a handtruck and jury-rig it so it wouldn’t fall off, then I had to wrestle it to my car.”

“Oh,” Lena giggled, “Sorry.”

“I wonder why hers has wheels, and yours didn’t,” Mike said aloud as he pulled out the handle and wheeled it over to the trunk of his car, where Lena then used her override strength to quickly heft it into the trunk.

“I dunno, maybe they cheaped out on my case,” Lena shrugged, closing the door of the trunk, once Mike crammed the sheets that had been covering Elena’s crate in with it.

“Perhaps,” Mike sighed, letting the matter drop. He then looked back into the storage unit, seeing only empty shelves and the workbench were left. “Alright, I think we have everything important from here,” he announced, brushing his hands off and closing the unit back up, “We’ll let the Steve know that he can sell the furniture inside and release the unit for someone else.” He opened the passenger door of his car and sat back in.

“Okie doke,” Lena replied, stepping into the car and driving it out of the unit.

After they informed Steve, they drove away, stopping once more at the donation station they had stopped at on their way to the unit in order to deposit Steve’s old clothes and belongings. Then, they continued on back home to start working on Elena.

When they finally returned, the quickly moved all of the boxes containing Lena’s personal items up to her room and then returned for the case containing Elena.

“Will it deplete your energy stores too much if you use your emergency power to lift her up the stairs?” Mike asked with a worried look.

Lena did a quick calculation in her HUD and shook her head. “Nah, probably only about 3%...nothing a quick recharge won’t fix.”

“Ok good, just checking,” Mike said with a relieved sigh. He popped open the trunk and removed the few items in there so Lena could easily grab Elena’s case. She did so with a grunt and loud whine of her servos. Mike held the door open for her and watched as she hefted Elena’s case carefully up the stairs, just as she had done with her own case the previous day, her servos whining the whole way. As he followed her, Mike thought to himself how arousing it was to hear her like this.

As soon as Lena reached the top of the steps, she placed the case down and wheeled it the rest of the way into her room, her body relaxing back into normal mode. Mike quickly placed the sheets that had been covering Elena’s case into the washing machine so he could repurpose them for later, and then he joined Lena in her room.

Lena had placed Elena’s case right next to hers at the foot of the workbench. While she was waiting for Mike to come back in, she had plugged herself in and was booting up her computer station. She moved to unplug herself when Mike walked in, but he waved her off.

“Hey, you don’t have to unplug yourself just because I’m here,” he told her, “Replenish only what you lost using emergency power and then unplug yourself,” he ordered her, since that’s what her computer brain needed.

“Ok,” Lena nodded, pulling her shirt back down and relaxing, “Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it,” he shrugged, leaning down and giving her a kiss, “I’ll start pulling all of Elena’s parts out onto the table while you get all the equipment online.”

Lena nodded, “I should only need to charge for another ten minutes or so,” she reported, plugging in the computers that they’d salvaged from George’s workbench. Once they were online, she plugged them into her main station and ran a decryption program to unlock the hidden files.

“Sounds good,” Mike nodded, then he reached down and keyed in the code for Elena’s case, unlocking it once more and swinging the doors open. Mike paused briefly to admire Elena’s dismantled body before quickly laying a sheet atop the work bench to place her limbs on. He then reached in for her torso, seeing it was a bit smaller than Lena’s, and easily removed it and lifted it up onto the workbench.

Before he moved the rest of her body up, he decided to remove her bra and panties so he could work on her more easily. He slid off the generic black underwear monogrammed with the Spaztec logo and folded them neatly into the bottom compartment of her case, then stood back up to admire her nude torso. Unlike with Lena, Elena’s torso was much more on the petite side, with her breast several sizes smaller. Her skin was also slightly tanned, indicating her Hispanics heritage, and her vagina had a small patch of curly hair above it…hair Mike intended on having removed just as with Lena.

Once he had his fill of Elena’s anatomy, he reached back into the case and brought out her arms and legs, laying them neatly on the bench near her torso.

Just as he had done with Lena, he decided to closely examine and play with each of Elena’s hands and feet, starting with her hands. Mike could already tell from touching the rest of Elena’s body that the Smart Sweat was still working, providing her artificial skin with realistic levels of moisture, and even a slight odor. Elena appeared to have been giving more time to bathe properly though, because Mike couldn’t smell much BO, and her nails were perfectly clean and free of polish and debris.

Mike played with her fingers and was pleased to hear the sound of servos whining, something he missed from playing around with Lena before she was fully reactivated. He even configured her hand so he could shake it and was instantly hit with a similar wave of nostalgia that he had been when he shook Lena’s disembodied hand days earlier, though in this case it was because she was the first coworker he had really met once he was done with his training, and she had even helped train him a little, in her own quirky way.

