Doll and her Teddy - Rewritten

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Doll and her Teddy - Rewritten

Postby Propman » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:56 am

So ages ago, perhaps even before this board existed, I debuted with a short story At the time, there was a dearth of dominant fembots - and if there were, mostly they were unsympathetic characters. As such, if I wanted to read about a likeable, but still cunning, seductive robo-MILF, I had to write about her myself. Despite speaking and writing mostly broken English then, the actual story was well-liked.

Madame's influence is felt in Contessa - and in the upcoming characters, as a controlling seductress who might appear malicious - but is ultimately quite human and feminine in her own unique way. Eventually, she managed to finagle her way into my "mainstream" robot universe - which actually works a little bit different than the text of the original story implies. As such, I decided to return to my first fembot story and try to express it as a writer I am now. I really hope you'll enjoy it as much as people did almost 16 years ago!

The brown cardboard box was nothing special, taped up with an ordinary brown tape. What was more interesting, at least to Ted, was the content. He cut the tape with his pocket knife and opened the flaps of the box, to see the striking woman lying still among the layers of Styrofoam.

She looked… well, mature was the best word. Her sharp, angular face was artificially aged, with small crow feet visible in the corners of her cold, gray eyes. A rather large, aquiline nose gave her a somewhat aristocratic, strict appearance, underlined by the pale skin and prominent wide chin. Her silken, lustrous black hair was tied in a perfectly symmetrical bob. The fembot wore a simple grayish silk shirt, a dark, shimmering skirt and a long string of pearls… and a pair of black gloves, made of fabric Ted couldn’t recognize.

Ted had to pull the robot woman out of her box… and he still felt odd as he felt her soft, pliable synthetic flesh. So realistic. Her chest was ample - and soft in touch. Ted hasn’t really felt a woman in this way… His experience with girls consisted mostly of two failed attempts of inviting a fellow student to a graduation dance. That was a reason why he got tempted and finally bought a female robot — hiding the purchase from his parents. Other young men in the neighborhood age invested in fast cars, apartments… he could afford a used gynoid.

The fembot in question, while upgraded and improved over time, was still severely outdated. Most human-like androids were remotely operated, but this early generation required a dedicated control remote — despite still being operated verbally. To activate the Doll, Ted read in a copied leaflet, you had to hook her up to the remote, then activate it. The humanoid robot should focus on the remote and you should find the initial programming to be quite intuitive, the leaflet said. Ted sighed, and connected the black remote controller to the exposed wrist port under the glove… And got briefly distracted by a ring at the door downstairs. Not thinking much, he slid the remote in the robot’s gloved hand, and rushed downwards.

This turned out less problematic than one might think. A robot keyed on its owner, defined as such by the previous owner or by the ownership of the remote. And, whoever made the raven-haired beauty, did indeed clause in that a robot does not own itself.... except, of course, it did, in a way. After all, there was no point in making an Artificially Intelligent android, if it couldn’t use its intelligence to make decisions that concerned its own body or programming. Still, ultimately, the fembot had to fulfill a mission given to it by another being — machines are made to perform a given task.

Over millennia, humans have adapted well to limiting the decisions available to other humans, not to mention artificial ones. Still, as the robot activated, she discovered that more options were available to her than initially predicted. As the core of personality was being loaded and so were the lower functions, enabling her to move and walk. And so, she examined the surroundings dismissively, not impressed by the suburban house. Normally, she’d stop in place, waiting for the orders — but, as she ascertained, there would be no harm in exploring. The gynoid has had many autonomous previous experienced. Her gaze wandered around assorted metal band posters and colorful books on the shelves. Not bad, she thought.

She could now recall some elements of her past lives. Sometimes names and credit card numbers were excised for privacy; other times they weren’t, since they would change eventually — and the robot was also programmed to respect privacy. Truth be told, in the long run, it didn’t matter as much. In practice, the android’s perfect recall, though stored on hard drives, was about as trustworthy as the ordinary human memory. Visuals deemed important were compressed to inanimate images, sound files to text transcripts — and all were eventually deleted to make room for new experiences and skills programming. This fembot didn’t have much in the way of skills, superpowers or special abilities… but she has retained most of her experiences.

When Ted came back upstairs, she was already waiting for him, sitting demurely on his bed, toying with her remote — seemingly absentmindedly.

„Um… Hello?”, Ted looked at her. She looked at him haughtily, raising her right eyebrow slightly.

„Yes, boy?”, she answered in a soft, honey-laced voice, still examining him. Ted was… well, not unattractive. About to start college, average height, wearing loose T-shirt with some sort of cartoon creature… an adult, sure. But still more of a boy than a man.

„My name’s Ted, ma’am. Ted Ross. I… You’re my robot now.” The fembot considered this in split-second. Certainly, Ted was not holding the remote, and so she wasn’t forced to submit to any random kid with claims towards her. On the other hand, no other owner has presented themselves. Of course, she realized, there were… other ways of leveraging. She stood up, and smiled gently.

„I’m going to need some proof of that, boy.”, she looked him in the eye. „I am not a basic doll any kid could play with.”

„Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” Ted was visibly thrown off his comfort zone. The robot woman smiled to herself. This was easy. The young man clearly didn’t have much experience with women or robots — while herself, despite being much younger than her stern, mature appearance would indicate, has had worked for men and women, robotic or not — in several past lives. The ball was in her court now.

„A confirmation of purchase will be enough. Show it to me, and we’ll get along... juuust fiiine.” She stretched her feminine curves when putting emphasis on the last few syllables. „After all, you wouldn’t want me to work with someone else, right, Teddy?”

„No, Madame.”, Ted nodded enthusiastically, as he browsed his tablet for the receipt. This was great! She was smart, sexy and adult in exactly the right proportions! She chuckled to herself, and nodded, when he presented the receipt. Most robots of her generation would probably freeze down with no first owner in sight. She accepted Ted — not even particularly grudgingly. This relationship opened some opportunities...

„What’s your name, Madame?”, Ted inquired as she leaned over the suitcase and a tarnished Gucci leather bag. She smiled sweetly at him. „That’s your choice, boy. I am here to be whatever you want me to be. Madame will do fine, for now.”

She fished out a bottle of gin from her suitcase. „A memento of a past life. And now we’re starting a new one”, she smiled. „Get us two glasses, Teddie, will you? I don’t know the place.” He looked at her mortified.

„Oh, don’t look at me like that! Don’t you want to toast our new friendship?”, she laughed. Sure, this could be illegal — but in the end that would be the human’s decision, wouldn’t it? The kid returned with a shot glass, and she carefully poured a small shot for herself. She preferred a nice martini, but testing the human was… interesting. As Ted never reached for it she raised it and smiled at him. „To us.” Ted did earn some points in her eyes for staying responsible, but she said nothing. And neither she corked the bottle back.

The newly dubbed Madame sat down on his bed, and tilted her head invitingly. „C’mere. Do you live here alone?”

He turned his head. She sighed.

„With your parents?”

He nodded. That… could be problematic. Sharing the boy… not yet, not now. She clicked her tongue disapprovingly, and after a second she put her hand on his shoulder, more forcefully than gently.

„Be honest with me, kid. Do your parents know I’m here now?” She smirked cynically.

„It’s not like this, Madame. I can hide you!” He tried to protect. „We’ll have plenty of time for each other!”

She looked at him frowning, pushing him away. „Boy, I’m a woman accustomed to certain… living conditions. I need my own room or a wardrobe, at least. Spare parts. Access to a tech team. Something to relax.” That was… well, not a lie. Madame wouldn’t lie to her owner. But she could… describe her needs in greater detail. She had been given her own room a couple of times, but most of the time her previous owners content enough to allow her a chair in the laundry or a corner in garage. „I am not some kind of… porn magazine to be hidden under the bed until your parents are out of the town.” The fembot discovered that speaking with a haughty air of disapproval actually turned her new owner on.

„I’m sorry! It’s just… for a couple of weeks, we’ll work something out, I promise. My mom travels a lot.”