Mike gently placed her hands down beside each corresponding arm and then pulled her feet out. After having just played with Elena’s hands, now with her feet he could definitely discern her smaller body type. While Lena’s was overall quite plump, despite her “weight loss”, Elena was much more on the petite side, and it showed with her hands and feet. Mike could actually feel the skeletal structure beneath the thinner layer of skin atop her hands and feet, and her fingers and toes were much skinnier. The one thing he noted about Elena’s appearance was that, while Lena appeared somewhat stunted, Elena was more proportional to her size, so her fingers and toes were noticeably longer.

Having completed his visual analysis, Mike pressed both of Elena’s feet into his face and took a whiff, enjoying the feel of them on his shaved face. Just as with Lena, he could detect a subtle hint of her body odor, mixed in with the smell of her soap, but since she had been in storage for possibly up to two extra years, the smells were far more degraded.

Once Mike had his fill of Elena’s feet, he gently laid them down near the bottom stubs of her legs and then reached down into her case one more time for her head. He gently grabbed both sides of her chin and carefully pulled it out, holding her hold out in front of him so he could examine it.

Elena had the stereotypically long, dark, and curly hair one would expect from a Latina girl. She usually had it up in a bun while she worked, but for storage purposes it was tied up on a tight pony tail, and had been tucked under her chin, much in the same way Lena’s was. Just as with Lena, Mike was unable to open her eyes, or mouth, but based on his memories of her, he knew her eyes were a slightly lighter shade of brown than Lena’s were. Mike was pensive as he gazed upon Elena’s resting expression, because she had always been so vibrant and full of life and personality; part of the reason she had been terminated.

“Hey Lena, should I attach Elena to the A.N.A.?” Mike asked, not wanting to merely lay Elena’s head down on the workbench.

“Not yet,” Lena shook her head, “If we attach her head now, it might accidentally activate her, and I’m not ready yet…but don’t worry, I should be ready in about another minute or two.”

“Okay,” Greg nodded, giving Elena a gentle kiss before setting her down near the neck of her torso. He then picked one of her feet back up and gently massaged it until Lena finished prepping the equipment.

True to her estimate, Lena finished less than two minutes later, unplugging herself from her charger and then rising to her feet to join Mike with Elena’s body at the workbench. Instead of grabbing the A.N.A., however, she had instead grabbed a different device that was shaped like a flat disc with a square shaped indentation. The device was connected with a thick cable to her workstation.

“What’s that?” Mike asked, watching her set it up near Elena’s head.

“It’s a brain link cable,” she responded, pressing a freckle on the back of Elena’s head, releasing the scalp panel. She then removed Elena’s brain and held it in her hands. “Basically, we plug her brain into this device and it allows us to perform maintenance and updates on her without her A.I. Coming online,” she explained.

“Why wouldn’t we want her A.I. To be online?” Mike asked.

“Well, for one thing, you still have to register yourself as her new owner,” Lena pointed out, “Since I’m pretty sure you weren’t in Friend status with her, that would make working on her much more difficult.”

“Ah, that makes sense…you were pretty trusting, for a dismantled android.” Mike nodded.

“Indeed,” Lena beamed, “Because you were listed as my friend, but she might be less trusting and not allow you access to many of her systems.”

“Okay, well I’m sure I can remedy that pretty quickly,” Mike shrugged.

“I already have her registration page queued up on my workstation when you’re ready,” Lena said absently, then continued her technical explanation, althewhile inspecting Elena’s processor assembly, “Anyway, keeping her A.I. Offline in this fashion will also allow her to install the 6-7 years worth of updates much more quickly, since she’ll be connected to a stronger power source, and to the hardline connection of the workstation.”

“Oh, so we’re going to have to wait for her to install everything?” Mike pouted, sounding crestfallen, “But that took hours for you.”

“Like I said, with this, it’ll shave off a few hours, and with the processor upgrade I’m about to give her, that’ll shave off even more.” Lena quickly dug around in the box of her old parts and brought out her old processors.

“Wait, you’re going to give her your old processors?” Mike asked, surprised since they were her main backups.

“Yeah, she’s actually using the same exact models I used to, so I only need to give her two of my old ones to boost her performance,” Lena shrugged, picking out two processors at random and inserting them into Elena’s empty ports.

“But won’t the memory buffers still contain your unprocessed memories and cause a malfunction or something?”

“Nah, when she accesses them for the first time, she’ll purge the buffers, so she’ll be completely fine,” Lena smiled. Now that she had the new processors inserted, she clicked Elena’s brain into the perfectly shaped slot on the device and then stood back as both the device, and Elena’s brain both lit up.

Several windows popped up on Lena’s workstation at the same time she plugged in Elena’s brain, basically showing the same diagnostic terminal that Mike had had access to for Lena. The difference this time was the terminal only provided access to her A.I. A window popped up showing the Elena’s brain was accessing the new processors for the first time and had successfully installed them.

Mike sat down at Lena’s workstation to begin the registration process and configuration. He then remembered the process that he had gone through with Lena. “Won’t we need Elena’s A.I. Later on in order to run a benchmark of her body?”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of it,” Lena said with a wink, “You just get started registering her and configuring her so we can get those updates started.”

“Okay,” Mike nodded, getting started, “what are you going to be doing?”

“Well, if it’s alright with you, I’m gonna drive out to the nearest location and buy the blue stuff for her, since ordering it online won’t get it here fast enough,” she informed him, “According to my GPS, there’s a place that sells it less than five miles from here, and with current traffic conditions, I estimate it’ll only take me about 15-20 minutes.”

Mike thought about it for a second, slightly worried about sending Lena all by herself out into the world. Finally, he decided such a quick trip would be a good way to test her independence a bit, so he conceded. “Alright, that’s about how long this registration process will take anyway,” he shrugged, “just send me a text when you get there, and another when you’re on your way back.”

“Alright ‘dad’,” Lena teased, giggling as she gave Mike a quick kiss and embrace and headed downstairs. Mike shook his head with a gentle smile and got to work on the registration process. Moments laters, he felt the garage door opening below his feet, and then closing seconds later.

Mike made quick work of paying the fee for registering Elena, under the “finders-keepers” clause, since the system reported her previous registration had lapsed just over six years ago. As soon as the payment processed, he was immediately transferred to the same configuration process that he had undergone with Lena.

Just as with Lena, Mike saw the Upl.Pers.Elena file, but he opted to not create an entirely new personality profile and to continue using the donated personality that was Elena. He instead decided to make a similar selection of minor tweaks in order to tailor Elena to his liking. Starting with the friendship status, he was not at all surprised to see he was only classified as “Coworker”, which only gave him basic access. Because he was now her owner, her systems no longer gave him the option of keeping her as merely “Coworker”, and instructed him that she must at least be set to “Friend”. Mike changed her to “Friends-with-benefits/Roommate”, which basically gave him most of the same access levels as he had with Lena being his Girlfriend/Coworker”, but clearly defined her relationship status with him.

Next, he’d skipped this area before with Lena because he had no other androids, but he registered Lena in Elena’s settings as “Cousin/Roommate/Friends-with-benefits”, and he also selected an option that would give Lena full administrator privileges over Elena, indicating to Elena that she was sub-ordinate to both Mike and Lena. This basically would give Lena voice control and remote access to Elena’s systems. Mike felt this was appropriate, since Elena hadn’t been online for as long as Lena, and Lena was modeled after a 25ish year old woman, whereas Elena was modelled after a 20ish year old woman and was therefor less mature and less responsible.

When he was finished with this section, a window popped up informing him that Lena’s settings would be updated as soon as she was within range of the home-base station, since Mike had been able to enter Lena’s prefix code to the registration program.

In the next section, it allowed Mike to alter the multitude of aspects of Elena’s personality, something which Mike determined George had obviously been overwhelmed with, otherwise he’d have been able to mitigate Elena’s rather wild personality without having to remove her. Mike felt extremely uncomfortable altering Elena too much, but he did agree that she had to be toned down at least a little. He lowered her spontaneity by about 15%, and increased her obedience by about 20%.

Just as he was finished taking the bite off of Elena’s wild and undisciplined personality settings, he received a text message on his phone from Lena informing him that not only had she arrived at the shop she had mentioned, but that she was also going to buy some cheap clothes for Elena from a nearby thrift shop, so she would be out for another five minutes or so. Mike smiled and sent her an acknowledgment text, along with a kissy emoji. She instantly responded with a blush face emoji and then logged off.

With the few extra minutes Mike now had at his disposal, he moved on to the preferences tab. He added his foot and robot fetishes, as well as his preference towards cleanliness. With the optional programs, he decided that, with Lena already able to cook and clean, that he wouldn’t really need Elena to have any comprehensive skills packages in those regard, so he only added the basic ones to her download list.

When he was scrolling down, he noticed a Landscaping skills package and smacked his head for not including that in Lena, but then realized that it would at least give Elena a primary task around the house. He was briefly concerned with Elena’s apparent lack of physical strength, however most of the landscaping at his place would merely be pruning the weeds, trimming the tree, and raking the leaves; all easy tasks.

He decided not to give her driving access at this time, since either he or Lena could easily drive, but he did give her permission to walk up to 5-miles from home, so she could at least walk to the closest grocery store. Since Lena was classified as her cousin, and a fellow android, Mike discovered that they could each access a shared checklist of assigned tasks and shopping items, so they could each help one another out remotely. This was another setting that would integrate itself into Lena when she returned home.

Mike was momentarily distracted a few minutes later as Lena texted him a car emoji, indicating she was on her way home. He sent her a simple thumbs up and then got back to work on programming Elena, since he was nearly done. Mike also added a Gaming package to Elena, so they could play multiplayer games together, and then quickly scrolled through her physical characteristics. Mike was not too picky about what Elena looked liked, so he merely altered her hair settings so her body hairs would fall off, and then downloaded additional language files, and then saved all the settings.