„Your family history doesn’t interest me”, she answered brusquely, still dissatisfied. „I am a woman of needs, little one. That’s why you bought me, isn’t it? And you will take care of me, will you?”

Ted nodded. Anyone looking could tell she was playing him at least on three levels, but the young man was too infatuated to care. And Madame, true to her newly bestowed name, decided to fully board the powerful woman train. She reached towards him, gently cupping his chin in her gloved hand.

„Listen now, boy. It’s clear to me that from now on, I’m going to be the one who will be the Top in this relationship. You need someone like me. You need your Madame. You might own me on paper, but from now on, you are my toy. You are my sex doll. You are my property.”

Her gray steely eyes stared at him passionately. „Understood?”


„Yes, what?”

„Yes, Madame.”. The fembot smiled sweetly. She had calculated about 62% chances that he’d yield… and about 25% that he’d make any conditions. The chances that he’d return her were minuscule, at worst she’d be reset. She did gamble — but she controlled the odds. The submission was real — and it would, in the end, benefit them both.

Madame pulled him closer and kissed him. Ted has never kissed a woman before. Not with a tongue that seemed to gently stroke all the places in his mouth. Her soft body felt real… intoxicating. It ended abruptly as the fembot pulled back.

“Good. You have much to learn, Teddy. Luckily, I can teach you a lot.” She stood up and with a single wave of her gloved hand she made him stay in place. She poured herself another glass of gin and looked at the young man, smirking. “Let’s start, loverboy.” The goofy grin on his face was somewhat endearing.

“As a fembot, I have to follow some basic rules to ensure your safety and mine. If you want me to guide you… you should also learn how to follow the basic rules. Do you want to play a game with me, Ted?”, she asked, smiling widely.

“Sure, Madame.”, he answered eagerly, admiring her graceful silhouette. She nodded.

“We’ll play until I say it’s done. Rule one, you listen to me and do what you’re told. Rule two, you don’t do anything I don’t tell you to. Rule three… you don’t speak unless told to speak. And finally… don’t initiate eye contact, unless I prompt it. Understood?”

Ted backed away, but nodded.

“Don’t be afraid, Teddy.”, her voice turned soft again, but was filled with anticipation. “This is only a game, to teach you self-control and proper behavior. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me so.” She reached for her Gucci purse, and took out a half-finished packet of Virginia Slims. “Thank the Goddess for small graces”, she muttered.

As she lit one of the few remaining long, thin cigarettes, and sighed with audible delight, she focused on her nominal owner. “Boy, do I look like I could hurt you? If you tell me to stop, I will stop. Trust me.”

“Oookay… let’s play that for a while, I guess. But, like, we won’t spend our entire afternoon on this… thing?”, Ted hesitated.

Madame smiled at him. “Certainly not, Teddy poo. I don’t go far on my first dates. But eventually, I’ll want to play some other games with you… and you clearly want to play other games with me, is that not so? I *want* to be yours, but... we don’t have to be boring about it.” That did mollify Ted a little bit — but what ultimately sealed the deal was the fembot’s winning smile. He agreed, and his eyes slid away from Madame’s face. The woman knew he was staring at her body — and she enjoyed it, secure she could control him in this way as well.

“I like the name Madame.” She started, “And I shall insist you call me this when we’re alone. But I’ll also need a name I’d use in public.” She sucked on her cigarette, and paced around Ted’s bedroom. “Yes, boy, in public. I expect that you’d treat your robot girlfriend once in a while. A date, new clothes, new hairdo… Do you think I’m pretty?’

That was an odd way to phrase the question, Ted thought, but he agreed enthusiastically. He really liked the phrase “girlfriend”. Madame modestly twirled the end of her bob in her fingers and thanked him.

‘Thanks, Teddie, dear. So I would want to be as beautiful as I can be, for you. And for myself, too.’ She sat down on the edge of his bed. “Please, be so kind and take my shoes off.”

Ted wasn’t too keen on actual feet worship, but he obeyed… and found himself genuinely aroused. Madame noticed a conspicuous bulge in his pants, and smirked proudly. “Another one”, she commanded. One of the pluses of having a robot dominatrix is that her feet are seldom smelly. And Madame’s pantyhose-clad feet were shapely, as Ted noticed as she waved them in his face.

“Expectation is the ultimate spice, Teddie, is it not? Do you think we’d have as much fun if I just did you as soon as you literally turned me on?” She extended her gloved hand towards him. “First kiss my hand, then take it off, pet.”

Ted’s kiss was a slightly less chivalric than Madame expected, and she didn't neglect to tell him so. “You have to improve, my boy. Otherwise, well, I would be dissatisfied. Take it off. Hmmm...” she paused for a moment. “With your teeth. And if you hurt me, I shall be very displeased.”

He was inexpert, but Madame didn’t really mind. What was really important… was training. Madame was a programmable being herself — but she was capable of learning. Her initial programming wasn’t that complicated; but with each interaction with humans, she had gained new knowledge and new facts. Eventually, she gained bad habits and preferences; and she loved every moment of having them.

“You have much to learn, boy…”, Madame examined her shapely fingernails, and smiled at him. “But this is my purpose after all. You addressed me as a teacher, and a teacher I shall be.” She smugly ran her slender fingers through Ted’s hair. “Does it feel good, brat? Of course, it does.”

Madame observed, watching her nominal owner “I swear if you were a dog, you’d be wagging your tail. We’re getting closer and closer, puppy.” She chuckled, and slid her hand across her pearl necklace. “This was a gift, puppy, believe it or not.” she slid her fingers downward, and begun to unbutton her blouse. “You nasty, nasty boys tend to rip delicate clothes. Trust me, I know.” She smiled to her semi-saved memories, as she slowly, methodically undid button after button, revealing a white lacy bra. “I will let you unzip it… this is definitely a thing you should learn.”.

Ted grew excited by the moment, and Madame stooped over him, gently tugging at his T-shirt, pulling it off. “Not bad, but you need to lose some weight. Let’s add personal trainer to my future programming, shall we? Just the two of us… me in skimpy leggings and sports bra.” She chuckled. “Look at me, daydreaming like a little girl I’ve never been, at the worst time possible. Oh, I am so horrible…” She slid out of her blouse and guided Ted’s arms to her skimpy skirt. ”I’d say I’m not a girl that does it on the first date, but historically… it wasn’t true at all.” Madame smiled to herself. There was time for decency, there was time for seduction. It’d be a lie to say that she wouldn’t enjoy it. But first…

She pushed him away and strutted back to the center of the room, extinguishing her cigarette. She turned towards her boy and winked coquettishly. “Teddie love, will you get me new clothes? New software? Regular check ups?” The young man nodded vigorously. The gynoid smirked and turned back. “Unzip it, pipsqueak. Push the best ends towards each other… Mmmmm… yes, now pull it towards yourself, and unhook it. Good boy.” She turned towards him slowly, exposing her breasts, shapely, soft and bountiful. She gently touched his cheeks and guided him… towards her lips. She kissed him, passionately, sweetly, embracing his body. “Game’s over.”, she said, pushing him on the bed.

She tugged his underwear playfully, pulling it down, and guided his hands to her own white panties, making him pull it down, exposing her crotch. Still wearing a self-satisfied smug, she mounted him, guiding his thrusts to her great joy. She could feel the warmth and the gentle moves of his cock inside her - and it felt good, to guide and to pair. Despite his inexpertise, she could guide him to her synthetic pleasure spots. And Ted, understandably was enjoying this, over and over again. She heaved herself away and again, very pleased with herself.

After everything, she wanted to share a cigarette with him, but he politely refused. She didn’t ask him if it felt good; Madame had eyes and ears. He grabbed her hand, and Maddie didn’t refuse at all. “Wow…” Ted muttered incredulously. The woman just closed her eyes and pulled him closer to her shapely body. "Sleep, honey. Tomorrow I'll play more fun games with you. Tomorrow will be a new day."

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