As soon as he saved the settings and finished with the registration, the update window popped up and started displaying all the updates currently available, including the optional packages he had selected. Unlike with Lena, Elena appeared to be getting six A.I. Updates, indicating she had indeed been used occasionally for at least a year before being dismantled, and before Lena ended up being dismantled. Once the list of updates was completely populated, it gave him an estimated download time of 30 minutes with the landline connection, and 8 hours for the installation.

“Damn, those extra processors really do help,” Mike breathed, since it had taken Lena 12+ hours to install fewer updates.

Just as he started the update process, he felt the garage door opening beneath him, indicating that Lena had returned. Mike quickly rushed out of her room to go downstairs and join her, pausing briefly to drape a sheet over Elena’s body. Lena was just stepping into the house with a couple of shopping bags. Mike grabbed the larger of the bags and walked with her upstairs.

“Aww, thank you, Mike!” Lena gushed as she followed him up. Mike quickly stopped to throw the clothes she had purchased into the washer, after removing all the tags, and then rejoined her in her room.

“Ah, I’m glad to see you finished with the registration,” Lena nodded approvingly, quickly perusing the update logs for Elena, “And my systems are detecting that you paired us together…as Cousin/Friends-With-Benefits,” she added, zoning out momentarily as she rebooted a few of her systems silently, her HUD now displaying a new window for her interface with Elena.

“I hope you approve,” Mike said with a slightly worried look.

“Oh, of course I do,” she reassured him, “Now, we’ll both be able to serve you far more efficiently.”

“Good,” Mike said, relieved, “I figured as much, which is why I did it.”

“I’m also glad you gave me admin privileges over her, since she had a record of acting a bit erratically,” Lena sighed.

“Yeah, well I tweaked her personality settings just a tad to hopefully curtail some of her negative behavior, but suffice to say it’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to get her a position in security again like I am with you,” Mike grimaced, “She still has a bit of notoriety around here after all this time.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Lena shrugged, “anyway, since we’re in a bit of a waiting game anyway, why don’t we go down and heat up something for lunch?” She suggested, “It’s been several hours since we last ate, and according to my scans of you, you’re famished.” She switched her HUD from infrared back to normal to confirm.

Mike paused briefly when she said that and suddenly felt a brief wave of fatigue pass over him that he’d been holding in for the past hour or so. Mike could sometimes get this way; he’d get so caught up in something that he’d forget to eat.

“You’re right,” Mike smiled, quickly massaging his face and clapping. “I’ll probably say this a lot, Lena, but you’re the best thing that’s happened to me.”

“Aww,” Lena blushed.

Mike said nothing more, but merely walked with her down to the kitchen, holding her hand.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby dingdongdug » Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:18 am

please next part :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby liliwinnt6 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:34 pm

for the ability package, i would prefer to let both Lena and Elena have the same ability,
but order only one or of them (or maybe both) to do the actual task in one time

and for the settings or programmings,
for the activated and sentient units,
i prefer asking or telling them to adjust or adapt the programming or settings on themselves,
(giving them privileges)

not by changing their settings or programmings directly through some sort of software
doing so would appear less humane
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby Spaz » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:05 pm

Part 2.3: Remote Access

Mike and Lena heated up a few of his TV dinners for lunch, so they could quickly get back into the action of performing the necessary repairs and maintenance on Elena’s body while she installed six years wort of updates. They gave themselves further rest by chilling on the couch and watching a recorded TV show, before cleaning up their mess and returning back to Lena’s room for the rest of the action.

When they returned, the saw that Elena still had about five hours to go on the updates, so they pulled the sheet off her body so they could get started on the maintenance.

“So, should we plug her body in now so we can run some diagnostics on it?” Mike asked, taking Lena’s lead, since she had more expertise in this area.

“Yeah, and we’ll also attach the canister of bio-fluid too, while we’re at it,” she agreed.

“Okay then, let’s get started.” Mike rubbed his hands together excitedly and pressed the small freckle on the side of Elena’s torso, opening her charging port. He then grabbed Lena’s power cable from the desk and plugged her in.
“I’m assuming we’re not gonna replace her power core.”

“Correct,” Lena nodded, opening Elena’s primary torso panel and then placing the top of her torso down on a side bench. As she was attaching the canister of bio-fluid, she explained further. “Elena actually already has a decent core, from the looks of it…and her small size makes the core that much more efficient.”

“Interesting, so, does that mean the real Lena was actually the same size you are now, and they had to make you…fatter?”

“A little,” Lena admitted with no hint of embarrassment, “I’m assuming that after wasting all that money on Elena initially, they decided to cut back when they commissioned me…but only in the power department.”

“That sucks, it wasn’t even your fault.”

Lena shrugged. “No use in worrying about it now, since I’m up to date now,” she smiled, “Now we won’t be able to get all of her parts up to date right away,” Lena admitted somewhat sadly, “But, I’m sure at least some of my old parts are better than the ones she’s using right now,” she added a bit more hopefully.

“Well, considering she’s a bonus android, I’ll take what I can get,” Mike shrugged, digging all of Lena’s old parts from the box she’d stashed nearby.

Lena laughed at his comment, but said nothing, continuing her evaluation of Elena’s current hardware configuration. “Mike, could you hand me the pill canisters please?” Lena requested, after inspecting Elena’s digestive systems, “We might as well get started by replenishing her stores of Smart Sweat, artificial odor, and stomach acid”

“Sounds good, I’ll also grab a spare set of dust filters for her lungs while I’m at it,” Mike nodded, bending down and rifling through the collection of spare parts, including the ones they had acquired in the storage unit.

“Good idea,” Lena beamed, finishing her survey of the rest of Elena’s hardware, “It looks like everything in here is in relatively good condition,” she reported, pulling back out, “After you replace the filters and the pills, we should just need to perform the maintenance on her limbs and connection points, and then run the benchmarks.”

“How are we going to do the benchmarks if her brain is still running updates?” Mike asked, inserting the three pills into Elena’s ‘stomach’ and then moving on to her lungs to replace the filters; they were black.

“Well, since you were so kind as to give me administrator privileges over my young cousin here,” Lena said with a fond smile, gently patting Elena’s cheek, “I’ll be able to remotely connect to her MCN, much in the same way I could if my own head were disconnected, and control her body remotely.”

“Cool!” Mike briefly felt a wave of arousal as he imagined that upcoming scene, but controlled himself as he carefully replaced Elena’s lung filters. Once the filters were replaced, he threw away the old ones and then grabbed the repair kit so they could start the maintenance on Elena’s body.

Mike was fortunate that this time he was working in a team with Lena, because with her help, they were able to work twice as fast, especially when he noticed that Lena had located a similar repair kit in Elena’s case, so they were both able to use their own Subdermal Healer, and set of nanite cuffs.

“Wow, these toolkits must be standard issue or something,” Mike joked, using the Subdermal Healer on Elena’s right arm, hand, leg, and foot, while Lena took care of Elena’s left limbs.

“Yeah,” Lena nodded, “us androids are highly sophisticated pieces of technology, so our manufacturers make sure we’re very well cared for,” she said, holding her chin high.

Once they were done with the healers and the cuffs, they quickly sprayed the connection points of all of Elena’s limbs, torso, and head with Electro-Air and then stood back to allow the spray to dry.

“Well, do we need to use any more tools now, or can we start reassembling her?” Mike asked, wiping his hands off and looking over Elena’s body.

“Aren’t you going to groom her hands and feet, like you did with mine?” Lena asked with a naughty smile.

Mike’s face instantly turned scarlet, but he just as quickly recovered. “Well, as much as I’d like to, I actually examined her hands and feet closely earlier,” he told her casually, “and it seems she was apparently given more time to clean herself before being put into storage.” He pointed to Elena’s clean finger and toe nails.

Lena smiled knowingly and then quickly sized up Elena’s body, analyzing it for any additional maintenance issues that might be more easily tended to with Elena’s body in a dismantled state. Once her scan was complete, she nodded and said, “Alright then, let’s put her back together.”

Mike pumped his fist really quick with excitement and then grabbed Elena’s left arm and leg, while Lena grabbed her right arm and leg, and they both clicked them on.

Since the benchmarks still needed to be completed, and because the head was missing its brain and scalp, they left the head detached. Also, since the body was still offline, the seams remained visible on the body, though that was immediately remedied when Lena pushed the power button on Elena’s power core. In addition to the seams sealing, the bio-fluid canister attached to Elena’s ‘heart’ began distributing the fluid throughout Elena’s body, bringing it back to life.

Once Lena placed Elena’s rib cage and chest panel back on, they stood back and admired Elena’s reassembled body. “Wow, she’s kinda cute,” Lena commented, gently stroking Elena’s shoulder.

“Yeah, she certainly was,” Mike mused, more memories of Elena resurfacing from seven years ago. Unlike with Lena, who typically just went home at the end of her shift, Mike had seen Elena wear less than just her uniform, because she would regularly hang out with people after she got off to chat with them. “So, do we need to do anything special for you to interface with her body?”

Lena shook her head, “Not really, I’ll just need to be sitting down the whole time, for safety.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, even with the awesome processor upgrade I got yesterday, and the multitude of software updates, I might still lack the processing power to control both her body and mine simultaneously,” she explained, zoning out momentarily as she ran a few simulations in her HUD. She then nodded her head. “Yeah, I just ran a sim and it confirmed that I in order to control her body, I’ll have to temporarily lose control of mine…minus my head, of course, since I won’t be using hers.”

Mike looked a little confused, but intrigued at the same time. “Interesting, so how’s that going to work then?”

“Basically, I’ll be sitting in my desk chair, motionless, while I control Elena’s body for a quick benchmark,” she explained, “But, I’ll still be able to move the head on my own body, and speak with you with it.”

“Oh, okay, that makes sense,” Mike nodded, feeling slightly aroused at the thought of what was about to happen.

Lena calmly sat down in her desk chair, once Mike was fully aware of what was about to happen. She then accessed the new Remote Access tab in her HUD, compliments of her new admin privileges into Elena’s systems, and prepared to remotely control Elena’s body. After acknowledging the various pop-up warnings about Elena’s head being detached, insufficient processing power to operate two whole bodies, and the fact that Elena’s body only had about 20% power at the moment. Finally, she was nearly ready, her mental mouse hovering over the “Start” icon.

“Alright, I’m ready to start if you are,” Lena warned him, relaxing her body on the chair so it wouldn’t fall over.

“I’m ready,” Mike nodded, looking from Lena to Elena rapidly, to see if he could spot the transition time.

“Ok, here goes,” Lena told him, activating the remote link. She immediately lost control of her body below her cranial separation point, feeling her body relax even more, and then she began accessing Elena’s MCN, slowly accessing each system until she finally had full sensation. Since it had been years since Elena’s body had moved, Lena had to run the basic motion diagnostic like she had done in her own body.

Mike watched as Elena’s body slowly came to life, twitching its limbs and wiggling its toes and fingers. “Is everything alright?” Mike asked, slightly worried, “Is the remote link working?”

“Oh yeah, everything’s fine,” Lena assured him, continuing the motor diagnostic of Elena’s body, “Her body hasn’t moved in over six years, so I just need to wake up the muscles and servos.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot you had to do that in your own body when I first found you.” Mike said in a relieved voice.

“Don’t worry about,” Lena giggled reassuringly, “I’ll be finished in less than one minute.” Lena continued the diagnostic, making Elena’s body wiggle around on the table, exaggerating it slightly for Mike’s amusement.

Finally, less than a minute later, Lena had full natural control of Elena’s body, so she carefully had it sit up, swing its legs off the table, hop on the floor, and stand at attention in front of Mike so he could inspect it.

Although Elena had an overall smaller appearance than Lena, it did not in any way detract from her attractiveness. Mike found he was able to enjoy her naked appearance even better, now that it was livelier, and standing up with gravity affecting it. He did a quick walk around it, admiring the details that were obviously transferred over from the real Elena: Various freckles, skin imperfections, and birthmarks.

“How does it feel to be remotely controlling Elena’s body?” Mike asked, curious and to how Lena would describe it. He allowed his fingers to run the course of her back and arms.

“To be honest, it feels like it’s my natural body, since I have complete control over it,” Lena shrugged, though the shrug was mostly executed by Elena’s body, “Obviously I can tell the differences, since her body is smaller, and the hardware is more dated, but I can feel everything it feels, and move it just as naturally as I could my own.” She bounced around on her toes a few times.

“Interesting,” Mike mused, still finding it odd that Lena was speaking from her own body, her head still completely alive and animated on her own motionless body, but all the gestures and movement occurring with Elena’s headless body.

Mike then noticed that Elena’s body still had all its hair, even though he’d listed in the preferences for it to be removed. “How come the hair didn’t fall off, like with you?” he asked, gingerly feeling the long, curly pubic hair and giving it a light tug to see if it was loose.

Lena blushed as she felt him touching Elena’s privates. “Oh, that’s because the preferences are in Elena’s A.I., not in mine,” Lena told him, “Since I’m only controlling her remotely, the preferences you selected in me don’t apply to her, so you’ll need to wait until her A.I. is integrated with her body later.”

“Oh, okay,” Mike nodded, then shook it off, “Anyway, how are we going to go about this benchmark?”

Lena scrunched her face as she thought about it a second. “Well, we don’t need to be as comprehensive as with me, since we aren’t upgrading or replacing any of her internals at this time,” Lena started, “Basically, I’ll just need to walk around the upstairs a few times, maybe go up and down the stairs a few times as well, and lift various objects.”

“I see,” Mike nodded, “And that’s just to test out Elena’s body to make sure everything is in perfect working order?” He assumed.

“Exactly.” Lena smiled, “you’re catching on quick,” she winked.

Mike smiled and quickly looked up at one of the monitors Lena had mounted on the wall to monitor her vital stats. It was also displaying a small window with her current POV, and he could see a tiny section of the window that was displaying the feed from Elena’s neck camera.

“Well, I can see that you can see with Elena’s neck camera, but I’d still like to follow you while you walk around, for safety purposes,” Mike told her, since he knew she couldn’t see nearly as well with only the neck camera.

“That’s a good idea,” Lena agreed, “Especially since her MCN can’t quite handle the same distance as mine can, since it’s an older model,” she added.

“Well, fortunately I have a small home, so you shouldn’t have to worry,” he assured her, “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be able to speak through Elena’s body somehow without the head, would you?”

“No,” Lena told him regrettably, “You could do that with my body now, since the new MCN also has a speaker in it, but Elena’s MCN is an older model, and doesn’t have that function.”

“Oh well, I’m sure we can upgrade it later when our bank accounts have recovered a bit” Mike shrugged, “I’m sure if you need something, you could just shout.”

Lena laughed, “Oh yes, I certainly can.”

“Well, are you ready to get started then?” Mike asked, eager to get started on the benchmark.

“Yeah, just I’m just going to run one final check on her motor systems and then I’ll get started,” Lena nodded. She then wiggled all of Elena’s fingers and toes, shook her entire body, making the breasts jiggle, and bounced around on her toes. She then pulled out the charging cable, still plugged into Elena’s side, and saw that Elena’s body had only recharged to about 21%; she left the port open. “More than enough,” Lena thought to herself. Then, with a satisfactory grunt she had Elena’s body start walking towards the door, with Mike following closely behind.

Just as with her own body, Lena had Elena’s body walk in a rather exaggerated way, emphasizing the swinging of her arms and the pacing of her steps. After the first few laps, though, she relaxed it into a more normal walk. Mike only had to assist her a few times on the first lap, since there was a pile of laundry piled up near the washing machine that he had to redirect her around, and then nudge out of the way.

Once Lena finished having Elena’s body pace around upstairs for about ten laps, to Mike’s bathroom, and back into Lena’s room near the back, she then began her laps up and down the stairs, walking all the way down, into the kitchen, and then all the way back up, stopping at the washer/dryer. Mike could see small amounts of perspiration forming on Elena’s body in all the right places, indicating that the perspiration tank was operating normally after all this time, and indicating the amount of exertion the laps were taking. Mike certainly felt like he was getting a workout, perspiring himself and huffing and puffing along behind Elena’s body.

After another ten laps with the stairs, Lena had Elena’s body return to her room and do squats for one whole minute before having it stop and stand back at attention.

“All done?” Mike asked, sitting back down in one of the spare chairs to catch his breath.

“For now,” Lena shrugged, “Elena’s body is almost out of power, so I didn’t want to risk doing much more,” she said regrettably.

“I see,” Mike nodded, since it had only been plugged in for a short time, “But, I assume everything works fine?”

“Yeah, Elena’s body is in surprisingly good condition, considering how old she is.” Lena replied happily.

“Well, to be honest, due to her behavior, they ended up sticking her in the garage booths most of the time,” Mike said wryly, “as such, she didn’t exactly get that much physical activity.”

“Oh, that would certainly explain it,” Lena laughed, “When I was posted in the lobby for my first few months, my systems stayed pretty pristine,” she explained, “But, when I moved to Grave shift and was walking around a lot more, then I suddenly needed more regular maintenance.”

“Interesting,” Mike mused, “So, if you were allowed to return to work, would you prefer to patrol around like before, or would you want to walk around?”

Lena considered it for a while before finally answering. “Honestly, I don’t really have a preference,” she replied, “Sitting down has its own downsides, such as causing our joints and servos to stop working at peak efficiency,” she explained, “And walking around causes our batteries to drain more quickly, and our joints need more maintenance.”

“Huh, so either way, you guys are high maintenance,” Mike joked.

“Yeah,” Lena laughed, “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was thinking…I could try and get you into the dispatch center, since they’re always having trouble staffing on Grave shift, and they have more burnout since it’s more work,” he told her, “I know for certain they wouldn’t mind having an android like you, since customer service is literally their number one priority, and you’re literally programmed for it.”

“Indeed, I am,” Lena beamed, “and, it would have a higher pay rate too,” she added with a mischievous wink.

“Yes, it would,” Mike winked back.

“Well, if you could arrange it, then I’d love to work in dispatch,” Lena told him, “I really loved helping people, since it basically justifies my existence, and, I wouldn’t have to worry about running low on power if I worked a long shift, because I could just plug myself in since I’d be sitting the whole time.”

“Alright, I’ll send the manager an e-mail later then,” Mike told her with a smile, “He owes me a favor anyway, so I’m sure he’ll allow it.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed then…. figuratively speaking,” Lena smiled.

“I wonder if Elena would want to work again?” Mike mused, “Although, with the reputation I’m sure she still has, and her behavior, I probably wouldn’t want her working in the security department.”

“Yeah, probably not a good idea,” Lena agreed.

“Well, maybe I could get her into one of the cafes or something,” Mike shrugged, “Their manager owes me some favors too.”

“Well, ask Elena when she’s back online,” Lena pointed out, “You may be her owner now, but she might have her own opinion to consider.”

“You’re right,” Mike nodded, “I can’t wait to talk to her again.”

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Lena added.

Mike looked back at the terminal, still displaying Elena’s update progress. It currently showed she still had approximately 3.5 hours left.

“Lena, I know Elena’s body is almost out of power, but do you think you could have it try and lift me up?” Mike requested, curious to see if Elena’s body was up to the task.

Lena zoned out for a few seconds as her A.I. Analyzed the remaining power in Elena’s core, how heavy Mike was, and the results of the recent movement benchmarks. “Sure, but I want to warn you, there’s an 83% chance that her body will run out of power while its lifting you,” she warned him, “would you still like me to try?” She knew there was a 95% chance he’d say yes, since that would probably end up turning him on, but her systems still required his consent in case it caused an injury.

Mike smiled and said, “Sure, I trust you’ll keep me safe somehow.”

“Alright then, here goes,” Lena smiled. She then had Elena’s body walk up to Mike, grab on to his sides, and then activate emergency power to slowly lift him up with a loud whine of servos.

Just as with Lena’s body, Elena’s body effortlessly lifted Mike up as though he weighed nothing. Mike was astounded by the engineering that was involved in building these extremely realistic androids, even allowing them to lift so much weight in an emergency. Lena had Elena’s body lift Mike as high as its arm would allow, but when she attempted to gently lower Mike down, she suddenly lost control of Elena’s body due to power failure with Mike only 40% lowered.

Mike instantly knew Elena’s body had powered down, because he saw the lights in the exposed neck power down, and Elena’s body seemed to tighten its grip on him and shift its stance before stiffening up. He attempted to wiggle, but Lena stopped him.

“Wait, don’t move!” She shouted, rising from her desk chair, back in full control of her own body, “her MCN froze the body in a stable stance, as a safety protocol since it knows it was holding a live human,” Lena explained, “But, if you move around to much, it could make her body topple over, injuring you, and damaging it.”

“Okay,” Mike nodded, relaxing in Elena’s grip. He couldn’t help but be slightly turned on by this moment, stuck in the grasp of a frozen, naked, headless android woman. He could just barely smell the minor amount of perspiration that had formed from the effort of her benchmarks from earlier, as well as lifting him up. “Well, how are you going to get me down then?” He asked in an amused voice.

“I’ll have to plug her in really quick,” Lena told him, grabbing the charging cable and bringing it over to Elena’s side. She plugged it into the still open charging port and then sat back down in her chair. She zoned out for a few seconds as she attempted to interface with Elena’s MCN once more, waiting for the obligatory 30-seconds to pass before there was enough power to activate the MCN. “Okay, I’m going to control Elena again and slowly lower you down, so prepare yourself.”

“Okay,” Mike nodded once more. He suddenly saw the light reactivate in Elena’s exposed neck mechanics, and her body unstiffened and slowly lowered him down to the ground, releasing him only when he had regained his footing. Lena then made Elena’s body climb carefully back onto the table, laying down in its previous position, before terminating her connection and powering Elena’s body back down so it could recharge faster.

Once Elena’s body was powered back down, Lena once more regained control of her body and rose back to her feet to tend to Elena’s body, making sure the charging cable was still connected properly.

“So, is there anything else we need to do for her right now?” Mike asked, wondering what to do next.

“Not really,” Lena admitted, “The work went by pretty fast, especially with both of us helping each other, and with us not really needing to do any major repairs or maintenance on her body.” Lena then looked back at the terminal, with three hours remaining on Elena’s updates, and sighed. “I’m afraid that, for right now, we’re in a waiting game.”

Mike sighed as well, eager to speak with Elena once more, and to maybe find out more details about how she came to be stored in that storage facility. “Well, perhaps we might have some luck with decrypting those files?” Mike suggested, looking at Lena’s main terminal, which was still working on decrypting all of George’s files.

Lena nodded, sat back down in her chair, and wheeled it back over to the main terminal. While Mike slowly followed her over, giving Elena’s body a quick pat on the leg, Lena typed away rapidly to check the progress. “Meh, it’s still taking a while,” she said wryly, “This guy really was paranoid.”

“Well, if I’d been in his position, I would have been too,” Mike chuckled, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Not with the decryption, but while we’re waiting for Elena to finish, I may as well give you a small android class,” she smiled.

“Android class?” Mike laughed.

“Yeah, you kinda had to learn a few things on the fly the last couple days, since I was dismantled for most of the time, but there’s a lot of stuff that you’ll need to know, now that you’re the proud owner of two androids,” Lena explained.

“Well, alright then,” Mike said, clapping his hands excitedly, “What do I need to learn?”

“Why don’t you run down and grab your laptop, and I’ll grab a chair for you to sit on,” Lena suggested, rising to her feet.

“Okay.” Mike literally bolted from the room, rushing downstairs to grab his main laptop, while Lena wheeled over a spare chair that she’d stashed in her closet.

When he returned, he booted up his computer and then sat patiently for the next few hours while Lena explained all the subtle nuances of owning an android.
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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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another very nice part

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby Sanjuro » Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:18 pm

Loving this story so far. Please continue!

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby Spaz » Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:03 pm

I'm glad you are enjoying it!

I do regret to inform you all that I am nearing the end of Lost in the Shuffle. I don't anticipate it lasting beyond Part 2.5, with 2.6 likely being the epilogue.
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Current story status: Lost in the Shuffle (In Progress)

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

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Re: Lost in the Shuffle

Postby liliwinnt6 » Thu Sep 19, 2019 11:26 pm

just wanna know how the story would end and how do we do with elena
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